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Predator 3-movie collection in 4K for £34.99 @HMV
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Finally 4K versions of the 3 Predator movies and from reviews the first one is very surprising and gives off so much detail and does justice to the 35mm print.
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Good price, I was looking at the set the other week and found these which I found quite useful. For me personally it's not worth the upgrade, plus it also annoys me that they include a Blu-Ray copy with every 4K film, it might just be me but why would you want a copy on Blu-Ray when you've got the 4K plus you already probbaly own the Blu-Ray version if you are a die hard fan. Why don't they just sack off the Blu-Ray copy and just make the 4K disc cheaper, sure more people would buy them - is it just me?


When ‘Predators’ was shot at a maximum resolution of 1080 there isn’t much they can do apart from upscale. But the HDR/WCG are still worthy of a 4K disc purchase for me.


Who could forget the classic lines: Get to de plane boss de plane. If it wees, we can kill it.


Voted hot as good for three uhd disks. However I noticed the blu ray trilogy is 7.99 at Amazon and HMV. For anyone not bothered about ultimate PQ.


My memory is a bit foggy. I am thinking that I dont want to watch the sequels as they were pants. Am I wrong?

Predator Trilogy [Blu-ray] [2018] (4K) £31.49 @theentertainmentstore On Ebay Using Code!
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
New 4K version on blu ray!

Soem people don't realise using the word underrated, is opposite to what they mean. Overrated is the word you're looking for.


Two is awesome, just the whole war zone shoot out bit where Danny's character rams the car in to save those cops. Ending is great when the predators show him respect and give him a gun.


It's done full 80s mode with robocop tracking down the predator in a full shoot out that wipes out 5 city blocks. 1st ago was pretty good but the bishop thing was a little weird.


Blasphemous words against the awesome Danny Glover (devil)


Predators was not bad but a long way behind 1&2 - 2 is so underrated it's a joke

Predator Trilogy Blu ray £7 Tesco - Stroud Green Rd in store
LocalLocalFound 30th JulFound 30th Jul
Tescos, stroud Green road North London saw 5 or 6 copies left on the shelf after I picked one up. Good chance it's store specific I know you can probably get it cheaper onlin… Read more

Lol Fair enough, Hotdeals must have auto added them tags when I updated the info last night and I just didnt notice. XD


I Is it because physical media is dying in an increasingly digital entertainment marketplace?


Downvoted as tagged gaming laptop &... isn't.


Ah yeah - I think you're right. Just looked new and funky to my old eyes. Thanks!


Theres a reason this is cheap...just saying...

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Acer Z35 Predator 35" Curved 2560x1080 G-Sync Monitor £599.98 @ Scan
Found 24th JulFound 24th Jul
I'd prefer a 1440p screen myself, but this £150 cheaper than I've seen it anywhere else.
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Really, why?


I thought scan was banned here :/


I would choose the LG 34 inch 1080p IPS panels over this honestly. They're not the best IPS panels, but they're better than the black crush that notoriously comes with this particular VA panel. The LG 34UC79G is often under £400 too, and while only Freesync, at 1080p they're easier to push with lower end cards anyway. The 34UC89G is the gsync panel which is typically around this price, and the decidedly better vote IMO.


nice one!

Acer Predator XB271HUA 27" QHD LED 165Hz Monitor £441.81 @ CCL
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
Finally dropped under the £450 mark again! (excited) Includes free delivery. Experience a whole new smooth. NVIDIA G-SYNC eliminates screen tearing and minimizes stuttering for … Read more
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£429.99 now, the price for these monitors seems to be falling constantly recently. Possibly due to better specs coming out (ie HDR, 4k-high refresh rate etc) driving the demand down for these despite still being awesome? This very model was £329.99 on prime day. I understand that's been and went and I wish I had pulled the trigger then but wasn't sure on if I wanted an ultrawide or this, so ended up indecisive! I may hold back until these fall in the £300+ mark which I predict may happen in the remainder of this year, seeing as how I'm kicking myself for missing the prime day opportunity. Like I said I've noticed a significant drop in price since before the prime day deal and I can only assume it went that low for a reason, eventually the model will be discounted that low again, just a matter of time. Heat for the mean time, however if you can hold back I feel it will drop even lower, very soon.


I got the same monitor, but 24" for 300£, I wouldnt consider this a deal.


No. They aren't that bright though, I've got this monitor and I don't notice the red legs. If that's what stopping you getting the best 2k monitor... I would reconsider!


£441 for a monitor and getting voted hot when it has been over £100 cheaper previously? Nah mate.


Not bad but I'm holding out for a decent price on a 1440p monitor with HDR whenever they are out!

Acer 27 inch Predator Wide ZeroFrame WQHD LED Gaming Monitor - Black/Red(TN Film Technology)  £329.99 @ Amazon (Prime Day Deal)
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Main specs: TN panel, Gsync, 2K and 165Hz Seems like a good price for this model. You can get the IPS one for about £100 more but personally I don't think it's worth it especially… Read more

You can do your own colour correction along with downloading a specialised colour profile specifically for the model and tweak from there. That's what i did and it made it look much much better. It is a TN panel though so blacks are pretty shit


I own this monitor. It's very rarely cheaper than £450. This deal is fookin scorchio folks


I bit! Cheers this looks to be just what I've been looking for. Had to sign up for prime again though but think it was worth it for this price.


THIS IS HAWWWWWWWT. Should be several hundred degrees of hotness


Ummed and ahhed for ages over this or the IPS version and have gone for this thanks to amount of people having issues with bad IPS glow and BLB on the IPS model. Knowing my luck I'll get a crap TN panel now :/ I've used 60hz IPS monitors for the past 10 years, hopefully going back to TN won't be a mistake...

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Acer Predator XB271HU WQHD IPS G-Sync monitor £439.99 Prime day deal - Amazon
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Great Prime deal Cheapest this has been in a while if you're looking for a G-Sync monitor!

@alexwise yeah I got it on Thursdays it's mint condition


Hi, have you received your monitor? How was the condition?


Got mine today, think i won the panel lottery. Zero dead pixels, no dust under the screen and backlight bleed only a tiny bit visible on the lower right.


I have the TN version of this and love it. IPS should only be better!


The xb271hu's are known to have a white balance with a tad too much green resulting in a yellowish cast. If yours is slightly yellow, easy fix, open the monitors menu, click on Color, Color Temp - User, Click on "User" which will open up the white balance settings and drop the green value a little. I used a colorimeter on mine and ended up with R100-G95-B100. Without a colorimeter I would grab a piece of white paper and use that for reference.

Aliens vs. Predator - Collection for £1.59 @, saving you £14.40 (90%)
Found 15th JulFound 15th Jul
This game should be £15.99 so you are saving £14.40 (90%) YOUR OFFICIAL ALIENS VS. PREDATOR – COLLECTION STEAM KEY GIVES YOU: ALIENS VS PREDATOR BUGHUNT MAP PACK: The Bughun… Read more
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Brilliant game. I tried playing the original AVP2 over the weekend. Really hasn't stood up to the test of time, but was worth the 10 minutes I played.


It is


This was the older one, i think 2010. I have it still installed and it is such a great game, multiplayer still some games to be had and infestation mode is a great laugh!


Do not confuse this with the terrible Colonial Marines. This is a good game, none of the campaign missions are particularly long, but the 3 together make for a decent enough SP experience. The graphics are decent, and the environments are really nice. And it's always fun being the predator or alien! When will Weyland-Yutani learn


Its cheap, im in :)

Acer Predator 29.5" 144Hz (200Hz OC'd) 4ms Curved G-Sync Monitor Z301C VA Panel - £504.48 Delivered @ Scan
Found 14th JulFound 14th Jul
Okay let me just get this in first- yes its 30" and only 1080p. But its still a good deal for a curved ultra wide with G-sync, and this refresh rate! And VA Panel which I beleive i… Read more

I know I'm so gutted. You understand as someone who clearly lives for Hot Uk Deals. HAHA!


Almost messed myself I thought it iwas 1440p


Its COLD not HOT


Its VA not TN!


It'd be ok except they've cut that chunk off the corner , spoils it a bit imo.

Adidas Predator 18.1 Artificial Grass Boots £60 / £64.99 delivered @ Sports direct
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
An amazing deal on these Adidas Predator 18.1 AG football boots. RRP is £199.99, currently selling for £99.99 in the sale with Adidas direct but Sports Direct selling for an amazin… Read more

Starting to feel this way myself. Play 180mins a week and my back is starting to ache. I'm sure it's related due to the hard impacts.


They are now £50.


It depends on how hard the pitch is and how long you have played for. I personally have developed problems with my heels from playing too much on harder AG with FG boots.


Great price, saw these at this price last week and have been back and forth about whether to buy as my dedicated 3G Choo_Choo said if these were the black colour-way I wouldn’t hesitate (blackout better again). Won’t get anywhere near this price anywhere else! I too find FG studs too long on my Tiempo and Adi-Pure FG’s, feet ache and increased chance of ankle roll, altho myself and teammates use them week in week out without trouble. Defo a place for these in the kitbag, but do I want white boots 🙈


I find FG boots studs to be too long for 3G causes the soles of my feet to ache after a bit. Equally know plenty of people who wear FG boots on 3G.

Acer Predator X34P 34" UW-QHD Monitor £699.99 Ebuyer
Found 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
34 Curved 21:9 UltraWide QHD (3440x1440) NVIDIA G-SYNC keeps gameplay smooth Overclock to 120Hz* refresh rate Custom game profiles with Predator GameView Curvature: 1900R
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You trolling right? do you not follow pro cs? and understand basic resolution? your trolling, very funny lol. im being batied, but im on a 21:9 monitor so you must laugh at 16:9 players who dont have 21:9 correct


I laugh at 4:3 players, they get killed by people that they'd see with 16:9.


It is 49" diagonal, but 32:9 ratio, so 1080 on the vertical is not terrible, but I would still prefer 1440 myself. Yes, the AW3418DW and the X34P both use the same panel, which is a LG LM340UW4 panel. There a several comments about a new model coming out, but I don't think so. Other than the LG 950G, with the newer LM340UW5 panel, I don't know about any new 34" UW monitors expected soon. I don't expect the X34P to get superceded in 2018. Don't get confused by the new 144Hz 4k monitors, which cost over £2k, and are not direct replacements for these 34" UW monitors.


Does it have freeview?


I'd never pay this for a tv

Aliens vs. Predator 99p @ Steam
Found 25th JunFound 25th Jun
Average Steam review score: 87% (6354 reviews) You can also buy the collection (game + 2 DLC) for £1.59
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No, it's the 2010 game (going by the image and the fact that it links to the 2010 game). There was Aliens vs Predator for the PC in 1999, made by Rebellion, and then Aliens vs Predator 2 in 2001, made by Monolith. Rebellion came back to make this reboot for PC and consoles in 2010. The original is also on Steam but AvP2 isn't (probably some complicated licensing issue). Yes, it's the original that's always discounted to 99p. I've got it on my wishlist but never bought it because I doubt I'll actually play it but I get a notification about it every sale. Checking price history, I think the lowest it's ever been on Steam is £2.49, although it has been £1.99 on GMG and only 83p on Nuuvem (although that might have been region locked).


I'm guessing this is the early 00s version????


Thanks for this, gonna have to purchase


My bad then. I think I got confused with the older version. Heat


AFAIK, this game has never been this cheap (always discounted to 1.99). It has been cheaper once though, but that was 4 years ago on a site that used to sell games at the price rate of South America.

Acer Predator XB271HU 27 inch Wide screen Monitor WQHD, ZeroFrame, G-Sync, 165Hz(OC), IPS £485 Amazon
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
I am aware that this monitor has been as low as £450 delivered a few weeks ago but this is still a decent price.
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Lol miles worse due to the curve I have a PG348Q and love it but you shouldn’t get the bleed you do for a £900 Monitor !


It's worse?


Move over to a IPS Ultrawide then you can moan about backlight bleed lol.


I had this Monitor and was the dogs nuts lol, but got the urge for ultrawide so sold it to a mate for £550 last year and got a PG348Q, But in all honestly this one is still better than my new one lol. Ooo and to add Acer has a top notch RMA Service. I had a Thunderfly get stuck in the screen and they covered it so got a new panel put in !


Have some heat..paid 528...earlier in the month and gotta admit the back light bleed is a pain.. but this HotUKDeals and not a review....this is hot hot hot

Reburbished Acer Predator Core i7 16GB RAM 128GB SSD 17.3" Laptop GeForce GTX 1070 In Black £1199 with code littlewoods-clearance / Ebay
Found 19th JunFound 19th Jun
Not for me as I have a desktop gaming rig but someone might really benefit from this gaming laptop with a 1070 card. Using the voucher code you should be able to get a maximum of £… Read more

That would be a Terabyte. Lowercase b = bit.


Completely agreed! I didn't even notice that it was a refurb. I hold my hands up, bad deal


Would be 'ok' if brand new, but a refurb for £1200 with those specs is not great tbh.


The 6700 is perfectly fine for gaming and will be for a while yet. The SSD is a bit measly for the price though.


A 1 TB HHD is standard in pretty much every gaming laptop.

Predator trilogy 4K set - £34.99 @ HMV
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
Contains predator, predator 2 and predators good price for 3 4K films No artwork on HMV yet money taken on dispatch (unless paid by PayPal
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Awful blu ray transfers. Not all 35mm works for HQ conversion


They are pre-orders, won’t be out until August.


What won’t work? the first two films were shot on 35mm film so a proper 4K remaster is entirely possible


There is a new 4K remaster of Predator available on AppleTV and it looks fantastic so the UHD should use that.


Stick Around !!

Great Looking Predator 4K Ultra HD Steelbook Available For Preorder £24.99 + free delivery @ Zavvi
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Predator BD: Predators: Sneak Peek Predator: Evolution Of A Species: Hunters Of Extreme Perfection Commentary By Director John Mctiernan Text Commentary By Film Historian Eri… Read more
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Yep....I believe that dependant on the quality of the negative (as it can vary a lot) that 35 mm can actually support up to 8k with the original Ben Hur being a specific example. Analogue is the future!


The Blu-ray with it will be. As for the 4K - we have to wait and see


Actually looking at the Special Features list having a sneak peek of 2010's Predators (and not The Predator) I'm going to guess this is the Ultimate Hunter Edition again. So get ready for the waxiest 80's badasses


That site is a joke - anyone in the know knows that.


£10 more and a far less interesting case in exchange for 2 extra films which, let's be honest, suck compared to the original. How many people can there really be clamouring to watch Predator 2 in 4k?

34" 120Hz G-SYNC 3440x1440 IPS - Acer Predator X34P UW-QHD Monitor 21:9 £599.99 @ Ebuyer
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
This is probably the cheapest I have seen for this panel. Great price if you are looking for one. 34 Curved 21:9 UltraWide QHD (3440x1440) NVIDIA G-SYNC keeps gameplay smooth… Read more

Only thing putting me off buying one other than the price of course is their new offerings but god knows when they'll be out... Pretty sure nvidia has stated recently not to expect them any time soon...


Got mine paired with a Ti and it's a fantastic combo 8)


I got mine last week, absolutely love it. Just make sure you have a GPU strong enough to drive it in today's games ! I have a 1070 and it's got me thinking about upgrading to a 1080ti lol


You've just got yourself one hell of a bargain there.


Mine has just been dispatched :)

Acer Predator X34P 34-Inch WQHD Curved 1900R Gaming Monitor £799.98 @ Amazon
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Seems like a great price for this monitor, cheapest its ever been on amazon according to camelcamelcamel :… Read more
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Thanks, been told it's not a blown pixel - looks like screen damage given the size of the bad area. Really frustrating.


You will probably get the monitor he is returning. They'll send it straight from his house. ;)


Damn sorry to hear that hopefully you can get it sorted out Amazon are usually great when it comes to returns etc... Mines is due tomorrow fingers crossed its fine and that I actually like it :)


I would recommend complaining to Amazon CS. You may get a gift card credit.


It arrived this morning and was clearly not new (manufacturer tape cut, parts not packaged correctly, finger prints all over the screen). Had a blown pixel and was likely returned by another customer. Currently waiting on an ETA for a new unit - told I may have to wait two days for their process to go through. Total cluster****.

Acer Predator GN246HL 24" LED Gaming 144Hz 1m Monitor £139.98 delivered @ eBuyer
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Lowest ever price too 1920 x 1080 Full HD 144hz / 1ms Response VGA, DVI + HDMI Wall Mountable Tilt Angle -5/+15
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It's a bargain for 144hz. Heat.


Shame no IPS but cant complain at this price and no speakers. No that it’d sound good but its a good feature to have


The best you can get at this price. I got this monitor for £160 and it was well worth it. You can clearly see the difference between 60hz and 144hz just make sure to take advantage of the extra hz that your machine can pushout over 90 fps comfortably. 144hz also only works over DVI-D ports.


Incredible price. Bought


Is this any good for gaming?

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