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Weber 57cm BBQ Charcoal grill £97 @ B&Q (C&C/Instore Only)
Posted 27th JunPosted 27th Jun
Just ran in to this, normally they sell for £around £140-£180 for this 57cm, great time to grab one, ready for the summer. Lowest I have seen it. Had a quick look online and saw… Read more
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Master touch is the 57cm one I've got too, although the older model so less fancy looking than the newer one I presume you have. I used the argument with my other half about fitting the large Master touch or 47cm one in the car for holidays & having less space for luggage, plus would use on days out & cost vs disposables & them littering & the environment etc. Worked for me to get a Joe, so might swing it for you. (y) Joe's I got were the original model without carry handle / lid holder but bought the black carry bag on a discount of a well known auction site & does the job well. I think Argos were clearing stock at the end of season for space for the new model, hence £10 instead of around £55 at the time. Still almost the same in every other aspect. Worth getting one if you look after it & just as good as its big brothers. Hope you enjoy it if you can persuade your other half of the benefits. (y)


You shouldn't have to capture any smoke. The amount of smoke that comes off any bbq is minimal. Unless you are using cheap fuel.


Cracking find @ProjectAbz Heatwave badge with your first ever deal (party)


I’m with you on this £10 for a Smokey i have one on my hit list but can’t see anything much lower that RRP. Also fighting the marital battle of why I need more that my Master Touch...any infallible argument accepted!


This is not the master touch. Not worth buying at any price.

Weber 3 Burner Spirit Premium E-330 Gas Barbecue With Sear Station + Gourmet Barbecue System Grate + Side Burner £599.89 @ Costco
586° Expired
Refreshed 22nd JunRefreshed 22nd Jun
Saw this earlier and thought it was a pretty good deal - yes it’s expensive but cheaper than everywhere else. Let your grilling creativity run free with the Weber Spirit Premium … Read more

Definetly a learning curve. Interestingly, a whole chicken turned out perfectly, while sausages are never that great. I want to buy a pizza stone, but a rectangular one. Anyone got a recommendation?


Still not used mine, put the side panels on the wrong way - came to put the door on and no hole (fierce) all done now and waiting for the weather to brighten up a bit. Love the garden Chemistdude (y)


Took about 2 hours to build Temps get way high! Did sausages to begin with (thought can't go wrong with those). Jerk chicken for the second BBQ: Did some tandoori paneer for the 3rd one. Again just made a recipe up from some amazon review for the tandoori masala powder: Still learning, paneer could have done with a bit more charring I think but it tasted great. Thinking tandoori chicken for the 4th cook.


I'm hoping the hub is something that gets better over time, even if it's rubbish now. Put ours together today. Only tried it out with bacon :)


Did a few rib eye steaks on the sear station lastnight, really delicious, couldn't be more pleased with it. The reviews on the weber connect grilling hub are really poor, but I guess that was a freebie so can't complain.

Weber Premium Gloves, Size L/XL, black, heat resistant - £34.99 at Amazon
-161° Expired
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Premium BBQ glove from Weber, seems a good deal. Look like a leader while protecting your hands. Keeping your hands warm and featuring a silicone palm to better capture your fav… Read more

I didn't think these are even designed to pickup hot coals directly, lol getting sweaty palms even thinking about it


Still, heat added as it's Weber and I love the stuff 8) 🤪


I highly rate a lot of the Weber equipment, but not the gloves. You're better off just buying a cheaper pair. Also note, they are not designed for picking up coals directly, just to stop your hands getting burnt whilst using tools to do that job. If you pick up coals, expect a hole in he glove and a burn along with it.


Just got these, how long have you had them? The website says resistant to 250, the tag says 200


You don't really need these. All you need is a "Mum." As we know - ALL Mum's have ASBESTOS hands. (highfive)

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub, Black - £83.55 @ Amazon
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Been looking at this for some time and the price has been dropping over the past day or so, nearest cheapest I could find was around the 90GBP mark. Reviews look ok and looks like… Read more

Picked up a single probe remote from Aldi some time ago Got one for £4.99. Does the job used in bbq and oven. Better than time for the larger pieces you don't want undercooked and reduces overdone. A cheap remote thermometer gets you a lot of the benefit of monitoring your cooking. For basic cooks. I would recommend something that does not require opening door/lid if that's how you cook. on open grills simple probes will do. Moving up to additional features is certainly worth considering research what you will use. For slow cook/smoke multi probe.


I shouldn’t have looked up what the Meater is. #want


I had the MEATER it lasted about 18 months and then failed. But I liked it so much I bought the MEATER plus, which in my opinion is far better from the connectivity point of view. I bought it on an amazon lightning deal. It’s the best cooking App I have come across


I use the Inkbird IBT-2X two probe on my Weber. £24.99 on Amazon. Fantastic piece of kit for the price.


I have the Meater+ (2 of them) and they are hands down the best kitchen gadgets I have ever bought. I recommend them to anyone who listens :-) the app and predictive cooking times are fab, whether for BBQ'ing or for oven roasts. Love being able to see how quickly the temperature is rising and very useful for ambient temperature monitoring inside the kettle, so you can see if you need to add more briquettes for a long low and slow smoke cook. Only wish the block was out when I bought mine.

Weber 17631 Chimney Starter Set includes, 2kg charcoal, firelighters - £26.99 at Amazon
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Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
A good deal if you are looking for a quality chimney starter for your BBQ. Please note: It shows temporairily out of stock but you can still order

Got a deliver date of 8th June. Not too long a wait. Perfect.


I bought one last year so much easier for lighting. Best accessory you can buy for your bbq! Youll be amazed how easy it makes lighting the charcoal


Have a search on here for what it was last year - might have been 270 even. At that point I’d bite for the sake of £30 and enjoy it all summer! get yourself onto YouTube and look at some of the Weber pitmaster stuff, you’ll be hooked 😁


Thanks for the reply. The Master Touch does indeed look great. I’m tempted to pull the trigger. I know I could save money by waiting until autumn but then I’ll probably only use it’s sparingly as the weather gets colder. Might as well buy now and enjoy it for the summer.* *saying that, the weather forecast for the next week looks pretty poor compared to what we’ve had the past few months.


£40 on that link

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Weber Briquettes 8kg £11.49 + £4.95 del - Go Outdoors
-73° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Great briquettes - perfect for low and slow cooking. Free delivery if spend over £50 online. Also available in-store.

Mine arrived fine. Took 1-2 weeks from what I recall.


Has anyone ordered these and had them delivered without any issues? I've only used them once last year and delivery took a while, so just wondering how they're doing with the current situation? I don't really need 5 bags (that'll last 2-3 years) but Amazon have had no stock for weeks now and alot of other places don't. Weber have them at full price but it's 3 bags minimum and with the delivery charge I might as well get 5 from here.


Again don't know why the cold votes. Voted hot as these are the best price available at present.


Exactly. I always use these so found it a good opportunity to stock up and take advantage of free delivery. Good price, especially at the moment.


I ordered 5 bags of these yesterday, if it adds £5 on to your order for their discount card, click the bit ‘I don’t have my card’ and it gives you a free temp 7 day card and knocks the £5 back off

Weber Lighter Cubes pack of 48, £4.49 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
324° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Fuel the perfect grilling experience with natural lighter cubes Light A couple of the eco-friendly lighter cubes and place a chimney starter with briquettes on top Get the brique… Read more

Great buy only need 1 to get a chimney stsrter going. Heat added


Sprinkle sugar on it and I'll eat it... Ooer missus!


Ye I did think sugar cubes too, our minds think alike, or maybe we have such a sweet tooth, or teeth, that we think we can eat everything hehe


Ordered heat added


Ordered, heat added

Weber Spirit II E-320 GBS Gas Barbecue BBQ £539 delivered at BBQ World
60° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Weber Spirit II 320 for the same price as a 310 Colour - Black GS4 High Performance Grilling System Infinity Ignition 3 burners Flavorizer Bars Grease Management System - automati… Read more

It's an entry level 'proper' outdoor grill. Those £50-£150 things fall apart and are rust buckets. Fine if you want it for a couple of summers of course.


Yes it's entry level but entry level like a California is an entry level Ferrari


This is entry level.


Yep I'd thought about that but currently they are closed. I will contact them as soon as they reopen because they are really good. I might even hear back from Weber although their replies are currently taking a week each time. Seems barmy to me to replace one part that the paint is flaking off and not the parts that are rusting that you have to remove. I've been so disappointed with Webers attitude and dismissive/contradictory customer service.


Where did you buy yours from? If it was a decent official Weber seller, it would be worth contacting them for assistance. About 6 years ago, I bought a Weber thermometer from wowbbq and after less than 2 years it started giving crazy readings. I contacted wowbbq and they arranged a replacement probe from Weber. After a while, I experienced the same issue with the new probe, and wowbbq then arranged a replacement thermometer from Weber (newer model as mine had been discontinued). The new model developed a fault, I can't remember after how long this was, but it would have been months or a year, and wowbbq arranged another replacement thermometer (another different model). The 3rd model was the best Weber thermometer I have used, but it also developed an issue at some point. Again I went back to wowbbq and told them I was going to give up on Weber and try a different manufacturer. I was then sent an igrill mini thermometer and, I can't remember for sure, but think I was also refunded for the original thermometer. I have only used the igrill mini about 5 times, as I don't like the hassle of having to enable GPS on my phone just to use it, and got fed up with it losing connectivity when I went inside my house. But the aftersales service at wowbbq and warranty from Weber were both fantastic over the 3 or 4 years I was experiencing these problems.

Weber's Complete BBQ Book £9.99 + £3.95 delivery at Argos
-218° Expired
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
This is a great BBQ book, filled with tips and recipes to help a BBQ newbie or any with more experience. Argos is £3.95 delivery, or you can click and collect at most Sainsbury's s… Read more
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Have to mark this cold but will keep an eye out for amazon deals as it looks a good select


Soooo cold. Oh the irony. The fat-splattered, carbon-encrusted irony...


It's a great book, doesn't do anyone any harm to learn to BBQ properly. The amount of BBQ parties I have been to and the host is clueless.


Joking apart, it is a good book for Weber aficionados, but price not good. Not voted either way.


The book I didnt get was not provided by Amazon

Weber BBQ Grate Cleaner £9.99 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
69° Expired
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May

Pointless. I don’t think I’ve ever used a cleaner in any of my bbqs or smokers, if anything the grease just burns off and sterilises itself with the heat, also the smoke helps seal the bbq and protect it from rusting.


I find it best just after you finished the BBQ to hose a bit of water on the grill to cool off the coal for next time and give it a wipe with a wiring brush so next time it's easy to wipe down with a cloth and let the new coal to burn the rest of the germs.


I've recently bought the weber grill brush - tis really good - just scrape the worst off at the end of the cook whilst it's still warm and its sorted! Will give it a good clean at the end of the season, and I reckon that'll be sorted.. .dont think this is needed, plus expensive!


+1 not required, scrape off the excess fat/meat with a wire brush. The heat from the bbq will steralise the bejesus our of it.


I discovered recently that paint scrapers are perfect for this too!

Weber Drip Pans 10-Piece, Small £3.99 + £4.49 NP @ Amazon
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Small heavy-gauge aluminium Drip pan Facilitate indirect cooking or make side dishes or desserts May be used in gas and electric grills as removable bowls dripping fat Disposable f… Read more
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My father in law uses these to cook everything on the bbq, defeating the whole object of bbq-ing in the first place. The very sight of these now offends me so I can't possibly vote.


it was fixed ages ago


How did you get camel camel camel to work? I thought the website was closed



How much are these usually?

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub £79 at
108° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
79 gbp including UK delivery cost

Price gone up. Now 99eur + delivery


I came to read the comments so I could figure out what this is... I feel like I've stumbled into a whole world I didn't know about. Interesting stuff!


Its very useful for long 12-16 hour smoking sessions. Normally you have two Probes in the smoker, one for the meat and the other to measure the internal temperature of the smoker to insure it stays within temperature during the long cook.


I’ve not tried this latest Weber one but at least it is WiFi. I’d never buy another Bluetooth only setup, even if it was Bluetooth 5.0, the range will never compare to WiFi. While some might be ok with Bluetooth, if I’m smoking for several hours, I’m going to be out of Bluetooth range for the majority of that time. The inkbird device recommended above only uses Bluetooth 4.0, so while it sounds from experience of those recommending it that it’s got better range then Weber’s Igrills, it’s still going to be fundamentally limited in range especially once walls start to get in the way. this might be fine for many but it’s still worth noting. My ultimate recommendation is the Thermoworks/Thermapen (US/U.K.) Signal. It’s great quality, and like their pens is highly accurate and fast, and the Signal has WiFi for huge wall penetrating range. However it is much more expensive at rrp £180 but like their pens can be found much cheaper at times.


I’ve found the range great. The igrill gave me the same issues. I could have the bbq on the patio right outside the doors, and as soon as I closed the door, signal would go. I now have the bbq down the back of the garden, and can sit in the living rom and still monitor it. I. The background of this picture is the kettle, and the entry to the house to the right. No issues with dropping out

WEBER Mastertouch GBS Charcoal Barbecue Charcoal £229.50 +12% TCB (Today Only) at Blacks
186° Expired
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
WEBER Mastertouch GBS Charcoal Barbecue Charcoal £229.50 +12% TCB (Today Only) at Blacks
£229.50 Free P&P FreeBlacks Deals
There have been a few deals lately for the Weber Original with people saying they were holding out for the Mastertouch (including me). This deal gets you the Mastertouch for just … Read more

There not allowing Unidays 20% discount code unfortunately.


Same, it got delivered so quickly but I had to do the trust pilot review because with the advisors I was just going round in circles. As soon as a manager got involved a refund was issued very quickly.


Yeh I've seen lol Fair play to them, mine came really quick and I got the refund, so can't complain (y)


They are getting hammered on trust pilot and not just for this bbq


They're back in stock, still with the wrong description.....

Weber Spirit II E-310 GBS Gas Barbecue BBQ £485.10 delivered at BBQ World
148° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Weber Spirit II E-310 GBS Gas Barbecue BBQ £485.10 delivered at BBQ World
£485.10£5359%BBQ World Deals
The Weber® Spirit™ II E-310™ GBS™ Gas Barbecue features the GS4™ High Performance grilling system. 3 burner Weber spirit for £485.10 with discount code with 10 Year Warranty Tec… Read more

320 has had a price reduction, looks like same model as this plus a side burner


Mine arrived yesterday ( Thursday 21st May ). Took me about 90 minutes to un package and build it. And I am rubbish at building things. Instructions are very good, and the end result is a superb looking and very sturdy BBQ. Just need gas now. Anyone got a cover for this ? The one on the website was £99 seems a bit expensive for a BBQ cover. Also, regards cooking, do you folks cook direct on the grill, or do you use any sort of cooking sheet to try help keep it clean ?


Mine arrived today less than 48 hours after order, great service


Easiest way to get an empty gas bottle is go to local tip allways loads there, just ask for one, last time i went i got a certain sized one which you could then swap for one of the lightweight bottles .


Just had mine dispatched, no tracking number so hopefully be here for the weekend

Weber® Original Kettle™ 57cm Black Charcoal BBQ (1341504) - £149 @ BBQ World
255° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Weber® Original Kettle™ 57cm Black Charcoal BBQ (1341504) - £149 @ BBQ World
£149 Free P&P FreeBBQ World Deals
Been searching for ages for a BBQ and finally decided on getting this! Best price I could find with others ranging from £178.99 - £200.00. Anyone know any good covers for this?

Can you confirm the model up? Thanks




Yeh but is the popcorn better on gas or charcoal


it's not just diameter. it's much shallower than original. not recommended for long cooks just for basic grilling only

FGEvans now we know why they are cheap - cheap tat according to these amazon reviews

Weber Spirit Classic E0210 Gas BBQ - With GBS GRATES £314.10 @ WowBBQ
816° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Weber Spirit Classic E0210 Gas BBQ - With GBS GRATES £314.10 @ WowBBQ
£314.10£49937%Wowbbq Deals
Been looking around. Not the best price ever. However bbq have increased in price recently. Second set of grates can be sold to make bbq cheaper

Works really well. I found cheapest price was on Amazon


Nice one, will get one on order!



What do you guys use to clean the GBS grates? I haven't purchased yet but just making sure I have all the gear ready!


Looks like mine is faulty , will speak to the supplier

Weber® Q™ 1200 Black with Stand Gas BBQ £249 at BBQ World
-112° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Weber® Q™ 1200 Black with Stand Gas BBQ £249 at BBQ World
£249 Free P&P FreeBBQ World Deals
Fabulous BBQ with stand. Perfect for lockdown! I have one myself, I love it. The Weber® Q1200 with stand is a portable, ready to go barbecue, which is everything you would expec… Read more

Gas? GAS?!? Whilst I'm a charcoal advocate, this is still alright. Heat.


2.5kw burner, it's not a bbq it's a £249 joke!


"Most bbq should be cooked indirectly" absolute rubbish. If you know how to bbq you always cook directly otherwise you are basically roasting. Have you never seen greeks, spanish and italians etc doing a bbq? None of this lid rubbish and always above the charcoal.


I was looking at the Q2200. Do you know if the fitting is the same? I can't tell if with the Q2200 you can use any gas canister or you must use the mini Weber canisters. Edit: Nm worked it out. It recommends Calor Patio cansiters


These are good bbq IMHO. I've got one and use it loads. Issues with it is the little gas tanks cost a fortune to replace, I went over and bought the adapter to buy a big 10 ltr tank, again more outlay. Secondly there is no warming rack or cooler area for indirect cooking as there is only one flame tube. However I think they are worth the money..

Weber bbq briquettes 8kg £14.49 delivered at Amazon Prime / £18.98 Non Prime
648° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Weber bbq briquettes 8kg £14.49 delivered at Amazon Prime / £18.98 Non Prime
Appreciate this isn't the cheapest they have been however, stock is difficult to find on these and most other places are selling at rip off prices of £30. For £14.49 delivered to y… Read more

If smoke can get in then germs can get out!!! Isolate and close those windows.


Bit inconsiderate, we had messages from the local fire brigade asking us not to have fires or BBQs, in case it irritated the lungs of someone who had a persistent cough symptom brought on from coronavirus...


No need to warn, they should know Sun = BBQ and use common sense.


Out of stock :(


They are other brand. Saw them when I went to lidl this morning.

Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill 57cm £135.65 @ WOWBBQ
302° Expired
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill 57cm £135.65 @ WOWBBQ
£135.65Wowbbq Deals
Add Weber Tool Hooks here and Weber Grill Brush here to bring the total over £150, then use code WOWBBQ10, which takes £15.07 off. This BBQ is around this price in many place,… Read more

You get the Gourmet BBQ System (GBS) which is about £100 thrown in, charcoal baskets thrown in etc, but if you just want to cook 99% of things most people in the UK cook on their BBQ the original is just fine.


Could anyone tell me what the main differences between the standard 57cm kettle, the premium and the mastertouch are? Had a look at the adverts but finding it hard to see understand what the key differences are other than the better ash catcher. The master touch is nearly £300 at the moment so would want a lot extra for it for that much Thanks


Amazon warehouse


Where did you but your SS baskets for £10 from?


Fair enough. Didn't know they come in UK markets. The original is a banging price though. Its like anything diminishing returns. The grates are much better, nicer handles and lid holder. They're small quality of life improvements that normally cost more on any product Vs the value of the original. Being able to adjust temps without needing oven gloves, grates you can easily add more coals or have more add ons in future if required, more robust coal grates coal baskets inside, handles you can hang tools off, nice easy to use ash catcher, better wheels, igrill attachment for probes, lid that is easily moved to the side, better air intakes for low and slow cooking. Some of these are on the non clearance model though. None of these are going to really change how your food comes out but they just make cooking less stressful and help out.

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