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Panasonic eneloop AA Rechargeable Ready-To-Use Ni-MH Batteries , Pack of 8 - £17.27 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon EU (UK Mainland)
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Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
I was having a look around for rechargeables as usually buy normal batteries and eneloop have good reviews. These seem a decent price for 8 - 1900mAh capacity. Eneloop is a long… Read more

I've had some ordinary Eneloops for almost 10 years. They are excellent. After about 35 years of buying various rechargeable batteries, I have to say the Eneloops have been the only ones worth the bother. Most of the other brands ended up with almost no capacity after a few charges.


Not at all just by the ikea 2450mah batteries as there both made in the same factory and perform exactly the same.


Nice. Do you think a decent charger also makes a difference?


Mybe twice the price but they will last you 4 times longer, mine are almost 10yrs old and are still going very strong well past there rated capacity of 2450mah.


Have I got this right, IKEA charge £3.95 to pick them up from their own shop? Is that some kind of joke.

Panasonic eneloop pro, Ni-MH battery, AAA micro, 4-pack, incl. Storage case. 930 mAh, 500 charging cycles - £15.14 Delivered @ Amazon.de
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Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Features & details eneloop pro batteries are already pre-charged with solar power and can therefore be used immediately - like a normal battery. The high-quality packaging is … Read more

They do their own 4 AA + 4 AAA simultaneous charger for £15. It is dearer than others but you can charge 8 at once which many others don't do. I have an Eveready one but feel it's taking longer and longer to charge a battery (maybe it's the batteries?!) so I just bought the IKEA charger for a fresh start.


does it matter what charger to use with these? ikea should be opening up soon so hoping to go buy some but not sure on the charger


IKEA's at £5 proven to offer the same longevity.


Better than uk site by 2.70 But days longer to arrive and more tricky after sales support

Panasonic eneloop AA Rechargeable Ready-To-Use Ni-MH Batteries, Pack of 4 £8.64 (+£4.49 Non-Prime) (UK Mainland) Sold by Amazon EU @ Amazon
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Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
Cheapest the rechargeable batteries have gone. Also Panasonic eneloop AAA for £10.95 Camels Description Eneloop is a long-life, pre-charged, energy and money saving… Read more

They were the first rechargeable batteries that I used as they were well reviewed at the time. Out of the 40 AA and AAA's that I bought, only a few are still in use as most had failed a long time ago (either died completely or would only partly charge). Admittedly I got them approx 10 years ago. I've replaced them with Eneloops (normal and Pro), IKEA and Amazon batteries. So far these have all been fine.


This method almost always works fine for me. Though I have binned a few batteries where they've failed to charge even in the dumb charger. If you don't have a dumb charger then maybe you can try the 'zap' method mentioned here (I've not tried it and don't know how safe it is to do!): https://www.bikeforums.net/electronics-lighting-gadgets/925511-charger-reads-null-what-can-do.html Or a less risky method:


https://www.amazon.co.uk/XTAR-Rechargeable-rechargeable-Flashlight-batteries/dp/B08343V2PF/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=rechargeable+battery+charger+vc4&qid=1616511142&sr=8-3 ^^this charger any good? Will it be able to tell me if my panasonic rechargable batteries are dud?


This is my plan when I can borrow one, but I am sure I tried this before ages ago. I would rather not send these to landfill and get a few more years out of them. I think smart chargers are just a bit too smart.


Still using mine from this deal. Bought about 10 packs of 4.

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Amazon Prime Panasonic Eneloop 8 pack AAA 750mAh Rechargeable Batteries £15.99 Prime at Amazon (+£3.49 non Prime)
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Posted 31st JanPosted 31st Jan
Amazon Prime Panasonic Eneloop 8 pack AAA 750mAh Rechargeable Batteries £15.99 Prime at Amazon (+£3.49 non Prime)£15.99£20.8323% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Add cost of postage and packaging to price if you don't have Amazon Prime. I found this after looking at old deals for rechargeable batteries on this site and everyone kept mentio… Read more

I believe rechargeable PP3s contain 6 round NiMH batteries...?


Thank you.


While the battery expert review sites like that Danish one, https://lygte-info.dk, are excellent for simple comparisons of Eneloop don't forget that the Wikipedia has a comparison of the various generations and versions including charge cycles etc: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eneloop


Never saw any of the good chargers like that Xtar vc8, LiitoKala Li500, etc. which charges 9v batteries as well. Very conceivable round battery where NiCd, NiMH, or lithium but never block batteries


Tronic ones in LIDL are usually £3 for 4

Panasonic Eneloop Pro LED Charger & Pro AA Batteries £29.32 @ Ocado (+ delivery / minimum basket charges apply)
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Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
Panasonic Eneloop Pro LED Charger & Pro AA Batteries £29.32 @ Ocado (+ delivery / minimum basket charges apply)£29.32 Free P&P FreeOcado Deals
Have spent last whole week ( literally hours upon hours) looking and researching rechargeable batteries and chargers. Eneloop pro batteries at 2500MaH are one the best and the cha… Read more

I posted a Amazon prime one but it's been deleated




If you’re assuming I’m a soldier based on my handle then by the same logic you must be a horse (party)


You missed the bit where I said "just switch your gear over to 18650", because realistically people who think they need 2500mAh in anything are probably running a torch, and most 18650 torches are way better than AA torches. Maybe some cameras still run AA? I assumed they would all use lithium by now, I wouldn't know edit: ah, you're a solider, then your vehicles probably run off AA's too... (cheeky)


I think you must inhaling too much meth if you think them 18650’s will fit where AA batteries will... and if I’m not mistaken, 18650’s are not only larger than AA’s but sitting at 3.7V as opposed to 1.5V... happy meth vaping bro (lol) Maybe we should just be replacing AA’s with car batteries (excited)