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Acer Predator XB321HK - 32" / IPS / UHD  / G-Sync / 4ms  £527.49 @ Box + Free NDD w/code
Found 13 h, 34 m agoFound 13 h, 34 m ago
Total beast and I THINK this is the cheapest this model has been. If I had the GPU power right now, I'd be super temped. It has an IPS panel capable of a 60Hz Refresh rate w/ G-Syn… Read more
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I'm hanging fire till monitors with hdmi 1.4 arrive which is where the current bottleneck is that's stopping 4k monitors from going above 60hz. My gtx 1080 will not hit above 60hz too often at 4k but a monitor like this is a 10 year investment that should easily outlive your current card. Heat for the deal as its as good as you'll get right now.


I have the XB271HU and can confirm it's absolutely beautiful, especially with high FPS.


I've got the 27 inch version of this as well as two of its 1440p cousin the XB271HU IPS, if you're happy to size down a little I'd honestly recommend the 1440p version, it's superior in every way - 144Hz, easier to drive, overclockable. These 4K Predators have an issue where half of the panel will spasm out every half an hour or so. The panel consists of two halves, so they fall out of sync every now and again. It's present on both the 27 and 32 inch models:


In a different category than this but might interest some:


Nope, it was futile. I'm sure this site costs me more than it saves (skeptical)

Acer Predator XB271 27" 1440p 165Hz Gsync TN monitor 10% Discount at Checkout £476.99 (£424.52 with cashback) @ Acer UK
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Decent gaming monitor, cheapest it's been from a reputable seller from what I can tell. 10% discount at checkout (No Code required) and make sure to get 11% cashback from Quidco to… Read more
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Expired ;(


I completely agree with you. Just wanted to point out. Anyway the lower the better:p


Unless you play competitive FPS seriously (CS Go for example) it's not something that matters and unlikely something you will actually be able to physically notice anyway. Also keep in mind they only advertise grey-to-grey times, realistic delays will be nothing like that for both panels so don't ever use it as a reliable reference.


I tried the IPS version, terrible orange glow in the corners like all 27" 1440p high refresh IPS screens. I have the TN version instead, which I got for £400 on Amazon warehouse and have been very happy with it.


Ips version has 4ms delay time though

Amazon US - Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop 15.6", i7-7700HQ CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, GTX 1060-6GB £903.47
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Here's another Acer deal attempt which could go frosty, but here goes. (embarrassed) Note, it's coming from Amazon in the USA. (Obviously if you or someone you know are off to t… Read more
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Wow. So it is possible to snag a cracker of a deal. I think I'll be waiting for something truly outstanding before shelling out. Thanks.


i bought the 17inch,, just before Christmas when it was around £930 and came with the HP VR headset bundle so i can say the laptop is solid and works well. However the 17inch 1060 is no longer great value at £1400 with no VR bundle. I finally went for this one after sending back the Acer as i wanted something with a bit more power Again it was cheaper before christmas as £1350 including the HP VR bundle - but as eveyone says you can never go back in time to get deals.


Which one out of this deal or ?


I'm considering getting the 17" model as the screen is superior.


Disregarding the keyboard layout if you're after a good gaming laptop at a decent price (sub £1000) then I highly recommend it. Recently purchased one on a different deal and everything I've thrown at it has been flawless. Witcher 3, 1080P, Ultra settings is as smooth as a baby's bum. Same with Arkham Knight, Shadow of Mordor and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Tried Witcher 3 at 4K and that was a bit of a slideshow (as expected), not tried the others yet. Did try F1 2012 at 4K and that got an FPS of 88 so it's certainly possible to play older games in 4K. A great gaming laptop IMO.

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Acer Predator GN246HL 24 inch 144hz Gaming Monitor £159.98 @ Amazon/Ebuyer
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Update: Amazon are now price matching! Seems to be a fairly good price :) Paste time: General 3D Capable Yes Aspect Ratio Widescreen - 16:9 Backlight Technology LED backlight B… Read more

Can recommend f.lux as been using it for the last few years. However, for those on Win10 like myself, it now has a built in function which does the same thing. It's called Night Light for anyone not wanting another program to install.


Maybe using f.lux could help if you are using the monitor with a PC/Mac: Quite a lot of settings and options. It is free btw.


Must be selling these off now, cause the 27 inch version was the exact same price last week from eBuyer.


I think the main reason for this is that ULMB/lightboost at the highest setting dramatically reduces the brightness of the image on the screen. This means for the tech to work the overall brightness offered needs to be super high. And it is worth it. Lightboost is fantastic at reducing blur. But I'm not sure you can have lightboost active while using highest refresh rate or with gsync active. As for the quality of the image being degraded at lower brightness, I've got a similar display and have the brightness set at 0 in the on screen menu. However i've also tweaked the colour and a couple of other settings and have a fantastic looking display. I dont have the hardware to calibrate the display myself but borrowed from another. It isn't as accurate as the ips it sits next to, but there isn't a huge difference once both are calibrated. In addition, the ips can't do 240hz, so each has its place. I know many gamers seek out high brightness displays and that high brightness is a requirement when showing 3d content so that may also play a part. In fact I believe lightboost is a part of the Nvidia 3d offering so they go hand in hand. But it would be nice to have a greater range on the brightness slider.


I got this about a week ago on offer. It is great, but one BIG issue anyone buying should be warned about is it is VERY BRIGHT! Since having it I feel like I am staring into lamp. It also is bad if you ever use a webcam or camera in general as it will wash your face out. Even with the light off in my room this thing makes everything lit up. Now you can lower it but I find it loses a lot of quality. Just a warning. I am happy with it for gaming but for general use I use my old screen instead.

Refurbished Acer Predator G3-710 (I5-6400, 8GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB, 2TB HDD) £549.97 @ Laptops direct
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Been shopping round for the last few weeks and found stock refreshed on this, at a lower price than it was a couple of months ago. Seemed like a good deal all in all. Noted that… Read more
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Just buy second hand


It'll probably have the marginally better i5-7400 in it, not the advertised i5-6400.


I used to have one of these...ended up having to return it because the power on button kept breaking. Got a pcspecialist one instead.


Pretty much not upgradeable unfortunately :(


Yes it does! I know GPU prices are coming down but still...

ACER Predator GN246HLBbi Full HD 24" 3D LED Gaming Monitor £189.99 @ Currys
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
I believe this is 144hz. Not a bad deal.
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If you're happy with your current monitor I'd say stick with it. I've a 28" 1080P 144hz myself and I sit about 2 ft from it. I can't see any pixels and the image looks decent to me. The only downer perhaps is the lack of HDR but I'll hang on for now also - there are a number of HDR monitors on the way and hopefully prices will come down ;)


No, not if you're happy with your current monitor. All comes down to personal preference. If you're not noticing the individual pixels then it really won't make too much difference, and you'll be more annoyed about the 3 inch loss to the screen. Lots of people have 1080p 27" monitors and are happy with them, all comes down to personal preference.


I've also heard this. Depends how close you sit to the screen though. If you're close a 24" will be better.


Would if make sense for me to sell my 27 inch 144hz 1080p monitor for a 24 inch 144hz one like this one? I've heard that 27 inches is a bit big for 1080 and I would get much better graphical fidelity at 1080p with a 24 incher.

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Acer Predator Z271T 27-inch 144Hz FHD Eye Tracking G-Sync Curved Monitor, £309.99 at ebuyer
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Let your gaze take aim, engage and combat to win back the streets of London. Get your free copy of Assassin's Creed Syndicate while suppliers last when you purchase the Z271T. Imm… Read more

I see, fair enough, although the monitor I had didn't flicker initially for the first few months and then it started out of nowhere. Is that normal?


yep happens on all g-sync moniotrs ive had, reason why ive just upgraded to a 1440p without as jusr drives me insane


The Gsync flicker is NOT caused by the monitor, it is a 'feature' of ALL adaptive sync graphics cards (Gsync or FreeSync). It depends on the game you are playing as to how noticable it is (and also the person and their sensitivity). This problem has been present since day 1 and has not been fixed because it can't be fixed. If you want gsync or Freesync, some games will flicker.


I must have, as I say I know there are good ones out there and I'm not claiming them all to be bad, my experience just mirrored what a lot of forum comments / reviews mentioned so I thought it was worth sharing. Glad yours was a good one though! When it worked for me initially it worked beautifully.


And yet I have had the same model for a while now and had nothing but a great experience. G-sync works outstanding and the eyetracking software is a good feature. Though I must admit I prefer keyboard and mouse to control Windows 10. You must have had serious bad luck here.

Acer Predator GN276HLbid Gaming Monitor 69 cm (27 inch Wide 16:9 FHD 144 Hz 1 ms 100M:1 ACM 300 nits) £159.99 delivered @ eBuyer
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Lowest ever price (y) The 1920 x 1080 resolution of the Acer GN276HLbid LED monitors delivers high detail 144 Hz¹ rapid refresh rate and 1 ms response time for the smoothe… Read more
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I've been using 27" for years ips and I have no issues in regards to people saying it's to big


TN panel sadly, one to avoid :( Cheap enough but nothing special


Get a 1440p for single player, drop the resolution to 1080p @ 144hz you play multiplayer, problem solved


Suppose that depends on future gfx card upgrades, could get a 1440p 144hz monitor, play at 60hz till bitcoin and the like collapse, and you can buy a cheap 1080ti?


Depends what kinds of games you want to play with it. Games like PUBG suffer from lower resolution screens for making enemies out in the distance. Using anti-aliasing isn't ideal either since it basically adds a filter to your image removing some detail. Games like GSGO, would be just fine since you aren't really having to deal with long distance enemies. So detail will be more than solid enough and AA wouldn't effect your ability to see at a distance. 2560x1440 at 27" with 144hz would be more ideal for an all around great competitive gaming monitor. But this would be just fine for most games. Although somewhat lacking for others.

Acer Predator gaming monitor 24" with G-sync and 240Hz refresh rate £329.97 @ Amazon - (Temporarily out of stock)
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
This is a steal of a deal with normal price being £500+. I know its out of stock (fulfilled by amazon), but still worth trying to get it at this price point. Tech spec here https… Read more

Only just made hot I expect, just report as expired.


Why is this revived? The price is back way up.


I was curious and had a look at Sam's comment history and there's not a lot of things that makes this person happy. NEXT!


This site has cost me a lot in the past week. The Samsung nvme with farcry 5 and now this. Just thought I would report that mine has been despatched delivery tomorrow.


got this monitor from overclockersuk when it was 300, can confirm its an absolute beast and wouldnt trade it for anything else (atm)

Refurb Acer Predator - i5-6400, 8GB, 2TB HDD, GTX 1060 (6GB!) - only £599.97 - Laptops Direct
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Please note this is refurb with 3 month warranty. Seems a great spec from a reputable seller - delivery or collect in Huddersfield. Tech Spec Processor manufacturer: Intel Proce… Read more

Bonus! Although the box matches the advertised spec, the actual machine has an i5-7400 (Kabylake) not an i5-6400(Skylake). While not a massive performance improvement, it's definitely welcome as the CPU is the weakest component. I guess Acer refreshed their later production runs with whatever they could get hold of. It also has 1x8GB 2133(Crucial CT8G4DFS8213.C8FDR), and 3 free ram slots, which is both good and bad; good for future upgradeability, but bad for current performance (only single channel)


Mine being delivered today :)


Terrible build with a crippled GPU and CPU and by the looks of the price a cheapo PSU and Case.... Needs £500 spemt on it to put it right lol


People saying the card is £300... It's £300 brand new, this is not. So I would probably say it's closer to £200.


Travel a little way to save more money? He's saying he's never mined the crypto currency etherum with the 1060 he is selling. I use gumtree for most of my builds is amazing

Acer Predator XZ321Q 31.5" LED Curved Monitor £249.98 @ eBuyer
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb
Apologies if already posted, can’t see it here Lowest price I have seen for this monitor. FreeSync Eliminates 'tearing’ That means this monitor can work with a FreeSync-support… Read more

Not everyone wants 2k or 4k, with the additional overheads of buying a GPU that can cope with the added strain in games. 1080p is fine for me.


Two Samsung 1080p displays running off Macs here. Both are fairly well calibrated, 60Hz and 4:4:4. Not sure of the problem here i can compute from the comfort of my easy chair good source material is plenty sharp. (y) I'm sat about 4' from the screens.


Agree, just plugged in my LG 27" ips monitior (going up from 21.5), a lot of screen and just starting to loose it's sharpness.... tried big led tv on pc's before, not sharp at all...


I don't understand why they make 32" screens at 1080. I have a 27" 1080 screen on a very large desk and still this is pushing the limits of this resolution. I can not imagine my pixels being even bigger than they are now, would be an awful viewing experience. Just because this is cheap it does not make it a good deal.


Great find, thanks!

Acer Predator  15 G9-593 Gaming Laptop £1199.89 (Costco) from Monday 29th
LocalLocalFound 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Just got Costco coupon booklet through email thought I’d give this a mention seems a good deal as others are like 1400 and over for same one. Offer starts Monday 29th jan till 18 f… Read more
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Price brings it inline with pricing which have similar laptop specs but include Gsync and newer processors. Cold


i7-6700HQ its old


1200 for a 1060. Nope

Acer Predator 144Hz 24" Gaming Monitor £179.99 - SCAN (collection from store is free or £4.79/£11.50 delivery)
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Can collect from location for £4.79 or delivery is £11.50, collection from store is free. Cheap 144mz FULL HD monitor with 1ms respone, Nvidia 3D Vision Ready HDMI/DVI/VGA Produc… Read more
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You should probably use backspace for the massive spaces in between each line in description (embarrassed) Heat for the deal (party)


Where indeed? I've been spoiled with IPS panels, every TN screen I see seems very washed out. Poor colour accuracy in the reviews is what is putting me off this :(




Middle range If its not IPS screen, there are IPS monitors out there with similar speck. TN screens are old school


TN I believe.

28" Acer Predator XB281HK 4K Ultra HD G-Sync V2 1ms Gaming Monitor - £399.98 @ Scan
Found 31st Dec 2017Found 31st Dec 2017
Add 11.50 for delivery if you cant collect from Scan. Way cheaper than everywhere else - really tempted but slightly worried about having to drop to 1080p to get good frame rates … Read more

expired? shame its only 60Hz, more of a second monitor imo.


Nice price on this especially with Gsync. Hopefully prices continue to fall. I wish these could do 1080p@120hz as well as 4k@60hz. Would make them perfect for my needs at the moment. 1080p60hz the gold standard in PC gaming? Even for 60hz 1440p has been around for a long while now. It's not that 60hz isn't playable but for fast twitch shooters where you are using a mouse to control your view there is a very noticeable difference dropping from 120hz to 60hz. If you are using analog sticks on a joypad the difference is way less apparent. There are still plenty of games I will chose to play on a tv at 60hz rather than 144hz on my monitor. A 1080ti will hit 144hz in most pvp twitch shooters at 1440p at high or max settings paired with the right cpu. Although in competitive shooters people tend to run lower settings for general increased visibility and also to get reduced input lag from a higher frame rate anyhow. Joycons vs mouse and keyboard and different games. It's not exactly an apples to apples comparison.


Err... dude this a gsync monitor


Snobbery is all it is. I have a 144hz monitor and would whole-heartedly recommend 144hz to everyone but I also have a Switch where 30/60 FPS doesn't bother me at all, and still very much enjoy.


dam, it feels like just yesterday the gold standard is 1080p60fps, but everyone talks like 60fps is unacceptable. IIRC even 1080ti cant hit 1440p at 144hz but i guess above 90fps, you can really see a different

Acer Predator XB272 27" Full HD Frameless Monitor, £399 from Ebuyer
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
1920 x 1080 Full HD NVIDIA G-SYNC & NVIDIA ULMB Technology Lightning Fast 240Hz Refresh 1ms Response Time Ergonomic Stand

Lots of people use 27" 1080p screens. Like myself. People really gotta stop assuming their own preferences are universal. It's bizarre how small minded so many are. You dont need to reach the cap of 240fps to benefit. And plenty of people play less demanding games that certainly can get up to the ~200fps range without some top of the line system.


You go for it and enjoy running your 1080Ti at 1080p in order to actually achieve 240Hz, in some games. Maybe to competitive CSGO players then this is ideal i would agree, but for ordinary folksd, i don't think so.


LOL TN garbage


Why do you not need g-sync on a 240hz monitor?


Who even designed this? No one wants a 1080p 27" screen, no one needs G-Sync on a 240hz monitor and the stand takes up way too much desk space.

Acer Predator XB1 Gaming Monitor XB271HUA 2560 x 1440p 165Hz G - Sync 1ms
Found 24th Dec 2017Found 24th Dec 2017
Acer Predator XB1 Gaming Monitor XB271HUA 2560 x 1440p 165Hz G- Sync / ULMB TN Panel 2 years warranty add to basket for discount Free Delivery Acer offer at the moment spen… Read more

just like to say ive had this monitor before, have the x34a now but ive also had the first ROG monitor & the IPS version. I would rate this monitor above the both. the Rog versions have annoying faults the TN version also the IPS has faults that can only be fixed by sending it to Asus for a firmware flash, also the power brick died twice with the Asus monitors.


For the money you’re getting what you pay for so, yes


because its out of stock


There doesn't seem to be a button to add it to basket?


But would you recommend it for ~420?

Acer Predator 28" XB281HK 4K Ultra HD G-Sync V2 1ms Gaming Monitor £399.98 + delivery @ Scan
Found 2nd Dec 2017Found 2nd Dec 2017
I'm in the market for a G-sync monitor, I only have a EVGA 1070 SC so probably can't do 4k but this seems to be the same price as non-4k G-sync monitors. Also available at Amazon … Read more


Because it's 4K res you don't get 4k screens at 144/165Hz


oh yeah sure for an xbox one or anything like that go with 1080p 1ms, 60fps. For xbox one x maybe something like this... maybe something cheaper if it offers the same IQ and gaming performance.


I agree with you there. But I'm sure there's 1ms with great image quality for a cheaper price. And the older xboxs can only do 1080p. I've seen good quality monitors that are 1ms+1080p+60fps+ips monitors at a much lower price point. Just trying to get the best deal without losing out (lol)


1ms and best image quality is the goal, for a console limited to 60fps I wouldn't go for a cheap one if a more expensive one offered lower input lag or higher image quality.

Acer Predator Helios 300 15.6-Inch (GTX 1060, 256GB SSD, i7-7700HQ) Amazon US deal with import fees - £944.77
Found 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
Okay, I have never bought from Amazon US before so I am willing to take flack if i'm completely off point here. £787.31 for laptop £157.46 for import fees Anyone have any experi… Read more

pity there's no hard drive, otherwise, great deal!


Acer nitro 5 was the unmissable deal for me on cyber monday. In stock sometime after midnight and gone by 3am ish. Annoying. After saying how good my HP Probook has been it's now crapped out it's sata controller somehow - i've temp got round it by using the SSD via an adapter in the ODD bay, Need a new laptop.......but need to get a stonking deal is higher.


Something similar popped up on here last week - same laptop iirc. No doubt it looks like a good deal but the Warranty issue concerns me. At the very least you'd have to get 3rd party insurance.


Get where you are coming from. I have been waiting for too long for the ‘right deal’ seems like an age! (lol)


thought about this when it came out on cyber monday. but i would rather wait for bristol ridge to disrupt the laptop market. the reviews for ryzen are looking good already. if i had seen it when it was at £861 including import fees on black friday I would've pounced though.

Acer Predator GN246HLB - 144hz - 1080p - 24" - Amazon.DE - NEW - £166.79
Found 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
I just posted a warehouse deal on these, but I've just noticed you can buy the monitor new for 189 Euro (£166.79 at current exchange rate). I think the price might have changed wit… Read more

Buy 4k now


Yakkal303 £20 is still the same regardless of where in europe it comes from


20 quid is 20 quid imo! I see your point though, I just like saving as much as I can. Frugal if you like.


Not bad price but it was £169 last week in the uk, no doubt it will drop again shortly. I don't think it is entirely worth it to buy it from germany to save £20 tbf

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