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Gran Turismo: Sport Collector's Edition (PS4) £48.41
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
The definitive version for discerning Gran Turismo collectors not only is it filled with fantastic digital content including PS4 avatar's and access to all three head start packs (… Read more

I played the first and couldn't even earn the license 😔 im truly terrible at this, only racing games I was good at was Ridge Racer, Rage Racer (drifting was ace) and Burnout Takedown which was more fun to crash than anythin haha Also play Wipeout but im not the best at that


Never even known about them settings apart from Manual haha, ive tried Manual I was even worse, think the fact I don't drige drive has a big thing about it, anyone who I know drives can play better than me!! I couldn't even earn the license on the first GT so couldn't even play (lol)


Its up to you. The game is really addictive online.


I used to be just like you, crashing into barriers, you'll learn much quicker if you turn the driving line off, play in manual and maybe turn traction control off, for me those 3 things have helped me tons in racing games!


Sony PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle - £216.99 @ Toby Deals
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
PSVR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle £216.99. Someone posted at £229.99 earlier this week, but now has reduced further.

Ordered last Friday morning for £200 and arrived on Thursday no added tax or customs. Brand new in box and comes with the V2 camera but not newer headset. Also came with 2 pin power adapter that the breakout box needs no big deal. I will sell turismo sport for a tenner as I have a copy already bringing total price to £190. Was a bit wary due to other comments but has worked out smashing.



No way!!!!


Price is now £205.99 or £199.99 with code Welcome6


Still too much for a gimmicky piece of plastic.


Great deal, just got mine GT Sport delivered. Ordered an pre owned version but received a brand new sealed copy!!! Super happy


hi, re single player, what is actually in the game? I thought they did a few big updates.. Im thinking of getting it but i wouldn't play online ever tbh. I was so annoyed when i found out about this games online i opened GT6 on my old PS3


It's not like the GT mode of yesteryear. If you're buying it for that experience, you'll be left disappointed.


Perfect time to get this, new DLC within the next week or 2, 12 new cars (all free to download as part of a patch) People rave about the online though, but it is full of rammers. I have been playing it on and off since November and haven't had a single clean race. My ratings aren't low either. Console gamers do not play fair compared to PC racers, who take it far more seriously.


I'm really enjoying this. Only played off line and there's plenty keeping me entertained. An update came out a couple of months ago that had some Beginners, Medium and Advanced style races like the old versions. Track challenges are fun. Surprising as I thought I was more of a Project Cars man (not been able to afford PC2 yet..) but finding this suitably challenging, rewarding and looking forward to having a pop online, once I've leart the tracks etc.

PS4 Pro White 1TB Console + Gran Turismo Sport £299.86 @ Shopto
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
PlayStation 4 Pro: see every detail explode into life with 4K gaming and entertainment, experience faster, smoother frame rates and powerful gaming performance, and enjoy richer, m… Read more

The 500GB hard drives that came in both my first OG black PS4 and then the OG silver Batman PS4 I still have now were both Seagate and the 2TB I installed, removed and replaced them with was also a Seagate. Bizarrely enough Sony and MS have got superior buying power to Joseph Average so an educated guess says they could probably pick up a few million 3TB or even better 4TB Seagates at around 90% below high street RRP which in turn still makes a supplied 3TB/4TB hard drive inside at 50 quid on top still cheaper than what we could get if for.


Honestly think you better fitting it yourself if they did do that can you honesty say the harddrive will be any good? Both companys would look for the cheapest harddrive to lob do it yourself you know your gonna put a good harddrive in. But like I said each to their own takes me about 15 mins to sort my own harddrive out and fit it


With the massive success Sony are having this gen I doubt we'll be seeing a PS5 before 2021 so you'd have been waiting a long time, that said though I jumped on the Xbone X day one I've still not been convinced to take that plunge on the Pro yet. I think JL had this white one for around two n half with a game over Black Friday so it would only have cost me 220 quid but I still weren't tempted to pull the trigger. Being honest that was down to colour as much as anything else because I'd rather hold out for a silver one if/when it comes out, providing I can get it at a nice price because I'd only be buying it for Sony exclusives seeing every multiplat I buy is on Xbone. There's no excuse for Sony and MS not to put suitable storage in their machines, they could even charge a premium for those more suitably fitted consoles hmmm 50 quid extra for say a 3TB hard drive inside instead of the midget 1TB would sell no problem at all.


Not to fussed as I dident pay full price for the pro if I has to pay full price might of waited for the PS5 to drop. Its still nice to have a boost mode. I agree if you having 2tb hard drives however when it comes to that sort of thing sony and Microsoft will come up with some sort of cock and bull story about keeping cost down to hit the sweet spot with people. Each to their own I guess.


£299 is still a good price. Cheapest I can find. Are these ok to order from?

Gran Turismo Sport - £17.86 @ ShopTo
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
Seems a good deal compared to other prices.

I hope not, I just bought it! (lol)


Cmon Sony £4 and we will all bite


Is this game really as bad as reviews say?


Noooooooooooooooo again?! ;(


Deal now out of date need closing


Shopto., 3 play link games. Either horizon or gt sport with Extra controller £299





It’s true, I wouldn’t be surprised if they soon stopped including a controller with consoles, just to rip us off even more!

Gran Turismo Sport & Ebay Shopto for £17.99 (Spend £20 and £14.39 with 20% Voucher Code)
Found 28th Dec 2017Found 28th Dec 2017
Thought I would post this as an add on to my big purchase on ebay, just to get closer to the £375 figure (to max out the max £75 discount with the current ebay code). Sub £15 so a… Read more
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Why would anyone have a PS4 and NOT have it online? It would be like having a car with no engine!


Can you not buy homeplugs with the 20% ebay voucher Will make the connection more stable


Oh, well this is unfortunate. Wi-Fi is my only option for where my Playstation is and it receiving a connection is hit and miss. Hmm, well I have 55 minutes to think about it. Still, a nice price. Heat added.


You can play certain modes such as arcade & scapes, however you will be unable to save progress unless online.

SONY PlayStation 4 Pro,  Gran Turismo Sport & extra Wireless Controller Bundle £299.99 @ Currys
Found 26th Dec 2017Found 26th Dec 2017
4K Ultra HD graphics & HDR technology 1 TB hard drive & 8 GB GDDR5 memory Blu-ray drive Dual-band WiFi with Ethernet & Bluetooth

Also Argos and Tesco do the same deal but with horizon. Would much rather have that.


If this deal was £199.99 Then it would be a proper Deal..


Already posted



Nothing new

Gran Turismo Sport PS4 - £17.86 @ Shopto
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
Gran Turismo Sport PS4 - £17.86 @ Shopto. Seems like a good price for it as I couldn't find it cheaper elsewhere. Free delivery too.
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There are so many copies of this floating around since the pre-Christmas Tesco PS4 Pro deal stack, I'm surprised it's even selling for this much. Traded mine in at CEX last week for £21 credit (£15 cash but I saw a game I wanted)


Why is this game so cheap? P Cars 2 is between £24-40... is it retaining its price because of how good it is? I wanted to like GT Sport but have not heard many good things about it other than how good it looks.


I got it for £14 when eBay had 20% off and ive enjoyed it but to hear more tracks cars makes it better and more improvements love it


I played a bit of the GT league mode and was slightly disappointed. You don't get any award car after winning a race series, which you can win them in older franchise. You get the prize money instead.


Where did you get it for that? Showing £70 on shopto now. Id get it with the controller for that price anytime, could probably get most if not all back on the controller and have virtually free gt sport...

DualShock 4 Controller Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition - £36.85 - Shopto (Also Magma Red / Wave Blue / Glacier White)
Found 16th Dec 2017Found 16th Dec 2017
Slight price drop on this. DualShock 4 Controller Wave Blue V2 - £36.85 DualShock 4 Controller Glacier White V2 - £36.85 DualShock 4 Controller Magma Red V2 - £36.85 … Read more
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I don’t know why everyone seems to be asking very odd questions. This is a ps4 controller and this is the cheapest price I’ve seen anywhere especially for a limited edition...... usually they are priced around £44-£50 Just checked it is now selling here for £42.85 with free delivery Sign up/Use And get a few percent cashback too


Yup. For any games you've added to steam you can use steam's built in DS4 controller support with full remapping and the correct playstation button prompts shown in supported games. I still use ds4windows via bluetooth to have it show as a wireless xbox controller, works perfectly in all games with controller support but you'll see xbox button prompts rather than playstation ones.


They do work wirelessly with ps3. No vibration though.


Yes, over wired or Bluetooth, but need to install some third party software to replicate Xbox controller button setup


no point buying DS4 then in any case, the battery drains so quick it lasts even shorter than a used DS3!

PlayStation VR - Gran Turismo Sport Bundle - £204 -
Found 10th Dec 2017Found 10th Dec 2017
Expected delivery date - Dec. 22 , 2017 - Jan. 1 , 2018 Bundle includes: PSVR Headset, PS4 camera, and Gran Turismo Sport. Put yourself in the driver’s seat w… Read more
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Mine working fine too. Just swapped the US plugged power cable for standard UK 2 pin cable.


Used mine fine with a uk power cable. processor unit comes with a mini power brick, just swap the power chord from that for any uk one, its the same one the ps4\one s\one x use etc...


Have you used yours yet with a UK cable?


Same here, just left outside. Muppets


Mines been apparently trapped in customs hell since last Friday

Gran Turismo Sport PS4 £17.99 - Exclusive for prime members @ Amazon
Found 10th Dec 2017Found 10th Dec 2017
Welcome to the future of motorsports - the definitive motor racing experience is back and better than ever on PlayStation 4 Get instant access to only the fast, desirable driving … Read more
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didn't like the game when I beta tested it but got it on VR and completely different and better.


There is always a big holiday update for any GT game.


Knowing Polyphony Digital it'll be December 2018.


In which month will that land?


Awesome deal. Enjoy, the December update is also on the way soon.

Playstation 4 Pro Console with Gran Turismo Sport £279.99 @ Very USE CODE  LXJUD FOR 10% OFF
Found 10th Dec 2017Found 10th Dec 2017
Playstation 4 Pro Console with Gran Turismo Sport @ Very USE CODE LXJUD FOR 10% OFF
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Only on by now pay later


Code doesn't seem to work any more...


Reckon £299 will be main price now with a a game or 2 FIFA or gran turismo instead of usually £349.99


I understand noone has the gift of foresight but this price this suspected to ve limited time and shoot back up again? Only asking as I'm reserved till after my birthday in early Jan as to take the plunge?


Only way that will happen is if the work experience kid is updating Currys website again (highfive)

Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition Controller £37.85 @ ShopTo
Found 9th Dec 2017Found 9th Dec 2017
Good price for limited edition controller. Went up to £44.85 now at £37.85. All other controllers apart from black are more expensive than this. Same price at their eBay store.… Read more

v2.5? What did they change from v2.0?


Looks the part?! It's disgusting


To people who are complaining about the price of this, the standard PS4 controller almost never goes on sale for less than £35-38 anyway. And this is the latest iteration of Dualshock 4 v2.5 (ish). Not to mention that it looks the part as well.


The worst one this year was the Xbox One X Scorpio edition, MS said it was sold out in August, it’s still available on Amazon today (devil)


Can I use this on a pc? If so how? Will be used solely for project cars.

Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB + Gran Turismo Sport + Prey + NOW TV 2 Months Entertainment Pass £299.99 @ Game
Found 4th Dec 2017Found 4th Dec 2017
Good deal for PS4 pro white with two quality games.

How dare you thumb your nose at me sir, I do bite my thumb at you sir


I fail to see the relevance of Henry James as an author to your point here. Either way I thumb my nose at you and wish a pox on your chances of a good PS4 pro deal. Good day and good riddance to you old woman.


If you think it’s overpriced fair enough, Though don’t judge my attitude, there’s no attitude; I’ve merely commented on your incorrect predictions. Lastly I’m not young and I’m not a man, perhaps time for you to adjust your attitude and presumptions.....Henry James is simply an author I admire.


Dear oh dear me, it is hardly my fault if circumstances are such that situations change. If you want to buy a PS4 pro at 299, go ahead if you think it's worth it to you. For me, it is overpriced and I'll be holding my horses for a while longer, but you don't need my permission. Your attitude is highly regrettable young man.


What attitude is that!? You’ve been banging on about the 11th and how suddenly all these deals will appear, and so far.... zero, In fact worse, suddenly it’s “wait till the end of the week”....and then it’s “wait till Boxing Day”......and then it’s Black Friday 2018...... If you don’t actually know categorically that details are forthcoming, spreading untrue hunches is not hugely helpful

Sony PS4 500GB console with Call of Duty: WWII, Gran Turismo Sport , Hidden Agenda and That's You - £199.97 - eBuyer
Found 3rd Dec 2017Found 3rd Dec 2017
I'm not even sure where the pricing is these days on PlayStation 4 consoles, but this looks like a decent enough price with two games this side of Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Fre… Read more
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"'Sony PS4 500GB Black with CODWWII + GT Sport + Hidden Agenda + That's You' is discontinued;" When i click get deal (fierce)


ive always found them to have an excellent aftersales service, when a tv i bought arrived damaged they sent a new one out and collected the old one the same time without me having to first return the damaged one, with another company i had to get my cc company involved (prc direct)


Out of stock grrrrr


Ebuyer though, hope you don't have issues with the system.


Wish these deals would stop for a week so I could sell my old PS4 on eBay. Don't know why I waited till I got my Pro before selling. Great price.

Gran turismo sport Ps4 £17.99 @ Shopto ebay
Found 28th Nov 2017Found 28th Nov 2017
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I was quite hesitant before picking this up after hearing so much negativity about it and especially being a long term GT fan. At full price it would definitely not be worth it in its current state, but at this price, I personally think it's a bargain. The game itself when it comes to pure driving is brilliant, great looking cars, driving physics are great. Lacking in single player aspects and more simplified than previous GT games, but the forthcoming updates should help to rectify some of the concerns to some extent, although I never feel it'll be a true GT successor to 6, it's still a great game not to be missed!


Purchased as a Christmas present because of the forthcoming 1.06 single player patch. Thanks!


You do know this is a deals site? Yet you post no deals... How many Pagani's have been sold to Fords, quality over quantity. Lost of Us, cracking game, is that where Joel and Ellie go to Hampton court maze? So the PS4 gives you Exophthalmos, do Sony know this, surely a health hazard.


reviewers get paid to lie. How many Eggboxs have been sold? Compared to Ps4? Oops saw subject. Also name me PURE Xbox Exclusives that are better than the eye bulging graphics and stories i.e Uncharted and Lost of Us. You have NONE!


Of course you didn't mention it was anything to do with GT 6 I did, I was using an example exactly the same way you did so you get your facts straight, seems that not many reviewers agree with either of your statements on which game is good and which one is 'crap'. What 720p piece of 'crap' am I going to play on ? I have an Xbox1X which is vastly superior to your 1080p 'piece of crap' I'm done trying to have any sort of sensible conversation with you, you need to elevate yourself beyond that fanboy wall you have in your way.

Sony PlayStation 4 (500GB) with FIFA 18 + Gran Turismo Sport + Knowledge is Power
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Probably matching the Argos offer. Good price for this bundle.

similar price to whats been happening today, only difference is how many games you get. To be honest im disappointed with 'black friday' deals so far!


Yes but they will charge you to send it back


Anyone know if consoles can be returned to amazon without a reason, simply if I change my mind?


Good price heat added

(PS4) Gran Turismo Sport - £17.85 delivered @ eBay (ShopTo)
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
1p cheaper than the other one lol. Every little helps and that (strong)
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I sold that crap after 30 minutes of gameplay


Still available at £17.99. Just click on view relisted item.


delivery estimate is currently middle of next week. what are the chances of it coming sooner, shopto are usually very good at dispatching quickly


How the mighty have fallen. But seriously this came out literally 2 weeks ago so pretty much no one bought it then. This is why you don't buy games full price.


This is the hardest time of the year to release a game. Everyone wants to be a big Christmas seller but unless your product is stellar, there's a lot of competition and you'll usually wind up losing.

Gran Turismo Sport - 18.99 @ Amazon (Prime or £20.98 non Prime)
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Same price as Argos, but I assume many have Prime so this might be preferred.


2.5/5 amazon review (poo)


Are you ok?




Feel like I've been ripped of at £24.99 yesterday. But a few friends paid £60 on the PSN at launch :o

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