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A computer is a necessity in the modern world, but PCs can't function properly without an efficient and reliable Power Supply Unit (PSU). Finding the right PSU is vital for anyone building their own PC or who wants to have room to expand their current system's capabilities. All of the most reputable global PSU brands and their current deals can be found at the dedicated HotUKDeals pages. Read more
Corsair HX1000i 1000W 80 Plus Platinum 140mm Fan PSU [Sold directly by Amazon UK] - £149.99
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Been shopping around and found a great deal on this, sold directly by Amazon and is usually around £182 on average. Comes with 10 year warranty and given the high wattage should be… Read more

Dammit.. I thought I could get away with my existing 750w PSU for my threadripper build.. But this is just too good a price and a 10 year warrenty .. Bought..


I was thinking more of the i9 9900K, I game and use PS/LR.


Great find for your first post, good job OP!


Tier1 as well!


That makes complete sense and numbers do not lie, I have ordered this Corsair to put performance to the test, thanks for the information and thanks OP for sharing the deal.

Corsair CX450W PSU £39.99 @ Currys/Amazon
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Picked this up around a month ago for £47.99 from amazon, great power supply that's bronze rated. Seems to be free delivery or collection too! Edit: Can be found at Amazon her… Read more
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That cx450m the model I thought this was originally. It's still £47.99 on Amazon, and I'd opt for that personally. If you don't need the second PCI-e connector or for it to be semi modular this would probably be the better option


Yeah not ideal for a 450w PSU to only have one PCI-e connector, but in reality it shouldn't affect that many, unless you have some 1070's or above which require two power connectors. The CX450m does have two PCI-e power connectors which isn't normally too much more than this.


Is that unusual for a 450w PSU? That would allow it to provide 225w of power to a graphics card leaving 225w for the rest of the system.


Tier 3: Not bad for £40


Whoops, I thought it was the semi-modular version. Thanks letting me know.

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EVGA 850 Watt GQ Gold Hybrid Modular ATX PSU/Power Supply w/ 5 Year Warranty £90.46 Delivered @ Scan
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Cheapest that I could find for this particular PSU. Perfect option for those that need a good amount of power, but still want to keep their build tidy with a modular cable system. … Read more

750w GQ noise Link above for the 750w which has the same thermal design as 850w.


Could you evidence this please? I have 4 EVGA PSUs, all quiet, and this is not mentioned on newegg, pcpartpicker, jonnyguru or amazon. Just a few reports of units with coil whine and ticking fans


Really? Never heard a peep from my 650W.


looks like someone needs a more powerful psu.


I just think anyone running high-end stuff like closed-loop cooling will probably be speccing something better like an EVGA Platinum or Corsair HX, so something like this is for mid-high end gaming machines on a slightly tighter budget. But it's a bit of a moot point here, personally I just choose quality over noise, but peoples' needs differ. I bought a VS a few times before I knew about all of this and the VS PCIe leads melted/browned with an undervolted R9 Nano... so I just don't think it's up to it. The RM is rated to 50C but I've had a temp gun on it and it's been up to 58C exhaust, it'd probably be covered under warranty if it failed but I'd just rather the fan ran quicker and got the heat out of it. Tried to claim the VS on Corsair warranty, what a hassle that was...

Thermaltake Smart RGB 600 Watt 80+ PSU/Power Supply £36.99 (£41.98 delivered with FREE cleaning spray) Scan
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
EDIT: As with all Scan 24 hr deals, please go to “today only” page to get this price. Clicking this link directly will show as £49.99. To support HUKD however I do suggest clicking… Read more
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Please see updated description, thanks


psu's are normally hidden within a shroud (nerd)


Innit, I'm heading into my mid 30's and i love a bit of RGB, must be the early 2000's modified car scene that influences me.




To check which are good and bad PSU's use the LTT tier list: Basically use the top 3 tiers, this PSU is tier 6.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1070Ti SC Black 8GB + EVGA 750W modular gold reated PSU £395.47 delivered at Scan
Found 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
power supply alone is just under £100 making the 1070ti just under £300

Now the 2070 is out I wonder how much EVGA would charge to Step Up? How would they determine how much we've already paid for the GPU part of this bundle? EDIT: Never mind. This bundle works out as 76% of the MSRP, so the 1070ti part of it was only £314.66. The Step Up only includes the 2070 XC Black Gaming which is 549.99e/£484.50, so the difference to pay would be £169.84 plus shipping in both directions. If it had been about £60 I would have gone for it just to upgrade to a card that'll receive ongoing driver updates but for that price it's not worth it and even without driver updates it should have enough power to get by for a few years.


If you've not seen it already there is a fantastic post on blurbusters all about the best set up for G-Sync. Basically the original setup had vsync enabled by default but this was changed because of people wanting max frame rate for FPS games. The problem is turning vsync off removes the frame rate cap and takes you out of the G-Sync range which gives you tearing. Additionally Nvidia's vsync implementation actually smooths out gameplay and stops micro stutter and jitter. G-Sync on and vsync on is the recommended setup and is noticeably better.


I keep V-sync on too and there's no noise (there may be some but the fans get louder so maybe can't hear it). I'm pretty sure though that I tested the GPU in the first few days without V-sync and there was no coil whine, it probably started after a few days. I've not been near the PC for a few days before last night as I use Nvidia game stream so mostly play on the TV which is downstairs.


Firestrike is a prime example of a program that can cause coil whine when loading.


In my experience GPU coil whine happens when the frame rate is uncapped on loading screens. I always enable vsync as it keeps the FPS within the Gsync range.

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Corsair Fully Modular RM1000x 1000 Watt PC PSU [80 PLUS Gold ] £129.99 @ Ebuyer
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
With the new GPUs from Nvidia being out, some of you might be looking for a new PSU, if you've decided to go for a multi GPU setup on some of the older cards. This would be a decen… Read more

Is this sarcasm?


Only jonnyguru site reviews matter. Electronics engineers stripping down units to see the components,design layout, and testing them in hot boxes etc. WTF does linus know?


Depends on which Platinum PSU, in general the best brands for PSU are Seasonic, Superflower and FSP and other PSUs are usually made by them and then rebadged by another company. In the end read reviews on the PSU you want as they each come with their own pros and cons, such as loud fan noise or short cables. For this PSU, jonnyguru, a very reputable PSU reviewer, scored it very highly.


Is that too low?? Or too high? I can only picture the more powerful components drawing more power. MOAR POWAAAAA


Future proofing with a 1000 watt PSU (shock)

Aerocool ACP-I700BR 12 cm 700 W Integrator Active PFC RGB Power Supply Unit  @ amazon £41.97 pre-order - Prime Exclusive
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
RGB fan on PSU can be controlled through P7-Hub (P7-H1) and motherboard including "Asus Aura", "Gigabyte RGB Fusion", and "MSI Mystic Light Sync". Elegant Black PSU casing with Fu… Read more

has any one had any experience of aerocool PSU`s? they seem to be everywhere on amazon . the big question is can you turn the RBG off?


Uses cheap Chinese caps, avoid!


Afraid not XD


Is there anything that doesnt have RGB these days, cables?

Corsair 650 Watt VS650 ATX PSU/Power Supply Unit - Referb + £4 P&P at Scan £33.99
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Refurbished VS650 - Corsair Power Supply - Fully Wired ATX PSU Ideal for budget gaming PCs, currently listed as on sale down to £29.99 from £34.99 + £4 P&P
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I should point out that Scan have been good about this (as they always are).


So without seeing this deal I went ahead and ordered this PSU from Scan..... what a mistake.... Worked for about 5 days before the first PC reset (the machine just dies and reboots) when playing on Oculus Rift. From that point on the resets got more and more frequent. Initially was only happening with Rift, so I dutifully removed and re-installed drivers, re-installed Windows (maybe drivers), etc etc, no luck. Last night it failed when running a non-rift game which had happily run before, so emailed Scan for a RMA. What I got back was not good..... Scan basically said that they are aware of issues with the Factory Refurb'd PSU's. Um, whut? As @FireOnAWire and @rp7122 said, Corsair VS series + refurb, avoid. Frankly, if Corsair get enough failures that they can create a factory line to refurb these and those refurbs are then failing, then this is just a crap product. See here for a list of decent PSU's (the VS650 is a Tier 6 - one level above the bottom rung):


Corsair psus are absolute rubbish, had only problems with loads of different ones even ones costing over 150+ pounds


absolute garbage


In all fairness, it was likely to answer my question :D Thanks to @Beehj84 and @rp7122 for their suggestions!

Thermaltake 650W Toughpower Grand RGB 80 Plus Gold ATX Power supply £69.99 / £74.77 delivered @ Scan
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
##Update## scan changed offer link £69.98 when logged in with Free delivery with Hexus or Avforums membership. or £74.99 with free delivery and price matched at amazon. Thermal… Read more

Yes this week I bought an evga 850 gold from scan. Getting it delivered was a nightmare. They use dpd and they are awful.


Just listed good find before not in stock only through scan@Amazon Bought this week @£74.99 from @scan


It's 74.99 on amazon with next day delivery and from my experience, a lot better customer support.

EVGA GTX 1070 TI FTW Silent Graphics Card & 750W GQ Semi-Modular PSU @ Scan - £449.99
Found 29th AugFound 29th Aug
Another day, another graphics card deal. Although a pretty good price considering the PSU included. Carriage is +£5.48

Evga themselves had a better deal than this the other week, was about £480 for a 1080 with 650w psu delivered


Ordered this will send my other order back and got a GPU at a better price with the bundle , I could of waited for the 2xxx series but I only game at 1080p at the moment so it's not a massive issue.


Doubt it, that's all done by ASICs and the coin emission rate remains the same as the difficulty also rises. I think there's too many GPUs in the market anyway so hopefully people who want them can get their hands on them now.


related/unrelated the hash rate went up by 50% in Aug... price to follow?


Yeah, I would take that deal. The GQ is like tier 1.5; (old toms chart) its a 'known' and worth £75 all day long. (used to be 'gold' efficacy, not quite tier 1 components) Its not gonna break a sweat running a a 1080 (u get the drift) I havent checked out rm units lately but doubt they are 'better' worth not taking this deal. (cos they 'werent').

PS4 Pro 1TB Marvel’s Spider-Man Console £297.38 @Shopto ebay [ NOW LIVE ]
Refreshed 28th AugRefreshed 28th Aug
Deal is active between 4pm - 6am Use code PREGAME15 to get 15% off your eBay order PS4 Pro 1TB Marvel’s Spider-Man Console £297.38 @Shopto ebay [Starts at 4pm] Credit @teh… Read more

No additional bonuses with this variant. I believe you had to get the LE Pro/Slim for the bonus content.


The advert just listed it as the standard version of Spiderman. I got the impression there wouldn't be


My one arrived to Parcel Motel yesterday morning but i didn't get any email from them. I received email with picture today and it looks like the box is damaged and it has been x-rayed :( Hope everything is ok with the console itself

Were there any pre-order bonuses for the Spider-Man game? I don't remember seeing anything...


Thanks OP, got mine today!

Seasonic 750 Watt Prime Fully Modular 80+ Gold PSU/Power Supply £99.98 +£5.48 del @ Scan
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
First time this has dropped under £100! This is a great PSU and is a great price! (excited) 80 PLUS®Gold Seasonic was the forerunner of creating the very first 80 PLUS® Gold … Read more
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I bought my Corsair 750w power supply off amazon refurbished and works perfect....


I've had the 650W version, but sent it back to rma, because the fan had grinding sound, replaced to a Corsair RM-X psu, what is dead silent even under heavy load. So careful with the fan on this model, if you make some research online, you'll realise this grinding noisy fan is common on this model for some reason. Good luck.

850W ThermalTake Toughpower Grand RGB ATX PSU (Fully Modular / 80 PLUS Gold / 140mm Fan)  £94.99 Delivered @ Scan
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
Brill price for this 850 fully modular ATX PSU, For those among you that want easier cable management, it features fully modular cabling, and even has an 256 colour RGB fan, in fac… Read more

It’s a tier 2 PSU so it’s actually not bad compared to some of the junk they make but unless you’re part of the RGB crowd, the EVGA GQ and G3 or Corsair RM and TX that’s recently been posted are much better value all round.


Great quality PSU. But just a reminder this is overkill for 99% of builds unless you plan to SLI/Crossfire (which is a bit pointless anyway)


Oops, fixed my original OP, this PSU is pretty good apparently lol.


That's a different PSU, this one is a Toughpower Grand RGB, the one you linked was a Toughpower DPS RGB, different OEMs as well.


It's not very efficient for a gold rated PSU, just have a look at the tomshardware review, for this price range you can get way better PSUs.,review-33801-11.html

Prime Day - Corsair TX-M Series 650 Watt 80 Plus Gold Certified PSU £63.74 @ Amazon (Prime Day Deal)
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
seems like a good deal for an excellent PSU
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Don’t worry people were getting super excited about a Thermaltake PSU with an RGB fan for £29.99 the other day, which goes to show most people don’t know what they’re looking at. Either that or don’t care about their PC longevity and possibly safety.


the people who have voted cold should be posting alternative PSU 'Gold certified' deals for less than £63 quid - weird site sometimes


I was about to complain about this PSU but seems they’ve updated and upgraded it a lot from last time: I’d still rather an RM series but this isn’t bad at all. Good time to buy for this price!

Corsair HX750i 750W Full Modular 80+ PLATINUM PSU (used - vlike new) - £79.63 @ Amazon warehouse
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Hi All, if this wont please the Hotukdeals community, then nothing. :) I've received mine today, sealed, even packaging is in one piece. Generally, good quality platinum psu's a… Read more

Bought this last week for £90.90 it was dispatched and passed to courier and then no further update. They updated the delivery estimate from 4th September to 10th still nothing. I contact Amazon and they tell me it's lost. I ask them to send a replacement but they say as it is warehouse they can't so offer me a refund. It is still available to order 'like new' for £97 but they won't send me it. If I want it I have to re-order it and pay the price difference because they lost the one I bought. I used to rate Amazon customer service but last few times they have been really unhelpful. I pay for prime but they make me wait a week before I can get a refund and will not send me a replacement even though it is in stock because it is 'from the warehouse' crap


Mine arrived today. All cables present except the digital corsair link, which apparently isn't needed if you use the USB corsair link cable. Came with a EU lead, but will buy a kettle lead to replace. PS - If you need a UK kettle lead, make sure it's rated for high amps -- the enclosed one is 10A. I went with a 16 AWG thick C13 ( There's a lot of cheap (e,g, 20 AWG) kettle leads on amazon and they're bordering on too thin for a PSU like this.


Yeah true, considering this model is about £130-£150 new normally still a great deal at 66 quid.


mine came with EU plug...i suspect all of them will. but hey, its a £1 kettle lead :)


looks like its finished now, hope everyone received their PSU and using them happily.

Thermaltake Smart RGB 500 Watt 80+ PSU/Power Supply £29.99 / £4.78 DPS pick up @ Scan
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
Seems like a good deal? 80plus white, 5 years warranty, RGB is extra really. Product OverviewSmart RGB 500W Thermaltake, as the pioneer who incorporates RGB lights into PSU, has … Read more
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I read that. If that’s what you did from day one then you voided the warranty anyway so don’t act like there ever was one as if you’re so smart. Cleaning dust out isn’t the only point of failure either... More fool you for using £9 PSUs. Just because anecdotally your budget PSUs didn’t blow up in spectacular fashion doesn’t mean I’d recommend it. I’m sure somewhere there are Peugeot’s that have actually got to 100k miles without ever breaking down, doesn’t mean ‘Peugeot cars don’t break down’ or that I’d ever recommend buying one.


Try reading what is written , they were bought ten years ago. Warranty, my rse!


Oh! go away! I paid £9.00 each for them ten years ago!


80+ IS pretty poor efficiency , would expect at least bronze... All we need next is the actual mains lead to be LED , I know someone who built a Bling PC and has been blinded in all three eyes when he turned it on the first time TRUTH! All the PSU calculatiors are way overkill , deduct at least 20% if not 30%. Thernaltake prolly dont make this , just bought in and badge slapped..


Two identical PSUs seems like overkill. Just one good quality one that's maintained will outlast most PC builds 2-3 times over. Taking the cowl off a PSU to clean it voids the warranty and risks damage (snagged cables, for example).

Complete Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, Official Case and PSU Included £39.99 (£47.99 inc VAT) Delivered @ Farnell
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Great price for a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Starter Kit. Kit includes Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Board, 16GB MicroSD Card with NOOBS OS, Official Universal 2.5A Power Supply, Official C… Read more

Excuse my ignorance, but how does this compare with the Kano kit? I've just shelled out on a Kano kit for my 6 year old...


Editor privilege....


None so far and been heavily in use for about 13 months.


I’m interested in setting up my own retro pi, but have heard about stability issues with the Pi 3 B+ And retropi...can anyone advise me on this?


Besides emulators and roms which you can do via a PC without a Raspeberry anyway, what else do people use Rasperberry kits for? I take it there is multiple usage advantages and options?

EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G2, 80+ GOLD 650W PSU £73.09 @ Amazon
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Not in stock but accepting orders (Usually dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks.)

Fine PSU, low ripple, great voltage regulation and build quality - jonnyguru summary here. I have a couple of them and very happy ...


Thanks, will give it a go tomorrow. The PC is pretty standard, i7 6700k at 4.7GHz, Samsung nvme 250GB, 2TB hybrid HDD. Using a 500 Watt Corsair ATM with a 970 but it is struggling at 1440p/75 at ultra so looking for something good that can do that.


Run your specs through this:


Is this enough for a 1080 Ti?


Bought this in April from Amazon for £58.67 and all good so far.

Thermaltake Paris 650W Modular 80+ Gold PSU - £67.99 at CCLOnline Deals
Found 25th JunFound 25th Jun
what do you think? The Thermaltake European Gold Series is a premium 80 PLUS GOLD certified power supply that uses the highest quality components for stable performance, excellent… Read more

It's something to do with s6&7 sleep states.


"Haswell ready" XD

plewis00 Tier 4 on the good old PSU list. Probably best to give this one a miss, get an EVGA GQ, G2 or G3 or Corsair RM for similar money. EVGA GQ 750W for a few quid more or £1 more if you get a Warehouse one and you get more wattage too.


*Hybrid modular.


Fantastico , but too powerful , and too large (sfx) :D :(

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