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Roku express stick £25 in-store at Sainsbury's
LocalLocalFound 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Roku express stick

£30 in store at sainsburys Craigleith Edinburgh. Checked at the desk.


But it could be argued this has now been manufactured, so damage done already.


May as well get the plus version for UHD, been as low as £50 to £60. Better for the environment in terms of discarded electronics. (nerd)


This is a good question! Anyone know?


The Express is not a stick that label is mis-leading

Roku Express Streaming Player at amazon warehouse used like new £24.66
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Thought I'd help a few people. Not many left. :D
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Me too! Although compared to the newest now tv smart stick the IR remote from the roku is inferior imo. Can't have it all I guess!


Went for this. Very impressed.


Pretty sure there was no big woop. Maybe a few mini woops from the people who got it! Besides £29 at tescos currently. (excited)


I got one of these off the shelf at Tesco for £24, whats the big woop???


It's worth keeping an eye out on the warehouse page anyway as they seem to be coming in and out of stock at this price point. Picked a very good cond one for £23 just now.

ROKU Streaming 4K Smart TV Stick - £49.99 @ Currys
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Top features - Advanced wireless receiver for extended ranged - Quality picture with 4K streaming - 150,000+ TV programmes and movies Advanced wireless receiver Advanced… Read more

Most modern TVs have dedicated YouTube switch so not a big deal not having YT


Still £59.99 everywhere except Asda where it’s £80!




back to £59,99 in store, the staff would not budge on the price


Also, it depends if you have any flixster (uv) content. On roku there is no longer a way to view uv content, so you may want a chromecast. I imagine you could also get the flixster app on the nvidia

Linsar 65inch 4K UHD LED TV with 4K Roku Streaming Stick + 5 Year Warranty - £488.99 w/code Delivered @ Co-op Electrical
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
With a 5 Year Warranty, the Linsar 65UHD520 UHD 4K resolution screen and its 4K ROKU Streaming Stick take you to the next level of viewing experience. With four times the number of… Read more

I got something similar: Thank you for your recent price match enquiry. In order to apply a price match on a purchase, the request needs to meet the criteria in our Never Knowingly Undersold policy. We’ve reviewed the request you’ve submitted and on this occasion we can't price match because Co-op Electrical doesn’t match all or parts of our policy. For a price match to be successful, we consider the following: That the product is available through a high street competitor, rather than, for example, and online-only companyThat the product is the same make, model, size and colourThat the product comes with the same conditions of sale, delivery times, and service conditions we offerFind out more about our Never Knowingly Undersold policy here. Please don’t hesitate to submit another price match request should you find a competitor offering a product on a like-for-like basis, and which meets our Never Knowingly Undersold policy conditions. Thank you for considering us for your purchase, and for bringing this to our attention. Customer Services team John Lewis & Partners If you have any questions or want to find out more, visit our support pages here.


This is the email they sent. I don't think there is really a way to dispute it! Shame! I guess if you have any advice? I feel like it's a situation where their no is final.


John Lewis is going bust


They were purchased by Tempo and over the last 2 years or so, have become massive in the corporate, hotel, business, education sectors, with their range of TV & TV/DVD combos, good panels, 5 year warranty (real!) and silly cheap (y) Odd, as they price match with the Co-op, the co-op electrical section have in store departments, so they should, not sure why as JL have the exact same set in stock on line and in store!! :/


John Lewis did not price-match. Asked them...

Linsar 55inch 4K UHD LED TV with 4K Roku Streaming Stick + 5 Year Warranty - £383.99 Delivered @ Co-op Electrical
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
With a 5 Year Warranty, the Linsar 55UHD520- UHD 4K resolution screen and its 4K ROKU Streaming Stick take you to the next level of viewing experience. With four times the number o… Read more

LG Smart UI is great. The only problem I have is with iTunes purchases, but that’s probably because of Apple being such a closed ecosystem.


Each to their own (especially if you want everything in one place), but I’m of the opposite opinion. Having a Samsung TV which is still perfectly fine in terms of core functions, but with laggy (and in some cases, discontinued) smart apps, I’d rather my money was going on screen, sound and reliability rather than any smart stuff. I’m just going to plug something into the TV for smart stuff anyway.


I prefer the smart sticks over actual smart tvs i purchased a hitachi smart tv its absolute rubbish wish i hadn't bothered don't use the smart part of it have a stick inserted instead much better


Not sure why to bother buying a modern tv without built in smart. Sammys always works fast for me


Oh yes ha :D

Watch The Grand Budapest Hotel free on Pluto TV
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Just received an email from PlutoTV "Watch The Grand Budapest Hotel exclusively free on Pluto TV on-demand this month only!"
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Hardly the same is it? You didn't even bother to tell us the time(s).


It's on Film4 on 23 Dec, I'd better post a deal!


Is it available to watch on terrestrial now?


Terrestrial TV is piracy afaik, Pluto isnt.


Why is this a deal?, It's already been on terrestrial TV, you might as well go down the TV schedules for BBC and ITV and say every film is available free to watch and call it a deal!

Pluto TV - Free App for Now TV and Roku
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
Free video streaming app via Now tv and Roku devices.
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For those with genuine Roku-branded devices (i.e. not NOW TV products) you can add the app online via the Roku Web Channel Store (as well as via the built-in one on the Roku players themselves) so here's a direct link to the webpage for the app:- Pluto TV - It's Free TV (UK Version) No use for anyone with NOW TV sticks and/or boxes, as you've got to have a Roku device with an associated Roku account if you want to add the channel(s) to your media player, but thought I'd mention it here anyway as it may help some HUKD members. (highfive) According to this UK Roku blog, the UK version of the "Pluto TV - It's Free TV" channel (app) was released around the end of September / start of October 2018. It's the first one they've mentioned in their list of new Roku apps for that week:- UK Roku Blog Post (feat. "Pluto TV - It's Free TV" app) If I remember correctly, it was added to both UK Roku devices and NOW TV streaming products in the same week. The only sad part is that the 'UK Version' of the "Pluto TV - It's Free TV" Roku app doesn't have anywhere near the number of channels listed in the EPG that the U.S. equivalent offers. Hopefully they'll rectify this over time, by adding more live streaming and on-demand content to the UK one but, for now at least, it pales by comparison. That said, the extra Xmas channels are most welcome! :) Setting up a PIN is a good idea, to prevent unwanted purchases, but (if you prefer) you can just sign-in to your Roku account online ( and "update" your payment information to remove any details you might have provided at the time you first registered. For those who may be looking at getting a Roku, and have yet to set-up an account, it's possible to skip the stage where you are asked to provide payment information by registering via an alternate webpage on the Roku website which allows you to sign-up without providing credit card details ( and saves the bother/worry of data theft, etc. (y) Unfortunately, it's not possible to side-load Kodi onto Roku products. You might want to consider PLEX and/or Emby instead, both of which have Roku channels (apps) available... or there's a few options for "mirroring" that could be an option, too. ;) Seems Mark has been successful in getting a decent enough signal but, for the benefit of others, 5 GHz is not an option with the Roku Express model since it only operates in the 2.4 GHz to 2.4835 GHz range. If you want dual band functionality, the flagship Roku Streaming Stick+ operates across both the 2.4 GHz to 2.4835 GHz range and the 5.15 GHz to 5.25 GHz range. It costs a fair bit more but has better wireless reception and is capable of streaming content in 4K, rather than 'HD-only' like the Express. (nerd)




Thanks, I bought the Roku Express and it's a good strong signal (unlike the cheap knock off I was using). The only thing I didn't like was having to register my Paypal/ debit card as it seems too easy to pay for something by mistake. I've put a pin in to stop this happening. I pay for Prime and my daughter pays for Netflix so I'm not stuck for choice but I will sideload Kodi at some stage :) Thanks O/P I've downloaded Pluto and it's a wide variety of programs, I'm sure I'll dip in from time to time.


Yes fair enough, and its is a freebie, so not knocking that or the deal as such. Just saying it doesn't look too good. Merry Xmas :)


It isn't essential. It's an option for some free legal TV which certainly at this time of year is good if only for some who don't have money to burn or even for those who like to have more choice. Have a nice Xmas 🎄

Roku 4K stick in ASDA £55
LocalLocalFound 3rd Dec 2018Found 3rd Dec 2018
Roku 4K streaming stick +, seen in Asda York but looks like new standard pricing!

Haha, well I thought it was a good deal as they had it at £70 the other day, was gutted I missed the £20 ones in Sainsbury’s.. And I thought Curry’s offer had expired. Ho hum, not a bad price though, just not the best I suppose!


was only 49.00 3 days ago in Asda in Barnsley


I price matched and got for £20 at Currys hehe x


I got one of those Roku 4K sticks for £20 from Sainsbury’s few weeks ago


No that's the standard 1080p version, this is Roku plus.

Existing Roku owners - factory reset to get 3 months TVPlayer for free!
Refreshed 24th Nov 2018Refreshed 24th Nov 2018
Roku are currently giving away a 3 month free trial of TVPlayer Premium with a purchase activation of any new roku. My Roku Streaming Stick+ was playing up so I did a factory rese… Read more

2 weeks later after I thought I had reset my very old Roku stick for nothing my 3 month free TV player email arrived today.


yes you do


Can any of you that have redeemed the offer tell me if you get the Eurosport channels with the 3 month trial? Those channels are excluded from the 1 month free trial, but wondered if they include them with this Roku free trial. Thanks


Have to agree with you. The email offer says Plus but no mention on the TVPlayer website about Plus, just Premium. I assume Premium is the new name for the Plus package. If you go to it shows Premium. And * to say UKTV channels, Fox HD, Eurosport 1 & 2 not included in free trial. So does the Roku offer give a 3 month free trial of all the channels, or does it exclude those the channels above which you don't get during the one month free trial they offer.


This TVP offer seems purposely confusing. Some channels aren't available whilst free trial (notes on site support area). The info I got suggests PLUS is offer but web site mentions PREMIUM. No clarity if try to contact them. Not clear if kids channels included. Confusion selling :-(

Roku Express High Definition Media Streamer at Tesco (Groceries) for £19
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
*Amazon had it at this price but the price has now gone up* - Roku Express HD Media Streamer - Apps including BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Netflix (subscriptions required) - Comp… Read more

Does the NowTV app have a TV guide showing what’s currently on (similar to the pic)? The NowTV box & stick has it, but if this does then I’ll get one of these instead.


What the difference between this and Roku stick? Thank you


I rather buy Roku 4k . Cold for low Resolution and buffering


I have the older roku stick and I have all4. Is fine.


For me roku is the best choice as it has all the apps you need. On firestick you can't get now tv. On now tv stick you can't get amazon prime. So it's a bit of an open goal for roku thanks to those two not getting along.

Roku Express + Movie Rental Only £17.99 @ Rakuten TV
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Offer is back again, will go live tomorrow. It is through Wuntu but link will work for everyone hence the seperate post. Only £17.99 for this, with a free movie rental also includ… Read more



Bonus... :D (highfive) :p


They take forever to reply, but usually once they do they sort the issue out. Did you get the refund then?


Third class company , I had to claim for refund when no delivery even when after 29 days, I done many phone calls and emails but no replay and blunder about not stock left & blah blah blah kind of vague reply. Unprofessional company


Brilliant! (y)

ROKU Express Smart Streaming Player @ Curry’s - £19 online - Free Delivery
Refreshed 21st Nov 2018Refreshed 21st Nov 2018
ROKU Express Smart Streaming Player @ curry’s online free Standard delivery.
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Very good price and includes free delivery - heat added! (highfive)


No, Roku have their own os which can't be sideloaded. Fire sticks will work.


Are there's any good for Kodi? Soz I'm need to all this


Can't sideload IPTV apps anymore ... Good for Netflix though.


Can anyone tell me if these connect to the WiFi better than the amazon firestick (version 1)? Everything works fine in my daughters room apart from the firestick.

Roku Express Streaming Player - Black at Amazon for £19 Prime / £22.49 non Prime
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Get easy HD streaming for an incredible price Power consumption of less than 2.2W (typical) when streaming with 5V - 1A power input Explore 150,000+ movies and TV episodes across… Read more

I'm trying to think where to place it speed wise. It's a fair bit faster than the old black now tv boxes, and probably on par with the first gen Fire Sticks in overall use, and slightly better on specific apps like Netflix. I can launch Netflix and be actively watching a show atop my watch list within about 6 seconds. Digital trends were pretty good with their (U.S tailored) review on the box. (remember this isn't a stick, it has a long enough cable to physically put it like a mini box on say the tv stand or what have you, and has a sticky base so you can even mount it.) Subjectively if you are only wanting a mixture of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Iplayer then either box would do the job just fine. In which case grab the new Amazon Fire Stick, particularly if you've got a large collection of Amazon Movies purchased, where the voice search would be easier to call upon individual titles from your collection. If you are wanting to mix in a Now tv sub etc occasionally then go for this instead. I've got mine sat quite happily alongside an Apple tv 4k, and I'm not sitting here muttering and cursing at it at all. If you are caught in no man's land between the two then grab the faster Roku 4k stick instead at £49.99.


thanks. How does the Roku feel to use? I've not had a Roku as such, but I've had the white and black boxes and the stick from Now TV, and a gen 1 Fire Stick. As you say, the Fire Stick looks polished, but the performance (on my ageing model) is poor so it feels bad to use. The older Now TV boxes both are a little sluggish too. How does this Roku compare? I think it's performance should be somewhere between the Black Now TV box and the stick - is that the case? £19 seems a good price, but I'm thinking maybe this stick is just a little too outdated and spending a little more would be sensible? I think this stick uses the older IR remote rather than the new radio remote that the Now TV stick has, and going back to that would be annoying.


(had both so fairly neutral on the subject.) The homescreen on a Firestick LOOKS a lot more polished, where as the Roku Homescreen is essentially the icons for each service to click on and get going. Side by side you'd take a glance at both and go with the Firestick on that basis. But, when it comes to content (which is why you are buying this box ultimately) then the Roku has a lot more services available to it than the Firestick. The Firestick doesn't have Now Tv for a start, which is essentially Sky Tv on the cheap, and from next season that'll be true of BT Sport as well. It obviously doesn't have Rakuten or Google Play Movies either. Not a major thing if you haven't or don't intend on buying any movies from those providers. On the other hand If you're after sideloading apps for dodgy streaming etc then the Firestick would be the better choice out the two. Alternatively, if 4k content is important to you then the Roku 4k outputs 4k HDR, whilst the Amazon Fire Stick 4k outputs HDR as well as Dolby Vision. Horses for courses etc etc. Similar alternative to Plex. Good for ripped discs etc. As far as the Roku Express itself goes, then bang for buck it's about as good as it gets right now for having all the catchup and major streaming services available to it. Even at normal price it's a bargain, let alone if you can find it cheap. If you subscribe to a fair few services then it's nice to have the one box with them all there in front of you. I also love using the Roku app on my mobile, stick a set of headphones in your android or iPhone, load up the Roku app, and stream all the tv audio through your headphones with a simple click.


how does it compare to a Fire Stick for £25? Or a 4K Fire stick for £35? Wondering if it's a better buy than either of those...

icekay Tesco selling it still for £19

Freeview TV app for Amazon fire stick, Android, Apple, windows,Roku, etc
18/11/2019Expires on 18/11/2019Found 18th Nov 2018Found 18th Nov 2018
A lot of people are buying various TV stick devices without being fully aware of the available functions. This free app will essentially let you watch live TV without any aerial on… Read more
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Movie Box Red, or Movie Play Red ... I'll definately be searching for that now too, lol. Thanx. Ps. Sorted ... Pps. And Movie Play Red seems to be the general consensus name for it now too.




Bless someone that's actually buzzing to watch a piss poor streaming app lol God bless you son you're going to be mind blown when 1080p finally lands in whatever shithole youre from (lol)


Actually it's called movie red


Hehehehehe, excellent!!. :-D Thanx, and I'll look forward to it too, etc, lol.

Roku Streaming Stick+ Player - Black £49.99 at Amazon
Found 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
A capable little 4k media player with good reviews, lowest price according to camelcamelcamel with free delivery from Amazon. Ordered one myself, thought I'd share. Features: … Read more



This or the Fire Stick 4K?


The Roku Streaming+ stick is the Roku 4k stick. There are only two current Roku devices in the UK, the Roku Streaming+ stick which is 4k and the Roku Express which is just HD.


That's the express v streaming+. Some shops sell the Roku Streaming+ stick and some the Roku 4k stick. Wasn't sure if there was a difference or if they were the same thing.


One thing to note is that it does not support iPlayer “start from the beginning” function at the moment due to some software issues. Other than that issue these are great if you have needs of more than 1 paid for steaming service on a regular basis.

Roku Express HD streaming stick at Argos AND Amazon £19.99
Refreshed 23rd Nov 2018Refreshed 23rd Nov 2018
A good price and seems to be around £24 everywhere else including Amazon. *****Edit Amazon have just this second matched the Argos price***** Amazons link… Read more
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Good news.. Spotify is now finally available again for the Roku! I had to do a System Update to os 9 and Spotify then automatically installed. Spotify connect is also working for streaming from the app.


Ooooh, I didn't know it works already. I'll have to give it a go.


Spotify is coming back to roku soon too apparently along with Spotify connect support


Thanks for the heads up on Google assistant.. I've just added Roku to my Google home, linked it and can confirm it works from my home mini! I can say "hey Google pause my roku" for example


If you mean IPTV, no they closed it down a couple of years ago, firestick runs IPTV perfectly for me

AMAZON - Roku Express Streaming Player - Black - £24 @ Amazon
Found 11th Nov 2018Found 11th Nov 2018
AMAZON - Roku Express Streaming Player - Black - £24 @ Amazon
£24£29.9920%Amazon Deals
This is ideal for steaming for any HD TVs (bedrooms etc.) typical price is £30, Asda have been doing it for £25, and this is £24 delivered
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Pluto tv is a good one. And obviously Netflix, now tv, and all the others (y)


Mine arrived yesterday, if your tv has an HDMI port and you have WiFi it will work. Great value for money, reason I bought it was due to poor tv reception in my kitchen, the tv player app will allow you to play most freeview tv channels through your Wifi, so this is great for me personally.


Has anyone got this exact stick? Got an old tv which could use something like this. Any positives/negatives/limitations?


Bought older version for my mum years back....lack of ANY updates means it’s stuck on Android 4.4...and so limited app support nowadays....Roku or amazon stick = much better user experience in my view unless you’re happy to tinker...and updates/support! Having said that it even does 4K....just don’t expect to be able to do everything with the controller. Inputting passwords and emails is painful on my mums, so expect to need to buy a better controller or use a keyboard when required (no by either).... only based on Android tv 4.4 though!! And that ones on 7, so may have improved in that time!! Ps... YouTube shows the user interface and seems much better than android 4.4! Think I’d give it a go over amazon stick!!


Do either of you have any experience of this type of thing? It has no 5gHz Wifi, but it has ethernet and is relatively cheap.

Roku Express at Asda for £25 (free C&C)
Found 9th Nov 2018Found 9th Nov 2018
Roku Express at Asda for £25 (free C&C)
Was £30. Roku Express delivers a smooth HD streaming experience on your big-screen TV. Our next generation player is now 5X more powerful. It’s easy to get started - just p… Read more
Avatardeleted1923104Get dealGet deal

I shouldn't worry, I like the Roku boxes a lot, but it isn't by far the only set of dedicated streaming devices I've owned.. Off the top of my head.. Roku 2 Roku 3 Roku Express+ (4k) Roku Express Amazom Fire Stick (1st Gen) Amazon Fire Tv (1st gen 4k) Amazon Fire Stick 2nd Gen Nvidia Shield tv 1st revision Nvidia Shield tv 2nd revision Apple tv 3 Apple tv 4 Apple tv 4k Chromecast 2nd Gen I know.. I know.. (Currently only have the Chromecast, the Apple tv 4k and the Roku Express out of that lot.)


Don't get me wrong, I love the device, I haven't got an agenda or anything like that but if this fails again I will probably get a fire stick.


Ah, no. The only one to muck up on me was the new 4k Roku model. The current model little 30 quid express 1080p has behaved absolutely fine. (the one above) It was the higher end model out the current batch that gave me no end of grief. It was that bad I almost reverted to owning another fire stick, thank god I didn't go down that road again.


The express is somewhat cheaper than any of those you have listed, maybe that's the factor.


Have ya! I had a Roku 2, a Roku 3, and then a Roku 4k. The only one I had problem with was the newer 4k Roku, and that was buggy firmware related I think just after launch. I hated how much it was crashing on me that much that I went out and downgraded again to the Roku Express 1080p model instead, and that's been perfectly fine all these months. Just goes to show how different people's experiences can be with the same items sometimes.

Roku 4K streaming stick - Now just £20 @ Sainsbury's
Found 24th Oct 2018Found 24th Oct 2018
I think this is the cheapest I've ever seen it without jumping through hoops for codes etc. Perfect for 4K Netflix and comes with a decent little remote too. From the site: Exce… Read more

That’s crazy that they are still scanning at £20


My wife managed today get one yesterday in our local. Was marked up at full price but scanned at £20. Even better she paid with Nectar points in the double-spaced promo so only cost £10 of points.


I think from time to time one or two come in. For a few days the spot on the shelf where it was was empty with just the red £60 label until it appeared.


Nice one! Will keep an eye on it for Sainsbury's double up, but my locals had none left last time I checked!


I just got one for £20 from Sainsburys. It was marked up at £60 with a red label, I checked the price and customer service said it was on offer for £20! (y)

Roku Express + Movie Rental Only £17.99 @ Rakuten TV
Refreshed 17th Oct 2018Refreshed 17th Oct 2018
Roku Express + Movie Rental Only £17.99 @ Rakuten TV
£17.99£29.9940%Rakuten TV Deals
Bargain from Rakuten! Offer is from Wuntu but the link is generic so it will work for anyone! Only £17.99 for this, with a free movie rental also included, is an absolute bargain … Read more

That's a shame, CS is very slow but they do sort things out. Not trying to make a joke out of this but I found whorehouse to be funny (lol)


I ordered mine on 31st October and it never showed up, it took about a week of sending emails back and forth for it to get told anything about what was happening with my order, and then they told me it had been returned to the warehouse (except they actually typed whorehouse in the e-mail) and they could send me out one but it could take another 10 days, or they could refund me, so I asked for a refund because at this point I thought the chances of actually getting sent one are slim. Now I've been kept waiting another week with no further replies to my request for a refund. All in all it's been a nightmare and it's still not been sorted yet.


Received today. Unsure of courier. Ordered 22nd Oct.


That's probably the name of someone, glad you got yours finally!


Finally received mine today. Ordered 26th Oct. Was not asked to sign anything when recieved! Carrier was “Doctor Trueta” whatever the hell that is!

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