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Building on its mobile phone success, Chinese giant Huawei has started to challenge the high-end laptop sector as well. Models like the MateBook 13, 14, and X Pro have established themselves as serious contenders for Apple's crown, and will be the perfect option for students, gamers, and business users alike. Find every model at the lowest possible prices by browsing the Huawei MateBook hotukdeals listings. Read more
Huawei MateBook 13 2020 Touchscreen Laptop - i7-10510U / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD / MX250 - £729.99 Delivered using Code @ Laptop Outlet
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
We've worked together with Laptop Outlet to get a decent discount on the 2020 Huawei MateBook model. For those wanting a touch screen laptop with good specs this is a rather nice o… Read more

I thought this would have attracted more heat seeing as it has dedicated graphics and 16gb ram. Cheapest 16gb laptop in Curry's that not 17" or 15.6" is £899.


Consider this similar laptop from the same shop - . Bigger screen, faster CPU.


The matebook 14 is better in most departments. Battery, cpu, ports etc. However this has edge on graphics card. The screen on the 14 is measured at 400 nits even though it’s 300 specified.


300 Nit screen I think... not 450 like the x pro. A nice machine regardless!

Huawei Matebook D 15.6" Laptop 8 GB RAM 256GB AMD Ryzen 5 Windows 10 Home - £399 using code @ AO eBay (UK Mainland)
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Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Looks like a good price for this laptop under £400 ;) Key Features AMD Ryzen 5 processor can easily handle simple things like email, to more demanding software that needs a … Read more

Yes, Ive got this and it's perfectly OK for the less demanding. Runs maybe 70% of games. Does everything else OK too Screen isn't great but works (y)


Plastic hinges so don't drop it like I did


It's not all about having the better processor. Better build quality and screen with the this though, all metal and the Asus it's not IPS screen, also it's a 14 inch laptop.


What about warranty?


Think you can join costco for £15 for the year. So £414.99

HUAWEI MateBook D 14 AMD Ryzen 5 / 8GB / 512GB SSD + Free mouse + Free Speaker - £479.99 with code @ Huawei Store
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Looked a good deal, plus potential for 2.4% cashback using Quidco. Specifications: Screen: 14" inch/1920x1080 , 250nits CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Graphics: Radeon Vega 8 Graphics Mem… Read more

Just got mine delivered. The build quality is a significant step up relative to the £370 inspiron 15 on here (that I'm returning). All round pleased and should make a nice gift.


Thanks for confirming my Acer suspicions! Decided not to get a "Swift" and got this instead Asus ZenBook UX325JA Dell never state of its IPS screen, just "wide viewing angle". My Inspiron 14 was definitely a TN!


I'm replacing an Acer. The keyboard died, and you need to replace the whole top palmrest as well.


Which one did you go for? I found some Acer Swift's with IPS panels in my budget but their build quality/reliability and customer service is shocking bad!


Just bought the i7 with 300 nit panel.. More than I wanted to spend

HUAWEI MateBook X Pro 2020 13.9" 3K-FullView-touchscreen notebook, 10th Gen i5, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, MX250 Gfx, Win10 Home £511.03 @ Amazon
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Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Price did drop to £475 but now available for £511.03 Brand - HUAWEI Human interface input - Touchscreen Operating system - Windows 10 Home Hardware interface - USB Type C, USB, 3.… Read more

That's not really an accurate amount, though, nice as it would be if that was the going price! Huawei UK (last time I looked) had the UK keyboard version of this for £799.99 (was going to link, but they're banned). Makes sense that people will offer a bit less for a different keyboard, but £400 is a bit cheeky.


haha show them this, how much it is on Amazon now


If I find anything better, I'll update this thread. I may well be looking for a charger/stickers if I do sell it to the family member. I have it advertised but lowball offers are happening (skeptical) Actually, the Amazon video of the adaptor that looks like an ASUS brick, says it comes with the Cloverleaf UK plug in the packaging. They should really update that listing.


Thank you so much for this.


I'm pretty sure the Anker 65W Charger (£32.99 currently) works with this (though whether it actually fast charges, I'm not sure). I did a Deal post about a Choetech one that was £24.99 with a £5 off (voucher) but HUKD didn't like the third-party seller I think. This RAVPower one is £31.99 (£28.99 with £3 voucher) This one says it's compatible with the Matebook X but that brick looks like an ASUS charger to me! £18.99 (and no cloverleaf UK plug by the looks of it) This Sumvision one is £27.99 (and £3 voucher takes it to £24.99) Only charges half as fast from this review. I suspect this will be the case with all non-Huawei chargers, unless someone knows better. CP81 (HW-200325CP0) is the Huawei part number I see on many listings but it's not the UK version. Weirdly Huawei UK don't seem to stock it (but I'd fire off a DM on Twitter and they may be able to help). This seller apparently has the official charger at £25.99 (even though it's a dot co dot uk site, it says it ships from Singapore or HK). It says the "cord" will be UK (?) Though it does say "2. We will match the suitable plug for your country need,and power cable included for free." I have this laptop, unopened and was going to sell it - someone offered me £400! (cheeky) Told my niece she could buy it and because I told her partner (who I barely know) that he can open it/have it when he pays me the full amount (he was going to open it and use it after paying half) it's started a minor family war. Edit: Re keyboard stickers - for some reason Aliexpress seems to sell Russian English keys for the Matebook and nothing else? These look more appropriate but they're YELLOW The close-up of the font on the sticker strip looks different to the main picture. Urgh. Double pack from an Amazon third-party seller for £7.99 or £6.73 Like New but US English,Suitable/dp/B08RZ7NT8N/ Edit: I should add the caveat that Trustpilot reviewers make it hard to determine whether "uklaptopaccessories" sells legit goods or not. But, the fact they're not transparent about where they ship from makes me think they're best avoided.

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MateBook 13 2020 Laptop - i5-10210U / 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD / 2160 x 1440 + Huawei 23.8" Display & Bluetooth Mouse £649.99 Delivered @ Huawei
20/06/2021Expires on 20/06/2021Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Decent price here now. Just £40 more than the offer on the same laptop and mouse that we saw at the end of last month, and it includes the 1080p Huawei display. Really nice if you … Read more

I got this laptop a few months ago. A few things you need to know: the speakers, webcam, and bluetooth connections are really bad. My 3 year old laptops are better. My 8 year old Macbook Pro is better in this regard. If media consumption and zooming are your thing, it's worth paying more for a Macbook. The speakers and webcam is so bad. And connecting external bluetooth speakers drop out a lot or even just refuse to connect. I have headphones that instantly connect to my phones, TV, and other laptops but not this no matter what drivers or software I change. Decent gaming performance tho, but it does get very, very hot and loud.


Hmmm this or just pay double and pick up an M1 MacBook. Hmmmm


Exactly, outside of of getting metrics for shopping patterns etc. you're not going to get cold called from someone in China. There's scammers out there targeting elderly people, where do people think they get their data from, Beijing?....more like Milton Keynes.


The thing is though - they do it openly. If you have any account belonging to the Facebook group you are basically giving them carte blanche to have all your data for using their services. The same goes for Google etc. The difference is with Chinese companies such as Hauwei is that they do covertly - so you don't know your data is being harvested. And whoever said that about they'd rather Chinese firms have their data than the UK gov is a fool tbh.


So everyone is cool with Google, Facebook etc but if you dare to mention a Chinese company everyone loses their minds. Makes sense!