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Sonic the Fighters. XBox One backwards compatible game. £3.39 @ Xbox Marketplace
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Forget waiting for Street Fighter 6 & Soul Calibur VI... Sonic the Fighters, is a fighting video game developed by Sega AM2 (y) First released in 1996 in arcades on Sega’s Mo… Read more


Ah! I remember playing this as a wee kid way back in the mid 90s at SegaWorld. Good times its just a shame that Sega’s passion for the arcade scene at the time didn’t reflect in their then current consoles at the time. The Saturn never really had its standout signature Sonic game like it did with the Mega Drive and later the Dreamcast.


Cheers, heat, my kid has been playing this this morning, he's loving it, bargain.


It is. This must be the Xbox One X enhanced version in the photo (lol) Seriously easy achievement points, 400 I believe. Pretty much on part with Avatar the Last Airbender, but this I played for Sonic <3


I want that as a poster <3

Kameo Elements Of Power Xbox One / Xbox 360 Game Digital Download - £0.50 @ 365 Games
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Price drop on Kameo Elements Of Power Xbox 360 & Xbox One Game Digital Download - now just 50p, cheapest it's been. Kameo is a magical, epic adventure full of magnificent … Read more
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I was just about to ask that. I own the Mega drive version. Game is bat s**t crazy. I'm convinced it's just a massive ad for chupa chups


One of the first games I got on the 360 and if you don't own it on Rare Replay it's worth 50p of anybody's money. Good little game.


First game I ever had on 360... good memories....


If you watch Microsoft press conferences and presentations on the mixer app they do a thing called mixpot which gives you free games, dlc, skins for minecraft etc. I think it was e3 2017 that gave away rare replay.


I'm not sure if I'll play it, but at 50 pennies, (with 5 of them back as points), this is a cracking deal. Heat

The Art Of Titanfall (Hardcover) £4.99  reduced from £29.99 - (£10.49 delivered) @ Forbidden Planet online / instore
Found 5th OctFound 5th Oct
Deal online and in-store. The Art of Titanfall will take readers on an in-depth, no-holds barred look at Respawn Entertainment’s hugely anticipated multiplayer shooter, featuring … Read more

No worries. Just a note for anyone interested.


Bought mine in store today so didn’t realise


You may want to add it's £5.50 postage charge to listing mate.

Gears of War Xbox 360/Xbox One £1.89 with FB code @ CD KEYS
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Great price for digital and the best GOW imho :{ Gears of War thrusts you into a deep and harrowing story of humankind's epic battle for survival against the Locust Horde, a nigh… Read more
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Follow this:


What is the fb code please?


This is a great price, but just knowing that a remastered version exists puts me off picking this up, no matter how cheap


£20 sent via PayPal for anyone that can beat me on gow 3 versus!


I bought this game when come out still have the same disc, still play online which is still pretty active! I’ve played all of them the original seems the most fluid gun play compared to the others they tinkered with but something never felt 100% with the sequels gunplay... god only knows how many hours I’ve put into this game! (y)

Kameo Elements Of Power Xbox One / Xbox 360 Game Digital Download - £1.47 @ 365 Games
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Kameo Elements Of Power Xbox 360 & Xbox One Game Digital Download back on offer - marginally cheaper than before Kameo is a magical, epic adventure full of magnificent e… Read more

Still perfectly playable although a little clunky controls occasionally. Amazingly the graphics still hold up ok


Also first ever game I bought on the 360, I don't know if I ever completed it...


One of the first games I bought for my 360, along with PGR 3, Perfect Dark Zero and GRAW. Was a fun little game. A shame Rare have fallen so far since being bought by Microsoft. Sea of Thieves was awful.


12 years in my backlog. Still looks fun though, heated (y)


I hear you this was the first game that really blew my mind graphically at the time how bright it was and the game mechanics was actually a really fun game to play aswell I loved the plant charecter

XBOX Gears Of War: Judgement - Kilo Squad: Survivor's Log (Hardcover) £24.99 reduced to 99p @ Forbidden Planet (Instore or + £5.50 P&P)
LocalLocalFound 18th JulFound 18th Jul
£24.99 reduced to 99p (highfive) (cheeky) Written as a collection of notes in Damon Baird’s journal, The Survivor’s Log expands on declassified testimony and other facets of the … Read more
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Kingdom Come Deliverance £27 on Xbox One and PS4 at Tesco instore
LocalLocalFound 1st JulFound 1st Jul
The Xbox One and PS4 versions are both now £27 in store at Tesco
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Anyone comment on the frame rate on this on a regular PS4?


It doesn't make sense that they are clearing out all direct reserved stock? Ok.


Got this and the hyperx headset at the batley store, wanted it at launch but it seemed to have lots of bugs.


Amazing game. Got me hooked like Skyrim and fallout


Just started playing the game and I love it no chasing dragons just realistic for the time

All Xbox 360 games & PS3 games £1 instore @ cash converters
LocalLocalFound 29th JunFound 29th Jun
All Xbox 360 games and PS3 games £1 each in cash converters also the DVDs were 10p cds 30p and books 10p-30p This was in Longton stoke on Trent not sure if store specific - I did… Read more

Well worth looking for all the backward compatible ones


I went to two liverpool stores today. Both selling all games at their normal price. No special clearance offers at all for any console.


Looks like it’s store specific. Local store has usual prices. They are probably clearing their 360 stovk




I'll have to sell them at least 500 games just to get my fix. Cash converters - we turn your TV into crack cocaine (since 1990)

Kameo Elements Of Power Xbox One  / Xbox 360 Game Digital Download - £1.49 @ 365 Games
Refreshed 21st JunRefreshed 21st Jun
Via download, also a whopping 8p in player points if that's your thing :) Kameo is a magical, epic adventure full of magnificent exploration and intense combat. The future of the… Read more
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Xbox One X doesn't upscale without a patch what it does do is run at a higher frame rate with a higher level of anisotropic filtering. With a patch it increases the native resolution to nine times higher the original and sometimes has other tweaks like increased draw distance. So if the original game was full 720p it will be a full native 4K on X1X if the game is patched. As it increases the native resolution it is effectively a free remaster.


Yeah, it's £6 from CEX


It's probably worth getting rare replay rather than buying this individually, rare replay includes it, and comes with another 20+ games from their back catalogue. Not sure how much it can be grabbed for nowadays, but I think it was 15 new on release a couple of years ago


I hated this for some reason


True that. I myself am not sure how pronounced the perofrmance gains are over the PS4 Pro boost mode (which I'm mainly comparing it to) although I'm sure its by default a lot better. Still I'm more interested in proper full on patches that really give the base games a significant overhaul

5 for 3 on selected games, movies and music albums - ie Legends of Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey, Donky Kong, Splatoon 2 for £133.80 @
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
Update - Just saw it also includes some music albums and movie titles. Check the link below to see all items included.… Read more

Offer seems to have expired. It's funny though how on of the games I ordered (Lost Sphear) is being shipped from Bedfordshire rather than Germany. Funnier is that the other 4 games are coming from Spain.


Is this dead now? There seems to be no switch games in the deal summary, and adding them to cart and going through checkout gives me the full price...


Received my copies today Thanks op


So slow to post, 3 shipped yesterday and 2 still waiting to post, still says arriving Monday


Not working anymore sad times. :(

Gears of War 2 (Pre-owned) Xbox 360/One (Xbox One X Enhanced & All DLC Maps free @ Xbox Store) In-Store 50p/£2 Delivered @ Cex
Found 29th AprFound 29th Apr
Quality game and even better now it’s been enhanced for the x! All Fronts Collection DLC Link Credit to @UUK (y)… Read more

My favourite gears. Spent hundreds of hours on this getting to level 100. Pity the online is dead these days.


Used to be my absolute favourite game on xbox (gow2). So satisfying using sniper on horde mode. Used to love getting one of those Maulers in the head and there just stood there headless but their grenade still swings for a few seconds.


I remember buying this game, many moons about for about £2. Only bought it after reading all of the rave reviews, thought it was tosh personally but I've always been more inclined to play FPS games on the PC. Good price, if it's your sort of thing.


Was just about to pop down to CEX when I realised I already had this.....must have been a games with gold freebie! :D Thanks for letting me know its now X enhanced and the free DLC.


God damn wretches.

1 Month Xbox Game Pass (New subscribers / renewals?) - £1.00 - Microsoft Store (21p Microsoft Poland)
Refreshed 26th AprRefreshed 26th Apr
Great time to jump on, deal lasts for 14 days so maybe hold off if you want State of Decay 2 on the cheap? I'm led to believe with the MS PL you can log in with your UK account, a… Read more
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What's this trick? As in how do you get the £5?


The offer isn't showing for me but my game pass doesn't run out till tomorrow, hope it gives me the offer. Great deal!


I am also lapsed and seeing the offer for £1 (the 11 remaining days suggests it will end Weds 9th May).


My Game Pass ran out a few days ago & I managed to get this deal yesterday, so it is allowing some lapsed subscribers.


Doesn't work for renewal have just checked. A rolling plan IS renewal. A lapsed sub is a different story.

Xbox Games With Gold May (Phantom Pain / Super Mega Baseball / Vanquish / Streets of Rage)
Refreshed 30th AprRefreshed 30th Apr
Xbox one: Super Mega Baseball 2 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 360: Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage Vanquish

I can't see what's so hard to comprehend with my comment? It was in relation to xbox owners not wanting to engage with PS4 owners as they clearly have little to argue against in terms of the PS4 having the better choice of games and now try to take the high ground unlike when it was the 360 and the PS3 when it was a little closer but I'm guessing you already knew this and this was just an in to argue your case?


good to see it confirmed by Major Nelson Sadly after so many months of bogus "leaked" lists I wait until it gets posted there and only there and don't get my hopes up that anything posted earlier is true.




For those who like to have physical copies and those that might miss out on GWG :{



Xbox Game Pass 1 Month / 30 Days Trial Code Xbox One £1.99 / £1.49 w/code @ 365 Games
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
Yet to try Xbox Game pass? If you haven't activated a sub or used a trial before, then this is the cheapest price for entire month of gaming goodness. Use code PASS25 This ve… Read more

360 is Still £45 in CEX! Crazy but they never produced many at release.


Is Fifa 18 on this or ea yet


Nope, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass are 2 seperate services. You'll only need Xbox Live Gold if you wanna play any of the games online.


Thanks for the info


I think so but you get free trials for both included with the Xbox one X anyway (both also have the auto renew feature to get an extra month just remember to cancel them before getting charged) , (y)

Robocraft Infinity now free with Xbox game pass!
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Build, drive, fight! Create fully customisable robots block-by-block that can drive, hover, walk and fly in the multiplayer combat game, Robocraft Infinity. Equip weapons from the … Read more
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Do it lad.. you'll get some heat from me ;)


I notice there are lots of new TV shows and films on Netflix as well. Maybe I should post some in Freebies (cheeky)


Has been since the 1st of the month, a thread was previously made with games releasing on Game Pass, so this should be deleted.


As has been noted - this isn't's £7.99 a month for a games pass! COLD


This started off well on PC (F2P), but they didn't seem like they knew what they wanted to do with the game modes and it just got worse and worse.

Troll and I ps4/xbox @game - £4.99
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
PS4 OOS Deep in the Nordic wilderness, a teenage boy named Otto is forced to flee his home after a band of brutal hunters rip through his village in search of a mythical … Read more

It’s not worth 5p. Absolutely terrible. Spend your fiver on something decent like a maccies or a pint.


Played this game at EGX 2016 before it was released was a really cool game id say it's worth a fiver


Voted hot for the price (y) 🏻


Having played 4hrs of this I feel like I've playtested it more than the devs did. Also I bet the troll is his dad!


A turd for a reduced price is still a turd.

Xbox game bundle £184.36 @ includes assassins creed origins,monster hunter,sea of thieves,kingdom come deliverance and UFC 3
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Games are Assassins creed origins Monster hunter world Sea of thieves Kingdom come Deliverance UFC 3 Very good starter kit or game collection. Did this by using the 5 games for … Read more
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Thanks bud, always get them messed up! Thank God the internet peeps keep me right


Or even could HAVE picked it up


I'm almost 100% positive that CEX won't accept it, but I don't think it should be problem to sell it on gumtree or eBay.


But the price of those 3 costs more than the price of the 5 games individually from the UK :/


Actually yeah, I don't think it will work out personally. Burnout Revenge was the only one I was definitely interested in, and I was thinking of getting a few copies of it to make back some money and maybe get a couple of other games I was kinda interested in. You can only get one copy per order though, still not a bad offer if you actually want 5 games on the list. Yes they can be found cheaper individually elsewhere, but 5 for the price of 3 is still very good.

Seagate 8tb external Xbox game hub drive £169.75 - Amazon
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
It’s back down again ;) Seagate 8tb game drive with two USB port hub. Branded as for Xbox one however can be used with PC and Mac (don’t think these work with PS4 as they don’t … Read more
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This is £169.99 now, needs expiring.


If I remembered well, a few people on another Thread on here one time (last Month I believe it was?) mentioned something along the lines of "The hard drives in these gaming hard drive hub things are better than the normal hard drives in similar/same hard drive enclosures, on account of the read/write movement, etc". It was to do with the fact that such hard drives like these are more built/designed for constant/continuous movement, than that of normal external hard drives (normal hard drives of which only move sometimes when used, etc?, whereas hard drives like the one in the OP's Deal move all the time/never stop moving ... ) Is that true?. And/or are such gaming hard drives like these actually better overall?, or ... So as such will have more retention/retentive life and longativity about them in the long run? (eg. for many more Year's to come, etc, as opposed to possibly a shorter lifespan in that of the normal/average hard drives instead, etc etc etc?). Thanx.


I thought all ST8000DM004's were SMR? My Xbox Game Drive reports as having an ST8000DM004, and I've always just assumed that meant I have landed an SMR drive.. PS C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\smartmontools-6.6-1.win32-setup\bin64> .\smartctl --all /dev/sdc -d sat smartctl 6.6 2017-11-05 r4594 [x86_64-w64-mingw32-2016-b16299] (sf-6.6-1) Copyright (C) 2002-17, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke, === START OF INFORMATION SECTION === Device Model: ST8000DM004-2CX188 LU WWN Device Id: 5 000c50 0a519c142 Firmware Version: 0001 User Capacity: 8,001,563,222,016 bytes [8.00 TB] Sector Sizes: 512 bytes logical, 4096 bytes physical Rotation Rate: 5425 rpm Device is: Not in smartctl database [for details use: -P showall] ATA Version is: ACS-3 T13/2161-D revision 5 SATA Version is: SATA 3.1, 6.0 Gb/s (current: 3.0 Gb/s) Local Time is: Wed Mar 21 14:22:28 2018 GMTST SMART support is: Available - device has SMART capability. SMART support is: Enabled


The st8000dm005 isn't showing under current pro drives on seagate's site and the 004 is (also 7200rpm and showing up as a newer model on Amazon. The 005 is also showing eol on Scan.)


I’ve not witnessed any sticker shenanigans on drives with Seagate before; that’s quite interesting and definitely one to watch out for as WD are known for the same thing with the purples. When I get my next pair I’ll definitely take a look! I tend to go by what the hardware controller reports once it’s shucked. In all honestly for my use case (4K video archival & retrieval, hi-Rez audio mastering and large file photoshop) the compute drive performs just as quickly as the pros and outpaces an ironwolf in the same server.

1 Month Xbox Game Pass (New accounts only) £1.32 (With Facebook like / Apple Pay) £1.39 (Without discount) @ CDKeys
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Very good price for this. You’ll always have something new to play with Xbox Game Pass. For one low monthly price, you get unlimited access to over one hundred Xbox games on Xbox … Read more
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£2.99 now


Yeah, all the naff games nobody actually wants to play let alone buy.


Just keep making new xbox accounts and then get unlimited 14 day trials😚


I now get to rent SoT and Recore on PC due to this at the cost of £1.39. Thanks Microsoft I really like this gamepass. Then again I can't see myself paying £8 a month for it.


So I think we have 4 accounts on the Xbox. If I add this code to my main account - once downloaded can my son access the games on his account on the same Xbox ? If so then I can add a code to the accounts in turn after 1 (or 2 maths turning auto renew on then off) ? If so then that results in up to 8 months game pass for £5.28 (less than the cost of one month) !

Xbox Game Pass one month trial - £1.78 @ mmoga
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Only available if you haven't yet activated Game Pass on your account before. Xbox Game Pass is currently available in the following markets. More to come soon!Argentina, Austral… Read more
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Not unheard of from digital sellers. Had similar from the Simply Games digital site, remember people saying about this with ID when MMOGA were selling PS+ for £31.33... mine went through straight away and others had this ID request. Can understand them safeguarding themselves every so often for dearer items but a one month Game Pass Code seems overkill. I see you are sorted now


I asked to cancel and they said no need for verification then if I wanted to keep the order. I got the code now.


Oh.... 😶


May as well get it mate its out in like 4 days, I'm going for the CD keys a gentleman posted a link too. That 4 days will give me time to mess about and figure out how it works lol and I'll download some games too (y)


I'm another one of these millions! For the same reasons you just said only I'm waiting for more than just SoT (very tempting to use it now for that but I won't). The others I'm waiting on are State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3. lol. Too many games to play so I'm no rush.

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