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Nintendo Labo VR Kit - Starter Set+Blaster £34.99 @ Nintendo Store
Posted 28th Dec 2020Posted 28th Dec 2020
Has been sold out everywhere for sometime and prices have been going up on eBay, but back in stock at official Nintendo store at a good price of £34.99. They also have the expansi… Read more

Like the other Labo kits, it's a real treat to assemble. It brings about that same childlike joy of putting together a Lego kit. The instructions via the included Switch cart are detailed and far more useful than any sort of paper guide. Everything fits together perfectly and it holds up far better than you'd expect it to. As for the VR, if you've used Google Cardboard, you've used a better version of VR. The Switch screen is way too low res for this and at the very least most Google Cardboard kits give you a strap; holding the Switch at head level for longer than a minute is tiring and annoying. Not that you will want to hold it for longer than a minute. The included games are naff, the mode in SM:O is a novelty at best and Zelda's VR mode would be considered an act of terrorism in my book. If spending £35 to build a toy that looks and feels brilliant - especially when you consider the whole thing is cardboard - sounds worth it, go for it. It truly is an enjoyable project that lasts for a few hours. Just don't expect anything else.


I just got this and so far it’s good fun but strong agree - it’s more a cheap facsimile of VR. I think it’s a real shame that all the games that they put VR in were third person so didn’t really make sense in VR.


Great deal! Heat added. As someone who owns this set, I'll tell you now that the VR is ugly as heck. The Switch wasn't designed to be held so close to your eyes, so the image is very pixelated and blurry - but it does work! Having to hold the Switch limits the potential, which is especially infuriating as the Joy-Cons have really good built-in motion tracking, and the included software is more of a series of tech demos than a full game, but it does provide a basic VR experience. It also comes with a create mode, but I took one look at the set-up of a program and noped out of there; Mario Maker's simple drag-and-drop system it ain't. What I do love about Labo is, unlike any other peripherals, if they break, you can easily fix them; if they're in your way, you can take them apart and flat-pack them; and if you no longer want them, you can recycle them; all of which are wonderfully user and environmentally friendly.


I bought two sets before, one has the robot and that doesn’t need the base VR set. It was a stand alone set. Then I also bought a vr expansion set without realising so I couldn’t use it without this one. This is a stand alone set but you can buy add ons to play other games and other features. my nephew loves these


I haven’t got the set so can’t really say, there are some links in the OP, but would say videos on YouTube would demonstrate better as it’s VR

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit - Toy-Con 02 (Switch) - £25.95 @ TheGameCollection
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Posted 27th Sep 2020Posted 27th Sep 2020
Nintendo Labo Robot Kit - Toy-Con 02 (Switch) - £25.95 @ TheGameCollection£25.95£28.9510% off Free P&P FreeThe Game Collection Deals
Requires Nintendo Switch console (sold separately) CREATE NEW WAYS TO PLAY Imagine being able to turn a simple piece of cardboard into almost anything: a motorbike, a fishing rod… Read more

Will you ever drop back down to £10 😥

Nintendo LABO Toy-Con 03 Vehicle Kit £28.99 Argos
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Posted 16th Sep 2020Posted 16th Sep 2020
Nintendo LABO Toy-Con 03 Vehicle Kit £28.99 Argos£28.99£44.9936% offArgos Deals
Less than half price.. Nintendo Labo lets anyone pick up and enjoy making, playing and discovering. With this set, you can drive a car, fly a plane, steer a submarine and more! … Read more

Hi @Jammy786 thanks for sharing your first deal :) There also seems to be stock currently both instore and for delivery at multiple locations.


im still waiting on Labo VR set to be affordable


Manage to bag all 3 around x mas last year. Only done the variety kit so far


Good. We wait!


Price for the cardboard, nice but not for me (lol)

Nintendo Labo Customisation Set (Switch) £3.95 delivered at The Game Collection
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Posted 16th Sep 2020Posted 16th Sep 2020
Nintendo Labo Customisation Set (Switch) £3.95 delivered at The Game Collection£3.95 Free P&P FreeThe Game Collection Deals
Get ready to make, play and discover! Create new ways to play with Nintendo LABO, launching on Nintendo Switch! Imagine being able to turn a simple piece of cardboard into almost … Read more

Great deal

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Nintendo Labo - Kit VR (Toy-Con 04) Expansion Kit (need original kit to work) £8.99 Amazon Prime / £13.48 Non Prime
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Posted 31st Aug 2020Posted 31st Aug 2020
Nintendo Labo - Kit VR (Toy-Con 04) Expansion Kit (need original kit to work) £8.99 Amazon Prime / £13.48 Non Prime£8.99Amazon Deals
has french in title and description but its shipped from Amazon UK and i language doesnt matter for this type of product

The best way to have a poo imo


Kind of. (fierce) (poo)


On first glance, in the top right picture is he having a VR poo ?


Definitely, since you need the original kit for it to work but a good price though.


Yes. This is expansion kit 2. Should probably add this info to the title

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit - £36.99 + free Click and Collect @ Argos
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Posted 18th Aug 2020Posted 18th Aug 2020
Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit - £36.99 + free Click and Collect @ Argos£36.99£69.9947% offArgos Deals
Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit792/9366
Get deal*Get deal*

I so wish the Nintendo Lego drops to this price but I seriously doubt it


Little replay value, it's an afternoon of fun building the set but I think you'd get more fun from spending your £37 on Zelda or a mario game


Cheaper at Amazon. Well worth it for the £10-£15 mark.



Very expensive at this price, it was selling for around £10 for a very long time. My children had fun building it, but once it’s done the game itself is rather boring. It’s been gathering dust and taking up quite a lot of space ever since...