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Easy method to find and redeem new SHIFT codes for Borderlands 2, the Pre-Sequel, and GOTY Enhanced
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
1. Create an account here . 2. Link your gaming accounts. 3. Regularly check these page: Borderlands GOTY Enhanced (limit of 999 keys) Borderlands 2 (limit of 255 keys) B… Read more
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Thanks. Didn't know they implemented the SHIFT system with the new update. I've added it to the post.


There's also the Borderlands GOTY page - Only 2 codes at the minute, but there will be more I assume.


I even tried making changes, but (maybe due to my modest English skills) was unable to do so without doubling the size of the title, so I just gave up.


How on Earth is that clickbaity? You can redeem 100+ keys and items for the games. It doesn't say 'redeem 100+ keys and items with one code'.


Do you think I should unexpire the post then? I don't want to miss on all the ad revenue. Maybe add "Borderlands gone sexual" to maximise the nimber of clicks per milisecond?

Spring Sale on @ Green Man Gaming - Extra 15% off when buying Borderlands Franchise with code.
30/04/2019Expires on 30/04/2019Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Lots of titles on Sale over at Green Man Gaming :) Up to around 85% off prices. If you purchase a game from the Borderlands Franchise, (except Borderlands 3), you'll get another 1… Read more
Borderlands Game of The Year Edition: Xbox One £22.99 @ CDKeys
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Best price i've seen so far, may be worth waiting for a reduction and patch to fix teething issues reported by some. Discover the co-op shooter-looter that started it all, c… Read more

The upgrade is actually really good. If you have it definitely worth a download.


fair do's, when I last checked it wasn't tagged as 4K on the MS store.


Wrong. It was patched this week both games 4k hdr.




You point out "argument", but then proceed to use "theirs" instead of "there's". Irony.

Borderlands 2 pc £11.16 on steam bundle cheap
Shipping from United StatesShipping from United StatesFound 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Get borderland 2 and the pre sequel along with 52 other downloadable content with it. Should be £181.06 now only £11.16 Offer ends in 12 hours
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You can get the GOTY edition from Instant Gaming for £6.99. Its normally about £5.17 so if you wait another day it should drop again. Super reliable site and accepts PayPal so you’re covered, although the CS is great


£181 original price? Must be joking. B2 goty edition often on sale for ~£4


The price is lower depending on how many items in it you already have. Shows as £7.47 for me as I have the main games and a couple of the main DLC packs for BL2. I think £11.99 will be the standard price for someone that has nothing in collection.


The Handsome collection is currently £9.06 on steam and includes all the pre-sequal and BL2 games and DLC :-)

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Xbox One £8.70 from Xbox Store Argentina
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Please note that a small amount of transactions fees may apply, depending on store and payment method used to buy the required Argentina Xbox Store gift cards. You will need to pur… Read more
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Its seems a lot of hassle when it is only 11 quid on the xbox UK store no?


Try either Seagm or Offgamers


What is the best place to buy AR gift cards?

Borderlands GOTY edition for PC via Steam, includes new Enhanced edition £5 @ Amazon
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
A few weeks ago Borderlands was available for a few quid at all the bundle sites but since then the new Enhanced edition has been released (a remastered GOTY) and the original keys… Read more
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Great offer, bought it last night (10/04/19) and still got the free enhancement! (y)


Thought I might as well get it (y)


I'm not sure there's anything you can do, maybe contact gearbox support?


Am I able to recover the game then? what do I do


It was originally on GameSpy which is why the (now deleted) disc to steam key authentication tool existed, for when they migrated to Steamworks

Borderlands 3 PC [epic] £32.99 @ CDKeys
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Seems to be the cheapest deal on this?

If you can wait 6 months you can wait a year (lol) PC games are getting overpriced just like console games, let then play tit for tat and grab it at a bargain price.


6 month old game. Yeah of course Epic would be stupid if they didn't do a 50% off on the same day that it release on Steam or some kind of other incentive.


Full price on steam but it wouldn't surprise me if epic reduce the price just to get one over steam again. Lets not forget the key sites as it will be a year old game (excited)


Well no, as it'll be full price on steam when it eventually releases on there. Sure they might do like 20% off for a week or so, but it will be full price release still.


Now im older, im not sure if i can invest time into a game like this. I remember the progression for each character is slow.

Borderlands The Handsome Jack collection  XBox One £11.99 @ Argos
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Borederlands the handsome jack collection for xbox one. Id been looking to play them all before borderlands 3 to come out seems like a good deal. As its over £20 on az0n atm
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Yes, but you have to download it separately as a free dlc, its a 15gb download from what I read, but once its installed it should go from 1080/60fps to 4K/60fps!


Ive got it digitally and have downloaded the UHD packs and it does improve it... But I'm not really blown away.


Does this collection qualify for the Xbox One X enhancement, or do you need the individual titles?


If you're looking to play them all then you're still gonna be one short with this.


Also on PS4 ordered mine this morning

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[Xbox One Gold] Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, WWE 2K19 & Dead By Daylight.Gold Free Play Day 5th - 8th April
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
As part of a player's Xbox Live Gold subscription, one or more games are offered for players to try out during Xbox Live Gold Free Play Days. The Free Play Days tend to run over a … Read more
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tbf i read it exactly as you did, took me a minute to realize it was just play days


I know it’s my own fault, still voted hot though


Hopefully Borderlands goes on sale during the weekend. Looking to pick it up now it's got the 4K patch. Edit: Well, looks like it's already live and on sale. 75% off.


Wrestlemania weekend, they did this last year too. Hoping to cash in on the hype


What?... Wrong post I think mate (highfive)

Borderlands : The Handsome Collection (Xbox One) £11.25 @ Microsoft Store
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Nice price here for the collection. MetaScore of 80 Description Borderlands: The Handsome Colle… Read more
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It looks amazing with the texture packs


A reputable source:


^^You don't need to pay anything, don't take it so personal. lol


I can’t reply to your post because you used some questionable language. Well done HUKD. I did download it last night. It doesn’t work. Nice try though. I hope it does go free to play for a while. Currently there’s zero proof it will.


Tawt this was ment to be free due to a diff post

Borderlands GOTY PS4 / PSN - £21.02 (Read Desc!).
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Hi all. So the game is £24.99 on PSN store. You can buy a £25 PSN card for £21.02 here: Click Here Then use the credit to buy the game. Boom! Enjoy!
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You've lost it, the plot and the debate.


This reply contradicts your original logic of what a deal is, your also saying I'm not open to opinions while not being open to to other people's opinions yourself. But you are right on one thing, you should've just ingnored me in the first place & I think it'll be best if I ignore you from now on.


It is a deal that belongs in gaming but at least you are open to opinions but Gonzo is acting like a total tool!


No it’s not a deal because there is no cheaper alternative but this post is a deal because the op has posted a cheaper way to buy it by giving a link to the relevant site!! Compared to buying it from the store! You have an actual problem processing information and I’m not doing this with you anymore and should of just ignored you in the first place!


Well, is it? This is the cheapest you can buy this product.

[Xbox One] Play Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - Free with Xbox Live Gold - Xbox Store
Refreshed 9th AprRefreshed 9th Apr
Possible a free weekend that's hit the store early, so I've set the expiry date to Monday. Good chance for those with a 4K TV and X to try out the new texture packs :) Bord… Read more
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Thumb down very misleading title


It is free to play for the weekend but if you want to play it after that, they’ve reduced the game to £11.25




Current theory is that it won't work after the weekend, given that it doesn't currently work (Thursday) if you've downloaded it already.


What's the crack? Is it free or not!? (lol)

Pre-Order Borderlands 3 + Gold Weapon Skins pack and Exclusive Physical Psycho Bandit Mask £54.99 @ Game [Xbox One / PS4 / PC]
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Okay, I may get karate chopped here, but if you want the Psycho Bandit mask this is pretty cool. The mask is a GAME exclusive so you'll not be able to get one anywhere else. I'm su… Read more

Because people like having a choice to use what launcher they want like steam which is an objectively superior platform and has all their other games, unsurprisingly people don't want to be forced into a platform they want to choose, also the privacy concerns on epic


I'd never read the original post before, but that just sounds like computers being computers. As was pointed out by a lot of commenters, the original post is basically an amateur getting alarmed at a lot of stuff they didn't understand. I'm not saying Epic definitely aren't doing anything wrong - I wouldn't say that about any company - but there's no real evidence that they are.


I'm buying it. F**k it - Steam was exactly the same when it first came out for Half Life 2 and everyone was bitching and moaning about it back then. Me, I just went and took a punt and well, I guess it worked out OK as I've been using Steam ever since (and it was pretty bad back then). Your data gets mined constantly on social media, yet people still use it every second of the day without hesitation. Every Google search you do creates another data record for you on big fat servers hidden away somewhere. Epic can have my money, and my data. I have nothing to hide and nothing of any real interest for them, so I really don't get why there is so much salt about this 'Epic Store Exclusive'. If people are happy to wait, it'll be out on Steam 6 months later. Enjoy playing a game that hasn't totally been spoiled by then and had all 4 DLCs published to those who took a punt on Epic.

Moonky Just because Epic said they weren't spying doesn't mean it was true. Case in point, Epic knows that 40% of their users don't have Steam installed. How do they know that? They're snooping. There's also plenty of people who looked into the issue and found stuff. It's not just me spreading false information. They got caught and the files that were found were able to dig your friends list from Steam. I don't know what you think spying is, but that certainly is for me.


It’s actually a real mask? Surprising

[PS4/Xbox One] Borderlands Ultra HD Texture Packs Now Available - PlayStation/Xbox Store
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
The Borderlands Ultra HD texture packs are now available on the PlayStation and Xbox Stores to download. They're individual purchases as opposed to an automatic update :) Bo… Read more
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A visual update to a game is now considered a deal Brexit. Hard times


Thanks for the details, appreciate it! Borderlands 2 it is!


Thanks for the heads up! Weird issue on the Xbox app for me though when I go to view it there’s no option to buy it , just says install or play on Xbox One. I’ll have to check on the desktop site later


£11.25 on the store now


HEAT! Picked up the Handsome Collection for a measly £6.70 on the Turkish PSN Store!

Borderlands 3 Avatar Bandit mask  FREE
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Borderlands 3 Bandit Mask for your Xbox Avatar.

The fact you have to buy cosmetic items for your gamer guy makes me sad :(


Epic game store exclusive ... This game is dead to me until steam release




ta (y)


Nice one OP :)

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (Steam) £10.45 @ GreenMan Gaming
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Shoot and loot as you explore the mayhem-filled world of Pandora in Borderlands 2 and the lunar madness of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Expe… Read more

Its gone up to £49.99 now! Enhanced editions are a free update if you have the existing games anyway. Great game borderlands 2, just on my first play through on pc version, breezing through as the assassin :D 8)


Showing as £9.35 for me! (shock) Could be the VIP thing.


If you have VIP from GMG it works out £8.4ish from them.


69p more at Steam currently but for people who already have any of the games from the series on their account it'll work out cheaper because of Steam's dynamic bundle pricing.

Borderlands 2 100 Golden Keys FREE
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Here's a code for 100 golden keys on Borderlands 2. Seems to still work. Not exactly sure what golden keys do, but someone might appreciate this. Apparently this will get you a b… Read more



Expired :(


Its worth pointing out you can get free keys on PC just by editing the .ini if you want saves you having to enter tons of codes xD


Expired? Gosh darn it.


Not sure I can be bothered doing that lol, Ive gone for the codes that are for the most amount of keys. Be easier if all they Golden keys had 1 code to enter and another for other content.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - £8.99 / Borderlands 2 VR £24.99 @ PlayStation Network
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Very good price here for a quality game in my view. MetaScore of 82 Description Shoot and … Read more
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Its £8.99 on the UK store on sale


Not sure if these will work on the PS4 or not but used it on the Xbox One version. Enter this SHIFT code in the Borderlands 2 (part of the handsome collection) main screen for 100 gold keys to open in game. C3W33 - RZ6ZJ - TFJ6C - TTJ33 - RFHX5


Only problem with the VR version is that it lost one two of the games main features, no coop at all and no online play.


Yeah it's a stupid price at the moment


Cheers, just ordered one for pickup tomorrow. I would prefer a digital copy, surprised it's not on sale on the store

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