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Children adore the Amiibo collectible figures for Wii U and the New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL. Finding the best bargains and collectible Amiibo figures and cards can be difficult but HotUKDeals provides regular updates on discounts and promotions for all Amiibo collectibles. Read more
Metroid Dread Samus/E.M.M.I. Amiibo 2-Pack £25.99 (pre-order) at Amazon
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Made hot 17th JunMade hot 17th Jun
First place available in UK, will probably sell out quickly. Preorder available for 8/10/21.

Nice one while it lasted. Thanks @Majorasblaze


Good call 👌


Also simply games fro 29.95


In stock at GAME, but £33 delivered


I knew they would. These Amiibo figures are hot property so always sell out quick.

Zelda & Loftwing Amiibo (Skyward Sword) Nintendo Switch Pre-Order £21.99 @ Nintendo Shop
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Made hot 10th JunMade hot 10th Jun
Decent low price for the amiibo, always a bit skeptical how they get received, but this felt like one worthy of a share. NBP based on ShopTo. Description The Zelda & Loftw… Read more

Does the new Nintendo store take money now or on dispatch as they used to?


Honestly I didn’t think the travelling was an issue, it was nice to go for a flight!


Turned out my bank blocked my card cause I bought something from very earlier in the day. Bit weird but had to reply to a text message on my old number to approve the transaction, worked fine after that


This is just Nintendo’s RRP for this amiibo, not sure why everywhere else is selling it above the RRP.


It's way over priced but they know it'll sell and only become more expensive after it's sold out so what can you do.

Terry Bogard Amiibo - £7.87 (Prime) + £4.49 P&P (Non-Prime) @ Amazon UK
Made hot 2nd JunMade hot 2nd Jun
Edit V2: Dropped even more! Edit: Dropped further Below RRP for a relatively new Amiibo! From Super Smash Bros, Terry Bogard is back as an Amiibo!

I held out as I thought it might get to £7.50 and now it’s back up to £16+. It was bargain anyway. Heat added


Down to £8 now (y)


90% this. Nintendo has been really lacklustre with game Amiibo support lately. Aside from the occasional pricey amiibo and half decent functionality in one specific game. I do like amiibo but nintendo dropped the ball here in terms of value for fans. The Terry amiibo if for use in smash bros and it’s just as an AI you can fight against, improve their stats.


I don’t even play final fight but I’m tempered (excited) (excited) (excited)


Not just that. They unlock free items in games - some even unlock dlc items you can’t get normally such as costumes/mounts like in zelda or mario. In mario kart some of them unlock outfits for your mii.

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Kapp'n Animal Crossing Amiibo - £5.95 @ The Game Collection (Free P&P)
Made hot 27th MayMade hot 27th May
Kapp'n Animal Crossing Amiibo - £5.95 @ The Game Collection (Free P&P) Also available on Amazon for £5.87… Read more

Does it sing sea shanties?


Heat from me because Kapp'n is a boss


It does, but you cant have Kapp'n as a villager as he is a Special NPC from previous games. However you scan him in for his Poster and for him to appear at the Cabin as a poseable NPC for photo opportunities.


Does this work with the latest animal crossing game on the switch?


Or you could have said on the other post that is also available on here.