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Dell xps 15 for £949.99. £888 for used like new @ Amazon
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
Or i7 like new for £950 Features World's smallest 15.6-inch (38.1 cm) laptop packs powerhouse performance and a stunning Infinity Edge di… Read more
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Inspiron 7000 series 15 inch is basically that, just not quite as sturdy but better value. Or go full-fat Precision.


Do you have a recommendation for something only slightly thicker but of a similar build quality of the xps?


It's retail would have been nearer £1500 though with that spec, everyone knows if you have time Dell Outlet has the odd crazy offer that pop up. I didn't say I was always near mains, I said a charger was always with reach so the opportunity to run off mains and have nearly full charge is always there. You'd choose the XPS 15 as a premium thin-and-light with a discrete GPU, it looks smart for business or pleasure and is durable/rigid. I'm typing on a Dell Latitude ultrabook now and would rather have something lightweight on my lap than a heavy space heater/ball cooker.


I paid £958 nearly a year ago but i did get it from the refurbished section while there was a promo on with 10% off all outlet laptops. Fair enough, suppose it is different for everyone, I just figure if you're always near a mains and not using it on the go then why even go for an ultrabook, just get something a bit thicker for way less money.


I'd disagree. I would take a smaller battery to be able to have an SSD and hard disk at the same time over larger battery. I'm never far from a charger anyway and 'being portable' doesn't mean 'must have huge battery', I always thought it lasted long enough as it is and am normally on mains as performance is reduced on battery. Not sure I buy into 'future proofing' either, blink and it's technically out-of-date anyway, just buy what you need. You obviously value battery life higher than me and that's fine. How much more did you pay for yours then - can't imagine it was much less than £1500 if comparing like for like.

Dell outlet  15% off all Home systems
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
To celebrate Father’s Day Dell outlet have provided a 15% code to use on purchases of home systems. This includes the Alienware range- meaning you could currently pick up a refurb… Read more
Read More

I think it was, I just saw "Dell" amd "15%" off and clicked the link too quick ;)


Apologies thought I put outlet in title... it’s on the picture.


Doesn't work on all products EDIT: Outlet code, nvm


Agreed they’re definitely top end price wise. Not sure if they’re overpriced as when compared/reviewed they outstrip a lot of the lesser price point brands.


Still overpriced, but they make nice computers!

Decent home pc for under £500?? DELL Inspiron 5680 Intel® Core™ i3 GTX 1050 Gaming PC - 1 TB HDD - £499.99 @ Currys
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
My old pc which was several years old has died and I need to replace it, and this caught my eye. I'm honestly really out of touch with what would be a half decent pc for home use … Read more
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While I get where you are coming from, I would point out that on the other side, a small investment in time learning how the components work together will save a huge amount of time and money in the future. Consider this, you would be able to effectively troubleshoot your system when, and I do mean when, not if, something goes wrong down the road. Instead of sinking lots of money and losing potentially weeks sending the PC off for repairs, you would be able to fix 90% of the issues that commonly come up in a few minutes, or at least know what part needs replacing. Just something worth considering..


I think you need to buy a console then.


Thankyou OP. I'm in the market for a new desktop. I have elderly parents, a young family. I have a busy social life and I run two businesses. I have *zero* interest in building a PC. Why on earth would i want to waste half a day of my time building one. Why would i want to waste time waiting for all the separate parts to turn up. Who is going to research which parts i need? which parts are compatible with each other? What if one part is faulty? what if another part doesnt turn up? What if the vendor send the wrong item? Who goes back to the post office to send it back? What happens when theres a problem in the build? Who is going to diagnose it? What if i'm not home when courier delivers and he doesnt want to leave the package in my shed? Who takes all the empty packaging back to the recycling centre? I've noticed this theme in all the Desktop deals. The PC builders come along and say 'you can build it cheaper'. Those parts dont just magically turn up unpackaged waiting for you on a workbench so that all you have to do is plug it together in 20 mins like a piece of Lego. If you enjoy it, then great. Good for you. But there are some ridiculously patronising views in this thread. Everybody has different circumstances. I value my time. If my PC is milisecond slower than yours then more fool me. There will always be someone with a bigger and better PC. There is clearly a massive market for us who just want to order a PC. It turns up, we plug it in and it just works.


But we all started with the first time. Technology nowadays makes it even easier than it ever was, and the amount of video tutorials also helps. The fact that most jumpers are even self explanatory, and that there are some tweaks on the design to avoid any missteps makes it a great time to build your own


Whilst I agree that 'build your own' is usually the stronger and preferred option. You have to put yourself in the shoes of those who have never self built before. Yes, the plug and play nature of most modern hardware does lend itself to following a tutorial to 'mechanically' put the thing together. But getting a viable operating system on and configured has nuances between systems, and its this that most novices have apprehension about. Also don't discount the experience required when it comes to troubleshooting and diagnostics. How many times, even as very experienced builders, have we been caught out by a dodgy bios setting or jumper. This is not to put anyone off self build. Do it, its an enlightening and rewarding, if sometimes frustrating, experience and there is a ton of support out there. More a note to all those people who have built before and take for granted the attitude and confidence required to take the first step.

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Dell Inspiron 7000 (7577 - CN57703) Gaming Laptop - 15.6" - i7-7700HQ - GTX 1060 6GB - 16GB 2400 - 256GB PCIe NVMe - 1TB HDD - Free Del - £859.13 at Dell
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
While trying to get a decent price on a Coffee Lake laptop, I came across this deal for a Kaby Lake laptop. Great deal for a i7-7700HQ/GTX 1060 6GB/16GB RAM combo. Meant to be a g… Read more

let us know if it's ships!


been looking for a laptop deal and ofc I missed this :|


Last time something like this happened it wasn't honoured and it took a month to get the money back from Dell


Yup, looks like someone forgot to remove the discount that was already on the laptop, you can still see the £350 discount on the product page, it just gets removed on the basket. So it was accidentally stacking with the coupon lol. Nice if anyone managed to grab it though :)


the link seems to be dead on this one, expired?

Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming, i7-7700HQ, UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS,16GB, 512GB SSD+1TB, GTX 1060 with 6GB £1149 @ Dell
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
1. NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5 2. Dual drives with 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive+ 1TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive 3. 16GB, DDR4, 2400MHz 4. 15.6-inch UHD (3840 x 2160)… Read more

Alienware is overpriced imo.


I bought my daughter the 1050ti version of this. Luckily from the outlet store for £564. Price was due to a mess up with the 1060 version I ordered for £650 which they could not find the laptop. Meant to be a scratch and dent but looked new without any scratch or dent. The screen is nowhere as bright as my Alienware 13R3 with 120hz TN Panel. watching a film on it however was far better on the Inspiron since an IPS screen


You could pick up Alienware 15 for less (with discounts) . though wont have the 144hz IPS screen...


Ok, fair point.


Not talking about their limited time promotional discounts shown on their website. I'm talking bargaining with them from their advertised price.

Alienware Aurora R7 - i7-8700 - 8GB RAM - 1TB HD - 6GB GTX 1060 @ DELL OUTLET
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Scratch and Dent Alienware Aurora R7 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-8700 (6 Core, 3.2 GHz, 12MB Cache, 65W) Windows 10 Home (64bit) 8GB (1x8GB) 2666MHz DDR4 Non- ECC 1 TB SATA3 512E Ha… Read more

Haha, thanks for the image :D


Enjoy your new alien computer...


I received the computer yesterday, and couldn't be happier. There is a small scratch on the right side of the case, but other than that it's immaculate. The Alienware still has the official wrapping on too. Thanks again OP for posting this deal!


I agree. I only have an rx 480 so not a lot of point worrying about which cpu, its all the same as long as its 'enough'. People keep banging on about intel gaming lead but unless you use a 1080 ti its little diff. I dont think 10 nm will be up to much before 2020 and even then I doubt its gonna be 'better' than ryzen 7nm. The lappy chips released so far are slower than 14 nm versions.. Intel have only just hired jim keller,thats how far away they are from a new arch. They are cannibalising the big xeons to combat thread ripper 2, (thats gonna be a loser,they are massive dies). No point upgrading a 6700K for years yet anyway. I like the non K 4770 at £125 ish cos the ram costs £40 for 2x8 (if you can walk into a cex and pick it) and you can get new cheap boards but other than that I would go with ryzen. If you settle on a big 7nm ryzen you will be able to get boards for YEARS.It will be many moons before another jump like that occurs. But we shall see. 1st gen ryzen 1600's go ~115 on ebay, maybe 155 with a b350 board. The 2600 new build is~£30 dearer than the i5 8400 build (but has a decent cooler). Laters.


As a deal hunter whose main use of their computer is gaming I'm in a difficult spot. The 9th gen CPU's are coming out soon (Q2/Q3 2018) which is ridiculous and, like you say, makes the current chipset obsolete and no value for money. At the same time, AMD are still behind in gaming Benchmarks but ahead in almost everything else - 7nm won't be out until next year though. However, Intels 10nm is superior to AMD's 7nm....if they ever manage to release it. Things are a bit too unpredictable either way for me personally to invest in either for the long term. I'm still using my 6700k 3 years later. I honestly think the best bet for a budget builder at this point may be to look backwards rather than forward, going down the Xeon Route or just an older i7 3770k if you can find them cheap enough. That, or build a very cheap "This will do for now" Ryzen 2/Coffee Lake. I don't know why I'm even worrying - I game at 4k so my CPU is almost irrelevant for my frames lol

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DELL Inspiron 15 - 5579 2 in 1 Touch Screen - i7-8550U Windows 10 Pro 16GB RAM 512GB SSD UHD GFX Backlit KB 15.6" FHD IPS £564.96 @ DELL OUTLET
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Certified Refurbished Inspiron 15 - 5579 2 in 1 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-8550U (Quad Core, up to 4.00 GHz, 8MB Cache, 15W) Windows 10 Pro (64bit) 16GB (1x16GB) 2400MHz DDR4 Non-E… Read more

You whole point is to take offence on behalf of someone who gave me a like for my comment. I wrote, "This is an ignorant statement." I did not not call others ignorant. You are a liar because you said, "My whole point was that you should be less combative and quick to call others ignorant." I did not use the first person. As an analogy: "This is a long statement." This does not mean that I said the person is long. A dictionary definition of this "ignorant" as an adjective for the noun "statement" is: lacking knowledge. The statement was ignorant because it lacked knowledge (W/Hr and duration). I dislike your malice intensively and moreover, I dislike your allegation that I was combative, your statement is better used to describe yourself in having a go at me unfairly in the first place, especially the tone of you referencing that £900 laptop.


My whole point was that you should be less combative and quick to call others ignorant. The link was merely a demonstration of laptops with similar specifications but a better battery life; ensuring that people know it is possible, since your comment implied it may not be. The lack of research regarding the battery life of the laptop I linked was due both to the fact that it was obviously far better than the battery of the laptop in the OP (even if 10hrs is generous) and because I was short on time. Thanks for filling in that blank for me -- potential buyers should always read trustworthy reviews before making a purchase as large as this. While I was not endorsing the HP laptop, I'm glad anyone interested now has one suggestion of a review to help keep them informed.


It would be terrible if you misled buyers here into thinking your recommended PC has an average battery life of 10 hours. It is an i7 quad core CPU running at TDP Down: 10 W Up: 25 W Typical TDP: 15 W . Can you point us some reviewers' test results to backup your statement of "an average battery life of 10 hours? I know that 10hrs is stated on the Amazon UK web site, but few would be so ignorant as to use this figure and rely it without some verification. If battery life is your goal, I think it is foolish to spend £900 on a longer battery life, according to the reviewer for this review it says about 7hr (not 10 hr average) In my opinion, 7hr is very good, but £900 for a bigger battery as an aim, no thanks.


It is terrible battery life in the context of all laptops though. Moreover, nobody on the thread had mentioned the battery life before sazal so contrary to being an ignorant statement, it was actually a very useful highlight of a potential drawback of this machine that less experienced users may not have noticed. Stop trying to discredit another user's valid criticism. And this may blow your mind, but: i7-8550u, 15.6" 4K IPS screen, 2 in 1 with an average battery life of 10 hours.



DELL S2419HN £149 @ Currys
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
DELL S2419HN £100 off, amazon has the S2418H for the same price decent deal for a 1080p ips panel from dell
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Well either you or them is telling porkies as they are 100% new.... I'm starring at one right now!


I called them (when you posted the discount) for a price match seeing that it is still Currys but on ebay and that Is what they said, I did mention it was new too.


No it's not, currys list ALL of their stock via ebay. If it says New then it's new, if it's says damaged packaging then it's damaged packaging. In this case it said NEW.....


all sold now :(


Just don't touch it?

DELL Inspiron 15 - 7570 - i7-8550U Windows 10 8GB RAM 1TB HD 256GB SSD 4GB 940MX GFX Backlit KB 15.6" FHD £537.50 @ DELL OUTLET
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
USE CODE DO12HOME to get it for £537.50- 12% off all Home systems. Expiry 10th June 2018 Certified Refurbished Inspiron 15 - 7570 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-8550U (Quad Core, up… Read more

It's not an older processor? It's literally one of the latest ones out.


Oh definitely. I think some buyers look at this and go "wow" what a powerful computer at a lower price. You and I both know that it's an older processor bottle necked by a crap GPU. Marketing is great 'aint it.....


I brought a brand new one for £970 with 16gb ram and 512 ssd thought it was a good price for new and sealed. At shops its priced at 1500.


I reported it OP :D


All 7 gone...

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 5570 4.0 i7 8550U 8GB, SSD & 1TB,15.6" DVDRW, 4GB AMD 530 REFURB £579.99 ebay @
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
DELL Insprion 15 5570, 4.0GHZ 8th Gen i7,8GB, 1TB & 128GB SSD, WIRELESS, FREE DELIVERY (UK ONLY) 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Anti-glare LED-Backlit Display Dedicated AMD Rad… Read more

having bought a dell outlet laptop 2 days ago, u can get the same specs from Dell Outlet alot cheaper. These sellers are actually buying from Outlet themselves. Its their business model:). I bought exactly the same laptop but i5 8250 processor for £387 with 10% off code. Dell is currently running 12% on these laptops.


Cut out the middleman and just buy direct from the Dell Outlet yourself.


What proof would you need to get a student discount,my son is only 15 but he is at school,I assume you have to be at uni,is there a way around this?




Better graphics card and price lol.

Dell S2218H InfinityEdge IPS Monitor (6 ms, Full HD VGA/HDMI, Integrated Speakers) for £99 delivered @ Amazon
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Lowest price on this beautiful looking Dell monitor. Sleek design ultrathin bezels and 21.5 inch screen with an elegant, contemporary look Engaging experience distinctive sound… Read more
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I think LinusTechTips just did a thorough review of this screen on YouTube, if you guys want to know what it's like!


If only it had a vesa mount!


Nice thanks!


then it’ll cost way more than £99


Almost pounced on the 27 inch, but a quick search on HUKD showed that it was the £89.99 one previously from Currys

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop -  i7-7700HQ / 16GB RAM / GTX 1060 6GB / 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD £998.99 @ Dell
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Really nice bit of kit, well spec'd with a GTX 1060 6GB and 16GB RAM in there. It's a little less in your face than some of the other gaming laptops out there. Nice and subtle in c… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Quick question on these 7577: can anyone confirm that it can drive 2 external monitors, either one via HDMI and one via USB-C to DP or even better, both using USB-C to DP and daisy chained?


That's one thing i can't explain i think it was due to the new catalogue I'm not sure. But im not one to argue. Also my account is messed up for it It shows £1449-£149-£1449 (1449 is the price i paid so if i returned it they would owe me £149.00)


Yes that would make me feel uncomfortable


I read it as Argos made a mistake & supermqd then committed a criminal act (not sure if it's fraud or theft), by failing to inform them of their error. For the record, in such a situation you're advised to inform them of the mistake in writing & give them a reasonable period of time to collect the goods at their own expense. If they fail to & you have logged your correspondence so you have proof they were warned you'd dispose of the goods then you become entitled to keep or sell the item. I can't recall what counts as a reasonable time, but it isn't unreasonable or excessive. Some people claim you can keep unsolicited goods. While this is true, most people misunderstand what constitutes unsolicited. A duplicate item sent my mistake in response to an order you did place is not classed as unsolicited.


May be a deal breaker if you are an accountant I suppose.

Dell Alienware AW2518H 25" 240Hz G-Sync Gaming Monitor £334 maybe open box but new @ itcsales
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Dell Alienware AW2518H 25" 240Hz G-Sync Gaming Monitor 1st post. Really good monitor, cheap compared to other 240hz Gsyncs.

Mine has also arrived. Surprised at how beautiful TN panels are nowadays. Thanks for the spot OP. Never had G-sync before, it is game changing.


My Screen arrived - absolutely perfect and brand new.... so glad I purchased


Even if you can't hit 240hz it doesn't matter, G-Sync solves screen tearing. You can set it at 144hz if you want but there's no real benefit.


Good luck finding 144+ hz, gsync monitor then for 2 bills... these people..


Wouldnt pay over 2 bills for a 1080p monitor

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 - 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8550U Processor - 16GB DDR4 RAM - 512GB SSD £749 at Dell
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Found this on the dell store. Seems like a very good deal to me. Would like opinions on this. With 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM also with 8th gen i7 processor at that price seems like a … Read more

Your specs are not as OP's. His got 16GB of Ram and 512 Gb SSD. Sure your price would be cheaper. Compare items with same specs. And about Outlet many people over here shared their bad experience. Wrong/ damaged/ not working/ not lasting long items and bad CS with long waiting times.


I've bought over 10 laptops from dell outlet, 7 were actually built to order and the others were clearly never used. They have 2 condition categories: "scratch and dent" and "refurbished". Choose refurbished and they all seem to be over production or cancelled orders. Essentially, dell make profit from volume discounts they receive from Intel, amd etc. And so they would rather over produce than not get the discount


Very good price for the specs. Heat added


Ofc for the price it’ll be a refurb,i have used dell outlet on a number of occasions and all laptops arrived in as brand new condition,if not then pristine,absolutely pristine.. the comments from dell outlet laptop deals here i have seen were all positive.. pretty much everyone says its just like brand new


Cheers pal, appreciate it. It is a refurb though, but still pretty good

Dell Inspiron 15-7000, Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ, GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD & 128GB SSD, 15.6 inch IPS FHD gaming laptop £779.99 with code @ Very
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
just ordered this for my lad for uni, what do you think? can always send it back if I can get better for the price

Is 1050ti good for gaming, decent fps at high settings? Been away from PC gaming for a while, got a few old games to get back in to. Wouldn't say I'll be playing the latest games really, tend to wait till they come down in price


Good deal 🔥


You get 12 months as standard warranty


The check out option is No service guaranteed 3 yr at £129 4yrs at £149 I want to ask if i select no service guaranteed does it include a year or totally nothing? What happens if something happen within a month?


I have this in your link and think its a better deal. You can design out the crappy TN by replacement or plugging in an external display. With the 1050Ti in the dell, your stuck with it. i5/1060>i7/1050Ti in my book.

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 15.6-inch FHD Laptop - (Intel Core i7-8550U Processor, 8 GB RAM + 256 GB SSD, 4 GB AMD Radeon 530 Graphics Card, Windows 10) - Platinum Silver £689.97 Amazon
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
Would like to get opinions on this. Seems like a great deal to me. Not seen an i7 8th gen for this price anywhere else. Also has a graphics card, agreed not the best graphics card … Read more

UPDATE: Just checked now and it's now up for £649.97


Cheers mate. Helped a lot. I'll be sure to do plenty of research. And I'm currently and engineering student and have to run a lot of high end CAD software. And the one I have rn doesn't seem to be able to cope well with it. I am looking to invest in a good laptop for the long run.




Cheap but it's still a general purpose laptop, what you would use this for could be done with something a lot cheaper, like an older generation laptop. However I bought my first and only Inspiron in 2010 and used it the first 2 years for gaming (Counter Strike Source) and then just general use for the other 6 years as it couldn't keep up with new games until last month when I got rid of it. I replaced the keyboard twice and battery once. It was an excellent laptop.


You can get the i5 version on ebay for £471 inc postage. ( Refurbished but as new with 1yr warranty, seems a decent deal tho if you are wanting an i7 8th gen, but what are you using it for. I Have this laptop and it is worth noting the RAM is single 8GB stick so easily upgraded to 16GB and the SSD is M.2 so empty drive bay inside for expansion.

Dell Inspiron 15-5000 Series, Intel® Core™ i5-8250U Processor, 8Gb DDR4 RAM, 1Tb Hard Drive, 15.6 inch Full HD Laptop - Silver £449.99 Using Code @ Very free Click&Collect (or £3.99 delivery).
Found 27th MayFound 27th May
DELL Inspiron 15 5570 15.6" Laptop. Use code MQPMT 12 months 0% BNPL Windows 10 Intel® Core™ i5-8250U Processor RAM: 8 GB / Storage: 1 TB HDD Full HD display Battery life:… Read more

Does anyone have more information on this code? An email they can forward perhaps? I ordered and have received a laptop. Noticed today no action (ie discounts) have been applied. Just had a long live chat session and was told the code is not recognised, was not applied to my order (despite getting no errors to say so) and is non refundable under their "home approval guarantee" Edit. Never mind, just found these in Google cache. I'm aware it may not be credited by 12/07 but that is past the 30 day return threshold so if it doesn't show, I'm stuck with it. So I called them and told them I have screenshots and a cached copy of the site, they still don't believe me and cant see the code on their system. There's no way of me showing this to them as they can't accept incoming mail. Apparently someone will be calling me tomorrow to discuss. I don't hold out much hope. Anyone that has used this code, I suggest you confirm it applied ASAP and be ready with these images.


Anyone recommend a 13 inch screen laptop for around £350 ?


Yes I have and I've done as someone else suggested and installed an m.2 250gb ssd. I timed the boot cycle from Windows, reboot and back into Windows before and after the ssd, it went from 2 mins 34 secs down to 31 seconds cycle with the ssd. The laptop overall seems great, good build quality and good spec. I must note I won't need any decent gpu for video etc so the on board doesn't bother me.


Decent laptop however disappointed by the screen, didn't like it at all.


Anyone taken delivery of this laptop yet? If so, what do you think of it? Really considering getting it.

Dell S2716DG 27-inch TN Gaming Monitor (1 ms Response Time, QHD 2560 x 1440 at 144 Hz, Nvidia G-Sync HDMI/DP/USB) - Black  £449.95 @ Amazon
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Dell S2716DG 27 inch TN 1ms response QHD 2560 x 1440 at 144 Hz Nvidia G-Sync
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I haven't tried it myself but I would assume you do have to open a credit account with them. I did it in the past it is very easy to do so. Good luck anyway!


Hey...I'm trying to buy this from Very. I can't find the option Buy now Pay Later. Can you help me out please ? Do I have to select "Upgrade account" and apply for finance something with "take 3" ? When I try to apply the code it says I have to use my own credit for that code, and I do select my own credit/debit.. but still gives that error.


I purchased an ASUS VG248QE from warehouse deal for £135 back in 2016... I registered it with ASUS and a few weeks later I contact them about a a faulty menu button, within a few days they replaced it with brand new one.


I was going to grab one of these used ones but decided against it after reading this on the Warehouse Deals main page: "Do products come with a warranty? No. Used products generally do not come with a manufacturer's warranty but all of our items are backed by Amazon’s satisfaction guarantee."


I tried the Acer Z35 for about a week (mva 4ms) and returned because of the horrible mva black smears. I got the Dell 27 gsync instead and I've never seen anything so nice. I think you need 1ms for gaming above 100fps and 100hz. The combination of qhd high resolution and high frame rate is simply awesome. The size of text being too small with qhd etc. is bull manure: I use it for excell, Photoshop, all sorts of things and it's amazing. Definitely hot.

Dell S2417DG 24-inch TN Gaming Monitor @ amazon £399.98
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Next to lowest price at the moment.... Can't decide whether to go for this or wait until Predator IPS is on sale again for £450... Any ideas?
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24inch for 400 is not a deal even with 1 ms, 2560 x 1440 at 165 Hz, Nvidia G-Sync. 27inch at 450 would be. thats what I'm waiting for. and should be cheaper considering the latest generation of gpu and 4k monitors are around the corner.


I think within 30 days ofnpurchase they send a replacement and give you time return the faulty unit.


Normally Dell is three years and they send a box for you to put yours in and collect from yr home.


What’s the difference? Haven’t checked mysel


And the warranty.

Omen by HP 32" QHD Free-Sync / IPS / 75Hz Gaming Monitor £279.99 Delivered  / Dell 27"  QHD G-SYNC 144Hz Gaming Monitor £449.99 @ Box
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Nice looking monitor and I think the lowest this one has been. Im always up for an IPS panel :p has a res of 2560x1440 and Free-sync for those with AMD Graphics Cards. It doesn… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Expired, back to £352 unless I'm missing something?


There's an adapter plate thing in the box that you screw in to the monitor.


In the description it says it supports VESA mounting, I can't see how though?


I own the hp omen 32 and its a va panel. No ips glow...


I have the 27”, colour and viewing angle no where near an IPS but got used to it and gsync is fantastic. For the price it good value versus what else is out there.

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