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Flavel gas cooker £125 - Okehampton Co-op (in store)
LocalLocalFound 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
Next best price I've seen is £179 via Currys. Unfortunately I'm all electric but might be a good for you lot in the area.

We don't need to cook anything here in Devon, I usually gnaw on a lamb if I'm peckish.


Every time you want to cook something???


You know what I don't know, moved into the area just over a year ago and I've always had just electric. Still, a short drive to Exeter..


Has Okehampton got mains gas? I know most of the surrounding villages haven't, that's probably why it hasn't sold!

Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go £99.99 @ Amazon (Prime Day Deal)
Found 16th Jul 2018Found 16th Jul 2018
Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go £99.99 @ Amazon (Prime Day Deal)
Was looking for something to use my £10 Gift Card credit + £15 student discount on Amazon Prime Day deals. Thought this was a good price at £99.99 especially when combined with the… Read more

This guys clearly trying his hardest to make it look as light and easy as possible lol


Cheers mate, will check them out. I read it can be hard to control the temperature but apart from that the reviews seemed pretty good to me. looking at the pictures it looks slightly smaller than my Weber so I’d agree it’s definitely portable, not sure how well it would work with the portable gas though. going to order some hickorey wood chips for seasoning it


I don't think you will be disappointed mate. It gets really hot and sears meat well trapping in juices. Flavour I'd say is better than any charcoal or gas grill I've used. A lot of the reviews talk about the size being to bulky for a portable. I feel it's perfect. There's a few reviews on YouTube that show you how to clean it etc.


Yeah reviews killed it for me!! (annoyed)


Reviews are not great.

Beko 60cm gas free standing double oven / hob now £238.99 delivered with code @ Co-op Electrical
Found 22nd Jun 2018Found 22nd Jun 2018
Beko 60cm gas free standing double oven / hob now £238.99 delivered with code @ Co-op Electrical
Decent price for a double oven - ideal for when you just want to do some cheesey pancakes and don't need to heat up the big oven. Was £279 now on offer for £249 but code CMD15 take… Read more

thanks so much ,i have just ordered this cooker so happy days (cheers)


Hi, Its the bottom left of the screen as per this screen shot but apparently the code has now expired (annoyed) so I'll expire this deal now. Look out later today though because they usually have more codes that come out on a Friday - sorry!


HI , can anyone tell me where the code goes ,i just can not seem to find the code box to apply the discount thank you


ordered thanks


Beko products are excellent value for money. Got a 7Kg washing machine for about 220 five years ago, and a fridge freezer for about 250-280 (can't remember) a few years before that. Both going strong. When I move home I would kit up with beko appliances.

Beko CFG1552W Tall Frost Free Fridge Freezer White £222.99 delivered w/code (more appliances in OP) @ Co-op Electrical
Refreshed 20th Apr 2018Refreshed 20th Apr 2018
Beko CFG1552W Tall Frost Free Fridge Freezer White £222.99 delivered w/code (more appliances in OP) @ Co-op Electrical
Looks a good price for this Beko frost free Fridge freezer and decent reviews across multiple sites - Which? score of 62% Use code CE10 to get for £222.99 delivered Frost… Read more
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Consider complaining to beko, the retailer and posting on review web sites. It's it not for for purpose and you didn't overload it you should get it replaced for nothing. Will help others who also incidentally find themselves in the same position


Anyone Considering Buying This Please DON’T! ALL the glass Shelf Mountings Broke on ours just weeks After Purchase & Beko Won’t Replace Them & are £70+ each & We Now Have LARGE Patches of Rust Coming Though On the OutSide (Sides) There is a great Reason Beko Products Are Cheap ....


I inherited my grandmother's beko when she passed in 91. She had it from the war when grandad took it as a war trophy from the nazis. He carried it on his back all throughout the rest of the war and back to blighty. Saved his life as well as German sniper hit the hinge of the door as opposed to his back. It actually ricocheted and hit another German who was advancing on my old grandpapa; ended up winning a medal! Anyway I still have the old beko and plan on giving it to my grandkids when i shake my mortal coil. Heat


Bought a dirt cheap Beko back in 1998 with extended warranty. It started giving trouble soon and after that the engineer's visits became a regular feature of our lives. This went on for long time until, finally, they condemned the accursed appliance. We bought a Bosch after that which is still going strong. I really hope that Beko have improved in last two decades. Buy extended warranty if you buy this fridge.


had a previous beko which lasted 8 years and was still functional. Replaced it as it was starting to rust at the front. bought this model last year if i get another 8 years of use i'll be happy.

Camping gas cooker stove £9.99 at Argos
Found 15th Jan 2018Found 15th Jan 2018
Camping gas cooker stove £9.99 at Argos
Campingas portable gas stove half price for £9.99 at argos
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more like this! ;)


Mind and get the toaster attachment for it


Will it play singles as well as records?


Standard price for a stove like this?


Cooking on gas

Currys FLAVEL MLB51NDS Gas Cooker in silver. - £229.99 + Delivery included.
Found 31st Dec 2017Found 31st Dec 2017
Currys FLAVEL MLB51NDS Gas Cooker in silver. - £229.99 + Delivery included.
Width: 50 cm 4-burner gas hob Single conventional oven with separate grill Enamel pan supports Easy-clean enamel oven liners Put your culinary skills to the test with the Fla… Read more
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I've got the electric version of this cooker.... the WORST COOKER EVER...Flavel... actually part of Beko!. To begin... The oven burns everything on one side, when you open the door it's like a sauna when you open the door steams up in your face....also inside the grill door steams up between the glass.. whenever your using the oven. The hob takes forever to heat up. Awful to cook on. The door handles have thin shiny silver coating on them, the steam has caused the coating to come off the oven handle. There's ugly grey metal underneath. Something in the oven door drops down.. Have to always push up. Problems from day. Curry's repair out 4 times... Totally useless...nothing resolved. Do yourself a favour. Buy another brand.... Should I say more? (skeptical)


Your welcome. I also paid a higher price it's a disgrace and so is currys greedy and no customer service


Thank you for your honesty, I was thinking about purchasing this as I am in need of a budget gas cooker. Hearing the experience of previous customers does help to evaluate if this is such good value.


I bought this earlier in the year and deeply regretted it .It has safety issues imo! Currys didn't want to know when money has been paid .Bad product even worse service from supplier!!


Thanks. Will take a look later. Already have a long list of points to feed back and Currys orders to complaints ratio will be one of them.

Hotpoint HAG51K 50cm Twin Cavity Gas Cooker With FSD - Black £379.99 @ Littlewoods
Found 11th Aug 2017Found 11th Aug 2017
Hotpoint HAG51K 50cm Twin Cavity Gas Cooker With FSD - Black £379.99 @ Littlewoods
Depth: 60 CM Height: 90 CM Width: 50 CM Energy Rating: No Rating FSD: Y Fuel Type: Gas Grill Type: Gas Hob Type: Gas Integrated Grill: Y LPG Convertible: N Number of Oven… Read more

Think the OP managed to find the most expensive retailer on the interwebz.


You'll never find anything cheaper on littlewoods. Awful pricing

Beko QSM223X Oven and Induction Hob £228 instore : B&Q
Found 10th Jul 2017Found 10th Jul 2017
Beko QSM223X Oven and Induction Hob £228 instore : B&Q
Went to B&Q to get the £90 induction hob, which they had in in stock.i found this deal which would be perfect for me if I hadn't already bought an oven the day before. gas … Read more

It appears to be the oven and ceramic hob set for £228, so not an induction hob, as Shambles said.


sorry, it was on the shop. I will change the price on the headline. But check the shop.


Still can't see your headline deal for £228, with an induction hob.

vant09 there's many combos, 3 in total. check it out, wish I had seen this before :(


Couldn't see that combo for £228, unless you meant the ceramic hob combo, which isn't the same as an induction hob.

Hotpoint HAGL51P Twin Gas Cooker - White £131.99 @ Argos
Found 26th May 2017Found 26th May 2017
Hotpoint HAGL51P Twin Gas Cooker - White £131.99 @ Argos
£131.99Argos Deals
Inflation at a 4 year high? Not at Argos. 10 years guarantee The Hotpoint HAGL51P Gas Twin Cavity Cooker comes with a large 67L oven capacity and separate gas grill to accommoda… Read more
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order cancelled also! :( terrible


They've cancelled my order but I've got my £10 of batteries free using my voucher from the aborted purchase.


This was misprice along with argos sellung rangemaster cookers reduced from 1300-1500 to 100-200.....looks like they have sorted it now......but well done to anyone who managed to get.


is this another price error, looking to replace old cookker snd second thought i was in look


shame :(

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Adventuridge Portable Gas Cooker £7.99 @ Aldi (instore only)
LocalLocalFound 23rd May 2017Found 23rd May 2017
Adventuridge Portable Gas Cooker £7.99 @ Aldi (instore only)
Camping stove for £7.99, seems pretty good. I've got a very similar one and it works very well. Collect in store or free delivery. Features Suitable for outdoor cooking Includes … Read more
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I was thinking about buying one of these to cook in the garden using a paella pan. It's lightweight and shallow but quite wide, the base is around 30cm diameter. I'm sure I've seen outdoor caterers etc. use similar portable stoves to heat through / keep warm. Several examples branded "Adventuridge" are listed on the South Australian safety website but the linked sites refer to products manufactured before 2015 and buyers are encouraged to obtain an updated model. Annoyingly, the ALDI website does not quote an Adventuridge model number.... If the posts above are credible this might be a problem. How good is the evidence or is it all, "I knew this bloke who..." data?


Well, sorry but that doesn't answer my question (which I posted for the benefit of anyone considering buying). The fact that you've used yours rather unwisely and got away with it doesn't make it safe! I've now found this and would urge you to reconsider using your old one: Here are a couple of extracts (relates even to fully approved ones): - Portable gas stoves should never be used indoors or in confined spaces. - Do not use pans or pots larger than 200mm (unless specified as safe by the manufacturer) – when the pot is too big, it concentrates the heat down toward the gas canister, which may cause it to overheat and explode. The problems seem to be based on the fact that the gas canister is integral and very close to the flame. In certain circumstances the gas cylinder overheats and explodes. You have been warned! I have two of these which I've never used - I think they're going to remain that way.


Now sold out online. In store from May 25th


I have used one of these for the last three years at home as my main cooker. Still using the original unit ( I have another for a backup ). The only thing to be aware of if cooking indoors is to keep the window open for ventilation. One downside, in winter the bottles of gas will only give about 80% use because of the cold. I put these aside for the warmer weather.


Australia banned these after several nasty incidents with them. I believe they insist that they now have to have extra safety features. Anyone know how to tell if these ones are 'safer' type?

Hotpoint  HAGL51P Gas cooker £278.10 @ Tesco direct
Found 19th May 2017Found 19th May 2017
Hotpoint HAGL51P Gas cooker £278.10 @ Tesco direct
Just found Tesco have got a deal on cookers. Bought a HOTPOINT ultima cooker HUD61K they have on promotion and got a total saving of £131 using the code at the bottom of the page. … Read more

ordered thank you.


are cannon and hotpoint same now.? been looking for a cannon as they used to be really solid, well made to last, but new ones i see now are very similar to hotpoint


There's a similar one in black at Hotpoint Clearance for £220.99. 2% Quidco. Hotpoint Ultima HUD61KS Dual Fuel Cooker - Black £289, its £399 @ AO & £479 @ Currys.

Hotpoint HUG61G Gas Cooker £239.40 with code @ Tesco Direct
Found 21st Apr 2017Found 21st Apr 2017
I've just found this freestanding hotpoint cooker for £239.40 Cheapest I can see everywhere else is Argos having it at 399. I found an ecoupon TDX-WGMP that gave me 40% off at chec… Read more

This coupon has ran out does anybody no another one please X


ISJ66 thank you for answering that question. Snoopy18, I'd go with isj66, I've never seen how one is fitted behind the cooker....didn't even know what you were losing about. Sorry.




Hi does it come with a connection hose?


It's here! It's gorgeous! Jalp22 thank you so much for posting this deal. For the last year I've been searching for.... A not black in colour (current old cannon is black), 60cm, with lid / splash thingy (whatever you call it) with safety cut out had cooker too replace our 10yr old cannon. This was just right and the price even better. Looking forward to all of yours arriving too. Cheers all :)

Indesit Gas Cooker with Gas Grill and Gas Hob, I5GG(W)/UK £151.20 @ Tesco free delivery
Found 16th Apr 2017Found 16th Apr 2017
Indesit Gas Cooker with Gas Grill and Gas Hob, I5GG(W)/UK £151.20 @ Tesco free delivery
Use code TDX-JTHW to get price above.

Anyone know the co2 reduction implications for gas cookers now brexit has arrived? Are they still supposedly going to be phased out or did brexit change that?



Oooo ​"x" aren't you a spicy one. You should message me your number darling. Can give you some of my own heat if you want. ;)


oops just seen the code.


WHEN i go to buy this cooker the price is £189 and not £151 as advertised ?

Cannon Gas Cooker £374.99 @ Hotpoint Clearance Store
Found 20th Feb 2017Found 20th Feb 2017
Cannon Gas Cooker £374.99 @ Hotpoint Clearance Store
Cannon Gas Cooker with double oven. Currently selling for £592.99 in Argos
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Thanks OP great cooker.


Hi did it come wrapped and was it new thank you


schristine06 I was wanting the link from argosextra not you :p. Anyways ordered getting delivery next week looks a sweet deal,cheers


It is also the cheapest fitting I've found. Average is £80-£100. Can't fault their customer service either. Hopefully cooker will live up to my expectations as I've been shopping around for ages!


Ta, Sweet on p&p + recyc. Was reading up on fitting, £60 seems 'reasonable'...

New World 600TSIDLM silver gas cooker from Currys free delivery
Found 4th Jan 2017Found 4th Jan 2017
New World 600TSIDLM silver gas cooker from Currys free delivery
down to £319.99 from £499.99 use code LKA20A to get £20 off free delivery reviews look good
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Nope... it's £499

Gorenje 60cm Gas Cooker G611E17WKA £99.99 @ Euronics (Save £230.00)
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Gorenje 60cm Gas Cooker G611E17WKA £99.99 @ Euronics (Save £230.00)
One of Euronics black friday deals. Comes with 2 years warranty and free delivery also. I am guessing it will be today only with limited stock.

looks good and i have an oven but it is like ten years old , getting on A bit, wat worries me is that is doesn't have a grill

20% off EVERYTHING @ co-op ebay  (Eg Xbox one S + FIFA 17 £199 (Now OOS) / Beko BDVG592S 50cm Double Oven Gas Cooker £199.99)
Found 29th Sep 2016Found 29th Sep 2016
20% off EVERYTHING @ co-op ebay (Eg Xbox one S + FIFA 17 £199 (Now OOS) / Beko BDVG592S 50cm Double Oven Gas Cooker £199.99)
co-op eBay outlet has 20% off EVERYTHING - yes it's for everyone :) 20% OFF all eBay Co-Operative Electrical Store items Buyers restriction Only UK PayPal Users Apply Discount To… Read more
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Create a new thread then, my good man!


This is back today. COOP20.


Oh wise one, show us one of your completed listings... so that we may bask in your glory... X)


What's 2000 divided by 5, minus eBay fees on the stock? Feel free to use a calculator. Also try google arbitrage for future reference.


ordered a humax freesat box 1100s great saving

Camping gas stove for only £3.99 HOT DEAL!!! LITERALLY lol @ B&M
Found 28th Aug 2016Found 28th Aug 2016
Camping gas stove for only £3.99 HOT DEAL!!! LITERALLY lol @ B&M
Normal price for these little babies is around the £10 mark. So at £3.99 an absolute steal.

Haha lol your not the first person to call me that :D


Dam that's cheap i bought mine off ebay cost me £12 delivered no longer have the gas stove but still have the toaster rack cant get it sold lol (not so cheap it seems £5.95 for item + £3.95 postage" so it would be about the same as i paid for mine)


it's rather like all the Tesco 'deals' on here that only exist in two stores in the whole country.


How can this be hot it's not available in any B&M store???????? I've been searching for this offer in B&M store even before it appeared in Hotukdeals. I didn't post it here as I did not find a single one in B&M store at this price.


That's why I stick to my propane gas cylinder and separate double burner.

20% Off (with code) + FREE Delivery on Large Kitchen Appliances + Free Recycling on ALL Indesit / Hotpoint @ Tesco Direct ie Hotpoint First Edition FETV 60C P Tumble Dryer was £219 now £159 with code it's £127.20 del
Found 11th Aug 2016Found 11th Aug 2016
20% Off (with code) + FREE Delivery on Large Kitchen Appliances + Free Recycling on ALL Indesit / Hotpoint @ Tesco Direct ie Hotpoint First Edition FETV 60C P Tumble Dryer was £219 now £159 with code it's £127.20 del
Tesco Direct have a promo on of 20% Off Approx 615 Large Kitchen Appliances using code TDX-7FWR PLUS they have an offer on of FREE Delivery on ALL Large Kitchen Appliances which wi… Read more
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yup expired now :(


code expired


Ordered the hotpoint tumble dryer in the description, but can't see any mention of recycling on my order receipt? Price has gone up slightly as well but still a good deal, thanks.


thanks just did a search for "tumble dryers" you've saved me £40 plus on a indesit black which has good reviews. heat added


You'll be limited to the 3KG load models eg the White Knight 38AW. Full size washers/dryers are 60cm as standard. Edit: just realised you said condenser, not aware of any small ones that aren't vented

CHEAP Swan 50cm Single Oven Gas Cooker @
Found 3rd Aug 2016Found 3rd Aug 2016
CHEAP Swan 50cm Single Oven Gas Cooker @
£139.99Very Deals
A basic, cheap 50cm gas cooker. Cheapest cooker available right now as far as I know. It has mixed reviews, but you get what you pay for. Note that delivery costs around £6.99 ext… Read more

The electric version with single oven and solid plate hob is only £129.99 and has better reviews

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