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Google Pixel 4 XL, Black, 64GB, 90hz QHD OLED, 6GB RAM, Unlocked Good Refurbished - £176.39 (with code + 10% discount) @ eBay / MusicMagPie
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Posted 14th NovPosted 14th Nov
Technical Details: Network 2G Network GSM Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900) 3G Network HSDPA Penta-band (850/900/1700(AWS)/1900/2100) 4G Network LTE Display 6.3 inch QHD+ flexible… Read more

Mine arrived today, tiny not visible scratches on screen, no other issues. Already on latest software. Absolute bargain


Fair enough, but if you're not using a SIM, and this isn't your main phone, this doesn't really reflect how 99% of people will use their phone. Having mobile data turned on could have a significant impact on the battery You don't have to throw it away, phone recycling is the way to go, so there's less impact from lithium mining etc. I think 80% is acceptable, but if most reviews are to be believed, the phone didn't start off with a decent battery life, so 80% could be quite limiting...


I found the 4XL battery pretty decent after a few updates from launch. Worth a go at that price!


My battery is at 87% on my 4XL. I don't think this is too bad considered. Admittedly that is with no SIM and using WiFi in the house but also not using as my main phone so yet to optimise to android 12 fully and watching 1440p YouTube for a lot of that. I think for this cost even 80% will be ok on the XL model for many users.


You won't be disappointed... welcome to the premier league... even 2 years late (since phone launch, price was overblown then)

Google Pixel 4 XL 64GB Unlocked Android Smartphone, Just Black - Very Good refurb £186.14 at handtec eBay
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Posted 4th NovPosted 4th Nov
Title says very good, description says pristine. Google Pixel 4 XL 64GB, Just Black SIM Free/Unlocked - Freedom to roam. Use on any network without a contract Warranty & Co… Read more

Won't be long now the six is out




Still waiting for a good deal on the 5




Was about to say listing at£218.99 for me, but there's a promo code for 15% shows up for me, which I guess you might have to forgotten to mention Genuine question, if perhaps a little naive: other than wireless charging and facial recognition, is this a VAST improvement / upgrade compared to say, a pixel2XL with a replacement battery?

Google Pixel 4 XL, White, 64GB, 90hz QHD OLED, 6GB RAM, Unlocked Good Refurbished £191.24 @ eBay MusicMagPie
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Posted 2nd NovPosted 2nd Nov
Take a photo without the flash Capture rich detail and colour, even in the dark, with the next generation of Night Sight. Capture the cosmos The camera that can take photos of the… Read more

Mine did exactly the same with the question mark, and then just died entirely and wouldn't boot. Really strange


Received mine yesterday and it's going straight back, looks like someone has taken an ice pick to the screen and the back panel is detaching from the frame!


I had similar, battery just had a ? Instead of % and said it couldn't be read. Then it would only work whilst plugged in - not ideal for a mobile. I got a refund from the place I bought from (not MM) and bought another for £100 less. So I made a profit after 6 months usage lol and have a newer, less used 4 XL. Still an absolutely cracking phone, especially with recent updates. Before Android 12 I was hitting 6-7 hours SOT and most of my apps now work with face unlock. I think I'd genuinely miss that if I upgraded to a 6/6 Pro, as well as the unlimited storage saver photo uploads. These are stupidly cheap if you can find pristine/as new examples for around £200. I paid £240 for an as new/pristine in September.


Yeah I would be happy with tbh, it was a really nice phone. Great size, lovely screen, still very fast etc and for me vanilla android with fast updates is the main selling point. I may try another one eventually.


Everyone slags it off for battery life but this is what I got yesterday, from an admittedly new battery, I think that's more than acceptable given it is a smallish capacity...

Google Pixel 4 XL 64GB Black/clear white Unlocked grade B - £217.59 with code @ eBay / Xsitems
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Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Google Pixel 4 XL 64GB Black/clear white Unlocked grade B - £217.59 with code @ eBay / Xsitems£217.59£261.9917% offeBay Deals
Grade B – An item that shows wear from consistent use, but remains in good condition. The item may be marked or scratched, and show other signs of previous wear. The item works p… Read more

Welcome to Google, the Pixel specs seem to get lower each year.. quite an achievement .


What will be their grade C if its lowest C? Every seller has their own grading system..i have purchased grade B galaxy S10 snapdragon version from this seller for £144 and will let you know about conditions when it comes...last one s20 snapdragon purchased from this seller was grade A and it was like new with not a single mark or scratches


Great price but it's grade C in reality, there's a Pristine above A - I'd say marketing is near-misleading, in line with this seller's reputation


I have this phone and it's amazing



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New Google Pixel 4XL Orange 64GB 'New - Open box' £399.99 @ smart-talk2020 / ebay
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
New Google Pixel 4XL Orange 64GB 'New - Open box' £399.99 @ smart-talk2020 / ebay£399.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
New Google Pixel 4XL Orange 64GB 6.3" 16MP NFC GPS G020P Unlocked Smartphone UK Brand New Phone Phone Box Is Open Rest All New In Box BOX CONTENTS: Phone Charger Cha… Read more

Not so sure this is brand new, 'open box' on eBay can mean they've been open for a long time. Luckily, checking imei on outside box, even before opening, will tell you how much warranty is left with Google, therefore you can find out for how long it was used before you. Price is kind of good for new, problem is veryfing that - many ebay sellers can't just be trusted (Voted hot btw (y) , gorgeous colour)


Good deal but this is for brand new (depends how long the second hand was used for even if like my own one it’s mint)


Recently picked up the 4XL in white (64GB) from music magpie, pristine condition and came in the original box for £304. On that basis this seems expensive. It's a fabulous phone though, free photo storage is a big plus for me plus the bigger battery in the XL (3,700-mAh Vs 2,800-mAh in the Pixel 4) is a win.


True I've seen quite a bit of criticism of the battery life on the 4 but I suspect even that's over egged! If battery isn't a problem on this then must be a great bit of kit. Pixel names are a tad confusing e.g where the 4A 5G isn't just a 4A with 5G capability.


I think it’s mainly the 4 got such a bad wrap due to the low battery but the 4XL is actually decent. Who knows though? I never share deals for heat but because they might help someone out and this is a great phone for £399. Plus it has lineageOS support and so easy to flash a pixel. Also I think many compare this to like a 4a when there is a night and day difference in terms of quality.

Google Pixel 4 XL G020P 64GB Smartphone Mobile Phone White Unlocked grade B £245.64 @ xs items ebay
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Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Google Pixel 4 XL G020P 64GB Smartphone Mobile Phone White Unlocked grade B £245.64 @ xs items ebay£245.64 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Only one left. Might be good for those that want android 11, wireless charging, Waterproof 90hz refresh rate and a good camera.

Does have facial unlock.... But doesn't work with a mask! Other than that it's a great phone the camera is unreal.


Glad you agree (y)


Great point, I hadn't considered that. Do want a pixel 5 though! (ninja)


I got this , great phone, does have a face recognition over Finger print .


i have this phone and i agree. having to put a pin code inside a shop is unacceptable