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Toblerone White - 360gm - Tesco Metro, Cardiff £2.50
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th MayLocalLocal
Product Description Swiss white chocolate with honey and almond nougat (10%). Creamy white chocolate with delectable honey and almond nougat Unique triangles of delicious white ch… Read more

Yeah, this is the same store in Canton - can't be certain if the deal is citywide (y)


Is this the Canton store too? I think with the number of Tesco metro stores in Cardiff, you might need to be more specific as these are on clearance and probably not in every metro in Cardiff. It was bad enough having the 3 stores on Albany Road, wellfield Road and City Road!! XD

Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate Hello from Britain Edition 360g - 99p @ Farmfoods (Montrose)
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th AprLocalLocal
Toblerone 360g bars for 99p in Farmfoods

Found non-union packaged ones at 99p today 360gm , dated 09/02/2022 in Farmfoods in Sale.


Shrinkflation : who'd have thought it back in the day when the so called "fun-size" chocolates first appeared , that we would now be living in the times when these sizes are approaching the regular sizes of today - un-believable ! (shock)


Yes that’s a good tip about price per Kg or per 100g, makes it much easier to spot a good deal. The marketers are getting very clever at making it hard to decipher if it’s a deal or not with shrinkflation and 3 for 2 offers etc!


Don't get me wrong; I can understand cutting down on none essential fittings etc if it is going to produce a decent saving for the customers, but I didn't find this to be the case other than for special discounts (I remember the days of Kwik-save when it was Dexion shelves). I noticed that they did five of these smaller frozen packs for a discounted price, but it still worked out slightly more expensive per kilo than Tesco and a lot more than Iceland (I had popped in to look for frozen spinach as I was at a Halfords nearby). I will have to explore Home Bargains next, which has also opened near to a different Halfords.....


Fair enough, I think Farm Foods generally gives good value especially for folks with not a lot of disposable income. That’s a really good point about the smaller packs though, I noticed B and M sell Yorkshire Tea Bags for what seems really good value, but they obviously get in special boxes to sell as their boxes say ‘One Cup teabags’, so there less loose tea in each tea bag.

Toblerone Milk Chocolate Jumbo Gift Bar, 4.5kg - £59.89 @ Costco
-380° Expired
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
£1.34 per 100g Features - Swiss Milk Chocolate - Honey & Almond Nougat - Suitable for Vegetarians

In the last 2 months it’s been down to £50 at Amazon at least twice. The first time I got one and at £50 I’d do it again in a few years time any higher it really isn’t worth the cost or hassle trying to cut the thing. I still have 2 chunks left as I want to remain the guy in the street with the largest toblerone.


You're delusional if you think Costco are paying more than £10-15 for them (lol) Convinced this is a troll at this point


The trade price on these is £60.99 as can be seen here at a confectionary wholesaler so Costco are really selling at cost, so for a deal this should be roasting hot, there is obviously a glitch in the system today, hopefully it will be fixed soon so thanks for your support on my SUPER HOT deal (y) If anyone can find a better deal on these please post it, that way we can prove the system is at fault not my super deals ;)


Can we please have some heat, if this gets any colder we won't be able to cut it (lol)


I’m buying one of these for home defence... no burglar in the world will admit to being given concussion by a fat man in Star Wars slippers wielding a Toblerone

Toblerone cheescake £1 @ LIDL
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd AprLocalLocal
Normally £2.99 in Lidl and £3.00 in most other supermarkets. Looking at the label should be a national deal. Found this in the plymstock, Plymouth branch this morning.

Found some in my local good date till 2022


I didn’t even know Toblerone cheesecake existed! It’s like the confectionery gods combined both my favourite things and didn’t tell me out of spite


Maybe wear your glasses next time.


Yay always nice to see a Plymouth found deal going hot


Not worth the calories - really disappointing in terms of taste. If you can find a Diam Cake in the frozen section - now that's a different kettle of fish!!

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White Toblerone £1.50 @ Poundland Glasgow Fort
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th AprLocalLocal
Full size white Toblerone bars reduced at Poundland Glasgow Fort

Is indeed the 360g one!


They were always going to be doomed by inflation.


Stupid Poundland, nothing a pound anymore... that was they're novelty just and over price junk shop now, rated cold.


Oh my. If this is the 360 gram version I'd take the lot.


I'm with you. It's a strange and crazy world.

Toblerone Milk Chocolate Jumbo Gift Bar 4.5kg £49.99 @ Amazon
-32° Expired
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
4.5kg of deliciousness. Contains Nuts:)

It still is. I got mine yesterday quite a challenge working out the best way to eat it.


It's gone cold, yet novody has said "you can buy 97 smaller bars cheaper and it's the same weight". Interesting PS I got this for Christmas a year or so back, loved it, massive chunks. Although, someone said they changed it recently and its no longer giant triangle pieces inside.


I'm going to eat this in one Go 👄


Thankfully it's warm enough now so you can give it to me for its intended purpose


Bought this for Christmas, it's now used as a draught excluder.