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Argos white Full Length Mirror £15 @ Argos
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Argos white mirror 25% off
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I’ve got one of these it’s a gd mirror


On reflection is this a good deal or not? I've added some heat anyhow OP.


25 % off so not sure why it's cold or what the quality is like? Hot from me. The Range stores have the over door hanging ones for around £10 but no idea about quality difference.

Xiaomi Yeelight YLGJ01YL Portable LED Makeup Mirror with Light Dimmable Motion Sensor £31.54 @ Banggood
Shipping from CNShipping from ChinaFound 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Xiaomi Yeelight YLGJ01YL Portable LED Makeup Mirror with Light Dimmable Motion Sensor. Use the code to get the discounted price.

I'm not a brand snob and am far too canny to pay a large premium for a 'name' on something so trivial as a piece of clothing. The type of people who would be impressed with a designer label on my clothes are not really the type of people I would care to be around, frankly. But if people are happy to be overcharged for an item it's their money at the end of the day. And I certainly wouldn't click on the deal in the first place and then proceed to moan about not being able to avoid it. But I'm not addicted to being outraged, life's too short to dwell on things that don't interest me...


Well looks like you think a Dacia does the same job as a Mercedes. No problem at all, cheap product exist for a reason.


Like on this deal, the people have voted on yours and decreed it overpriced.. Nothing to do with how much it is elsewhere, 145 quid for something that will do the job the same as a Regatta one priced many multiples less (but obviously won't have the desired by some designer label) is never going to cut it on a bargain site, mate. Accept it and move on. PS It's very very easy to avoid Xiaomi deals, just don't click on them. But then you couldn't get all outraged, of course....


The amount of Xiaomi deals being posted everyday is just not "very very easy", in fact very hard to ignore, it seems every single model of phones are posted for each time a few quid price dropped. Btw the jacket I posted is far from over priced, the reason for being voted super cold is because it's not an expensive mobile phone or car or a watch, which are the categories can got hot even at higher price, because people can easily show off these on a daily basis. I agree there are loads of over priced designer crap out there but some propotions of the products (especially when at discount, e.g. the jacket I posted was half price and no other retailers were selling it anywhere near that price) from those brands with higher price do represent great values in terms of qualify and durability.


I think the advantage would be if you're getting up and down frequently as some people take hours to get ready, it saves switching light on and off each time, or accidentally leaving it on when you go out. I know it's not life altering, but possibly saves on the leccy and is more convenient. I don't see this as any more novel than all the home automation cr@p people vote hot on here all the time. It's no effort to flip a light switch or use a remote to turn on music, but people go f*cking mental for the ability to shout commands after spending £££ + hours with setup / research. Very few seem to have an issue with that... but a mirror with a motion sensor light is a step too far apparently.

OnePlus 6 - MIRROR BLACK 6GB RAM 64GB ROM 2 £348.75 @ Gearbest
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
Been looking to upgrade from my OnePlus+ and found this, the camera is good and its got all the 'standard' flagship features at a great price

NFC is missing. Microsd is not really an issue for most now as a lot of people stream and you probably won't see much difference with USB 3.1, you'd notice a difference only if you move files quite a lot from your phone to pc and visa-versa.


I've just pm'd you


Looking to sell my used but pristine OnePlus 6 128gb mirror black for the same price if anyone's interested PM me! Need to downsize as I've had enough of carrying big phones. Has full UK warranty. If you're coming from smaller devices it definitely takes getting used to.


Very tempted, I'm presuming no warranty though and possible customs charge?


Is this the same as Uk version or diff please help? Need to order for my son

SNES Controller Mirror £32.99 Delivered @ FindMeAGift via Amazon
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
The perfect gift for any retro-cool gamer, this sleek and stylish SNES controller mirror is the perfect homage to the legendary look and shape of the original console controller. F… Read more
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Lol. It's not FindMeAGift but more like FindMeAGirlfriend


I nearly bought one, than remembered I have once had sex.


So 1p cheaper, bargain!


£2.99 Delivery under £30

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BaByliss 2663U Curl Secret simplicity gift set with pouch and mirror new other with full guarantee £45 delivered @ ebay sold by primeretailing
Found 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
These are still £120 at Very and Debenhams. Next chepest price is £78 from UK Dapper. Item is decribed as new other an sold by prime retailing who are BaByliss's authorised reselle… Read more

Ordered. Cheers


Not bad but these shouldn't be described as "New other" Bought one for my daughter earlier this year and paid £37.50 @ Asda.


Cracking deal !

*FREE* kids bike helmet with Saturdays Daily Mirror (£1.20) @ Halfords
LocalLocalFound 28th SepFound 28th Sep
Apollo Cupcake Kids Bike Helmet (48-52cm) 2017 link (https://www.halfords.com/cycling/bike-helmets/kids-bike-helmets/apollo-cupcake-kids-bike-helmet-48-52cm-2017) Apollo Firechie… Read more
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Well, I know I'd rather this happened to my helmet than my head...


You’re absolutely right - I’m the one that’s missing the point (excited)


Ok (party) (party) (party) (party) (party)


I can't speak for Surrey, being a filthy Northerner, but I do know that up here the vast majority of cycle infrastructure, especially in towns and cities, is shockingly badly thought out. A combination of cycle lanes positioned where deliveries are most likely to block them, forcing the cyclist to constantly rejoin the flow of traffic, side-junctions where the through-cyclist is required to give way to traffic joining the road, but the through-motorist does not, endless dreaded "cyclists dismount" signs and sections where you have to dodge pedestrians who aren't interesting in keeping out of the cycle lanes. The result is a higher level of risk of collision and significantly increased journey times. Honestly, it's safer (and quicker) to ride in the flow of traffic than to be constantly joining and leaving the flow and, of course, no less than the cars on the road, cyclists have somewhere to go and don't want to stop every 100yds to give way to cars. That's not to say that there isn't good cycling infrastructure, but the vast majority up here was clearly built by non-cyclists to tick a box on a form somewhere without any consideration as to who might want to use it.


Road tax: hasn't existed since 1936 when it was replaced by VED, and of course not all cars pay this - the most efficient, non-polluting will pay zero and I'm pretty confident that bikes fall into this category. So, arguably, they do pay it at the prevailing rate of zero. Roads are paid for through central taxation and there is no link between VED, fuel tax, insurance tax and road maintenance or development Fuel: Correct, bikes do not use fuel and fuel is taxed predominantly to fill the central exchequer's coffers and partly as an environmental consideration where the most inefficient vehicles pay more, as well as heavy users, so the system is more fair than, say, a flat tax. Based on a consideration of both pollution and wear and tear to the roads, I think it's safe to say that cyclist's cake and coffee are probably correctly not taxed as road fuel duty Insurance: This is a more interesting topic and has some good arguments. Personally, I do have insurance as well as legal cover, but I guess I am very much an exception. I also don't crash into cars, nor do I run red-lights. And as for the last point, have a read of this: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/bike-blog/2011/aug/15/cyclists-paved-way-for-roads

House of Disaster Over the Moon Bear Compact Mirror £0.60 free delivery at Lisa Angel Jewellery
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
House of Disaster Over the Moon Bear Compact Mirror great wee stocking fillers lisa angels also do student discount on sale items Dimensionsclosed - width 7.5cm x length 7cm op… Read more



They sold out really quickly before I posted there were over 200 in stock


there still £6.50 on house of disaster website


Just thinking the same @Cal2222 lovely little stocking filler gift. :3

New Bundles Added - OnePlus 6 Midnight Black/Silk White/Mirror Black - 256/128/64GB + Free Accessories - Inc Bullets/Cases/Chargers - Starting From £469 @ OnePlus
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
New Bundle Added including the Big Storage Bundle Which Contains: 1x OnePlus 6 Midnight Black – 256 GB 1x OnePlus Bullets V2 (Free) 1x Karbon OR Sandstone Case (Free) £619 … Read more

OK you are right, the OnePlus does not have USB 3.1 but honestly who cares? That is not a deal breaker for me and probably for many people. Even though I load up my phone with movies and tv shows, the USB port speed has not been an issue for me. OnePlus already offers fast charging via USB so I'm happy with that. As far as screens go... it's fine that you like LCD screens but I for one love OLED. I love the contrast, the over colour saturation... it looks better to me. So no I don't agree about the screen on the P20 being better (though I agree it is a beautiful LCD screen). Cameras are comparable... maybe the P20 is better at some things, maybe the Galaxy S9 is better at others, maybe the OnePlus is very good... point is, I would argue that the difference is so small, it doesn't matter (at least to most people). The pictures on my OnePlus are great, and I'm very happy with them... and I also understand that to take good pictures means knowing how to take pictures, as the camera cannot do everything for you ( i.e. understanding composition). I do not want my phone to be used as a computer, mainly because Android is not designed to be a desktop OS. I'm happy to use Windows (on a laptop) and Android on my mobile device. This is something the Microsoft never understood (trying for years to put Windows on tablets), and Apple seems to get (OS X and IOS continue to be separate). Try not to focus on one particular feature (like USB 3.1) keep in mind that if you use your phone as a desktop you are in the minority, and look at the whole pictures (including price). That's how I judge a good phone. Having said all that, the P20 is an amazing phone and I'm sure I would be happy to own one.


Worcestershire sauce


No, they are both worster than amd ryzen.


Then you can use camelcamel etc which are just for price comparison . This site is for review and feedback as well. I have right to my opinion and dont care about Oneplus sheep like you. You have not even posted any local deal on this site so i dont think you live in uk . Chinese Carl Pei and Pete Lau will love you to make them another billion selling old and inferior ONEPLUS phones at high prices. Caveat Emptor.


Intel makes i7 and Celeron as well. Are both same speed and quality ?

Refurbished Nextbase Mirror Video Recording Night Vision 1080p 4" Dash Cam Camera Recorder  £93.95 @  velocityelectronics  ebay
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Looks like a good deal to me - refurbished but down from 149 elsewhere.
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Ah fair one :)


Looking at test videos of both cameras on youtube, the nextbase one can make out number plates but the YI one can't.


Voted cold, I think the YI mirror at £60 will be just as good and that's brand new.

B&M £1 Maine mirror wall unit
LocalLocalFound 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Purchased today from b&m priced at £14.99 but scanning at £1 Code 276987

Its old stock if u see a item with 2 different codes most likely 1 of them is a lot cheaper than the other


Its the ones thats are priced at £14.99


Scanning at £16.99 :-(


Download the app, try scanning the actual product rather than the label on the shelves. I did this and got frustrated until realised it needs to be the product scanned 🙈🙊 super deal! Yet to come across a £1 deal though. Head added!! Thanks.


Should be super hot,but I guess you posted it wrong time. Any way voted hot.

Light Up Cosmetic Mirror £12 C+C / instore @ Wilko
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Thought this worth sharing, bought a couple last year as Christmas gifts & they went down very well with the recipients, far cheaper than the Boots No7 version Free C+C Se… Read more
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oos now


These are lovely Mirrors but I bought two last year for Xmas presents, both upon opening on Xmas day broke as the mirror part just fell off the stand! Apparently they had loads back with the same fault. My advice would be check them as soon as purchasing as we couldn’t get any more ;(

Argos- Disco mirror ball - £8.99
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Was £14.99 now £8.99 great for party’s, celebrations & Christmas. Bring back those Disco days to any party! This Rotating mirror ball is free standing so is easy to place on t… Read more

ideal for for Celtic fans for europa league nights. :D

Magnifying mirror £1 & in 3 for 2 superdrug - Bexleyheath
LocalLocalFound 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Bexleyheath store
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Yeah thats the one


Is it this one (but obvsly in-store) ? https://www.superdrug.com/Make-Up/Make-Up-Accessories/Mirrors/Superdrug-Fantasy-Queen-of-Darkness-Magnifying-Mirror/p/738730 Thanks.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition - No Software (multi-format/universal £14.99 delivered @ Game
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
The Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition includes: Adult Faith/Young Faith diorama (14" Tall) Exclusive Steelbook Exclusive lithograph Set of 10 concept pieces Temporary log… Read more
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got mine yesterday. Thanks op


Heat. Everything you get is high quality. Although I don’t think the statue needed a house brick in the base!


These already sold out last time this was posted? :/


Bought this last time it came on here for £15, I love mine still got it out on my shelf, wish I had somewhere better to put it so I could see it easier, definately worth the price if Mirror's Edge is one of your favorite game franchises.


I was kind of shocked how big the box was lol. £15 is a bargain for what you get.

OnePlus 6 64GB Mirror Black 4G, Unlocked B @ CEX - Webuy
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
Good price for a Grade B. £79 less than RRP, unlocked. Unsure again on B grades from CEX, but I'd take a risk at this price. If it's bad send it back.

they buy a b as a c and then sell a c as a b. this is a well known cex scam. it's worth to buy from them anything by cash. That's fine if you pay by vouchers.


Cex only gives A Grades to phones that come with the original box and charger. Although some B Grades can be pristine, they will still give that grade to phones with damages to the housing as long as theres no scratches on screen or scratches on back


Some cex will offer you a cash discount at the managers discretion (10%)


Heat #IgnoreSam


Grade A also £405 8)

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