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Baby jogger
I'm looking to buy a baby jogger city mini or GT but struggling to find a good deal on one. Preferably the black one or the black 2018 limited edition one. Ideally need to be deliv… Read more

Click on the blue price you want to buy and place an order direct with the retailer. They should give you the date of delivery


That's the best price I have seen. When could you deliver it for? Thanks


Baby jogger city mini black £219.99 + free delivery Baby jogger citi mini GT black £301.00 + free delivery Baby jogger Anniversary Black £269.99 + free next day delivery What’s the best prices you’ve found? So that we know what we have to better

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4 replies
Updated 28th Jul 2017Last updated 28th Jul 2017 by nokiafusion
Superdry Joggers
Hi, are these like t-shirts in the fact you have to order the size above what you actually are or are jogger waists usually accurate? Do they always come up really long too?

The ones I have are the cuffed bottom ones so it's hard to say. They don't look particularly long or short just kinda your average joggers length.


Do they come up really long?


I'm a 32 regular and order medium and they fit me fine.


I have a few pairs of their shorts and always go up a size, I assume the joggers are the same.