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Roku Premiere 4K/HDR Streaming Media Player - £28.49 Delivered @ Currys / eBay
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Decent price for this 4K streaming device, currently reduced to £29.99 at most retailers - however you can purchase for £28.49 delivered as 5% discount will auto-apply at checkout … Read more

Can you sideload APKs onto Roku like you can with Fire TV?


Hi there, a question. I am looking for a stick which works as a receiver ( regular tv or free view) currently I have a 50" screen with a fire stick for Netflix and additional Freeview box for a regular live programs, looking for a stick which do both. Thanks for you help.


I just got mine few days ago.. for some reason, it asked my to 'register' the player and put my credit card details in. The way around it is to create the roku account first, and then just add the player.


Wow! Thank you for taking the time to post that. I'm sure it will be useful for others too. Good karma on you Sir.


Yep thanks for understanding the underpowered isp consumer routers (y) That's an install guide for Windows In-depth guide about the configuration and issues of OpenWRT on home hub

ROKU Express 2019 HD Streaming Media Player, £23.94 with code at currys/clearance/ebay
279° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Good price for now, hope it helps. Specification Type : Streaming media player Streaming quality : Full HD 1080p Sound technology : Digital stereo, DTS Digital Surround (HD… Read more

Thanks for the confirmation. It is too far from the router, that is why the wifi signal is not very strong. Wifi loosing signal strength and speed with distance, walls etc.


I have both firestick and Roku, the firestick is far superior in every department for me, build, feel, control the lot, tried to get on with the Roku but they feel cheap, slow and just not a great experience. Also hardwired device is going to best any WiFi for obvious reasons, so the WiFi as good as hardwired connection makes no sense.


The Roku HD+ stick have volume control, but it costs a lot more and the remote is way too sensitive.


Thanks, I've Wifi only. Modern wifi is pretty much as fast as ethernet. If you're getting poor signal then you're doing it wrong.


I have both. I Use the chromecast for youtube stuff only. This has a better selection of apps and better controls.

Hisense Roku TV 50 Inch R50B7120UK 4K Smart LED TV with HDR £352.95 delivered @ Argos
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
The first Roku TV in the UK, brought to you by Hisense. Start streaming 150,000+ movies and TV episodes across a range of apps such as Netflix, Now TV, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 … Read more
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It will be a time limited exclusive launch, a company the size of Hisense won’t tie themselves down to Argos alone. Note how Roku are saying Argos and Hisense ain’t saying nowt.


This was a lot cheaper a month ago or so. I'll wait I think.


What I know of never Argos exclusive. :| :| :|


Sold by Argos only.I have this tv and the 43" one,no problems whatsoever.


Prices are all over the shop for these. When are other outlets selling them so we can get 5 year warranties ?

Roku Premiere Streaming Player £29.99 + £3.99 del @ Very
-99° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Covid cash strapped ? £10 for 3 months 0% at Very Roku specs page: All the big services All the catch up players in … Read more
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Locked indoors skint you’d want to spend £10 a month on a Roku lol as you said it becomes a priority with the changes. Many now gotta distract themselves or end up with mental health ontop of their covid overeating diabetes. NHS is gonna need tens of billions more the next few years...


I agree with you, but I may be harsh, I feel these on UC should look better after their money, there are other priorities in life now. They can get this when things change, I've got my Roku for £29 years ago.


I really don’t go out maybe once a week, every second night after midnight to get a walk, relaxed ? Ah England... I don’t know her. I’m sure those now on £95 a week UC will like 3 months 0% over bored at home skint waiting in on a driver who may not Social distance hundreds of people per shift. edit: I had a Amazon delivery last week, the twat had a face mask on so assumed he’s ok? and when he past the two metre rule I put my hand out to take it from him so he was less than a metre away - the idiot.


Safe place ? Do we get a covid free cert with that LOL


You may be right with Amazon vs Very but Boris did not say open, he just relaxed a bit the rules and suggested if you can stay in, stay, don't go out unless is really needed. As a key worker myself, and looking at statistics, going out is not a good idea, more cases are detected daily now than when the lockdown started. Moreover, countries with 10 times less cases are issuing severe penalties for those going out. Even if Boris said go out, HUKD does not have to listen to them, it's an independent platform, not Boris playground, they choose what they allow here (I don't always agree with them). Anyway, beside the point, if the same price as Amazon, most people will prefer to have it delivered even in normal circumstances. I didn't vote cold BTW. Apologies, I can see now free delivery.

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ROKU Premiere 4K HDR Streaming Media Player £27.59 at Curry's Ebay with code
689° Expired
Refreshed 7th MayRefreshed 7th May
Update 1
Update - price reduction £27.59 to £26.21 on 07/05
Good offer, hope it suits someone. Specification MPN: S10268989@DSG HDR: HDR10 Streaming quality: 4K Ultra HD Type: Smart TV box Power: USB Box contents: - Roku Premiere - R… Read more

Own one but there are issues with over heating and YouTube crashing and having to reopen or start you tube from beginning


Bit off subject but side loading apps etc. on a Firestick via Dropbox makes life very easy


Box just turned up and it has someone else's details on it!!! And their PayPal!!!


None are close to perfect. Roku are really good though. No dynamic HDR but framerate matching is spot on in nearly everything. You can also buy stuff unlike on other platforms which have restrictions for some stores etc. For cheap TV this is probably my top choice.


I know the Shield is "the king" but I'm just not using mine to it's full potential. All I've done for the past few months is just load it up, go in to Plex to watch whatever content i've downloaded, or some of my own films, and that's it. I get Netflix free with Sky so whenever I want to watch anything on that, I watch it on my Sky Q box. Same goes with YouTube. So the Shield has basically been a single-app device for me for months now so why keep it ?

Roku Premiere HD 4K HDR TV £27.59 delivered with code (2 for £52.42 / £26.21 each) @ Yoltso eBay
718° Expired
Refreshed 11th MayRefreshed 11th May
Update 1
Back in stock as of 11th May
Price drop on Roku Premiere HD 4K HDR TV from £39.99 to £29.99 across various retailers from today, but spotted this is showing on eBay and can use code PRICE8 to reduce to £27.5… Read more

Owned a Mibox for many months, works flawlessly, I have an old Roku box that has been thrown in shed for a fair old while now, Kodi on my Mibox streams all my movies from my nas perfectly


My Now TV remote has not got volume control but all the navigation and options buttons do also navigate on this device. I don't think the volume control could be included as this would be TV specific. But a learning control would have been nice. They do sell a side attachment with included learning buttons, but I just bought a universal learning remote and programmed all my devices TV SAT and Roku into it. Hope this helps.


I bought one of these from a previous deal. Really good quality and picture. Only gripe is the remote don't have a volume control.


I've taken a punt in one of these. My Hisense TV is starting to get painful to use the apps and I hate the Amazon Fire TV interface. Thanks for the deal


Is it possible to install Kodi on this?

Roku Express | HD Streaming Media Player £24.99 Amazon
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Description Roku Express delivers a smooth HD streaming experience on your TV at our best price. It’s easy to get started—just plug it into your TV with the included High Speed HD… Read more
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Thanks. Ordered. Set up in the spare room with Disney+, iPlayer and Netflix. Have a happy 7 year old.


Does anyone know the premier 4k version will support HEVC 10bit X265 format for direct play with Plex? The express Roku version seems to transcode the videos.


According to the Roku website, it has 1GB of RAM in the Premiere and only 512MB in the Express, so another reason to upgrade


Also at Argos if it's easier for anyone

Dave195985 better to buy this 4k at a few quid extra

Roku Premiere 4K HDR Streaming Media Player £29.99 @ Amazon
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Roku Premiere | HD/4K/HDR Streaming Media Player £29.99 @ Amazon HD version for £24.99 ( link ) Features & details Streams HD, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR with sharp detail a… Read more

No doubt like the earlier versions the cheaper ones overheat and get laggy. My 3500EU streaming stick wasn’t the best, residual heat from TV didn’t help, what I have learnt with Roku like many companies is the support for entry level products is dropped quicker. Purple 3500 stick also has a different (Wi-fi) remote that can’t be replaced. Spend the extra few pounds on the Premiere.


Does it have any benefits over the roku express, except of 4k ability ?


iWebTV iOS app


Seems to be hit or miss, Netflix shows up, BBC iPlayer, Google Play, Plex, AppleTV don't nor does screen mirroring which is the main reason to use the FireTV Stick for conferences. Seems like its only Netflix at the moment sadly.


Strange, check your ROKU settings, as you can see when I hit cast it asks Roku Player (Bedroom) or the other available 3 options in my lounge.

Roku Premiere 4K HDR Streaming Media Player £29.98 Delivered @ BT Shop
516° Expired
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Good offer for this 4K streaming device with free delivery within 1-3 working days. Description: 4K and HDR streaming is made easy with Roku Premiere. With access to over 150… Read more

Thank you


The Roku website give you a comparator. The remote on the pricier version allow you to have voice command and use it to switch the telly on as well as changing the volume. ;)


Thank you. What is different with the remote please?


TheOnly difference I could find was with the remote


Sorry I'm sure this has been asked but couldn't find it. What's the difference between this and the Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K please?

Roku Express HD Streaming Media Player £19.99 Delivered @ Currys / eBay
541° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
Price drop for this streaming stick now under £20. Free delivery available. Top features: - Easy to use with immediate set up - Remote control makes streaming easy - Roku mo… Read more

I don’t. I haven’t needed a new tv as the one I bought 7 years ago is still going strong.


Why? This is £20 a smart TV is £800




Chromecast does... YouTube Now TV Netflix Prime Video BT Sport Disney+ BBC IPlayer ITV hub All4 My5 BBC sport There’s nothing it doesn’t do. Apart from Apple TV+


That's twenty quid saved. Thanks

Roku Express HD Streaming Media Player £19.99 delivered @ Currys
1637° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
Further £5 price drop on the ROKU Express 2019 HD Streaming Media Player. Amazon have price matched if you prefer Setup is easy with the included HDMI cable, simple remote… Read more

What Apple TV like on this ? Work ok


Can anyone with Roku and Plex be so kind as to run a small test for me please? My GoPro videos DO NOT play on my Plexs on Amazon fires etc even though Plex shows direct play and no transcoding. I’ve heard Roku’s implementation of Plex is excellent. So if I upload a sample GoPro video would you please download it and see if runs fine on your Roku + Plex please? Many thanks for any help.


Any idea how the latency is for casting games from your phone to this?


Regrettably not. However you can use a phone app like TV Cast to send any unprotected content to the Roku then close your phone.


Apple TV is available on Roku as an app, and a bunch of free content has just been announced for it.

Hisense R43B7120UK 43 Inch SMART 4K Ultra HD HDR LED Roku TV - £199.99 @ electrical-deals eBay
336° Expired
Posted 5th AprPosted 5th Apr
Item condition: Refurbished Manufacturer Refurbished - Includes Stand, Remote control, User manual and Power lead. Non-essential accessories (cables, adapters etc.)… Read more
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Deal no longer available


Cracking deal




It's a Hisense B7100 series with the Roku OS. Probably a customer return. Still not to be scoffed at given the price. John Lewis sell the non-Roku version with a 5y warranty for £249, though currently out of stock. Heated.


Are you getting a different model for your new mum?

Roku Express | HD Streaming Media Player - £19.99 Prime / £24.48 Non Prime Delivered @ Amazon
968° Expired
Refreshed 15th AprRefreshed 15th Apr
Update 1
Avaliable once again
Setup is easy with the included HDMI cable, simple remote and intuitive home screen Enjoy live TV, news, sports, movies and TV episodes on thousands of free and paid channels like… Read more

back to £29


I have one of the 4K boxes that i got in Asda for £3 (I only bought as it was the last one marked up at £20, but scanned at £3 !) Anyway, i prefer it to the Firestick - its definitely a lot faster and more simple to use. Pity they didn't have any more in stock !


Kodi possible? I'm looking for something to allow my TV in the kitchen (with no aerial) to get freeview via my Tvheadend server. Kodi being the easiest I assume.


IPTV possible now


You can now, never possible on the past. Inbox for details

Roku Premiere 4K/HDR Streaming Media Player £29.98 Delivered @ Amazon
647° Expired
Refreshed 15th AprRefreshed 15th Apr
Update 1
Available again at this price
Price drop on this fab 4K streaming device 4K and HDR streaming is made easy with Roku Premiere. With access to over 150,000 movies and TV shows from the likes of BBC iPlayer, Net… Read more

Amazon are so unreliable these days I cancelled and ordered from somewhere else.


Sarcasm. Always welcome and helpful (mad) . Get this rather than a FireStick purely for access to Now TV if nothing else. Heat for the deal.


as good as Chromecast Ultra


Or ethernet. How well does this deal with 4K HDR?


No 802.11ac support

ROKU Premiere 4K HDR - £29.99 or ROKU Express 2019 HD Streaming Media Player - £24.99 delivered @ Currys PC World
1161° Expired
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Good offers on both streaming media players. Free delivery available. ROKU Premiere 4K HDR Streaming Media Player £29.99 (Was £39.99) 4K and HDR streaming is made easy wit… Read more
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Thought it was getting more limited now? Keep seeing different things on here.


From what I read now TV stick and firestick both limit what you can put on where the roku is more flexible so I'd agree with srp111


goood deal




My old amazon stick melted, but I am going to avoid Roku until they can give back my ethernet port! As for sideloading the firesticks, the last one I did that to (not the one that melted by the way) refused to let me stream from a couple of sources as the device was not a "mobile" device. IIRC it was NowTV and one other app (cant remember).

Save £10 On Roku Premiere Stick for every 1 TV You Purchase Offered By
162° Expired
Posted 13th MarPosted 13th Mar
Save £10 On Roku Premiere Stick for every 1 TV You Purchase Offered By
Seems decent, getting the stick for £25.98 From 00:00 13 March 2020, when you purchase any TV you qualify for £10 off a Roku Premiere Stick (the "Offer"). This offer ends at 23… Read more

It didn't for me either. But I just called Amazon and the agent applied it manually for me whilst the item was in my basket.


I tried this the other day and the £5 code wouldn’t work for a Roku 4K.


Curious they are discounting Roku rather than Amazon's own Firestick!


I purchased this earlier today and it came to £24.98 using the £5 off £25 promo. Looks like I jumped it at the right time.


ROKU Premiere 4K HDR Streaming Media Player £29.99 delivered @ Currys PC World
356° Expired
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
ROKU Premiere 4K HDR Streaming Media Player £29.99 delivered @ Currys PC World
Good price for this 4K device with free delivery or click & collect from Currys Description: 4K and HDR streaming is made easy with Roku Premiere. With access to over 150… Read more

£39.99 now. Marked as expired but not updated yet.


In what way?


You can use the mobile app to control the box and listen with headphones connected to your mobile


I have a Roku 3 which has a handy headphone socket on the remote. It's a shame this one has dropped this feature. If I was upgrading I would probably go for the Fire stick 4k.


I have both. The main plus points are volume control on the stick+ and better range. Definately worth paying the extra little money for.

Roku Premiere | HD/4K/HDR Streaming Media Player, £29.98 at Amazon
327° Expired
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Roku Premiere | HD/4K/HDR Streaming Media Player, £29.98 at Amazon
£29.98£29.99Amazon Deals
Great streaming device at a reasonable price. Technical specifications for ROKU Premiere 4K HDR Streaming Media Player OVERVIEW TypeSmart TV box Streaming quality 4K Ultra HD HD… Read more

I have no issues with mine but haven't tried the Sky Sports app.


Got a Fire Stick. Streaming Sky Sports is rubbish, you get a choppy picture and the audio ain't in sync most of the time. Oh and theres a lot of buffering aswell. It's not the internet connection, the speeds are respectable and the WiFi Hub is on the same floor, just in another room!


What are you trying to acheive with the VPN? Unlike a Fire Stick or android box, you cannot install and run a VPN app on the Roku. The only way to use a Roku with a VPN would be to connect to router that has VPN capabilities.


You can use Roku to legally watch Sky Sports through the Now TV app but you need to buy a pass. I'm not aware of any other apps on Roku with UK football, I don't think BT sport is on there.



Roku Express HD Streaming Media Player £21.99 With Code (Free Click & Collect) @ Argos / eBay
614° Expired
Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
Roku Express HD Streaming Media Player £21.99 With Code (Free Click & Collect) @ Argos / eBay
£21.99eBay Deals
Good price and a nice cheap way to get into using smart apps. Free click & collect available and good stock at the time of posting. Use code PICKME5 at checkout Top fea… Read more

I've had exactly this issue with a brand new Roku Premiere. It finds my wifi connection (3m away) but can't stay connected to it. No other device in my flat has this issue only the Roku. I assume its a fairly new "bug". Makes the Roku unusable.




I've got a fire tv stick and it will not connect this connected straight away


Can I download android app on Roku TV?!


yes netflix works on now tv box or stick

Roku Premiere | HD/4K/HDR Streaming Media Player - £26.99 (using code) @ Argos / eBay (Free Click & Collect)
785° Expired
Refreshed 6th MarRefreshed 6th Mar
Roku Premiere | HD/4K/HDR Streaming Media Player - £26.99 (using code) @ Argos / eBay (Free Click & Collect)
£26.99£3931%eBay Deals
Great 4K streaming device - cheapest it's been Use code PICKME at checkout - free click & collect Streams HD, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR with sharp detail and vivid color Setu… Read more

From Argos (y)




These days not sideloading does not mean you are secure. Review all apps from wherever you obtain them. The popular stores seem to have lost focus and seem to be giving lip service to security and dare I say turning a blind eye to what only a few years ago would be seen as questionable. DELETE any app you do not use on a regular basis and review its security when you reinstall. Sideloading in itself from a trusted source is obviously fine.


Which is why you have a vpn


Worth noting the Roku Premiere and Premiere+ only support single-band 2.4GHz Wi-Fi if you have temperamental signal coverage and plan to stream 4K.

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