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Ubisoft's cult first person shooter Far Cry 5 is a spectacular version of the open world video game saga. Players clear Hope County of a toxic cult in this action-adventure for Windows, PlayStation or Xbox and find all the latest deals and discounts on HotUKDeals' unique listing. Read more
Far Cry 5 [PC - Uplay key] £37.49 @ gamesplanet
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Far Cry comes to America in the latest installment of the award-winning franchise. Welcome to Hope County, Montana, land of the free and the brave but also home to a fanatical doo… Read more

47.49 now


Showing as £47.49 for me


This is the first farcry game I've played and I can honestly say one of the best games I've played in a long time!


Yes yes and yes. Though uplay does suck, this game is great. I'm a total far cry fanboy though, you should know. Though a steam key is usually preferable, either way you'll need a uplay account for this game as it is very strict with its DRM stuff. Like I bought it on Steam on release, and it more or less launches using UPlay still

Far Cry 5 The Father Edition (PS4 & XBOX ONE) £64.99 @ Amazon
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
I bought far cry 5 (father edition) from game few days ago on ps4 for the same price and now Amazon have matched the price Hopefully will help someone Dispatched from and sold by… Read more
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Pile of Rubbish (poo)


Wait until you try God of War 4... seriously jaw dropping!


Another Ubisoft game, ANOTHER bit of plastic tat to gather dust. I've given up on Ubisoft collector's editions, they never hold their value well due to Ubisoft pumping that many of them out.


So salty you had to insult me twice. I'm touched


Mosf I’ve enjoyed a game in years. Loved Far Cry 3 but this improved on that in almost every way.

Far Cry 5 (Xbox One) £34.95 Delivered @ The Game Collection
Refreshed 20th AprRefreshed 20th Apr
UPDATE: Back on offer for the weekend (Cheers @BuzzDuraband) Far Cry 5 welcomes you to Hope County, Montana. This idyllic place is home to a community of freedom-loving people … Read more

I'm heavily into AC:O at the moment, so happy to wait until I've near completed that to buy FC5 when the price has dropped 8)


Not sure if i should feel sorry for you that this is your benchmark standard for a excellent game. Sure its good but that good ... no


Hasnt from me. It looks identical to Far Cry 3, which is by no means a bad thing, but I'd rather new experiences in gaming rather than rehashed assets in a new continent.


I’m just guessing, but probably because a bow looks like a bow, the guns are the same guns and binoculars look like two little telescopes tied together ;) I know what you mean though


Yeah that's about right if you do the main missions and a few of the side quests.

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Far Cry 5 Gold Editon Uplay code £57.99 from CD Keys
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
RRP of £74.99 with instant delivery! Description Far Cry 5 Gold Edition Includes: Base Game Season Pass Digital Deluxe Pack Season Pass Extend your Far Cry 5… Read more
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Sorry Sorry! It was initially on the title but moderators removed it :(


Very nearly bought this to game share on ps4 but noticed last minute it's for PC. Worth mentioning in title OP, for any other eager fools like me ;)


It says £63 on the website?


You can get it for £55 at Voidu.com Edit : with code FARCRYVOIDU

Far Cry 5 Father's Edition £64.99 @ Game (online only) on PS4 and XBOX ONE
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Personally will skip for the time being as too many backlogs to clear. But if someone looking, I think this is the best price at the moment.

I should've mentioned that I got it from ShopTo. They have a 14-day unwanted item policy! Oh well.


Eh I think I'll wait until black Friday or Christmas when it's bug free & £15 (standard edition)


Mine come with the air freshener whilst this one don't, cold (lol) To be fair this hot, I paid about 74 quid pre-order from Ubi Store with the 20% discount code which I was very happy with so this is a great deal so soon after release


That’s one ugly statue


Have you opened it yet? GAME have a 30-day returns policy. You could even order this and return it to GAME, though you'd be starting to get close to the time limit if you haver to wait for it to arrive.

Samsung 860 Evo 500GB SSD w/ 5 year warranty + Digital Far Cry 5 PC = £134.99 @ Currys
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Lowest this bundle offer has been that I am aware of - now down to £134.99 Samsung 860 Evo 500gb - Comes with a digital PC edition of Far Cry 5 which still seems to be holding its… Read more
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Still waiting here. They really take their time don’t they


Ordered from CCL for a couple quid cheaper and received the code before the drive even arrived!


Now the painful wait for my digital code by email.........


Nice find op. I personally buy mines second hand as you can view the usage so if it is in bad condition you can return it but so far not even 5% usage on either second hand ones I've bought. Bought a 840 evo 500GB for £100 when they were at least 50%+ more expensive and a 1tb 850 Evo for £200 when they were like £300 odd - both still working fine today. Worth considering! Yes, it's the same speed but do you want mSATA? Normal SSD's use the SATA interface whereas mSATA has a special connector which is usually used in laptops - plus it costs more. If you can't fit a normal SSD & don't have compatibility with m.2 drives then yes, mSATA is an option worth exploring.


Keeps going in and out of stock, managed to purchase the drive tonight finally

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Samsung 960 EVO 250GB M.2-2280 SSD with Free Far Cry 5 at CCL for £106.34
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
I've seen the other deals on here and this one is slightly cheaper, free delivery and comes with Far Cry 5 which alone is £50, my key was emailed within 3 days. I bought this rece… Read more
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Thanks for the info bud! I ain’t to worried about using another m.2 as I don’t really need the storage but I just have one laying around. I would rather not use it if it drops the lanes on my gpu! Even if it doesn’t really effect performance! Thanks again


I have the same board, the M2 slot is limited to 10Gb/s, I used the adaptor in the 2nd GPU slot which is gen 3 x4 and it gives full read and write speeds but does indeed drop the first PCIE slot down to 8x but in the real world it has very little effect on limiting the 1080 of which I have also, I get 2700/1300 speed which isn't far off the max, on Samsung Magician benchmark I get full read/write speed.


I have a cross hair hero vi so already have a Samsung EVO plugged into its m.2 slot. I no I could use this adapter and get another m.2 but I don’t understand the pcie Lane useage? Would this throttle my gpu? (1080) down to 8lanes? Confused


Thanks purchased. Although re-stock is 19th.


I wouldn't buy this for the game unless you plan to resell it.

Far cry 5 Xbox one £49.79 @ CD keys
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Far cry 5 Xbox one
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Indeed and l too played dizzy on the amstrad cpc 464. Lol


Took me about 30 hours, I did the story plus probably about half of the side missions. I am going back in to finish them all though.


Have you completed it? How many hours did it take?


I bought FC5 on a whim the day it came out just becasue the Montana setting looked pretty. Have not played any other the other Far Cry games. I loved it. This is one of my facvorite games of the past few years, highly recomend it.


To the surprise of no one I got an email saying the listing has been taken down and to get in touch with Paypal to reimburse. Nothing ventured..!

Far cry 5 gold edition £58.99 (back in stock at Argos)
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Available for collection after 16th april. Posted a few weeks ago but hasn't been in stock since release. I know 60 quid for a game is a bit steep but for price comparison, it's … Read more

Is this not £20 yet? All you lot stop buying this at frankly silly money, then in a couple of weeks we can pick this up for a score...


With a name like spak. (lol) (lol)


I'm enjoying this one, running around with Guns for Hire is great fun. But the story let's it down - the whole Bliss thing is utter boll0cks. Understandable if it is a hallucinogenic, but a physical realm as well? A step too far I think, save that idea for Far Cry Skyrim and keeping this one more grounded would have been the better way forward.


Because today isn't the launch day and it's not cheaper at Amazon today. I'll vote your time machine hot when we go back to days when petrol was under a pound a litre (fierce)


How is this a deal, I didn't pay that much from amazon on launch day.

Samsung 250GB 960 Evo M.2 SSD with Farcry 5 free - £108.95 @ Ebuyer
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Hi Guys, Here's one of the best ssd's on the market with the added bonus of a copy of Far cry 5. I've bought stuff like this from ebuyer before and often it takes them a few weeks … Read more

Yes, but I am ignorant and people with a brain will always excuse me. The problem is you, you are intelligent and I find amazing that you cannot understand


We ain't at school, so you think it's alright for you to write illegibly? We have to read your posts after all, you realize that, right ?


We should have all stuck with 5400rpm ATA33 drives on IDE cables. After all, read/write speeds make no difference in day to day use. (cheeky)


ID.OT, we are not at school and do not swear or I report you. Do not F............ read next time. I hope there are enough puntuactions here, sorry for forgetting that in my previous post.


Fix your fkn punctuations FFS !

Xbox One S 1TB - Sea of Thieves Bundle + Free Game(Pubg or Far Cry 5 or Forza 7) - Only £229 @ Microsoft
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Bundle and save up to £138.98 Bundle includes:¹ • Xbox One S 1TB Console – Sea of Thieves Bundle • FREE selected game • 1-month Xbox Live Gold membership • 1-month Xbox Game Pass t… Read more
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Same here, have reported as expired. Looks like I missed all of the end of financial year sales on the Xbox One S. Should've jumped at the Tesco £207 bundle. ;(


Doesn't work for me so guessing expired :(


Tesco you get 4 games (PUBG or Forza Horizon 3 with Hot Wheels DLC, Forza 7, Halo 5 and Far Cry 5 or Sea of Thieves), 14 days gold, 1 month game pass for £229. 2 extra games is a better deal than 2 weeks of gold, even if you sell the games its more money in your pocket. They shouldn't really advertise 1 month game pass as part of a bundle as it is standard with every Xbox one S 1TB and an extra 2 weeks of gold isn't anything special.


Suppose it depends what games you want, if you have played Halo, Forza and pubg then maybe this is better having sea of thieves along with FarCry. Not much in it value wise.


The Tesco deals stack so you can get console with PUBG, Far Cry 5, Forza 7 and Halo 5 for £229 (was £207 on Friday) which seems like a better deal than this

SAMSUNG 960 Evo m.2 Internal SSD - 500 GB with a free copy of Far Cry 5 £190.80 @ Currys - matching Amazon UK
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
First time I'm posting, I hope some will find it helpful. There was another drop the Amazon price for the Samsung 960 EVO 500gb: it's now down to £ 188.99 . £190.80 Below £190, … Read more

You get Far Cry with the EVO 860, which is a bit cheaper, but not NVMe.


So what happens if I want to return the ssd but I've redeemed the game...


in the market for a new SSD and also a farcry 5, but don't much fancy spending 200quid on a 500gb drive when you can pick up a 1tb SSD for a few quid more. Appriciate that this is prob faster though.... are there any other drives which are including FC5?


The video in the orignal post shows what real world difference NVMe can make. I think it's an improvement, but I agree with you, nothing massive. Nothing like moving from a HD to a SSD. The reason why I bought it is because I needed a bit more space, and I couldn't turn away the boost in performance. For £20-30 more, I could have got a 1tb mx500. Which I might do in the near future to replace my mechanical drive? As my main drive though, there was no way I was going to pass on an m.2 NVMe. It's available for a decent price, I was even going to get 256 at least. Far Cry 5 won't be lost on me either, I played and enjoyed the last 3 of them.


I have this as my C-Drive and an 850 Evo as a second. There is no difference in reality. If I ran some benchmark tool I'm sure this would say it's faster, but I don't notice it. Windows 10 boots in about 5 seconds (after BIOS) with this for me, but I wouldn't 'upgrade' to this from a decent SSD.

Xbox one S 1TB, Forza 3 with hot wheels dlc, Forza 7, Halo V, Far Cry 5 £229 @ Tesco
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Combine both deals on Tesco and get all above for £229 with free click and collect. Standard delivery is £3.

I’m waiting for good deal on xbox x or PS4 pro


How do you get misprice


That's nothing, I got a Xbox One X in a Christmas cracker (y) (lol)


Still pretty cheap, but not a BAARG! ;)


Tesco have put price of console back up... was 249 - 20... Seems like the 20 discount is no longer there...

Xbox One X Far Cry 5 bundle + Extra Wireless controller - Black + Halo 5 Guardians + Venom Dual Charging Dock £454 @ Tesco
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Add offer to basket and charging dock https://www.tesco.com/direct/venom-dual-charging-dock-xbox-one/600-5579.prd?skuId=600-5579 for £5 more. Enjoy truly immersive true 4K gaming… Read more

Keep checking back. I did for the deal with the console, extra controller, and 6 games. They update stock levels regurly.


Can't get the deal. Tesco have no black wireless controllers.


Don't know why ms hasn't reduced the price of this console yet. It's still so expensive considering Xbox doesn't have many exclusives and compared to PS4 pro it's so much more expensive.


Decent price if its a physical copy of the game. You can sell them if you don't want them.

Far cry 5 gold edition ps4/xboxone £58.99 at Argos read description though
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Far cry 5 gold edition is £58.99 in Argos however you will get a £5 gift card so potentially making this £53.99. No as good as one i just saw but if you want to get it now etc then… Read more
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Tbh i actually chuckled at that joke myself was quite good.


I didn't vote either way. Just stated where to find it cheaper, which is the point of HOT UK Deals. Yea agreed though it would be a boring world though, nothing wrong with some healthy debate. Apologies for the poor joke.


I will apologise for my comment i misread the post so i apologise for getting defensive, i've never heard of that company tbf and i'm wary nowadays of unknown companies. I know one poster has said they're legit but still so again i apologise.


Comedian of the year award goes to you. No what bugs me here is some seem to vote cold regardless unless it's with a specific retailer, it is a decent deal and i will stand by my potentially £53.99 price point most will disagree but hey if we all agreed it'd be a boring world wouldn't it?


Ooo touchy no? I'll pay £58.99 as listed in previous deals here and use the voucher on a future Argos purchase. It's never 'potentially' £53.99 unless you use the voucher they give you in the same transaction. Which you can't.

Far Cry 5 uPlay key (w/ code) £36.74 w/ card (£38.35 w/ paypal) @ Voidu
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Was wanting to find the cheapest price for PC on FC5 and this is the best I could find, Thought I'd post here in case it helps anyone out. Looks like CDkeys have stuck 2 quid on th… Read more
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Offer is still working for me, just bought it with paypal as I don't know the website. Heat added. Also for anyone wanting to know, this is redeemable with Uplay.


Tried doing it with code, when done it crashed and now states I have used code. Seems like I'm not the only one.


Didn't work for me. I applied the discount code "FARCRYVOIDU" and it said it was £36.74. It then asked me to create an account and then pay, I did, the payment gateway timed-out so I went back to the homepage, when I went to the checkout page it said it's now £43.64 and after I tried applying the code again I got the message "Sorry, you've used this discount already". Unless I was unlucky enough to have tried buying it just when they ran out of keys?


Hot! So tempted. Have huge backlog of pc titles to get through


Key was instant, install 7 minutes (cheeky)

Samsung 860 Evo 500gb + Far Cry 5 PC Free £140.97 @ BT
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Same as the Ebuyer deal posted yesterday but now £4 cheaper. This prices includes delivery. Some performance figures taken from the site; Performance Sequential Read Up to 550 M… Read more
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Good deal


Does that come with a 5 year warranty?


Why not just remove the game and reduce the price ! They will sell more if they did that


Thanks very much - I completely missed that! Email sent. Good deal IMO.


Instruction on the web stage states "Free copy of Far Cry 5 with this SSD! After purchase, email duncsdeals@bt.com with your Order Number to receive your code."

Xbox one S 1TB + Forza 7, Far Cry 5, PUBG, Steep and The Crew £229.99 @ Argos
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Reserved Xbox one S 1TB with PUBG, Forza 7 and Far Cry for free, when I went to collect it the checkout staff said it also included Steep and the Crew as a free gift. Both are incl… Read more
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I’m proceeding to the checkout and it’s saying the standard price, do I need to put something like a code or go to the shop and get it?


Lol I bought this on Saturday and after 15 minutes talking, thought I sorted it, then after collecting it and missing the crew and steep and despite me showing them on the customer touchscreen they still would not give me crew and steep, so got my money back.


I bought this bundle on Saturday. They did not include one so told them it should have shown on the screen as free addition. He cancelled the sale and began the whole process again and manage to add it agree looking on the screen well. So anybody buying this should ask them to include it and they will


A "non-gamer" here... however, after someone showed me a youtube video of what Far Cry 5 is like, I'm very tempted... But, not certain whether it's for me or not. :) Would any of you gamers suggest I go for the Xbox One, or should I instead just get a second hand Xbox 360 (as for a third of the price I can get 2 dozen games with it, and a spare controller)? Has the "gaming experience" improved a lot with the Xbox One? Is the 360 not worth looking at anymore? Thank you for any suggestions!


I saw it instore, southampton. Cheers

Far Cry 5 Gold Edition (PS4/Xbox One) £53.09 with code MONSTERMARK @ Monster Shop
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Whilst checking out this shop from the Snes Mini deal, I found they are offering this with 10% off on their Twitter/Facebook channels. Worth a punt as Paypal is available but looki… Read more

Has anyones been dispatched yet?. Mines still on processing.


If you don’t mind paying the extra 7 quid you can have this digitally for £60. 2x £35 code at CD keys for £30 each after 5% discount. Yeah theres no resale value after but if you’re buying the gold edition, then this game will be worth nothing anyway by the time the 3rd dlc has dropped.


It’s not valid on Ni No Kuni. Out of stock now anyway, so will expire. (y)


I'll wait 12 months until it's £20


Yup.code expired just tried to also use for ni no kuni

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