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Citizen Kane @ BBC iPlayer
31/05/2020Expires on 31/05/2020Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Frequently voted one of the best films ever made, Orson Welles's masterpiece tells the story of newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane in a series of flashbacks. A reporter is intri… Read more

Has anyone ever seen the Kane from Citizen Kane... Third Man is better if you ask me!


The hid a Mike in his bed lol


Awesome Welles


For the time it was ground breaking due to the way it was made. This was the first 'modern' film due to new editing techniques, lighting, set design (you could see the ceiling!) etc. If you are interested in the history of movies, this is a good watch.


Anyone got a spare code, pm me (lol)

BBC Set backgrounds for Zoom FREE
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Get your Zoom background sorted with these BBC set photos.From Eastenders to Porridge.
Get deal*Get deal*

Lol happy trolling. Maybe go and eat a dictionary or something. Just for some evidence though, and excluding my own use, I teach in an art and design and performing arts college where the IT suites for the graphic designers, animators music techs, are all Macs as well as all the freelance associates all using their own.


No they wouldn't and that is a common lie anyway, come back with somebody better than that nonsense. You are still a technophobe.


Ahh I thought it was big black c%+& background. Cold from me


The way I see all Apple devices is mediocre hardware at premium prices. What you're actually paying for with Apple isn't the hardware, it's the "premium" brand name and the fine-tuned software. Apple devices run so well on mediocre hardware because the software is designed to run specifically with that exact hardware setup, no variables considered. Microsoft and Android can't do that, because there are just too many hardware combinations out there that run those operating systems to be able to do so.


It depends on your definition of mission critical. VxWorks is specifically geared towards embedded systems. I work for a financial company, and all our services run on Linux variants (AWS, Digital Ocean, self-hosted) - including the mission critical Java services. We've just been acquired by a very large Chinese payment company, which also runs nearly all of its services on Linux variants.

Free to play - Complete BBC Micro Games Archive @ BBC
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Might keep some busy during these times Complete BBC Micro Games Archive In 1981, after winning a contract from the BBC, Acorn Computers released the 8-bit BBC Micro computer. Thi… Read more

Just the standard one. I've also got a Pocket Go 2 and an LDK Horizontal.


What one do you have?


Snapper's on there: I remember Acornsoft releasing unlicensed (but near arcade-perfect) copies of several of the big arcade games of the time, but then having to give them different names after action from Atarisoft. So Pac-Man was renamed Snapper and the ghosts became monsters. Planetoid was an almost perfect copy of Defender though (and the reason I bought a BBC Micro), and Rocket Raid / Arcadians were similarly impressive copies of Scramble / Galaxians respectively.


I've got an Rg-350 emulation device and it plays BBC Micro games. Downloaded loads of games for it.



(Pre-owned) Frozen Planet Complete Series Bluray £2.69 / Life (BBC Series) £2.60 / Wonders of the Solar System £1.79 with code @ MusicMagpie
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Sir David Attenborough narrates this nature documentary series exploring the polar extremes. The footage captures life in the Arctic and Antarctic and takes a look at how climate c… Read more

Thanks (y) Just bought 4 blu rays for £8 Frozen Planet Wonders of the universe Life Earth


Omg... That's cheap... I remember when they first came out, they were soooooooooo expensive


They don't seem to allow guest check out and want birthday etc etc


I went for Wonders of the Solar System. Thanks for posting.

Alan Partridge Alpha Papa BBC iplayer
329° Expired
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Smell my cheese,monkey tennis,etc. Free on BBC iPlayer.The licence fee? They've rebadged it you fool
Get deal*Get deal*

Dalendless shid. Are you back on the boddle?


Nah, the TV licence is for broadcasts that you watch live or record and to use BBC iPlayer.


Dossers and dwads.


''I am siege face!''


CASHBACK! You still have to pay for a licence to watch those on a TV... Good to see you are getting into the spirit though as complaining about the licence fee is VERY Partridge.

BBC Gardeners' World Magazine Subscription 5 Issues for £5 @
31/03/2021Expires on 31/03/2021Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Seems a pretty good deal, 5 issues for £5, then £27.60 every 6 issues. However you can cancel after the introductory offer of 5 issues. Usually £5.45 per magazine.
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I think they are saying you get the seeds but dont get other things like gloves etc , she misspelled "items" and so says "times" instead in this part -------> other times seen


So your email confirms you won't get the seeds you get at the newstand as they are more expensive. But you might get cheaper ones 'where applicable'. So people saying you won't get the seeds you see in the shops are correct then. Thanks for providing this evidence of this.


For those that are cancelling, are you doing it as soon as the £5 is taken or after the 5th issued has been received?


Yes you do, from an email i got. Thank you for your recent email. Subscribers copies normally include seeds where applicable but would not normally include other times seen in Newsstand copies which are usually more expensive. If there is anything else that I can help you with please don’t hesitate to contact me. For and on behalf of BBC Gardener’s World Tina Kendall Email Customer Services


Just received this about the seeds as some people have said they are not included. Thank you for your recent email. Subscribers copies normally include seeds where applicable but would not normally include other times seen in Newsstand copies which are usually more expensive. If there is anything else that I can help you with please don’t hesitate to contact me. For and on behalf of BBC Gardener’s World Tina Kendall Email Customer Services

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Spitfire Audio’s new BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover plugin for free
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Complete a questionnaire and its yours for nothing in 14 days The BBC Symphony Orchestra series presents a new standard in orchestral sampling — a whole orchestra of the highest … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Ahh, we finally agree on something (lol) it is a very generous offer. Have a lovely bank holiday everyone.


We got there in the end so how about updating the deal to highlight the truth about their generous offer?


Thanks Tapi, I agree, it's a little ridiculous. Thanks for pointing it out.. it must be on desktop though as I still am not seeing on my mobile, nor my email from them to take up the offer. Thanks for sending the link (y)


Also, worth pointung out its just the plug in. Anyone hoping this is a free music production package look elsewhere.


I'm not sure why you're both arguing, one of you seems to be appreciative of the freebie and is a musician, the other is the poor guy who just posted the deal. But just to quieten it down. The site does say "BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover out of your budget? Log in (or create a new account), fill out our questionnaire, and we'll send you a FREE download after 14 days. Alternatively, you can buy and download now." On the page after clicking 'or free' Not sure why you're nitpicking over what it says, but hey hopefully that helps. Also, I think with the founder that op mentioned (haven't watched it all tho)

Blur - Live At The BBC 10” Vinyl - £3.94 (+£2.99 Non-prime) @ Amazon
731° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Limited edition 10” vinyl - Selling elsewhere for £9.99 Track Listing -Girls & Boys (Live At The BBC)Jubilee (Live At The BBC)Trouble In the Message Centre (Live At The BBC)Lo… Read more

After a full listen I think your right... A tad bit loud...


Sound is great... Well mixed thanks BBC


Complain?! Mine arrived flat - certainly not like that! (fierce)


Mine much the same. Doesn't even have a flap at the top.


Not sure how I feel about that!

Staying in the TARDIS: Free activities for kids, inc. a free Dr Who comic, Create Your Own Doctor, Make Dalek Cupcakes & loads more @ BBC
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Lots of free activities for kids, including a free Dr Who comic, Create Your Own Doctor, Make Dalek Cupcakes, Making a Dalek from Recycled Plastic and loads more Welcome to Stayi… Read more

Thank you so much. My son has recently discovered the joys of Dr Who and is now obsessed. This will break up the moodiness from homeschooling! Heat from me



Heat (y)


Out of this world. Heat added


Tremendous! <3

Tracks A multi-award-winning conspiracy thriller, written by Matthew Broughton Free download @ BBC
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
When a plane crashes in West Wales, a dark mystery begins to unfold. A major conspiracy thriller, starring Romola Garai. Written by Matthew Broughton. All 4 series are now on the … Read more

I've been trying to get through this since last summer. I was listening to it on trips to the caravan, with my headphones on when the kids had gone to bed. I think I'm still on series 2. Unsure it's my thing. It's really good in parts and then I get a bit bored in others.


Thanks OP. Podcast says it's available for 60 days. The other downloads don't show at time limit.

ELITE (1984) - The Retro Gaming Classic space trading game! FREE @ Frontier (Original BBC Computer Programme)
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Experience the Retro Gaming Classic space trading game, Elite! As released on the BBC Model B in 1984, by Ian Bell and David Braben. (Original BBC Computer Programme) which can be … Read more

Mr Ee was a classic. A mate of mine had Microvitec monitor and it looked superb on that. I’ve spent a good few hours playing Dangerous and it is good but only in single player mode. Like you multiplayer does nothing for me at all. It was a great scene then as well. We used to knock about with the Gremlin and Alligata guys in Sheffield. If I remember Alligata we’re above Superior Systems on West Steer and Gremlin was upstairs on Carver Street. A mate of mine worked in Datron over the road. Had some proper laughs in those days.


It was probably TL:DR for most people (I kept adding stuff to it after the initial post, which didn't help!). Loved the BBC Micro and Archimedes - probably the two finest machines to exist in the 1980's, even if they were both overpriced (but worth it, IMHO). It was the fact that they didn't have anything "naff" about them like so many of their contemporaries did (the ZX Spectrum being the worst - literally everything about it was awful and yet it sold in bucketloads because it was cheap). Actually, all this talk of disk protection reminded me of a commercial disk copier progam for the BBC Micro that would display a picture of a pirate if you tried to use it to copy itself. Rather than bother cracking the protection (which I'm sure I could have done), I think I just worked out that if you write protected the disk with a protection label mid-way through it loading, it wouldn't detect its own copy protection and would let you copy itself :-) Hey, no point in wasting time cracking it if a sticky label does the job for you! Getting back to Elite, I did play it for a quite a long time to get my £14.95's worth, but I never became "Elite". I think I did try it on or two other platforms later on and, no, I haven't bought Elite Dangerous before you ask (would be nice if they had a Linux version since I consider Linux the sort of successor spiritual home where ex-BBC/Archimedes owners would end up at) - I just don't like multi-player games (so Steam Proton works well for me in Linux - anti-cheat for multi-player is the last major hurdle and I don't care :-) ). Another BBC Micro story from me: I wrote code to "ROM-ise" any BBC Micro game - you could then run it with a star command and it would display the game name on boot (like Disc Doctor and others did). I got an EPROM blown of Mr Ee! (what a great game that was) and could just run it with *mree and it would instantly start. Linux users can reminisce with xmris of course, which actually looks more like a conversion of Mr Ee! than of Mr Do! :-)


Haha fantastic memories I really enjoyed reading that thank you... Took me right back yes the Captain Pugwash was Frak! and it was a great rendition too ! What did he say he would do whip and do nasty things to whoever copied the game ? ! My time with the beeb set me up for a life time working in IT but I wish I could go back to those times. They were special, magical even. Seriously I was disappointed when I had finished your post ever though of making your memories more permanent ? I would pay to read them :-)


It was many, many years ago, so my memory's a bit hazy on this! Computer Concepts' Disc Doctor ROM was an essential toolkit (I loaded it into sideways RAM) - a 6502 disassembler, a memory editor and a disk editor were all helpful. If a game checked for a bad sector, I'd patch the code to skip that check. If it actually loaded data from a "special" sector (formatted differently from normal to prevent copying), I'd let it load the data, patch it to return control and the *SAVE the data out to another disk. I'd then patch the loading code to load from a normal file instead. I suspect one of these 2 methods is what I'd have done with Elite. I will point out that The BBC Micro Advanced User Guide was a mandatory book to buy at the time - excellent documentation on the OS that proved invaluable when patching games and writing 6502 on the machine in general. I had a 6502 programming reference book (I forget its title - black cover with orange heading on the front) and "The BBC Micro Compendium" (Jeremy Ruston's "banned book" where he naughtily documented an entire disassembly of the BBC BASIC ROM - talk about copyright infringement!). Didn't really need any other books on the BBC Micro at the time. You might like to know that Jeremy's documentation of how the BBC BASIC expression evaluator worked was used as a template for a C-based version I wrote for UNIX/Linux systems called calc (which I didn't realise at the time was also the name of a GNU program...slaps forehead). My funniest experience was with Acornsoft Revs - the author had written a sophisticated way of intercepting *LOAD to load from special sectors. I was worried about patching it until I realise that you could just patch to return control and literally type a *SAVE command to save the chunk of memory loaded to by the custom *LOAD! Once I'd then removed his interception of *LOAD, everything loaded from normal files and I was done. I often found that tape protection was more sophisticated than disk protection, even though you were often paying a lot more for the latter and 99% of the time the disk version of the game was identical to the tape version (Elite was indeed one of the rare exceptions to this). Authors would load (or just check for) extra data on tape that wasn't copyable via *LOAD/*SAVE - you'd just patch that load/check out in most cases. I even used that technique in a slightly ironic way in a commercial tape copier I wrote, so that one of the few things it couldn't copy was itself :-) The most interesting tape protection by far was used by Ultimate's Knight Lore - it used precise timings of the 6522 VIA chip to decrypt data. I had the code for the crack completed in a matter of hours, but unbeknownst to me, one line of it was wrong and this messed up the decryption. After many code reviews on and off, 2 weeks later I found the fix and all was good. I was excited to see what new tape protection Ultimate would come up with in their next game (I think it was Atic Atac) and was massively disappointed that *exactly* the same code I wrote to crack Knight Lore worked on the sequel too, so it was literally a 10 minute crack. Biggest letdown ever! As you can probably guess, many BBC Micro games (outside of the much quoted "classics") were more fun to crack than actually play. I was never defeated by any BBC Micro copy protection and this trend continued for a while with the Archimedes I had (I cracked Zarch quickly, wrote a modder that could give me infnite everything and got to see the end screen probably way before the guy who a won a prize for that! Was tempted to enter the competition for that as a cheat laugh, but was worried they might expect me to play it at expert level!). It only stopped when the first compiled stuff came out for the Archimedes - I think it was a Magnetic Scrolls adventure. It used one of those "type this word from a page in a manual" protections and the ARM code the (presumably C) compiler generated was so bloaty/spaghetti to follow (yes, text compression was involved too) that I gave up on it. A good job the game wasn't much cop anyway! BTW, I suspect I was only person to "pirate" (ha!) the Captain Pugwash theme tune from one of Orlando's games (was it Frak or Zalaga I dunno) that he'd buried in a BASIC game loader as an Easter egg for copy protection crackers, convert it to 6502, make it interrupt-driven in the background and then have it optionally play in the background on a tape to disk copier I wrote :-) What a payback that was and it made me chuckle...


Being a bit of a beeb nerd .. I thought myself Beeb BASIC and then onto 6502 Assembler. Interested to know how you went about cracking the protection on Elite.

Life On Earth Audiobook Free @ BBC Sounds website / app
397° Expired
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Yes, this is abridged, but... 1. There is still two and a half hours of (very interesting) content. 2. It is read by the great man himself. 3. You don't need a TV licence so no arg… Read more

No, I think he just mentioned you, so I can see why you don’t like him (highfive)


He is a great man you all say! This great man has said several times on live TV and radio that he wants you and your family dead. Such a great man.


Patrick Moore tweeted about the plastic and seabirds saying it was lies that the birds fed plastic to their chicks, immediately followed by 'they feed plastic to their chicks'. So they don't feed plastic but they do feed plastic and it's good.


I use the BBC Sounds app on my phone, and yes, you can download them for offline listening.


Can you download these or can they only be heard live?

Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade Free on BBC iPlayer
-75° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Awesome film for free on iPlayer
Get deal*Get deal*

No problem whatsoever. On a parting note, I suggest taking up a productive hobby. I hear good things about woodwork.


Not trolled. Just tried to make people aware of the deal of watching a free movie. Leave me be now


Hypocritical comment of the month (lol)


How have I bullied anyone? Bye silly boy


And if there’s one thing worse than a bully, it’s a bully who tries to play the victim when called out.

BBC Magazines 6 Issues for £9.99, including Science Focus, Good Food, Lonely Planet and many more @ Buysubscriptions
76° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Most BBC magazine at are discounted to £9.99 for 6 printed issues, including free delivery. See the site for the full list but there are some great titles i… Read more

I've had multiple subs over the years and various offers and didn't have a problem. Might be worth trying with another email address or just dropping them an email as I don't think there is anything in the T&C's which should exclude you. To be honest given the current state of things I think they'll happily take your tenner.


I tried signing up for the previous offer which was 5 issues for £5 or thereabouts but they cancelled it as I had previously signed up for a trial offer. I suspect this might be the same.

BBC Countryfile Magazine Litter Heroes Bag - Free via The Outdoor Guide
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Please take care when picking litter and make sure item is safe to pick up and has no sharp edges! BBC Countryfile Magazine, Julia Bradbury and The Outdoor Guide have teamed up wi… Read more



Voted hot,not the deal.


Not free.


and I spent ages looking for a safe for work Julia pic :(


£2.75 for a free bag,that's amazing

Bling Ring Movie Free on BBC iPlayer
-276° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Fantastico! Free movie for all!
Get deal*Get deal*

YES I KNOW. I thought he was implying its free IF you dont have a tv licence,WHICH of course it would be.But after reading maddogb's short post again im unsure about his comment unless he means the over 75's.Has or hasnt that been scrapped now ? im not sure.


I didn't accuse everyone of them. I think Stuart Hall was my biggest surprise of them to be honest.


That's a bit strong, accusing every pensioned BBC person of being a paedophile :O


Paying for paedophiles pensions. (zombie)


I consider it a charitable donation to the fine services provided by the BBC :)

Citizen Khan.All seasons on BBC iplayer (TV Licence required)
-69° Expired
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Classic BBC comedy in the vein of Fawlty Towers,only fools and A pint of Lager. Free with a BBC subscription
Get deal*Get deal*

Great comedy, didn't realise there were comedy snobs now. Just enjoy what you want.


This kind of comedy was the norm in the 70s and 80s so I guess it depends what you're used to.


I am Asian and I can confirm, this is tatti. It is crud, he annoys me, this post has re ignited my hate for the show.


People need to calm down it isn't that bad. I don't think many can relate as it's an Asian comedy maybe? Hard to get the jokes probably.


Ah come on.. What about that truly hilarious toilet paper sketch the bbc put into an covid advert. (annoyed)

Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom @ BBC iPlayer (TV Licence required)
143° Expired
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Free to view for next 6 days I appear to have upset a number of users on here by simply posting a deal to help others. I understand individuals may believe this not to be a deal a… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Heat added. Can you list all the films and programs available in Seperate post for me please. Thank you


Hey, less of the old!


This is correct- if you don't have a TV licence then you can't watch this film through iPlayer. Just like if you are under 18 you can't be cheap alcohol, or if you don't have a driving licence you can't lease a car etc.. So skip by these iPlayer posts as they are not suitable for you and if you really want to watch indy again then buy the blu ray/dvd (assuming you have a player)


No, not if live streaming live TV or watching what you recorded and played back


I started a very polite discussion in discussions, But it got deleted by mods within seconds. I asked should any deal from a provider that incurs a cost eg b b c i player (valid licence fee), be shown to include the price ie the yearly licence fee. This was deleted.

Porridge Series - free on BBC iPlayer (BBC TV Licence Required)
255° Expired
Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
All 3 seasons following Norman Stanley Fletcher
Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks OP. DOn't midn the moaners (Some people take these things far too seriously!). I appreciate the tip off and will enjoy watching the whole thing, after only having seen odd ones here and there when repeated over the years.



Are you clapped? If you have to pay for something it's not free. What don't you understand.


I saw a deal for cheap petrol last week. Should I have shot it down as not actually being 102.99 pence per litre because I had to buy, tax and insure my car to avail myself of that price?


No need for that (shock) Gavin and Stacey was Ok(ish) :D

The Lavender hill mob TV Series - Free on BBC iplayer (BBC TV Licence Required)
-111° Expired
Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Classic 1950's Ealing comedy,free on BBC iplayer starring the future Ben Kenobi
Get deal*Get deal*

You appreciate his good work? You know you could just look at the TV listings? This isn't about whether the BBC is good value or anything, it's the fact that just naming things currently on TV is not a deal.


Just post one master thread please this is silly


Ice cold


There will always be some people who leave mean-spirited comments but I appreciate your good work OnceCheaterAlwaysCheater and I absolutely agree with the point made by martinelsen. In fact, try watching “free” television in most other countries and you’ll soon realise that the BBC provides world-class quality, rather like our wonderful NHS.


You've created 3 separate threads for 3 programmes being shown on the BBC. Is this attention seeking or are you just bored? These aren't deals.

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