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Manuka Honey 250g £6.29 @ Aldi instore
Refreshed 20th SepRefreshed 20th Sep06/12/2018Expires on 06/12/2018LocalLocal
Honey with Health Benefits!*
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i had my second heart attack a few months ago and i take a shed load of tablets . my consultant recommend me this but only to help my stomach . from the amount of aspirin i take . and it does the job


Not a cheap one!


This is HotUKdeals - consider posting your quackery elsewhere...


Hi. Just looking into this. I've used manuka honey with success in the past (for infection), and wondering if it would help with a family member's reflux (GERD). Are you saying that it helped your reflux because it killed an infection you had of H Pylori? From what I am reading, there is a negative association between GERD and H Pylori. In other words, killing off H Pylori is likely to make GERD worse. E.g. see this meta-analysis: Perhaps I have misunderstood your comments, if so any clarification would be much appreciated (y)

mcrobbj - cheaper too!

Holland and Barret half price sale - last day -  Manuka Pharm Manuka Honey MGO 55 500g Now £25.49
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
H&B appear to always have some sort of sale or offer but I really like their Manuka honey which is half price now. Hence this post. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started… Read more

Oh **** really? I've been spreading it on my toast because I thought it will make me healthy and skinny, I don't have digestive issues


Manuka honey is used for a lot more than just digestion or digestive issues


Works a treat on a throat though


I trust you all know that the main components responsible for the antimicrobial activity won't survive the digestion process.

1kg 12+ Active Manuka Honey £17.99 + £3.50 delivery at Manuka Doctor
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
1kg 12+ Active Manuka Honey for £17.99 that's very good price
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Isn't that what Gucci etc do!


Do you not think it's a little perverse that someone is making tons of money out of people's gullibility? Check my last post out as well.


Did you also know that more jars of manuka honey are being sold in the UK than actually produced? This could mean UK consumers hoping to take advantage of its apparent healing qualities could be buying bogus jars. Yes, and is manuka honey really worth the money?


Da hell are you smoking? Lol


That's not true. The health food industry hypnotises the bees, all individually, so they can select only the pollen that has been touched by the fairies. On return to base, all the collected pollen is washed over a unicorn's horn. The really expensive stuff is left on the unicorns horn for a bit longer, until it is removed by a specially trained pixie. This has been proven by real science to be the only way that the H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide - an oxidizer, or free radical if you wish, as in the thing antioxidants target) can form a magical cloud of healing energy in your aura, fact.

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Manuka Honey reduced at Manuka Doctor £7.79 / £11.29 delivered
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Good prices for Manuka Honey 250g

If it doesn't say UMF 5+ on the plastic jar the honey is useless.


Contaminated everything. Everywhere...


contaminated bees you have there, in london enviroment :(


? Find a local beekeeper and get unprocessed honey. These guys should be able to help or try the Uni they have an apairy


What’s best brand normal honey in supermarket ?

Manuka Honey 500g 24+ - buy one get one for a penny at Holland & Barret
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
I just found a great deal on Manuka honey 24+ at H & B, buy one and get the second for a penny
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So much nonsense and you can't even prove me wrong


@fiqqer Yes, I saw the review info on there. I will be wary in future.. Sainsbury or Morrisons one seems to be better. Thanks.


+15, +20 ratings are meaningless for manuka honey. They indicate absolute zero. You can spend your money how you like but be aware the money is going into the pockets of snakeskin oil salespeople who will be encouraged to keep on selling nothing for something. The review of it can be found here - Manuka Pharm 20+ TA Holland & Barrett, £29.99 (250g). Considering the hefty price tag and medical-sounding name, you might expect good results. However, while leptosperin levels were quite high at 287.3mg/kg, the check for MGO found that, at 80.6mg/kg, it was just below the minimum Read more:


No problem! I was glad to find your post as I was looking for this! Well done for the find!


Apologies, since it was my post I had the impression you were being rude to

Manuka Doctor Triple pack only £35 (usually £85)
Found 6th Dec 2017Found 6th Dec 2017
Excellent price for quality Manuka Honey Usually £85 250g jar of 15+ Manuka Honey 250g jar of 20+ Manuka Honey 250g jar of 24+ Manuka Honey Fully traceable Manuka Honey, from hive… Read more
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Aldi sell Manuka Honey at 6.99 permanent price. Might as well buy it from there. Same size jar, 250g.


Keep away from this stuff, it's not real Manuka. Read the various articles about how much of the real Manuka is produced and how much is consumed, it does not add up. I have always used Comvita and stick with it, fully certified and traceable, but you pay for it, no silly offers like this joke of a company


Save your money, buy local and get heather honey which is just as effective as manuka.


Best comment over


So you're a sales assistant that thinks typing something in CAPITAL LETTERS means you're right. (excited)

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Real Health Manuka Honey (Up to MGO 500) x 3 for £22.49 at Boots (Free C&C + Cashback)
Found 14th Oct 2017Found 14th Oct 2017
Sweet deal :o If you love manuka honey then this deal is for you. You might also gain from the 400 points over £20 spend if you already registered for that offer on your Boots … Read more
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definitely a lot of fakery in the manuka market. rowse is supposed to be one of the more reliable brands :


I heard speculations that there's more demand than supplied so there's a lot of fakes, be careful


This does not taste like the original New Zealand Manuka, its dark and tar like because it's from Australia. Up until 2 years ago Aussies called this tea tree and for £5/8


Order may be cancelled as the offer is 3 for2, i.e. buy 2 get 1 free and not buy1 get 2 free.


£22 for honey?? Is there something I should know?

Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Repairing Skin Cream 50ml from Superdrug for only £4.16 (Free C&C)
Found 6th Sep 2017Found 6th Sep 2017
This is perhaps the only skin care product that easily clears up problem patches of flaky skin. still £24.99 from Holland & Barrett I would definitely recommend all ApiNourish … Read more

Chatham store had the Manuka Doctor apinourish hydrating facial cleanser 100ml reduced to £2 yesterday




Ordered thanks



60% off EVERYTHING at Manuka Doctor
Found 23rd Aug 2017Found 23rd Aug 2017
Hi i got an email this afternoon which said 60% off everything on the wesbite so get your orders in quickly!!

snake oil


8.4% cashback


These guys CAN'T PROVE their honey is genuine. AVOID THIS COMPANY. Speaking from experience


In my opinion manuka is over hyped please can someone do a experiment and compare it to raw organic honey which cost half price.


Damn, they're all out of MRI machines.

Manuka honey /Comvita umf15+ £8 @ Boots
Found 27th Jul 2017Found 27th Jul 2017
Manuka honey /Comvita umf15. £8 for 250g from boots store.
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not in my local store (Harlow)


Colliers wood


Which stores in London?


In store in London, I bought some in 2 different stores


Is this in-store? Site is £31.99 or just over £21 ea if you buy 3.

Manuka Doctor Active Manuka Honey 18+ 250g £14 for TWO (£7 each) @ Holland & Barrett
Found 4th May 2017Found 4th May 2017
Manuka Doctor Active Manuka Honey 18+ 250g is currently 50% off at Holland & Barrett so it's £13.99 instead of £27.99. But this is also part of the penny deal so if you add two… Read more
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​Thanks....I think


please, you need understand that bees process any kind of sugar into honey. basically


Damn, i am in the market to replenish my old soon to be finished manuka as well. DOH!.


I was so annoyed when I saw this. I had put them in my basket and then went to grab some dinner...had some sorta weird sixth sense..came back to it being posted before I got to check out. So annoying lol. Oh well. Win some ya lose some.



Comvita 15+ manuka honey 3for2 £23.99 free C&C @ Boots
Found 18th Apr 2017Found 18th Apr 2017
Was looking at Holland and Barrett Manuka honey deal from last week And people were saying some aren't real Manuka honey So I used google to search to see which brand people recom… Read more

Thanks a lot, it's a great offer! I have saved even more as there seems to be a glitch! I ordered 3 which should've cost £47.98 (with the 3 for 2 offer and 25% off) but was charged £39.98 so worked out to be even more of a bargain :) I even had the choice of having it delivered for free to the small branch minutes away from home instead of the main branch in the city centre


The honey being sold is for consumption not for medical use so any perceived antibacterial properties are irrelevant. This is from the NHS: A recent systematic review from the Cochrane collaboration identified 25 trials assessing honey as a treatment for acute and chronic wounds. It concluded that honey dressings did not significantly speed up healing in one type of leg ulcer (venous leg ulcers) when used alongside compression of the ulcer, and could delay healing in deep burns and in ulcers caused by a sandfly bite (cutaneous Leishmaniasis). The results were slightly more encouraging for moderate burns, where the review concluded that honey may shorten healing time compared with conventional dressings, but the review authors had serious doubts about the reliability of this finding. There was not enough evidence to assess the effects of honey on other types of wounds. While the results of this current study do support an antibacterial effect of honey, results derived in a laboratory do not necessarily translate into a real-world setting.


That's totally misleading. A small recent study was carried out on behalf of Comvita, however, there have been loads of studies & clinical trials over 20+ years by major universities worldwide that have nothing to do with distributors. These studies have proved that 'proper' Manuka honey has amazing health benefits eg, it can kill superbugs such as Staph Aureus, it can cure you of acid reflux by6 killing H. Pylori in your gut. It's brilliant at healing wounds & stopping them from getting infected by superbugs. Do you really think hospitals here would buy expensive manuka honey dressings if they weren't proven to work OR that Christie Hospital in Manchester would have conducted clinical trials on a placebo? All honey will have peroxide activity but only 'proper Manuka honey has methylglyoxal or the 'unique manuka factor' that will kill superbugs like drug resistant Staph Aureas. The trouble is so many companies are calling their honey Active+ and so many of them are NOT proper Manuka honey as their activity is just from peroxide activity, just the same as any honey. Often these 'fake' Manuka cost more than the 'proper' methylglyoxal containing Manuka & claim to be stronger than the proper stuff. I'm really annoyed that Holland & Barrett carry loads of the fake manuka at extortionate prices. People have to be aware what they are buying may be the same as any honey but at a vastly increased price. At least Comvita is 'proper Manuka honey'. People have to buy UMF factor or NPA (non peroxide activity) Manuka of 10+ activity or greater to get any benefit. The above is a good price now. I remember (when I cured myself of H Pylori) about 15yrs ago that a 500gm jar (twice the size) cost about £8. Wish I'd kept quiet about the benefits & perhaps now it wouldn't be so expensive. Yep I did the research on it before search engines such as google were up & running, 20+ yrs ago. It made interesting reading then. Nowadays you just can't find the original research but it was pretty mind boggling to me as a trained microbiologist.


The research in to Manuka was carried out on behalf of Comvita (a large supplier of Manuka).


I work in the wholefood trade have done for nearly 30 years. Any cold pressed honey preferably organic has similar properties to Manuka we sell one for £3-49 a jar. Any health benefits attributable to Manuka above those if a good quality raw honey are probably placebo.You get a hell of a placebo affect when you buy a jar for £15 plus. We still sell Manuka honey a 15+ is around £17 a jar so this is a good deal but be aware you are paying for placebo rather than inherent benefit of the honey itself!:

Holland and Barrett Penny Sale Starts 12th April (Update) Now with Free delivery Code
Found 10th Apr 2017Found 10th Apr 2017
Instore and Online. I think it also starts at midnight online. Free del code WELCOME17 Seems to work on all items incl clearance penny sale items. Here

I bought some ginseng in the shop a few weeks ago for £7.99, now its £26.99 plus a penny for second one!


Quidco: 12% for all new customer sales Expires in 3 days 5% for all existing customer sales


Can't seem to combine both codes


Can also get a further 20% off (credit to Chanchi): Holland & Barrett - use code WELCOME17 and can also combine with 20% code PUREGYM (thanks spasguidedogs) - lots of reduced clearance food


Oopsie.. it actually starts on the 12th of April. :D My bad.

holland & barrett - manuka pharm half-price - £27.49 (500g)
Found 24th Mar 2017Found 24th Mar 2017
don't know how much faith one can have that it's bona fide. extortionate price depends on strength - see right of page at link for various strengths. plenty of FAKE HONEY on the … Read more

£6 raw honey from your local beekeeper job done. tried all these they are heated coloured and full of corn syrup




Manuka Pharm, like most of the brands sold by H&B, is more or less just regular honey. The 'Active' and 'TA' on the bottle is meaningless marketing. Sainsbury's own brand is legit though.




the sunday times article alluded to above.

Manuka doctor skincare range half price @ Superdrug
Found 14th Jan 2017Found 14th Jan 2017
The manuka doctor skincare range is half price at superdrug online only free delivery Price vary see link to see the range
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Ok then


Absolutely no evidence that Manuka has any health benefits. Also far more "Manuka" is sold than produced and look who promotes it, a Kardashian.

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