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Soda Stream @ Amazon £39.99 (Was £99.99) + Free Delivery *Deal Of The Day*
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
Amazon Deal Of The Day: SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker black with 1 litre bottle & 60 one litre CO2 cylinder’s - refillable, reusable, efficient - sparkling water di… Read more
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Not a bad price, I got one a couple of years ago as I was not "allowed" to have one growing up.LOL In our household we did not like the flavours they had and made our own but it sadly was never a hit and I sold it on.


Even though it's £79.99 directly from Sodastream you do get much more which works out cheaper than buying separately: 2x refill cylinders 2x 0.5l bottles 3x 1.0l bottles


Doesn’t ship to north of Ireland ;(


same got this last year for £20, and I can tell you almost a year later I love this and worth the money.


Well worth £40. Iv had one a year now, its just so convenient , no plastic bottles to carry or put in the landfill. The top up bottles cost me about €12 as I live in France and works out cheaper than buying bottled water.

Lets get Busy with the Fizzy! SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker black with 1L bottle + 0.60L CO2 cylinder Kit £39.99 @ Amazon DOD
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Sodastream Kit model # 1011711441 - Argos £99 Curry's £99 Amazon £39! A new water experience: Enjoy fresh sparkling water from the comfort of your home at the touch of a but… Read more

It was just the co2 bottle no syrups as it's a sparking water maker


Do you get anything with it or not? Also how much were the syrups


It's not bad I wouldn't of paid £100+ for it as it's all plastic feels a little cheap too me but works well


What is it like? Any good


I'd only buy this to ASD fizz back into the pre-opened coca cola bottle

Sodastream give in on syrups £3.99
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Finally after 1000s of complaints, Sodastream are starting a new line in syrups for the Sodastreams, so no more are they just for "Fizzy Water"
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Were they in stock at one point? Nothing there now!


Thank you, getting one from Santa 🎅🏼


You'd think... Nah, DGAF.


Embarrassed yourself there grex9101


You're like a modern day Robin Hood! ish.

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SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker black with 1 l bottle & 60 l CO2 cylinder £39.99 @ Amazon
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Best price according to camels Product Description SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker black with 1 l BPA-free bottle & 60 l CO2 carbonator The SodaStream Spirit Sparkl… Read more
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If you go on you can get a full kit is cheaper. if you sum the cost (prices on amazon)all the items this is what it comes out: Hydration Pack for £72.99 In the box Sparkling water maker Carbonating cylinder x2 1L bottle x3 0.5L bottle x2 Amazon prices same items: SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker black with 1 l bottle & 60 l CO2 cylinder - refillable, reusable, efficient - sparkling water dispenser £39.99 plus the second CO2 cylinder cost £22.99 £10.99 Twinpack Fuse Carbonating Bottles 1 l black plus a 3rd would be an extra £5.50 £9.99 SodaStream Fuse Carbonating Bottles, 500 ml - Pack of 2 (1 White and 1 Black) Tot 89.46 No Thanks!!


I stand corrected :) Looks like they bowed to public demand and are bringing out a new line :)


still a lot of money for a "Fizzy Water" machine, I feel robbed, and I only paid £20 for mine, then 4 weeks later they stopped making the syrups


£40 at boots as well


This reminds me that I bought one of these a couple of years ago! Totally forgot about it Good price.

SodaStream Hydration pack £72.99 @ SodaStream
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Comes with 4 bottles, 2 gas cylinders and the sodastream all for £72.99 down from £145 with free shipping

Thanks for this, OP! I’ve bought one. Completely accept all the comments about cost, they’re fair. We do get through about six litres of sparkling water each week, though - yes, the cost is a factor but the amount of plastic we get through because of it: wow. This is a deal that won’t be for everyone, but it’s a good saving. It’s also exactly what I was waiting for, so thank you for drawing it to my attention.


so you need to spend even more money, ain’t cheap


thanks, just bought 2 of them to gift friends. Have one for about an year and its amazing :) If you want this turned out cheap you need to buy own CO2 tank :) be smart!


No Syrups, No Likie


£73 would buy you 769 litres of fizzy water from Aldi !

Sodastream Genesis was £100 now £40 at Boots
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a deal on this as I drink a lot of fizzy water but really want to reduce my plastic waste. It’s fiddly to get the syrup easily but you can ge… Read more
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Does this have a gas canister included? :{


Got Dr Pete and honestly, it's quite/too sweet and doesn't have the same flavour.


I’m not sure if it’s possible with this model, but you can buy larger co2 canisters and use an adapter to screw it to the sodastream unit as long as there is room inside of it. Google is your friend on this. I could get the canister refill for £6. However I found the original canisters lasted slightly longer.


That’s the reason I want one. I sat and worked out I’m buying 20 big bottles of sparkling water a month, financially this isn’t better but I spend time and drag those from the shop, then I have all that waste. I’m happy to pay a bit more knowing I am at least trying to make things a bit better


I haven’t tried it. Some say it’s spot on others not’s all subjective. Another source of flavouring is Slush syrup and concentrates but can be full of chemicals. Google some homemade soda stream syrups. There are some great fresh ideas without any preservatives.

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SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker black with 1 l bottle & 60 l CO2 cylinder for £44.99 Delivered @ Amazon UK
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
Dispatched from and sold by Amazon. Gift-wrap available. A new water experience: Enjoy fresh sparkling water from the comfort of your home at the touch of a button - for a quick… Read more

I’ve been looking for one of these as I’m trying to reduce my plastic waste; sadly it’s now £60 again


Lakeland now sell syrups, only 4 mind We buy the cheapo 19p sparking water from Aldi and use the Sodasteam cola concentrate as the sodastream is too expensive to run


Just buy any cordial! It’s good as it comes but great choice of cordials out there!


Bought this from Argos.Couldnt wait to make drinks.Absolutely no syrups anywhere apart from amazon which are over £10 for 1!Sent it back.


they have stopped doing the syrups now, that's why its advertised as a " Sparkling Water Maker " not what I bought mine for, so now un used

Sodastream Summer Promotion £69.99 @ Sodastream
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
Sodastream Summer Promotion £69.99 @ Sodastream
Promotion features the newest model, which can be ordered in Black or White. Spirit bundle comes with sparkling water maker, 2 x gas cylinders, 2 x 1 litre bottle + 1 x twinpack … Read more

Its all well and good getting gas from elsewhere but if they dont sell the syrups then its no good to me, my machine has become useless


if you get a sodastream and refill with 6.5kg co2 tank (cost me £20 to refill every 4 months or so)... will further reduce the cost to about 8p per 2 litre ;) this is what I've done. Yeah there are some costs when you start (sodastream £20 promo in january + co2 tank £50 to buy one off + £20 to refill every 4-5 months depends of use + hose converter £45). Saved me of all hassle of carrying bottles from tesco and having around in house. Use your brain (party)


Live with a German that only drinks sparkling water, this thing saved me from carrying so many bottles of water and hugely cut down on the wasted plastic.


Yep i agree,i managed to stock up on Cola ones, got the last 8 bottles in the area, i only have it now and then maybe twice a week if that , my gas bottle is about out of gas, im switching to fizzy water from supermarket after that , luckily i only paid £20 for the machine from Home Bargains and got £10 off a new gas bottle so haven't lost too much


I'm hacked off by this too, phoned them up and got the "we sell them as machines that fizz the water" line. Used our soda stream a lot for the diet coke and other flavours, really cut down on our recycling. Apparently they are going to bring back some syrups come September, but to just drop the existing ones from the market for 6 months with absolutely no warning is a disgrace.

Sodastream gas bottle £5.75 at Dunelm Mill instore Solihull. Possibly nationwidein the sale.
LocalLocalFound 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Sodastream gas bottle £5.75 at Dunelm Mill instore Solihull. Possibly nationwidein the sale.
Dunelm mill sale has sodastream gas bottles at 5.75. These are usually 12 quid when you take on back. Lots on shelf at Solihull. Also has the plastic refil bottles for 5ver for 2.
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Lots of places seem to be stopping stocking Sodastream. It's odd as so many people are trying to cut back on the use of plastic. Sodastream would seem to be a big help in that


been this price nationwide for weeks, plus the machines and syrups at greatly reduced prices as they are no longer stocking sodastream…

Sodastream Spirit, gas cylinder plus Emoji bottles - £49.99 + £3.99 P&P @ Sodastream
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Sodastream Spirit, gas cylinder plus Emoji bottles - £49.99 + £3.99 P&P @ Sodastream
Sodastream are doing three bank holiday weekend deals. The cheapest being this Spirit + gas cylinder + two Emoji bottles deal for £49.99. They are also doing the Power + gas cylind… Read more

I bought this back in January, the best thing I have purchased so far this year.


have a read of the grief they are getting on here over syrup removal :)


Yh because of the whole sugar tax nonsense they said they are taking a different approach to the UK market and pulled all of their syrups but yet didn't bother telling the UK market until all the syrups were gone but yet are getting away with selling machines still, I keep pestering them on twitter but they don't bother replying, I loved my machine and loved most of the flavours they did but sadly now its just gone in cupboard and I won't be buying anything from them again.


Once the fad wears out, just ends up taking up more space in the cupboard. (annoyed) Remember it’s just carbonated water with flavours, costs pennies to purchase ready-made from your local shop or supermarket which tastes better than this homemade experimental play-set. :/


Stopped doing the syrup now as well, i emailed them and was told most only used it for fizzy water...... what rubbish that is

Sodastream 440ml Bottles 50p @ Asda Instore
LocalLocalFound 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Absolute bargain. Found these in the Leigh store. Had atleast 30+ bottles left, with different flavours. I saw Dr Pete (Dr Pepper), Cola, Orange, Cherry, Lemon & Lime, Cream … Read more

Will definitely have to check if they have anything left at the Asda Lower Earley.



Yeah it said on it down from £1, which would have been the previous clearance price. Since they usually are about £3 . So 50p would be the next round of reductions price. I got one of each of them mainly to make jelly out of them


I bought for £1 last week in home section of Asda. Taste ok, worth buying for the price

Soda stream refills £1 @ Asda Hunts cross
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Soda stream refills £1 @ Asda Hunts cross
Now £1 reduced from £3 asds hunts cross Liverpool cream soda, diet cola, dr pete which I'm assuming tastes like dr pepper and standard cola
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Only few cola ones left now in hunts cross Liverpool


Went down to the bigger ASDA in Bletchley. Found the last 2 refills on one of them end of aisle sale shelves. Didn't see any more of them anywhere else. They only had Ginger Ale flavour left.


I'm not so sure, Thought I would check Dunelm, as another thread said they were selling cylinder a couple of weeks ago for £1.20, they also tell me they no longer stock Sodastream, every store is doing the same and selling off stock and dropping the brand. The only other answer in my mind is Sodastream are planning to sell inhouse only but to run out of stock for the whole of the summer - everywhere is foolish, especially as they are launching a new range in the Autumn. Every retailer is saying the same, they no longer stock Sodastream.


Doesn't look like it


I just got back on this as I'm fuming having bought a machine in Feburary. Asda, Amazon, Argos, Robert Dyas, sainsburys and Lakeland are all out of stock now, Sodastream UK only have 2 syrus left which are Orange or Ginger Ale + 4 zeros water flavours. No buisness runs out old stock while developing new as they just said, they claim a new range will be out after the summer. My guess is they will go bust by the end of summer!

SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker with extra carafe only £99.99 @ sodastream
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker with extra carafe only £99.99 @ sodastream
Never posted before but thought I’d share as seems like a good deal for a great price. SodaStream look like they are tackling the consumption of sparkling water in plastic bottles… Read more
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beware they have discontinued loads of flavours, cola and dr pete have gone, my favorites :( not worth £100, mine was £20 from home bargains with a £10 voucher in the box


Thank you :)


not at all, can confirm


I bought too back in january when was £20. I then bought a co2 tank (6.4kg) which last me for 4-5 months, and cost me only £20 for refill :)


Do these occupy a lot of space on the kitchen worktop?

Sodastream gas cylinder £7 @ The range instore Eccles, Manchester
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Sodastream gas cylinder £7 @ The range instore Eccles, Manchester
There was a super hot deal a while back for sodastream fizz ~£20 so I assume quite a few of you got one (like myself) and you're probably out of gas by now. Check your nearest 'T… Read more

Not in Telford. Not stocked anymore


Was Thursday last week in Bournemouth :)


is that available now at dunelm ?


And £1.50 at dunelm (gas bottles now £11.50.... less £10 exchange.... total to pay £1.50) ;)

Sodastream twin 1L bottles £7.50 @ Dunelm
LocalLocalFound 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Sodastream twin 1L bottles £7.50 @ Dunelm
Twin 1L bottles £7.50 usually £11.99 Twin 500ml bottles £6.50 usually £10.99. About 30-40 discount. None on the website they must be shifting the Sodastream stock. Other items and … Read more
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Gas bottles in my Dunelm for £11.50, i handed in an empty for £10 return, so full bottle was £1.50 :)

Jet Black Sodastream £29.99 - Original price £59.99 @ Argos
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Jet Black Sodastream £29.99 - Original price £59.99 @ Argos
Model number; 1012111448. All sodastream carbonating bottles are reusable with a lifespan of up to 3 years – perfect for reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles and to m… Read more
Avatardeleted912245Get dealGet deal

Waste of money. Cold.


Can this be used with wine to make prossecco, if so a fortune could be saved on the wives little fizzy habit, lol (flirt)


What refill adapter did you go for? Did you need to alter the sodastream canister. I read the new ones are antitamper?


Perhaps just drink still tap water. Then there is no plastic or CO2 to worry about?!


When mine needs a refill, I'll do it via sodastream, send back my empty one for a discount on a refilled one

Soda Stream bottles half price sale in Dunelm: 2x 0.5 litre bottles for £6  2x 1 litre bottles for £7.50
LocalLocalFound 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Soda Stream bottles half price sale in Dunelm: 2x 0.5 litre bottles for £6 2x 1 litre bottles for £7.50
If like me you picked up one of those ludicrously cheap £20 soda streams recently. Dunelm are selling off the bottles. I picked these up in the Plymouth branch. 2x 0.5 litre bott… Read more

Very are doing 2 x 1 Litre bottles for £7.99, free click and collect ... seems like a decent deal also


Presumably Sodastream is the latest outfit using the 'printer ink' scam: cheap machine - stupidly expensive supplies!


Check the use by date on them. Yes, they really do have use by dates! A well known online retailer sold me out of date ones.


Must have been lucky when I went in last month. then. Will check in my store again this week.


Seems like a right bargin, £6 for 2 empty bottles :o

Sodastream Jet - Home Bargains (in-store) - £19.99
LocalLocalFound 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Sodastream Jet - Home Bargains (in-store) - £19.99
For those who missed out on the Sodastream Fizzi promotion at Sodastream direct, you can buy the older model in-store at Home Bargains for £19.99. See snapshot for further details… Read more
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Check ebay. There is a person who refil them for 6 pound. Send 3-5 cylinders at once and this should be worth do do it. Or you can refill it at home using dry ice. Check youtube.


Use mine everyday, the gas is a bit of a rip off and their £10 off when you register is a bit of a joke as they charge more for the gas than anywhere else and there is a £4 delivery charge. I'll probably use it for the first exchange which will work out at £7 after receiving the deposit back.




I posted the same deal a few months ago and they were also available on line but soon went out of stock. I use mine every day to carbonate filtered water then add a little no added sugar Orange cordial or Ribena and it's much healthier than drinking Pepsi or Coke. I thought maybe it would be another 2 day wonder but I'm surprised how much use it gets and also no more buying wasteful plastic soda water bottles from the supermarket.


cheaper in the bottles and also better taste. It is like soda water, too strong but possibly better if mixed with sirups. Also you might want to use proper still mineral water and not tap water. Good as an ornament in the kitchen.

SodaStream 60 Litre Gas Cylinder with 1 Litre Carbonating Bottle-Green £19.99 @ Amazon - Prime exclusive
Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
SodaStream 60 Litre Gas Cylinder with 1 Litre Carbonating Bottle-Green £19.99 @ Amazon - Prime exclusive
SodaStream 60 Litre Gas Cylinder with 1 Litre Carbonating Bottle-Green Price:£19.99 Delivery at no extra cost for Prime members ONLY for prime members its a cheap way to get an ex… Read more

Where do you get your dry ice from?


code didn't work for me but thanks anyway


I just received a £ 10 promotional code from Sodastream that can be used on an order of gas (either an exchange or a spare): JE0JI86SXTL3 . Not sure if its linked to account. I can't use it as I live in Northern Ireland and they dont deliver at all here (pathetic).


there ar eplenty of ways you can refill way cheaper, even £1-£2 per cylinder. Look up on youtube. The one I am going to try is the dry ice method.


You can get 60L of carbonated water without lugging 60Kg of bottles around Tesco :D

Soda stream 4 fruit caps £1.79 with  free delivery from argos @ eBay
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
Soda stream 4 fruit caps £1.79 with free delivery from argos @ eBay
Mix and match to find your favourite fruity flavour. All from from artificial flavours, colours and aspartame. For use in SodaStream drinks maker. 1 litre bottle. Each bottle ma… Read more



I did order it thanks...but Argos have refunded it saying not in stock.


10g of sugar per 250ml serving seems high to me.

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