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The Philips Hue is a smart lighting system from the Dutch manufacturer Philips which enables home owners to add a variety of different coloured bulbs and effects to their interior spaces. Anyone who wants to add style and fun to their home will find plenty of Philips Hue discounts at hotukdeals. Read more
Google Chromecast + Google Mini + Philips Hue White E27 Starter Kit (two E27 white bulbs & Phillips Bridge) = £86 @ AO
Refreshed 22nd MarRefreshed 22nd Mar
*Updated 22nd march 12:15 back in stock* You can get this Smart home bundle for £86 including Google Chromecast, Google Mini and Philips Hue White E27 Starter (two E27 Hue white L… Read more

Why no B22 deals is it a production/popularity thing?


Based on what?


You dont have to take take your clothes off to have fun


Is it E27 only? Ring Video Doorbell V2 & Chime Pro Bundle £189 - good price?


I plunged for it!! B22 fittings at home, so found and ordered for collection some of these from Homebase to convert current pendants to E27: . Better than adapters and easier to find than an entire new E27 pendant

Philips Hue White & Colour Ambience Smart E27 Bulb Starter Kit (3 A19 E27 Bulbs, 1 Bridge, 1 Dimmer Switch) - Amazon Warehouse: Like New
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Seems to be a great deal considering the only damage is to the box and that the items are "Like New" RRP is £169.99

Hot deal, often available at this sort of price from warehouse though


To be fair, I don't think its a bad deal, probably suffers from being E27 bulbs (mostly bayonet in the UK), and that the Black Friday deal was so good, its hard not to compare - £90 minus the switch, but did include an Echo Dot 3rd Gen (time machine required).


Thanks, upon seeing HotUKDeals unanimous verdict that this is cold, I cancelled my order.


I've purchase a 'as new' E27 Hue bulb from Amazon, and it arrived completely dead. Fortunately Philips Hue support is excellent, and a fortnight later, I received a brand new replacement. So just be cautious of Amazon's description, as clearly my 'as new' item was never tested.

Philips Hue Smart Motion Sensor £26.42 Amazon
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
First time submitting a deal :) I have just picked up the Philips Hue Smart Motion Sensor for £26.42 from amazon. They have a £5 off a £25.00 spend. You need to apply for the di… Read more

Good shout. I’ve been after one of these for a while, but was waiting for a 3 for 2 deal on these and bulbs. Then realised I also had an additional £5 promo credit, so picked one up for £21.42! Heat from me for a good suggestion


Ordered. Many thanks


Have to vote cold. The £5 deal will go crazy hot and everyone will know about it... and go looking for something to spend it on. It’s then unhelpful to find posts already including the discount in the price!


Thanks for the suggestion. I was actually thinking of getting another one, but was put of by the price. Personally, I find these posts very useful, although they maybe better restricted to one post with lots of suggestions. I picked up a pair of Dali Alteco speakers, that I wanted, but didn’t know existed, when eBay were doing their 20% off offer last year. I was considering the SVS Prime Elevation speakers, and the post about the Dali’s saved me quite a bit!


To be fair, i want something to use my £5 on

Philips Hue Shape light  £39 instore @ B&Q Dundee
LocalLocalFound 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Started pack for the Philips hue shape light reduced to £39 in B&Q Dundee.
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These break very easily if you bend them in the wrong place (from experience) great price


WTF is a shape light yo? (confused)


This is the equivalent of starter pack for lightstrip. Comes with 2m light and transformer control unit. The 1m extensions cannot be used without this as they don't come with the transformer.


Where have people been rude or treared him like a servant? All I can see is a couple of early posts posts pointing out he's got the wrong name (perhaps slightly bluntly, but certainly not offensively). Them a couple of posts asking him if he could correct the details. (not unreasonable given others have given them to him) Mods can correct/edit things but nearly a day later and they haven't here. It doesn't seem to much to ask for someone to have a little bit of responsibility/ownership for the deals they posted. I don't post deals to generate revenue for the site owners, I pay deals to try and help as many people as I can so I want my deals to be as accurate as possible.


thanks OP - hot deal

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance B22 Twin Pack - A+ Rated (or 4 for 3) £69 @ AO
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
£69.99 per pack or get 4 for 3. Yes it’s 8 bulks for £210 not as good as Black Friday but anyone who needs some now it’s a good price.
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The 10 percent code LIGHT10 also works but doesn't give as much discount. Pity can't stack the 2 codes?


Ok! That makes sense now. Thanks! 6 will do me and can get some motion sensors and white bulbs too! Thanks


You’d need to add 4 packs to get the ‘1 free’ so it would be £227, instead of £276. Don’t think it’s supposed to go through for 3 packs but it seems to work. So it would be 3 packs (6 bulbs) for £157.98.


When I enter 84PHILIPS and set quantity to 3 total cost is £157.98 does that come with a 4th free? Or do I need to add quantity to 4? But when I do that the total changes to £227 with the code.


Putting in the wrong discount code. Should be 84PHILIPS

Cheap Phillips Hue White A19 E27 starter kit  (2 Hue White Bulbs and a Bridge) £46.99 Amazon
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Philips Hue White A19 E27 60 W Equivalent Smart Bulb Starter Kit (2 Hue White Bulbs and a Bridge, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant)

Cheers! Used the £5 off today for this. (y)


I purchased these a little while ago and realised I purchased the wrong fitting ones and was too late to return them. I now have a brand new kit sitting in a drawer. I have the colour changing ones already and hey are brilliant,


Same here. I bought the bulbs and thought it would work with Alexia and then it said I needed the hub! Doh! but glad its a low price now.


I'm holding out for a good deal on colour bulbs, but heat anyway


Bought it anyway. Can always return. Good deal!

Philips Hue White Ambience Bulb With Dimmer - £29.99 @ Amazon
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Not sure how much this normally is but for a £10 extra on top of normal white bulb with dimmer this seems ok price?

Good deal. Heat added! For the hall, you probably don't need Ambience. Ambience is adjustable colour temperature (warm reddish white, cold bluish white). I'd have thought you'd be better off with a the cheaper plain white kit saving you a tenner.


Yes definitely, even just for the visitors.


I feel like i need to buy a Dimmer but don’t think I will use it as we just use the phone or ask Alexa to change it. Are they good to have?


that wasn't my intention :) this was


I get it. This is what you think a tissue looks like. Again, wrong item.

Philips Hue Go Portable Colour Changing LED Smart Table Lamp (Compatible w/ Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant) Amazon £51.09
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Great price on Amazon, usually £60+ Product specs: Enjoy your own personal light show, capable of millions of colours and shades of white light, able to sync to your favourite… Read more

Price gone back up to £69.99. Very happy I was able to sneak an order in at this price.


Shows £69.99 for me?


Not the cheapest it’s been but a good price and it doesn’t seem to go on sale often. Good find

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Philips Hue Play White & Colour Ambiance 2 Pack at Amazon Germany for £94.24
Shipping from GermanyShipping from GermanyFound 28th FebFound 28th Feb
With twice the fun in a single package, Hue Play light bars in white give you limitless opportunities to create the perfect ambiance. Use the included stands to place them vertical… Read more

Just a heads up - these come with UK adapters


I've got Hue light strips behind my tv - are these better in people's opinion?


Unfortunately not, I bought some Hue Outdoor lights and they came with 2pin EU plugs only.


I know in this country the Philips hue stuff with plugs you get both 2 pin and uk 3 pin fittings. Perhaps when ordering from the continent Philips only have the 2 pin in the box


Buyer beware, they will likely have have 2pin EU plugs and not UK three pin, so an adaptor may be required. Not a huge concern, but one to be aware of. (y)

Philips Hue Bloom x2 & Hue Lightstrip (Plus) Bundle £134.99 @ Amazon
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Hey All, I know Philips Hue isn't for everyone but I just decided to get some new lights - was looking at the new Play Bars which I am going to order separately but also wanted a … Read more

Looks like I missed out on this one. Price has gone back up to 180


Thats pretty cool, so just out of interest, do you use your TV like normal say with a google chrome cast or are you literally playing stuff from your PC onto that TV?


The ambilight tv is my next purchase, just waiting for prices to drop for the size i want. I'm using a computer with Hue Sync installed it works perfectly for my home setup as we have it next to my main tv.


My guess is he has a philips ambilight tv...


So you can set up an entertainment area - for example "gaming area" so this for me would be 2 bloom/playbar lights behind the screen facing 45 degrees outwards at the wall, and then use a light strip which is also included, then you let Hue Sync do the rest for you, choosing game and then choose your main monitor :) You need a hub to control the colours or any entertainment features, however you can turn these on to be a normal yellow/white colour like any bulb you just cant adjust without the hub. How do you link them with your TV? my TV doesn't support anything fancy and dont really want my phone to be constantly looking at the image on the screen to do it. We can do it on our PC's now with Hue Sync, but still looking for a TV equivalent.

Philips LivingColors Bloom £34.89 delivered @ Amazon IT
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Nice discount on this - Price includes P&P, slightly cheaper via Free free card Easily select your colours with the remote control Choose from 16 million colours Adjus… Read more
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Got the same email today.. Looks like we won't get them


Did anyone who ordered receive the bloom? Amazon have spun me a line about delays?


I've paired this fine with with the hue hub, they work fine but the hue go are much better, but obviously more money.


Yes. And have to pay from pocket and send bill to customer services. Takes 2 weeks to reach there by DPD


These are more like spot lights to illuminate something. They not bright at all

Philips Hue White and Colour twin pack £62.04 @ Amazon
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
Good price for twin pack. Shame I really need one. But might be useful for other people

Could say the same about t-shirts or trainers. I'd rather buy mine from Asda & have sexy light bulbs.


Its not just a light bulb


What is wrong with people. 30 squid for a light bulb. The world has truly gone mad! It's like 'oooh shiny new stuff..must have'. When exactly did we loose our common sense and fall for this technobabble?


It comes in many product mixes. I have bought 2 colour bulbs and dimmer for £49.99. Some have also bought two bulbs plus 3 bulbs/bridge/dimmer starter pack for £141.And echo dot plus mini starter (2 bulbs+bridge) for £79.99. And 3 bulbs starter pack without dimmer for £74. Just to give few examples. it comes in many product


The closer to £20 per bulb the better. £30 per bulb is too much...there’s been much better deals

Philips Hue White Personal Wireless Lighting LED B22 9 W Twin Pack LightBulbs, [Apple Homekit Enabled] now £21.23 @ Amazon
Refreshed 26th FebRefreshed 26th Feb
Turn on your peace of mind with Philips hue. Get started with the Philips hue White starter kit and experience peace of mind by controlling your lights wherever you are. It’s all a… Read more
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In term of "removing my complaints" direct your "you just spend £20 or £45 a pop replacing each of your existing light switches" "solution" to the op. As I recall, Philips had help from the Dutch Govt to steal cd tech, and its implementation and ergonomics is awful. All the rest of your stuff is strawman and deflection - who cares how long Hue has been around? The point I was making is that its current implementation is very lacking and I'd hold off until a serious tech co steps in and there's a step-change.


Run a search on the popular auction site for "hue dimmer cover" and you'll see some solutions. It's basically a cover for your existing light switch so the Hue Dimmer is on top of it.


I’ve the app iConnectHue and you can do exactly that. I tried plenty of apps and found that was the only one worth spending any money on. Lots and lots of extra control.


The problem with the dimmer is it only controls one zone. I have two light switches (as many people do) with two switches on them. One for the hall and one for the landing. I want to be able to turn off the hall and landing lights independently. What I don't want to do is to buy four dimmers, two to sit next to each other in the hall and two for the landing. If Philips could just bring out a dinner that can control multiple zones it would solve so many problems.


Hue knew

Philips Hue White Ambiance A19 E27 Twin Pack Smart Bulbs - £35.99 @ Amazon
Found 24th FebFound 24th Feb
I’ve checked on Camel Camel and this appears to be the cheapest price for this twin pack so great for those who don’t want the Hub or a Dimmer. Works out at £17.99 per bulb. http… Read more
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Ambience are great. I've had a few for a month. I did find myself wanting colour though, when playing Resident Evil 2 the other night (a touch of red would've made it much better / worse).


Perfect cheaper to buy these and buy adapters than to buy the e14 hue pack (y)


Yep. The bulb talks wirelessly to the Hue hub and won't know whether it's in an adaptor or not. It'll just work as designed as long as it's powered.


If you used an adapter to change the fitting to E14 bulbs would they still work in the “smart” sense?


Indeed. So I was trying to find out whether the ambient bulbs go brighter than the white ones. I can probably find all the specs on the Philips Hue site. Just thought someone here might know off the too of their head.

3 for 2 on Philips Hue products from Philips
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
We had a bit of a glitch in our system and can only apologise! To make up for it we have a 3 for 2 code just for you – yes it really is 3 for 2 this time! Again we are sorry if we… Read more

does anyone have a code I could have please? <3


Used it. Thanks for sharing Ray! Much love.


Just got another code.. hope it’s of use to someone! 3FOR2GB6E3L2M5A8K4


If there are any more 3for2s I'd be eternally grateful - I'm registered with hue how do people get these?


Also after a code of anyone has one? Thanks :-)

Philips Hue E27 White Dimmer Kit £20 @ Amazon
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
Good deal, nothing else to say really!

Why don’t they do the kits with the bayonet type bulbs?


I dont htink this is an ambience bulb which looks like this


since 24th of January


Been this price for weeks


Older style bulbs had silver bodies didn't they? Think the Gen 3's have been in production for a few years too, 2016ish. So everything should be latest build.

Philips Hue GU10 White and Colour Ambiance Spotlights - 8 for £31.87 each @
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Haven't posted a deal in a long time, but here we go... With all the Philips Hue furore going on HUKD, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and got the starter kit + 2 free bulbs fr… Read more

aye exactly, was about to jump on this until i seen the total cost!!! (mad)


Agreed!! There are too many people on here putting others off ever posting again due to nasty comments. There are better ways to say you disagree, like the comment by someone about getting as close to £20 as possible, that's very helpful! Thanks for the posting Gulz.


Probably shut have not bothered commenting! Seriously the op is trying to help by sharing, dont knock someone for trying!


My comment isn't particularly relevant to this deal, because people don't generally use GU10's for Hue Sync. I was just saying that's the reason I've gone to some colour bulbs. (lol)


What's not relevant?

2x Double Pack Philips Hue White Ambiance GU10 Spot Lights £59.98 Argos
Found 18th FebFound 18th Feb
4 Philips White Ambiance GU10 at £14.99 each Philips Hue White Ambiance GU10 fits perfectly in your existing GU10 Spotlight fittings/ downlights. Light up your kitchen or your liv… Read more

Yes, they are sent on email


How do u get a code? Did u have to be pre signed up?


I did indeed 24 bulbs and feeling skint :)


(Just been reading other threads) Damn, lucky you! I've only for the 4 for 3 code, but need 6 GU10 bulbs. Presuming you're making use of your code? ;)


Unless you got the 3 for 2 code :)

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