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Creative Sound Blaster Z PCIe Sound Card £44.99 @ Maplin (C&C Only)
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
Creative Sound Blaster PCIe soundcard. Price on Amazon is £73.56 but has historically been cheaper at £44.99 too April last year according to Camelizer. Unless Amazon price match… Read more

Price further reduced to £37.49 yesterday. My local had 1 in stock, went in at 9am and all gone.


I'm still using an Asus Xonar D2X.


Anyone that claims onboard is just as good are completely clueless. Maybe in ultra high end model but not a standard mobo. Until you have listened to both at the same time then you cannot make that claim.


I used to love Creative Technology (CT) stuff and had the latest audio cards in my machines.. and they were awesome.. until Vista... and no Driver support for my cards..but then "Daniel_K" came to the rescue and modded the drivers (rightly or wrongly - he admits) and CT threatened him. (mad) I have never bought a CT card since .. ASUS all the way now.


Seperate sound card is just a waste of money these days. Spend the money on some decent speakers instead.

SMSL M2 PRO Headphone Amplifier External Sound Card Built-in AMP DAC - £32.37 @ GearBest
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Apply code: GB7%OFF to get this price. Main Features: - Using asynchronous audio transmission technology - Support ASIO, WASAPI and other drivers - Along with line output, opti… Read more

have a look through here for some starting info. &


personally I would say be careful i have been looking for an amp/dac combo and have recently looked at this make, sold primarily on amazon. Very few reviews seems to me to be cheap Japanese sweatshop imports. I even e-mailed them to ask them about an amp i was looking at to Which there was (no reply) good sign for customer service eh😊. As for driving 650 ohms headphones i think you'll have to find something a bit meaty. I have the Beyer t1 second gen and use the audiolab m-dac first gen which I found cheap but people swear by the schiit (lol) or little dot.


I have a beyerdynamic 🎧 650 ohms is that OK thanks


Consider that your monitors likely have built in amps why do you want to amplify the signal to them, all you want to do is send a signal to them. Next this is designed for headphones which have a different impedance rating. So use the right tool for the job and you are less likely to damage any of you equipment. The items I listed are designed for their intended purpose, whilst the item in the post is designed for the use with headphones.


I recommend a steel series 5H v2 such as Which does have very very impressive sound. and drives higher Impedances like a champ. This would be my solid midrange recommendation but I would say beware the cheap fakes. But again compared to the LG G5 DAC for around 15-20 quid.. that has to be my recommendation if you have decent earphones/headphones.

DYNAMODE USB-SOUND7 7.1-Channel USB Sound Card £3.50 @ Currys
Found 24th Jul 2017Found 24th Jul 2017
Supersize your sound with the impressive Dynamode USB-SOUND7 7.1-Channel USB Sound Card. Great for gaming, multimedia and more Ideal if your device is lacking a 3.5 mm jack, the … Read more
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Do these have a sub connection?


99p dlvd ex Chnia from a random bay seller, or £1.89 dlvd ex-UK via UK-based seller or few pennies cheaper from non-UK seller shipping ex-UK. Currys will also shift ex-UK at £3.50 dlvd which is handy as it saves an otherwise wasted journey to the store only to be told they can't find the stock that they previously confirmed that you had reserved.


The same rubbish you get from ebay for the same price and less.

ASUS Xonar U3 USB 2.0 Sound Card £14.97 @ Currys PCWorld (RRP around £35)
Found 20th May 2017Found 20th May 2017
I bought one of these about a year ago to keep a motherboard in use which was having issues with its onboard sound and it's not bad at all. These were also £17.97 recently but hav… Read more

Many thanks, OP. Picked one up yesterday to use with my Joggler running Squeezeplay. Works great out of the box. (Just set to external audio in squeezeplay settings).


Depends on the audio chip that your laptop has, but often the onboard solution has a decidedly non-flat frequency response curve, see the review I linked above for an example from an Acer 1810TZ; often this is not explored in reviews of laptops as most people don't care. Bottom line, if you tink the sound on your laptop is pants, get a USB sound card. This Xonar U3, however, doesn't do 24-bit / 192 kHz (only 16-bit / 48 kHz) so has a pretty big limitation with BluRay etc. The Xonar U5 or U7 would, but they're never this cheap.


What are the advantages of using one when compared to normal sound card in my laptop?


Thanks, was looking for a cheap yet decent USB sound card, ordered from Amazon!


Same price from Amazon

Found 11th Nov 2016Found 11th Nov 2016
USB Sound Card with 600 Ohm Headphone Amp Featuring a built-in dual microphone array for crystal-clear voice communication and customizable SBX Pro Studio audio technologies, and … Read more

"don't want to clutter the inside my PC with an internal sound card." so you'd rather clutter your house with an external one instead?


It can restrict airflow especially if you have non blower sli. Internal sound cards (onboard sound as well) can suffer from interference causing humming etc. If you don't have any issues with interference whether or not you will actually experience an upgrade in quality from onboard sound is subjective. The only objective test I've ever seen is this one:,3733.html Unsurprisingly tests of this kind do not lead to increased advertising revenue.


Wow, they still exist! How does it compare to Gravis Ultrasound? ;-)


£99.99 for the soundblaster e5 too


Can anybody comment on the sound quality of the inbuilt dual mic?

Numark Party Mix - Starter DJ Controller with Built-In Sound card £54.99 @ amazon (one of today's deals)
Found 6th Nov 2016Found 6th Nov 2016
one of Amazon's daily deals today. £79.99+ in other outlets. Ok it's a fairly simple controller but could do more than an old-school turntables and good for learning the basics b… Read more

what does the onboard sound card do? is it just in order to be able to listen to 2 songs at the same time, or is it possible to mix songs without a pc, eg. from a tablet? probably being too optimistic here


just purchased thanks better get some good headphones for this and to block the wife out now cause she is gunna moan lol.


I have djay2 on android will this controller work with it?




Really good to have a built in soundcard and software for this price.

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Sound Blaster ZxR (High Performance PCIe Sound Card) - £139.99 (Free P&P) - Creative
Found 9th Sep 2016Found 9th Sep 2016
The blurb: ====== High Performance PCIe Sound Card ====== The flagship of the ultra high-performance Sound Blaster Z-Series of sound cards, Sound Blaster ZxR elevates the standar… Read more
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Before buying it's worth thinking about what you are buying a dedicated spu for. For gaming and media the sound quality is better, clearer, more defined and the sbk/virtual sound works surprisingly very well on an analogue set of cans with decent drivers or even a decent set of speakers. The zxr isn't a huge upgrade over the zx in all honesty. You will most certainly hear an improve in audio over any motherboard on the market, but you'll most noticeably hear the difference if the volume is set between mid to loud. Also worth noting if you do use a headset that is USB based, you'll be throwing your money away.


I think your research or knowledge is a bit outdated. Try this Good use of metaphors why not actually quote a source.


I beg to differ....


It's like saying my CPU has a built in GPU no point buying a GFX card


No matter how good audio is on a motherboard it isn't anyway near a dedicated card

Asus Xonar U1 Lite White Portable Audio Station/External USB Sound Card £8.94 delivered @ Box
Found 20th May 2016Found 20th May 2016
Seems to be great price. Have seen it on here at £10 in the past and got a lot of heat. Great for laptop use as it cuts out interference noise and outputs nice clean audio with d… Read more

Do you have an extrel USB Soundcard fror Wndows 10


If this is fully digital why is the output listed as "Xonar U1 Studio Station Analogue Stereo"?


Received mine this morning, watch out if you're using headphones, even with the system volume on low (3%) it nearly took my head off! The sound from it is very good, sounds almost as good as my ASUS Xonar DGX PCI-E Audio card on my other system. It works fine on Linux using Pulseaudio.


Just what I needed, getting too much hiss/noise from our ballroom setup which is connected to a laptop. This should cut that out according to reviews


Good for playing music using real wires, or for PC with broken sound chip or broken 3.5mm external connector.

CAMBRIDGE  DACMAGIC XS V2 usb Sound card (in store only) £49 @ Richer Sounds
Found 29th Apr 2016Found 29th Apr 2016
Got myself one of these today. Retails for 100 quid elswere, so think its a very good deal :) Porduct info

Yeah I'm going to get a better pair of IEMs as well. Probably a RHA MA750 or HiFiMan RE400A


If your going to be using a decent set of headphones or linking to a hifi maybe but for listening on the commute no the included dac in the G4 is very capable as are most flagship phones.


worth getting if i'm going to use it for spotify premium on my lg g4?

mojo5110 PROZOR DAC Digital £14 I used the spdif port on the back of the pc and it does all the audio coversion on the dac. Only downside is it won't work on laptops because they dont have that port. If you want it to work on laptops get one which uses USB input.


Which one did you get?

Creative 70SB150000001 Sound Blaster Z PCIe Gaming Sound Card with High Performance Headphone Amp and Beamforming Microphone £44.99 @ Amazon
Found 4th Apr 2016Found 4th Apr 2016
Around 60 pounds from what i can remember. Seems like a good deal.

Well took a punt on it and it's turned up today all installed and have to say its better then the d2x. Sound quality is much better and iv'e been using the d2x since it come out even with the unified drivers. The software is pretty good what comes with it too.


use the unified drivers with the d2x and life is much better especially when you use cpanel instead of the asus panel.


Passthrough is when undecoded audio data is passed through to a decoder. You would have to try it and compare as the difference might be better to you.


Good deal I bought this card for around £65 a year ago. It's very good, recommended :)


I'm using Studio speakers 2.0, on occasion but maybe once a week use the audio-technica m50x , no idea what passthrough means

ROCCAT Juke 7.1-Channel USB 2.0 Sound Card £9.97 @ Currys (with Free Delivery)
Found 16th Feb 2016Found 16th Feb 2016
I have been planning to buy this for a while. Price dropped from 15£ to 9.97£ now.
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​ There are much much cheaper USB sound cards for the money. All this offers is virtual 7.1 surround sound which always sounds awful




The headphone jack on my laptop is broken. This seems to be a cheap solution. Additionally, see reply by Wowhats


The Roccat Juke allows you to transform the audio from your PC to your headphones in fantastic 7.1 sound, allowing you to immerse yourself fully into the virtual surround sound experience.


what does this actually do? it just looks like a fancy headphone socket with some virtual surround post processing.

Sound Blaster Audigy Rx 7.1 Soundcard - £39.99 (+ min £4 P&P) - Creative Store
Found 28th Jan 2016Found 28th Jan 2016
The blurb: --- The Optimal Recording Solution for PCIe Platforms --- Experience the wonders of multi-channel surround sound and create high-quality podcasts! Hardware-accelerated … Read more

Not sure about the interference but I think the Creative Sound Blaster Omni usb sound card, though more expensive is a much more useful buy, better sound, portable to use on any PC or laptop, great connectivity and dual built in high quality mics + quality headphone amp.


Also if you really needed a sound card, am I right in saying external sound cards are better then internal ones, less interference.


Who uses a dedicated sound card these days, other than musicians and audio professionals???


You're correct the Audigy card used to be the ones they did before X-Fi. But it seems they've gone full circle back to the Audigy line.


This is a current model of sound card. I think you're thinking of the X-Fi range of sound cards, they're ancient. ;)

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro USB External Sound Card - £47.24 @ Amazon
Found 31st Dec 2015Found 31st Dec 2015
I've been looking at external sound cards for a while and not seen this for sale anywhere for less then £60 so a bit geeky but nonetheless a good deal if you're looking for somethi… Read more
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I got a Cambridgeaudio dacmagic xs from richer sounds for £49 in their xmas sale. Great bit of kit.


I used unofficial and official drivers and had no luck but probably my build glad it works for some because it's a fantastic card


See I knew I overpaid at 25 Either way this deal is horrible


£49 from the official site, though I'd be tempted to get the latest Astro MixAmp instead


I know it's a little OT, but I'm commenting purely because I setup a set of Z906s yesterday and think they're fantastic!

Behringer Firewire Audio Interface - £9.90 DV247
Found 21st Dec 2015Found 21st Dec 2015
£9.90 if you can collect at store. £4.99 postage. Great price for a decent sound card. Was £56.99.

These go for a lot more on eBay as a rule. Great if you want to mess around with old Macs and makes for a better sounding FireWire powered external soundcard than the cheapie USB dongles that aren't all that much cheaper.


Seems so - my bad, didn't realise they'd even gone bust! Shame.


Nope it's DV247, I purchased a synth from them and low and behold a Euro PSU with adapter, they are now owned by a European music retailer and all distribution is from Germany.


I don't think it's so much DV247, more Behringer. I've used DV247 for years and can honestly say they're one of the best companies to deal with in terms of customer service.


Good shout. Seems to be the case. Without causing 'that' debate, it's compatible with all versions of OS X.

Creative Store Black Friday Newsletter - Creative
Found 26th Nov 2015Found 26th Nov 2015
Creative Store Black Friday Newsletter Offers end 28th Nov URLs in first comment ==== Portable Wireless Speakers ==== Sound Blaster Roar 2 - £129.99 (down from £199.99) - includ… Read more

Some of these prices do appear to be regular deal prices, as opposed to anything special for Black Friday. Some free items against some of the items though, which aren't normally included.


==== Portable Wireless Speakers ==== Sound Blaster Roar 2 - £129.99 (down from £199.99) - includes Free Sound Blaster Roar 2 Carry-Bag worth £29.99 Sound Blaster Roar - £99.99 (down from £179.99) - includes Free Sound Blaster Roar Carry-bag worth £16.99 ***** CURRENTLY £85 on Amazon until 4pm (26th Nov) ***** Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200 - £99.99 (down from £249.99) - includes Free Sound BlasterAxx Docking Base worth £49.99 ==== Wireless Modular Speakers with Room Calibration – Limited Stocks! ==== Creative D5xm - £69.99 (down from £279.99) Creative D3xm (CLEARANCE) - £59.99 (down from £159.99) Creative DSxm - £49.99 (down from £159.99) === Audiophile Headphones === Aurvana Gold - £79.99 (down from £179.99) Aurvana In-Ear2 Plus - £49.99 (down from £89.99) Aurvana Air - £34.99 (down from £169.99) === Sound Blaster Sound Cards === Sound Blaster X-Fi HD - £49.99 (down from £89.99) Sound Blaster Zx - £79.99 (down from £119.99) Sound Blaster E5 - £119.99 (down from £169.99) === Gaming Headsets === Sound Blaster Tactic3D Omega Wireless - £59.99 (down from £179.99) Sound Blaster Tactic3D Wrath Wireless - £49.99 (down from £99.99) Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless - £99.99 (down from £209.99) - includes Free Sound Blaster Headset Stand worth £14.99 ****** Free Creative Saver Shipping on orders over GBP 79.00 ******

ASUS XONAR Essence STX 5.1-Channel PCI Sound Card £109.99 @ Currys
Found 5th Oct 2015Found 5th Oct 2015
Please your inner audiophile with the Asus XONAR Essence STX 5.1-Channel PCI Sound Card. With high quality audio response and ample connectivity, it's ideal whether you're listenin… Read more
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I have a Xonar DG that did a very good job till I got an Pioneer AV reciever and now I just send audio through HDMI direct to that.


Voted hot but imo you can get semi professional sound cards at a better price. Sad that most people these days are pleased with laptop speakers...


Heat. Excellent sound card if you have the speakers or headphones that can take advantage. I'm currently using the cheap Asus xonar DGX and it's been excellent.

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