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MSI Optix 27" Gaming Monitor [G273QF] 2560x1440 / 165hz / IPS / 1ms / G-sync Compatible - £272.50 Using Code (UK Mainland) @ Home Essentials
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Refreshed 12th MayRefreshed 12th May
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Brill price point on this IPS G-Sync compatible, 1440p monitor running at 165Hz. The price has dropped in a couple of places, although using code SAVE3 takes £30 off the current pr… Read more

Telegram app. Much more simpler than YouTube, twitter, discord and YouTube. When you install telegram don't let it scan your contacts as you will get false alert everytime another one of your friends join telegram. Pm me for link


Is that an FB Group for FE? Dont use FB but might have to sign up for that


£299 (still a good price) but OOS


Curses, I popped this into my bag this morning but didn't click buy as wanted to check a few more reviews. It's gone OOS again now and it got removed from my basked :(


No longer available

MSI Optix G273QF Quad HD 27" IPS 300nits 165 Hz G-Sync Gaming Monitor, £284.05 at Currys on eBay
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Nice monitor on offer here, 5% off with code. SpecificationBrand: MSI Model: Optix G273QF Quad HD 27" IPS LCD Gaming Monitor - Black MPN: 9S6-3CA81A-046 Audio output: 3.5 mm jac… Read more

Great thanks for confirming. I haven't recently checked monitors so was wondering if tech had moved on from my monitor, but I guess not :(


If I remember correctly pretty much all "1ms" monitors are just gimmicks. It's not very reliable as it ends up giving blurry image/ghosting.


Does anyone know if this is actually 1ms gtg or is it another marketing gimmick (like my LG ultragear 850) which you have to select a faster mode and as a result is completely unusable as it introduces insane overshoot

Refurbished Lenovo G24-10 23.6" 1080p Monitor - 144Hz / 1ms / Freesync & G-Sync Compatible - £103.99 With Code @ eBay / laptopoutletdirect
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Great price for the spec of this one. It's 144Hz at 1080p on a TN panel. It's also on the official Nvidia G-Sync compatible list and can be used with freesync as well. Comes with… Read more



Thank you for that! Will try to find some good reviews for both but they're hard to come by it looks like. G-sync would be an added bonus, only because I like to keep things uniformed and my Legion 5P has an RTX 2060 in it (:I


TN panels have poorer viewing angles but generally offer higher response times. They're much better now than they used to be though. The weakest for colour accuracy (If using for creative work, such as images and video, they're not really that ideal. Fine in general for those just doing it for fun) IPS offers better viewing angles and usually slower response times - Colour accuracy is great on IPS, although the blacks aren't usually great (Can vary by panel, like most things) VA is kind of like the happy medium, offering good viewing angles, decent response times and good colour accuracy. Ghosting can be more apparent on them though. (Again, it would be down to the panel) The blacks on them are great though (Better than my last couple of IPS models) I'd recommend figuring out which you want and checking reviews, especially regarding ghosting. I use a 31.5" 144Hz curved AOC model and on mine... It's not been an issue. In my opinion the MSI would probably serve you well, unless G-sync was something you were desperate for.


Cheers for the reply, was just looking at those technical differences between the TN and IPS panels. It would mainly be for gaming and to use with my Legion 5P laptop, so a Lenovo monitor would go really well (:I


Would be higher brightness on this, as well as Gsync compatibility, although it is TN vs the MSI IPS model. I guess it depends what you're going for. Good shout though :)

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LG 27GL850-B 27" Quad HD 27" Nano IPS 144Hz 1ms FreeSync/G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor, £322.05 with code at Currys on ebay
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Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Nice specs monitor on offer at Currys. Model: Class UltraGear 27GL850-B Quad HD 27" Nano IPS LCD Gaming Monitor - Black MPN: 27GL850-B Audio output: 3.5 mm jack x 1 Connections:… Read more

Morning. Have you tried playing any 120fps games on it via your PS5?


What are you recommending at this price that is better?


around GBP 450, will be 420nits normal, 480nits HDR.


450 nits? Nice. Sounds more like it. 180hz is a welcomed improvement. Unusual number though. Ah overclocked. Still crappy nano ips.. but yeah.. obviously that new one will be much better than this hunk-a-junk.


27GP850 is out soon, 180hz, will be at 450.

Lg 27gl850-b 27" 2560x1440 Nano IPS 144hz 1ms Freesync/G-sync Compatible Gaming Monitor £351.05 delivered @ Overclockers
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Seems a great price. Been watching this monitor for a few weeks now: Display Resolution 2560x1440, Display Size 27", Refresh Rate 144Hz, FreeSync, G-Sync Compatible, Response Time… Read more

That will be why then , turned it off day one when I got the monitor anyway , don't know what Freesync does and guess I'm not missing much the the 1440p 120hz at this scale is ace


but i ordered the day before. anyway i`m not gonna argue was just stating the law you can still report to trading standards if taken before i know currys take your money wether they got stock or not they just want your info to sell on i think.


Actually that says they do as it takes over 24 hours for your bank to update Amazon are definitely taking the money before dispatch


was checking my bank yesterday so decided to have a look when payment was took by amazon and all where the same date as when i took delivery ,so dont say they do.


if you’re trying to play 1440p @ 120hz i don’t think this monitor supports anything above 100hz with free sync turned on over hdmi