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Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Great price for this from Screwfix, well over £130 anywhere else. Easy replacement for many electric showers. Adjustable slide bar fits over holes left by previous shower kits. Se… Read more
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To check the cable (T&E) chances are you'll have to go up in the loft and measure the cable. Google your shower make & model number to find out the rating if you don't have the manual. Assuming someone hasn't fitted a higher rated one already.


Yeah, 9 - 9.5 max. Trouble is you probably have 6.0mm T+E from that to the shower. I would be looking for 10.0mm for a higher rated shower. Don't take risks - nothing worse than your house burning down when you're in the shower (embarrassed)


DOM40B6 which i am guessing is 40A so up to a 9-9.5kw is that right? Can you upgrade these to higher? The problem we have is the current shower can't heat the water quick enough but it is a crap titan. This is my first experience with electric showers so not sure what to expect from something like a Mira


Check the rating of the MCB labelled 'shower' in your distribution box.


Thanks, anyway of telling what the supply is capable of? Just moved into a house with an electric shower which is crap. Looking at upgrading before getting a mixer.

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9.5 kW GROHE Tempesta 100 Electric Shower £72.99 @ Amazon
Found 3rd Dec 2017Found 3rd Dec 2017
Dispatched from and sold by Amazon. For a sense of sheer indulgence this electric shower features a choice of three spray patterns to suit your mood, and includes GROHE DreamSpra… Read more

And cold I would hope. (y)


The units are made by redring and they kinda suck they frequently leak from the o ring in the internal filter and when a small ammount of limescale get in the gap around the power button it constantly gets stuck. The only grohe components are the hose and the shower head. I have two of them which i bought after seeing a which? Product review - I regret my decision. Not bad for the price at £73. But definatly not worth a premium price over any other brands.


I believe you require 10mm cable for this. I still have 6mm so can't install anything over 8.5KW


Hot for sure!


Grohe is a top brand - though they presumably contracted out the manufacture of this, albeit to their spec Quite a steal of a price.

Mira Sprint Electric Shower 10.8kw £101.70 @ B&Q With B&Qs price promise of price match plus 10% extra off
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
Mira Sprint 10.8kw shower is currently £140 at B&Q but only £112.99 at Argos. With B&Qs price promise of price match plus 10% extra off, the price goes down to £101.70 Ho… Read more

Thanks for posting this. Just replaced my broken Mira Sport for a Mira Sprint 9.5kw. B&Q beat the Argos price by 10%. Paid £92.69


You're right. I've corrected it now. Thanks for pointing that out. 😊


This is a Mira sprint not sport. 🤔


I've added the B&Q link to the main thread and included the Argos link in the description. :)


Can you give direct link please. Can't find it on either argos or b&q

Triton Cara 9.5KW Electric Shower, Black for £30 with 2 Years Guarantee @ B&Q
Found 2nd Nov 2017Found 2nd Nov 2017
Spotted this earlier and thought it might be a good deal to share. :o -- Triton Cara black electric shower offers 1 spray pattern and 3 power levels, operated by a variable power… Read more
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Got delivered today


Mine arrived today ordered Thursday evening also Enrich ..black too


Arrived this morning. Enrich model (not cara) but photo looks the same. Happy days. Ordered within 10 mins of the deal being posted.


Just had call from b and q, claimed there was a glitch on the system and they have no stock so order cancelled....


Hi, I have that but when you log in to your B&Q account is the order still showing?

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Mira Move 9.5kw White and Chrome Electric Shower  £24.99  Argos/eBay
Found 27th Oct 2017Found 27th Oct 2017
Smooth Move. Mira Move is the perfect replacement for electric showers that accept water connections from the right. Now it’s easy to upgrade to Mira. Clearscale™ technology cuts … Read more

Must have been hot, or just a quick shower. For any one after a good cheap one there is a Triton 9.5kw one for £42.41... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Triton-Seville-9-5kW-Electric-Shower/dp/B0035549XG/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 Just spotted it went hot a few days ago... https://www.hotukdeals.com/thread/2815880/new-comments


wow that didn't last long! Must have only been one in stock


OOS but would've been well decent

Triton Seville 9.5kW Electric Shower £42.41 Del @ Amazon
Found 22nd Oct 2017Found 22nd Oct 2017
Dispatched from and sold by Amazon Multiple Cable & Water Entry Points for Replacement Rotary Temperature Control Rotary Power Control: Cold, Eco, High Easy Clean Shower … Read more

You don't understand.


uk voltages are 230 +10% or -6% so within 216.2volts - 253volts . Under normal conditions I have seen 257 volts which was reported to local DNO and lowest I have seen is 223 volts . but when there's a phase down to a transformer I have seen it as low as 166v which drives electrical stuff mad.


You and your mates and your neighbours and your work colleagues can check with a multimeter and I can almost guarantee you will all be getting supplied at 240v or 415v if on a 3 phase supply


I'm afraid you are wrong there: all UK households are supplied with 220v-240v harmonised voltage for single phase supplies, that means the power companies can legally provide power within that range of voltages. If course one has to take the lowest voltage (and hence the highest current) because that is what can happen - my calculation was nothing to do with erring on the side of caution.


You speaketh perfect sense apart from the 220v, in the UK most households will almost definitely be supplied @ 240v which is less than 40A for a 9.5kw. That said, always best to err on the side of caution.

Triton Amore 8.5kw Electric Shower - Brushed Steel - B&Q Clearance - £130 (or £117 on Wednesdays with Diamond Card for over 60s)
Found 26th Jul 2017Found 26th Jul 2017
I can't actually say (yet) whether this shower is any good, but I do believe this is the best price it can be found for. Cheapest alternative I could find was Amazon at £214 but sa… Read more

Yeah the price seems to vary quite a bit online. I'm still pretty sure I picked this up about £100 cheaper than anywhere else. It's a nice looking shower, but i'm amazed they sell it for over £300!


its £329 at VERY

Triton Riba Electric Shower White 8.5kW + 2 Years Guarantee £41.65 with Free C&C @ Wickes
Found 22nd Jun 2017Found 22nd Jun 2017
Really good value for this model and the customer reviews look pretty good too. This Triton Riba Electric Shower has been reduced from £79 to £49, but you add it to your basket y… Read more
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Just got one thank you


Is anybody else struggling to checkout on the Wickes website? Just getting repeated 404 errors...



Triton Riba Electric Shower White 8.5kW - 2 Years Guarantee £41.65  with Free C&C @ Wickes (Using code)
Found 23rd May 2017Found 23rd May 2017
A few places have this at £49 at the moment, although there is a voucher code for an Extra 15% off - MAY17 Not the most powerful, but it's a good price for this model and review… Read more
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Well said "othen". You can't just say 6mm cable can take 47 amps and is fine for an 8.5 kW shower. There are more factors to take into account such as where and how the cable is routed to the shower unit. Seek advice before you burn your house down or kill yourself! There is also no way this would work on a lighting circuit and I'm sure it was a joke!


The current carrying capacity of 6mm^2 is 39A (see Table 4F1A), which means a B32 MCB, which would not be sufficient for a 8.5kW appliance (37A) - that is the regulation, but saying that would a 6mm cable and a 32A MCB work? Almost certainly, but the main factors would probably be a. Voltage drop (lower potential difference at the shower means higher current in the wire, and hence a bigger heating effect) b. Thermal insulation (the figures in the book are for direct clipped cable in air - if it is running through 10m of insulation the situation will be very different). I'd rather that electric showers were not available to the public at all because they look so easy to fit or change, and most DiYers have no idea about voltage drop/current carrying capacity/over current protection/fault protection - and as a consequence I see a shocker (sorry for the pun) every now and then. The biggest danger is where someone fits a more powerful (particularly 10.5 kW - drawing 46A, or more if there is significant voltage drop) to replace a 7kW appliance connected to a 6mm^2 cable (I've even seen 4mm^2 cable). Sometimes the MCB has been changed for a larger one because it kept tripping (for what reason I wonder?) without the DiYer realising the cable then had no over current protection. I know it always says on the packet that the shower should be fitted by an electrician, and that new installations are notifiable, but that does not stop people doing the above to save a hundred pounds or so (and risking a fire).


6mm Cable can take up to 47 amps and is fine for a 8.5kw shower.


Yeah definitely not safe, standard lighting cable normally 1.5mm cores and main supply cable 2.5mm cores. Hope just a joke if not I'd suggest taking it out now.


who knew, indeed

Found 15th Feb 2017Found 15th Feb 2017
Features multiple cable and water entry points for ease of installation. Simple dial controls for temperature and power. Supplied with riser rail, adjustable shower head holder and… Read more

It's now £49.99


Bargain,have 2 Triton showers which are at least 10 years old.




good find op, heat added



Triton Martinique 10.5kW Electric Shower + 2 year guarantee - now £55.16 delivered with code @ Amazon
Found 20th Jan 2017Found 20th Jan 2017
It's £10 cheaper than the previous deal posted. - Phased Shutdown (Limescale Resistant Shutdown) - Slimline Technology - Push Button Power Controls: Cold, Eco, High - 5 Shower Hea… Read more

good price for triton


No it's Brexit


Discontinued? They still manufacture it and is part of their current range. Probably a revision 8 years ago. Cheaper 8 years ago? Bloody hell, is this that inflation thing they speak of.


This appears to be a very old shower that was discontinued over 8 years ago.....and it was cheaper then....lol https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/10-5kw-triton-martinique-electric-shower-150422


Yea we get it, £10 off a £50 spend :p

Triton Martinique 10.5kW Electric Shower + 2 year guarantee - now £65.16 @ Amazon **Cheapest**
Found 5th Jan 2017Found 5th Jan 2017
- Phased Shutdown (Limescale Resistant Shutdown) - Slimline Technology - Push Button Power Controls: Cold, Eco, High - 5 Shower Head Spray Patterns - 2 year full parts & labour… Read more

gutted ....missed such a great deal


​what electric shower do you recommend then


Heat added, just bought as my old shower is on its way out and probably about to cause a fire!


This model is exactly the same as an Opal 2 model - they've just tarted up the front case and shower head a bit. Really quite simple to switch if you know how to isolate the power and the water. If you don't (or if you're feeling particularly lazy, you could just swap out the control board (with the solenoid) from your old Opal with the one in this. Nothing more than a few screws and crimped spade connectors. If you're in any way uncertain about any of this and particularly isolating the power then get a spark in.:)


To be honest I don't know. The shower keeps going hot and cold and my uncle who is a plumber said I need a 9.5kw one.

Triton 10.5 kW Electric Shower £59 @ Homebase online and instore!
Found 15th Dec 2016Found 15th Dec 2016
Looking for a new shower and came across this in my local Home base. For a 10.5 kW this is an absolute steal! The Amber shower is easy to install due to its multiple pipe and ca… Read more



The thermostatic control in these types of showers just works by reducing or increasing the flow of water to maintain the temperature so yes if you set the same temperature with a higher wattage shower then the water pressure will be greater at the same temperature (of course). Or you can have the same amount coming out at a higher temperature. However (as some others have said) the important thing is that if the cabling is not sufficiently thick then a significant amount to heat will be wasted in the cable, heating it! By significant I mean that in particular the ends connecting to the shower unit itself may melt causing a short circuit. At the ends, the copper connections expand and contract heating and cooling eventually causing sparking and more damage to the cable.I've seen this.


The pressure of the water coming out of the shower head is dictated by the pressure of the incoming water and how fast the shower can heat that water to the selected temperature. If you have an 8KW shower and the water coming out slows down when you turn the heat up, buying a 10KW shower would allow the water to be heated faster and not slow down the water coming out at the same temp..... So the KW can directly affect the pressure of the water coming out of the shower. You also need to factor in that the water temp in winter means more KW are required.


The water coming out will be hotter, kilowatt is power equals heat in this case


A 10.5KW shower need 10mm cabling. You'll get away with standard 6mm on the lower rated versions, but running a 10.5kW shower through 6mm cabling is asking for trouble. While it's unlikely to immediately trip or fail, the cabling will run warmer than it should... at best reducing the lifespan of the cable, at worst causing a fire. Just don't do it.

Triton opal 3 electric shower - Argos eBay - £74.99
Found 29th Nov 2016Found 29th Nov 2016
Triton opal 3 9.5kw electric shower in black/chrome. RRP 199.99 on Argos main site, reduced to half price £99.99. Argos eBay offering 25% off selected items over £30, making this… Read more

if buying a shower, make sure you have a look at amazon's lightning deals this week, i picked up a Grohe thermostatic shower currently selling for £318, for £120. There's a few more Grohe's coming up this evening, but all thermostatic, though i'm sure the electric ones will make a reappearance again soon.


74.99 is a good price but the regular price has never been 199.99 (other then maybe when the model came out)

Triton Collection II 8.5kW Electric Shower - Gun Metal Effect  £94.26  Amazon
Found 2nd Oct 2016Found 2nd Oct 2016
Phased Shutdown (Limescale Resistant Shutdown) Easy Fit Installation Slimline Technology 5 Shower Head Spray Patterns 2 year full parts & labour guarantee

Got one of these in the flat, have to say the pressure is naff, but I've heard this is to be expected with electric showers.


Exactly right :)


My experience with cheap Triton showers is 1. their variety of connects is amazing - meaning its quite easy to find a Triton to replace an existing shower matching existing power/water feeds 2. (the cheap ones at least) are built to JUST last the warranty;


​actually, unless you have a REALLY fancy shower the power going through the heating element(s) will be fixed (the power setting separate to the temperature knob can switch elements off, usually 2, 1 or none). the temperature knob works by varying the flow... the faster it goes the colder the water is as it has less time to heat up (also the element will be cooler as the faster water cools it more). More power means the shower can heat to whatever temp you want in less time hence more pressure at the shower head. Usually the only thermostat will be an overtemperature safety cutout.


Seems like a decent deal, although have had issues with our triton shower with the guy who came to replace the unit the first time we had issues with it claiming that he's experiences a lot of issues with triton showers. Currently we're having the bathroom entirely redone due to the opportunity of it not working the 2nd time with a new shower along with everything else. Ignoring the issues, it felt like a decent shower.

Triton Collections 9.5kW Electric Shower, Brushed Steel Effect £125.00 Free delivery @ B&Q
Found 17th Jul 2016Found 17th Jul 2016
Price cut, save £138. Discount applied at checkout. Offer ends Thursday 28 July. Triton Collections brushed steel effect electric shower offers 5 spray patterns and 3 power level… Read more
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I do myself, I think it's £270 in Tescodirect.


Think the rrp was a bit steep in the 1st place! Looks nice, heat added

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