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Tower 3 Pot Slow Cooker, Food Warmer and Buffet Server, 300w - £32 @ Amazon
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Tower Three Pot Slow Cooker, Food Warmer and Buffet Server, 300 W, 3 x 1.5 Litre Cooking Pots, Black Now £32

Let us know how much time it takes to warm itself and then dish? And how much warm it is?


I received it today, it looks beautiful. Just to note 3 1.5l slow cooking pots are removable, dishwasher safe, ceramic bowls.


Yeah the one posted is a 3 pot slow cooker. I was just replying to the question regarding a buffet warmer which is different. 😁


Looks like an amazingly good price for a product I never knew existed, and really don't think I need. But still... :)


This Tower one has individual controls for the heating of the three pots, which is great!

Synology DS920+ NAS Server, 4GB RAM, 4 Bays £493.98 + £3.49 Delivery @ EBuyer
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Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
I've been looking for a NAS and came across this deal. I was going to get the 420+, but with the discount this is only around £20 more. Looks to be cheaper than all past deals post… Read more

I mean, I get this for the layperson you'd recommend a simple well supported ecosystem like Synology but for someone with a technical background installing Linux and copying and pasting a Docker Compose isn't fraught with problems in any sense. The problem is apart from SATA Synology NAS are in many ways bettered by a 50 quid Raspberry Pi 4, be it in performance or power efficiency. My recommendations at this price point if you have a technical background is a micoserver from HP with a better CPU or a NUC from Intel. Or if you just want to get your feet wet for next to nothing, a Raspberry Pi 4.


Well that wasn’t so too difficult! My N54L appears to have suffered a brain fart & now has ideas above its station and thinks it’s a Synology DS3615xs running DSM 6.2.3 ! No additional NIC required, the only extra hardware I needed was a low profile gpu to assist in the setup, luckily I had one lying around. Thanks


Setting up Xpenology and using Synology take a little getting used to (synology OS is on all discs in the system and not visible with the file viewing system - mind blown for me). Essentially follow the instructions on setting up and making the boot USB, then once done the USB stick is only needed at boot up but I leave it in ready always. After that visit Synology how to webpages and Reddit is a good resource. Finding out which Docker/ packages are needed was part of the fun for me.


Yeah I saw that faq doing some preliminary research but it a bit confusing. Also seen comments that the latest boot loader and DSM 6.2.3 don’t require an additional NIC? But I have a spare Intel one anyway so should be good to go?. Finally I’m pretty sure that I already flashed a modded bios to my N54L. Seem to remember doing it in the past and I boot of an SSD connected to the DVD SATA port already.

ppppaperboy2 This is the only thing I have on my micoserver (no VM ware) with an extra 2GB of ECC RAM added it works brilliantly. With the N54L the built in NIC is not compatible with the latest DSM 6 build but you can still start with an earlier version (I'm on 6.1[update 5] but a later one is available) or if you like the experience there are NIC cards that can be added to get the latest DSM version. As you probably know there are certain Bios updates and mods that mean its very easy to get 6 HDDs in the unit using the space for the Optical drive. I also have a dedicated SSD for Plex in the optical bay. I'm not a Linux/server user but enjoyed tinkling and getting the most out of the N54L, one of the best perchases I've ever made.

HPE MicroServer Gen10 Plus 16 GB (Xeon E2224) - P16006-421 - £513.98 delivered @ Serversplus
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Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
HPE MicroServer Gen10 Plus 16 GB (Xeon E2224) - P16006-421 - £513.98 delivered @ Serversplus£513.98 Free P&P FreeServersplus Deals
Intel Xeon E-2224 Quad-Core (3.40GHz 8MB) 16GB (1 x 16GB) PC4 DDR4 2666MHz UDIMM 4 x Non-Hot Plug 3.5in Smart Array S100i SATA No Optical 180W 1yr Next Business Day Warranty D… Read more

thanks i had already upgraded RAM dont remember how much it was dont think 16GB though also got a slightly better CPU , i dont even know where i stored the brand new CPU it came with . got it off ebay on a whim from a guy who had over stock , i really nice guy who let me organise a courier and even dropped it off at a parcel shop for me .


thanks will read up on google and hopefully will be able to-do something :)


Indeed. When you're running many many servers, the extra cost for the branded servers and their support and reliability is worth it. I've seen proliants running for over 10 years with minimal issues, other than disk swaps. And even then, swapping them is a cinch, with no downtime, etc. And I've also seen a few howlers, like firmware which could trash the disks after a certain amount of uptime! But this g10 doesn't really have much of a USP. Disks are not hotswap, iLO is an extra, and the price isn't the sort of unmissable deal that was around for the g7 and g8 range. And being a Xeon with no GPU, you'll need to find a low profile GPU to do any hardware encoding. I can't really see a market. Home enthusiast would be better served with a proper built NAS or self build with commodity hardware. Enterprise are better off with proper servers. I suppose smallish IT companies setting up small offices might find these useful as a standard known hardware to deploy standard builds, but they'd probably have contracts to buy in bulk, or at least semi regularly to enjoy some sort of discount.


true but you could say that about alot of deals on HUKD but I get your point Not too sure about these model but the with their other servers like the Proliants Im sure people are just paying for the reliability etc


I've got a Gen8 which cost £130 with cashback. I brought the RAM up to 16GB and got a Xeon 1260L for £70 on eBay from China. Total cost for all that was around £250, which makes the Gen10 really poor value in comparison. They also removed iLO, which is incredibly useful when you've had to disconnect the power button because your toddler keeps turning it off! Mine is also headless, so no iLO could be really painful.

HP Microserver Gen10 Plus (Dual-Core Intel G5420 @ 3.80GHz, 8GB DDR4 ECC RAM) £377.47 @ ServerPlus
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Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd Feb
HP Microserver Gen10 Plus (Dual-Core Intel G5420 @ 3.80GHz, 8GB DDR4 ECC RAM) £377.47 @ ServerPlus£377.47£451.2116% off Free P&P FreeServersplus Deals
Xeon E-2224 variant also cheaper too with 16GB RAM and 1TB HDD for £556.26: Also available at Box.… Read more

I think it's OK with cooling. I have a t variant CPU with a low profile Akasa cooler . Didn't want to risk a normal i5. It fits where the normal HP board (without fan) was and I just have network and VGA cable connected. I'm too ashamed to take a picture - it's quite bad.


Had an old i5 2400 dell mobo around the house. Using that instead in an old gaming case that had 6 hdd bays. Slapped together but is free, just goes in the cupboard so don't really care what it looks like.


What are you going to replace it with?


Sounds interesting as its a great chassis, Cooling ok with an i5? Be interested to see some picture on what you did


Just decommissioned my N40L, it had a long good life. Still works no issue just getting a bit sluggish for extra bit it need. Still great as a NAS though.

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NEW Fujitsu S26361-F2567-L561 Windows Server 2016 CAL - 1 User £9.99 ebay / cheapest_electrical
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Posted 17th Dec 2020Posted 17th Dec 2020
NEW Fujitsu S26361-F2567-L561 Windows Server 2016 CAL - 1 User £9.99 ebay / cheapest_electrical£9.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Grade of Product This item is Brand New Item is brand new, in original packaging, supplied with all accessories. 12 months warranty supplied.

to avoid any confusion.... This is a CAL (Client Access License) Not a Windows Server OS License


Well, I hope whoever bought these knows what a CAL (Client Access Licence) is. it's not a copy of Windows Server, it's a licence to access a Windows 2016 server. I love the "supplied with all accessories" - it's a licence key!


Last one left

Genshin impact gift code global server
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Posted 30th Oct 2020Posted 30th Oct 2020
Genshin impact gift code global serverFREE£0.01 Free P&P Free
Enter GenshinZHB30 For 160 primogems Server: global Potentially minimum lvl 10 to be confirmed Link Genshin impact

Oh blimey. I meant PS4 Pro.


Will expire it now then. Thanks


Bah, tool late, tried to use it and it says it has expired, maybe only a one day code...


AR40 and nothing to do. Enjoy it guys and don't rush through it like I did. Its a brilliant game, one of the more enjoyable games this year and hasnt cost me a penny.


>>harshfly30/10/2020 17:11Just confirmed on a AR 13 account for you. It redeemed successfully. I am AR8 and got an error saying not high enough, hopefully code still active by time I make it to 13