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Braun Series 5 Electric Shaver 50B1200S £48.99 (Free Collection / Limited Stock) @ Argos
Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
Braun Series 5 electric shaver for men makes shaving easy with 3 Flexible Blades that adapt to your facial contours. The EasyClean system delivers a fast and easy cleaning without … Read more

Enjoy it.


Purchased it. It has some fantastic reviews and that is a great price compared to other sellers. Thanks


I thought folks generally find the old Series 5 and Series 7 better than these new designs, even if the head had additional movement, the cutter block has more plastic. Anyone experienced both?


Great find that. I have had one and loved it, later moved to the next one up, also excellent, not sure if any difference though. I may just take your advice and buy one, to stick it under the bed when my one slowly dies. They are just brilliant,


Get an Panasonic arc 5 from Shavers for £79 one of the best there is.

Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver Replacement Head - £17.49 (+£4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 15th JanPosted 15th Jan
Replacement shaver head for series 7 Braun shavers. Best ever price so good time to stock up on a replacement head.

I have the original in that case :)


not sure when but the new series 7 is a completely different shaver than the original series 7 and based on many reviews inferior to the original. they look different as well. original series 7 (70s) : new series 7 : the blades are different and new versions blades are more expensive.


It annoys me when manufacturers do this, any idea when the "new" series 7 was introduced?


Brilliant thanks, ordered one not long ago for £30+ but not opened it so sending back as return and buying another!


Excellent price. Good to replace these every 18 months to 2 years.

Braun Series 7 Replacement Foil Heads£17.49 C&C @ Argos
Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Not often reduced so seemed like a good deal. Managed to order one click and collect and chucked a box of replacement clean and renew cartridges in as they’re on for a tenner so sh… Read more

Checked my Amazon paid 32 quid the last time. Grrrr I was robbed


Hot deal! Never seen them below £25..


Yeah I was surprised that the updated series 7 performs worse. Looks more modern but that’s about it. If mine ever knackered up completely (not likely as they’re near enough bomb proof)I’d be tempted to get a second hand one off marketplace and just stick a new foil on it.


My Series 5 (well Complete 360, using its actual name for my model that takes the series 5 foils) is now almost dead, battery does not hold charge. Have been wanting a Series 7 for years, so waited for a new improved model. Just my luck the new model is not considered improved by most and there are no offers on the old Series 7 this Black Friday or xmas. So got the old Series 5 for £99 from Amazon, but really wish I had the S7...


I’m exactly the same. Been wanting a Series 9 since they first came out but then figured in the cost of the replacement foils for the series 9 and read all the reviews saying that it’s hardly any better than the series 7 so keep talking myself out of it. I was also considering the Panasonic Arc 5 but they’re even more ridiculous for the replacements. My Series 7 is looking rough too, the paints came off just under the head and I’ve had to take it apart to fix the pop up trimmer as it wasn’t closing properly (they’re easy to take apart at least)but it just keeps on working so I’ve decided the same as you.


This is B for S, many shaves in the Series 5 range look better with S, silver.


If only I could go back in time to last week as I bought same one but paid £27.99 ;(


Brilliant find @nonsensicalogic cheapest I've seen it. Bought one, thanks.

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Braun Series 3 Shave&Style 310BT Electric Shaver, Wet & Dry Razor for Men, Black/Blue £32.39 offer stack free delivery 126 advantage points
Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
This Braun Wet & Dry electric razor and beard trimmer is designed to shave, trim and edge. With 3 flexible blades that adapt to your contours, it provides maximum skin contact … Read more

I bought one from a boots store for £50 recently, agree, misses so much hair. Would have stuck with my previous philips 3 head, but got fake replacement blades and decided I didn't want to spend £30 on genuine ones


agree, Braun used to be good. Latest generation 3 are rubbish, no matter how much you spend, they all use the same head.


yeah got one of these a few months ago at Sainsburys on special offer at £19.99 not as close a shave as my ten year old Remington which cost a few quid more. Very dissappointed as i had had a Braun before that which was better and slimmer, the Remington is a bit bulky..


Missus bought me this exact one for Xmas. I've wet shaven for 10yrs but wanted to try electric for times when I need a quick shave. I only clean shave my neck and I found this gives me a 80% wet shave close feel however it was challenging to find the balance of getting every hair cut vs ripping up my skin. Although it never cut me I kept thinking it would due to the many passes over the same area in different directions.


I used to have one of these. A complete waste of time. During a normal shave, while I had a five o'clock shadow, it would spill the whiskers back out on to my chin. These things are useless! Foil ones often are. You're better off saving up, and getting the three-head spiny type. PS: It's not as if, I'm a Grizzly Adams type of guy either. Hence, why I shave my chin!

Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver (incl Beard&Stubble Beard Trimmer Attachments + Cleaning Station), Wet & Dry, 70-B7850cc, Blue £139.99 Amazon
148° Expired
Posted 20th Dec 2021Posted 20th Dec 2021
I was impressed by the Braun advert with Dominic Calvin Lewin. The price seems a steal £139.99 (vs 349.99 full price). I see there are different models going up to £200+. I don't… Read more

Are these any good? I tried one of the older Braun shavers with the 3 circles and it was rubbish! Also, would it be suitable for shaving my head?!


Good tip to sell the used shaver on ebay and buy 2 or 3 new when at £67.


Blades for LV65/67/95/97 always been around £50 in the past 5 years that I owned one.and it’s been £47.5 for some time now on amazon (blade and foil pack): it’s model number : WES9032 And yes sometimes LV67 shaver (which has same motor as other Arc 5 models such as LV65,95,97) goes on sale for £67 which makes it a better deal vs buying replacements so you get brand new shaver and fresh battery too and can sell your old one for £50ish on eBay. I owned LV65 for 5 yrs now,only replaced blade+foil once after first 18 months per Panasonic recommendation but since then been using same blade/foil (3.5 yrs!) and it still gives me a fast smooth shave every day. but it’s definitely time fir a fresh set!


I thought blades and head for the lv67 came to £60 and the shaver was on offer for £67 recently (amazon v good price). I would have gone for it but might as well have brought 2 or 3 shavers instead of replacement blades/head. Normally I get no more than a year before needing to replace the head/blades. Sometimes though you just have to try different shavers to see what works best for you.


Braun series 9 blades are priced similar to Panasonic Arc 5..(Panasonic around £48 and Braun S9 around £44 ,Series 7 are cheaper around £30) both Braun and Panasonic are great,it’s just that Panasonic shaves a bit closer than best Braun model for less money but they’re both equally top quality build.Braun catches longer hairs slightly easier whereas Panasonic shaves slightly closer. The Arc 5 range made in Japan and Braun S7-S9 made in Germany. I ve been using my Panasonic Arc 5 (LV65) blade for 3 years! (just forgot) and I use it every day! still shaves very close in under 3 mins.. It’s time to replace , but you can definitely get more life than 1-1.5 yrs recommended intervals.(cleaning and oiling is very important).