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Toblerone 4.5kg £30 @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 20 h, 25 m agoFound 20 h, 25 m ago
4.5kg Toblerone in-store at Tesco for £30. 66.6p for 100g.
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It's Mondelez so probably around 50p for 4.5Kg


Tried all my local stores and no stock


I like mine out the fridge Any deals on fridges big enough :D


I love Toblerone but I think this would put me off for life. Great price though!


I know there are a few in Tesco lincoln( Wragby Road) unless of course my beautiful children have got me some for Christmas (party)

Toblerone 200g only £1.65 @ Heron
LocalLocalFound 11th DecFound 11th Dec
Large Toblerone 200g only £1.65 @ Heron
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Just picked this up thanks!


Personally I think I would buy these more as they’re only £1 for 180g and everywhere I’ve been has the white chocolate variant (something that is quite rare for normal Toblerone unless I get the 300g for £3 at Asda).




I would drive to Dundee in my bare feet for this deal.


I am a Toblerone lover and I think they are exactly the same texture, yes twin peaks are quiet hard but so are Toblerone!

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180g poundland twin peaks fruit & nut :) (poundlands version of toblerone) launches instore friday 14th december 2018
LocalLocalFound 10th DecFound 10th Dec
180g poundland twin peaks fruit & nut :) launches instore friday 14th december 2018 some stores may put this out earlier however it doesnt officially launch until friday. … Read more
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Already in Poundland Peterborough Bretton on 13th Dec 2018 8) 😋


It is happening again.


Gross for me, heaven for my other half.


Don't believe they got sued (more they came to an agreement.) but Poundland had to change the design.


I thought it was so sad and pathetic seeing people queing early outside stores when these were first sold.Get a life people...

Chocolate/Sweet Pouches  Roses, Quality Street,Dairy Milk Chunks, Galaxy, Sweet Shop, Haribo, Toblerone etc 2 For £5 @ Tesco
Refreshed 10th DecRefreshed 10th Dec
Chocolate/Sweet Pouches Toblerone Piece, Galaxy Minis ,Dairy Milk Chunks, Heroes, Celebrations, Chocolate Orange Sensations, Sweet Shop, Haribo, Toblerone etc 2 For £5 @ Tesco 05… Read more

Was for a few day but this deal started before Morrisons deal, and is now continuing after their Deal has finished. Also a variety of packs in Tesco e.g. Toblerone, Dairy Milk Whole nut etc


It's cheaper at Morrisons, currently £2 a bag at my local store in the centre of Birmingham.


my local too


goldy12 3 h, 53 m ago Just been to Tesco to get mine, my local store were still putting them out, no sign of the offer on the shelves yet, but scanned at 2 for £5. Probably a good thing as they had all varieties ( except Haribo ) available and nobody really buying them as the offer wasn't displayed. Quote Like Permalink Edit Delete


Not Sure what you are actually saying other than they are more expensive at Asda,

Toblerone Ice-Cream 3 x 100ml £2 reduced from £3 Iceland
Found 1st DecFound 1st Dec
These Toblerone Ice-Cream are normally £3 but have been reduced to £2 at Iceland
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Not the bird one eats... Well, not strictly true! (y) If you get me... Kindest regards


A bird? Like a turkey?




I thought it was a girl with a bare arm in a dress and came here to say lol Ive had laser eye surgery (lol)


(lol) no

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Toblerone 360g :  3 bars for £8 2 bars for £6 , all varieties (Original, Dark, Coconut and Fruit and Nut) @WH Smith
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Not online, no url link, I seldom go into WH Smiths, not a place for big packs of sweets. This is not a great deal, but more importantly the "Twin Peaks" at Poundland is rougher, s… Read more

Expired as there is a post for "Tolberone".


No white chocolate or peaks this year?


Good deal, Shame they don’t have the crunchy almond


Thanks , if s/he could spell! I did not see it, and my search did not show it. Let me tell that poster to edit the title as others will not be able to find it since HUKD does not do fuzzy search. What a great missed opportunity for many as others desperate for some Toblerone will not find that offer in a million years using search.


Thanks, if poster could spell Tolberone correctly as Toblerone , then my search would have revealed it. That post does not mention the 2 for £6 offer (which is stated on the "Offer display Card" in smaller print.

Amazon add on. 5x 100g bars of Toblerone £5
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
5x 100g 5 types
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But already posted, that's why i expired


Still available ! :)


been posted


Just found that out.

jonboy32 already posted too.

Dark Toblerone, 2 360g bars for £7 in Waitrose
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Dark Toblerone is rarely seen in the UK.

Good price! I wouldn't think of looking in WH Smiths for dark Toblerone!


Annoyingly, the dark Toblerones are £4.99 at Amazon Pantry!


Tried Poundland twin peaks white chocolate the other day, thought it tasted better than toblerone version.


The large White toblerones were £3 at Amazon pantry Also included in the spend £30 get £10 off deal until 30/11


(lol) (lol) (lol)

Giant 4.5kg Toblerone is back guys at Amazon for £51.99
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
It is a great deal guys! (shock) The cheapest price for this size!
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HOT!, cheapest around for this size.... it’s 75 quid on Cadbury’s website You are not buying it for the chocolate (well not just the chocolate), its the novelty of the giant bar!! Only 24,075 calories per bar too!


Not sure how this deal is freezing, these are normally about £65. Overpriced in the first place but still cheapest price for this none the less. Great deal, heat added.


I usually calculate per gram or unit value when I buy it for regular use or myself but come on.. Nobody would be as happy or surprised to receive 10/20 packs of cheaper or smaller ones instead of this giant chocolate! (party)


a very warm welcome to hukd newbie.thanks for taking the time to share your deal with us today.looks like your first attempt is not going to not let it bother you it happens.just keep on posting fantastic deals.heat added :)


just hit her round the head with it, will be quicker and painless.

Toblerone Bundle Large Bars, 500 g £5.00 @ Amazon​ (Add on Item)
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Toblerone Bundle Large Bars, 500 g £5.00 @ Amazon Nice collection of the different flavours some of which can be difficult to find in the shops. Direct Link:… Read more

Waitrose has them at £5.99 if you are going there so £2 cheaper, would check other shops before ordering if you go into shops that is.


Produced In Swaziland




Ordered a couple . Thanks


The cocount flavour is £3.50 for the 360g (large) bar in Sainsbury.

750g Toblerone - £5 instore @ Morrisons
Refreshed 29th NovRefreshed 29th NovLocalLocal
Morrison's deals for Black Friday Its the larger than normal Toblerone I want.

These are long gone instore


Just been in mine now has the 1litre of southern comfort for £18, wasn't in last time deal was posted


Or you could buy 5 Twin Peaks from Poundland (180*5).


Yep. Bought this. Great value. I live in London and dont have a heron (?) Farm foods etc.


I had the 5l famous grouse and 4.5 litre jim beam last year and 3 litre jack daniels the year before. I was hoping for more.

Toblerone Milk Chocolate 200 g each (Pack of 10 = 2kg ) £20 (or £17 if you max out Subscriptions) @Amazon UK
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
Feeling nostalgic about those narrow gaps between the peaks; the good old days when £1 gets you a 200g bar? 10 bars of 200g each (Amazon Subscriptions gets you another 5% or 15%… Read more

poundland was doing toblerone 130g for £1 now they dont sell them . .now its 100g for £1 ;-( the Twin Peaks Milk Chocolate tastes horrible and is very hard to break ;-(


My bad, i asked the other month in my local poundland and they told me they wont stock toblerone anymore due to their twinpeaks bars, tought it might be national but seems not.


Yes they do - they sell toblerone minis for £2


Poundland dont sell toblerone bars any more


Thanks op (y)

Toblerone Bar 150g  £1 @ B&M
LocalLocalFound 4th NovFound 4th Nov
Not a bad price for a good stocking filler ... Toblerone Milk Chocolate. Swiss Milk Chocolate with honey and almond nougat (10%) Unique triangles of delicious milk chocolate to … Read more
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Our B&M has new 100g Toblerone small bars for £1. Be careful they're out there :(


Standard price for this at b&m, Poundland etc.


I agree with you there, I also feel its not as good as it once was but is to be expected prices have risen and they have to cut cost somewhere either quantity or quality or both, the thing remains that I still feel that at least for me toblerone in its actual form is still better than twin peaks even though its 20% more expensive


Not convinced the original Toblerone is the same as it once was..


had twin peaks not tasty.. plus its too hard to break ;-(

750gram toblerone £5 at Morrison's online
Found 29th OctFound 29th Oct
Available from early November but you can add to the basket . next cheapest is Amazon Pantry £6.25 cadbury direct £9.99 amazon prime is about £13 and varying prices on eBay

Great price.


I'm sorry, I'll try and explain it.... so you can buy just a single 150g bar if you wanted - "spend less" - but the cost per gram is the same - "at the same price point" (i.e. if you don't want to buy 750g of chocolate to get that price, you can buy it in 150g increments.) Hope that helps...


Huh? I really don't understand, "spend less but at the same price point". 5 x 150gr = 750gr. £1 x 5 = £5. So exactly the same amount of chocolate for exactly the same price.


Nah. This hurts my bum.


I bought a 150 g for £1 at b&m so seems quite a few places are doing it. i like the idea of a big one especially as a Christmas gift :)

GIANT 4.5kg Toblerone - £60 instore at Tesco
LocalLocalFound 24th OctFound 24th Oct
On sale at Tesco, cheaper than anywhere else. Makes a good Christmas present as a bit of a joke for the chocolate lovers out there haha! EDIT: Think people have missed the point a… Read more

Or buy 6 x 750g bars for £5 each from Tesco for £30. Deal colder than being stuck up the Matterhorn in your kegs ❄



I did need a new toast holder, and for 60 quid this is a bargain! Who else would have a edible toast holder???


Cold for missing the point of this site. Not only this is not a hot deal, it's not deal at all. And it seems funny only for the op.


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

Toblerone Minis 200g Bag For £1 @ Poundland
Found 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
Better value than most other chocs and probably one of the best. Equivalent in price to the Heroes, Quality Street etc boxes that the supermarkets are doing. I was going to tick al… Read more
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Defo £2 please expire


Why is this so hot? They are £2


Dis gud deel ye?


£2 in stourbridge as well



From 5th October, Twin Peaks 180g Bars Are Back! (Toblerone-alikes) £1 @ Poundland
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
*Update 5th October - White Chocolate variety on the way too, from October 12th, re today's story in The Sun * Is this a Deal? Probably not, so this is more of an FYI. But I a… Read more
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Tastes like a Double Decker, rank.


I’ll pick this up next Wednesday then XD


Not sure about today's story in The Sun suggesting queues and slight hysteria for the now-re-released Twin Peaks (probably just a photographer asking them to ham up for the cameras), but apparently a White Chocolate version IS on the way, in just a week's time (12th)!


White choc and fruit and nut too I hear you say???? (highfive)


It shouldnt be on sale yet. Someones in trouble 🙈🙈

White Chocolate Toblerone 360g  r.t.c @ £1.50   In-store at Tesco Extra, Bidston (and 7 other stores - see comments)
Refreshed 6th SepRefreshed 6th SepLocalLocal
Found in-store at Bidston today, large 360g White Toblerones r.t.c. @ £1.50, down from £3.95 (although on-line they are £4.50). Long b.b. date of 24.7.2019. Two 'outer' boxes of th… Read more

found in Cheshunt. They had about 10 boxes full of them in 2 different areas of the store


Coco butter aka fat


Cocoa butter is used for white chococate, so it does contain Cocoa technically just a different part of the bean


This stuff ain't bad and I'm not normally a fan of white chocolate aka fat with sugar and no Coco


Wishaw Bellhaven had a shelf full last night.

Coconut Toblerone - £2.99 @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 21st AugFound 21st Aug
Coconut Toblerone - £2.99 @ Home Bargains
My favourite Toblerone! Not always easy to get in my experience. Usually costs about £3.99 at Cadbury Outlet Stores and around £5.99 on Stena Line.

Voted this hot as I didn’t even know they made this, and can already tell you I LOVE it!


I've seen all the others but never the coconut one... It'll on my letter to Santa this year :D


Where have you been for the past few years? Its usually released at christmas with the dark chocolate & fruit&nut ones.


Original 150g is £1 in home bargains - in the ‘star buy’ shelves if there is stock left


I would normally agree with you, but on this occasion you're clearly wrong. Two words to you: Bake Off.

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