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1TB SanDisk SSD Plus Sata III Internal SSD - £82.04 delivered (£79 w/ fee free card) @ Amazon Italy
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Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
1TB SanDisk SSD Plus Sata III Internal SSD for £82.04 delivered (£79 w/ fee free card) @ Amazon Italy. SanDisk SSD 1TB Plus Sata III Internal SSD Boost your laptop perfor… Read more

The western digital ssd I bought from at the weekend was dispatched from Spain anyway. Just buy where it’s cheapest.


The 2TB version of these now come with DRAM but unclear if the smaller ones do too. If they do then this is very competitively priced.


Sorry. Just had nothing but issues with these drives while I was doing builds during lockdown. Had a reconditioned crucial performing better and that was about 5 years older


Thanks for your feedback. Have a good evening.


File transfer speeds comparable to putting sellotape over the holes on cassettes and recording off the radio for those that remember. Absolute crap

SanDisk SSD PLUS 240 GB Sata III 2.5 Inch Internal SSD, Up to 530 MB/s for £29.99 delivered @ Amazon UK
Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
DURABLE DESIGN: SanDisk Solid State Drives have a durable solid design which is engineered to resist vibration and shock, helping to keep your data safe over time. ULTRA FAST: Thi… Read more

Be weary about the SSD PLUS range, I’ve got one and it’s performs terribly, when I’ve googled around many others have complained about the same issue.


In my opinion, the Crucial BX500 240GB SSD is a better quality and faster 540 mb/s and cheaper by £1 on Amazon

SanDisk SSD PLUS 2TB Sata III 2.5" Internal SSD, Up to 545 MB/s - £148.90 (£143 fee free) @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
Sandisk 2TB SSD Plus Drive on offer for £148.90 delivered from Amazon Germany - lowest price elsewhere is £178.99 . Use a fee free card to pay approx £143. This model also has … Read more

Coming up £207 for me


Great price as they now they have a ( small but fine) DRAM chip. Does sound like prices will drop by the end of the year and into 2021 so there should be some very tasty deals coming up. Black Friday 2020 sounds like it will be interesting for SSDs at least!


Yes that was my good friend @ms84 - who wrote the following: "WD Green = SanDisk SSD Plus, WD Blue = SanDisk SSD Ultra, that's to make it simple, Green is an entry level SSD, Blue Mid range and Black is top." For this model however, in comparison to the 250GB, 500GB and 1TB models, it is better because it has DRAM.


Someone added a nice comparison to an earlier deal for WD Green, blue, black vs SanDisk. Could you remind us pleaee? I've a feeling this was on a par with wd blue and crucial BX500?


thx for the education (y)

SanDisk SSD PLUS 1 TB Sata III 2.5 Inch Internal SSD, Up to 535 MB/s - £81.99 delivered @ Amazon (2TB for £178.99)
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Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Good offer for these SSDs :) SanDisk SSD PLUS 1 TB - £81.99 (Was £104.99) SanDisk SSD PLUS 2 TB - £178.99 (Was £225.99) Prime members eligible for £1 no-rush deli… Read more
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Expire, back to regular price.


Yep, when you can get Sandisk Ultra (aka WD Blue) for a bit more or a Micron for a bit less why go for this inferior product?


Didn't know that, thank you :D


The WD Blue for £85 is far better value than the WD Green for the same price or the or the slightly cheaper SSD Plus


Just one of a number of sources that mention it. That was good enough for me to be honest.

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SanDisk SSD Plus 1TB Sata III Internal SSD - £86.39 Delivered (new account) @ Western Digital
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Sandisk 1TB SSD for £86.39 delivered from Western Digital Shop - also includes a 3 year warranty You can knock 10% off the current sale price by following this easy workaround: … Read more

I bought this because of the hot votes last time. Last time I follow the herd, it's slow AF and a fraction of the speed of my Sabrent Rocket.


Samsung QVO 1tb: Crucial BX500 1tb: Its odd, for HDDs I recommend WD ones, for SSDs i recommend others, even though sandisk (now owned by WD) were one of the orginal founders of the flash memory format (SD cards)


I will be more than happywith that, I dont hink I.will upgrade my new system for ten years...perhaps the gpu


I get over 3000MB/sec on my sx8200 pro / B450


thanks duncan, that is what I thought originally. (y)

SanDisk SSD PLUS 480GB Sata III 2.5" Internal SSD Up to 535 MB/s £45.43 delivered @ Amazon Germany
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th JulShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
SanDisk SSD PLUS 480GB Sata III 2.5" Internal SSD Up to 535 MB/s £45.43 delivered @ Amazon Germany. Features & details DURABLE DESIGN: SanDisk Solid State Drives ha… Read more

?? This only just under 10p/1GB... SSD prices have been around this for quite some time now. The best bargains are the 1TB ones for £75-80 that crop up every now and then.


Can't be too long before these are free at this rate!


Great stuff. Just the size I needed. Thanks OP. It's not the fastest but that's a great price for the capacity.

500GB - SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD - USB 3.1 Gen 2 - USB C - Up to 550MB/s read speeds - £67.49 (New Accounts) @ Western Digital Shop
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Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Just create a new account and the deal price will be reflected at checkout. ######Don't checkout as guest##### These are normally £84.99 but today the price's dropped every wher… Read more

Thanks for the info mate


HI, sorry just spotted this message. Unfortunately, they've stopped allowing any discount codes on the items that are on sale. So, only applicable to full priced.


Can someone help on why i can't add the student discount on this? It makes it even more expensive when i am adding it!


Picked one up for £62 from Amazon Warehouse - Like New so £67 direct from manufacturer is a great deal. It's a nice drive with a solid rubbery housing for small drops. Coming from HDD Portable Drive's it's crazy how light the drive is. USB-C is deffo necessary given that's the direction we're heading with all laptopst/tablets. Speeds are fast enough for my needs (Photo/Video/Document backup)


Many thanks, that's clear and understandable, Cheerz. (highfive)

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 1 TB Up to 550 MB/s Read £129.99 @ Amazon
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Features & details High-speed transfers of up to 550MB/s let you move hi-res photos and videos fast Rugged, water- and dust-resistant (IP-55 rated). Compatible with Windows… Read more

OK thanks mate


If it doesn’t work now they must have stopped it. I got the 2tb version of this for £187 with the code when it was on sale. Great drives.


Morning mate, I tried to add the 15% student discount and it didn't work on sales items. Could you shed some light on this?


Probably a little expensive for what it is, but I did buy one from WD a few weeks ago for just under £120.00. No problems with it. I have about 200 movies on it (mkv), all my music, and audio books on it. Perfect for travelling. I thinking about getting another when it drops below £100.


It is, but they forgot the notch cutout so price reduced to clear (y)

SanDisk SSD PLUS 2TB Sata III 2.5" Internal SSD Up to 535 MB/s £156.22 (£150 fee free) @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
SanDisk SSD PLUS 2TB Sata III 2.5" Internal SSD Up to 535 MB/s £156.22 (~ £150 with fee free card) @ Amazon Germany. £42 off applied at the checkout. Features & detail… Read more

doesnt work i dont have the discount he shows


Do you pay import tax or fees, upon delivery, on purchasing this item from outside of Germany?


Great find! I've just downloaded CoD Modern Warfare on PC and the updates are hammering my Hard Drive's storage! Here's hoping this 2TB drive this will do the trick.


Heat Added. SSD at a usable size for a fairly good price.


I've had this for a month as a steam drive. Absolutely fine. If you want the best go pay for it. If you want value and something that will do a job get this.

SanDisk Extreme 900 960 GB Portable Solid State Drive up to 850 MB/s £165.96 @ Amazon
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Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Portable and Fast Designed for photographers and designers, the SanDisk Extreme 900 Portable SSD offers pro–standard storage that’s up to nine times faster than external hard drive… Read more

I would rather an M.2 nvme in an external caddy with several connection interfaces built in. Usb C, Thunderbolt 3 etc. Probably £120 all in and more storage 1Tb and probably faster too. I would have still bought one though hehehehe


Just went back up in price (annoyed)

4TB SSD SanDisk Ultra 3D - £371.02 (£358 with fee free card) Delivered @ Amazon Italy
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Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Update 1
Update : price drop from £374.42 to £371.02 13/07
Decent price here for the 4TB - close to the cheapest I have seen. As always you can use your Amazon UK account details to order. Use a fee free card to save on the conversion cha… Read more
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Thanks that is next year's call of duty sorted


Mine got delivered today, blazing fast delivery!


Just looking at reviews, I never buy blind - especially when it comes to technology - and in this case I normally always buy Crucial just for the reliability of the controllers, but would consider other brands based on reviews (like the EVO drives). This particular review was actually on YouTube and part of it was discussing the endurance, which I think with SSDs is one of only three gotchas you should concern yourself with: speeds when close to capacity, endurance and controller reliability.


How do you find this information?


These are selling like almonds these days

SanDisk SSD PLUS 1 TB Sata III 2.5 Inch Internal SSD, Up to 535 MB/s - £88.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
An account specific code GIFT05 takes off £5, if you're eligible. (y) makes it £83,99 and choose No Rush Delivery for extra £1 credit. Boost your laptop performance with th… Read more

This or the bx500? As far as I can tell the difference between the two is marginal


It's worth pointing out this has a 3-year manufacturer's warranty (y)


I broke my own rules and I paid £135 for a 1TB Samsung evo, not the best but I was getting impatient with my Uber sloooowwwwwww current hard drive


Bought it. Sick of dram, nand, qlc, slc, glc, tlc just give me a drive from 2020 that doesn't need a water block and an ill fitting heatsink to go on the bottom of my mobo goddammit.


if its just a mass storage drive then performance is not the top concern. They are starting to get into good territory .. BUT .. people dont seem to need so many storage drives these days ?

SanDisk Ultra 3D 500GB SSD Drive (up to 560MB/s) - £57.99 / £52.19 delivered with newsletter discount @ Western Digital
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Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Quality SSD drive available for £52.19 with the newsletter signup code. Free delivery for all customers. There's also 15% off for Students, Teachers and Senior discounts if eligib… Read more

Offer is gone.


Of course - the hardest part with be finding a suitably fast enclosure


To what end?


not working


Can I use this as an external drive for an iMac late 2013? Hoping to boot MacOS from an external hard drive.

SanDisk SSD PLUS Sata III 1TB £74.21 @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Good price, ensure the voucher has applied when checking out. Boost your laptop performance with this durable high speed SanDisk Solid State Drive Enjoy 20X faster computing du… Read more
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Oh, not sure about PS4 but the Xbox one X uses a 2.5” HDD. I swapped a friends out to run as a boot drive which made it faster but not enough for the amount of hassle. Highly recommend using an SSD externally and get one with DRAM cache too. I use a 500gb Samsung 860 Evo for MW, RDR2 and FH4 and always loading faster than anyone else feels great.


Wow, that €2.52 was €21.71 earlier.


Apologies, should have stipulated, this is for an Xbox/PS4.


Shows as €100 + €4 delivery minus €2.52 voucher for me. How do you get it for £74?


Wow this is a good price. Cheaper than a 2tb one per gb. My ssd just rests loose in my case. They're so light it doesn't matter. In fact inside the plastic the electronics only take up a fifth of the case.

Amazon Spain Flash Deal: 4TB SSD SanDisk Ultra 3D - £379.62 @ Amazon Spain
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Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
Temporary Flash deal for the SanDisk Ultra 3D 4TB SSD priced at £364.39 (€400.74) + shipping. Next lowest price found at for £434.14 (€477.45). Performance •… Read more
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Cracking first post @MateoRodenbach Thanks for sharing and a belated welcome to hotukdeals :D Shame it went OOS





4TB are fairly new to the market. Prices will drop just as 1TB did and even 2TB, just takes time. Same with SD cards.


While people keep paying for them, they will keep charging that price. Fair enough, demand also brings manufacturing costs down, but when they start using the current environment to keep prices high its a bit bad. I want one of those adata 2tb nvme drives, but same issue (well I'd want the Sammy but that's double the price again). I'm voting with my feet until it all calms down. Same with monitors grrrr.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 1TB £119.99 or £101.99 with Teacher/Student/Over 55 discount @ Western digital
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Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
You can also get 15% off if you are a teacher/student or over 55 years old. Which brought it down to £101.99… Read more



You can. i got it for £101


You cant have both


Yeah tried both, it takes the original promotion price off when I put in the student discount code


Should be 15% off Try a different t browser and clear cache maybe

SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD 1TB for £103.49 with newsletter code @ Western Digital Store
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Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Was looking for a 1TB SSD for my Thinkpad upgrade. If you register with Western digital you get 10% off your first order so £114.99 dropped to £103.49 delivered. Register - confirm… Read more

Cheers. I used macrium reflect in the end. Great program. About to change the drive over and found it was one of the newer PCI types and I bought a sata-doh


Yes, that's true and something I assumed people would realise as it's free from Crucial for migrating onto their SSDs (y) but apologies I didn't make that clear. Acronis True image (the full suite and not the free 'lite' version given free by Crucial) can be bought for about £30


Saying that the souce disk needs to be a crucial.


Isn't the western digital blue 3d just as good as the sandisk? Can get that for c£91 with same code.


Thanks Op and for all the advise givers for cloning software, much appriciated.

SanDisk SSD PLUS 2TB Sata III 2.5" Internal - £164.95 Amazon Germany
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Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Try the voucher code GESCHENK5E at checkout for a €5 discount, did not work for me... 2TB SSD. Not sure if it has any DRAM as the Sandisk Plus has a variable bill of materials, bu… Read more

Yea noticed earlier, updating it now. And yet at least two people have voted it hot since it ended :D


Back to €199.99 now.


Sorry, I wasn't actually disagreeing with you. My wording wasn't clear but I was just elaborating on your last sentence. The PS5 will come with an SSD already fitted apparently. We don't know the specs yet so we're not sure if this will be a better specification or not. The cynic in me tells me given the price, probably not.


I never said its not worth it (lol) I just said you don't need the best SSD. Any cheap SSD will be better than the slow HDD. It does reduce loading times on games, which on consoles is ridiculously slow compared to PC.


Will be good to use for the upcoming PS5 though right?

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 2TB for £219 or £186.99 for students via Western Digital Shop
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Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
I have a 1TB version of these, smaller than a credit card. Great drive, I was looking at the price on amazon for a 2TB but they're over £300. I managed to get it for £186.99 with… Read more
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I want to get one for ps5 (when it's out) but not sure if it will be compatible


Ah, thanks. I didn’t know about that as I was checking Quidco, I’ll check that site out


Great deal purchased for £186


It’s a sata drive, WD Blue NAND 3D 64-layer unit apparently. With some effort it can be taken out


Great price and if you don't have student discount TCB offering 11.55% (not guaranteed)

1TB SanDisk SSD Plus Sata III Internal SSD - £84.81 delivered (£78 with fee free card) @ Amazon Germany
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Refreshed 13th JunRefreshed 13th Jun
Discount applies at checkout - £84.81 delivered for this Sandisk 1TB SSD, or approx £78 with a fee free card. Can login to Amazon Germany using Amazon UK credentials. Currently £1… Read more

Now that really is toasty hot 🔥🔥. Looks like the 2TB option has dropped too😃


SSD has dropped to £84.81 / £78 with fee free card as of this morning


Yeah, the people on the AirPods Pro deal were signing up to prime on as it was popping up offering a trial with free delivery for that order. That’s what I was confused why you linked to for prime.


They do. My point was that if you have signed up for Prime in UK, you don't get the delivery benefits on any non UK Amazon site like Germany for delivery to UK from there.


I don’t understand what you are saying? That non uk Amazon sites don’t offer prime?

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