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Mira Shore 10.8kW Electric Shower Unit Riser Rail Set-White, £59.99 at Argos/ebay
Found 9th DecFound 9th Dec
free delivery. 10.8kW. Over temperature cut-out. Separate flow and temperature controls. Push button stop/start. Half power (eco) setting. 4 shower spray modes. 6 wa… Read more

Thanks OP, just purchased to replace my Mira Sport


You are correct. 10mm would be required for a 10.8kw shower. My calculations were based on a 9.5kw.


Same with mine, cold pressure good but as you turn up the heat it plummets, have a pump driven mains shower in other bathroom thats great, shower screen dropped to bits last week hence using other bathroom and shower. Guess just need to pull my finger out and fix it


I have the 12KW Mira sport and the pressure isn't great when making hot water. Plumber recommend it though. Mine has been in 3 years. Makes good pressure when putting out tepid/cold water though.


aha that's why your called smartguy1 8)

Triton Seville 10.5kW Electric Shower

TODAYTODAYFound 26th NovFound 26th Nov
With its sweeping curves, elegant riser rail and five spray pattern shower head, this model not only offers exceptional value for money but will compliment any bathroom. Simple di… Read more

10min shower costs 21p. Edit: 12p a kw is just an average figure, best to find out how much your electric company charges you.


Ohh i had no idea thx for letting me know otherwise i felt puzzled... Not to be too rude.. Do you have slightest idea what is the actual running cost? not the number that company gives with unknown settings.. This is more of a curiosity question i have never really paid attention to it anyway to this moment


thanks thought all electric shower need a RCD. was hoping to change out my own shower but would not want to overload a power line. but changing or testing a power line is over my head. :)


10.5 kw per hour, lets say 12p a kw, 10 minute shower costs 21p in electric.


As this is a 10.5 kw shower, the cabling would need to be upgraded to 10mm up from 6mm plus a residual-current device (RCD) would need to be fitted. Standard 6mm may get too hot and could catch fire.

Triton Pello 8.5kw electric shower in charcoal with chrome riser rail & soap dish and 2 year guarantee £34.99 delivered @ eBay sold by Argos
Refreshed 1st DecRefreshed 1st Dec
Update now dropped £10 to £34.99 delivered! Great price for this as the cheapest elsewhere is £74.88. Love the colour better than the white ones and looks really modern too. Also … Read more

If you're on a newly installed combi, you should be fine. It's pumping water round your heating system so should be more than enough to give you a more powerful shower than any electric could ever hope to!


Interesting thanks, recently upgraded to a combi, purchased this shower to tide us over as the current one is a bit naff and old, never really considered going the direct free route but will look into it


Of course. Any shower does. If you're feeding it from a combi, you should have plenty pressure. If you're going from a storage tank of some sort, it can get more complex, depends where tanks are, you may need to use a pump, etc etc. But the general rule is the same. If you're able to go direct and avoid an electric, I always would. After you've had a direct feed shower almost all electric ones feel pathetic. I haven't used a single electric shower since I switched to a combi fed one that didn't feel feeble.


Surely it depends how good your water pressure is though?


If you have a combi boiler, or some other way of direct feeding a shower with hot water, go with that and forget about electric ones. My shower runs off my combi, my OH's shower is electic (9.5kw one I think). Her shower is like a dribble compared to mine. Direct fed beats electric every time as far as I'm concerned.

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Triton seville 10.5kw electric shower £48.95 Amazon
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
Thought I got this for a good price in the summer at £60 from amazon now down to £48.95 with free delivery (can't confirm how good it is as not yet fitted) reviews look good
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It has gone out of stock at Amazon but you can still pre-order at the above price.


Please expire up to £89.99


Hot & I hope the shower is. Thanks OP ordered. 2 poor Mira 9.5kw showers so looking forward to this Triton one


I have the 10.5kw and it's great. The big difference for me coming from an 8.5 is that when it's cold out and you increase the temp, the pressure is still good. Really good pressure on 6 which I use it on mostly.


I have the 8.5kw version.. paid about £50+ at b&q.. it works.. but on the temperature dial that goes from 1-10(1 being cold,10 being hottest)when u set it at lets say 9 or 10,it just clicks and puts itself in “sleep mode”producing just cold water despite it being on hot setting,u wont get hot water til u change it back to a lower setting,say 3-5...it will however remain working at like up to setting 7-8 for example,its still warm enough for a winter shower,so i guess its capable of intending what it is for,but it wont give you proper hot water like how its supposed to at maximum setting(it actually does work at 10 the maximum setting,but just for like 5 seconds before it clicks n stops working). I assume the problem is only with the 8.5kw coz i’ve rented a flat before where they had the same shower and same “sleep mode”issue.. not sure if it was 8.5kw too though. I’ve tested my water pressure,theres no problem.. so it has to be the actual model of the shower. Almost called a plumber out from triton which wouldve cost me £80+ for them to say its just the electric shower being low power

Triton Panache electric shower - £50.70 instore @ Homebase (Dagenham)
LocalLocalFound 6th OctFound 6th Oct
70% off at Homebase (Dagenham) The store is closing down.

There is only one left and it has the 80T model left. Best to expire this


That's why they are closing down


They sell for £85 without discount on eBay brand new, misleading 70% discount.



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Triton Cherish electric shower - £46.50 instore @ Homebase (Dagenham)
LocalLocalFound 6th OctFound 6th Oct
70% off at Homebase (Dagenham) The store is closing down.

Fantastic price, I like Triton showers, got 3 bathrooms and all of them got Triton showers, nearly 5 year nor had any problems yet.


Nvr use triton. Rubbish

Grohe New Tempesta Electric Shower 9.5kW saved £143 - £132.40 @ qssupplies
Found 1st SepFound 1st Sep
Grohe New Tempesta Electric Shower 9.5kW saved £143 - £132.40 @ qssupplies
Just bought another one, easy and simple like normal + website has a couple of other bargains. On the shower no complaints at all and couldn't find better value for money.

This is going cold. No idea why. I thought this was a good brand and this seems a great deal. Could anyone just explain why as I'm looking at renewing my leccy shower. Thanks.

Triton Seville 10.5kW Electric Shower £46.45 inc del. @ Amazon
Found 1st SepFound 1st Sep
Triton Seville 10.5kW Electric Shower £46.45 inc del. @ Amazon
Best price on Amazon in about 4 years and about half average selling price. A powerful shower that will give a decent temperature showed even in winter (just make sure your wiring … Read more
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I know what you mean, I cut my last Chinese GF* up, and there was nothing resembling sugar, spice or ANYTHING nice spilling out!!!! On a more serious note, I hope you took it back; there are good Chinese manufacturers and some down-right dangerous ones; the trouble is telling them apart (and no, I dont mean because they all look the same!!!). * JOKE ALERT!!!


updated to make sense. Thanks


That's more like it. Now we just have to contend with all the fake Chinese rip off cable on the market that has been spliced and covered over ( if you don't believe me I will find some pictures I took of it).


Cross section able ?? 60 metres of days ??


Hmm, that is a bit odd. Try this one TLC calculator 10mm is really borderline though, as a retired sparky myself, I put in 16mm for my 9.4KW shower, yeah 10mm would do, but derating for how the cable runs through walls et, alongside other cables, ambient temperature etc.... For 10.5KW, running the shower on 10mm during a really hot summer like we have just had puts the derating into the danger zone. In practice, you are going to run the shower at a lower power level during the hot weather, as the ambient water temperature is going to be higher, but if the shower develops a fault, and you get a near short circuit, that cable insulation is likely to melt/burn, even with the correct CB fitted..

Triton Seville 9.5kW Electric Shower for £41.64 @ Amazon
Found 1st SepFound 1st Sep
Triton Seville 9.5kW Electric Shower for £41.64 @ Amazon
2 year full parts & labour guarantee. Cheapest price it's ever been according to camel camel camel.

thanks for response, i was kinda leaning that way myself just from googling the symptoms, turns out a new tco is 20 quid anyway so may as well just buy the new shower and get a fresh warranty :)


It might be the thermal cut out (TCO) cutting out prematurely for some reason. I'm no plumber though. Perhaps somebody more knowledgeable might know.


These are much clear than the Aqualisa ones. Much difference in quality??


If you have the right cable get the 10kw one someone just posted for the extra fiver it’s the one to get. If you don’t have the cable don’t.


Is this a decent upgrade to my Mira Galena?

Triton Serres 8.5kw Electric Shower £45 @ Homebase C&C
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
Triton Serres 8.5kw Electric Shower £45 @ Homebase C&C
As above, appears to be a good price. 2 year warranty. The Triton Serres electric shower offers flexible fitting and great value for money. The 7 electrical entry points make it… Read more
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Triton customer service for the guarantee is really good if any issues with the shower occur. Were out next day when mine stopped working.


good find


not bad price


(lol) (lol) (lol)


... just electrocuted me, AAARRGHH!

Keter Store It Out Midi Plastic Garden Storage 2x4ft £78 / Triton T1SI Single Control Electric Shower 8.5kW @ Wickes (Free C& - See OP for 5 day Deals)
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Keter Store It Out Midi Plastic Garden Storage 2x4ft £78 / Triton T1SI Single Control Electric Shower 8.5kW @ Wickes (Free C& - See OP for 5 day Deals)
£78£99.9922%Wickes Deals
Prices on these seem to have shot up recently, this is the best I can find for the Midi right now, with the Max much more expensive. Good for keeping bits and bobs for the garden i… Read more

Too heavy for driving, too bulky for anything on the green. Perhaps of use in a bunker?


Expired 😩😩😩😩


Bagged the £59 deal last month from Amazon. Built it last week. I also have the Max for over a year now. Max is considerably better for the extra money if you can get that on a deal. Main difference other than larger size is fitting a couple of wheelie bins in, also has optional fitted chains inside so when the lid lifts it lifts the bin lids too. Also, hydraulic assist on the lid. Bolt lock is better than the one on the midi. Door on the max has a foot bolt, which stops the bottom splaying out. Great for £59, OK for £78 but wouldn't pay more than that unless for the Max. Tip: when you get the item delivered, check carefully straight away that you have all the parts & no cracks, damage, warping etc, even if not building it straight away. Notorious for getting damaged in transit & need to go on the Keter website & order replacement parts.


Thanks for the update and the pictures are a great help too. (y)


No. It is way too small. The Max would probably take a kid's bike OK but you need the Ultra if you want to fit in an adult bike.

Triton Zante 3 9.5Kw White Electric Shower - Rp Jade 3 Aquastorm £47.99 w/code @ eBay / BuyaParcel
Refreshed 19th JulRefreshed 19th Jul
Triton Zante 3 9.5Kw White Electric Shower - Rp Jade 3 Aquastorm £47.99 w/code @ eBay / BuyaParcel
£47.99£59.9920%eBay Deals
Good price for this model, Authorised reseller - Use code PLAY20 at checkout stage. The stylish Zante has got it all, with its push button start stop and seperate temperature con… Read more

Nice one, I think I will buy this one for my countryside house. No point buying proper water system as we do not spend a lot of there tho.


This. We also have one of each kind (not in the same enclosure, obvs!). However, ours, in the loft en suite has decent pressure. I think decent showers of at least 9.5kw are better these days then they used to be and a decent shower head can help. However, if you have an old electric shower and are looking to replace, you need to be aware that new cabling may be required if it has more kw.


I agree but I put one in the ensuite as backup as the boiler has broken twice in only 10 years but has taken over a week both times to get it fixed and I was happy to use the electrical one even though the power reassembled a watering can.


Thanks for posting, I just broke our electric shower this week by hooking it up as a water source for a pressure washer. Thought I was saving a few pounds by not getting an external tap fitted (lol)


I hate electrical showers, they are just not powerful at all. It's much better having a combi boiler what makes hotwater with real pressure.

Triton Caselona Easyfit 8.5kW Electric Shower Set with 2 year guarantee £39.99 or 10.5kw version £54.99 delivered @ eBay sold by Argos
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
Triton Caselona Easyfit 8.5kW Electric Shower Set with 2 year guarantee £39.99 or 10.5kw version £54.99 delivered @ eBay sold by Argos
£39.99eBay Deals
Couldn't believe the price on this - had to check it wasn't just for the riser rail! Triton Caselona Easyfit 8.5kw shower with over temp cut out, flow and temperature controls, 3 m… Read more





A quick look at the schematics shows this is not the same internal layout as the previous "Caselona" or "Caselona II" models, so don't expect an instant replacement on you existing pipework & cabling :-( The nearest fit seems to be the Triton "Enrich" model which is still widely available for about 48 to 50 quid in 8.5KW version. Other models (name seems to depend on where you buy it!) seem to have the same internal component layout and may well fit like for like too, although don't expect to be able to fit a higher rated unit on cabling intended for a lower powered one .


wow, good price usually the cheapest price for these are £55

Gainsborough E50 8.5Kw Electric Shower £49.99 @ Argos - Free C&C
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Gainsborough E50 8.5Kw Electric Shower £49.99 @ Argos - Free C&C
£49.99£69.8428%Argos Deals
Cheaper than anywhere else I can find. £77.99 Screwfix £69.84 Toolstation £70 on Amazon Most stores have stock. The Gainsborough E50 shower is simple to use; a power on LED i… Read more
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Had about 12 months, no issues. Can't fault it and not bad looking for the price. Heat.


Excellent price; thanks for posting @peter1969uk

Found 28th MayFound 28th May
If you can access Trade point, you save a further £2.90. Triton Enrich white electric shower offers 1 spray pattern and 3 power levels, operated by a variable power control. 2 … Read more
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Thats just how much they are selling it for, that doesn't make it the RRP. You will find the shower on Amazon and even on eBay for £70 and over. Screwfix and B&Q are part of the same group of companies owned by Kingfisher. So you often see similar priced items in both stores.


When they have it on sale they'll have the original price them the sale price below it to show it's in sale. But they don't so it's not on sale on they're website! Just the original price they ate selling it for...


They have it for sale at £59.99, I cannot see anywhere on the page where it says RRP.


Not really a deal when Screwfix has it for sale at £59.99 rrp


Identical to the Triton Cara, just a new name is all. Generally a quite reliable unit, they tend to last around 4-5 years, so at around £60 every time it needs replacing, it's not bad at all really.

Bristan Smile 9.5kW Electric Shower - White for £53.27 delivered @ Homebase
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
Bristan Smile 9.5kW Electric Shower - White for £53.27 delivered @ Homebase
£53.27£99.9547%Homebase Deals
Great value shower at Homebase The Bristan Smile 9.5kW Electric Shower White is an attractive and modern styled electric shower unit. Sleek and modern styled, perfectly suited f… Read more
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Mira prices have absolutely shot threough the roof.


If you want to increase the power of a cheap electric shower then I reccomend one of the Turbo shower heads off ebay. The ones with little balls in that supposedly make the water purer, I don't know if they really do that, but they do increase the power by 25% or so. Not a massive increase, but well worth it for £8 or less. I think the balls and small apertures basically allow the pressure to build up abit. Plus some of them have 3 spray modes.


8.5 kW version also available for a few pence less https://www.homebase.co.uk/bristan-smile-8-5kw-electric-shower-white_p252639


8.5 kw is plenty for a electric shower , these are pretty good showers though do have 1


I've had the Wicks badged version of this shower for over a couple years now and its been fine, no issues at all A hell of a lot better than the expensive Mira it replaced and I'm not sore about that at all........

Mira Escape Plus 9kw electric shower Argos 93.99
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
Mira Escape Plus 9kw electric shower Argos 93.99
Cheap thermostatic shower same shower looks to be £300 in screwfix
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Really good price for thermostatic electric shower!


Heat from me good price for a Mira shower


What I'm trying to figure out is it better than a 10.5 kw considering it's rrp


I don’t know why peeps are pulling this apart and sending it to Siberia? I have had one for years and it’s survived. So heat from me (highfive)


Good find. Next cheapest seems to be Amazon at £133.99. heat added.

Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Great price for this from Screwfix, well over £130 anywhere else. Easy replacement for many electric showers. Adjustable slide bar fits over holes left by previous shower kits. Se… Read more
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To check the cable (T&E) chances are you'll have to go up in the loft and measure the cable. Google your shower make & model number to find out the rating if you don't have the manual. Assuming someone hasn't fitted a higher rated one already.


Yeah, 9 - 9.5 max. Trouble is you probably have 6.0mm T+E from that to the shower. I would be looking for 10.0mm for a higher rated shower. Don't take risks - nothing worse than your house burning down when you're in the shower (embarrassed)


DOM40B6 which i am guessing is 40A so up to a 9-9.5kw is that right? Can you upgrade these to higher? The problem we have is the current shower can't heat the water quick enough but it is a crap titan. This is my first experience with electric showers so not sure what to expect from something like a Mira


Check the rating of the MCB labelled 'shower' in your distribution box.


Thanks, anyway of telling what the supply is capable of? Just moved into a house with an electric shower which is crap. Looking at upgrading before getting a mixer.

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