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The Philips Hue is a smart lighting system from the Dutch manufacturer Philips which enables home owners to add a variety of different coloured bulbs and effects to their interior spaces. Anyone who wants to add style and fun to their home will find plenty of Philips Hue discounts at HotUKDeals.

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Philips Hue White and Colour E14 £36.33 @ Amazon
Found 19 h, 32 m agoFound 19 h, 32 m ago
Cheaper than usual. I just picked one up from a re seller for roughly this price.

Not everyone can afford to buy two at once though. Good deal though that is. Or needs two.


He was correcting my grammar. You are right though. Singles are normally £50ish. If anyone lives in Bournemouth and wants to do a group buy let me know.


Usually close to £50 each


Cheaper then usual? Cheaper than usual.


Don't see why not. I'm ordering so basically it'll be cash in hand if collected. Buyer will know exactly what I've paid as it is on Amazon to see. Just saves someone a few £££s It's £11 saved per bulb :D

6x Philips Hue White Ambience GU10 £72.66 @ Amazon
Found 20 h, 0 m agoFound 20 h, 0 m ago
Along with the 3 for 2 deal Amazon are currently running the price for the twin pack GU10 has been reduced to £36.33 making each spotlight only £12.11! Cheapest its been to my rec… Read more

So can these be controlled by either the app or a normal light switch on the wall?


Are the white ambience version shorter/smaller than the than the coloured version? Many thanks


I am surprised that they are price matching you. This is something they stopped doing quite some time ago!!


Personally, for this price I’d stick with Hue.


Does anyone know if they work with Alexa? Edit: according to Ikea's website they work with Alexa... Do I send the 18 (Hue) I have just bought back? Mmm...

2 x Philips Hue Bloom for £101.98 @ Amazon
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
I don't personally feel these are worth the RRP of 79.99 but Amazon currently has a deal for two of these at a further 15% discount on an already reduced single unit price of 59.99… Read more

The Go is much better, worth paying the little extra for those.


Showing as a bit less in my basket, £98.31.


I have the iris, and I use it every day, it's worth the money


The new ios app is really annoying when picking a colour. Much better the old way.


Will wait for prime day i think. Hot deal though.

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Philips Hue Go Portable Colour Changing LED Smart Table Lamp £56.79 Del @ Amazon
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Amazing price for this item. I have one myself. Love it. Grab one before the price goes up.

Ordered and delivered today.


thanks a lot. I think I will wait for prime day


I have ordered. See if it’s anygood


These are overpriced at the moment. I agree that around £46.99 is a fair price.


Good Spot, however I’ve a feeling these will drop in price again (Prime Day). Cammel Cammel is showing the cheapiest they’ve been as £46.99 so this is overdue.

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience B22 Bayonet LED Starter Kit, 3 x Colour Bulbs, 1 x Hue Bridge 2.0, 1 x Dimmer Switch £103.07 @ Amazon UK
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Seems to be a good price for this starter kit including 3 x bulbs, dimmer switch and bridge. Cheapest it's ever been according to 3 Camels. Also some Amazon Warehouse deals for e… Read more
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Expired, showing as £161.49 now.


Bought the one on amazon warehouse for £94 - fingers crossed its ok


Yeah £161 now! (fierce)


All prices now gone up!


Gotta love uk hot deals, I posted very similar deal minus the switch for £3 cheaper a week or so ago and it went freezing cold, as a fellow hue addict I of course don’t care and simply want to help other people with hue but it does make me chuckle. my ever growing bulb collection thanks you op... heat added (y)

Philips hue bulb twin packs £67.95 - also 3 for 2 plus 20% off at Amazon
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Make light do more for you. Philips Hue is your personal wireless lighting system that lets you easily control your light from your device, creating the right ambience for any mome… Read more

Check other thread on hukd


Further reduced


Was a bit miffed I missed last weeks £14.99 price reduction on the Hue dimmer switches but I just got 3 for £13.33 each! Heat added for the 3-for-2 deal.


Any tips for getting the GU10s cheap :)


A tip that someone else shared in another thread is to buy E27's along with a pack of B22 to E27 adapters @ £5 for 5 (decent ones). In the Warehouse you'll often find E27's much cheaper than B22's - Just need to check back often ;-) E.g. i picked up a single E27 for £7 when the same B22 was £12.50

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Philips Hue Lighting 3 for 2 at Curry's
Refreshed 15th JunRefreshed 15th Jun07/08/2018Expires on 07/08/2018
Anyone buying Hue lighting if you buy 3 of the same type from Curry's you currently get 3 for 2 which is a tidy saving given the price of these things

I actually like the way the Philips hue bulb behaves as a dumb bulb would. Grandparents over a month ago didn’t know about the hue lights and pressed the normal light switch to work the likes. Didn’t need to mention or explain anything about smart home/gadgets. The hue bulbs set themselves to normal light bulb shade and brightness when switch on like that which is also good. However having a Philips hue dimmer switch on the wall is even better. And again doesnt need explaining to the grandparents as it on the wall in the ‘right’ place and looks self explanatory. With ours you can take the switch off the wall (they have magnets) and put it by your bedside or sofa and use as a remote control should you want Not to worry, access to the original light switch is still available as in picture above. Looking forward to the proper Philips hue light switches for uk fittings this summer hopefully


Thanks, and no, not yet at least! Ideally you don't use the wall switch. If you switch it off at the wall, there's no other way of turning the bulb on. And if you turn it back on at the wall, unless you use something smart to turn the bulb on as well, the bulb might not light up anyway. You can get covers to go over the wall switch that stop you using the wall switch, but have a slot for a smart switch like the Philips Hue Dimmer switch. (The Dimmer switches are also on 3 for 2.) They're the ones @idiophreak is talking about. To stop people switching it off at the wall accidentally, you can either retrofit or replace. To retrofit, you can use those covers (best), "switch guards" (very good and fairly cheap, they just stick on and stop you absent-mindedly using the wall switch but let you turn them off using a tool or credit-card-sized-card), or just tape over it (ugly but effective). To replace, you can either get someone to remove the switch and wire it direct (not ideal because it's a nightmare to change bulbs) or put a key-operated switch (like you see for emergency lighting in commercial premises. There are other smart switches that integrate directly with Hue, from Philips (like the "Philips Hue Tap Switch") and third parties, and there are other more interesting options like using Android tablets / iPads, or systems like the Logitech Pop. Also depending on your requirements, you might not need a physical switch at all. The motion sensors are supposed to be brilliant (and are on 3 for 2), and Hue works well with Google Home Mini's and / or Amazon Echo Dots if you prefer voice control. I mainly just use my smartphone though!


Yes, you can...but you'll need to turn it back on at the wall before you can control it smartly again. They do sell retrofit light switches that you can stick next to (or in some cases over) your light switch if you want to have a physical switch whilst still enabling smart control...


I just added a Hue controller to my Plex server so it automatically turns the lights off when playing a film, puts them on dim when it’s paused and turns them back on when the movie is over. It’s as sad as it is awesome, I love it.


Wow what a fantastic comprehensive explanation.... Do you work for Philips?! Can you still switch off at the wall with the normal switch?

3 x Philips Hue Motion Sensors (3 for 2) £69.98 @ Argos
26/06/2018Expires on 26/06/2018Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Following on from the Amazon deal, this works out at £23.33 per motion sensor (which is slightly cheaper), so long as you purchase 3 of them (on a 3 for the price of 2 deal until 2… Read more
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yes i currently use the built in light bulbs and it works a treat .once its covered up it doesnt work as well


The main difference seems to be that the sensor in that eBay link is actually built into the bulb itself, whereas the the product on the deal posted is a standalone device which you can position anywhere and then assign a bulb or a number of bulbs to it or rules. It’s a smart system if you will. Most people may like a smart system but the price of such things is prohibitive. I like the idea of the bulb with sensor and will try to think of a place in my house where it might work. Maybe a porch where the light is useful as you approach, although again the bulb will be pointing up with the fitting obscuring sections It may work in my upstairs or downstairs landings because the light fixture, although it would point the bulb along the ceiling towards the wall, and then covered by the shade, it may have enough beam to catch things. See picture. But also I wouldn’t like to use it because it would t fit into my particular set up as I have Philips hue system


for those who use it on the landing. whats the differcence between that and something like this ?


I have had one in the hall for 9 months and only just replaced the 2 x aaa batteries. They are good


Thank you very much. Great info and just configured on mine. Do you know if you can create any alerts/automation temperature related? Would love to turn a fan on if getting hot

Philips Hue Home Automation Smart Bridge 2.0 £34.95 @ Amazon
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
The heart and brain of your Philips Hue system, this bridge enables you to control all of your Philips Hue products via the Philips Hue app, even when you're away from home Add up… Read more
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The key word in his statement being “if”.


I am sure everyone has one lying around as raspberry pi is like toothbrush or shoes. My advice would be - do not bother and waste your time unless you really do not have anything better to do. If you have, just buy this bridge, plug it, set it up ... and forget. Plenty of time (time is money) saved.


If you have a raspberry pi lying about you can use one of them instead of these! Plenty of guides on the web.


Great price!

Hue 3 for 2 @ Philips e.g  Hue White ambiance Light Recipe Kit E27 £44.99
Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
Loads of hue bulbs are currently 3 for 2 on their website.

Sadly the ikea stuff is a disappointing option. I got some of the £7 GU10s and the light just doesn't suit all spaces - too warm for our kitchen. The £12 ones may be better, but the bulbs themselves are physically ugly and won't fit in a lot of recessed downlight fittings. There are some cheap innr ones on amazon, but people complain about buzzing... The amazon deal today lets you get the proper white Hue GU10s for £14 I've ordered a dozen for the kitchen :)


After selling the hubs I paid £20 each for coloured. I don't remember a deal on the whites. If you just want whites get Samsung smartthings and a fibaro dimmer and wire the relay in to the socket. Would only cost £50 per light switch plus £100 for smartthings starter pack if it goes on offer again. Another option would be to use the IKEA stuff.


Is there much chance the white GU10's will be cheaper on prime day? Havent followed HUE so not sure on price history. But considering wether to pull the trigger on 18 GU10's @ current price.


Sorry, cold, it's all cheaper on Amazon and Argos. Annoyingly I need another 3 GU10 colour and I know the best thing to do is wait until prime day next month grrrrr....


Just looked at Amazon at the GU10 dual pack - looks like they have. £42.40 instead of £49.99 - with 3 for 2 offer

Philips Hue Smart Tap Switch £36.33 at Amazon
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Another lowest price from Amazon today.

Agree the dimmers are nicer for daily use and better value but you can't configure them to activate a lot of the labs scenes.


I use these:


Yes, Smartthings and the relevant DTH.


i dont like the design of the dimmer itself, i picked this up from argos a couple of weeks ago when it was 24 i think it was. It isn't worth the full price but im not totally fussed about what 'more' the dimmer can do. When the dimmers are made for UK size switches ill get some more of them.


How are you using your Xiaomi buttons? Have you got Samsung Smartthings or some other device to communicate with Hue network?

Philips Hue GU10 twin pack White Ambiance £36.32 on Amazon
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Good price - dropped from around the standard 44 mark.

Just came back here to say "speak of the devil" :D I take it this is the best its been? About £14.14 a bulb. They were £34 a pair yesterday, but jacked up the price before adding 3 for 2.


On 3 for 2 deal on Amazon now at £42.40, along with some other Hue bulbs. Offer until 25th June it says.


I'll keep my fingers crossed for less :) Currently thinking to use HUE in the Living room and Main bedroom. Then perhaps the £7 tradfri in the spare bedrooms/passageways when an ikea family offer appears.


I picked them up at AO when £44 and 3 for 2 so just under £15 per bulb was a couple of months ago now though I’m sure it’ll come back around those levels if not less


Whats the cheapest these have been (either directly or in 3 for 2 offers)? I need 18 quite soon for living area. But another 25 to complete bedrooms and possibly 10 for passage ways. Trying to decide when to pull the trigger on what looks to be costly adventure into smart lighting :/ Considering using Tradfri for bedrooms, but I hear they can be fiddly when mixed with HUE. Anyone got any experience?

Philips Hue Wireless Motion Sensor at Amazon £25.43 each
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Lowest Price ever on Amazon according to the camels. Been waiting for a price around this point for a while.
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Price gone up :( is this expired now?


£34.99 now with no cheaper option.


Back up to £31-odd now


This was £17.50 at one point when all Philips Hue was half price (Prime Day I think). Still, it’s the 1st time I’ve seen it discounted since!

PHILIPS Hue White & Colour E27 Smart Bulb Kit, LightStrip Plus & White B22 Wireless Bulbs Bundle - £199.99 @ Currys
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
This bundle includes PHILIPS Hue White & Colour Ambiance E27 Smart Bulb Starter Kit + PHILIPS Hue LightStrip Plus - 2 m + PHILIPS Hue White Ambience B22 Wireless Bulb - Twin … Read more

Yeah me too, no good for me personally as I have a b22 set up but hoping it helps someone


Not great


I just wish they had the same deal but with a b22 three pack instead of e27


You get what you pay for... :{


Yeelights every time. Cost a fraction of Hue

PHILIPS Hue Colour Wireless Bulbs Starter Kit - E27 - £99.97 @ Currys
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Seems a good price for 3 colour bulbs and a bridge to get you started if your dipping your toe in hue :)

Haha I feel the pain (excited)


It's an ok price neither hot or cold from me


I don't get why this is cold either. Although I'm getting a little too addicted to my hue lighting and really can't justify buying it right now, I still probably will. This is a great deal


It wouldn't surprise me if some people just see the heat/cool colour and vote simply to get another badge (shock)



50% OFF Philips HUE Lighting @ foniacs_uk / Ebay
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
50% OFF on Philips hue products.
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The ebay listing at £59.99 is for 2x2m lengths though (i.e. 2 packs); compared to the current gen of lightstrips which are 2m for £69.99. :) Thanks for posting Chestertom; I missed the Amazon deal yesterday on the starter set, but got it at the same price here :)


True but the ebay seller is not telling the truth as it is not 50% off. On Amazon there is not even a sale and it is just 10 pounds more.


Both are gen1 lightsrips.


I just bought the light strips, just noticed the same ones on Amazon for 69 pounds LOL


Truth. I am spending my time to add good deals to members of HUKD and almost all the time I can see that deal is not good. Sorry not everything is for free. even 10% discount is good and without HUKD you will not know about this.

Philips Hue White Ambience Bayonet Cap B22 £14.99 prime / £19.48 non prime @ Amazon
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Usually £25-£30 for singles, I think. These are the ambient ones that change tone as well as dim. Good price, if you are looking for some.





Showing as £14.99 but with a delivery delay of 2 - 4 weeks. Ordered 9 of these over the past week at a prices between £21 and £24.99 so as amazon would not price match themselves due to "policy" have started return process on those orders and re-ordered at the lower price. Even with the return delivery cost that is still £60 back in my pocket.


So it is. Thanks.


What version is this bulb?

Philips Hue White Ambiance Personal Wireless Lighting LED E27 Starter Kit at Amazon for £49.99 (temp OOS but available for ordering)
Found 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
Philips Hue White Ambiance Personal Wireless Lighting LED E27 Starter Kit, 2 9.5 W E27 Hue White Ambiance Bulbs, Wireless Dimmer Switch, Hue Bridge 2.0, Apple Home Kit Enabled, Wor… Read more

anyone received their orders yet? mine is still pending... (fierce)


Link please


Has anyone received this order?.


Same price on eBay


Looks like I missed out! No £49.99 option with "other sellers" now! :(

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