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A computer is a necessity in the modern world, but PCs can't function properly without an efficient and reliable Power Supply Unit (PSU). Finding the right PSU is vital for anyone building their own PC or who wants to have room to expand their current system's capabilities. All of the most reputable global PSU brands and their current deals can be found at the dedicated HotUKDeals pages. Read more
Corsair CP-9020074-UK HX1000i 1000 W 80 Plus Platinum Cert 140 mm Fan Thermally Controlled Power Supply Unit Black £139.98 Amazon Prime excl
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
I don't know how well this deal will go down as I know most people don't need anywhere near 1000W, but Amazon currently have the HX1000i cheaper than the HX850i. Almost the cheapes… Read more

this is digital though.


also EVGA G3 1000W can be had for £126

EVGA GM 450 Watt 80+ Gold SFX PSU/Power Supply, £59.77 at Scan (UPS c&c)
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
UPS collection included. Features • Gold Rated Efficiency: 80 PLUS certification ensures your power supply isn’t wasting power and turning it into excess heat. Under typi… Read more

Bought the 550, been well keen on putting together a mini gaming PC for a while.


It"s actually £58.98 with £4 DPD delivery 2-5 days. There are also 550W - £74.98 and 650W - £94.99 delivered version available on offer.


Excellent I had been waiting for a good sfx psu at a reasonable price, ordered thanks

GIGABYTE 700 W 80+ Bronze Semi-Modular Power Supply Unit PSU £51.98 @ Amazon
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
The deal lowers it from £80 to about £50, which is the same price as the best rated non modular psu on amazon. Means much easier cable management for the same price :)

mm ideally you wanna go for OEM manus/Rebranded OEM psus from the likes of FSP, Seasonic, Super Flower, etc etc. One of the best i've seen so far between £60-70 is a Rosewill 80+ Gold 750w semi modular, from Amazon £64.99. I believe that is a rebranded Super Flower PSU. Personally i would spend a little more and get that rather than the Gigabyte which that review said is on par with an Aerocool PSU...Another brand, many peeps will comment "nah! Don't skimp out on a PSU. Go with this more reputable brand instead".... There's certainly worse than the Gigabyte B700H, but there's also a lot better out there. I would only go for the Gigabyte if i was being very very...very budget orientated and was building a PC that cost like less than £500. Sure a sub £500 PC more than likely wouldn't require 700W...half that and that's probably the max Wattage that pc will ever use but at £52 for a semi modular 5 year warranty PSU that's a good budget PSU for someone that cant justify spending £10-15 now on an even better one.


Google will help, johnnyguru, linustechtips, more info available on CWT brand there too. Most info is translated or needs to be translated as these were predominantly for the Russian and Chinese markets when released.


How do you know this as the only site I could find a review was this one and it scored quite well.


And unfortunately, because he locked his changes, I can't change it to the correct original price of £80. It shows as only being £5 off because I got the price boxes mixed up :/


You may wish to edit your comment to spell "Deals" correctly too.

Ryzen Bundle - 2600 + Aorus B450 + PSU +Game £259.99 at
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Bundle Contains Ryzen 5 2600 Gen2 with max speed 3.9 GHz Processor Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO Motherboard (ATX) AMD Socket AM4 (Up to 64GB Memory) FREE Gigabyte B700H 700W Modular … Read more
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should be all good :) most use 3000hz ram

Thanks for the helpful confirmation as the ad doesn't say it is included anywhere that i can see. I've looked and the 2600 cpu seem to have the weaker stealth rather than the spire. I think i can live with the weaker cooling solution as i wont be overclocking very much I doubt so this is looking attractive to me. The weaker DRM will hopefully be ok as well. I already have the 3000 MHz ram.


Comes with its own cooler . AMD don't sell OEM chips like Intel so all retail with spire or wraith cooler Will need DDR4 ram, CCL doing 16GB Corsair 3000hz kit for £85, as well as the bundle

looking at this. Presume i would need to purchase a HSF for the ryzen as this bundle doesnt include.


yeah sorry, all doing it apart of Gigabyte deal but one sells out so listing 3 options gives buyers choice of store and stock

NZXT E-Series E500 - Digital PSU £69.99
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Seems to be around £30 cheaper than places like scan etc. Key Features 80PLUS Gold 500 watts CAM-Powered Full Modular Design Japanese Ca… Read more
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Avoid NZXT's CAM software if you care about an EULA that specifies collection of "personal and non-personal data" without telling you anything more specific such as why they're collecting it and what they intend to do with that data. You must accept this EULA to be able to use the software and there's no opt-out for data collection. Aside from harvesting metrics about you, your system and the software you have installed, CAM is a bit of a donkey for reliability.



For those wondering about quality this is a Seasonic focus plus gold so pretty good price for a good PSU.


If you don't know what it is you don't want one of them XD It's an ATX pc power supply.


What is it??? :/

Be Quiet! Pure Power 11 600W 80+ Gold PSU, £63.40 at CCLOnline
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Key Features: 3x Molex Connectors 6x SATA Connectors 4x PCIe Connectors (6+2-Pin) 4 + 4-Pin CPU Power Connector ATX Form Factor

Thanks bud appreciate the speedy reply I will get it bought :)


I have the straight power version and haven't even heard it once. Pretty sure all of their power supplies are silent.


Anyone got one of these just wondering what the noise levels are on standard use when its not under load.


Tier B - (y)

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Aorus B450 + Ryzen 2600 + PSU Bundle deal £257.51 at Novatech
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Novatech currently doing Aorus + Ryzen bundle with what works out as free PSU unit. currently with CPU on sale , parts bought separately totals £310! Bundle deal is £257!!!! al… Read more
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CCL has more bundles !


Stop talking rubbish. 16GB, 3000mhz is plenty fast and can be had for under £90.


as mentioned, streaming would increase ! not for yourself in frames at 1080p but for the viewer! should be able to increase quality of the stream as well! pro streamers rely on best for their viewers and pro gamers that do stream, focus on the best for themselves and use intel + Dual system set up. if you had RTX chip , code just encode of that , good gains but not worth it on Pascal based cards CCL Online down to last 4 bundles


for streaming there will be much better performance with this as it has the extra threads.


Not just purely gaming reasons but streaming etc am I going to notice a huge difference going form a i7 3770k to this and using a existing gtx 1070 ??

Thermaltake V200 RGB Tempered Glass Case + 550W 80 PLUS PSU + 3 TT RGB Fans £75.98 Scan (+£4.78 c&c / £11.50 p&p)
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Thermaltake V200 RGB looks like a good deal to me :-) ✅ Tempered glass ✅ Including 550w PSU ✅ Including 3 x RGB fans ✅ PSU cover Thermaltake V200… Read more

I have one of these and it is a good case for the price ( I paid £69.99 for the same bundle last year on a TO), however I would hardly describe the front intake as 'expertly cooled' considering the front of the case is all plastic and the side intake is small and doesn't really seem to allow much airflow, I would personally prefer having a mesh front for better airflow. Whilst the picture shows you can fit a radiator to the front - it seems like a bad idea as your going to end up blowing warm air into the case (towards the GPU...), it is also possible to fit one to the top, memory heat-sinks (or lack of preferably) permitting - I ended up chopping the corners off the fans on mine because of my RAM but it makes a lot more sense to blow the air out the top where there is good airflow (and a mesh filter).


Yeah and twice the price. The v200 is a great case for the money. I got one without the psu for £50 a few months ago. The design helps you easily hide all those cables etc and the psu itself is firewalled keeping heat away from rest of system.


You know what, bragging rights approved!


Thermaltake P5 is nicer ;)


The case is very nice. Got one for my lad's first build at christmas (AMD 2200g) . Looks a lot more expensive that it is. The even nicer thing is that the psu is already installed , along with the fans and controller. Made the build even easier :) It was just under £70 after Christmas - but hasn;t been that low again. Great value.

Aorus B450 + Ryzen 2600 + PSU Bundle deal £257.51 at  CCLOnline
Refreshed 15th MarRefreshed 15th Mar
CCL Online currently doing Aorus + Ryzen bundle with what works out as free PSU unit. currently with CPU on sale , parts bought separately totals £310! Bundle deal is £257!!!! a… Read more
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CCL sold out , Box has 4 left in stock


back in stock!!!! 10+


i had a review sample so luckily it was flawless! havent overclocked the panel yet . know the G-sync model will do 165hz when it rolls out . Monitor is nice if in an open space for RGB to be seen- surprised it has more rgb options then the rtx 2*** aorus cards haha


Yup, I have the Aorus 1440p monitor too. I love it, except the RGB at the back which is pointless. The colour accuracy of the screen is amazing though and on the 'Speed' setting I've had absolutely no ghosting or anything. I've got 0 bleed as well which is fantastic.


CCL has sold out this morning! more should be coming in. NovaTech is ORDER ON REQUEST. has a few units in

GIGABYTE 700 W 80+ Bronze Semi-Modular Power Supply Unit - £51.98 @ Amazon
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
700wSemi Modular Design High quality Japanese electrolytic capacitors 120mm smart control fan 80 Plus Bronze certifie… Read more

I bought one myself and there was still stock afterwards Fitted and seems quiet and stable.


I've just bought the gigabyte 650watt non modular psu. It has had positive reviews. I wonder if this 700 watt is made by same oem for Gigabyte...?


Yeah that has been my experience too. To be fair to the OP there was actually one in stock when this was posted but someone must have bought it. Not a bad price at all but I think I'll wait for it to drop a bit more (or for a Amazon Warehouse one) as Gigabyte are a relative unknown in this sector I wouldn't want to spend more than £40-£45 for this but this is still good compared to the'big brands'...


That's pretty much default when they initially go out of stock. I've ordered with this timeframe many times and it normally comes within a week.


£52.78 from CCL for people who need it fast. (y)

View 37 Riing Midi PC Gaming Case +Thermaltake 500W 80 PLUS RGB PSU Bundle  at Scan for £95.99 + del from £4.49 (DPD/UPS c&c)
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
what a great bundle !!!1 Product OverviewThermaltake View 37 Riing Edition Mid-Tower Chassis Thermaltake View 37 Riing Edition mid-tower chassis manifests the latest technology ad… Read more
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Is that rgb lights on the psu? Is it just me or whats the point of that? Doesnt the fan face towards the bottom on the case and the case will sit on top of a desk or floor thus u wont see them?


eteknix have done a review of the pushchair and gets Bang for Buck Award.


Not at all that psi is fine


Garbage rgb edition ultra case (lol)


Don't say that lol. I've actually got this psu in my ryzen system that i use for gaming. (shock) . Not gonna zap my system is it?

Gigabyte P650B 650 Watt Bronze Wired SLI PSU/Power Supply - £45.47 @ Scan
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
80 PLUS Bronze Certified 80 PLUS certified ensures the better power efficiency. Less power waste reduces the heat and fan noise. P650B can be up to 89% efficiency. Relia… Read more

i think it is yue-lin in this case


There is one Russian review of this PSU and at least it is a DC-DC design so whilst this isn't a great PSU there is far worse out there so this wouldn't be too bad a for a budget build. I can't find any info as to who the OEM is.


Potentially good deal depending what Gigabyte PSUs are like, personally never heard of Gigabyte as a PSU manufacturer but not to necessarily say they are bad, anyone else had experience of their PSUs?

Seasonic S12II-520 Bronze Silent 520W PSU, £51.06 delivered at CCLOnline
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
And Amazon. Main Features Super High Efficiency up to 87% - Green Solution for reducing energy consumption noise and heat Highly Reliable 105C Japanese Brand Capacitors - Excepe… Read more

Show me a Sony PSU :/


Got one of these about 6 or so years ago near this price and still going strong, not sure it's as good an option these days but Seasonic are known for solid PSU's


superflower is a good second choice, sometimes actually they best seasonic in tests


Nope not any more, they used to make a few on the corsair lineup but corsair have a list of 4/5 OEMs for their range though. Seasonic only make a couple of "customer" PSUs for other brands these days, they pretty much only sell via their own brand as they have the brand recognition that they didn't have 10 years ago. Above link will show you who makes every PSU.


Seasonic make a lot of the Corsair PSUs..

EVGA 850 B3, 80+ BRONZE 850W, Fully Modular, EVGA ECO Mode PSU, £81.99 at amazon-prime exclusive
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
And Ebuyer. Main Features: Fully Modular to reduce clutter and improve airflow 5 Year Warranty and unparalleled EVGA Customer Support 80 PLUS Bronze certified, with 85% e… Read more

I would a avoid the B3 line entirely there are issues with protection and quite a few have gone pop on reviewers test benches.


Seems a lot for Bronze, I would have thought most looking at this size power supply (not sure why anyone would want an 850w) would be looking at gold, plat or titanium. Big fan of EVGA though, Not voted. I bought a Deep Cool Quanta Gold after seeing one stripped down and tested for £40 three years ago, not looked back.

Antec HCG 850w Gold PSU (100% same as Seasonic Focus Plus 850w Gold) @ Scan
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
This is essentially a Seasonic 850w Focus Plus Gold PSU, as Seasonic make this unit for Antec and reviews and articles have shown the products to be 100% the same under the hood, w… Read more

Be prepared to send unit to Holland if you ever need rma.


dO PPL STILL RUN MULTI GPU SETUPS ? AS that is pretty much the only reason for this (asic miner maybe ??) ;)


What do you mean? When I had the PSU - it had 2 cable 8pin for the 2 sockets. However, if you mean currently, then yes, I am using a single cable with 2 x 8pin - like a splitter. Although not the desirable method, there isn't a massive disadvantage to do so.


Not to sound a idiot but if it was a graphics card with 2x 8pin I would be using two different cables for each 8/6 pin


Randomly, I had 2 of these that had to be returned. As soon as it went under load during gaming, it would cut my graphics card and wouldn't work until I restarted the PC. Definitely the PSU - a cheaper Corsair one did the trick. However, I know I am unlucky - they have great reviews and leaving heat!

EVGA 750 Watt GQ 80+ Gold Hybrid Modular ATX PSU, £84.78 at Scan (UPS/DPD collection)
Refreshed 8th MarRefreshed 8th Mar
UPS collection included in price.

Often makes me wonder about the noises PCs make, I've neverheard of someone complaining about the noise coming from their fish tank but an AIO on a PC is deafening ?


Seems a bit expensive for a 750W when the 1000W wasn’t much more and I’m sure the 850W was the same price? Either way though it’s a good range of PSUs, I had loads of the 1000W units and never had a failure. 750W will definitely accommodate most needs.


ive got this one and i cant hear it in my pc my gpu and cpu fans make more noise


You should be able to put it in eco mode, no fan comes on unless it gets to 55 degrees C. I have the 850 G2 and my fan don't turn on often, look at the chart below and check this one has the eco switch, I'm sure it's on the list:


Noise Graph It's not particularly quiet, but then again it's an EVGA and non of them are. For a great quality quiet PSU look at Bitfenix Whisper M or the higher end Be Quiet range. Also don't listen to the common bad advice of getting higher wattage units as lots of higher wattage units have the same cooling as smaller brothers but use far more aggressive fan curves which results in more noise at same wattage as lower wattage units.

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