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Fujifilm FUJINON XC 50-230mm F4.5-6.7 OIS II Lens Black £133.99 @ eGlobal
Found 14 h, 33 m agoFound 14 h, 33 m ago
Fujifilm FUJINON XC 50-230mm F4.5-6.7 OIS II Lens Black £133.99 @ eGlobal. Plus 2% Quidco

E infinity has it for only £17 more, worth it if you want better customer service


Sorry I've once again hit the cold button by mistake!! Please make the interface less prone to this happening as it's unfair to posters putting on good deals.


No duty on eglobal


Damn... I suppose to save money for Christmas Gifts... damn...


I should add I have ordered this for the close up capability which I din't explore when I had the MK1 but have since read about. It's worth the money up to £200 but not the normal £350 asking price.

FUJIFILM X-A10 Kit (XC16-50mm mkII Lens) Refurbished - £199 @ Fujifilm
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Excellent price for (what I think is) an excellent camera. It's £200 second hand at other places (https://www.harpersphoto.co.uk/digital-slr-mirrorless-cameras/used-fujifilm-x-a10-… Read more
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out of stock


If you're referring to the lens, you can always change it out to a pancake lens. eGlobal has the 27mm f2.8 pancake for £118.99. https://www.eglobalcentraluk.com/fujifilm-fujinon-xf-27mm-f-2.8-lenses-black.html


well if those are your main criteria then its worse (wtf 1/500 max on gx800????)


The video on this is dire compared to the gx800, the pictures quality is great. Fuji use an engine that produces some amazing colours in pictures however the video quality is just not very good at all. This is more of a stills camera than a video camera, however you are buying into the Fuji architecture so the lenses will be able to swap over to more advanced bodies and Fuji have a almost cult following about them as well

Fujifilm X100f refurb from Fuji UK - £749 @ Fuji
Refreshed 10th OctRefreshed 10th Oct
Not seen the X100f this cheap before - Fuji refurbs are like new in my experience and the x100f is a lovely camera.

I took the plunge and went for this as I was looking for a travel and street camera. Despite being refurbished mine arrived in mint condition - only issue was that there was no lens cap in the box but they are sending that on. It is a joy of a camera to use - I love having most of the controls as manual dials on the camera - so easy to adjust as you shoot. For a petite lady I somehow have massive hands so have found myself inadvertently knocking the dials from time to time but I think this will get easier with use - there will be a lot of learning with this camera I'm sure, as I haven't explored all that it's capable of. But it reminds me of how much fun photography used to be, just getting out there and concentrating on the shot!


I’ve recently purchased a Fuji xt20. It is night and day the contrast between my iPhone Xs max and the quality of photos on a Fuji. I actually hardly take any photos now on my phone. My wife on the other hand loves taking pics on her phone as it suits for social media etc and her needs. If a camera phone is all that Is needed then stick to the camera phone. For those who want the enjoyment of manual controls or an upgrade in point and shoot pictures get a camera. This is a fantastic camera at a great price


My point was that they are a different product / market. A good phone camera will still not capture enough light to stop excessive noise and blur in bad light, it can process the image but you can process any camera image (lightroom etc) and ultimately will have a better starting point with a better sensor and image. People who only want the quality of a good phone camera should stick with a phone camera - but it isn't true to say the quality is as good as a full frame / APS-C, so good cameras haven't suddenly become pointless...


Phones like the the P20 and Pixel are 'proper' cameras, as a bonus they are also powerful computers and make calls too. This Fuji being fixed lens is very much in competition with a top flight camera phone, it may have a bigger sensor, but it doesn't have the groundbreaking AI software and mega-pixel count of these new triple lens phones which are capable of producing stunning low light shots remarkably free of noise even when pixel peeping. The vast majority of people only ever see their photos on a tablet, PC screen or phone and you would be hard pressed to see the difference between these phones and a this Fuji and in many cases the phones output would be visually more appealing and more versatile (optical zoom, remarkable AI depth of field effects), certainly to the casual traveler (who would also always have his camera in his pocket ready to shoot). I say this as a keen photographer of many years with a whole bunch of cameras and lenses including Sony, Nikon and Pentax full frame and apsc. My main gripe with a camera phone is the pure ergonomics of taking a picture with a awkwardly shaped flat oblong device and lack of physical controls compared to a traditional camera


All this stuff about phones is bizarre - the X100f isn't a "point and shoot", in fact one of it's strengths is the quality of the manual controls. Loads of people will be happy with their phone as a camera, but a proper camera with much larger sensor and good lens will clearly capture more light and better images. That doesn't mean cameras on phones are rubbish, but the comparison is completely pointless.

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Fujifilm X-T20 24MP Digital Camera, X-Trans III APS-C CMOS Sensor, 4K Movies, Black £556 Delivered @ Amazon Italy
Found 7th OctFound 7th Oct
This went hot last time at 705£. This is almost 150£ less than that and 185£ less than Amazon UK Price which is 740£. Brilliant deal. Use non fee card revolut etc. Price is deliv… Read more
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Me too. With a good neck strap it’s a tiny camera that you take everywhere. Weirdly I carry this way more than my RX100 as compact cameras are still a bit too big to carry in your pocket.


Good choice, i also have aCanon 1200d and it is just too big, i like the size of the xt-20


Personally I would say this XT-20 with 18-55 lens. Get that for around that price. Great camera for all standards of photographer. Lots of auto settings but also lots of manual settings for when you’re a bit more confident.


depends on the needs - it definitely isn't 'A6000 COS ME GOTS ONE!'


So what is the best Camera on the market for an amateur with costs under £1000 (including a standard lens)

Fuji XT2 camera £979 in Store at Wilkinson Cameras - Liverpool
LocalLocalFound 1st OctFound 1st Oct
I was in Liverpool at the weekend and picked up a Fuji XT2 camara + Vertical power grip, I have searched high and low on the website and cannot find it. I have included a copy of t… Read more

Great price with the grip. Most people won’t need the extra from the T3 (flame retardant suit firmly on)


And that is why I noted at the bottom of my post that the XT3 has just been released, bare in mind that with the grip/battery the XT3 will be obout £600 more, that's the cost of a reasonable XF lens.


Nice price but if you can afford the extra yet the x-t3


Scorching .


Great price for a fantastic camera

Fujifilm X-T20 with XC 16-50 mk II lens (Black) £705.69 @ Amazon
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Im aware the 16-50 is not as good as the 18-55 ( I have the 18-55 which cost me £999 as a bundle) but still it a very good price for the camera Fujifilm X-T20 with XC 16-50 mk II l… Read more

I’ve gone for a purchase with Quidco through digitalrev. Yes I’ve heard the 35mm is very good, I’ll look into the 27mm. Cheers (y)


Can't decide between this or the X-E3 :/


The body refurbished is a good price at Fuji. A great lense is the 35mm f2. The 18-55 is good and if you like street or landscape the 27mm is fantastic


This is what I want to buy next. Waiting for the slightly better lens


Fuji cameras are renowned for their out of camera JPGs, they are fabulous. So you can keep it as simple as you like! (y)

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Fujifilm FUJINON XF 27mm F2.8 Lens Black or silver   £117.99 at eglobal
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Fujifilm FUJINON XF 27mm F2.8 Lens Black or silver £117.99 at eglobal. £389.99 at Amazon

Got mine through Ok, tracking was good all the way. You have yours OK?


Paid with PayPal incase any problems


Had to bite at this price !


Now £117.99. Absolutely ridiculous price for this lens.


Did everyone who ordered this lens have no problems with delivery? Down to 137.99 now!

Fujifilm X-A10 Mirrorless Camera With 16-50mm Lens £237 @ Argos Clearance (Free C&C)
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
The FUJIFILM X-A10 combines a 16 megapixel sensor with the X Series signature skintone reproduction technology. The compact and lightweight FUJIFILM X-A10 sports a retro design. Th… Read more
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evfs can use more battery power than lcds, seems counter-intuitive looking at the sizes i know also tbf i have used screen only cameras (also sony) in full sun abroad, was only really an issue if facing directly at the sun which was going to mess up the photo anyway pretty much


Not saying that an EVF would consume more power than a 3" screen, just that it would also be consuming power at the same time. Batteries on mirrorless systems already consume far more power than in a dslr, IMO omitting an evf from a consumer model camera is a good move. Consumers are more likely to turn on and off their cameras regularly, consuming power, and are also less likely to have plenty of spares. I think the idea is to provide a camera that can last a full day of intermittent shooting. Also the screens on my Sony bodies have a pretty bright screen that I've never had an issue seeing even in direct midday sunlight. I've got them turned down to just above their minimum brightness for more accurate metering by eye. In terms of framing, I find it easier to compose than looking through the viewfinder as I can see around my frame too in case there's something i want to include. Also opens up options for framing that would require lying down or being 8 foot tall... Not sure what screens you've been using friend, I haven't used any other mirrorless cameras, this is just my experience with the Sony cameras.


my only problem with sony is, the emount lenses suck!!! fuji has the better lens selection.


I think you are wrong on both counts, Why would an evf consume more power than a 3" screen, not convinced it would massively increase price, of course it would add to price. I have tried to use many a camera in sunlight with just a screen and to say the least it is not an ideal way to frame a shot, It may be a comfortable position to shoot but Me personally like to see what I am taking a picture of.


Depends how you define 'seriously interested in photography'. To get a EVF into a camera you would have to massively increase the price point whilst reducing the battery life. I think this camera is aimed at the amateur market. Also the tilty screen means that you can shoot with it held close to your body and get angles that you might not be able to get with your eye to the viewfinder! As a wedding professional i shoot with sony bodies (a7iii and a7riii) and can honestly say that since switching at the beginning of this wedding season, I've used the EVF less and less and although it took a while to get used to, it's a much more comfortable shooting position

Fujifilm X100F £999 in john lewis & Partners
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
The Excellent Fuji X100F has dropped in price to £999 at John lewis. 23mm F2 Fixed lens (35mm equivalent) 24.3 megapixel APSC sensor Hybrid viewfinder Film simulation modes includi… Read more

The Pro 400H is their best, but I only use 120.


Price hike. Now £1199 from JL and from Wex.


It's Fuji picture quality really that much better than Olympus , Canon etc? I own omd-10 and have a couple of primes, and covered across 20-170mm at f2.8 - so just wondering what this camera would offer apart from the obvious - flexibility & practicality. I keep reading about the legendary Fuji picture quality. Just wondering what they mean.


Save £100 from the refurb store on this awesome little camera (I'm a T owner myself). https://shop.fujifilm.co.uk/digital-cameras/refurbished-digital-cameras/fujifilm-x100f-refurbished


Looks nice but I hope it doesn't have any fundamental design flaws like the XF1. Just look up 'Fuji XF1 lens control error'. Fuji have never owned up to this and made it right for those who paid good money for these beautiful but fatally flawed XF1s. £999 is a lot of money for a camera that effectively becomes scrap soon after the warranty period ends. I'll never buy another Fuji product as long as I live.

Fujifilm X-E3 with 15-45mm lens £605 delivered from Amazon.fr
Shipping from FRShipping from FranceFound 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Fujifilm X-E3 with 15-45mm lens €671.37 delivered, which if you use a currency fee free card should be about £605. Will come with EU charger of course. Delivery in 1-4 weeks and so… Read more

cool but equally irrelevant


I love my A6000 more than my iPhone


thats not what they said at all (though a good chance it is being newer and a couple hundred quid more)


They have now changed the item page to show it as the X-T100. Expired.


You would rate this higher than a Sony A6000 why

Fujifilm X-T2 Body Only £779.89 @ Amazon (discount deducted at checkout)
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
£270 is deducted at checkout, i believe this is in my basket from a deal posted arounf a month ago. Amazon have just lowered the pre discount price (price matching a seller) and so… Read more

"Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available." And yet, the Amazon page says it's in stock today from Amazon UK (but at a higher price, of course).


Finally got my cancellation message from Amazon this morning - damnit! We regret to inform you that we have been unable to source the following item: "Fujifilm X-T2 Body Only" Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available. This item has now been cancelled from your order and we can confirm that you have not been charged for it. We apologise for the length of time it has taken us to reach this conclusion. Until recently, we had still hoped to obtain this item for you.


Amazon.fr, who have had similar reductions on this model, have also been cancelling orders. There's some discussion about it here: https://www.fujirumors.com/terrific-deals-fujifilm-x-t2-for-e789-and-x-t20-for-e527-at-amazon-europe/#disqus_thread Someone in that thread says he talked to Fujifilm Europe, who told him the stock will be resupplied at the end of September (which is coincidentally when the Fuji promo discount ends).


Ugggh I won't hold my breath then!


Thanks for the information. It seems unlikely thatthe camera will appear given this Fuji/Amazon pattern. It has happened on a few models now.

NEW Fujifilm X-A10 Mirrorless Camera With 16-50mm Lens Silver £237 @ Argos
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Came across this deal Fujifilm X-A10 Mirrorless Camera With 16-50mm Lens Silver for new i think its an excellent price. However not many in stock so hurry up :) Just purchased min… Read more
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Went in to John Lewis Southampton, and they price matched.


This is a cracking price


Have a look here https://www.camerapricebuster.co.uk/Fujifilm/Fujifilm-X-System-Lenses


Somewhere around the a5000 and a5100


We’ve got one of these - delighted with it, videos are superb quality and images are beautiful....the only downside I’ve found so far is finding compatible additional lenses for it online...heat though, brilliant camera!

Fujifilm X-T20 Mirrorless Camera Body in Black with XC16-50mm and 50-230mm Lens £989 at Jessops
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Fujifilm X-T20 Mirrorless Camera Body in Black with XC16-50mm and 50-230mm Lens The Fuji X-T20 is a stylish, powerful yet lightweight mirrorless camera with tilting touchscreen LCD… Read more
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I’m addicted to vintage lense on my Fuji some corkers out there really cheap I have a cupboard full of them


I bought the X-T20 for £999 with the 18-55 and bagged at a £90 rebate = £909 total. fujifilm-promotions.com/gb/en/pages/promotion Also good to check Camera Price Buster


Buy adaptor and use vintage lenses, I have over 30 so much fun.


I have an older X10 model and it's a fantastic camera. Lenses are great quality but quite expensive as mentioned, that's put me off going down the Fuji route, so I stick with my Canon and multiple lenses for now.


Thank you for this info. I'll maybe look out for additional refurb lenses to add to my purchase.

Refurbished FUJIFILM X-A10 Kit (XC16-50mm mkII Lens) Compact System Camera  £199.00 @ Fuji
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
Great price for this camera Alternatively Argos have it for £237 with limited stock instore http://www.argos.co.uk/product/7592913

Voted hot but but wouldn't buy as like EVF


there is a 16, 23 and 27. Highly recommend the 16 Samyang manual lenses also very good on Fuji


Is there a compatible 20mm for this?


This or new from Argos????


unless you are going to change lenses etc then id stick to the rx100 tbh

Free Replacement Peak Design Anchors
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
One for the photogs. Not sure how aware people are of this but Peak Design is currently giving away Version 4 Anchors to anyone that wants some due to an issue they discovered in s… Read more


I hope they ask for a noted timestamp in the photo proof so people can't grab any random pics off Google


Yeah, I got the same email- will have to upload my anchors as proof. Will dig them out over the weekend- although cant remember where i've put them but should be in the drawers somewhere


Don't really understand the need for them :/


Congrats to all the lowlife scalpers that have forced PD to do this. Make me sick. Hopefully us genuine owners will get their replacement.

FujiFilm X T20 Compact System Camera  £478.85  Amazon Germany - Preorder
Found 4th AugFound 4th Aug
Cracking price for this

The Samyang 12mm f2 is wonderful. Very wide and fast. Manual focus but not an issue for a lens of this type and focus peaking is a doddle. Usual price in UK is and £300, but you can find bargains. Got mine from eglobal for £200. 27mm pancake is handy and so small. Either 35mm are great. 18-55mm is very good short zoom. Personally I’d pick the 12mm Samyang, 35mm Fuji and 18-55mm XF. And save for the 56mm lol. I use vintage adapted lens too.


X-T2 on Amazon.fr: 2 days later and they still have it at the same price and not in stock. I don't have very high hopes for this. I also wonder what effect this has on other sellers. Surely no one who "bought" and is waiting for a discounted price would shop anywhere else in the meantime. Amazon effectively stops others from selling the item even though they may not even sell it themselves during that time if that discounted price never materialises and orders end up cancelled.


Here too


And me. Bah.


Here too ;(

Fujifilm X-E3 Camera With 15-45mm Lens only £628 @ Amazon.de
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
I expect this to get voted cold, since most people are clueless about a good deal, when it hits them in the face and says hello! Obviously since this camera isn't built into a smar… Read more
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It appears the "idiots" were more clued up and sensible in their votes. If something is too good to be true, it probably is!


Order cancelled due to misprice


This is a crazy good price, should be way hotter. Very light weight at just 472g with the included lens its perfect for traveling.


Half price lens is UK only promotion. Camera is from german Amazon store.


Agreed, it is a real shame that due to clueless idiots (and I don't think that is harsh), this deal won't be seen by the majority, only the minority. Maybe one day they'll fix the website, since it is clear that most people don't have any common sense. Oh look, that's where my username comes form :D

Fujifilm X-T2 Camera Black Body Only 24.3MP 3.0LCD 4K FHD @ Amazon for £873.06
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
Lowest price for this camera cheaper than a refurb from Fuji, thanks to the special summer promotion of £270 off. There is a 2-3 week wait for delivery. 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III,… Read more

Thank you .. very helpful advice ;)


Speak to a proper camera shop. I know were all cheap here but the service you get in those places pays off. I was going to buy a camera for over a thousand pounds and ended up getting one for under 600 which suited my needs just as good. Sometimes you get scared into purchasing more than u need because of a lack of knowledge.


Oh I see.


it is called 'taste of your own medicine'


I'm wondering whether to wait and see what the Fuji X-T3 holds before making a purchase. The camera should be announced at Photokina 2018 which starts on 26th September and ends on 29th September. This deal expires on the 30th and the X-T2 will likely be available from other stores like Panamoz for the same price by the time that comes around. I would prefer the Sony A7 III but it costs far too much in comparison to the discounted X-T2.

SD Card: Fujifilm 128GB Class 10 SDXC UHS-I 60MBs  - £19.99 @ Fujifilm (+£1.99 P&P)
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
Was searching for a new SD card for work and this came up via the Fuji online shop. Decent for anyone going on holiday too. Good price for 128GB, this quality and 5 year warranty,… Read more

My son's 3DS XL takes this particular card. I think the newer revision takes micro sd


well 60MB/s obviously isn't the peak speed as its just been tested above to be 68MB/s average speed remember a U3 card is only a card which has a U3 label on it if you rub off that U3 label its still the same card underneath, depends when it was tested etc random writes and reads were better with the sandisk but which application for an sd card specifies a required level for random read/writes?


I stand corrected. UHS-x is the interface speed and Ux is minimum write speed. (embarrassed) But I wouldn't go as far as saying that it is probably U3 speeds as the 60MB/s is probably the peak speed whereas U3 defines minimum speed of 30MB/s which it may not be capable of. @thekingbeyond's post shows that his U3 card is faster at non-sequential writes so if you have a mixture of sequential and non-sequential write (e.g. due to fragmentation) then you may need a U3 memory card to cope.


Mine came yesterday on the left is my SanDisk Extreme SDXC 90mb Class 10, U3, V30 64GB and on the right the Fuji, great price thanks @ajmr6891


uhs-i does not equal u1 uhs -'letter' is the interface and u'number' is a speed if the card is 95/60 as it says then there is a good chance its as fast as a u3 just hasn't been certified as that personally id go for a smaller card of known quality for around this price chances are if you are not really savvy enough to know about speeds then its unlikely you will need 128gb anyway but that will ofc depend on each case

FujiFilm Instax Sp-2 £109.99 @ Argos
Found 1st JulFound 1st Jul
I've been looking at one of these for a while but Fuji have slashed the cost of these in some stores and online. Argos (linked here) presently got these on at £109.99 which is the … Read more
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Showing as £144 again.


75p a shot if you use the instax mini film 20 pack for £15. Anyone find any better ? I'm interested but I need to lower that cost to make it worthwhile. I know this is about getting instant prints, but still... 75p is too much.


Looks like you get a case for free with argos one too?


The photo is of an SP-3


I had to look up what this item is, About this product A new laser exposure system achieves a faster printing time of 10 seconds from print data transfer to print output. At the same time, printing noise is lower which makes your printing experience much more enjoyable. Get instax prints by just transferring the shots from the app to SP-2 via Wi-Fi connection. Prints colour, black and white. Prints 10. Print resolution 800 x 600dpi. Connectivity: WiFi (with adaptor). Software included. Size H13.18, W8.95, D4cm. EAN: 4547410328035.

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