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Gran Turismo Sport PS4 now £14 C&C @ Asda
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Welcome to the future of motorsports – the definitive motor racing experience is back and better than ever on PlayStation 4. Get instant access to only the fastest, most desirable … Read more
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what the fastest way to get the ferarri lamborghini? please advise


Just bought for £14 in-store at Barnes Hill


I just bought it for £14 on George with free click and collect.,default,pd.html I hope this helps.


Good prce! Heat added. :)


I think it's very good,wouldn't want to pay full price for it but if under £20 it's well worth it.

Gran Turismo Sport PS4 £15 instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 9th JunFound 9th Jun
99p cheaper than most companies and the days of play sale.
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£14 on prime now


Good to know about both stores. Can pick whichever is most convenient. Not a big fan of the game but cheap enough.


It's also £14.99 in-store at HMV. ;)


For some people, myself included, I could spare another penny to walk into a store and buy it today. Rather than wait 3-5 days from HMV but each to their own, thanks for the heads up.


£14.99 and free delivery from HMV

GRAN TURISMO SPORT *NEW* [PS4] £14.97 incl. DELIVERY at Currys
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Just a little cheaper than sites such as ShopTo and The Games Collection. But every little helps, right?! Bring racing to life with Gran Turismo Sport . Whether you're a casual… Read more

Sorry chaps, it's not for me. I just prefer the old style GT, I'll dig out my PSone and play some GT2 :{


They have daily mileage rewards where you get a car prize at the end. So you have to do 30 ish in game miles then you get a free car added to your garage. Doing this limit a day you should be able to play offline for months. Offline races then driving school, challenges and lastly track experience is all offline. Good 40-50 hours of offline content.


Yeah i agree. Playing with a decent headset also adds to the experience. Managed to complete it last night although the 4 laps on nuringburg is pretty tough and takes a good 35 mins.


Yeah, I think it's actually a decent game. Certainly one to have in your collection for this price! ;)


Bit of a silly statement. - I have played many hours on just campaign and other modes and not touched online. They also update this game regularly with new cars, challenges etc and best of all its free.

Playstation PSVR Starter Pack with 2 Extra Full Games (GT Sport, Wipeout, SuperHot VR + Resident Evil 7) and a Now TV voucher for £199.99 (£249.99 with 2 Move controllers) from 8th June @ Game Stores
Refreshed 16th JunRefreshed 16th Jun
Back in Stock on-line now and will include the V2 Move controllers. LINK FOR WIPEOUT BUNDLE HERE LINK FOR GT SPORT BUNDLE I've added the news that 2 Move controllers can be a… Read more

There's some decent Spiderman bundles kicking off so best to grab one :D


No lol, We're all Xbox in the household (x5), so no idea , not followed the PS scene at all, currently scouring the likes of FB for a cheap 2nd hand one haha


You really didn't realise that? (shock)


can you believe Ive only just opened the delivery box from game........1st thing that greets me on the box is PS4 required....DOH


Yes, it looks like prices have gone back up now. Maybe wait until Black Friday if you're still interested in getting a PSVR.

Gran Turismo: Sport (PS4) [Includes "That's You!" Game Download Code] £16.85 Delivered @ Base
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Welcome to the future of motorsports - the definitive motor racing experience is back and better than ever on PlayStation 4 Get instant access to only the fast, desirable driving … Read more

Who ordered?


This is one of those games that if you put some real time and effort into it then it's really rewarding. After all the updates it's become a masterpiece of a game.


Personally love the online. Races every 15 minutes and although the penalty system has its flaws its the closest to fair racing I have experienced


How is the online for this game?


The digital version will be this price in the Days of Play sale.

Gran Turismo Sport Collectors Edition £29.86 @ ShopTo
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
First time ever I’m going to buy collectors edition. £10 price drop since last deal. Can’t fault the price at all. (y) £29.85 @ ShpTo eBay Credit to @AzNDeals https://m.ebay… Read more

Nice 1




Ur defo 2 mad bro, it's just a collectors edition, and a bad one at that.


Nah bro, you're just a bit of a crap predictor. No kudos for you.


Does anyone know where I can get this from that has it in stock at the same if not similar price please?

Shadow of the Colossus PS4 £15.29 (New) - Battlefield 1: Revolution PS4 £14.39 (New) -  Nier: Automata £14.39 (New) - F1 2017 PS4 £15.29 (New) - more in OP @ Music Magpie
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
Further price drops for New sealed games at Music Magpie - take to checkout to see quoted prices Shadow of the Colossus PS4 £15.29 - New Battlefield 1: Revolution P… Read more
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Anyone one else not get there orders on any games from the 22nd may? just phoned them now and they said not sure what happened to my order and was getting a refund back to my paypal... i not even had an email to say despatched only confirmation of payment (fierce)


really slow at delivery this magpie lot ordered on 22nd and not a dickie bird (fierce)


ordered shadow thks for the deal Chanchi32 (angel)


thanks! Just ordered shadow of the colossus to the join long queue of other shrink wrapped games waiting to be played


That's ordered four more games I won't have time to play. :/

Gran Turismo Sport Collector's Edition - £37.48 Sold by Amazon
Found 19th MayFound 19th May
Currently £37.48 at the time of posting, as you know Amazon adjusts it's prices all the time so probably won't be this price for long.

If you like racing then it is great. Online races are close and intense and mostly fair. Worth every penny.


I wanna buy this, albeit I'm still not sold on the whole online focus of the game.




It has, albeit it 38p.


I doubt it'll fall any further after being posted on HUKD. Increased demand will probably drive the price back up!

Gran Turismo: Sport - Collector's Edition (PS4) £39.85 @ ShopTo
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
Further £5 drop since it last posted, I think it’s very good price for collectors edition. Welcome to the future of motorsports - the definitive motor racing experience is back an… Read more



Yes. My CE of Ni No Kuni also came in same condition. It was all good. I guess the issue is from whoever designed this CE. They didn’t even bother to seal them and instead cut the corners this way. No blame on Amazon, it’s a poor design. Having said that I think sub £40 is great price for this. It’s well worth it if you want to get a copy.


I see. I got lucky my Ni no Kuni 2 CE from Amazon came well packed. The package had its own carboard box which was exact same size as the collectors box (maybe all Ni no Kuni 2 CE came in such boxes) and the the box istelf was packed into Amazon parcel box. So it came in absolute best condition with not a sinlge bent or bruise as if it was straight from factory :)


Well... I did buy it... and I am collecting. :D I was only upset with the way these has been handled. What you get from Amazon comes with dentet corners and some times the art book on the top is damaged as well.


So assuming no point in buying for collection as its not sealed :/

20% off pre-owned gaming at Music Magpie (Example - GT Sport (PS4) - £11.99 / No Man's Sky (PS4) - £6.47 / IW Legacy Edition (X1) - £6.15 / Watch Dogs 2 (X1) - £6.39 / Halo 5 (X1) - £4.79 / GoW 4 (X1) - £4.79 / Doom (PS4) - £4.79 / HZD (PS4) - £11.99
Refreshed 9th MayRefreshed 9th May
Music Magpie have upped their promotion to 20%. Some good finds to be had :) [ PlayStation 4 ] [ Xbox One ] [ Nintendo Wii ] [ PS Vita ] PS4 LEGO Star Wars: The Force… Read more
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I ordered AOM last Tuesday, never received anything and just spoke to them - they've refunded me. Strangely the price of AOM is now £10 second hand, £7.99 new - but neither are close to £3.57. They told me they don't have any stock for a replacement....?! Oh and one of the CD's i bought in the order also failed final checks. I'm suspicious this was a miss price and they used this as an excuse :( Normally MM are fine for me...!


One of my orders is still stuck at "Processing your order..." since the 8th. Starting to doubt I'll be getting that one to be honest. Irritatingly, on a slightly related note I ordered another game from their eBay store and they sent me a Region 1 copy without mentioning this anywhere in the description. I know that technically it would work on a UK PS3 but the US version didn't get some pieces of DLC and unfortunately NA games can't use EU DLC.


I ordered No Man's Sky last Wednesday and it came today. Hopefully tomorrow, or the next couple of days :)


Lots of places use Second Class delivery by default, it's far from unusual. They quote 3-7 days for delivery, so hopefully you'll receive your order soon.


Got all my 15 games today and most in good condition, thankfully only 2 looked like it was fed to the dog.

Gran Turismo Sport Brand New PS4 - £16.99 @ monsterbid / eBay
Found 5th MayFound 5th May
Not sure what the rules are regarding eBay sellers here - but this may be of use to someone. GT Sport, brand new for £16.99 delivered seems like a good deal for a seller with 1000… Read more
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Thanks deal gone :(


It means you can play it with or without vr (y)


VR compatible mean this game is only for VR or no?


Thanks guys, appreciate the info.


So basically it does require a plus subscription, well no a big loss, i only bought the ps4 for exclusives and the psvr so this will just be one that i don't touch, still enjoying GOW, and then it will be Uncharted 4, then Horizon, and then i will see what takes my fancy, and all other gaming, multiplates and online done on the XBX, and i can wait until they drop GT7. ;)

PSVR v1 and Gran Turismo Sport £198 @ EglobalCentral
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd May
This is the discontinued version 1. Save you googling it, version 2 of this head runs identically, same screen, same head tracking; all the important bits. Version 2, however, runs… Read more

Yep. Took my V1 back because i couldn’t stand having a HDR capable console and TV with a dongle in the middle which disabled it.


It's HDR passthrough that's the difference, not 4K.

PS4 Slim 500GB Black (or white) Console with Gran Turismo Sport Collectors Edition, Doom, Fallout 4, Dishonored 2, Hidden Agenda, Singstar Celebration & That's You - £249.95 - Shopto (Add GoW for £29.86)
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
Thought this was a cracking price considering GT Sport Collector's Edition went hot at £44.86 last night :) You're getting a PS4 slim with that and three games plus the thro… Read more
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Down to four games now.


I was looking to buy a ps4 for the exclusives. Anyone know where I can get the cheapest PS4 new or refurbished?


Pretty decent deal, I have a launch ps4 so I think I might just upgrade for this.


Working the street corners! (skeptical) :o


also bare in mind you need a smartphone for those PlayLink games

Secret of Mana (PS4) £14.47 /  Gran Turismo: Sport (PS4) £11.89 / Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (PS4) £11.99 / Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) £17.99 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang via eBay/Amazon
Found 30th AprFound 30th Apr
Only few of each. Secret of Mana (PS4) £14.47 Gran Turismo: Sport (PS4) £11.89 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (PS4) £11.99 Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) £17.99 C… Read more

Happy days and it will be minty new from Boomers


Thanks OP! I got Shadow of Colossus for £9.22!


Cheers pal, managed to get it in the end (y)


Thanks, just made it in time. Think I just got the last copy of Shadow of the Colossus for £9.22. :D


Check this thread bud:

Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edn Dualshock 4 PS4 Game Bundle. From Argos ebay - £52.99
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
A Good price i think :S
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That was launch


Since they updated it (and continue to do so) it's leaps and bounds ahead of its launch panning


really? considering a quick google search of gran turismo sport is boring, there are more than a few who share my train of thought.




It literally is you


Thanks, I think I will :)


Definitely get a Pro if you have a 4k TV.


Yes get a pro for God of War. It's a beauty.


If you can manage to sell the games for their prospective worth this is a good deal for the console.


I'm so tempted, Im thinking of saving another month for the pro though as I have a 4k TV... Decisions decisions...

[PS4] Gran Turismo: Sport - £15.25 (As New) - Amazon/Boomerang
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
26p more than their recent eBay offering but a decent price for a pristine copy of GT Sport. You'll also notice sellers of a similar price range if you want to take the punt :) … Read more
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Nice one, got the last one for £13.25


£13.25 now mate and a few more left. (ninja)


It still lacks content compared to previous games, but yeah there is an offline campaign to get stuck into now and I'd say it's worth it at this price


I would say so, there is a campaign now, that's all I play really and all the dlc has been free


is it worth now for those with little interest with online?

Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition Dualshock 4 + Game Bundle - £49.99 - Smyths
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Cracking price for this given that the controller is around £44.99 at most places. The usual low for the controller when on offer is around £38, making the game around £12 :) … Read more
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Pity it's a 90% online racing game with single-player an afterthought! First GT i've not bought since the beginning. ;(


2 left in Wolverhampton after I got mine


Is the controller V2 ? No matter , out of stock .


Limited edition: 50k units!


How many of these controllers did they make?

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