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Acer predator helios 300 £624.97 @ Laptops Direct
TODAYTODAYFound 5 h, 36 m agoFound 5 h, 36 m ago
Refurbished Acer Predator Helios 300 Intel Core I5-7300HQ 8GB 128GB & 1TB GeForce GTX 1050Ti 17.3 Inch Windows 10 Gaming Laptop Been looking for this to drop below the £700. A… Read more

Jeez I didn't know about that I must have been lucky, probably the first time in my life I have been (lol)


It is not about the length of time; it is gaming. The temperature is uncontrollable due to the way they built it. It's something like every 1 in 3 models has the flaw.


I've never had an issue I don't use it for hours on end though


I have a HP 17-ak008na AMD A9 8GB RAM 1TB from Very for £399 and it’s never had any issues


Oh man that sucks :( I'm looking for a new laptop because mine is having heat issues. I use my for browsing and Netflix. I want a laptop that could handle Emulation up to Citra (3DS emulator) What's a good budget laptop that has a good screen and can handle Citra at 2x it the 3DS's native resolution? Any ideas?

Acer Predator XB241YU 23.8" 144Hz 1ms WQHD G-Sync Gaming Monitor £299.97 @ Laptops Direct
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Seems a bargain at this price given that it has gsync and 1440p resolution. Product Information Eye protection These monitors help to reduce eye strain with low-dimming, and … Read more

Yup, will work just fine. I'd recommend plugging the 1080p monitor into your motherboard if you're CPU supports it though. It will help with some issues when using 2 monitors of different refresh rates when gaming outside of fullscreen (I'm assuming your other monitor isn't 144hz).


It is TN. I wouldn't let that put you off though, especially at this price... It's been great over my year and a half of using one.


Can i run 1 1080p monitor and this 1440p monitor at the same time?


The acer promotional material on the laptops direct page say its IPS? When i look up reviews they seem to say its TN. Anyone know for sure?


Thanks, decided to go for this one and then get an IPS freesync one for my secondary monitor - which will also host the xb1x so the freesync will come in handy there.

Predator - £3.99 Amazon Video
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Predator, on Amazon Prime Video. £3.99 Don't buy it, until you watched this - It gives you a pretty good insight into the movie... (y) Should cheer people up on their first d… Read more
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You got time to duck?


I ain't got time to bleed..... 😄


Your one ugly mother fu**er




No wonder. I suppose those muscles could be construed as sexist by those friendly mods

HyperX Predator HX432C16PB3K2/16 DDR4 16 GB Kit (2 x 8 GB) 3200 MHz DDR4 CL16 DIMM, Black at Amazon £89.53
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Product Description Get your AMD or Intel-based system the performance you need with ultra-fast HyperX Predator DDR4*. Beat the heat with Predator DDR4’s aggressive, elegant black … Read more
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And I paid 94 for 8gb of this...


Might as well pay the extra 46p and get this from Amazon: HX433C16PB3K2/16 DDR4 16 GB Kit (2 x 8 GB) 3333 MHz


For £3.50 more, night as well go for the uk offer for peace of mind vs. an unknown/fake seller.


(y) 100% positive over the past 12 months. (1 total ratings)

HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB - HX432C16PB3AK2/16 Kit (2 x 8 GB) 3200 MHz DDR4 CL16 DIMM 16 GB at Amazon for £98.99
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Product Description Give your system nice RGB style and the performance needed to stay at the top of the food chain with ultra-fast HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB*. Easily set up** and s… Read more
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Bought 2 sets of these for a total of 32gb look fantastic and great that the RAM prices are finally coming down , would defiantly recommend. Running these in my ryzen 2700x machine. Very bright and fantastic that they stay in sync.


Voted hot


These are pretty decent overclockers in general. Good for Ryzen.

Acer Predator Z321Q 31.5" Full HD G-Sync 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor £394.99 at Box
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Decent saving. Key Features 31.5" Display VA Panel Full HD Resolution 1920x1080 NVIDIA G-Sync 4ms Response Time 144Hz Refresh Rate HDMI/… Read more

what makes this so special


Does this have thunderbolt 3 USB c ? Looking for something to also charge my Dell XPS 15 laptop and also display extern screen all with one cable


No biggie :)


I stand corrected


No cq32g1 is 1440p and supports both freesync and gsync.

Amazon Prime Movie Rentals - £1.99 Titles - Halloween (2018), First Man, The Predator (2018)
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Amazon have the following titles available for 1.99 via Prime Full list: Mr. Bean Strikes Again First Man Venom Blackkklansman A Simple Favour The Predator (2018) Hallowee… Read more

Great film. definitely worth a watch.


Can recommend Blackkklansman. Great film.


I rented a simple favour on the weekend, was actually really good!!


Went to watch this at the cinema. Terrible movie imo....not a patch on any of its predecessors.


? Can't see the other films on their post?

Acer Predator Triton 700 i7-7700HQ 16GB 512SSD GTX 1080 8GB Max-Q 15.6" FHD IPS 120Hz Gaming Laptop, £1599.97 at Laptops Direct
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Price drop, worth a repost. Processor & Chipset Processor Model i7-7700HQ Processor Speed 2.80 GHz Processor Core Quad-core (4 Core™) Display & Graphic… Read more

Only problem is this laptop configuration is not well balanced even with 16GB SDRAM and SSD. The CPU is lacking compared to the other features of the laptop (presumably to keep the cost down), should have included at least an i7 8th generation to keep up with the GPU. The GTX 1080 would be sleeping through whilst the CPU in this laptop configuration would be screaming for it's life.


Touch pad above keyboard on gorilla glass with no button layout. Your finger will get toastie. Older cpu. Nice graphics card.


I stand corrected, will amend in title:)


Click on the features there


looks nice - going to look for change down the back of the sofa - fingers crossed!

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Acer Predator GN246HL 24" LED Gaming 144Hz Monitor, £139.98 at Ebuyer
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Decent price for this 144 hz monitor. 1920 x 1080 Full HD VGA, DVI & HDMI 144hz / 1ms Response Panel Type: TN Wall Mountable

The panel it's using (M240HW01 v8) is decent for TN 144Hz 1080p <£220 standards, and there are many popular monitors using the same panel (XG2401/2, XL2411P, etc.). It's a terrible monitor for other reasons. Reasons why it sucks: - Lacks 144Hz over HDMI or a DisplayPort (which is needed by newer graphics cards). - It has excessively obvious overshoot ghosting (not fixable). - PWM is used to dim the backlight (further negatively contributing to the overall motion blur), which causes a potentially noticeable flicker and is generally unpleasant (regardless of being noticeable). - Terrible image quality (relative to alternatives using the panel, such as the VX2458-mhd or XG2401). There is absolutely no reason to consider the GN246HL, especially considering far superior monitors are only £20-60 more.


That will be due to the cheap TN panel. If you have any appreciation for your computer (and your eyes) you would look at VA or IPS panels instead - don't be fooled by the cheap price.


Please avoid this monitor. Even for £140 this is extremely overpriced and a terrible monitor. It flickers (PWM), has terrible image quality, awful blur, etc.


I bought this last year. Interface isn't very nice. But the refresh rate more than makes up for it. Pretty sure this is easily the best and cheapest 144hz monitor you can buy. Be warned using a monitor that's not 144 (especially if you're gaming) will feel horrible.


I bought this OVER 3 YEARS AGO for £170 so its not exactly deal of the century.

2 Only! Acer Predator Orion 9000 Gaming PC Intel Core i9-7900X 2x GTX 1080Ti 11GB 512GB SSD & 2TB HDD RGB @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
All gone now! 1 sold 1 left! Was just buying some £3.80 Drumstick sweets, from the Amazon thread on hukd and these caught my eye! Currently selling for £4999.99 Curry's! Consid… Read more

I'm probably thinking of the 9700k.. the 'x' ones are the enthusiasts ones aren't they.


No it was £1343 at launch and is still £1,100 odd now...


The i9 is how much? Wasn't a it £600 odd when it came out?


Its a good deal if you can resell it for close to 2.6k imho I think you'd struggle to sell this for 2k flat on Ebay next week, most will just say can you do 1500? 1700? I can buy a 2080 ti for this money etc, hence I dont think this was a good deal tbh more of an okay deal also they have been Available on Amazon warehouse since the 20% deal started and only sold when you posted


I remember when all PCs were around this price and the first mobile phone that was supposed to fit in your pocket was over £3000 each. In those days, the 80, s it was better to lease. Each year computing speed doubled and the prices went down. What ever tech you buy will be out of date by the time you get it delivered.

Acer Predator Triton 700 i7-7700HQ 16GB 512SSD GTX 1080 8GB 15.6" FHD IPS 120Hz Gaming Laptop, £1699.97 at Laptops Direct
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Not a bad price for this laptop. And Amazon (temporarily oos) here Popular Features Graphics card - GeForce GTX 1080 15.6 Inch Screen size Processor - Intel Core i7 7700HQ … Read more

I agree. It might aswell have a 1060 or 1070 and save even more money as the 1080 is overkill for 1080p.


The GTX 1080 is wasted on a 1080p panel. If u want better battery life that badly then go for a lower spec GPU as well so it’ll draw less power..


Anything higher than 1080p on a 15.6" display is a waste. I'd rather have 1080p and better battery life.


Dunno if to vote hot for the price or cold cause it's a 15inch laptop in a 17 inch body...


That track pad has the cool factor, but boy this thing is hung

HyperX Predator RGB 8GB (1x 8GB) 3200MHz DDR4 RAM (FREE £10 STEAM WALLET CODE) £55.81 CCLOnline
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Looking for RGB DDR4 3200MHz ram and found these, I can get 2 for £111.62 plus 2 x £10 Steam wallet codes so effectively £91.62 for the ram & £20 for Steam!
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Anyone having issues redeeming these codes, saying they already been claimed?


clueless over 9999 you were lucky with silicon lottery, it doesn't mean everyone will be. paying an extra equivalent of a costa coffee for a faster RAM and having the speeds guaranteed is clearly too much for a poor people like you. Intel builds will not see a difference between 2666 and 3200 but amd systems will, end of story please come back and tell another fairy tale about how every component have the same chance to stable OC , let me guess in your special world every i7 8700k can do stable 5ghz @1,26v


I have done my research extensively. My system is OC RAM, CPU and Graphics card and it is stable Maybe you should be doing your research?


Sold out Edit: Back in stock (16th April) Edit2: Sold out again :(


Also, I compared the price between hyperx fury 2400 8gbx2 vs hyperx predator 3200mhz 8gbx2, the 3200 kit cost £14 more atm but I will have 3200 over 2400 because it has better chance to run stable at high speed. For me it is not worth to get b-die but I will have 3000/3200 over 2400/2666 if the extra cost is within £20

Acer Predator XB271HUbmiprz 27 Inch WQHD Gaming Monitor, (IPS Panel, G-Sync, 165 Hz) £499.99 @ Amazon
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Looks like a great monitor just droped in price

Back to £499.00




This one has jumped to £660. Reckon this one will go up soon too.


Not the cheapest its been but recently has cost up to 600 on some sites, for that reason it should be hot imo i love this monitor, has everything a gamer really needs very little compromises


Time for you to bite, it's now £499.00. (y) Not sure why Amazon are reducing the pennies in this fashion.

HyperX Predator 16GB (2x 8GB) 3200MHz DDR4 RAM, £89.89 at CCL
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Price drop. Key Features: Voltage: 1.35V Latency Timing: CL16 Speed: 3200MHz (PC4-25600) 2 x 8GB DIMM Dual Channel Kit Intel XMP Profile Support non-ECC Unbuffered Memo… Read more

If you want CL14 B-dies you need to look in the £150 price range.


You have to enable the XMP profile in your computers bios.


CL16 though...


Does this come as 3200mhz out of the box or do you have to overclock it etc?


Voted hot

Acer Predator  XB271HKbmiprz 27" IPS 4K monitor £549.99 @ Amazon
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Acer Predator XB271HKbmiprz monitor on Amazon. Reduced from £749.99 to £549.99 on prime.

So this is a good deal but you have mixed up the price and the monitor. There is two good deals. The 2560x1440 is 499 and a different spec monitor which you have described as 4k is 550


Whoops. I've amended the deal! You can tell its the first time I've posted a deal on here!


It's not 4K, it's 2560 x 1440 WQHD.

Acer predator x34p ultrawide gsynx monitor - £679.78 @ Amazon and eBuyer
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Amazon and ebuyer have at this price and currys will price match. Been watching this for a while and lowest its been since december last year - gets excellent reviews online. 100… Read more
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Yeah I wasn't prepared for its overall depth with the stand, luckily I have a large desk, might have to wall mount in the future. Love the stand though! Super solid and looks great!


Had mine for a few days now and excellent. Great upgrade from my 24 inch hd model esp for xpland and truckers mp


Mine arrived today - mindbogglingly good! It is BIG though, especially the stand, very deep compared to my 27" Dell.


8 minutes, better than me !


Well my resistance to purchase didn't last long, ordered, HEAT! thanks OP!


How is it ? Any lucky owners ?


Out of stock


Availble still just bought it


Out of stock


Something weird about this, ordered as too good to miss.. Now the Argos eBay listing, has moved from "more than 10 sold" and "5 available" of the NH.Q3EEK.004 model (one I got) to the now "1 sold" NH.Q2MEK.005 listed model... Spooky stuff.. anyone else manage to get the i5 8300 Gen 8 for the same price as the i5 7300 one now on the page?

HyperX Predator HX433C16PB3K2/16 DDR4 16 GB Kit (2 x 8 GB) 3333 MHz DDR4 CL16 DIMM, Black for £103.81 Delivered @ Amazon UK
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Fierce black aluminium heat spreader High speeds and low latencies deliver extreme DDR4 performance Intel XMP-ready profiles optimised for Intel's enhanced chipsets Backed by a … Read more

You can also save a bit and opt for the 3200, essentially the same kit bit a little lower frequency. Both should overclock reasonably well.

Acer Predator Z650 Full HD 3D Short Throw Projector / DLP / 2200L / Speakers / HDMI £614.99 @ Box
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
We don't often see price drops on this model, the last time was back in November at £674.99, which was a great price at that time. As far as I can tell this is the lowest ever pric… Read more

Not yet. Those are links to other sellers. Is out in the next few weeks though. As is the v6520 which seems to be exactly the same as the g550. I thought the lag would be the difference but even that’s the same so I’m waiting on some reviews for the actual differences between them


You're right! It looks like one :)


Already out on amazon


The acer nitro g550 is out anytime this month. 8ms input lag 4K hdr downscale to 1080p pass through 120hz. Releasing around the same price too. I’d like a 4K projector but think I’m going with the nitro as the 4K projectors still have a high input lag unless your willing to spend £3.5k on a Epson or 5+ on a Sony mative 4k



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