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8 x 500ml magners pear cider @ aldi prenton / wirral
LocalLocalFound 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Spotted in my local aldi prenton / wirral. Not showing on the aldi website so assuming store specific. If anyone spots in their local aldi please feel free to leave a comment I'm s… Read more
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Pear is great chilled , especially in warm weather


I saw this price in the Macclesfield Aldi as well. There wasn't any apple in the big stack, but there was still a lot of the pear.


Cheers, I thought so, now hopefully we get some nice bbq weather


A great make cider at great price. (highfive)

Magners 18 x440ml -£10 @ Morrisons
LocalLocalFound 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Magners 18 x 440ml pack Guinness 15 x 440ml pack & Hop House 12 pack £10 each at Morrisons for St Patrick’s day. In store & online
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Has been this price at my local Co-Op for ages.


It's gone down hill in the last 5 years or so.


My fav cider, great price.


Try Sainsbury’s Magners is £10 there as well


No Magners in stock in Cheltenham store

Mix & Match beer & cider 3 for £21 eg 36 bottles of Sol, 36 cans of Carling, 30 cans Amstel, 36 cans Strongbow, 36 bottles of Stella @ Asda
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Thought this was a decent offer for the Six Nations / St Patricks Day - just because its the weekend etc. On offer mix and match any 3 crates for £21 some are £10 each. Available … Read more

Hardly difficult to say, even if drunk. (skeptical) Can you say ”She sells seashells by the seashore”?


Been buying the Carling at 3 for £21 for years at Asda so nothing new there. Mind you for the last month, its been subbed as currently unavailable


Not until I've had about 5 cans (flirt)


Can you say "al-co-holic"?


Guinness on offer here - 12 for £10 for Original Stout >> HERE or 15 draught for £12 >> HERE

18 x Magners Irish Original Cider 440ml Cans @ Sainsburys - £10 (55.5p per can)
24/08/2019Expires on 24/08/2019Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
18 x cans instore and online @ 55.5p per can, so time to stock up for the summer (highfive)
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has been this price for ages


Stock up for the summer? One of those won't see the end the month (y)


Cider used to be sold in 20 can packs! Then all the manufacturers reduced the pack sizes to 18 but the prices stayed the same. ;( The magic number to buy used to be 20 cans for £10 @ 50p per csn!


Yup we did today on the tu range on top of the 25% , basically puts her wage back into the system .


Yes my colleague, s wife gets 10 percent off.

Magners cider £9 18x440ml £9 @ Morrisons
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Magners cider £9 18x440ml £9 @ Morrisons
Just seen this on the app for online shop Price dropped by a pound Maximum 20 per customer Not sure if its in store though
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I agree (y)


(lol) (lol) (lol) I find the cans not as fizzy as the bottles.


Prefer the cans now. Had a few bottles out in the pubs last weekend and they tasted sweeter than normal. Of course that could be something to do with the 4 pints of Guinness before hand!


Great price, the cans just never taste as good as the bottles.


That's the cheapest I've ever seen it. Great price. (y)

20 cans of magners cider £10 @ Lidl
LocalLocalFound 14th Sep 2018Found 14th Sep 2018
20 cans of magners cider £10 @ Lidl
20 x 440ml cans of magners £10 10 packs are £6.99 or 2 for £10 at Lidl, enjoy

Even better if you have a Lidl moments £5 off £30 voucher. Buy 2 cases (will be 2 alcoholic products allowed per voucher) + some groceries to make it to £30 and it would technically work out as £7.50 a case! (pirate) :D


Still going to smash ‘em, it’s just going to cost me much more.


Are these 2 case's for a tenner ? big stack of them at Maidenhead store but price ticket just states £6.99 . I'll probably pop back and grab a couple & see what happens at the checkout edit 8pm 15 Sept went back to store after football, staff member told me a few people had asked but they weren't two for £10.00 - got him to scan two and bingo they were


That's why...


We have got to have something here that makes up for free prescriptions you get up there ;)

18 cans of 440ml Magners - £10 at Sainsbury's Instore and online
LocalLocalFound 30th Aug 2018Found 30th Aug 2018
18 cans of 440ml Magners - £10 at Sainsbury's Instore and online
In Milton Keynes, Great deal. Online too
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Just looked out of stock effing useless online, might canx this week's and change to Sainsbury's


Glad to help, saddened that living in Scotland, responsible drinkers have to order from England to get a reasonable deal,thanks for replying.


"Telephone and online sales for delivery or 'click and collect' are exempt as long as the order is dispatched from outwith Scotland" Mail order is the way to go then (y)


So 24 hours later I am still waiting....


Someone posts a decent deal and gets grief, would suggest the deal is better than most of the comments. Haters will always hate

Magners Original 10 can pack £6 @ Tesco
Found 10th Aug 2018Found 10th Aug 2018
Magners Original 10 can pack £6 @ Tesco
£6£825%Tesco Deals
Couple of pounds saving on what is usually over £8 unless buying in 20+ can packs.
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Have to agree with sam_of_london this stuff is rotten, not many cider's i dont like but this is one of then, im not sure what they changed because i did use to quite like it but it has a real weird taste now.


Gutted I didn't see this today


Can't get a good booze deals in Scotland thank's to Nicola Jimmy Krankie Sturgeon no wonder we hate her.


I like quality not just quantity


ur not fussy then?

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Magners 18x440ml cans £9 from Asda in-store and online
Found 29th Jul 2018Found 29th Jul 2018
Magners 18x440ml cans £9 from Asda in-store and online
£9£1225%Asda Deals
Cheapo Magners at 50p a can (18x440ml for £9) at Asda

Cheers OP picked some up today. (y)


I wondered why im kilt today!


Any draught flow bitter for 50p a can?


Remember! Not in Scotland:(


50 great British pence per can :/ no wonder all the kids are always drunk, it's cheaper than buying a can of coke :p (y)

5 litre keg of Magners Reserve 5.5% cider £10 instore only @ Morrisons
Found 2nd May 2018Found 2nd May 2018
I know the deals for Old Speckled hen, Budvar and Wainwright kegs have been posted but I don't like beer and with the promise of a warm bank holiday weekend this is right up my str… Read more

I have to admit you had me worried with the Lager thing.... :S


Because it feels very pretentious. They have a list of drinks which are apparently not "real" by their own definition and therefore everyone else is wrong. The link you posted claims that carbonation means it's no longer real. Well I like the bubbles! If I have to drink flat cider in order be thought of as a real cider drinking, then I'm not interested. I drink about 4 units per month of this type of drink in total so I would much rather have what I enjoy instead of striving to be "real." The "lager" bit was a joke by the way, as I knew you would bite ;-) lol!


I think you'll find us CAMRA members drink flower water, not lager.


None in Willenhall, Middlepiece Way


I'm aware plenty of people drink the above Magners its well marketed but there's plenty of people who mistakenly think Magners, etc are proper ciders when they are not, you get what you pay for. They do use apples in the product however they are not cider apples so in order to make it taste right they use malic acid. The juice is sterilized which kills the natural yeast then packaged yeast has to be added. They also add in a lot of sweeteners as that is the market they have created. They also use apple concentrate which is imported from Belgium & China. Proper cider often tastes like apple juice most people haven't tried it and are put off because of the mass produced products pumped out by the huge conglomerates. I also don't understand why you claim CAMRA is lager drinkers? they include a large spectrum of drinks/drinkers and regularly include real cider & Perry at their festivals which due to popularity are the first to run out of the supplies on hand.

Magners pear 8 pck £6.99 @ homebargains ( prenton / wirral) - £6.99
LocalLocalFound 16th Apr 2018Found 16th Apr 2018
Magners pear 8 pck £6.99 @ homebargains ( prenton / wirral) - £6.99
Not sure if 500ml or pint size. Either way imo less than a quid a bottle is a good price for a nice spring/ summer time drink. Assuming local. If so. This is prenton, wirral store… Read more
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Free pint of Hop House 13 lager, Magners Cider or Soft Drink at O'Neill's Pubs via Wuntu (Three)
Found 28th Mar 2018Found 28th Mar 2018
Free pint of Hop House 13 lager, Magners Cider or Soft Drink at O'Neill's Pubs via Wuntu (Three)
Free pint or soft drink, no purchase required. Expires Thursday.

Hop House - your perfect Easter themed lager! :p


I won't be using mine so if anyone wants It PM me your email address and I will email you the code.


They're still there.


They seem to have vanished now?


PM your email and i'll send you the 3 months tv player for nothing.

Magners 10 pack for £4 @ ASDA
LocalLocalFound 24th Mar 2018Found 24th Mar 2018
Magners 10 pack for £4 @ ASDA
Magners Dark Fruit 10 Can Pack

Definitely in Livingston. We got a couple on Thursday night. £4 but they went quick.


I believe the deal is in Scotland again.


this then


Whatever happened to the days of just putting Ribena in your cider? And some beer. And a bit of vodka at weekends.


Just do like the Polish do and mix one of their flavoured syrups into your chosen drink (cider, later etc) . also occasionally available in Lidl for 99p.

Bud, Carling, Stella, Corona, Magners, Hop House, Strongbow, Kopparberg,Desperados, Estrella 2 for £20 mix & match @ Morrisons
Found 21st Mar 2018Found 21st Mar 2018
Bud, Carling, Stella, Corona, Magners, Hop House, Strongbow, Kopparberg,Desperados, Estrella 2 for £20 mix & match @ Morrisons
Mix and Match for Easter on until 3rd April - 2 For £20 at Morrisons instore and online. Adults will prefer these to Easter Eggs?! Choose from - Carling cans 4% - 20 x 440ml £14.… Read more

This is how they're doing it in Scotland (in line with all the other bulk promos that we're not allowed :) )


Magners removed from the offer and strongbow are only 18 pks



Magners isn't 2 for 20 in-store but is is online


Why isn’t miller lite ever on offer :( :(

10 x 440 cans of magners original £5.99 @ Lidl
Found 17th Mar 2018Found 17th Mar 2018
10 x 440 cans of magners original £5.99 @ Lidl
At less than 60p a can that's got to be good. Lidl Shoreham West Sussex.

Home Bargains have them too... (nerd) ( maybe ) (embarrassed) HEAT


B and m do 12 cans for £6.49


Sainsburys do 18 for a tenner as well But seeing as we don't have either here..... Heat added.


Morrisons have 20 for £10 as well...

Guinness 15 cans / Magners 20 cans / Hop house 12 bottles - £10 @ Morrisons
Found 12th Mar 2018Found 12th Mar 2018
Guinness 15 cans / Magners 20 cans / Hop house 12 bottles - £10 @ Morrisons
Guinness 15 cans / Magners 20 cans / Hop house 12 bottles - £10 @ Morrisons
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Magners 20 pack I believe is now expired - I think it's now £12. I think the Guinness may have gone up in price or possibly joined a 2 for £20 offer (so same price as before but now requiring you to buy two), in England and Wales only.


Good deal if you can find it however Morrison’s. don’t deliver to many areas unfortunately. Guineas is still my favourite but it’s not as good as it used to be. They’ve reduced the %ABV to such a degree that it tastes weaker and watered down now. All to stop binge drinking. If you ask me they just like to tell you what you can & cant do. Especially in the UK. Try the imported version and you will see a massive difference. Also cheaper in other countries too. Thanks for the deal OP. Appreciated.


bargain for Guinness that!


Black velvet is the only way to mix Guinness


Mine had an ad up in the store that magners was £10, 50p a can, yet the price next to the case was £12. Usually I would buy at that price anyway, but trying to lose a bit of weight and cut the drinking.... so didnt test what it would scan as (im sure they would give it for £10 anyway given the massive poster that says its that price).

Magners 5l keg £9.99 @ B&M
LocalLocalFound 20th Feb 2018Found 20th Feb 2018
Magners 5l keg £9.99 @ B&M
5L keg for £9.99 in store at B and M. Might be worth getting a few kegs ready for the summer/bbq season.
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Yes true. But in the pub you're paying for the table, lighting and service as well as the drink.


Cheaper than the pub I guess.


You can get 440ml cans (8s &12s) of magners cheaper per litre.


Break that down further, £1 per 500mil. What 500mil bottle cider can you buy at that price. So great price for the stronger version... Exp dates are great too... Set it aside in Garage and get it out in the summer with friends with BBQ. Cheap and refreshing over ice at £1 per 500mil equivalent bottle... Bet the Uni community will love this deal.. Lots of Heat OP... Great Find.


In much the same way as they drink those coco pops flavoured ciders that are passed off as cider due to HM Revenue and Customs mad way of taxing.

Magners 330ml at B&M - 59p Bargain
LocalLocalFound 6th Dec 2017Found 6th Dec 2017
Magners 330ml at B&M - 59p Bargain
Great price Irish Apple Cider Magners Apple Cider; an intense apple tasting cider made from 17 varieties of apple that stands out from the crowd. Best served cilled over ice.
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Magners tastes like rotten apple juice. I like Bulmers



Carling, Bud, Corona, Stella, Magners, Strongbow, Hop House, Kopparberg, Desperados, Estrella, Goose Island - 2 for £20 - Mix 'n Match 'till Dec 26th - MORRISONS
Found 29th Nov 2017Found 29th Nov 2017
Carling, Bud, Corona, Stella, Magners, Strongbow, Hop House, Kopparberg, Desperados, Estrella, Goose Island - 2 for £20 - Mix 'n Match 'till Dec 26th - MORRISONS
Mix 'N Match 2 For £20 at Morrisons Carling cans 4% - 20 x 440ml Magners Original Cider 4.5% - 20 x 440ml Strongbow Original Cider 5% - 20 x 440ml Budweiser bottles 4.8% - 20 x 30… Read more

All taste like p!ss


Thank you, heat added 😊


I phoned Tesco a few months ago to see if they Price Matched, they said "Yes". Hope this helps someone.


can i call this deal rubbish? really nothing value for money..and liver killer


goose island pack is £9.59 in Costco

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