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QUICK QUICK QUICK £1 entry to Thorpe Park!!!!
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Click on the following link and click on “book now” under the Callander Works for the 29th of March (opening day) May work for others, I’ve not tried… Read more

What were these tickets? I managed to get a couple but are they meant to be used by Merlin pass holders? Worried we will get there + be turned away.


Sorry, they fixed it quickly! I got 5 tickets though :)


Yep, doesn't work. Shame.


All dates now greyed out.


All the dates are greyed out for me?

Merlin Annual Pass, now from £8.99 a month (+ £29.99 initial payment). Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, London Eye, LEGOLAND and more!
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Brilliant price if you want to sign up per month. Easy access to a world of adventures!
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Sale started, not as good as last year. Only £10 saving


Sale starts on 18th, no idea what it consists of yet. Expect £20 off the renewal per pass as per previous years


yay! that's what I thought! thanks for confirming the glitch :-) I will wait for the sale apparently "might" start on 18th and if not I'll do "renewal" in Feb. cheers!


Per Merlin's rules, no. In actuality, literally, physically, yes. The system they use (Accesso) accepts 16/18 digits for a pass number, but does nothing with them. It doesn't search, process, or in any other way make use of the number you enter. 16/18 random numbers, 0's etc, will all allow you to proceed. In terms of them checking your renewal, I've renewed in the past and have not been asked for my previous MAP, so I never had to show it. This happens at all attractions, across the board, though your best bet would be to go to a Midway, and if they asked for a pass, tell them you forgot it. Trying to get them to upgrade a LEGOLAND season pass will result in them getting confused, which really does not take them much at all. To recap: Yes, go for it. They never check etc.


Does anyone know if I can renew/upgrade to "Merlin Annual Pass" from my "LEGOLAND Season Pass 2018". There are numbers on the cards so I can go through MAP online renewal. I did this until the end of the online form just before payment and it looks like it would allow me to renew with Legolan Season Pass 2018 number. Of course I cancelled as I was not sure and it says tickets are non-refundable etc. Would that renewal be honored if I purchased it? (This could be a glitch of course)

£49 Thorpe Park 2019 Season Pass & Digipass - Unlimited* Visits & Photos!
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
£49 instead of £90 for a Thorpe Park 2019 Season Pass and Season Digipass for one person including unlimited* visits, ride photos, exclusive offers, exclusive event invites and pre… Read more

Sounds like they don’t understand GDP


Digipass is useless, we got one this year and now have pretty much zero photos from all our visits after they apparently told people that due to GDPR they cannot hold the photos for longer than 3 months now. We wasn't made aware of this and have lost 9 months of photos.


I've heard the parking at Thorpe Park is not too great, watch your doors.......


WE have an 'unlimited' Thorpe park pass, used it 3 times, had to pay extra twice as most popular days are not included without payign a suplement - only sayin'

Thorpe Park Fright Night, one day entry pass for £11PP in clubcard vouchers
Found 26th Oct 2018Found 26th Oct 2018
I was looking to go to Thorpe Park for Fright Night and found out that using Tesco CC vouchers (if you have any left!) you can pay the ticket price in 1/3 value using Tesco CC vouc… Read more
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Found that this offer was stil available on the day when other cheap options like the advance booking for £33 or the groupon 29.50 were no longer available.


Don't think so as you only buy through the link on the page which doesn't give you that option


Can you use the vouchers to pay the extra £20 that is costs 'annual' pass holders?


Have to agree with other comments. I went on Tuesday and as a Merlin annual pass holder this was our worst visit. We arrived early as we weren't interested in the mazes but spent all day queuing.


I went last Friday about 3pm til close and we managed about 7 or 8 rides and 3 mazes. Could have done more but stupidly wasted an hour trying to get on the Derren Brown Ghost Train... so underwhelming don’t bother with it and prone to technical issues/breaking down.

Thorpe Park Fright Night Tickets for £29.50 instead of £39 @ Wowcher
Found 19th Oct 2018Found 19th Oct 2018
This looks really good fun for half term! If you buy a dated ticket through Wowcher, you get each ticket for £28 plus £1.50 admin fee each making it £29.50 total. To book it in adv… Read more

The Fright Night Mazes are really good, unfortunately the queues are horrendous and rides are constantly breaking down, especially derren brown. I've been twice but had such bad experiences with such a poorly run park that I won't be going again even if they give me tickets for free. There are similar experiences throughout the country that are cheaper and I think just as good such as frightmare at Over in Gloucester which is where I usually go.

Fright Nights - 2 days worth of tickets, 1 night stay at Hotel, plus Breakfast from £51 p.p (£204) for a family of 4 / £56.50p.p (£113) based on 2 adults @ Thorpe Park
Found 17th Sep 2018Found 17th Sep 2018
Fancy something a bit different for Halloween? The Fright Night events at Thorpe Park look like a lot of fun for older kids and families! These events are for older children or ju… Read more

Yeah, only once have I been caught out with no fast passes for the mazes, never again. They also open them about 4 and a queue starts around 2:30pm! I never got that. People queuing an hour and a half to avoid a queue, only to go through during daylight hours. Makes no sense. Fast passes usually cost about £15-£20 but just go on their website for all the other information dude, its all there.


Staying at a Travelodge is a fright enough. No need for Thorpe Park.


Thanks for replying. 2-3 hours?! That's crazy! How much are the fast passes, and can they be bought online, on the day, or both do you know? How much time do they save per house/maze? Do you know how much Contagion costs, and if it's worth the extra?


They don't cost any extra, or at least they haven't for the last 10 years. Containment being an exception where you have been able to pay to do this alone in the past. All in all, for a UK Halloween event it isn't bad. Worth the money but if you've ever been to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando or LA then you're in for a crash landing. If not, it is good fun. Although be prepared to have to encounter over hyper teens from the Staines area while in the queues. Which brings me onto Fright Nights maze fast passes, I can't recommend them enough. The queues can easily hit 2-3 hours for each house /maze on a Saturday night.


Oh dear. I see we're back to PP pricing again. For heavens sake, tell it how it really is! Otherwise I'll start posting offers for Jaffa Cakes at 5p each!

NOW LIVE | £20 Thorpe Park Annual Pass @ Eagle Radio
Found 30th Aug 2018Found 30th Aug 2018
NOW LIVE | £20 Thorpe Park Annual Pass @ Eagle Radio
Live @ 10AM 31/08/2018 Friday Once purchased you will be emailed a code within 48 hours, code can be redeemed on <strong>this page</strong> HALF … Read more

I've got a spare code - happy to sell for the price I paid (£25) Has to be redeemed by 30th Sep and then will get you a full year's annual pass. DM me if interested.


says sold out. how often does this deal come up??


You can get a further £5 off by typing “SUMMER1” in the promo box. I just paid £20 for mine :)))


sold out :(


Mine started when I collected them on my first visit which was 3 weeks after I purchased them. And they are valid for a year and a week same as a merlin pass.

241 Alton Towers or Thorpe Park Tickets with Peperami £2.95
Found 27th Aug 2018Found 27th Aug 2018
241 Alton Towers or Thorpe Park Tickets with Peperami £2.95
Buy a 5 pack of Peperami and get five codes each giving you a free entry to Alton Towers or Thorpe Park with a full price adult ticket of £55.
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Any idea if this works for fright nights


Anybody have any kind of idea what the queues are like September weekends? £60 each for the gold fast pass seems a bit pricey I’d be gutted if I got them and the queues weren’t that bad!


Indeed you did. Drip.


I don’t need 241 tickets just 4. Seems a waste 8)


Be careful with Alton Towers off season. Merlin have been penny pinching to the extreme the last couple of years. You can have as little as 6 hours of ride time, rides can be closed and lots of the food places and stalls close up.

£25 Thorpe Park Annual Pass @ Planet Radio
Found 22nd Aug 2018Found 22nd Aug 2018
£25 Thorpe Park Annual Pass @ Planet Radio
The voucher code will be emailed to you after payment Voucher must be redeemed online by 30th September 2018 to activate annual pass. TERMS AFTER PURCHASE, PLEASE BOOK ONLIN… Read more

Just a reminder that the Planet Radio passes must be redeemed by this weekend. Can anyone who has already redeemed online and collected in person a little later.... Does your pass expiry run for 1 year plus 1 week from the date of Collection In Person, or just 1 year?


I've got a spare code - happy to sell for the price I paid (£25) Has to be redeemed by 30th Sep and then will get you a full year's annual pass. DM me if interested.


I was there too have to say average queue time was 65mins plus!! And fast track looked just as bad. Also don't forget the queue time of 2 hours to get out the car park at the end of the day absolute joke!! Considering they charge £10 for parking!


Hence one not so happy daughter and one very happy son.


Been today.... was ok... average queue time of 75 mins for the best rides... not much for those between 1.2 and 1.4.. either really childish rides or none at all....

Thorpe Park £25 Annual Pass Direct Link
Found 20th Aug 2018Found 20th Aug 2018
Hey Guys, I was sent this link from Thorpe Park after a recent visit. Click on the direct link (It does take around 5-10 seconds to load the cart so please be patient) and enter t… Read more

Or buy it at any of the ticket vendors, turnstiles and machines. It's £10 if you get to the gate and haven't got a ticket and need to buy one from the attendant standing next to the gate.


If you book online


Shame i missed out but a great find ! Thanks anyway


Its £7 parking when we got there i just been twice.


Thought it was £7? Extortionate either way

Student Thorpe Park Annual Pass - £39
Found 20th Aug 2018Found 20th Aug 2018
Student Thorpe Park Annual Pass - £39
Hey Guys; I didn't even know they did Thorpe Park annual passes for students but, apparently they do and it is a discounted rate of 20% off. Who's eligible: All students who are… Read more
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Yeah I know but what I'm saying is that while weekends are off the table, students can get a weekend job and go during the week? Where they are students, normally they don't work because they're on their summer holidays. =l Anyway, it is normally common sense to check those BEFORE buying anyway. It is the same on a standard Merlin annual pass anyway, the only way to avoid this is by paying for the expensive one which, which is nearly £200 each!


Exactly, you didn't mention the terms, quite important, cant check at moment as on phone


True but from what I’ve seen, the general rules on this are the following (don’t quote me here, please check); 1 Extra charge on Fright Nights 2. No entry on Fridays, Saturdays or Sunday’s in August. But that’s about it? Correct me if I’m wrong please.


check terms closely, some annual passes have limited dates you can use it

Thorpe Park flash sale - £27.50
Found 17th Aug 2018Found 17th Aug 2018
Thorpe Park flash sale - £27.50
Thorpe Park tickets for sale

Cadburys always have offers for buy one get one free


Not sure about the Thorpe Park deal but those 2 dudes having a ding dong about who has the most ‘likes’ is embarrassing.


The whole of Merlin is out of date. We used to have Merlin passes and saw them all go down hill over the years. Thorpe park seems desperate. Not been once this year and kids haven't missed it.


Thorpe Park is so tired looking and out of date. Needs an uplift, too many arcade machines


FREEBIES at Thorpe Park this week via 02 priority
LocalLocalFound 9th Aug 2018Found 9th Aug 2018
FREEBIES at Thorpe Park this week via 02 priority
Choice from free massage, ice cream, small treats, goodies, priority lounge! You have to be inside the park this week and show your 02 priority code!

Yes till the end of the month


Is this offer still available


Wrong offer though. For this offer, they weren’t even checking you’d claimed the deal by the use it now for me, they were just giving it all away without much fuss. I got let in to the lounge thing to try the claw grab to win a prize and was also given the voucher for free ice creams at the same time. We got a “Sorry you didn’t win” on the claw grab but they just gave us a £5 Thornton’s voucher anyway. Then I went back out and got the goody bag and the lady doing that asked if I’d also got the ice cream voucher, as the offer hadn’t been activated the last time by the ‘use it now’ button, she gave me another voucher. So luckily my family of four each got an ice cream. It would have been really awkward just me and the wife eating ours in front of the children with disappointment on their faces. Magnums were £3 each, so £12 of free ice cream can’t be sniffed at (we technically got in to the park free too as the tickets were via clubcard). Park wasn’t too busy either, most rides had a 5 minute queue and we only had to wait up to 30 minutes a couple of times (which can be a bit of a relief as your head recovers from the last ride).


All gone before it even started today lol


Already sold out

Thorpe Park Annual Pass £25 via Planet Radio Offers
Found 4th Aug 2018Found 4th Aug 2018
Thorpe Park Annual Pass £25 via Planet Radio Offers
Half price Annual Pass for one to THORPE PARK Resort 30-incredible rides, attractions and live event… Read more
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Managed to redeem my codes, there was an issue with the website! Can someone explain the car parking charges to me please, I'm being a bit dim today. The website says "Save time & money uy purchasing your car parking online! - £10 at the exit barriers on the day, or £7 when you purchase online. Disabled Parking is available and conveniently located close to the admissions area. The standard parking charge applies to THORPE PARK Resort and Merlin Passholders, with the exception of Premium Merlin Annual Passholders. So is it £7.00 for Thorpe Park annual passes no matter how/when you pay or only £7.00 if booked in advance online? Thanks


When trying to get this deal with the passes there is no where to enter the code. Needs to be sorted ASAP


Is anyone else having a problem redeeming their code? I follow the link and put all my details in, input my code on the next page, sometimes it says Error 484 and sometimes it says '1 item in cart' but when i press checkout it says that my cart is empty! I've put my details in at least 15 times! Has anyone tried to contact Planet Radio's customer services? I've sent an email but not sure how long they take to reply! Thanks




Yeah... the fact it also says "Or visit http" You thought might of been an obvious solution (excited)

THORPE Park annual passes £25  via eagle radio - from 9am Friday
Found 30th Jul 2018Found 30th Jul 2018
THORPE Park annual passes £25 via eagle radio - from 9am Friday
Appears to be on offer again! HALF PRICE! THORPE PARK Resort Annual Pass Offer Price: £25.00 - Actual Value: £49.00 On sale 9:00am, Friday 3rd August. Address: Staines Road, Che… Read more
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Didn't pick mine up as had them sent to me. But I bought the codes on 1st Aug, redeemed them on 28th Aug, arrived 30th Aug, expiry date is 3rd Sept 2019


I see this is active again on a new thread. For anyone who redeemed it last time round and chose to pick up their pass at the venue, did the 12 months start from: 1. When you bought the code on the eagle radio website 2. When you clicked through and ordered your pass on the Thorpe Park website or 3. When you visited and collected your pass?


OOS :(


Anyone want a free code for a £25 annual pass Let me know. I have one code that reduces the £49 pass to £25. I believe it's a one time use only code. First come first served...


Got these same vouchers from PlanetRadio. Works out cheap, however when I visited Thorpe Park they charged me £10 per person on top for the Love Island Late rubbish. Plus you pay £7 for parking. So I ended up paying £27 on top of the 2 Annual Passes. Overall, not great value for money.

Recycle a 500ml plastic bottles at one of Merlin Attractions reverse vending Machines ( Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Legoland, Chessington) and receive 50% off entry at any one of Merlin's 30 Entertainment Attraction
Refreshed 26th Jul 2018Refreshed 26th Jul 2018
Recycle a 500ml plastic bottles at one of Merlin Attractions reverse vending Machines ( Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Legoland, Chessington) and receive 50% off entry at any one of Merlin's 30 Entertainment Attraction
Recycle your plastic bottles at one of our reverse vending machines this summer and you’ll receive 50% off entry at one of Merlin Entertainment’s leading attractions. Here’s how yo… Read more

As above....does anyone know if there is one outside legoland?


anyone know if LEGOLAND Windsor has these machines prior to entering the park?


Hi guys, on Alton towers website they offer extra day for £7.50 if you buy one day entry at £41 so total of £48.50. Does anyone know if you can buy the extra day for £7.50 if you use the coke 50% voucher ?


I found the one at Alton towers by the entrance, but does Anyone know where the machine is at Thorpe park??


Half price is about correct price.

THORPE Park annual passes £25 from 9am Friday
Found 25th Jul 2018Found 25th Jul 2018
THORPE Park annual passes £25 from 9am Friday
HALF PRICE! THORPE PARK Resort Annual Pass Offer Price: £25.00 - Actual Value: £49.00 On sale 9:00am, Friday 27th July. Address: Staines Road, Chertsey, KT16 8PN Website: … Read more
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When they advertise something they can’t supply plus other tat. In my eyes yes it’s a two bit station.


Eagle Radio covers Surrey and Hampshire ... hardly two bit.


I managed to get 4 which I wanted. Went to the Thorpe Park website not realising had to go to eagle station website. A few minutes later when I visited eagle station website showed as sold out, but was still possible to select and purchase. And yes I received an email with 4 gift card vouchers for Thorpe park. Heat added. Thanks OP.


Total con was on website at 9.00 on the dot and sold out


Managed to get mine! Thanks so much OP!

2 days entry to Thorpe Park plus overnight stay in hotel for 2 people various summer dates now £64 / £32pp @ Thorpe Park
Found 23rd Jul 2018Found 23rd Jul 2018
2 days entry to Thorpe Park plus overnight stay in hotel for 2 people various summer dates now £64 / £32pp @ Thorpe Park
I know not everyone has kids or if you are lucky enough to be able to get a babysitter and want a break away from them, this is a great offer as includes the summer holidays. You … Read more

any ideas on hotels nearby if you have 3 children :(


I stayed in the Thorpe Park accommodation last year - they’re pushing it calling it a hotel - they are converted shipping containers , and very small with no windows , I would definitely stay in the travel lodge or similar next time .


What's the street called😁?


My daughter wanted me to take her to Thorpe park, so this has basically given me an extra day and accommodation for not much more.


"your stay at the THORPE SHARK Hotel is guaranteed to be an experience like no other" ... unless you fled Syria and came to the UK via people smugglers.

Late entry to Thorpe Park from 5pm - 10pm on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays now £10 @  365 tickets
Refreshed 22nd Aug 2018Refreshed 22nd Aug 2018
Late entry to Thorpe Park from 5pm - 10pm on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays now £10 @ 365 tickets
365 Tickets are selling tickets that get you in to Thorpe Park between 5pm and 10pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights until the 1st September for just £10 per person with und… Read more

You do not need to pay the £10 as a pass holder on Thursdays. Even states this on the link you put up at the bottom


Every Thursday, Friday and Saturdays:


Not on Thursdays


You still need to pay the £10 despite having an annual pass for evening visits even if you are not going to stay beyond 5pm. Its a mandatory charge.


All the other notices about this event, including on the Thorpe Park website, say 18:00-22:00, yet the 365Tickets say 17:00 entry? They are the same price on both sites, but wouldn't want to end up waiting in the car park for an hour if it was incorrect.

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