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HPE MicroServer Gen10 Plus 16 GB (Xeon E2224) - P16006-421 - £513.98 delivered @ Serversplus
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Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
HPE MicroServer Gen10 Plus 16 GB (Xeon E2224) - P16006-421 - £513.98 delivered @ Serversplus£513.98 Free P&P FreeServersplus Deals
Intel Xeon E-2224 Quad-Core (3.40GHz 8MB) 16GB (1 x 16GB) PC4 DDR4 2666MHz UDIMM 4 x Non-Hot Plug 3.5in Smart Array S100i SATA No Optical 180W 1yr Next Business Day Warranty D… Read more

thanks i had already upgraded RAM dont remember how much it was dont think 16GB though also got a slightly better CPU , i dont even know where i stored the brand new CPU it came with . got it off ebay on a whim from a guy who had over stock , i really nice guy who let me organise a courier and even dropped it off at a parcel shop for me .


thanks will read up on google and hopefully will be able to-do something :)


Indeed. When you're running many many servers, the extra cost for the branded servers and their support and reliability is worth it. I've seen proliants running for over 10 years with minimal issues, other than disk swaps. And even then, swapping them is a cinch, with no downtime, etc. And I've also seen a few howlers, like firmware which could trash the disks after a certain amount of uptime! But this g10 doesn't really have much of a USP. Disks are not hotswap, iLO is an extra, and the price isn't the sort of unmissable deal that was around for the g7 and g8 range. And being a Xeon with no GPU, you'll need to find a low profile GPU to do any hardware encoding. I can't really see a market. Home enthusiast would be better served with a proper built NAS or self build with commodity hardware. Enterprise are better off with proper servers. I suppose smallish IT companies setting up small offices might find these useful as a standard known hardware to deploy standard builds, but they'd probably have contracts to buy in bulk, or at least semi regularly to enjoy some sort of discount.


true but you could say that about alot of deals on HUKD but I get your point Not too sure about these model but the with their other servers like the Proliants Im sure people are just paying for the reliability etc


I've got a Gen8 which cost £130 with cashback. I brought the RAM up to 16GB and got a Xeon 1260L for £70 on eBay from China. Total cost for all that was around £250, which makes the Gen10 really poor value in comparison. They also removed iLO, which is incredibly useful when you've had to disconnect the power button because your toddler keeps turning it off! Mine is also headless, so no iLO could be really painful.

HP Microserver Gen10 Plus (Dual-Core Intel G5420 @ 3.80GHz, 8GB DDR4 ECC RAM) £377.47 @ ServerPlus
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Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd Feb
HP Microserver Gen10 Plus (Dual-Core Intel G5420 @ 3.80GHz, 8GB DDR4 ECC RAM) £377.47 @ ServerPlus£377.47£451.2116% off Free P&P FreeServersplus Deals
Xeon E-2224 variant also cheaper too with 16GB RAM and 1TB HDD for £556.26: https://www.serversplus.com/servers/tower-servers/hpe-tower-servers/p18584-421 Also available at Box.… Read more

I think it's OK with cooling. I have a t variant CPU with a low profile Akasa cooler . Didn't want to risk a normal i5. It fits where the normal HP board (without fan) was and I just have network and VGA cable connected. I'm too ashamed to take a picture - it's quite bad.


Had an old i5 2400 dell mobo around the house. Using that instead in an old gaming case that had 6 hdd bays. Slapped together but is free, just goes in the cupboard so don't really care what it looks like.


What are you going to replace it with?


Sounds interesting as its a great chassis, Cooling ok with an i5? Be interested to see some picture on what you did


Just decommissioned my N40L, it had a long good life. Still works no issue just getting a bit sluggish for extra bit it need. Still great as a NAS though.

HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 X3216 8GB £381.21 delivered @ BTbusiness direct
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Posted 23rd Jul 2020Posted 23rd Jul 2020
HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 X3216 8GB £381.21 delivered @ BTbusiness direct£381.21£392.653% offBT Business Deals
The latest low cost version of the HP Microserver Available on back order Ideal if you want to make your own NAS or Media server using free software available Processor AMD O… Read more

no, but I'm sure you can find one by looking on Ebay and thence the correct boad for this model of microsever


Are you sure about that one? That looks like a N54L board which is Gen7 and not LGA1155.


See Ebay for instance: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/392868274837?


Part number? Thanks,


They're proprietary HP motherboards but it's socket LGA1155 if that helps.

Microserver deal - HPE HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Dual Core (X3216) £353.02 @ Serversplus
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Posted 24th Oct 2018Posted 24th Oct 2018
Microserver deal - HPE HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Dual Core (X3216) £353.02 @ Serversplus£353.02Serversplus Deals
This seems like a good Microserver deal

Gen8 was an absolute steal and great spec too. I got mine for £180 and then an £80 cashback. After three years, it's still running great and perennial. Anyone looking for one, is better off trying to find a gen 8


Are there still new Gen8 for sales somewhere apart from picking one up from fleebay. Would be interested to pick one up.


I have a Gen8 model with all the bits and bobs on it, no point upgrading to a Gen10 at that price




Gen 10 was AMD. Gen 8 was Intel

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HP Gen 8 Microserver for £150 after cashback - can use as a 4 bay NAS - £199.97 @ Servers Direct
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Posted 7th Nov 2017Posted 7th Nov 2017
HP Gen 8 Microserver for £150 after cashback - can use as a 4 bay NAS - £199.97 @ Servers Direct£199.97Servers Direct Deals
I bought one of these a week or so ago but at a higher price. :-( I wanted to use it as a simple 4 bay NAS - similar to a QNAP or Synology and run Plex on it. Cashback appears to… Read more

Ive never heard of unRAID before until now, it does sound like an interesting route in terms of setting up your RAID. Do keep me posted with your build, would be interesting to know how it plans out! At the moment i have a N54L with a P410 using X4 500GB disks in RAID5 & a 120GB SSD boot disk. I used to use it with xpenology and streamed movies around the house but after focusing more on my day job and dealing with servers i got Windows Server 2008 R2 Std on it and currently setting to run it as a data/Plex server. :D


Cheers for the response - Took a look around on the web and it looks like 16TB (4*4TB) was the biggest at the time of manufacturing so that's all they can officially say (y)


It's working fine, but I have 4x 6TB REDs in two mirrors, so its two 5.9TB volumes.




Don't worry - I do understand all the RAID options (0,1, 10, 5, 6, synology's SHR, etc.) pretty well. :-) With unRAID it uses one or more parity disks for resilience. I currently have one 4Tb parity disk and one 4Tb data disk. I didn't want to get 3x4tb disks initially, as this is my first NAS and I wanted to see how much use I would actually make of it. If I do make a lot of use of it then I will start adding extra data disks. The downside of the parity approach is that real time calculation of the parity means that data transfer rates fall from about 112Mb sec (I assume that this is limited by the 1 Gbit network) to about 40 Mb sec if transferring more than 1 or 2 Gb. unRAID allows you to use a caching disk to resolve this issue. I have already installed a 512Gb disk in the top slot on the microserver but I will only enable this once I have copied over the bulk of the data to unRAID. (As I understand it once I enable the cache disk the most data that I can write in a day to unRAID will be the size of the caching disk - as by default it only flushes once per day at 3:40am. I assume that I can change this to flush more regularly but I cannot see that I will be writing more than 512Gb per day once the NAS is fully up and running with all my data on it.)

HP MicroServer (Latest Gen10) - £50 HP Cashback - £219.24 (£169.24 after cashback) @ eBuyer
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Posted 13th Oct 2017Posted 13th Oct 2017
HP MicroServer (Latest Gen10) - £50 HP Cashback - £219.24 (£169.24 after cashback) @ eBuyer£219.24Ebuyer Deals
HP Product Code: 873830-421 Spec: HPE ProLiant Gen10 Entry Spec Internal Bays Qty: 4 Processor: 1 x AMD Opteron X3216 / 1.6GHz (Dual-Core) RAM Installed: 8GB DDR4 SDRAM No HD… Read more



Damn, the price has gone through the roof. :/


this is the guy i got it off it came as a 1.7w variant https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1pc-SUNON-GB1206PTV2-AY-fan-12V-1-3W-3pin/131569777592?epid=1272649416&hash=item1ea22b7bb8:g:o9sAAOSwgQ9VrGNi i plugged it into a 12v fan header on my pc to test its default speeds which i think was just under 3700 on a 12.26v fan header and slowed it down to 2000/2200 or so cant remember exactly with two reducers it will perform far better with only one reducer you should plug one in and see what it reduces to as yours may well be different to mine and reduce far more per reducer Delta BFB0512LD 50x50x20mm 4.63 CFM at 3850 RPM (Stock mine runs) 4.45 CFM at 3700 RPM (Spec Speed) 3.56 CFM at 2960 RPM (Speed i run mine) Sunon Maglev GB1206PTV2-AY 60x60x25mm 7.30 CFM at 3600 RPM 5.06 CFM at 2500 RPM the microserver fan try's to keep it at 85 with momentary peaks of 90 which is within spec but a bit toasty and also means the case fan is going full pelt alot fitting the sunon keeps the rear fan at 10% for a lot longer under load and lowers the overall rear fan speeds e.g. with my 1265L v2 with a 50mm delta at 2950 rpm it stays under 75 full load with the rear fan running 10% to 20% depending on inlet ambient temps if the delta wasnt there the rear fan would be on something like 50% and the core temp would be 85 peaking at momentary 90 the 1240 v2 isnt quite as easy to cool as the 1265L v2 uses a max for 38.5w under full load at 8 threads x 3.1ghz where as the 1240 v2 uses a max of 54w under full load at 8 threads x 3.6ghz but its the same sort of thing


Thanks for your reply, it's much appreciated! I have got 2 spare fan speed reducers so will try those. What is the maximum temp the CPU can safely run at? I put an offer in of $15 for the Sunon but they are not biting and don't fancy paying $21.98 for it. I believe it is the same seller where you got yours from. I found another seller that has one listed that is just $9.93 but has the mini 3-pin connector. Do you know if you can buy a 3-pin adapter? I have had a look but haven't found one yet. This is the fan here Thanks


the sunon performs the best you not looking at ambient temps and rpm's etc e.g. i had two reducers on the sunon