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EE Alcatel 10.16 UK Mobile Phone with Pay as you go Talk and Text SIM Card - Black  £7 (Prime) / £10.99 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Alcatel 10.16 Talk and Text mobile phone with a pay as you go Talk and Text SIM card included. All you need to do to activate your SIM is top up by 10. EE Alcatel 10.16 mobile pho… Read more

good to see EE helping out gangsters who desperately need burner phones ;)


Note 8 and pixel? Are you rich?


Come on Mrswirch..I'm after a note 8 and google pixel 2 xl...make my day!!!


Come on mate, it's £7. This ain't no iPhone x, get it unlocked, probably only take a screwdriver and some chewing gum.


Now it's 1 ;)

Argos - Alcatel SIM Free phone plus free £20.00 VOXI SIM Card
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Argos are doing a SIM Free Alcatel handset plus a £20 VOXI SIM for £7.49 Ok, not the best handset in the world but for £7.49 including the £20.00 VOXI SIM it's not to bad.
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I'm not sure what it is you're trying to say here?. But this Phone is already unlocked though. :-)


For the benefit of others who might be a bit confused about the offers, heres the copy of my transcript, i just had on livechat. The following is a record of your online chat. General Info Chat start time April 20, 2018 9:57:16 AM GMT+04:00 Chat end time April 20, 2018 10:20:56 AM GMT+04:00 Duration (actual chatting time) 00:23:40 Operator Yash Chat Transcript Info: Thank you for choosing to chat with us. An agent will be with you shortly. Info: You're now chatting with Yash. Info: g: HI Yash: Hi G, welcome to VOXI. How can I help? :) g: I have just urchased the handset from Argos with a free Voxi sim with £20 allowance (15gb data) included). HOw and when can i activate it Yash: That's really great Welcome onboard G Yash: You just need to visit register online & while purchasing the plan, enter the Argos voucher code which they might've provided so the 1st plan would be free for you Yash: Also our VOXI customers are getting unlimited internet access till 10th May'18. Isn't that great g: what is the deadline for registering online and what allowances will I get g: what happens after 10th may? Since the promotion mentioned 1 month Yash: There is no deadline to be honest G but the sooner to register, the more benefits you get Yash: I will put everything at one to make it more easy for you g: I understand, but the one month free is not clear g: you mention 10th may is deadline for free unlimited data Yash: If you register for example today & add your bank card details, you can use the Argos code while buying the plan online which it will ask you for so the 1st months plan which worth £20 which gives you unlimited calls, texts & 15gb internet will be free & since the next months onwards, the payment will be taken out automatically from your card every 30 days Yash: Yes, 10th may is the deadline for unlimited data which is the promotional offer going on as of now. 10th May onwards, your plan allowances (15gb) will kick in Yash: You would still have unlimited data access for the 8 social & chat apps which is forever as far as the plan is active g: ok thats great to know. SO the 15GB allowance as per the sim pack will kick in only after 10th may. Does it mean the aloowances and free calls/text will be kicking in after 10th may too? and the plan will therefore expire on 10th of june? Yash: The plan expiry totally depends on the date you activate the plan. For example if its today which is the 20/4/18, the plan will renew on 19/5/18 as per the 30 days cycle Yash: Which means till 10th May you will have unlimited data for everything & later you can use the 15gb for the remaining days g: OK. SO IF I activate it on 30th APril, it will end on 30th May ? BUt the free unlimited internet will still expire on 10th may? What is the dealine for the registration, since I only got it yesterday Yash: Absolutely correct There isn't any deadline for the registration Yash: But if you register sooner, you would also be able to avail another promotion offer which free music & video pass for next 6 months if you register before 9th May'18 Yash: promotional* g: Got that. DOes it mean that if I register before 9th may, I will get the free Music and video pass for 6 months, without renewing the plan afte 9th June eg? Yash: You will need an active plan G Yash: Reason being, for the unlimited data to work for the 8 social & chat apps & for the music & video passed, customers need to have at least some data left on the account Yash: passes* g: ALso, the free music/videos that I get for 6 months (assuming I continue renewing every month depending on speeds and perfomance) will I be able to chromecast it to the big tv screen at home? ie can I tetehr the allowance onto my tv via the chroemcast app? Yash: That's a very good question G and the answer is yes Yash: You can chromecast as well share it with personal hotspot as well g: great to knwo. Thats all the clarifications. g: thanks for this Yash: Amazing We're excited to have you on board soon Yash: Give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter if you need anything else Yash: You're welcome G Yash: Bye Have a nice day Info: Thanks for chatting with us.


It nowt to do with anything about trying to perhaps convert to the iterate or something?, nope! (so no condescending overtones required I reckon? - hint hint ... ) I did specifically mention that all/any 30 Day SIM's are on what's now we'll known as a Rolling-Contract SIM thing anyway? - that's now a well known fact for any/alllllll such SIM's of a similar ilk - in this Country at least? (I of course can't stipulate the same for anywhere else - and even if I could, I wouldn't, as a less it's directly applicable via comparative comparisons, then there's really no point for me to delve there?). But this one however, does directly relate to the scheme of things as to what's what, and/or what's currently present in this Country, etc, via way of SIM Card wotnots, etc: As well as: Need I say more?. (And to my knowledge at least, there's nowt way around it either? - other then of course, you choose not to use it altogether?). Check the bulk of both current + past 30 Day, and/or SIM only Deal's upon HUKD going back from not just this Year, but last Year too, and not to mention the Year prior to that also, etc, etc, etc ... Basically, the mandatory 30 Day deactivation policy via such UK SIM Networks etc, is not 'new'? - so the bulk of people that choose to therefore go down such a path, should more than casually/notably familiar with such 'required criteria' I'd have assumed? (as it's been around in such fashion here for many Years as it is). That's how I understand allllll the above criteria to be anyway?. :-)


All activations are getting unlimited data and 6 months free passes until 10th of May (y) Even better when Argos are giving away the first month free on the £20 plan (party) just downgrade to £10 plan before your billing date and you have 5 months social media and audio/video streaming, unlimited mins texts and mms for £10 quid a month (strong) easy enough to port out and in on 30 day terms if a better deal comes up with Voxi too ;) had had a few issues activating sim after checkout so they had to manually activate sim but live chat sorted it out, I followed what they said but it didn’t work so they ended up just crediting me £20 and converting - the Argos code may work for someone else wanting a Voxi sim without the £7.49 - anyone who wants to try it just give me a shout (y)


Good to know Seaniboy. But the freebie was to be for one month, isnt it? So why does your data expire on 10th May? Still a bit confusing as to what Voxi are playing at.

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Alcatel 1066G sim free, at Argos - £7.49 (C&C)
Refreshed 7 h, 46 m agoRefreshed 7 h, 46 m ago30/04/2018Expires on 30/04/2018
Basic phone with camera, pricecut at Argos.

True, true. Three SIM's require a minimum of a 3G-enabled Phone ... And for future reference, you will rarely find any UK bought 3G-enabled Phone for anything less then £10?. And especially new (very well used perhaps? - but definitely not new). The cheapest new 3G-enabled Phone I came across on HUKD were the locked to VidaFone Android Smart Phones - the Smart First 6, and the Smart First 7 Phone's (£20, and £15 respectively - and both from Argos also, lol). And nowt much all else below any of that ... Even the new funky all singing, all dancing Nokia 3310 (2017) 3G-enabled Phone goes for a between £20 a pop, to anything around £40/£50 a pop instead?. The '3G' is actually a 'premium feature' for any basic bog standard Phone ... So you should arguably pay a 'premium' for that 3G feature?. Bare that in mind for any future next times?. :-)


Had one of these before. Yes it's slightly annoying, had it happen to me. Add an unlock/security PIN so if it is unlocked accidentally, you still need to type the PIN in order to dial etc..


We are made to use these pieces of c**p at work. Design of this phone is so bad...the keypad “lock” is unlocked by pressing any key followed by the top left one. This means that it dials constantly when in your pocket.


dealer phone XD


Does this have a hands free/speaker phone function?

Alcatel 10.16G - FREE WHEN UPGRADE OR W/£10 CREDIT @ Carphone Warehouse (see post for full details)
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
This is a free phone if you upgrade your pay as you go sim to this phone (N.B. you must have used your sim card actively throughout 1 year) OR FREE with £10 with sim card. Also out… Read more
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Usually need to have made one chargeable call or text in the last 90 days, had it for 6 months and not upgraded for 6 months


OP .. "(N.B. you must have used your sim card actively throughout 1 year)" Depends on which Network really?. As most Networks these Day's require a minimum of a 6 Month's grace period between Pay & Go Upgrades, etc, etc ...


Good deal op, nice freebie (y) These were £8.99 a few weeks ago in Lidl on EE


Cold it's not the Samsung s9 lol jokes good deal for a basic phone

Vodafone Alcatel 10.54 Mobile Phone Argos instore - £3.49
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Showing on website but unable to order online. Had a look on Argos stock checker an a lot of stores have them. So "Check Now" ;) for availability and buy instore. Item number 65… Read more

Thats only because I voted hot on yours and you chilled me! (skeptical)


Hahahahahahaha Come on admit it, mine was the better deal, come on you silly nougat.


Expired as FastTrack option is not available


Yep, any phone which is listed "Not Available Online" can't be bought through FastTrack to avoid the compulsory top-up. Please update the post to reflect this, OP.


Cold not an iPhone.

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Vodafone Original Alcatel 10.54 PAYG Smartphone Handset - £7 (Prime) £10.99 (Non Prime) @ amazon
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Brilliant little thing to just leave in your glovebox incase your 1000mah smartphone battery runs out when your car breaks down (speaking from experience) The Alcatel 10.54 is sim… Read more

Handset must be purchased with £10 airtime. This will automatically be added to your transaction. Handset not available without airtime.

Geemac$ja=tsid:11674|prd:1546795&utm_term=1453124&referredURL= NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE You can order this product from your local store. So no fast track. Almost certainly have to pay for topup.


Naaaaa.... Prove it! ;)


£3.49 in Argos


That is a drugs dealer phone (lol) no way police can track that one XD XD

EE Alcatel Pixi4 5" 4G 1GB RAM - £19.99 (plus £10 topup) - £29.99 @ EE
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Alcatel Pixi4 5" for £19.99. TopUp Compulsary £10 (Scroll to bottom of page and select 'OR JUST TOP UP') Quidco £9 Unlocks for £0.99 from … Read more

trying to download some apps and getting ‘your device cannot support this app’ the commentary under the app says it will support android 4.1 upwards, this being android 6, it should be ok. tried a few google suggestions with no luck, hoping someone who owns this phone is able to comment on what I can change it the settings thanks

Wongy110 obviously none us has a time machine the 4" was 10 pounds and is even worse than this


Newsflash, Skoda are actually pretty good cars now-a-days so your comparison isn't very good. However I would agree that these phones ain't very good. The main problem I had was that mine kept downloading absolute rubbish of it's own accord and they throttled the phone to the point it became un-usable. It was a daily exercise to try to find and delete the rubbish apps it downloaded and installed without permission. So my advice is to stay clear of Alcatel phones.


You've obviously not been near a Skoda in the last decade !


They're more like the Aixam of the phone world.

Alcatel Pixi4 4 Mobile Phone Like New @O2 £15 Delivered, Unlock For Additional 99p
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
Ok, select a tariff, I used the £10 one, phone goes through for £15 delivered, mine got delivered today in a O2 box, phone looks brand new, unmarked. Unlocked for 99p on a famous … Read more
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So is phone £15 or £25 I don't get it


Shame about the compulsory £10 topup


Got Alcatel u5 for £40 (3G, no memory card, 5” screen, 8GB memory, 1GB RAM) unlocked from Argos eBay outlet, keep checking them.


Yep, a much better prospect which you'll actually be able to use!



Alcatel 10.16g free if already on vodafone pay as you go. If not then £10 topup to get the phone at Carphone Warehouse. Unlocked
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
Free on vodafone but must topup £10. You can get vodafones basic tariff and then in 6 months time use it to get another phone without topping up. If you already have a vodafone pay… Read more

Great basic phone


Well ths is zero. Just showing your brexit theory to be what it is a load of rubbish.


£2.99 on O2. That's a bit steep. My last three CPW PAYG O2 upgrades for various basic phones have cost me £1.87, 99p and 99p. Must be Brexit.


Interesting viewpoint. The amusing thing is that before they evolved into mp3 players that could access the Internet, I viewed mobile phones more as attention seeking devices than I do now. But maybe that's because up until that point they were of little interest to me.


LOL at the 'this phone is worth £0'. Does it not phone? Like a phone is supposed "Hello?"

Alcatel 20.45X Like New for £5.99 assumed locked to o2. These are 14 day returns so pretty much brand new. @ O2
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
You do not need to top up just select classic tariff 3p 2p 1p Overall Specification Talk Timeup to 6h (2G) /4.5h (3G) Standby Time up to 340h (2G) /340 (3G) Dimensions 124.4 x 51.… Read more

Normally ebay has 99p codes. And the dr-uk in here was unlocking for free the 2038. Not sure if he can do this mode


Can you unlock this 20.45x?


Picked up a Brand New 10-16G one up at Asda Living @ Crown Point ( Leeds West Yorkshire ) on a display stand upstairs near the phone dept , Only £7.00 and you don't need to top up,some on EE have some on Vodaphone Specs of 10-16G below


You do not need to top up


you still need to top up, making the phone £15.99

Purchase an alcatel phone and get a move and mb20 fitness tracker for free £59.99 @ very
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
You can get an alcatel pixi 4 for £59.99 and the fitness band is worth £49.99 on very. So you're basically getting either a phone for free or the fitness tracker. You can do this … Read more

I'd recommend disabling updates for all of Alcatel's pre-installed apps if you buy this phone. Unless you like being drowned in advertising and like Octopuses. Joy Launcher - live wallpaper and File Manager in particular :-


No probs.. As I said above, maybe there are better alcatel phones to choose from to make this deal of more value.


Seemed a good deal so just looked at mb20 reviews,they don't look good.people report it worked for a couple of days then didn't recharge or switch on.think I will leave it - but looked a good deal thx for sharing 🌝


There are other alcatel phones on very included in this deal, maybe they are better value.


£25 for the fitness tracker on Amazon by the looks of it - TCL MOVE OLED

Alcatel 10.54 £3.49 from argos. Pay online through fast track and then they do not ask for top up!
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb
The Alcatel 10.54 has a user friendly lightweight design with clear buttons and screen, making calling or texting easy. Long lasting battery life, perfect for when you forget to ch… Read more

Anyone pay for this online FastTrack, but store refuse to let you collect it without you buying a £10 top-up? I bought several.


Also not available online. Obviously cottining on to people buying it without top up! Expired


Now selling at 3.49


I ordered both. I however bought the unlock code for this one from eBay.


Was this one or the 2038 unlocked by the dr-uk

Vodafone Alcatel  Pay As You Go Smartphone Locked to Vodafone Network - Black Now £3.99 (Prime) £7.98 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Pictures, videos and more A micro SD slot lets you add up to 32GB of extra storage long battery life, fm radio and flashlight! Locked to vodafone 99p unlock codes on ebay

No if your an existing customer .


Says £10 now on prime?


In Europe 3g is more at risk than 2g. 4g internet and calls on voLTE? 2g great for voice and very basic internet. What is 3g for


2g ?! I think most places in the world are getting rid of 2g soon so tread carefully ! If I am wrong then smack me with a wet kipper 8) (lol)


Use Fastrack.

Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan

It was £65 in my local store but they didn't have any in stock, just had the 4G version. No one apart from the OP posted they got one for £19 so probably store specific. It's not clear if the OP purchased one so may have just been a label error.


Tried a couple of stores this morning and no joy. All priced at £65 which is too much for a 8gb 3g handset. Shame. Staff seem to think this is a one store glitch and likely that the label will be changed as soon as "staff have taken what they want"


I Believe Asda Mobile handsets are all unlocked anyways. The last time I bought a handset from them it was when their network was powered by Vodafone rather than EE Who they use now, but I seem to remember seeing a sign somewhere that said their phones are still all open to other networks. If you do happen to need a code you can get one for ~£1 on eBay the same day. For the price its certainly not bad, but you will notice that the phone is sluggish, battery doesn't last long and the screen is pretty damn poor. But at less than £20 it certainly still has its uses!


Seems like 99p unlock codes on eBay. With memory card slot could be cheap MP3 player, satnav or with a simple launcher or the like it could be for older people who currently don't have a smartphone who want a better experience.



Alcatel 10.54 Just £5 with Prime / £8.99 non Prime @ Amazon
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Seems like an awesome small phone with long battery life, even has an fm radio and flashlight! Locked to vodafone however it's 99p to get it unlocked on ebay!

Received today the Alcatel, the size and form of it is damn awesome I must say, sound quality pretty gut as well for this kind of phone, The flashlight however on it is SUPER pathetic :( If It had an actually usable flashlight it would be an awesome phone.


Thank you.


Yes I have used them on a couple of occasions before and no issues (y)


No. If you want a phone to work on Three, you need a 3G handset at minimum. Look at the one O2 are selling in the comment above yours. That one is 3G so once unlocked you could make use of that one.

e106nf Slight better phone here 3g as well so it can be used with 3 network, £4.99 but locked to O2. And free delivery :) Someone on the thread was also offering to unlock it for free...

Alcatel idol 5 3gb ram amazon exclusive £152.99 @
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
Amazon Exclusive Model; 3GB RAM with Dual SIM 2800mah battery 16gb storag 5.2 inch screen Fingerprint sensor Product Description Seamlessly designed around a full aluminium body … Read more

Ah no, just a quick Google answered my question. The idol 5s is also available with SD625, larger screen and more storage. Still doesn't sound much of an upgrade tho


I wonder if this Amazon exclusive has lockscreen ads?


Man, you can get the new 18:9 Xiaomis cheaper than that.


In that case, not so much an upgrade.


Unfortunately it's not better. It now uses a mediatek SOC. Even the excellent stereo speakers have been removed.

Alcatel 20.38x, persian blue or coco grey! Assumed locked to o2 - You do not need to top up! £4.99 @ O2
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Alcatel 20.38X for £4.99 locked to o2! o2 classic payasyougo is 3p min, 2p text and 1p per MB but you do not need to top up when buying the phone. Can use a guffgaff or tesco sim … Read more

Hi, dr uk Can u unlock my phones please. Imei is (1)358299074375185 (2)358299074335601 (3)358299074336427 (4)358299074444015 (5)358299074441193 (6)358299074447141 These on Vodafone network. Thank you for your kind support.


Hi, dr uk Can u unlock my phones please. Imei is (1)358299074375185 (2)358299074335601 (3)358299074336427 (4)358299074444015 (5)358299074441193 (6)358299074447141 These on Vodafone network. Thank you for your kind support.


Hi, I can not see my post in the history, so requesting again, I got a Alcatel 20.38 phone locked to O2, The IMEI number is 355735083868408 Can you please help me to unlock this phone? thanks in advance.


Hi TheDr-UKCan i hv unlocking code for IMEI NO..355735083870487 Put in a SIM other than O2 Enter this number when asked to (you will only ever have to do this once so do it slowly and get it correct as you only have 10 attempts at it). If it doesn't work please recheck the IMEI number you have sent to me Unlock Code: Model: OT-2038X IMEI: 355735083870487 CODE: 9720874616736851 Thanks TheDr-UK CODE WORKED IN FIRST ATTEMPT..


Thanks again Dr-UK

Alcatel Idol 4S GSM Unlocked Microsoft US site  reduced from $300 to $99 - £71.72
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Found this deal on the Microsoft Store seems a bargain for $100 Tech specs Operating system Windows … Read more

How many phoned do you need?


Shouldn't this be expired ?


By chat to Gail at MS US and that is correct. She did confirm that the phone was UK 4G compatible as well but I am not sure. She suggested as an alternative place to look.


they not shipping to uk (annoyed)


I never get why any US phone deals get posted here, I was also under the impression few bands will work other than 2G perhaps. Certainly my UK phone only once got a hint of 4G when in Boston airport and no 3G was seen anywhere in New England at all so assume US phones would be about as much use here.

EE alcatel 10.35x flip phone @ argos eBay outlet with free delivery - £5.99
Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
EE Alcatel 10.35X 1.8 Inch TFT 2G Mobile Phone - Argos eBay Brand New With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee The Alcatel 10.35X is a classic clam-shell mobile phone. Polished, neat and ea… Read more
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You have to get it unlocked. The link to ebay above will work. You send them the IMEI number and the network it's locked too and they will message you the code.


Hi I have received mine. When I insert sim it asks for Network Key. Do you what is it?


Received a couple (on separate ebay accounts) all unlocked with no issues. That should keep the grandparents happy, they don't do too well with modern smartphones.


Should be expired. Out of stock.


out of stock

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