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GENUINE Manuka Honey £10 + £5 Delivery @ Manuka Doctor £33.99 in Holland Barrett
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Treat yourself to some genuine Manuka Honey all the way from New Zealand, at a quarter of the price from the shops, last time I bought some if you spend over £20 (ie two of these) … Read more

Each to their own but I'm sticking with Manuka Doctor, and it sounds more official lol


One teaspoon a day of the 70MGO is fine for everyday use and at this price very cost effective, when treating sore throats, etc higher grades (anything higher than 70 is fine, try it, see what you think if doesn't do anything for you ok you tried it, I tried it in 2018 and i still take it now, the choice is yours my friend.


OK... Genuine question now... For someone in my very painfully close family who must be obeyed and likes expensive things, and who likes natural treatments and shuns medicines and doctors... Ahem. For 'stomach irritations' and mild gastritis type symptoms and the possibility of H Pylori, we've seen a lot of decent medical reports and research papers that recommend various natural products including Matula Tea (not tried yet), Lactoferrin (currently part of the daily rattle of pills that she walks around with), Mastic Gum Capsules (also currently taking daily) and Zinc L Carnosine (yep, she be taking that too) and we keep seeing Manuka Honey on the list. Now... call me Mr Skeptical BUT as much as I like the idea that nature resolves these issues I'd also be tempted, if it were me, to just take the antibiotics and PPI's and be done in 2 or 3 weeks. I don't have the patience for what has been stated as 2-6 months recovery time on a 'natural' regimen. And add to that I looked up the Manuka Honey like she asked and nearly wept at the price before getting confused at the enormous range of 'ratings' on them and the enormous range of price. I nearly bought her a budget jar in Sainsbury's until I noticed it said 'manuka and clear honey blend' and thought 'this ain't gonna be medicinal at all...' Plus so many people swear by the medicinal (anecdotal) use of honey anyway so I'm thinking there's a bit of snake oil selling going on and a lot of the power of the mind... But, I'm nothing if not open minded... So does anyone have any actual real experience of this kind of thing. What 'rating' would you use for a budget minded person (I'll be damned if I'm spending much over £20 on a jar of damned honey - I'd expect to OWN the bees at that price - I certainly wouldn't want to be paying for a honey so ineffective that I might as well be using one of the bear-shaped squeezy bottles for all the medicinal use I get out of it. So what 'rating'? Does it actually work for things like that? How often do you use it? For what kind of a period or is this going to be a lifelong thing? How do you take it and how much? How long does a jar last? Can Nutella do the same good? (just kidding). Is it a stick it on your toast or bung a teaspoon in your tea job, or is it a 'must be taken on a teaspoon like a medicine' thing?


Dunno. Rowse is about as big a name in honey as you get.


Exact same item £33.99 in Holland and Barrett

4 x Rowse MGO 83 Manuka Honey 5+ 225g (Best Before End July 2021) £16 Delivered @ Yankee Bundles
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Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Free delivery, 4 jars for £16. Also 4 x Rowse MGO 515 Manuka Honey 15+ 225g Glass Jars… Read more

They are now £12, which make it £3 per jar


Nah, generally they are £4,50 these 5+ rating, not much of a deal


I'm guessing £55 a jar where the NHS is concerned. (y)




This is true. Manuka honey was used on my wounds after breast cancer surgery. It’s amazing stuff

Costco Queen Bee Manuka Honey MGO 263+, 500g £20.99 (Members Only) at Costco
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Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Queen Bee Manuka Honey MGO 263+, 500g Queen Bee Manuka Honey is harvested from rural uncultivated areas of New Zealand where the Manuka bush grows wild in a pollution-free environm… Read more

Kiwi gov gave licenses to very limited companies to make Manuka Honey. If the company is not licensed then Manuka Honey is not authentic. The only authentic Manuka Honey I found in the UK is from Comvita. There maybe others but you have to pay import duty even if you are buying only one Jar. Comvita works in the UK as well.


"Harvested from rural uncultivated areas of New Zealand where the Manuka bush grows wild in a pollution-free environment" Sounds like pure marketing BS. Making it sound like they just wander around the vast NZ countryside until they see a bee hive. The reality is this is a product being sold by the millions by one of the largest retail wholesalers in the world. It HAS to be a massively industrialised process.


MGO level is not the correct rating to rate Manuka Honey. Correct rating is UMF rating which means that honey is made, packed and checked in New Zealand. Manuka Honey other than New Zealand is not 100% Manuka. Manuka Honey only made in New Zealand.


Fortnum and Mason sells one with a 500+ MGO rating for £65. They say it is highly pure honey. I think they must sellotape the bees and directly extract the stuff for the rating to be 500+.


I usually buy Marks & Spencer Manuka honey, they do 10 & 15 UMF it's highly rated for purity

Manuka Honey 500G 540MGO - £50 delivered @ Manuka Doctor
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Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Manuka Honey 500G 540MGO - £50 delivered @ Manuka Doctor£50 Free P&P FreeManuka Doctor Deals
540 MGO 500g Harvested and packed by us in New Zealand. 100% New Zealand Mānuka Honey. Certified by New Zealand Gov. MGO (Methylglyoxal) displays Antimicrobial Activity which is… Read more

Just use aloe vera


Not long now before normal everyday honey will cost as much. Save the bees!


This trend happen from misinformation. People heard something and manufactures selling to eco healthy cash spenders. It is in use to help skin healing in serious treatments in some hospitals and in veterinary but not so effective by domestic dressings. I’m happy to pay £10 for real honey from local know source than £3 for sugary fake honey in supermarket but £50...


For this I’m grateful and £50 up (excited) ;) (lol)


Join the manuka fad and pay silly money for honey (confused) Unless of course you have a large open wound that you need an antiseptic dressing for, but you could use Savlon or Germaline which are both A LOT cheaper

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Manuka Lab Products in Home Bargains (Cardiff) from 29p-99p (see OP)
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Posted 29th MarPosted 29th MarLocalLocal
Manuka Lab Products in Home Bargains (Cardiff) from 29p-99p (see OP)£0.99Home Bargains Deals
Went on a trip to homebargains in cardiff newport road, and found a variety of Manuka Lab Products at good prices. Ranging from 29p upto 99p. Online prices are £1.50 upto £5 for t… Read more
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Excellent find nimrod786. Thanks for posting. Have some 🔥


They feature items at Holland & Barrett: Manuka Lab | Holland & Barrett ( For those who may be interested: Homepage– Manuka Lab UK


Is this actually a decent brand?


Also toothpaste, for those who may be interested: 49p


Good prices.

Comvita - Authentic Manuka Honey made and packed in New Zealand - From £11.19 (+£4.40 Delivery) @ Comvita
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Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Comvita - Authentic Manuka Honey made and packed in New Zealand - From £11.19 (+£4.40 Delivery) @ Comvita£15.59comvita uk Deals
3 for 2 at the moment so If you buy 3 500g 10+ UMF which is 263 MGO, it will cost you £96 which is amazing price for authentic Manuka Honey.

There is nothing for £15


still active




any honey would work surely but it has to be honey :) you think super market honey will help? 95% honey in the market are less honey mixed in syrup. This include MGO grading Manuka as well actually as you dont know what they mixed in it as MGO is not official grading standard for Manuka Honey by New Zealand Gov.


UMF rating Manuka Honey can not be faked. New Zealand government have given license to 110 companies to make Manuka Honey, other than those companies, Manuka is not original. check the link below: