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Acer Predator XB321HK - 32" / IPS / UHD  / G-Sync / 4ms  £527.49 @ Box + Free NDD w/code
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
Total beast and I THINK this is the cheapest this model has been. If I had the GPU power right now, I'd be super temped. It has an IPS panel capable of a 60Hz Refresh rate w/ G-Syn… Read more
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Me too, but HUA.


If only. AMD haven't been competitive in years, it sucks. You have no choice in the market currently - It's either pay £600 for a two year old GPU and feel like you're getting a good deal (Remember this deal? https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/geforce-gtx-1080-super-jetstream-8192mb-gddr5x-pci-express-graphics-card-50999-overclockersuk-2926475) or sit tight until "something happens". I've said it before and I'll say it again, the longer Nvidia keep this crap up the more PC players they lose to console. I'm on the verge myself, if there's no movement in the market by July I'm off to XBox and PS4. I can get both for the same price as a new GPU which is beyond a joke.


My mistake, I meant to say Displayport 1.4 as you may of guessed (current HDMI standard is 2.0 and g-sync only works via DisplayPort). I don't think it's fair to say that a monitor working at the current limit of available technology is "cringe", although I know 60Hz isn't for everyone and I absolutely agree with you about g-sync which feels like an NVidia loyalty tax. Considering how long a monitor is likely to be kept, it's worrying to know you're partially tied to either NVidia or AMD by your choice of monitor and you'd think that would be enough of a incentive for NVidia to reduce the price of the G-sync module.


You should be using displayport anyway. This is cringe, £500 for a 60hz monitor? I guess a lot of that price is the g-sync scam. It will be dead in a few more years, VESA adaptive sync (aka freesync) is the open standard.


I'm hanging fire till monitors with hdmi 1.4 arrive which is where the current bottleneck is that's stopping 4k monitors from going above 60hz. My gtx 1080 will not hit above 60hz too often at 4k but a monitor like this is a 10 year investment that should easily outlive your current card. Heat for the deal as its as good as you'll get right now.

ASUS GL702VM ROG Strix Gaming Laptop (i5,  8gb RAM, GTX1060 6GB, G-Sync) + Mixed Reality Headset (worth £380) £959.97, or laptop only after headset return £684 to £725 @ Amazon
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
Amazing deal imo, you're getting a £380+ headset for free practically given the laptop on its own is the same price (and more expensive everywhere else). Good mid tier gaming lapt… Read more
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Arrrrgh, how many Windows updates.... Binned McAfee straight away.


I paid the £3.99 as unwanted item, however they credited me £5 (which I didn’t ask for) when I did a live chat to find a location for the pass the parcel. £730 for this spec of laptop is good and beats the AO deal of £709 for a lower spec fx502vm which I returned as it was advertised as having a ips screen not the woeful TN screen it had.


FWIW I did the "product performance not adequate" or something option for the return, which is true since the headset isn't the best (though its retailing new for £380 everywhere atm so still a bargain if you did want it). Return was free for that option.


Alright, I'll try and do the same thing. Thanks!


Pass My Parcel, same drop off service as Collect+ where you can drop it off at a local shpo. For me the same shops that were doing Collect+ are doing Pass My Parcel, they might be a re-branded Collect+ for all I know.

Acer Predator XB271 27" 1440p 165Hz Gsync TN monitor 10% Discount at Checkout £476.99 (£424.52 with cashback) @ Acer UK
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Decent gaming monitor, cheapest it's been from a reputable seller from what I can tell. 10% discount at checkout (No Code required) and make sure to get 11% cashback from Quidco to… Read more
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Expired ;(


I completely agree with you. Just wanted to point out. Anyway the lower the better:p


Unless you play competitive FPS seriously (CS Go for example) it's not something that matters and unlikely something you will actually be able to physically notice anyway. Also keep in mind they only advertise grey-to-grey times, realistic delays will be nothing like that for both panels so don't ever use it as a reliable reference.


I tried the IPS version, terrible orange glow in the corners like all 27" 1440p high refresh IPS screens. I have the TN version instead, which I got for £400 on Amazon warehouse and have been very happy with it.


Ips version has 4ms delay time though

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ALIENWARE 15, i7-7700HQ + 1070GTX 8gb + 120Hz Tn G-Sync Display. £1275 Using PROMO CODE at Dell
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Massive discount from DELL with a choice of options starting at £1198. My link is for the 1070GTX Laptop. All prices are reduced even more if you use PROMO CODE: AW12 until April 1… Read more

Got the r3. Yeh when they first came out there were loads of issues with the placement of the heatsink. They sorted it with the 7700k processors but you have a few that still get the problem. Anything up to about 75 you could class as normal depending on how long you've been using it for. Eventhough the gpu and cpu can handle 100°c it shouldn't go that high. Then after market pastes will always be better than any stock paste that is used by any brand. With the 1 year standard warranty it'll be worth itnjust to get them to come out and check it up. If you do have temp issues then its a call & fix or refund scenario and if its the refund then maybe by that time with the new gen proccessors coming out, the other brands should drop in price too. Check the alienware subreddit, its quite usefull. Aw


did you get the r3 or the r4? Thats my biggest worry is how are they going to cool the processors. I use a cooling pad already for my XPS and hate it which is why i want to upgrade.... Apparently they can hit temps up to 90 before they repaste or come out which must be uncomfortable.


Its quite good so far. Haven't done much other than play fortnite and civilization. I got a cheap cooling pad to use. I need to monitor my temps in game with and without the pad but haven't done it so far. It does heat up if i play civ 6 for like 4/5 hours + on max settings and with fortnite on max settings for a couple of hours straight but not burning hot, hits around 65. I need to set up a temp monitor so i can view the temps in game to get a better reading. The left side seems to heat up more than the rest and I'm not sure if thats to do with the fan being on that side. I might give them a call 6 months in and see if they can check it up. Might as well use the 1 year warranty before it expires. Hopefully it doesn't have heating issues like some others have stated and i don't have to calk them up for any serious issues.


how is it? theve given me a delivery date of 8th may!


Got it delivered today. It was dispatched on the 8th

HP OMEN X 35-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor (Nvidia G-Sync 3440 x 1440 Pixel Ultra-wide Quad HD (UWQHD) 4ms 100Hz Refresh Rate @ Amazon.es delivered - £610.98
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
GET LOST IN THE GAME , See what your graphics card is really made of on this curved 35" diagonal UWQHD 21:9 display. MAXIMUM AGILITY , Never let a display disrupt your winning str… Read more

Very glad I went with this, it’s a wonderful thing. £16 for the Hp care pack for 3 years pick up


I’m sick an idiot, I placed an order for one but went in the next day to cancel it as I wanted to find it from another CC (cheaper currency fees), the e-mail that came through actually said it failed to cancel it yet I didn’t take the time to read it I assumed it was cancelled. Long story short I have 2 delivered. Does anyone near Sheffield want to purchase one please, the boxes are massive.


still waiting for links to, 'Better monitors for the same price' (annoyed)


Bad experience then you had :) Sucks getting faulty goods


He said... or 1440p alternative.

Acer Predator Z271T 27-inch 144Hz FHD Eye Tracking G-Sync Curved Monitor, £309.99 at ebuyer
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Let your gaze take aim, engage and combat to win back the streets of London. Get your free copy of Assassin's Creed Syndicate while suppliers last when you purchase the Z271T. Imm… Read more

I see, fair enough, although the monitor I had didn't flicker initially for the first few months and then it started out of nowhere. Is that normal?


yep happens on all g-sync moniotrs ive had, reason why ive just upgraded to a 1440p without as jusr drives me insane


The Gsync flicker is NOT caused by the monitor, it is a 'feature' of ALL adaptive sync graphics cards (Gsync or FreeSync). It depends on the game you are playing as to how noticable it is (and also the person and their sensitivity). This problem has been present since day 1 and has not been fixed because it can't be fixed. If you want gsync or Freesync, some games will flicker.


I must have, as I say I know there are good ones out there and I'm not claiming them all to be bad, my experience just mirrored what a lot of forum comments / reviews mentioned so I thought it was worth sharing. Glad yours was a good one though! When it worked for me initially it worked beautifully.


And yet I have had the same model for a while now and had nothing but a great experience. G-sync works outstanding and the eyetracking software is a good feature. Though I must admit I prefer keyboard and mouse to control Windows 10. You must have had serious bad luck here.

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Acer Predator gaming monitor 24" with G-sync and 240Hz refresh rate £329.97 @ Amazon - (Temporarily out of stock)
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
This is a steal of a deal with normal price being £500+. I know its out of stock (fulfilled by amazon), but still worth trying to get it at this price point. Tech spec here https… Read more

Only just made hot I expect, just report as expired.


Why is this revived? The price is back way up.


I was curious and had a look at Sam's comment history and there's not a lot of things that makes this person happy. NEXT!


This site has cost me a lot in the past week. The Samsung nvme with farcry 5 and now this. Just thought I would report that mine has been despatched delivery tomorrow.


got this monitor from overclockersuk when it was 300, can confirm its an absolute beast and wouldnt trade it for anything else (atm)

AOC AGON AG251FG 25" 1920X1080 TN G-SYNC 240HZ WIDESCREEN LED MONITOR - BLACK/RED £329.99 @ Overclockers
Found 25th MarFound 25th Mar
AG251FG, LED Backlit, 1920x1080 Resolution, 1000:1 Contrast Ratio, 400cd/m² Brightness, 1ms Response Time, 1x Analogue Input, 1x HDMI Input, 1x DisplayPort, 3 Year On-Site Warranty… Read more

"No need for higher than 144hz" You were stating an incorrect opinion though. And please refrain from talking to people on this forum in such a condescending manner.


I know? I wasn't stating a fact so don't worry your little self =) I added heat also


Whats wrong with 30hz? (lol)


No need to go higher than 60...


This is subjective. Some people will like this feature and get benefit from it.

Refurbished Acer 28" XB280HK LED Monitor 4k G-SYNC @ LaptopsDirect for £249.97
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
I spoke to someone on the chat and they said that it was just the box that had been opened... I don't know how reliable that is but this is a great price either way... They also h… Read more

Says who ?


Acer monitors are terrible.


Argggggggg when I first saw this, i knew I had to have it, but it's out of stock


I got 2


If it really is just an open box & you don’t get a dodgy panel then looks like you’ve got yourself a good deal.

LG 34UC89G 34" Ultrawide IPS 144/166Hz G-Sync Monitor - £100 off - £499.99 + £11.10 Del @ OCUK
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
**Please note this is not the 34UC79G which is the Freesync version** About £100 cheaper than i can find anywhere else, even on eBay. Amazing looking monitor, IPS panel and G-Sync… Read more
Get dealGet deal

£499.99 now if anyone's interested.


£599 now


Yeah I could have got him a 1440p ultrawide but then he would be stuck on low FPS on a higher res cause I’m not buying him a 1080Ti at today’s prices lol his GTX1070 and this monitor is a great match and he’s happy as Larry ooo and it’s a IPS panel (viewing angle better than VA) with G-Sync so it’s all good in my eyes.


Got mine delivered a couple of days ago and running it with 2x GTX 970's in SLI - this monitor is unbelievable compared to my Dell U2410! Maybe my eyesite is crap, but i have no idea what people are talking about when they say 'you can see the pixels' because of the low DPI, I get that it's not quite as sharp in general use as a 1440p monitor but it still looks fantastic and in games I have to say G-Sync + high Hz is just another level. And as you say, because it's 1080p you get the best of both worlds in terms of size/quality vs high FPS. For this price I would have to recommend it to anyone.


Monitors in common sizes and resolutions such as 24" 1080p may have the same problems you highlights with TVs, that many panels from different manufacturers are available and are interchangeable. That is not the case for uncommon sizes e.g. AU Optronics are literally the only company manufacturing 35" ultrawide panels. That is why there is a lack of innovation and competition in the uncommon monitor space. I was pointing out that the people to blame are not e.g. Asus, Acer, Dell, AOC, Iiyama, BenQ. They have no power to innovate. All they do is slap whatever panels are available into a plastic case.

AOC G2460PG NVidia GSYNC 24 Inch HD LED Monitor £275.50 @ Novatech
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Found this deal while searching for cheapest G-Sync monitors online. Seems to be the cheapest I can find right now with ok-ish reviews (apparently it lacks brightness). It is a TN … Read more
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24 means 23.6 it's rounded up


24 inch means 23.6 inch it's rounded up


MuhdSalmanAk before the anoraks jump on you, in the head line you have 24 inch, but in the text FULL HD (1920x1080), 23.6 inches I wouldn't give a toss over less than 1/2 an inch, but others will get their days jollies from making a big deal over it

Alienware AW2518H 240Hz 1080p GSYNC Monitor - £390.83 @ Dell (+ optional 6% Quidco Cashback)
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
25" gaming monitor with 240Hz refresh rate and 1-ms response time. Featuring NVIDIA® G-Sync™ technology and custom AlienFX™ lighting. In addition, NVIDIA’s ULMB (Ultra Low Motion … Read more

HOW MUCH FOR A MONITOR!!! (horror) Sorry I forgot... use my internal voice.


Your suspicions are not unfounded...


It doesn't bother me haha I was only jesting, voted hot also


I actually don't see the point in paying extra for gsync when we're talking 1080p - surely anyone buying a monitor to play at 144 or 240 fps will have a decent graphics card to make sure you're hitting the 144/240fps mark, freesync/gsync at this high frame rate doesn't matter, does it?


I have a suspicion you don't like this monitor

ASUS ROG STRIX GL502VS - i7-7700HQ, 16GB DDR4, 256GB M.2 + 1TB HDD, GTX 1070, GSync @ box.co.uk
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
Looks like a pretty decent deal if you're in the market for a high spec gaming laptop :)Shame the screens not 120hz but you can't have it all I guess... Intel Core i7-7700HQ Qu… Read more

i5 1050 version for £700 http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/6979915.htm?cmpid=APP003


Would an external 4k monitor work at 4k resolution on this at 60fps? TIA!


I use a 144hz monitor for gaming right next to another 60hz monitor, the difference is very very noticeable! the 144hz feels smooth and makes the 60hz monitor feel almost laggy


You're just nit picking here... Have you experienced the a monitor above 60hz? The difference is absolutely perceivable by your brain. Going from my Home computer, to using my partners or work computer is massive, it feels like the mouse is moving in slow motion. For pc gaming yes, many prefer frame rate over resolution. When you're playing fps games that rely on 'twitch' movement and reaction speed, a monitor allowing you above 60hz in game to take advantage of the frame rates of your hardware can feel like an advantage in game at times. I've encountered plenty of people who have turned down their resolution to hit a certain 'hz' on their monitor to coincide with what frames their rig is putting out. It's the reason people 'overclock' their monitors too, to get those extra hz.


It is wrong to compare the difference between 30-60 HZ and 60-120Hz. It's what your brain can "see". Above 60Hz the brain cannot perceive the same type of difference as in the other case. Frame rate over resolution? Come on:), the choice is usually hardware related. Also don't confuse the refresh rate with the frame rate. You can have 120 refresh rate but the frame rate lower due to HW...hence 120 useless...

ASUS GL502VS-FY385T ROG Strix 15.6-inch Full HD Gaming Laptop (Titanium) - (Intel Core i7-7700HQ Processor, 16 GB RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD + 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB, G-Sync Windows 10) £1499.97 @ Amazon
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB 16 GB RAM 256GB PCIe SSD + 1TB HDD i7-7700HQ Processor ROG Strix The best price i can find, only 12 left

And how I'm gonna take a desktop, monitor and keyboard with me to work?


2 sold, Amazon increased the price to £1,510.00, another auto reprice software


Lol have fun with battery life




Then buy a desktop

MEDION X7849 Core i7-6700HQ 32GB 1TB + 256GB SSD, GeForce GTX 1070, 1080p IPS GSYNC 17.3 Inch Windows 10 Gaming Laptop
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
One of the best deals I have seen for a GTX 1070 powered laptop. The processor might be older but it will still power through all your gaming needs especially since it comes with a… Read more
Get dealGet deal

Depends on the manufacturer. Some don't mind it being opened while some will just straight up reject the warrenty if it's opened. If it's another Medion, then I think it's fine. From opening my laptop, there was no seal or anything to signify it was opened.


Thanks mate but it went out of stock next day, found another model with 1070 in it but newer CPU, new via ebay for £1399 and split this into two payment via 0% interest on pp credit. The only thing that lets it down is the shitty second drive spinning a 5400rpm. :( Not had a proper look, can you upgrade ssd without dunking the warranty?


There are 2 M.2 slots and 2 2.5" options. The SSD uses 1 M.2 slot and the HDD uses 1 2.5" slot. The 32GB RAM model uses all 4 slots of RAM.


Damn the voucher link is no longer working. :( Other than which magazine sign up, any other voucher codes? I see the first drive dive is the M2 type, I take it the second is just a regular spinner? What are the upgrade paths for this lappy for hdd, are there additional slots? I have a good eternal drive if I need to run dvd media so not really bothered about the dvd drive if one could be replaced with another hdd? Thanks in advance.


i've got this for the same price running cool with 4 ssd's bought on reduce earlier - lots of space and power cannot complain at all

Alienware AW2518H 240Hz 1080p GSYNC Monitor - £376 (First Credit Order Only) @ Very
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Price is £470 down from £550 unless you apply code LXJUL on your first Credit order. This should bring it down further to £376, but i'm unable to verify having used it before on … Read more

The bigger the screen the more area you have to look to see someone shooting at you. I use a large screen for work and a 24" at 144Hz for playing games.


240hz at 4k. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah mate.... not likely.


What GPU can eve run new games on ultra at over 100fps on 4k? I own plenty 1080ti for miners and test hard test em on new hardware i buy and i could never get past 80fps on superclocked 1080ti at 4k. No point having uber fast Hz if you cant achieve stable fps


Thanks for the clarity on that, wonderful thing about DigDug and Missile Command is I do not have to worry about the refresh!! Reason I asked, is surely ((other than the rate)) the game play would more enjoyable on a higher pixel, bigger size screen for less/equal £ for gamers ((putting aside the awful ping rates etc)) playing stuff? Having seen an abundance of these gaming spec monitors ((obviously not running superchunkmegaping speeds)) it would be clearer to see what you are doing on 4k / 5k / 8k as opposed to squishing it all into a squashed 1440p or less one!! (popcorn) That is interesting matt, so even though gamers want the best of the best, they are using a resolution that a 4k uhd can better by over 3 times? Would it not just jump to 240Hz and above for 4k / 5k ones this year & next, save having to play and squint as the screen is only 24" big ? Thanks for the info by the way.


1080p is finished . Don't waste money on it . Buy 4k now

ASUS GL502VM-FY497T ROG Strix 15.6-inch Full HD Gaming Laptop (Titanium) - (Intel Core i5-7300HQ, 8 GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD, Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB Graphics, G-Sync, Windows 10) £899.10 @ Amazon
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
2-year manufacturer warranty - for added piece of mind The hardware gives you efficient, powerful performance for heavy gaming or productive multi-tasking such as live streaming a… Read more

Sorry mate, but no.


Ebay, gumtree or shpock?


You mean sell? No, sorry. As I explained to someone else who asked earlier, I would feel comfortable selling something to a stranger on a forum.


Can u Give it to me... the 17inch one?


Yes, that's the one

ASUS GL502VM-FY497T ROG Strix 15.6-inch Full HD Gaming Laptop (Titanium) - (Intel Core i5-7300HQ, 8 GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD, Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB Graphics, G-Sync, Windows 10) £949 @ Amazon
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
Lower than it was on cyber monday When your not gaming, leave it running for your crypto mining adventures! Powered by Intel's 7th Generation Processors Dedicated Nvidia GTX1060 … Read more

Hi , first post ever ,!!! But looking for a laptop! Dell have a 1060 GPU i7 256 SSD 16gb for 1050£ all in. Wouldn't that be a better deal for an extra £100? Dell offer


Ooops! Senior moment....


this previous gen model did https://www.notebookcheck.net/Asus-ROG-Strix-GL502VM-Notebook-Review.187341.0.html cant see it for this gens though edit: it says its ips in description ffs joey (party)


Ordered yesterday at 950. Says it too late to cancel order, have emailed Amazon asking for price difference to be refunded. If not it says can refuse delivery and have it refunded that way. By then it will probably be back up to £1000 (lol) (lol)


I suspect it must be, but can anyone confirm the G-Sync screen is an IPS panel?

28" Acer Predator XB281HK 4K Ultra HD G-Sync V2 1ms Gaming Monitor - £399.98 @ Scan
Found 31st Dec 2017Found 31st Dec 2017
Add 11.50 for delivery if you cant collect from Scan. Way cheaper than everywhere else - really tempted but slightly worried about having to drop to 1080p to get good frame rates … Read more

expired? shame its only 60Hz, more of a second monitor imo.


Nice price on this especially with Gsync. Hopefully prices continue to fall. I wish these could do 1080p@120hz as well as 4k@60hz. Would make them perfect for my needs at the moment. 1080p60hz the gold standard in PC gaming? Even for 60hz 1440p has been around for a long while now. It's not that 60hz isn't playable but for fast twitch shooters where you are using a mouse to control your view there is a very noticeable difference dropping from 120hz to 60hz. If you are using analog sticks on a joypad the difference is way less apparent. There are still plenty of games I will chose to play on a tv at 60hz rather than 144hz on my monitor. A 1080ti will hit 144hz in most pvp twitch shooters at 1440p at high or max settings paired with the right cpu. Although in competitive shooters people tend to run lower settings for general increased visibility and also to get reduced input lag from a higher frame rate anyhow. Joycons vs mouse and keyboard and different games. It's not exactly an apples to apples comparison.


Err... dude this a gsync monitor


Snobbery is all it is. I have a 144hz monitor and would whole-heartedly recommend 144hz to everyone but I also have a Switch where 30/60 FPS doesn't bother me at all, and still very much enjoy.


dam, it feels like just yesterday the gold standard is 1080p60fps, but everyone talks like 60fps is unacceptable. IIRC even 1080ti cant hit 1440p at 144hz but i guess above 90fps, you can really see a different

HP OMEN 17-an013na Laptop, Intel Core i7 7700HQ, 8GB, 1TB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB , 17.3* 120HZ NVIDIA G-SYNC display at John Lewis - WITH HP MIXED REALITY HEADSET for £999.95 @ John Lewis
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
Saw the other deal linked for the laptop only, but realised there is actually a MUCH better deal!! John Lewis are currently doing a bundle with the £379.99 HP Mixed Reality Headset… Read more
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My 50 quid came through also :) no issues touch wood bar the 1060 being power limited meaning it cant hit boost speeds in modern titles like pubg and the aforementioned screen being not amazing. Both issues of which I've feedback to HP about, along with the BIOS being VERY poor for an enthusiast grade machine. Ive noticed in the states theyre introducing a 144hz screen which is likely due the 120hz screen being let down by response time. By all accounts the response time on the 144hz screen is half that or less than that of our 120hz screen so any blurring etc is more or less sorted.


i havent recieved mine yet!?


So payment in my account for the £50 cashback. All went through without any issues.


To be fair, I was massively ranting because I have never come across an issue like that with a Windows machine. An update making the boot drive inaccessible, and hugely limited BIOS making it harder to fix. I have had a lot of problems with this laptop, but I think other than the overactive fan it has been more down to the horror show that is Win 10 than the actual hardware. I bit the bullet and did a restore using the USB recovery key (thank god I made one!), and touch wood everything seems to be OK so far.


Sorry to hear that, since my first one was changed, I have had no issues. I have played it safe though, cloned the 1tb hdd to a ssd and also to a spare 240gb sata drive (incase I ever need to format the 1tb 7200rpm to return the laptop - just clone the 240gb sata drive back over to the 1TB). I have a tool kit for gadget repairs so screws were not a problem and performance on the laptop is great. If I do have one complaint, the fan is a little noisy and seems to kick in way too much when its just browsing the net which shouldn't stress it. Hopefully you still have your VR as I do expect JL to want it back if they offer a refund which I would say is unlikely. After 30 days you are most likely going to be offered an exchange at best, most likely a repair.

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