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ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DY-AL006T AMD Ryzen 5 8GB RAM 1TB54R + 256GB PCIE SSD 15.6in 120Hz PC Gaming Laptop - £519.99 using code @ Very
20/06/2019Expires on 20/06/2019Posted 28 m agoPosted 28 m ago
Seems like a good deal to me, decent spec. Reduced to £619, then a further £100 off using code P77U6 when bought BNPL. Product description Asus ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DY-AL006T AMD… Read more

Very really do bang out some decent computer deals if you pay off within the 12 months. My HP gaming laptop I bought from them recently was a crazy price

Medion Erazer X30 Intel Core I5, GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD Gaming PC at Very for £523.98
20/06/2019Expires on 20/06/2019Posted 20 h, 23 m agoPosted 20 h, 23 m ago
Been looking at PC’s since Very offered the £100 Back when you use by the code P77U6 and thought this was reasonably good price for the spec. Couldn’t find a better spec for good v… Read more

Wouldn't touch this. Specs say barely anythingabout what is inside


Does it have to be from Very?


Look at the Stryker from CCL posted a few weeks ago, thats a great spec with a 2600 in


The rankings for the CPUs is 36 places Below that of the i7 8750h Had 120 GB of SSD plus 1 terabyte of HD Yes the 1050 ti 4GB is not as good as the 1060 but thatIs the 3 megabyte Version


Let's not forget the fantastic Very customer service (on your head be it, I wouldn't deal with them again)

Dell G3 Series 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, 15.6 inch Full HD Gaming Laptop £629.99 (With Code) @ Very
20/06/2019Expires on 20/06/2019Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Seems a decent price for the spec. You have to take it as "buy now, pay later" and use the code to get the price, but a long as you pay it off within the 12 months there's no inter… Read more

July 7th sorry I'm thinking of both laptop or desktop for next buy but expect old ryzens to be heavily discounted if techradar are correct.


When are they coming out? I've been waiting for ages for news of the mobile version but only ever hear about the desktop versions..


With new ryzen so close I'm likely to hold back. Techradar still saying there will be no inflation in it's price. If it all pans out I can see it holding its value well too.


Apart from the 4k out and hdmi 2, yeah.


Lol, it's a good deal for sure, but with recent news about Intel's failure to secure their hardware properly which lead to updates that reduced performance of their chips severely I'm avoiding anything with Intel.

Refurbished Linx 12X64- 12.5" Full HD 2 in 1 Laptop Tablet Intel Atom, 4GB RAM, 64GB, Win 10 £99.99 @ EBay / Laptopoutletdirect
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
I posted this deal last week and it has been reduced to £99 with 10% Ebay discount takes it down AGAIN to £89.99 !!

Does anyone know any other voucher codes as 10% eBay deal has expired. I bought at £110 and at £90 I want to buy another as a present. Mine arrived like new save for the two plastic tabs were broken off the key board where it mates with the tablet. The center pins still lock and the magnetic strip holds and as it works I sm not going to complain . At first I thought the key board was not working, but you need a reboot after recognizing . For a touch screen it is brilliant value for money, just a shame it is not Android. It has micro HDMI out as well as full USB port.


Ahh....I thought that was a typo....didnt realise the keyboard had a direct connection to the tablet piece


I guess if it has a full sized USB port, you could use a cheap standard keyboard? However, the built-in stand is designed for landscape only.


Yes, but they're asking if the keyboard can be used in portrait mode, hence the pogo port comment.


Not meant to sound patronising...but It's a tablet so it will be portrait if you orient it portrait if the correct settings are selected? Alt if in full windows mode any monitor can be made portrait with I think from memory crtl alt arrow key?

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Seagate BarraCuda 6TB SATA III 3.5" Hard Drive, £122.04 at CCL/ebay-with code
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Small saving with code on this drive. Key Features: 6TB Capacity 5400RPM Spin Speed 256MB Cache Multi-Tier Caching Technology Advanced Power Saving 2 Year Warranty

Read my comment again and please highlight what misinformation I have relayed.


It's just frustrating when such misinformation is put out there for others to swallow up and regurgitate resulting in an endless feedback loop on thread after thread.


Whoa, calm thy titties dear. I think you'll find that was my point.


I shouldn't even bother to respond anymore. That's a lot of data to lose? Are you serious? Would you prefer 6x1TB drives or perhaps spread it over however many million floppy disks? This eggs in one basket vs many is unbelievably flawed. Don't you realise that you're increasing the changes of encountering a drive failure every time you a add another drive into the mix? If your data is important BACK IT UP! Splitting it over several smaller drives is not a sensible alternative. Now the second issue. Seagate reliability. There's absolutely nothing in it when it comes to Seagate vs WD, absolutely nothing. Gone are the days of problematic Seagate drives. Aren't we talking about something that happened 5-6 years ago? Ultimately you'll be absolutely fine with either manufacturer. Just backup your important data as any drive from any manufacturer can fail.


Quite noisy if I have to be honest. I have a 2TB version of this and it emits a rather annoying vibration noise. That said, in the year I've owned this drive it's performed flawlessly despite Seagate's reputation. I guess time will tell. What you must remember though is that 6TB of data is a lot to lose regardless of the brand of drive. As long as you have some sort of redundancy or backup, the decision should be based on whether the price justifies the 2year warranty. Furthermore, make sure you go through Quidco and claim your extra £5 cashback :-)

ADATA Ultimate SU650 960GB 2.5" SSD 960GB Capacity SATA III Interface £80.99 @ Box Ebay
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
The Ultimate SU650 solid state drive implements 3D NAND Flash and a high speed controller, offering capacities up to 960GB. It delivers read/write performance up to 520/450MB/s and… Read more

This is TLC, it is SU650. Not SU630 which is QLC


I think it is TLC. See the ADATA Solid State Drives List. You can select the "3D TLC" flash type on the left to filter the list. The SU630 is QLC.


Please cite a legitimate reference showing that this drive is TLC. Because every result that google returns back very CLEARLY states that it's actually QLC. Article titles from reputable outlets such as "ADATA Reveals Ultimate SU630 SSD: 3D QLC for SATA" and "ADATA Now Offers SU630 3D QLC NAND SSD"


I'm pretty sure this is TLC. Apparently there's a SU630 with QLC, but it doesn't even seem to be sold in the UK.


it's because it's the QLC one. wheras the SU800 is their TLC drive

CCL Hyper 3.9GHz Ryzen 5 2400G PC Computer (No OS) - 16GB RAM, RX 580 8GB, 120GB SSD £444.60 with code at CCL / ebay
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Decent specs and good saving. This PC does not have Microsoft Windows pre-installed, if you require Windows please select the required version from the configurator below. AMD R… Read more

Would recommend opting for a 2600x as the 2 extra cores will really be noticeable in some modern games already let alone a few years down the line.


I know why would you go for a 2400G when the 2600 is around that price bracket and a better match with the gpu.


Lol Pricewise it doesn't look bad, but it's just a mish mash of components.


Huge 16GB Memory ;)


That configuration is crazy.

ASUS ROG FX503 15.6 i5 7300HQ 8GB 1TB GTX1060 Gaming Laptop £629 at Argos / Ebay
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Decent gaming laptop, with code. Model number: FX503VM-DM003T. CPU, Memory and Operating System: Intel Core i5 7300HQ processor. Quad core processor. 2.5GHz processor speed.… Read more

Incredible price for a really well balanced gaming laptop. would say it's mid tier, but it plays most if not all games in ultra high settings. i have the exact model, which i bough for 700 for Prime Day last year and it has not dissapointed in any way. of course, as long as you don't expect the latest and greatest, this is a fantastic buy.


Thanks Chris, Understand! I guess its just find a deal then have a research.


The Acer ones seem to review pretty well as far as that goes. Ultimately though it's not as simple as just picking a brand because even from one model to the next the cooling and performance can vary wildly.


Yes, that's true. I believe some can be worked around with a slight undervolt? Any you recommend to keep an eye out for that has half decent cooling?


Most gaming laptops have cooling and/or throttling issues, some like ASUS just happen to be worse than others.

Crucial CT1000P1SSD8 P1 1 TB 3D, NAND, NVMe, PCIe, M.2, Solid State Drive NEW for £89.99 using code @ Ebay/sereneituk
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Only 5 Available now .. Thank for the heads up @daveroy , Just found it's an eligible seller. (y) Crucial CT1000P1SSD8 P1 1 TB (3D, NAND, NVMe, PCIe, M.2, Solid State Drive)… Read more

Tempted to buy so to mount on the wall with a label "1TB NVME under £90"


Will this be covered under crucial 5 year warranty program? EDIT: Just asked, it is covered. Guess I bought the last one too. Lucky me!


Welcome sure you all know how much I like adding my thrupence worth of vaugly interesting contributions!!!


@bitcoin5 (y) Thanks for the Picture as additional info as I couldn't do because it's not in their listing. That helps a lot.


Trust you to tease me even further into it B!!! (lol)

Crucial MX500 CT1000MX500SSD1 1TB  SATA 2.5" SSD for £91.65 (M.2 Type 2280SS for £89.99) Using Code Delivered @ Ebay/sereneituk
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Only 2 Available now .. Now 8 available ##15:22 hrs ### Use the code provided @ Checkout Crucial MX500 CT1000MX500SSD4 1TB Internal SSD (3D NAND, SATA, M.2 Type 2280SS) for £8… Read more

For anyone who missed this I got the M.2 factor direct from Crucial with full warranty for £110 and 4% Topcashback.


Thx OP. Waited for a decent SSD deal. Heat added.


Really useful. Thank you! (y)


Crucial unit is faster:


That would be NVME M2 not SATA M2 :)

Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16GB) 3000MHz DDR4 Memory Kit for £125.41 Delivered Using Code @ Ebay/CCLonline
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Features Voltage: 1.35V Latency Timing: CL16 Speed: 3000MHz (PC4-24000) 2 x 16GB DIMM Dual Channel Kit Intel XMP Profile Support non-ECC Unbuffered Memory Description… Read more

This is great


with memory prices coming down by a possible 25% year end you will probably get this £99.00 in the autum

AWD Stronghold (Ryzen 2600 3.9GHz CPU, 8GB DDR4 RAM, RX 580 8GB GFX Card, 240GB SSD, No OS) Desktop Gaming PC - £476.95 @ Hyper-UK / Ebay
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Use code PRICEWIN at checkout. Looks like a very good price. Just requires an OS installation. Comes with a 3 Year Warranty. Available in Black / White . MPN: FL6-M49-1ED… Read more

I believe it will support up to 2 x 16GB DDR4 in the current configuration


Which is amazing, as you dont have to spend time building it.


Does it support 2 X 8gb 3000mhz ?


These builds are always let down by ether the motherboard or ram & it's why it appears so cheap.


Bought this last time it was up for sale at £450 Great PC so far, only gripe is two ram slots, but you get what you pay for, and it's a good deal

ASUS ROG GL503VS 15.6 Inch Intel i5 2.5GHz 8GB 2TB 256GB GTX1070 Gaming Laptop Refurbished 12 Month Warranty £902.99 @ Argos Ebay
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
PLUS 3 % Topcashback : £30* Refurbished 12Month Warranty Model number: gl503vs-ei050t. CPU, Memory and Operating System: Intel Core i5 core i5 processor. Quad core processor… Read more

Tad different.


Lol, count yourself lucky?, sometimes it's only 4GB RAM instead ...


Hahahahahahahaha, you blatantly missed out!, I'd have sold you the same for only £1!. (shock) Next time mate. :p


And they should add a 2080 Ti... They're so selfish, hmpff!


Yeah I agree, annoyingly the laptop I bought recently has 2x4GB so I'll have to get rid of those and buy 2x8GB which is more costly.

WD Elements External Hard Drive - 4 TB, Black £74.70 with code delivered / C&C @ Currys eBay
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Key Features Top features: - 4 TB of storage space to store more files - USB connectivity for fast date transfer - Windows and Mac compatible for versatility Simple to store m… Read more

Currys are not as good as used to be


On amazon Seagate 4 TB Expansion USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (STEA4000400) 4.3 out of 5 stars 7,319 £80.90£80.90 FREE delivery by Tomorrow, Jun 17


Out of stock


So this is a really good price for this drive? Haven't been in a previous eBay sale for less money Or hasn't been cheaper directly from curry's not that long ago


For £74.69 this is still a good deal (y)

ASUS TUF FX705GM, FHD, 17.3" IPS, i7 8750H, 8GB DDR4, 128GB NVMe+1TB HDD, GTX 1060 6GB Laptop £809.98 at Box/ebay-with code
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Very nice looking, slim bezel and good price for this laptop. KEY FEATURES Intel Core i7-8750H Hexa-Core Processor (8th Gen) 17.3" NanoEdge Full HD IPS Screen Microsoft Windows … Read more

This was £870 until the other day, at Box which was quite a bit cheaper than Amazon, and I was tempted to buy it for £850 because it was reduced, but I got it for £810 and I used Quidco so if that pays out 2% then that's £794.


...decent laptop, but managed to grab slightly better rig last weekend, as otherwise most certainly would go for it (y) Just bragging, BTW ;)


BO55 of a machine


I was so tempted to go for this model but in the 15.6". It appeared that ASUS sorted out the thermal problems for the most part judging by most opinions I read. However after investigating the new 1660 ti graphics card, it looks like a worthwhile upgrade over the 1060. Guess I gotta wait some more. I wish I just had this spec with the new card.

Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3 Inch Intel i5 2GHz 8GB 256GB for £678.05 With Code free C&C Only  @ Argos Ebay
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3 Inch Intel i5 2GHz 8GB 256GB 2-in-1 Laptop.Get today using Free Click and Collect from ArgosBetter than ever, the new Surface Pro gives you a best-in-cla… Read more

Doss?? R


It has office, but not the full version. Any advanced features (styles, corrections, equations etc) are not available in the app. Yes, the iPad is very nice as a tablet, and actually goes quite a long way (further than a Chromebook, for example), but it is no laptop.


Biggest waste of £678 you'll ever spend.


Lack of ports , macOS (purposely done to not eat away MacBook sales) and proper multi tasking ( essential when spending this sort of money) is the limiting factor and deal breaker for most people.


Indeed, this is just a 1 in 1. It is nice hardware, great resolution, and even the type cover is ok (if expensive). But the thing has driver issues, which is quite ironic. As a laptop, it is always going to be second best. As a tablet, it ok, but does not run typical mobile apps.

Stormforce Ventus Gaming PC - Ryzen 7 1700 - 16GB DDR4@2400MHZ , GTX 1060 6GB , 256GB NvMe SSD, 1TB SATA - £522 @ Parts4PCs/Ebay (Zoostorm)
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Works out around £522 with the Ebay 10% off code "PRICEWIN" Includes Windows 10 Home ** 12 Months Warranty ** Model Number: 7290-5368 EAN: 5055396023978 Case Type: Ven… Read more
Get dealGet deal

They may have done in the ones you have opened up, but unfortunately that's not what was in the last 5 I ordered that 3 of that 5 PSU'S blew up trashing 2 of them, as you can imagine I've avoided them ever since.


They use fsp supplies. Which are a widely used OEM by most brands.


Interesting video. This is good to know.


TL:DW - up to and including a GTX 1070, RAM speed seems to make very little difference to frame rates. On almost every RAM deal there's someone saying Ryzen 'needs' fast RAM but unless you're using a high end GPU (and the machine is this particular deal definitely doesn't have one) then the benefit is negligible at best.


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