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Acer Predator 24.5" FHD 144Hz G-Sync/Freesync Compatible HDR400 IPS Monitor £299 / £255 for Students @ Acer Shop (Possible 8.25% Quidco)
240° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
MAXIMUM RESOLUTION: this gaming screen has FHD resolution (1920x1080) and is G-Sync Compatible, for an image quality that goes beyond the expected levels FLUID GAME EXPERIENCE: NV… Read more

yeah a minor difference, mostly to do with the range that the syncing works. it's not a huge deal but the monitors im looking at are only like £20 less then this and I would pay the extra for Full gsync


Is there a difference? I thought nVidia were supporting freesync these days.


Is this fully Gsync or just a compatible freesync monitor?


Most OLEDs cant reach 1000 nits and that do can only do so very briefly. Not really comparable to a monitor with real always on HDR 1000 or a QLED that has real HDR 2000+ unless you play in a dark room. Don't worry about any of this while you have a PS4. The best initial upgrade you could make to latency and frame rate performance would be buying an Xbox One X. Or a PC. If you really want to know the details, see:


Thanks for explaining. I saw some of the higher end ones reach 1k. How much is the difference in input lag etc, I generally play PS4 on my tv and never really notice any lagging as such. What’s freesync/gsync?

[Steam] Alien vs Predator Classic 2000 (PC) - 88p @ Green Man Gaming
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000 features the Colonial Marine, Alien and Predator Campaigns and the frenetic single-player Skirmish mode from the original title: Alien Versus Pr… Read more
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Shame you can't get hold of the version that had the original decent voice acting on it!


Those facehuggers man, jump scares galore. Class game.


88p! Several times I fell back on my chair when playing this: those blooming Aliens scared the [editors note: naughty word deleted] out of me.


i loved this game! Heat!


Wish I could get avp2 instead, :D but heat for the deal

Adidas samba (predator) uk3.5-uk11 £36.73 @ Adidas
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
The samba gets the predator makeover with the distinctive white predator 3 stripes and a rubberised heal tab to put spin on that cheeky backheal Most size in stock uk3.5-uk11 Pleas… Read more

Looks like something Jimmy Saville would have wore. Nothing like Sambas


You have a woman’s shoe, milord!


nice!! although from previous experience the Samba's are very tight so wearing them through the day was quite painful. Still hot for those that dont have fat feet like mine lol


Who said they were predators (popcorn)


Or Sambas

Predator Hunting Grounds - Epic Store (PC) - £21.99 @ Epic Games
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
You can get "Predator Hunting Grounds" on the epic store sale right now. Game is usually £31.99. Add the game into your basket and you will automatically get a £10 discount applie… Read more

Avoid at all costs, the worst game I have ever played. And they have the cheek to have paid DLC at launch...


where?? i saw only 1 site with cheap key and its sold out


The cheap prices were all over the internet due to the really poor reviews.


I'm pretty sure that is deal never on. Seems like the majority of epic game titles are never on cd keys etc etc so that deal above must be fake.


Did they ever have stock? I haven't found any usual key providers with or ever to have stock, kinguin, cdkeys, etc

Acer Predator 24.5" XB253QGP FHD 144Hz G-Sync Compatible HDR400 IPS Monitor - £280.38 Delivered -
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Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
The cheapest I could find this new monitor delivered is from Amazon Italy. • 24.5” FHD (1920x1080) gaming monitor. • Up to 144Hz Refresh & 2ms Grey to Grey Response Time. • NV… Read more

The LG you linked is a 31.5 inch monitor, this deal is a 24.5 inch. That's like a 7 inch difference in size. Good deal though, a friend recently asked me about getting a bigger monitor, it might be his cup of tea.


G-sync and Free-sync. Both.


Not g sync ?


Wow 100% adobe and G-sync 144Hz. This is crazy price.


I would suggest to go for this one instead:

[PC] Aliens vs. Predator - £1.99 @ Steam Store
428° Expired
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Bringing the legendary war between two of science-fiction's most popular characters to FPS fans, AvP delivers three outstanding single player campaigns and provides untold hours of… Read more

Also spent many many hours on Avp2 as a child. It was my favourite online PvP game.


I spent many hours playing the original avp online, circa 2000? Brilliant game and hours of online fun. May get this just for the nostalgia :D


Even better on Fanatical. It's £2.88 with 5% off code (FREFeW0lnGkezFxOj)


Even better (highfive)


Just bagged it from Game billet for £2.99

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Acer Predator Helios 300 17" Full HD i7 RTX 2060 Gaming Laptop - £1,349.99 @ Scan
378° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Discounted from £1,599.98 and currently in stock. Not many deals out there for this specific model with a RTX 2060 and 17.3 screen Intel Core i7-9750H Hexa core Processor 17.3… Read more
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Sold out now :(


Yeah. Sub £1000.. is what I'm looking for. There was a Lenovo for sub 1k.


Way too expensive for a clunky 17". Would expect/hope to see something in 14" or 15" at this sort of price


I bought my ProteusVI from PC Specialist last Year, which was a good spec for the price, so might be worth looking on there too. I7 8750H RTX2070 144hz IPS Screen Corsair 32Gb DDR4 2666 2TB Intel 660p SSD 2TB Firecuda SSHD Killer AX 1650 wifi Master Gel thermal paste Was about £1500


Lucky you, my first one achieved-216° (lol) (lol)

ALIEN VS. PREDATOR 4" TITAN VINYL FIGURE BLIND BAG £0.99 (£2.49 P&P) Free p&p over £25 @ Loudshop
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Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Nice little deal, even better if you order more than 1 as p&p for 20 was still just £2.49 Get a total order to £25 and it's free p&p so some other suggestions to look at … Read more

Hi seven324 Don't get me wrong this was a good deal but not quite as expected As the picture of the original listing shows it doesn't state "Loot-crate Specific Variation" or the fact there were only two of them It mentions "Blind Bags" it mentions "Alien Vs Predator" and I accept it only shows pictures of two out of the 12 - I looked into how many in the series before buying and decided to play the odds I ordered 35 as I thought that was the minimum for free delivery - later realised it was just £25 for free delivery Yes I opened every single one My discussions with Loot Crate were interesting - I used humour explaining my excitement followed by disappointment - even sent pictures My first email was not replied to - I allowed time for them to respond taking into account home working due to Covid etc etc etc and resent my email 15 days later and got a response Their first offer was for me to keep one and an extra 5 for family and friends - return the rest and they would refund full amount and return p&p Fair offer which I thanked them for but not exactly practical and would have cost them more - when I pointed this out they sent a refund of £10 - I accepted this and put it down to a "life lesson" There are so many more important things going on to argue the toss If you click on the link now the current listing is so much more reflective of what is available so it looks like they listened It also indicated that other buyers did actually return stock?


There aren't 12 in this series, though? There are 12 in the normal Alien Vs Predator Titan series, but this is a lootcrate-specific variation, which was limited to just the 2. Very disappointing if this is only the Predator figure though as there was definitely the option to get either of them when it was in a Lootcrate, would have prefered a Xenomorph. Did you actually open all 35 or does it show on the box?


Are they blind box or not? Lootcrate definitely had both the Alien and Predator in these boxes, but the comments here suggest it's only the Predator figure.


Ok here is a picture of the original listing There are actually 12 in this "Blind Bag" series and the picture shows two variations I Ordered 35 assuming "incorrectly" that they were truly blind bagged and I would play the odds of getting more of the 12 than just 35 of exactly the same one Looks like I was not the only one and some have been returned Although after my feedback they have now changed the listing I would not use this company again


These are back in stock mine came today I was surprised it’s bigger than a standard blind box figure

Refurbished Acer Predator Orion 900 Core i9-9900X Windows 10 Gaming Desktop - £3199.97 @ Laptops Direct
-386° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Why buy Processor - Intel Core i9 9900X Graphics card - GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB RAM - 32GB SSD - 3 Hard Drive + 256GB Operating System - Windows 10 Warranty - 3 Month Warr… Read more
Avatardeleted583863Get deal*Get deal*

Why change your responses to try and make yourself look like you came off better? If you can’t be proud of what you wrote the first time, maybe you shouldn’t have posted it.



Snowflake ;)



Acer Predator Nitro 5 15" Full HD i5 GTX 1650 Gaming Laptop £798.98 at Scan
194° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
While obviously not as cheap as some of the custom options on the Lenovo L340 elsewhere on the site, if you can’t wait 3-5 weeks for a custom build then Scan are offering a decent … Read more
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Just a heads up for anyone considering this deal, Currys are also doing a Nitro 7 which has a better build quality than the Nitro 5 with an i7-9750H processor, Nvidia 1660Ti 6GB card and a 144hz panel for about £150 more if you go through topcashback.


That lenovo ticks every box but the single channel ram is just keeping me from pulling the trigger


I would say the lenovo is much better, much better cpu and better price, more ram...


Great deal Thats one of the fastest mobile processors there are. great for the price. Few will need anything better than that and with stadia/geforce now etc you wont need much more, ever graphic card wise. Cpu will last for years.


Was seen in Birmingham branch, I'll pay a visit within next couple of days I can have a look and report back here.

Epic Games - Predator : Hunting Grounds Free To Play 27 - 29th March @ Epic games
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Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Epic Games - Predator : Hunting Grounds Free To Play 27 - 29th March @ Epic games
Looks quite good just found it on the Epic games website! Play an asymmetrical multiplayer shooter that pits man against Predator. As part of a Fireteam, complete missions before t… Read more
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Works perfectly on my rig but my pc is top of the range won it recently in a competition worth £3000 has an i9 processor and a graphics card is nvidia something called a Geforce RTX 2080TI TURBO and 64gb ram i believe its a pretty top of the range machine every game i have played is smooth ands much better than my xbox for sure but yeah this game cant see me playing it as much as other games of the same style but no problems with it. No idea what predator ip is so cant really give much more info hope that helps bass! Haha looks like ALV removed his post you stuck him good no idea whay folks are complainin except for the fact the game is a bit one dimensional it plays fine!


Yeah it doesnt have longevity of play not that i am an expert on playing this sort of game as I am mainly WOT but World War Z is a better bet!


Played it for 3 hours today, and its mediocre. Just too shallow. The Predator/Alien ip's are getting embarrassing to the point of a laughing stock.


How rude why do folks on here have to be so confrontational why couldnt you have been polite? Have manners and common decency suddenly disappeared these days? Says at the bottom to go easy as this is my first post as well lol Nice one ALV! I dont smoke. Its working perfectly fine on my rig so it must be you who is smoking something. I was being sarcastic about the testing obviously as it seems a lot of people are complaining and why have they not put the minimum specs on the website! Free weekend to see how it goes for real - of course its part of the testing it may not be beta or alpha but you dont think they are going to be using it to evaluate their marketing and sales forecasts? You clearly have no idea what "porting" from one completely hetereogenous computing environment to another means - i dont know any that have worked perfectly on different hardware or even platforms! Try googling Hardware abstraction/Fragmentation and operating system resource contention! If you had bothered to post your pc specs that would have been more polite and encourage a debate , comparison and help us to work out if there is a possible hardware problem but jno you just make fun, how sad! I used to be a systems and games programmer you just play them bit of a difference but back to playing with your joystick!


Yeah but what are your pc specs processor memory and most importantly gfx card? The game seems to be designed for core i9 and top graphics cards? If you understand games programming you will understand how the coding functions ie if interrupts are used for the subroutine that detects key presses or if its just in the main core of the coding and how quickly the redraw routines work if they are synced to the hardware, if you have a slow processor then non irq generated keypress routines will be affected as will all the other routines. Compare it to World War Z i can actually play that on my core i5 laptop , try Predator and i cant even move the character like 3 frames per second its totally unplayable! Have you actually checked the minimum specs for the game? Go on have a look lol There arent any - because they are obviously using this weekend to find out how many people cant play it on their current rig as i said above - its obviously because they built the game using top of the range machines so a lot of folks are going to be SOL! I used to work in the industry and a lot of the games companies are so lazy they dont cater for us users with ancient pc's! The standard of games programming, in fact any kind of programming is 100 times less than when i was programming machine code back in the 1980's - guys like David Braben and Jeff Minter dont exist anymore!!!

Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop | PH317-52 | Black £699.99 delivered with code @ Acer Store
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Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop | PH317-52 | Black £699.99 delivered with code @ Acer Store
£699.99£999.9030% Free P&P FreeAcer Shop Deals
im looking for a gaming laptop in this price bracket and was wondering if this deal is any good? £300 OFF: Use PROMO CODE OFFER300 in the basket TRY THIS LAPTOP FOR 30 DAYS! … Read more

Do you work for Webuy? Anyone know of they are any good?


A few used 17" ones with better specs than this:


Your deals are both 15.6 inch screens


We bought this a couple of weeks ago with 10% TCB - it runs our sons' games (Fortnite/Planet Coaster etc) on maxed out graphics very nicely. Lovely big screen and good sound. We'd recommend it.


My son plays on a hp pavilian i5 9300h gtx1650 and its great, he plays tonnes of new games at decent frame rates on medium/high settings no problem, i have helios 300 i7 gtx 1660ti and id be happy with the 1650 after trying it

Acer Predator XB272 27" Full HD G-Sync Frameless Monitor (Plus £25 Steam or Uber Eats Voucher + 3 Year Warranty) - £359.99 -
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Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Acer Predator XB272 27" Full HD G-Sync Frameless Monitor (Plus £25 Steam or Uber Eats Voucher + 3 Year Warranty) - £359.99 -
£359£ Deals
Cracking price for what I believe is an all time low on this Acer Predator. Price indicated above (£359) includes either a £25 Steam or Uber Eats voucher plus a 3 year warranty. I'… Read more
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People who buy ultrawide monitors to game are an almost complete opposite category to people playing CSGO competitively. If you have any ambitions of playing in any sort of tournament, then 24" 1080p 144+hz is your target, because any larger means you'll need to move your head to focus at screen edges/corners and 24" is the standard tournament size, so you'll have to get used to that anyway.


Tell that to the people who go ultrawide.


27 inches usually too big for a game which really takes advantage of 240hz, like CSGO, since too much of the screen is outside of central eyeline focus.


I like the Predator brand. It’s cool right? I want one but one that compliments my Pro & my X. That sounds funnier than expected (lipstick) . Which should I get?


For someone that has played on a 27 inch 1080p screen, its lacking. No question about it you're going to notice its pixilated. Still decent but at that size I would really consider 1440p

Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop | PH317-52 | Black £699.99 Acer Shop
57° Expired
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop | PH317-52 | Black £699.99 Acer Shop
Down from £999 to £699 using code HAPPY300 Windows 10 Home 64-bit Intel® Core™ i5-8300H processor Quad-core 2.30 GHz 43.9 cm (17.3") Full HD (1920 x 1080) 16:9 IPS 144Hz … Read more

Seen several offers here and on eBay that let you get a 1650 GPU for around the £700 mark (the 15% off HP laptops at offer, and the recently-expired Lenovo flash sale).

BS_Man this one 2 years ago for £660 from AO, so don't think it is worth the same kind of money now (skeptical)


Massively over priced for a 1050 ti. £500 tops


Seems a little too pricey for a 1050Ti equipped laptop. I would have hoped for a 1060 at least for this price.


I wouldn't want a 1050ti for a gaming PC now. Would definitely want something more powerful

Predator: Hunting Grounds trial weekend March 27 to 29 @ PSN
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Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
Predator: Hunting Grounds trial weekend March 27 to 29 @ PSN
A trial weekend for Predator: Hunting Grounds will run from March 27 to 29 for PlayStation 4 players with a PlayStation Plus membership and PC players. The Trial will be available… Read more

Yes, agreed. Played about 4 games then uninstalled and back onto Warzone. Got landed with Predator first game; no idea what i was doing but great fun....for about 5 minutes then the novelty value wore off. Trying not to be too critical as part of the point of these is to give them something to polish off and work on before the full release, but my initial thoughts were: - Graphics wise it looked like an early PS3 game, especially some of the vegitation and undergrowth when moving. - Marines firepower seemed very OTT. From my games as part of the four man squad i felt guns were all absolute beasts with little to no recoil. - Controls in general were quite awkward and clunky. Plenty things to work on and improve. It might work out as a success and no doubt the drawing power of the franchise will sell itself but initial overall impressions not great. Will be a tenner or on PS+ within six months......


I got playing it anyway and it's a no from me - it is glitchy - it even reported that they are aware of long waits (an actual popup in the game). Clunky, poor AI, it plays like a beta. No clear direction. I gave it a try, played 3 sessions as the marine and decided it best to delete it. (I also hated the fact that you had to click past the advert to buy it - before I had even played it!) *Spoiler alert* Oh and I downed the Predator who started the countdown - there is no way you could outrun the blast radius, there is also no way to kill the Predator from a far enough distance to remain out of the blast radius!


Well, this trial has cemented my decision. It's a no from me dawg. 8)


Cold, cold, cold, it might be just an age verification thing, but it's looking for my credit card details. Nope, no way, free trial is a free trial, I ain't entering my credit card details....


Agree - I went and bought that too! It was something to do with the licensing? They then gave the game away, grrr, there is a very similar style game too, can remember what it's called though (Found it - Dead by daylight - plays very similar to Friday 13th!). Anyway as long as they didn't mess the franchise up I'll give it a download (If I can find space on my PS4 - I just downloaded a huge CoD:Warzone update!). Heat added, thanks for the heads up!

Acer Predator backlit keyboard and mouse £47.98 inc VAT at Costco Sheffield
170° Expired
Posted 18th FebPosted 18th FebLocalLocal
Acer Predator backlit keyboard and mouse £47.98 inc VAT at Costco Sheffield
£47.98£67.7029%Costco Deals
Spotted in Sheffield today and plenty on the shelves. Seems about £20 cheaper than elsewhere. Info from Amazon site DescriptionThe Acer Predator gaming keyboard and mouse revolu… Read more

The joys of autocorrect (y)




Wooooo Sheffield.

ACER Predator Z321QU Quad HD 31.5" Curved LED Gaming Monitor £529 @ Currys
76° Expired
Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
Down from £649.00! The Acer Predator Z321QUbmiphzx Quad HD 31.5" Curved LED Gaming Monitor features a beautiful curved display, so you can fully immerse yourself in your favourit… Read more

I have this monitor. Build quality is poor, it has terrible clouding and backlight bleed. The screen is coming away from the frame in places, allowing the backlight to shine out between the screen and bezel. Pixel response time is awful. You get ghosting, smearing and all that 24/7. Trying to watch a movie on it is just painful.


Comes with 6 months Spotify for new accounts also.

Acer Predator Helios 300 17 inch, i7, 1660ti, 8GB, 256 M2+1TB HDD - £1,099 @ Currys
-68° Expired
Posted 31st JanPosted 31st Jan
Acer Predator Helios 300 17 inch, i7, 1660ti, 8GB, 256 M2+1TB HDD - £1,099 @ Currys
Good price for decent specs. This model has pretty much widespread great reviews. I also looked at the screen in store today and it's very good. Model ph317-53 17 inch model 144… Read more

Where from? :)


Nice, all good to hear (y)


Update (I can feel you from across the internet) opened up the laptop, had a small piece of plastic from the case cover where it pops onto the base resting on too of the speaker. Was causing the distortion. Took it off and now it's perfect. Lossless audio file tested and it's a really great set of speakers for a laptop. So absolutely nothing to complain about this laptop apart from noise when gaming (desktop stuff is quiet), but yeah, gaming laptops, and the look of the laptop, which is gamery. I'm going to look for a debrand skin. The screen is brilliant. The brightness, whites, contrast ratio, blacks, and colours are so much better than my other lg ips. I'm honestly surprised how good ips panels are getting these days. I'm definitely glad I went with 17 inch...15 would be too small for god shooters and tarkov with its inventory system. The frames are excellent in tarkov, it's noticeably easier to get headshots with the frames and 144 panel, and the temps stay under 85 for the CPU and like 70 or so for the GPU...gonna undervolt it even more and see if I can reduce these further. Yeah, totally pleased with it overall.


I wish it was more (lol)


Hopefully that's all she can feel across the room lol.

Acer Predator 27" 240Hz G-Sync ZeroFrame Gaming Monitor now £369.98 delivered at Scan
207° Expired
Posted 29th JanPosted 29th Jan
Acer Predator 27" 240Hz G-Sync ZeroFrame Gaming Monitor now £369.98 delivered at Scan
£369.98Scan Deals
Acer Predator XB272 is a stunning Full HD gaming monitor with a 27-inch screen size. Enjoy truly immersive gaming with NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ technology and Ultra Low Motion Blur. Experie… Read more

I've got several CRTs, consumer and broadcast, largely from before 'retro' was cool and cost a bomb. I've also repaired a ton of CRTs and related electronics over the years. An adaptive sync monitor and a CRT are completely different beasts, neither is 'better' than the other and these kind of conversations are often reductive and misinformed.


Yeah, but that Sony monitor costs more than double this one. I’d kill for one though - the digital foundary vids on it were great


adapters can cause latency, the only reason to buy a crt is for the faster response times so if you add an adapter that will cause latency then it sorta defeats the whole point


Ever heard of an adapter


And what graphics card will you use to feed it component or SDI ? Your trolling right ?

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