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Ubisoft's cult first person shooter Far Cry 5 is a spectacular version of the open world video game saga. Players clear Hope County of a toxic cult in this action-adventure for Windows, PlayStation or Xbox and find all the latest deals and discounts on hotukdeals' unique listing. Read more
Spring Sale at PSN Store - Far Cry 5 £9.73 RDR 2 £27.45 God of War £13.89 Detroit £14.74 Marvel's SpiderMan £27.62 + MORE [Indonesia Store]
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
USE THE ABOVE DISCOUNT CODE TO GET A FURTHER 15% OFF STATED PRICES IF SPENDING RP 990,000 OR MORE Ace Banana PS4 Rp79,200 £4.20 Rp59,400 £3.15 Alien: Isolation Full Game PS4 Rp… Read more

Oops - how did The Crew 2 get into my basket and through checkout? (embarrassed)


Yikes. Imagine you could somehow gift those 60-70 to your nearest and dearest XD I don’t have a Starling card, but I’ve come up with a crazy solution whereby for 900,000 Indo bucks (54.60 from Offgamers including fees) I can get: - one month of Plus - Shadow of War Deluxe - Injustice 2 Legendary - WWE 2K19 (non-Gold) - God of War (non-Deluxe) - The Ezio Collection - Sleeping Dogs The latter takes me to the 990,000 threshold while staying low enough that it’s all affordable with 900,000 of credit. That was the hard part! So that’s an average of £9 per game, or £11 if you exclude Sleeping Dogs (which I already own on the Xbox, ahem). I’ve actually been pretty good this year. I’ve only bought a couple of PS4 games with credit I already had from last year (Vermintide 2, Far Cry Primal - which I got the platinum for); Diablo III on the Switch (only £20 new!), which I’m really enjoying; and when Revolut worked on the Argentine MS Store: Metro, Watch Dogs 2 and Far Cry 5 DLC (incl. FC3) - all for £21! (angel)


All good choices (I wouldn't have picked MLB but that's to do with my tastes, not the game quality). For single player games, it can make sense to get a day 1 deal on physical and then trade it in quickly but if you're buying digital... Never buy at release.


You know, I’ve gone though the 8gb of games I have downloaded on the PS4 tonight and deleted around 60 - 70 and I feel much better for it, they’re games that I’ve had installed for X years and I’m just not going to get around to playing them. I’ve no idea why I purchased the deleted games, they’re not even ps+ titles. I may have purchased a further 10 this week but I’m simply far more likely to play them, I’ve definitely become more selective of late. This is certainly one of the better Indo sales, I’m quite happy with what was essentially 12 games for £50 today when you factor in the two collections.


Aww man, I’ve come here to get the Ezio Collection for £5-6, but I’m in danger of falling into the ‘Spend 1,000,000 on a bunch of stuff and get 15% off’ trap. Uh oh...

Far Cry 5 Gold Edition PS4 & XB1 £29.99 @ Argos
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
As title. XB Link... https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8039334
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It's a good price


Can I interest anyone in the Xbox Gold version for £69.99 on Amazon Prime Now? That is some freaking outrageous price disparity.


You just described any game series.


Thanks. Tough crowd I guess. XD


Nice I did see that posted a while back for a few quid more, unfortunately I'm not "serviced" by Prime Now but great for people that are.

Far Cry 5 (Xbox One) £12.99 / ​Monster Hunter World (PS4)​ £12.99 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang via eBay
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Fallout 76 (Xbox One) £11.99 Middle-earth: Shadow of War (PS4) £7.99 Assassins Creed Origins (PS4) £12.99 HITMAN 2 (Xbox One) £19.99 Monster Hunter World (PS4) … Read more

Farcry 5 no longer available.




Awesome deal as usual Mixmixi. Heat


Damn monster hunter for 12.99 is a steal. But I just got red dead so, need to finish this first.


Thanks OP

Metro Exodus £11.38 The Division 2 £22.78 Far Cry 5 £4.28 Assassins Creed Odyssey £9.13 + More at Xbox Store Argentina Via Revolut - No VPN!
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
All the above titles and more may currently be purchased from the Xbox Argentina Store at face value ie the current XE rate using a Revolut Virtual MasterCard, no VPN required. Ple… Read more
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I loved the first Division. Only got into it once it was fixed but put 300+ hours into it then. Division 2 is not clicking with me at all though and frustrating me more often than not with cheap deaths due to melee enemies materialising out of thin air and enemies that grenade spam with 100% accuracy. Haven't played it in weeks and no real desire to go back to it. Maybe I've just outgrown looters or something.


Was eventually able to use the gift cards to buy the division 2. Left it 5 days between attempts and went through smoothly first attempt this morning. Like others have said be patient and do not keep trying.


I'm totally enjoying the Division 2 and the more I plat Fallout 76, the more convinced I am that it is a great game. I loved the DIvision too, so maybe I'm enjoying this one becuase it has such a similar feel to me.


I know I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m just not enjoying The Division 2 at all, glad I only paid the £22 but not going to lose sleep over it. Maybe it’s age thing, but I’m honestly enjoying Fallout 76 far more.


Its safe to say MS are now aware of this loophole....

Far Cry 5 DLC 2 | Xbox One - Download Code - £9.59 @ Amazon
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
Xbox dlc
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Full game the gold edition with season pass is around £17 on the turkey store.


Gah, I thought this was the full shebang.


Hot I got season pass and this was only dlc that’s any good in fact Better than main game


Yes, get the season pass that has all 3 farcry 5 DLC for £14.99 instead. Then you get Farcry 3 classic included too. A bargain I also took advantage of.


This isnt worth £9.59. The pass is worth 14.99 though because you get far Cry 3 Classic

Far Cry 5 Xbox One £11.70 from Xbox US Store
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
You will need 1 x $15 US Xbox gift card from PCGameSupply for £11.70 https://www.pcgamesupply.com/Xbox-Live-Store-Gift-Card/ Go to the Far Cry 5 game page on the US store and c… Read more
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I don't like the deals that mean you have to mess around with your account etc, so I'm voting hot for this deal.


FYI can also be had for £9.78 from Argentina store using 3 x 100 ARS cards from Seagm


Ha actually just got the cover image. It's the last supper far cry style :o can't believe I've only just noticed this.


Just got it. Thanks alot. Heat added


You buy now, so you don't have to worry about checking prices for the next 6 months.

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Far Cry 5, XBOX ONE (Father's Edition) £51.43 @ Game
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
Welcome to Hope County, Montana. This idyllic place is home to a community of freedom-loving people - and a fanatical doomsday cult known as The Project at Eden’s Gate. Led by the … Read more
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I stupidly paid full whack for this on release. I think it was £95. The statue is actually lovely. Great detail, good material, and is a lovely statue regardless of the game's poor quality (IMO). That said, I don't know how I'd value this package...


I perhaps foolishly resisted the temptation to buy one of these when they were around the £30 mark (ps4) but I'll bide my time and hope for that bargain basement price tag if it ever happens ...and it will give me more time to measure out the exact spacing needed to manoeuvre this one into place with millimetres to spare, it's a fine art I tell ya :{ (cheeky) Neutral voting here btw


Just for reference for GAME's terrible pricing, I picked this up for £30.99 mid last December

Far Cry 5 Xbox One/PS4 £19.85 delivered @ Base
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
https://www.base.com/buy/product/far-cry-5-ps4/dgc-fcry5ps4.htm Far Cry comes to America in the latest installment of the award-winning franchise. Welcome to Hope County, Montana… Read more
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Same price on PSN sale I believe if you're not bothered with having a physical copy.




IMHO the DLC for the season pass was awful. Far Cry 3 Classic was superb though (if you still get it?) loved the main FC5 game




Is the Gold edition worth £7 more, can anyone recommend? Never played Far Cry 3 so would be cool to have a version of that

Far Cry 5 Collectors Edition XBox One - £37.99 @ GAME
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
Far cry 5 father edition x box one
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Think he thought it's the new one....


It has some DLC and a map and postcards but not the season pass


Am I right in saying this doesn’t encompass the gold edition DLC (x3 plus Far Cry 3)? My understanding was the US one did, while the U.K. one did not.


Paid £29.99 for this in November.


No it's not. Got it for less a couple of months ago and sold the game and dlc to get the price I paid back and kept the figure (which is awesome). Now the game wouldn't fetch £25.

Far Cry 5 Gold Edition Xbox One £27.99 delivered @ Amazon / Very C+C Also Ps4
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
PS4 Very link: very.co.uk/playstation-4-far-cry-5-gold-edition/1600247083.prd?_requestid=280529&Ntt=far cry gold Xbox One Very link: very.co.uk/xbox-one-far-cry-5-gold-… Read more
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Ah, I was looking at the 360 version with backwards compatibility. I didn’t realise there was a “remastered” edition. Although looking st reviews there isn’t that much difference between the 360 and the remastered. So yes, good deal. If you only want FC3 it may be best to get the 360 for £3 and play on bc?


It's £22 at cex for the ps4 version of far cry 3. And £15 for xbox one. Good deal op.


Fry Cry 3 was great, Far Cry 5 even better for me. You could pick up Far Cry 3 for £3 from CEX tho and get the standard edition of FC5 from Game for £20 if u don’t want the other DLC. Not that much in it tho:


What about FC3 tho. Worth it just for that.


I got the gold edition at launch, the DLC is pretty terrible. Vietnam one is OK, Space one is awful and zombies is pretty boring for zombies.

Far Cry 5 Xbox One £9.53 from Xbox Store Argentina
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
Please note that in either case a small amount of transactions fees may apply, depending on store and payment method used to buy the required Argentina Xbox Store gift cards. You w… Read more
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I cant seem to get seagm to accept my paypal? Anyone else had this issue and got around it?


That’s one and seemingly the only way to buy from AR site...it’s annoying as I got the credit card working for almost 6 month though bought quite a few games while it was still working...so guess a gain for me. with the actual cost vs face value on your ARS gift card....you would prob save not as much as we hoped..would it be easier to buy BRL or TRL gift card. You could get them at close to face value with just a 2.5% charge on payment method. That way the same game would cost £11 (£10.50 for the game on Xbox store and say £0.50 extra for the gift card purchase on say g2a ....not sure I would go through so much more hassle for that extra quid or two... Neverthrless good price for a quite new game. Hot


Glad you got it sorted!


That's exactly what I did, contacted live chat and they were fantastic. Managed to resolve this for me no problem. They did suggest just changing my xbox locale to Argentina, restarting the console and buying it that way. Didn't work but they bought it remotely. Bit of a palava but a tenner for Farcry 5, cannot grumble. Thanks for all the replies and help on here, much appreciated :)


Only thing I can suggest is going on live chat and asking them to do it for you. You will have to make up some story like you're staying in Argentina, or that you received the credit from a friend who lives there.

Far Cry 5 (XB1) - £11.55 @ Microsoft Store US
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
$15 Xbox gift card needed Remember to add the gift cards when going to purchase the game, use an Alaskan address to avoid sales tax.
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Touche. Reading it aloud, I understand what you mean


No worries, think I misread your post


I only highlighted that u found it cheaper. I snapped one


I’m lost, that’s my own deal. I thought you were saying you had found cheaper Argie gift cards?



Far Cry 5 + £10 Voucher [PC/UPlay] - £11.25 @ Razer
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Decent base price for the game using the discount code, however you'll also receive a £10 voucher to put towards another purchase from the store - There's a sale at the moment so p… Read more



Yeah I received one of those a couple of days ago, surprised there was no minimum spend. Good way to get FC5 for £7.50!


Yeah, I got a shock with this, no wonder they were doing these deals, they probably want rid of excess inventory before they close. Hope this won't affect pre-orders (I have Trials Rising ordered which is currently slated for 26th but if it goes back again it will go past them closing). Looking at their prices it perhaps isn't that surprising, as outside of deals like this they are expensive, sticking rigidly to Steam RRPs, which begs the question why use them over Steam (or the countless other CD key shops)...


Spend your vouchers quickly - We regret to announce that Razer Game Store (gamestore.razer.com) will cease operations on February 28, 2019 at 0100hrs Pacific Time as part of the company’s realignment plans.


Ahhh nooo, be a terrible shame if thats really the case, I'll contact them anyway and sign up for this newsletter also :) thanks all

Far Cry 5 (PC) for £12.49 @ Steam
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
It's 75% cheaper on steam! Gold and deluxe editions are only 66% off.

Hot from me. Not my favourite Far Cry but pretty good and the arcade makes it well worth a purchase.


Not even got off teh 1st bit of 4 yet, ffs.gif, facepalm.png


Ordered two :-D wait for this :-) better steam + uplay, how just uplay for same price (lol)

[PC] Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - £7.65 / Far Cry 5 - £11.25 / Far Cry 5 Gold Edition - £22.95 - Greenman Gamimg
Refreshed 8th FebRefreshed 8th Feb
Cheaper than the offering at the Ubisoft Store, although I will point out that if you have 100 Ubipoints you can get RS:S for £6.80 and Far Cry 5 for £10.00 Far Cry 5 … Read more
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Excellent, so Steam are only 25% more expensive than Ubi Store .. I guess that's as close as they get these days. I still miss being able to buy in dollars ...


As a heads up, the Steam version of FC5 has just dropped to £12.49 in the Lunar Sale.

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