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People generally recognise just two kinds of laptop, namely those that run on Windows and MacBooks. That was until the arrival of the Chromebook in 2011. The Chromebook is a well-rounded laptop that marries Google's own Chrome OS with numerous handy niceties like an optimised online experience and exceptional battery life. All the latest deals on the Chromebook are collected and shared on the exclusive Chromebook page on HotUKDeals. Read more
ASUS C223 11.6 Inch Celeron N3350 Dual Core 4GB 32GB Chromebook - £152.99 (with code) @ Currys eBay Store
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Ordered this from Amazon for £179.99 but just found this on eBay Argos much cheaper. First time ordering a Chromebook book but it's splash resistant - perfect considering I spilt … Read more

Yup defo 1080 at least same here anything lower was dreadful


You will need 1080 for good experience. I had some Chromebooks with lower resolution and I returned them all.


Probably for some of the apps but for me it's just general browsing that I need. Worth a go at that price anyway :)


Think chromebooks need touchscreen to get the most out of them.


Need a ips screen for similar money but good price

Asus C202 11.6 inch Chromebook (2GB, 16GB, Celeron) - £129.99 @ Argos
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
Decent little 'ruggedised' Chromebook for the price, especially for kids. I bought the same one for my son back in February for just under £200, it has survived a few knocks and d… Read more

That's the point - the same spec runs like a rocket under ChromeOS but like a dog or not at all with Win10. My 6 year-old Samsung 2/16Gb Chromebook can run rather more than 5/6 tabs plus a Linux crouton. As to touchscreen - it isn't a tablet - it has a keyboard, touchpad and optional mouse so running the full webpage designed for such usually provides a better experience than an app designed for phone/tablet. Horses for courses.


Its my mistake. I thought the post was for a Cloudbook. Mine is woefully slow.


I'm sure there is, but that's not a Chromebook


I'm sure there's lots of these...


You must have the only Chromebook with Windows 10 on it

HP 14-ca004na Chromebook, Intel Celeron, 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, 14”, Grey, White, £169 at HP
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
Free Delivery within 48hrs *

Good deal, I wonder if Chromebooks will come down further..


I have 2 CBs & non of them are upgradeable. :(


I wouldn't get one without a touch screen tbh, a lot of the android apps just don't work very well without one.


Can you upgrade the internal drive?



ASUS C101PA-FS002 Chromebook £199 @ Amazon
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Down from £349 to £199. Only a 10.1 inch screen, but seems a good deal to me

Expired :-( Showing as £229


I have this Chromebook and it's really good. Never had an issue browsing, using Google docs and sheets, Netflix and it's play store compatible. Great buy


Smaller screen. However has touchscreen and generally better quality overall. I'd have this any day over the HP


How does this compare with the HP chromebook deal someone posted?

Chromebook HP 14 £169.99 @ Argos
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Full specs supports Linux and Android apps via Google Play Store. Same model @ John Lewis https://… Read more

1. What's the maximum micro SD card capacity for the slot ? 2. Is it possible to put a SSD in it ? If yes, what's the maximum capacity it can support ?


I compare with acer 14 same price !what you think?


No, if you read the questions, it says it not. Took me ages to work it out, cause the specs say it is. (annoyed)


Is it touchscreen?


Is it worth for that money?

Chromebook HP 14 ca004na £169.95 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
I bought it when it was £199 few months ago, and it's really great, although the screen is not amazing and not a touch one. But battery lasts more than 10h, it has USB C charger an… Read more

Fair enough. :-)


He does the exact same thing on phones and sim only deals, he tells everyone to avoid EE and Virgin mobile because you can't get 4g if others users on same network are near you. What he really means is his area central London is over subscribed and not good for those networks but tells everyone they are useless everywhere, so annoying and even argues with me when I show him my 4g speed at 70mbps. The guys deluded 😁


What's the maximum micro SD card capacity does it take ?


Yes it will access the play store but I don't think it has a touchscreen so many apps on play. store won't necessarily work as intended. Still looks like a great machine for work and study because of the higher quality screen than most Chromebooks


Yes, it does support Android apps via Google Play Store. P.S. grey colour is now out of stock.

ASUS Chromebook C302ca, Intel Core M3, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, 12.5" £399 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
One of the best Chromebooks out there currently. Price back down to the black Friday price of £399 from £499.
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True that Chrome is being constantly improved. If you have a compatible printer it's reasonably straight forward but if you haven't, it can be decidedly fiddly, i know because i have tried. Got my printer working eventually but only as part of a network.


possibly a recent change but I can USB print without issue. Still only certain models supported though. Acer R13


Thanks poster, ordered one for the wife for Xmas. Seems a decent machine.


I bought one of these a few months back when JohnLewis had them at £399. Love it - great Chromebook for £399. Does everything I need and love being able to install Play store Android apps.


You seem as if you know what you're talking about so I'd love your advice, please! Are there any comparable windows laptops out there at this price in terms of spec (or better?) Reason I ask is that I'm not invested in any particular ecosystem and would predominantly be using my laptop for streaming and casual use - though the idea of being able to play low end 2d games would be great? I also use the likes of AceStream and unsure if this can be used for it? Anything from Amazon at this pricepoint would be great as I've a £100 voucher to use and my laptop's on the blink (dreaded robotic lag stutter that could be down to a few reasons!). Thanks!

Refurbished Acer 14in Chromebook (2GB/32GB) for £96.99 at Argos eBay
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Looks like a very good price for a budget Chromebook? Obviously it's not the fastest processor, not full HD and 4GB would be preferable, plus there's the usual risk of an Argos ref… Read more

Well mine has arrived already and it's in perfect condition. In fact it doesn't even look like it's ever been out of the inner packaging. My lucky streak continues.


Got plenty of experience of purchasing refurbed tech for myself and family. 1) Argos: Not good, a bit of a lottery. Some of their refurbs must clock up thousands of miles repeatedly going back and forth to different customers. Quick wipe with a damp cloth, if it powers up ... in the 'A' grade bin it goes. 2) Currys ebay: Bought 4 phones, printers etc and never had any problems with them. After ten months use an LG G4 got the dreaded bootloop. They cheerfully refunded in full. 2) Manufacturers e.g. Asus: Usually top notch, as new. 3) CEX: Surprisingly good. Bought laptop, ereader, Bose speaker etc. Only once had something that wouldn't function ( a Microsoft bluetooth folding keyboard) everything else, A+ condition. Not 100% sure if i'd buy a phone from them though - you never know where they've been ;). Everything comes with a 2 yr guarantee. 4) Ebay sellers: Choose the seller v. carefully (e.g. plenty of genuine positive feedback) and the purchase is usually as promised. I'd urge caution about relying on a refurb as a gift. If there is a fault when you receive it then sods law says there will be no more available. Definitely i'd recommend thorough testing before you hand it over to the recipient. Some years ago i bought a Nexus 7 refurbed tablet (from Argos ebay as it happens) and it had a fault that only became apparent after 30 minutes use. That aside, choose carefully and there are fantastic refurbed bargains to be had.


Comes down to what whoever grades/refurbs them consider to be acceptable and/or 'good'. I've personally never had anything from them that wasn't like new, but I accept there's always a risk it won't be that way.


They say A Grade is their top refurb and show a B grade in the video explaining their refurb grades and it was in better condition than what I received. It looked like they'd given the screen a wipe with a dirty wet wipe and called it a day. It's not really a refurb, it's just second hand.


Yep, always a gamble for any refurb. I bought this one with the intention of giving it as a present too. Hope you get sorted for Christmas. (y)

ASUS C302CA FLIP Chromebook 12.5" with Intel Core M3 4GB RAM 64GB HDD in Silver £356.99 eBay /  hughesdirect
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
** Normally £499, It's Amazon's deal of the day at £399, everywhere has matched its price except Hughes eBay store who lowered it from £499 to £419... then with the 15% code... … Read more

I would go to Curry's and look at Chromebooks for yourself. Just because this is shaped like a Windows laptop, doesn't mean it can do all the same things. I'm a big fan of Chromebooks, as are many others. But, that's because it fits our lives really well. There are ways to make a Chromebook meet your needs, but if you haven't used one, you should explore it. Try using only Chrome to do the things you would expect to do - try using Offce365 and look for a browser-based photo-based editor, and see how you get on (strong)


I use it for exactly that. Office 365 works perfectly (although it requires a subscription). Photoshop I have managed to install but only version CS6.


I am looking for a laptop for My partner for Xmas - she would be using it for office stuff, photos and photoshop (amateur level hobby photographer) and for browsing. Would this fit the criteria? I am a biff with knowing laptops etc


So this does chrome, and android (with 100% compat??) but not linux, right? Is there crostini waiting in the wings, or not? I wanted a Pixelbook but it's not versatile enough for the money, but this might be a good one for this price. Edit: can you dual boot it with anything else? :/ Also how does this compare with an R11/13? Comments on Amazon about ARM running android apps poorly etc.


What Guarantee comes with this??

ASUS C302CA-GU010  Chromebook Flip 12.5 inch Notebook (Intel Core M3-6Y30 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB eMMC) £399 from Amazon
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
This is a very good price for this Chromebook. Amazon offers 2 years warranty on this.
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Ordered, along with the Chromebook. Cheers


Alright alright. Chill dude.


Not quite sure how I could have made it any clearer that I meant the 11" version!


This fits this Chromebook nicely??? The 11" one?? Wouldn't the 13" one be better?


Totally with you there Topazz. Tried Windows 10 earlier this year and hated every second. Chrome OS is everything Windows 10 isn't. On its feet fast, shuts down as fast, not issues with updates and virus checkers. This thing just works. Having Android apps on the touchscreen means Google has overtaken Micro$oft in one swoop when they were trying to push with Windows 8. I have an Acer 15 and already have Linux support. I use kdenlive for Video editing but this currently is poor due to lack of hardware acceleration. In the future, this will be even more awesome. Bye Micro$oft.

Refurbished HP Chromebook G3 14" 1080p Touchscreen 4GB RAM 32GB, Nvidia Tegra K1 Graphics (£134.29 with 15% eBay code)  xsitems_ltd Ebay
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Refurbished but in "very good condition". Seems like a pretty good price for a Chromebook with full HD 1080p and an Nvidia K1 chip inside. Not quite as fast as the X1 in the Nvid… Read more

Flamedeer lovely.


Not seeing it make much difference on my gaming laptop, or my mid range phone, compared to my Chromebook...


Because modern browsers (including Chrome, obviously!) can use the GPU to accelerate web page rendering.


It's gone.


Pedantically 1366 x 768 (HD). Hence no advantage over a 11" screen unless you have poor eyesight and more to lug around.

ASUS Chromebook C223NA-GJ0014 11.6 Inch HD Notebook (Grey) (Intel Celeron N3350 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC, Chrome OS) £149.99 @ Amazon
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Good little Chromebook for £150, spec is pretty strong and I've had my old ASUS Chromebook for nearly 3 years and it's still going strong so I'd definitely recommend this one for a… Read more

Hello All - I purchased the Acer C223 Chromebook, 12th Dec 18.. It works fine for me and it does have Android Apps. Does not appear slow or laggy. I am just using for general internet use. No gaming - it does the job perfectly well. Battery lasts me easily a day (8hrs) £150 - Argos


£50 more would get you the ASUS C101 when its on deal (which is often). A far superior CB with all metal build and a touchscreen for those Android apps. Got mine in John Lewis so came with a 2 yr guarantee too!


Google docs, Google sheets work both online and offline.


Is there a non online word/excel equivalent you can use to work offline?


It's got an IPS on that, so much better. Good luck!

HP Chromebook 11 G5 11.6" Touchscreen Laptop N3060 / 4GB RAM / 16GB £199.99 @ Laptop Outlet [Lenovo Miix 320 £229.95 w/code in OP]
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Nice little touchscreen Chromebook for the price/spec really. i much prefer these with touch, they just make more sense to me on a CB. Good for every day use for those not looking … Read more

Neigh! I mean, yeah!


Its an Atom and its passmark is 1266. That's more than many Win10 PCs in this price range. Yep, Win10 does struggle with 1K passmarks but this isn't and will fly in comparison. But unless Touchscreen is vital to you then the cheaper Asus deal looks better with 32Gb eMMC.


I could have sworn the miix has been around 100gbp before, i am waiting for it to be back there abouts.


Not many CB's with a touchscreen for this £, so have some heat.


Intel celeron is horsesh1t

Refurb Acer Chromebook 11.6 2gb 16gb emmc £79.90 @ Argos eBay
Found 1st Dec 2018Found 1st Dec 2018
Got that email off email this morning saying £30 off. So for about £80, not too shabby. Only 4 left now so be quick
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Good school device but obsolete in that it does not run Play apps.


Was an email off ebay with price reduced. Sorry my typing was to pot trying to get the deal out


Good , buy touchscreen Chromebook to use Android apps


All gone, that was quick.


What email?

Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431-C31R £160.25 via eBay Tesco outlet
Found 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018

Enyone else has great advice? Win26 appreciate, valid offers and comments, for the rest, please replay with some valid argument. I would be glad to use your advice and get it or something very similar cheaper. Thanks to all.


Checked it just now, bigger by inch and because of that battery life is slightly longer. More expensive even refurbished with no extra RAM or memory. I believe processor is same, so 14" theoretically should be faster.


Link please.


So why, I can't click on it and buy it? Your argument is pointless. Deal has expired. Should I find one cheeper that that expired 2 months ago?


I don't need Full HD on 14" screen. This is will be my first Chromebook, I am planning to use it for online shopping and browsing. I have other devices to stream videos. Anyone could find it cheaper and available now. Can be refurbished with min year warranty. I will buy it and will take this deal down. Till then there is only bubbling about better deals someone used on black Friday. Black Friday is gone now.

Acer Chromebook - £50 reduction for Cyber Monday £199.99 @ Acer Store
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Acer Chromebook 14 - CB3 431 Chrome OS Intel® Celeron® N3060 processor Dual-core 1.60 GHz 35.6 cm (14") HD (1366 x 768) 16:9 4 GB, LPDDR3 and 32GB eMMC Storage Intel® HD Graphics … Read more

No touchscreen


This is poor IMHO. When I got my CB3-431 18 months ago I searched out the Full HD version and avoided this one. I only paid £229.99 back then from Currys. Nice machine but get the Full HD.


Same model, the one on Acer UK is the updated version with 4GB Ram.


Yes, this the basic Duo-core, TN display model but upgraded to 4GB Ram. These chromebook has gone up so much. I remember it was £199 for the top model at Argos.


Is same thing in currys for £159? Not sure but can anyone help..

ASUS C101PA-FS002 10.1-inch Touchscreen Chromebook Flip (Silver) £199 @ Amazon
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
OP1 Processor, 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, 10.1 360-Degree Rotatable Touchscreen, Chrome OS 360 degree touchscreen 10.1 inch display Internal memory: 4 GB LPDDR3 RAM Storage: 16 GB SSD … Read more

My xiaomi Mi Mix 2s has 128gb and cost under £500 brand new


Good price, really tempted to get another chromebook. Had the original Acer C720 and loved it. Hard to justify over my current Ezbook Jumper 3? Also it is £10 cheaper on argos if you buy with PayPal I think.


Common issue with the c100pa (says YouTube), something I researched for purchasing the previous model so perhaps the fault continued over. My 6 month old c101pa is going strong atm and with 2 year warranty I'm pretty content.


This device and it's predecessor launched with android support it was one of three that where effectively the beta. Just a bit odd to have 16gb, not an issue for me but just odd.


Best portable device I have ever owned and I own a lot of tech. My previous favourite to this was the Nexus 7 2013 which I still use for reading Manga. 16gb hasn't been a problem for me as I do not store media on it. My phone however is where I appreciate the extra storage for photo/ video etc At £200 this is HOT!!! I got mine at £240 and still no regrets even with this price drop. Tempted to buy a second tbh. This has full play store support and is Linux dual load capable with dynamic switch between OS's. In terms of storage size it is odd they didn't throw in 32gb but it has never been an issue for me. It has SD slot which you can load android apps onto. I'm not sure about Linux apps being installed on SD, I assume you can as you could boot Linux from SD if you wanted to! All this being said I cannot thing of any negatives about this device considering its specs and build quality for the price. I think as always Asus have hit that hard mark in the middle of value for money without cheaping out or compromising too much which other manufacturers can learn a thing or two from. If this device isn't high spec enough or storage size is an issue or screen size etc then the big brother of this (c302) would probably appeal to you which I'm tempted to go for myself.

ACER 14 CB3-431 14" Intel® Celeron™ Chromebook - 32 GB eMMC, Gold £159  in curry’s Black Friday deals
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Looking for a reasonable laptop for my daughter - up to 250 mark . Thoughts on this and any other suggestions. For basic stuff word processing for school/ web browsing etc Top fea… Read more
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this or HP 14" 4gb ram one from argos 169.99


Cool story


Or Hangouts? Is that still a thing? Google is a bit of a one for having two things that overlap.


Yes, I was always streaming TV on it.


Was it good for watching streaming video ,?

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