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Shavers are the kind of product that we’re willing to cheap on, despite using them on a regular basis. But when a shaver fails on holiday or becomes blunt after a couple of weeks of use, the value of a high-quality device becomes clear. Anyone who wants the finest shavers in the world can find the biggest brands at great prices by checking out the hotukdeals shaver listings. Read more
Philips Series 7000 Beard and Stubble Less Mess Vacuum Trimmer - BT7512/13 - £35 @ Amazon Prime Exclusive
Made hot 15th JulMade hot 15th Jul
This is the newest model £5 cheaper than the 7202 (blue model) never seen it this cheap.

Don't know why people slate these so much. I have one and it works perfectly. It doesn't catch 100% of hairs but I never expected it to. It still performs way better than I thought it would. Cleanup after shaving is so much easier with this. The only downside is that, because of the layout of the cutting head and guard, you can't really do under your nose.


I always ran it down but did leave it charge for a few days at a time. I think I had it a few years to be fair so definitely got my money's worth. The only reason I bought the 7000 instead of going for another 5000 was the guard length. If the 5k went up to 14mm or so it'd be perfect


How long did it last? I've never overcharged it maybe that's why mines still in good shape maybe


Link for the Philips 5000


I agree. I bought this vacuum one to replace my 5000 because the battery had died, but I think I'll just get another 5000

Philips OneBlade QP2520 Hybrid Trimmer £26.66 @ Boots
Made hot 12th JulMade hot 12th Jul
Just paid £28.30 from Philips themselves with 20% off voucher for the same Oneblade.. Saves a couple of quid. Originally £39.99
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Totally agree as a shaver is rubbish as a trimmer it works well but don’t think it’s worth this after getting one in the Philips glitch the other week would hate to think I paid more than a tenner for it.


Blasphemy! :D


My partner claims I'm on it too much (confused)


Awesome - we're glad you took the plunge, nice first deal! Only problem is, it's a bit addictive, like opening a big tube of Pringles. Once you pop... (pirate)


Thank you @HutchAW I've been using Hotukdeals for so long but never posted! (y)

Philips Series 3000 Battery-Operated Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer £9.99 @ Amazon (£14.98 Non-prime)
Made hot 8th JulMade hot 8th Jul
Philips Series 3000 Battery-Operated Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer - Showerproof & No Pulling Guaranteed - NT3160/10.

Rather be neatly trimmed than having visible nose / ear hair. I'm bold with a beard anyway so it's hardly any more maintenance to look much better


Mine just conked out less than a year old. Amazon only honor 1 year guarantees if the item is over £20.




I need something a little more heavy duty !


Used to use this bug now use diy wax kit, only £7 on Amazon and once a month does it. No real pain

Philips One Blade with 3 Combs qp2520 £26.79 (£24.11 new users) @ Asos
Made hot 7th JulMade hot 7th Jul
New customers can get this for £24.11.

Would have bought if it had body function as well


Awful shaver. Had two of these now. First shave was great. Every shave after that was awful and made a mess of my neck. Even with new blades.


At first glance, I thought the title was for a new kind of android phone (:I

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Philips OneBlade Hybrid Stubble Trimmer and Shaver with one extra blade QP2520/30, £28.32 with code at Philips
Made hot 6th JulMade hot 6th Jul
Fantastic razor and good value, delivery included in price. Trim, edge, shave any length of hair 3 x click-on stubble combs 1 x blade for face UK 2-pin bathroom plug

Is this one of those shavers that dont actually shave your face? Aldi 3 blades FTW!


Great razor - although I find I get far better results when using it dry. Smooth shave and no cuts or razor burn. But if I try and use it to shave wet/in the shower it cuts my face to ribbons. I've been getting about 4 months on average from my blades. Pretty good going!


Ok, ty and I will look on Prime Day


Yeah me too, I had looked at them for years but only gave them a try a few months ago when I decided to ditch Gillette after those stupid adverts. I still use shaving gel but the blade seems to always be perfectly sharp and the silicon edges make it very smooth and it really does do quite a close shave, not completely smooth but much less irritation than the Mach 3. I read each blade lasts 6 months but we will see. Going strong so far.


Yes but a REAL man shaves with one of these ... .. with a blindfold on

Philips One Blade OneBlade Shaver Body Battery Unit Spare Part Type QP2530 - £5.99 @ lv-electrics/ebay
Made hot 2nd JulMade hot 2nd Jul
Back in stock if you missed them last time. Thease are spare units, no chargers or blades. New direct from factory non retail packaging

Not as good as a wet shave. I use it on weekdays and a close wet shave at the weekend. I ordered this and spare blade from Amazon £9. for wifey. She has hairy toes lol maybe.


I bought this a few weeks ago, just bare in mind if you have the standard one, this uses a different charger (y)




Will have to disagree then :(


I have a very thick beard and have no issues

Philips OneBlade Replacement Blade - £9 @ Amazon (+£4.49 non Prime)
Made hot 2nd JulMade hot 2nd Jul
Philips OneBlade Replacement Blade - 1 Pack - QP210/50. Occasionally these drop down in price to £9, worth stocking up.

Sadly not working now oos :(


Cheers, ordered (y) 3 for £15.25 and quidco has tracked


Look under Buy this product at Philips / Boots / Amazon / Argos There's an image of a blade, next to it you've got Looking For OneBlade blades? click on that.


Thank you so much, tried other links but always came up with 15%.


Get twin pack for £10.99 @ Philips, click on Looking For OneBlade blades?…378 Three pack in stock too

Philips Series 3000 Beard & Stubble Trimmer - £15 at Amazon Prime / 19.49 Non Prime
Made hot 16th JunMade hot 16th Jun
Cheapest it's been for 6 months. I bought the same model for more. Couldn't wait for the price drop, starting to look like Santa! Not sure if you get free delivery with Prime or … Read more

Indeed and only that bit more. A much better shaver imo


The argos one is the 7000 series and is not just about the extra cutters and combs, it charges in 1hr for 2hrs of use.


Wish it grew as slow as yours sometimes. XD


How quick does your beard grow? I use my trimmer once a week.


10 hour charge time for 45 minutes usage. Not that amazing really?

Panasonic ER-GB80 Wet & Dry Trimmer/Shaver £34.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 15th JunMade hot 15th Jun
Cheapest it has ever been according to the Camels. Box Contains 1 x Panasonic ER-GB80 Wet & Dry Beard and Hair Trimmer 1 x Charger cable 3 x Trimmer attachments 1 x Trave… Read more

Its good for hair cuts I use it for that purpose mainly, could of bought more than four of these with the money ive saved on going to a barber (:I the blade needs emptying quite often, but its not really a big issue. Quick charge is great, charges in an hour and for me lasts around 3-4 hair cuts.


Is it good for hair cuts or more for facial hair?


Looks good


I have this, great razor.


This looks super, and from Amazon too - heat

Philips One Blade OneBlade Shaver Body Battery Unit Spare Part Type QP2530 - £5.99 at lv-electrics/ebay
Made hot 15th JunMade hot 15th Jun
Back in stock, now £7.99 still worth it, good as a spare. New direct from factory non retail packaging

Where can you buy cheapest blades from?


This regularly drops to £5.99, bought one for that price last week


Showing 12+ available


Replacement blades only I think, you only have to register to check


Did the discount cover other other things like the guards or was it only for blades?

Philips Rotary Shaver Series 6000 Wet and Dry S6630/11 £48.97 @ Costco
Made hot 15th JunMade hot 15th Jun
£30 off in Costco Valid 10 Jun-23 Jun for the product said above, making it 39.99 plus VAT=£47.98 inc VAT, might make a good Father's day gift.

Takes 5 years to shave with these.


Only in local shop godmn


The price on the Philips web site is £140.

Philips MG7735/33 Series 7000 Multigroom Electric Shaver, Silver £24.99  (£2 C&C /  £3.50 Delivery )  @ John Lewis -  5 Year Guarantee.
Made hot 13th JunMade hot 13th JunLocalLocal
Click & collect service is FREE for orders over £30 The Philips 12-in-1 Multigroom Shaver gives you all the tools you need to style yourself from head to toe. Up to 120 minu… Read more
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Can anyone shed light on where I might find the serial number, for registration purposes please?


Item deleted


Whats the bonus, an extra 15 hrs charge time ?


Yeah I did, maybe i'm missing the obvious lol:D


Thanks for the heads up :)

Wahl 7061-117 Lifeproof Shaver for £19.50 @ George (Free C&C / 5 Years Guarantee)
Made hot 10th JunMade hot 10th Jun
Wet & dry shaver with shockproof Bumblebee style housing. :) 5 minute quick recharging. 90 minute run time. Advance Lithium-ion powered. 5 year guarantee. Would make a very… Read more
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Still available (skeptical)


Just your luck, if any near you.


Another 3 on the shelf in Dunfermline. Livingston showing stock as well. Other Wahl, Remington products on sale too some near 50% off


I was bothered to look, but it showed out of stock everywhere I put in.


Not out of stock if you can be botherd to look, just found stock in 10 different shops.

Braun Series 3 300s Electric Shaver for Men/Rechargeable Electric Razor - Amazon for £23
Made hot 9th JunMade hot 9th Jun
Braun wet & dry 300s shaver 20minutes shave time s Three pressure-sensitive shaving elements for efficiency and skin comfort Two rechargeable long-life NiMH batteries Designe… Read more
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Paid £18 for this on Amazon with £5 voucher and same day delivery


Bought one the other day to shave my head! Really good tbh! Not sure what everyone who is negative is on about. Gave me a really good close shave. Love it! Worth it! Bargain. Heat added


Arrived ..... Love it, very close.


Won't work.


Not a great shaver, always misses some shorter hairs regardless of how many times I go over the same spot, and despite now using electric shave oil.

Braun 3010s Series 3 Men's Electric Shaver - £34.99 @ Shavers
Made hot 9th JunMade hot 9th Jun
+ free delivery.

If you prefer with trimmer:


Excellent deal. Having wasted hundreds and hundreds on fancy shavers with extras that I never used, I now just buy a new cheap one every 12 to 18 months. I find that this is the best way - this one fits the bill perfectly!


Just bought the trimmer and combs for this on eBay for £10 but got the last one at that price. £16.88 on Amazon for beard trimmer and comb attachments.


Amazon sells this cheaper sometimes - under £30. It's £31.50 at Amazon at the moment. It works reasonably well. Poor battery life and no pop-up cutter or beard attachment but maybe not important to you, it wasn't to me. I was using a Phillips OneBlade but the cost of replacement heads was hard to justify so I gave this a try. Now I just use the OneBlade to trim and shape sideburns and catch the odd hair on my neck the Braun misses. I do find that it has a tendency to miss hairs on my neck but I have yet to find an electric shaver that works really well for everything. The Series 3 300s model is only only £23 on Amazon - a steal. A replacement head is £18.


Before you buy any electric shaver, check the price and availability of the foils and cutters.

Philips OneBlade Hybrid Stubble Trimmer and Shaver 3 x Lengths and One Extra Blade for £26.66 (Prime Student £23.99) Delivered @ Amazon UK
Made hot 9th JunMade hot 9th Jun
####Prime Students get it for £23.99 Delivered #### Trim, edge, and shave any length of hair. Maintain your perfect stubble length Create precise edges & sharp lines with t… Read more

Can use either wet or dry


Bit of a stupid question but when shaving with this, should you apply shaving foam/gel or is it set to be done 'dry'? Thanks


Don't bother. Expensive gimmick


I would just get a cheapo Braun foil shaver. I have a series 3 that was under £30 and is ok. Although it is bottom of the range and the battery life isn't great, a 5min charge is enough for a shave if you have forgotten to charge it up. If it breaks, not much money lost. I don't think any electric shavers are going to do as well as a regular blade but I get bad shaving rash with a blade. Now, a cut-throat traditional shave is the best but a skilled job. I always go for a traditional shave if I visit countries like Turkey, Cuba etc. I don't like rotary Philips style shavers but some people do. They miss too many hairs on my face and are a passion to clean. The more expensive foil shavers might be a bit better but are a lot more expensive and not worth it in my opinion. Given how fast my facial hair grows I have a shadow in a few hours regardless.


Just occurred to me there must be hundreds of these lying unused and unwanted, got to be a business idea in there somewhere

Philips OneBlade QP2520/64 Hybrid Trimmer with Travel Case £27.49 Free C&C @ Boots
Made hot 5th JunMade hot 5th Jun
Fathers Day gift? Philips OneBlade QP2520/64 Hybrid Trimmer with Travel Case The Philips OneBlade is a revolutionary new electric grooming technology designed for men who wear … Read more
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£56.99 now :(


Cheers mate! Will pick one up I'm all for a clean shave but it'll be quicker and a stubble is not bad i could get used to it (lol)


With the grader tool you’ll get it down to about grade 1 (1-2mm). Using the blade without the grade tool gives you a closer shave but you will still have stubble. It’s not a clean shave like a proper razor would provide. Ideal if you just want short stubble though. I tend to shave with DE razor under chin/neck and use the One Blade for everything else


How close of a shave do you get with this?


Good to know, thanx for your input :)

Philips Series 7000 12-in-1 Grooming Kit MG7710 + 5 Year Warranty - £24.99 + Free C&C @ Argos
Refreshed 5th JunRefreshed 5th Jun
Enjoy ultimate styling and precision with the Philips 12-in-1 grooming kit so you can stay in complete control of your style. Groom your beard, hair and body with this showerproof … Read more

Hi!!! Please can someone who owns this tell me where the Serial number is?? I am trying to register for the 5 year guarantee but can’t find it anywhere on my shaver? THANK YOU in advance :)


Would be interested in finding this out too as I am on the second Remington Barba trimmer and looking for a better option.


How does this compare to the remmington barba mc320? I find the remmington stuggles to pick up hair and i have to go over a few times in places? around the chin especially..or maybe im using it wrong? I go against the grain on 9 / highest setting The remmington cut lenght is also 1.5 to 18mm


Thank you @n15hu (highfive)


Sensational deal. (y) :)

Philips OneBlade QP2520 Hybrid Trimmer £26.66 @ Boots click & collect
Made hot 4th JunMade hot 4th Jun
The Philips OneBlade is a revolutionary new electric grooming technology designed for men who wear facial hair styles, stubble and grow beards. OneBlade is designed to trim, edge, … Read more
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£26.92 @ Philips with code from Voucherbox code_e&gclid=Cj0KCQjwitPnBRCQARIsAA5n84kFrfHUL946ScJxKWYrGRmte_i0PDpb2jARpJFcwlGTbvASiOXZc_0aAr0-EALw_wcB#dj0yODQ1MzU= including delivery Ordered two OneBlades last week from Philips & had two blades with each one

Philips Series 3000 9-in-1 Multi Grooming Kit for Beard and Hair with Nose Trimmer Attachment £15 @ Amazon (£19.49 Non-Prime)
Made hot 3rd JunMade hot 3rd Jun
Try out a new look any day of the week with this durable all-in-one trimmer Self-sharpening, skin-friendly blades for a perfect trim Trim and style your face and hair with 9 tool… Read more
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Nice 1 :{




Tesco have this at half price, so at £15 also.




3000 and 5000 have 16hr charge times. 7000 is 1hr.

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