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Summit Gas Canisters x4 Pack Butane gas cylinders £5.33  Sainsbury's instore
LocalLocalFound 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Number of reduced items including a 4 man tent for £33 but loads of these gas cylinders so thought good chance stock in all large sainsbury DescriptionHigh performance with a count… Read more

Should be around £1 each or less.


Cold £3.99 in home bargains or buy 12 (for free shipping) here for £3.86 for 4


This was the tent

Swiss Military 4 Pack Butane Fuel at B&M for £2.99
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Ideal for stoves and heaters. Reduced to £2.99 from £4.99 must be national

Happy to help. I stocked up may as well at that price


Loads near me albeit at the bigger store and still price stickered at £4.99 but a quick ask at the checkout revealed £2.99, good find this one!


Brilliant find! Bargain price and looks a quality product.


Thought so myself I stocked up. £12+ on Amazon and ebay


Just picked up in Basildon store loads left, great bargain

Weller WP3EU Butane Gas Operated Soldering Iron set £27 @ Sold by WilliamsTools and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
Cheapest it's been according to camelizer Amazon prime Sold by WilliamsTools and Fulfilled by Amazon Weller WP3EU Butane Gas Operated Soldering Iron Set with Piezo Ignition
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And of course you can back this claim up.... (skeptical) yes, yes they have....and :/


These used to be £ 5 in maplins when closing down


As above


My point exactly. Weller is a tried and trusted brand whereas Aldi are cheap rubbish


weller has been making soldering irons for decades

Iroda SolderPro 50 Pencil Gas Butane Soldering Iron £20.99 - Maplin eBay
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Good price for a good gas soldering Iron. Used Iroda kit in the past and it's been a good workhorse. Handy if you want a small kit for doing jobs on electrical work and so on. … Read more

Handy for people who don't always have access to electric in their line of work (me for example). Working on a remote site for example. I'd be lost without a gas iron.


Maplin. Overpriced as always. I like how how Maplin is going downhill with the recent store crisis.


Why this and not an electric iron?


Do yourself a favour, spend another tenner and get the Dremel Versatip. Outstanding piece of kit, you won't regret it!


....or £14.39 even http://cpc.farnell.com/iroda/pro-50/soldering-iron-gas-30-70w/dp/SD0110602?ost=SD0110602

Coleman Butane/Propane 6 Pack C250 - £6 at Boyes instore only
LocalLocalFound 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Coleman Butane/Propane 6 Pack Gas Cartridges C250. Were £8.00 in stores and recently reduced further, next cheapest I could find was in Tesco for £22.99, Amazon £24.25 For any cam… Read more
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That's a blinding deal. These things are way too expensive compared to the bigger bulkier ones. I'd buy a load of these if I lived anywhere near.


Nice one, grabbed a box of them. Should last a couple of summers!


That's actually silly money - they're giving them away! No stores near me, unfortunately.


Amazing find although I do think these have been a rip off for a long time considering you can get the aerosol style (CP250) ones for a quid each all the time in Home Bargains


Excellent deal

13kg Butane Gas Bottle flogas £19.99 @ Gasdeal inc delivery
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Cheapest price ever £19.99 delivered !!! If you have no empty to exchange add £5- £24.99- delivered new customer.

Looks like gasdeal is down now? Sadly, I suspect they have gone out of business.


Any update on this? It appears that their website is now down?


As above national shortage unfortunately, call them or if you still need it wait as they are apparently honouring unfulfilled orders. I was lucky as I know seem a fair few that had to phone to get refunded, unfortunately normally reliable have used them for years.


Poor service and communication. Ordered and paid for 6 bottles on 28th February, it's now 9th April. Keep emailing to ask what is happening, but no reply. Are they a legitimate company?


Nope, short on gas, even calor are running low. See the BBC news online.

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Propane/butane canister £1.99 @ Home bargains
LocalLocalFound 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
How about some heat!... (y) Home bargains have these 350g screw fitting propane/butane mix cartridges at £1.99... From experience!!.. These are usually around £5+ from DIY/screwfi… Read more

Thanks, just bought a blow torch to undo some fittings but they have the screw thread which I haven't any cans for.


need some will check out local store cheers


yeah normal price about 4 to 5 nice find I need a few hope have in my local store

Limited Time Multi-buy Savings On 2, 3, 4 & 6x 13kg Butane Gas Cylinders - From £20.99 Each Delivered (Based On 6 Cylinders With Desposit Returns) @ Gasdeal
Found 10th Nov 2017Found 10th Nov 2017
Great for those needing a bulk amount of these butane cylinders for the winter. For those that don't need so many, you can still save as there are other purchase options from 2x,… Read more

Price is slowly creeping up, they were £19.99 this time last year and you didn't have to buy bulk. These butane bottles are only good for indoor heaters, they're not great for quickly heating a cold conservatory, garage or summerhouse as butane doesn't work well from cold and also they give off loads of condensation. By the time you've factored in extra ventilation to keep the condensation down, i.e. letting cold air into your home these are probably no more cost effective than standard rate electricity. They also whiff!


Good deal compared to Calor


Cheap gas propane and butane - from £19.99 at gasdeal.co.uk
Found 27th Jul 2017Found 27th Jul 2017
First post be gentle please i know this has been up before but not seen it for a while
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Agreed £5 deposit for butane Though £30 deposit for propane


Hi Harry potter I cannot see where a £30 deposit is required. unless you have mistaken the competitor comparison form which shows that some companies charge £30,however this deal is only £5 deposit


The £5 is for the butane and £30 for propane Your heading is talking about both being cheap. I agree with the comment about butane but not the propane.


The comment is based on the price at the bottom where it says £29.99 for the hire charge. I am not being deliberately misleading. Am I missing something? I need a new cylinder but I have an empty calor gas cylinder


please check the deal before making incorrect comments £5 refundable deposit current deal £22.99 plus £5 refundable deposit secures 13kg butane and a clip on gas regulator for the butane offer

Glue Gun (Gas Powered from standard butane lighter fuel)  - £19.99 LIDL (Parkside) - Glue Sticks 18 Pack £2.99
Found 29th Jun 2017Found 29th Jun 2017
Available from Lidl on Sunday July 9th Practical Piezo Ignition Short heat up time For 11mm glue sticks Easily refilled with Standard Butane Lighter Fuel Includes 2 Glue Sticks and… Read more

Is it cordless/battery or mains plug in type?


electric one for £8 frm b and m with 10+ sticks


Standard with many tools to only offer a starter pack, just like printer have starter size ink I've a few parkside tools (and Aldis Workzone range ) for your average DIY use they are fine, nothing special , not heavy duty but perfectly fine useable tools as they go for most household jobs, chances are the innards are made in the same factory as many other house brands, just a different casing colour put on them at final assembly..


​ XD


makes you wonder why they would sell it with only 2 glue sticks-when you can buy an extra 18 pack for £2.99 -seems to me it wont last long before it fails

BBQ 13KG Butane Gas from £22.99 @ Gasdeal
Found 23rd May 2017Found 23rd May 2017
Great offer £22.99 plus a free gas regulator (in return for your empty bottle Or £27.99 if you need a bottle.
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Yes just change the regulator and you'll be all sorted. The only problem you may have is if you bbq in the winter the gas will freeze if the outside temperature is below about 4 degrees.


Bought a gas BBQ and came with a red regulator, which is for propane gas. Haven't bought the cylinder yet waiting for a good deal on propane cylinders. Does anyone know if it's just a matter of changing the regulator in order to use a different gas or there's more to it?


Or wait for the gypsy community to be evicted from your local park, you'll find plenty dumped there afterwards. (_;)


Try your local tip - got a free empty there for mine.


You have such a lovely way with words! ;)

13  KG Butane gas cylinder £19.99 delivered.Gas deals direct.  Possible £5 credit for extra empties
Found 17th Mar 2017Found 17th Mar 2017
This deal is on again but this time they are offering a £5 credit for any additional empty gas bottles you might have. In the past they have never asked for an empty cylinder so m… Read more
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That website states the following: This statement is clearly because the included regulator only fits green patio gas bottles, which happen to contain propane. If you are taking this sentence to state that butane gas is not suitable, then you should include also propane as not being suitable in your interpretation, since it is in the same sentence!


Your sentence doesnt make much sense to me my old cocker. Cheap gas is good gas.


The website states the following: This statement is clearly because the included regulator only fits green patio gas bottles, which happen to contain propane. If you are taking this sentence to state that butane gas is not suitable, then you should include also propane as not being suitable in your interpretation, since it is in the same sentence!


I don't mate, just a tight **** (_;)


Any update on this frazman? Weber BBQ work okay with butane?

Full Butane gas cylinder inc Delivery @ gasdealsdirect
Found 12th Jan 2017Found 12th Jan 2017
Now the cold weather has been promised this deal is a good price. Full 13kg gas cylinder including free delivery and a refundable £1 deposit for only £20.99.. I have been using thi… Read more
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Would sending a Calor Gas 6kg bottle back still result in paying the lower price?


I posted this deal yesterday lunchtime after I ordered and have just had my new bottle delivered at 2pm today. That's the fastest I've ever had though as they usually take 2 or 3 working days.


You wont be stuck with empty bottles to dispose of, on their website you can return any amount of empty Flogas bottles and you will actually get paid for them after they collect them for free. http://gasdeal.co.uk/cylinder-returns/


I have had these before and can confirm that they are no different from the usual butane gas that is commonly available. I am semi rural and it took about a week to deliver so if you are dependant on delivery for an important heat source you may be best treating it as a spare for when you next run out. Our usual supplier, Bolton gas, accept the Flogas empty bottles as exchange for full bottles but they tell me each time that they really shouldn't exchange them. So it may be worth checking with your normal supplier about exchange or you could be stuck with empty bottles to dispose of. They are a great idea as a spare so that you don't have to wait even a day to replace your empty gas bottle (mine always has the habit of running out on a Saturday morning!).


​I'll depend how many hours you have it on and If low or high

Flogas 13kg Butane £19.99 including delivery @ Gasdeal
Found 11th Dec 2016Found 11th Dec 2016
This deal is back on again 13kg butane delivered for £19.99 . No empty cylinder required. Cue the usual debates on types of gas ......
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​it does I use it


​Which parts? :D


I'd like to see her light her *arts with that. Heat added


thank you will check it


Causes condensation if thinking of heating house in winter.

Gas Heater £47.99 + 13kg Butane Gas Cyliner £19.99 Delivered @ Gasdeal - £67.98
Found 19th Nov 2016Found 19th Nov 2016
Get yourself prepared for winter! Free delivery!

I thought these had been banned!! I get bad flashbacks from the 80's when I see these horrid things.


I ordered this yesterday to heat the shed, its the size of a garage but made of wood and gets quite cold. Ventilation isn't a problem as one of the windows wont shut, and as its used as a smoking shelter my flatmates are already inhaling poisonous fumes! They used an electric heater last year but kept leaving it on resulting in massive bills, this way they just have to order a new gas bottle themselves.


1kg of butane is equivalent of 13kwh (assuming 100% efficiency of heater, which it won't be) So 13kg is 169kwh for £20 so 11.83 pence per kwh. Which is comparable to electric. Surely safer and more convenient to just use an electric heater, which will be 100% efficient, so in practice cheaper, as electric heaters re cheaper in the first place too?


We had one of these years ago, tons of condensation and we open windows for at least 30 minutes every morning regardless of weather.


If you want a bad chest then go for it.

13kg FloGas Butane Gas Delivered £19.99 @ GasDeal
Found 6th Oct 2016Found 6th Oct 2016
13kg FloGas Butane Gas Bottle. 19.99 Delivered. The cheapest yet I believe? Stock up for the winter! No empty required.

​No leak. It's the nature of butane gas... as the gas is drawn from the bottle, the bottle temperature drops and the pressure drops with it. This continues to happen until the bottle basically freezes and the gas flow virtually stops. Only option is then to let the bottle warm up again. Didn't realise how much if an issue this would be, even during cool summer or autumn evenings. This is why I'd only have propane from now on for BBQ or outside heating. I've learned through experience!


jackanory jackanory


sounds like you have a leak. mine last for many more hours than that.


Cool story bro but pure fiction.


I ll just check the news channel because that is VERY big news indeed..... Hmmmm not there lol In any event, had this have happened, you would not have been held liable.

13kg Butane Gas £23.99 Delivered @ Gas Deal
Found 30th Jul 2016Found 30th Jul 2016
13kg Butane Cyliner FULL Cylinder NO empty required FREE delivery
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I got a spare 15kg propane of anyone wants 1, £20 full.


will these fit in a patio heater that takes the green and white type of canisters


Yes, all BBQ's require a gas regulator to attach to gas cylinder. It normally comes with the BBQ.


​does a gas BBQ need this ?


Thanks for this ! £20.42 for the same 13kg butane gas cylinder....delivery guaranteed in at least 3 working days!

Found 21st Jul 2016Found 21st Jul 2016
WEED BURNER KILLER WAND BUTANE GAS BLOWTORCH GARDEN OUTDOOR WEEDS MOSS FUNGUS  Weed Wand Without the need for toxic chemicals, this garden torch blasts the plants with intensive … Read more
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I had one, but I burnt down the back fence,


Can I use one of these to torch on felt on the roof?


I think it's cruel!


I got 1 last week works great and makes rapid cheese on toast


Yep. I use it for that and it's amazing. I also use it to finish off burgers and meat that I sous-vide and it's amazingly good.

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