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Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
I received an email earlier today from sodastream about an ongoing promotion of theirs: free shipping using the discount code SPARKLE when you buy 2 or more gas canisters @ £12.99 … Read more

That’s great, thank you.


You get a tenner back, so, in my case this means a refil costs £13


you can buy an adapter off ebay


What is the cost to exchange please


Anyone know whether these can be refilled rather then exchanged and wouldn’t that be cheaper?

Campingaz CP 250 Valve Gas Cartridge - £5.99 Prime / £10.48 non Prime at Amazon
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Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Campingaz CP 250 Valve Gas Cartridge - £5.99 Prime / £10.48 non Prime at Amazon£5.99Amazon Deals
Cheapest I’ve seen it in a while! Product Description Campingaz CP250 Valve Cartridge With Compact Dimensions Cartridge with powerful butane/isobutane mix. Thanks to the safety … Read more

Never used it like that we’ve always used it for around 10 mins at a go found the cheaper ones run out quicker buying them more often these seem to go for long when used short times


How long do you get out of these? I've got the B&M ones and get about 2.5 hours (y)


Good deal, £1 a can is going rate. I do prefer this brand also, seems to last longer and had no problems with it (y) 🏻


Worth comparing the weight of contents? If the same they should last the same time.


Yes you can cheaper options but I have found this brand to last longer and prefer using these!

Butane Gas Cartridges (4 pack) only 10p @ B&M stores Dunstable
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Posted 5th Sep 2020Posted 5th Sep 2020LocalLocal
Butane Gas Cartridges (4 pack) only 10p @ B&M stores Dunstable£0.10£598% offB&M Retail Deals
Going for only 10p for a full pack of 4 cartridges. Usually £5 a pack. Found in B&M Dunstable so should be in other stores, I would think.

When i produce gas I generally pull the covers down over my missus and trap her there until its safe to go inside. (lol)


There are rules against it on here.


Some sites don't like it. I know now though! (y)


Mystery solved! Thank you!


You couldn't just say Ebay?

Campingaz CP250 Gas Cartridges - 2x 4-pack for £10 / £14.95 delivered @ Blacks
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Posted 16th Aug 2020Posted 16th Aug 2020
Campingaz CP250 Gas Cartridges - 2x 4-pack for £10 / £14.95 delivered @ Blacks£14.95Blacks Deals
4.95 for postage to add on so not a bad deal at less than £15 for 8 or these.

How long approximately would one last? I mean would you get one day out of one canister if two adults were camping? The reason I'm asking is because I have one of those portable one ring camping cookers that I've never used and my mate wants to borrow it but I'm not sure how many canisters to give him.


They refund you after taking payment every time. Black and go outdoors are awful


Yeah same here 🙈🙈. Guess it’s popular with most people having camping holidays now


I order these as well as some other items and they refunded the £10 for these and cancelled them from my order :(


Cold for me as they where 2 for £10 at go outdoors part of the same store group and free postage last week if your already a card holder or wanted more then 2 packs if not

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Campingaz CP250 Gas Cartridge - 8 for £10 (discount applied at checkout) plus £3.95 P&P @ Millets
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Posted 19th Jul 2020Posted 19th Jul 2020
Campingaz CP250 Gas Cartridge - 8 for £10 (discount applied at checkout) plus £3.95 P&P @ Millets£13.95Millets Deals
Taking the kids camping and came across this cracking deal. Campingaz CP250 Gas Cartridge Buy 4 for £11 or 8 for £10 (discount applied at checkout) plus £3.95 P&P.



Thanks for the tip.. I bought some.


Can these be used with a cadac carri chef via an adaptor? Anyone know which adaptor fits the top of the canister?


Go outdoors have 2 packs of 4 for £10 with your discount card. If that's any help to anyone.


Main difference between these and cheaper canisters are there is a proportion of propane in (isobutane) which means the pressure holds up better than pure butane as the temperature of the canister drops. I prefer these as they're a good mix (70:30) Campinggaz dont seem to make it known what they're mix is but Go Outdoors only advertise the go-gas as winter gas therefore I suspect the Go-Gas has more propane than Campinggaz

Fivestar Butane Gas Canister x 4 for £4 in Home Bargain Glasgow
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Posted 16th Jul 2020Posted 16th Jul 2020LocalLocal
Fivestar Butane Gas Canister x 4 for £4 in Home Bargain GlasgowHome Bargains Deals
The cheapest i find is 4 Butane for £4. I know on amazon you can get 28 for £28 and on ebay you can get 28 for £25 but you don’t need that much quantity and 4 butane are around £8 … Read more

£5 in B&M, still a good price though.


Is this not the normal Home bargains price? I'm sure this is what I paid last year but at the end of the season they usually drop down to about £2.


As the OP says, the mega packs are far too much for most people. I go camping regularly (in a normal year) and a 4 pack will last me a couple of years


Should Have posted the deal as I didn't know. This deal is literally hot


Not to be sniffed at.