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6x 330ml bottles Heineken 0.0 Alcohol free £2.99 at Home Bargains West Yorkshire
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th AprLocalLocal
6 x 330ml bottles... Best tasting and price I've seen recently.

Only ever had one or 2 beers a week in this house, usual strength. Alcohol free beers were so bad in the past never considered going there again. However saw a deal posted here a few months ago and the comments said that they had vastly improved so tried whichever one it was. Alcohol free beer is now the go to preferred option. No longer have to consider if you're OK to drive, due to the very low drink drive limit in Scotland. In the very brief period when we were allowed to go out to restaurants, we were able to take the car rather than get taxis, etc. Win win all round.


Thanks for taking the time to share your first deal with us @anthonyjtaylor :)


I've just spent £1.20 on 1 bottle of alcohol free Peroni at my local shop. I'm going to Lidl tomorrow to get 6 alcohol free beers for £2.49.


just posting to add that Sainsburys have the peroni zero stuff for £3.50 for 4 if that's more up your street than the Heinekens.


I agree, can't go wrong at 50p a bottle. Can't fathom why it's so cold!

Heineken export 330ml 5% volume lager beer 69p in Home Bargains Ashton ~ brewed in holland
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Posted 14th AprPosted 14th AprLocalLocal
Brewed in holland Dutch import Unlike the rubbish they sell in the supermarkets Ok for import compared to the “nasty reduced alcohol content to sell it cheap” nonsense Found… Read more

Guessing you miss drinking the American Budweiser, despite it being complete pap at 5% or 4.5%.


But Heineken are mugging us off massively. The Heineken made in Manchester is vile, tip down the sink job but the Netherlands stuff is nice. Vomit inducing to think about having it from a can or draft in pub here the, the stuff they churn out from Moss Side is incredibly different. I'd honestly pack in drinking if I was more concerned with strength over taste. Kronenburg is rancid, basically tasteless swill (Fosters on steroids) but it has 5% so I'll drink it... (lol)


Its still 5%, which was my whole point.


Heineken brewed in the UK is made by a brewery in the UK so no way authentic


Ok for import compared to the “nasty reduced alcohol content to sell it cheap” nonsense That's the thing, it's still the same price as before just less taste/alcohol. If everyone refused to buy the reduced alcohol stuff they would bring back the proper stuff. I only buy the premium 1s now like this.

Heineken Premium Lager Beer Cans 15x440ml £10.97 @ Asda
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
£1.66/lit £0.73/can Instore and online Heineken is a 5% full-bodied premium lager with deep golden colour, a mild bitter taste and a balanced hop aroma leaving a crisp, clean finis… Read more

Grab a case from b&m which are imports then blind test them. Difference is night and day


Yes that mixing has done be my head in haha, can't be bothered with these games so I've just brought a load of cases of Budvar and Peroni red, not made from swap water in moss side lol. Here are the pictures for others that show the number '28' in the barcodes on the bottle and can. That code is for Netherlands brewed. Heineken confirmed this to me


My local Asda doesn't sell these 330ml bottles just the 650ml so have never seen them sorry, however Sainsbury's near me had UK for a while over Christmas but the last time I checked they were imports. Too much hassle overall, I had an asda order a while back thinking the 650ml are imports, ended up giving them away. I'm guessing they will all be made here eventually, HQ never got back to me when I asked if the Manchester brewery was sending samples back from imported bottles as the taste is significantly different, even my other half that thinks all lager tastes the same noticed the bite and different taste.


You are lucky then, my Asda are the UK ones, I wonder why?


I think your find that we obviously don't shop in the same asda.

Heineken Lager Beer 12 X 330Ml £8 (Clubcard) @ Tesco
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
12 pack of Heineken bottles

I prefer bottled over cans, can't stand the tinny taste. But each to their own. The three for £21 is good and makes it £7 a pack, but it means buying more, which adds the temptation of drinking more!! XD XD XD


Or 3 for £21 at asda (y)


Not the worst deal, but better value to go for the 15 cans for £12 (with clubcard)

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Heineken 15x440ml down to £10.97 (+ Delivery Charges / Min Spend Applies) @ Asda
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Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Heineken 15x440ml down to £10.97 (+ Delivery Charges / Min Spend Applies) @ Asda£10.97Asda Deals
Heineken 15x440ml down to £10.97 in Asda online and in store. Online delivery fee apply.

£10.97 now, quick someone post it


Shame no delivery and nor store to collect from near me (annoyed)


From a river XD (lol) :D


Not chilled :o


cool. i'll give that a try then. thanks.

24 x 330ml Heineken crate - £9.20 instore @ Co-operative (East Dulwich)
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Posted 5th MarPosted 5th MarLocalLocal
24 x 330ml Heineken crate - £9.20 instore @ Co-operative (East Dulwich)£9.20Co-operative Deals
Important. Please avoid making journeys that aren’t essential. In-store items can sell out quickly, so any trip made just for this could be wasted and unnecessarily risk spreadi… Read more
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Well spotted mate. Thats why they are so cheap. Wonder why they went for £9.20? Was a square 9 quid too cheap that they thought an extra twenty pence ought to be added on? The mind boggles.


The bottles expiry date is next month ‘April 21’. Not marked on the external box but on the actual bottle. Still good deal!


Glad to hear others are grabbing them! Saw the stack also with no price on - worth a check surely and it’s a bargain!


I was going through East Dulwich on the bus and i could see through the door a stack of these. I wondered how much they were. Whilst I was thinking about cheap beer deals I thought I'd log on here and I see this report! I frantically ran the bus bell and marched straight to that coop- £9.20 indeed! Scandalously cheap. Thanks for the report. I used to live round the corner from this coop and if I still did I would do runs back and forth until id bought the lot- heavy buggers though!


Anyone near S80 to check