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Nintendo Switch accessories
So I just purchased a switch, I have Mario Kart 8, ring fit adventure & ACNH (all physical) will I need to purchase a memory card? What additional controllers are needed i’ve s… Read more

I will be playing a lot of Animal Crossing on my own so will probably get the pro controller too after another set of joy cons. Thankss


If you are going to play four player like that then a second pair of Joy-Cons is definitely worthwhile. That will give you four player for most things. I play a lot more on my own so the Pro Controller is more worth it for me.


Thank You very much! I bought the console on a pricing error (which a manager kindly honoured) so don’t mind forking out on other stuff to get the full experience. For Mario Kart, it will be 4 players on the tv as well as just dance when I purchase it


For controllers, it depends what you play and who you play with. If you play on your own in front of the TV then the Pro controller is worth it, much more comfortable than the Joy-con grip. If you play party games with friends a lot then an extra pay of Joy-Cons would be a better idea. You can then do up to four play with separated Joy-Cons. A memory card is useful if you want to download a lot of games. If you travel with the Switch and play handheld, then get a case. A screen protector is also a good thing.


Awsome price...

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Nintendo Switch Accessories
I’m getting the Nintendo Switch for my sons Xmas this year and I’m wondering if there are any must have accessories that we should get to go with it? Thanks

I would add to this if you are getting mario kart 8. Get the steering wheels for the joy cons if playing multiplayer makes them easier to hold ;)


A carry case is a great idea for protecting the system on the go (and many include storage pockets for game cartridges, which are small and easy to mislay!) A tempered glass screen protector can help avoid surface level scratches. The screen is quite durable, but it can be easy to get tiny scratches when moving the system to and from the dock. A second controller can be good if he’ll be playing with friends/sibling. Nintendo’s own Pro controller is amazing but it is expensive, which may not be worth it depending on his age. There are cheaper alternatives like this (or this if it doesn’t need to be wireless) which are licensed by Nintendo and should work just fine!

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Nintendo labo robot kit toy con 2

Went on the wild goose chase this morning. None left at this price and back up to £20. Shame


Pontypridd, South wales


That's better than my deal


What store was yours


£2 in my store

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50% off Nintendo Labo Code
I have two 50% off Nintendo Labo Codes to give away if anyone wants them.

Both of mine have been given away so have expired :)


Will PM :)


Nice gesture guys. I'll take one if there still on the go ta


I’ve got 2 codes if anyone wants one. May give both away if I don’t find anything decent.


I have one too (hope it's ok to say on this post)

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Nintendo Switch accessories - what do we need please?
Hello. I e bought my son a switch for Christmas (Amazon deal). We got the mario odyssey (download version) and I’ve also bought mario karts separately. I’ve ordered a case and scre… Read more

Thank you for all your comments. I’d ordered a pack of 2 orzly tempered glass screen covers from Amazon at £8.99 and will get an extra charger/power lead.


I've got some tempered glass ones off Amazon - two pack for about £7 I think


Sorry to jump on the thread.. which screen protector would you recommend?


Not properly obviously :) In my defence I was attempting multi tasking and I think we've all just seen how that went


did you even read the OP?

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New Nintendo Switch accessories coming soon
I just watched the video of the extended demo of Arms, which looked pretty cool. But they also showed a quick demo of Splatoon 2 and a few accessories coming soon... [image mis… Read more

You'd never guess the former head of pokemon devison, was head of the whole company now would you.


Love that colour scheme