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Ryobi one+ airstrike nail gun 18v (body only) - £136.18 @ Amazon
Found 20th Oct 2018Found 20th Oct 2018
Had an eye on this for a while it’s been up and down in price, but this is the lowest I’ve seen it selling in the uk. Also there is a £5 extra when you top up your amazon credit by… Read more

Noooo waaaaay! That's awesome! I can get some Ryobi garden tools now. Thanks for the heads up, really appreciate it. Where did you see that available? I'll have a Google.


For anyone who has never used a nailer I'd recommend watching the following video. The part about using a nail gun starts at one minute five seconds.


Mine is due Monday :-)


Mine has just arrived. I can honestly say, what abit of kit!! Tryed a few scrap bits of timber and it was effortless. Can’t wait to start a project with it now.


Trade account holders only. The average joe can’t buy from them.

Ryobi Airstrike Nail Gun (Body only) £144.95 @ Amazon
Found 29th Jul 2018Found 29th Jul 2018
Ryobi Airstrike Nail Gun (Body only) £144.95 @ Amazon
£144.95Amazon Deals
Ryobi nail gun for sale on Amazon. Only ever been a couple of quid cheaper according to Camel. Great deal of you've got a load of DIY coming and need to pin things quickly

Was looking at these a few weeks ago and almost bought one from the US but then realised I don't need one. Still want one though but it'll have to come down in price a bit more before I pull the trigger.


Always wanted one ever since I saw how 'useful' they are in 'The Wire'....


Yep I've had friends bring tools over for me buying them retail in home depot in New York for a massive saving.


After getting the prime day deal on battery and hedge trimmer, I too am tempted to add to the arsenal. Another case of "struggling not to buy, keep thinking of things I ‘need it for’" here as well.


Heat from me... struggling not to buy, keep thinking of things I ‘need it for’ (lol)

Cheap 16g angled cordless nail gun(Temporarily out of stock) order now - £62 @ Amazon
Found 29th May 2018Found 29th May 2018
Cheap 16g angled cordless nail gun(Temporarily out of stock) order now - £62 @ Amazon
Cheap cordless nail gun, I am in no rush - Temporarily out of stock but you can place an order.16g angled nail
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Mine has just been cancelled. Waited 6 weeks for nowt.:-(


Worked fine on the loose uprights,kept them secure, No where near the gauge used originally though. But did it’s job ok.


How did you get on with the larger nails?


Heads up that this is being sold for £136.99 and 2.98 delivery from Prestwich on Amazon. But only two in stock left now. Next best is with Amazon Prime delivery for £174.90. Not bad as these are normally over £300 when amazon sell them and third party sellers


I've seen some very odd things with amazon between my account and a colleagues at work, not displaying items, differing prices etc. Maybe Amazon are implementing variable pricing per user?

Parkside Electric Nailer / Stapler £16.99 @ Lidl
LocalLocalFound 15th Jun 2017Found 15th Jun 2017
Available in Store from Thursday 22 June. Flush nose design for working on narrow items or close to edges Adjustable strike capability 3-fold safety protection Fires up to 30… Read more

Probably not what you want. Laminate is quite tough so it might not be powerful enough. 32 mm is the maximum nail length so I don't think that would be long enough for floorboards. For squeaky floorboards you should either screw them down or use special nails which are serrated so they don't pull loose. I have heard that putting talcum powder between the boards can stop them squeaking but I've never tried it myself. For skirting board I use No Nails or any similar type of gun adhesive. It's quick and easy especially if your walls are reasonably straight. I agree with the comments about jamming, it can be a pain.


looking at the picture it does seem like a new model. Will be interested to hear about performance.


Thanks for the info RueF, Worthinger and Hamster_2500.


I normally rate parkside but this is a pain in the ar##. I have completely given up on using nails. The staples block on every 10th one. I'll spend more next time....


syiitable for what? hanging curtains? :p

Parkside Electric Nailer/Stapler £9.99 @ Lidl
Found 19th Mar 2017Found 19th Mar 2017
Parkside Electric Nailer/Stapler £9.99 @ Lidl
Light, compact and easy to use with convenient one-handed operation Magazine with level indicator for 6 - 14mm staples and 14 - 15mm nails Includes: 400 x 10mm Staples, 100 x 14mm … Read more

No, not really got a need for one. :)


Did you get one last time and is it any good? I've not used mine yet. (excited)


This nail gun is back again, now all green but same price, Sunday 11th March


According to the manual It takes bosch typ 47 14/15mm nails, expensive and difficult to find, unless it takes other types of 14/15mm nail? Staples are Typ 53.



dewalt 1st & 2nd fix nailers 2x 5ah batteries and charger £649 @ Toolstop
Found 18th Sep 2016Found 18th Sep 2016
dewalt 1st & 2nd fix nailers 2x 5ah batteries and charger £649 @ Toolstop
probably the best nailers available as I have used them both on several occasions but do not own them until I order them in a minute, these used to be roughly £400 bare body so thi… Read more

£622.99 delivered at


​also a £10 hammer what do you do for a living ??? break toffee.


hahaha you obviously dont work very fast id love to see you bracing a roof on price with a hammer, the first fix nailer would save hours of time and time = ££££ pays for itself.


If I did not already own the Dewalt 2nd fix gun I would be ordering this kit. Hot, cold votes are obviously just from people who don't need or use professional tools. Why vote cold when you have no idea what something is worth? Is this a good deal, yes.


hammer = £10 nuff said :D

Stanley Heavy Duty TR250 Staple Gun/Brad Nailer £12.45 (Prime) @ Amazon
Found 24th Jul 2016Found 24th Jul 2016
Stanley Heavy Duty TR250 Staple Gun/Brad Nailer £12.45 (Prime) @ Amazon
The Stanley 0TR250 is a heavy duty staple gun/nailer and is fitted with an easy push handle that will penetrate the staple or nail into a workpiece with ease. With the pinch point … Read more
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The Firestick would have been a dearer price, with a promotional discount given at checkout to bring it down to £19.99. Check your account & you will see that.


Unfortunately I don't know how to upload an image here, I'll have posted the image


​How often does camelcamelcamel update? As I bought a firestick for 19.99 on prime day and it's still saying it's not been lower than £24.99 on camel


£14.95 & FREE UK delivery

FleetFanatic Really???

PARKSIDE Electric Nailer / Stapler £16.99 @ LIDL
Found 16th Jun 2016Found 16th Jun 2016
PARKSIDE Electric Nailer / Stapler £16.99 @ LIDL
£16.99LIDL Deals
Looks like one of the cheapest nailer/stapler around with 3 years warranty too. Grab some spare nails and staples if picking this up on 23rd June from Lidl.

I am having the same problem with obtaining staples foe the PE T vario electric. Staple gun from LIdls. Seems that most other staples do not fit it and having to download photos of the stapler before they will letting me know where I can get staples. Doubt if I would have bought it had I known the problem getting the appropriate staples would be


Try ebay


Great gun but having difficulty getting staples as can't find source other than Lidl which is120 miles away and they don't do delivery. Any help would be appreciated.

DeWalt brushless framing nailer half price with free delivery £425.00 @ MyToolShed
Found 25th Nov 2015Found 25th Nov 2015
DeWalt brushless framing nailer half price with free delivery £425.00 @ MyToolShed
The DEWALT DCN660 XR Brushless Second Fix Nailer with brushless motor technology, offering runtime that cannot be beaten in a compact package.

Oh bore off you ****.


as a crossover to DIY arnt these worth a punt, as in not pro use, but infrequent but regular diy use? no gas etc..i was excited at the title , but No lol....


These are awfull! Big, heavy and clumsy. Paslode all day long.


Its not a framing nailer either, its a second fix gun!


Yes, in my haste to post what I thought was a good deal on their site, I forgot to trawl the internets looking at every single website to see if the deal could be bettered. My apologies.

Makita An510h High Pressure Construction Coil Nailer £406.99 @ Amazon
Found 19th Nov 2015Found 19th Nov 2015
Makita An510h High Pressure Construction Coil Nailer £406.99 @ Amazon
£406.99Amazon Deals
Nail your boss:D This looks bargin to me really. Only 1 in stock so be quick. Usual price around 550quid.... Makita AN510H HIGH-PRESSURE AIR NAILER Net weight 1.3 kg Vibration K f… Read more
Dewalt P3X Powder Actuated Nail Gun. Delivered. £432.00 @ CTS Ironmongery Ltd.
Found 20th Jul 2015Found 20th Jul 2015
Dewalt P3X Powder Actuated Nail Gun. Delivered. £432.00 @ CTS Ironmongery Ltd.
This is the new Dewalt P3X nail gun. Spit P370 beater ? This is the best price I could find. Features Fires pins from 15-60mm Power adjuster for precise penetration into all bas… Read more

It is not a Tommeee Tippeee - so will go cold. Nice post though.


One for Zombie Preppers?

PARKSIDE Electric Nailer/Stapler £16.99 @ Lidl from 29th June
Found 23rd Jun 2015Found 23rd Jun 2015
This seems like a good deal given it can use brad nails up to 32mm long and staples up to 25mm. which I don't think you normally get at this price. Also an assorted 3000 staple / n… Read more
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Just got one today in their bargain bins for £10 in the rutherglen store There are loads left and worth a look. It is next to the cakes section and you take a left to a special room where they have all their old deals of the week etc


Just got one, but came to this site to check reviews before. Anybody still interested, there were loads left in Barnstaple.


Got one late afternoon on day of sale. Got to say, not very powerful. Even on highest setting would not fully fire nail through MDF door architrave. However, it will come in handy for outdoor work with softer woods. Also the head really does make impact marks on the wood, so not great for finishing work on internals.


****, forgot to go and get more nails!


well, i popped in to get a few cans of spray paint and saw these and decided to buy it...did i really need it? no, will it get used yes just hope its worth it! oh, purchased a pack of the nails too.

Terratek Electric Nail Gun £14.99 Delivered @ Daily Deals Via eBay
Found 6th Jun 2015Found 6th Jun 2015
Terratek Electric Nail Gun £14.99 Delivered @ Daily Deals Via eBay
£14.99eBay Deals
Soft Grip Handle For Easy Control 20 Shots Per Minute Quick Installation Of Staples And Nails Suitable For Staples 6-14mm Brad Nails 16mm Set Includes 400 Staples & 100 Brad Na… Read more
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How to use a nail gun. Danny Glover style...


Reviews on Amazon, 76p more there.

Stanley 0-TRE550 Electric Staple/Nail Gun £18.19 Amazon (Prime) / £21.49 (non Prime) - best price for a long time
Found 6th Jun 2015Found 6th Jun 2015
Stanley 0-TRE550 Electric Staple/Nail Gun £18.19 Amazon (Prime) / £21.49 (non Prime) - best price for a long time
This Stanley 0-TRE550 is a heavy-duty electric 240 volt multipurpose staple and nail gun with the newest anti-jam system technology and ergonomic soft-grip handles. It has an easy … Read more

Did not take long for them to up the price £20.48


I have this. Great gun. Heat

Arrow T50ELITE Staple and Brad Nail Gun FREE DELIVERY £19.99 @ Amazon
Found 4th Apr 2015Found 4th Apr 2015
Arrow T50ELITE Staple and Brad Nail Gun FREE DELIVERY £19.99 @ Amazon
Arrow T50ELITE Staple and Brad Nail Gun Up to 60% More Power Die-Cast aluminum construction Easy-Squeeze patented design, for eay firing Integrated wire guide and ergonomic grip P… Read more
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Stanley Electric Staple/Nail Gun - £19.68 @ Amazon
Found 31st Mar 2015Found 31st Mar 2015
Stanley Electric Staple/Nail Gun - £19.68 @ Amazon
For people who loves DIY :) Before price was £29.85, now £19.68 with free delivery!

Looks like a good deal. I just bought this similar one yesterday, not used it yet, so can't confirm quality Might be an alternative for some?

Primatech Q500 floor nailer £172.95 @ davro online
Found 8th Jul 2014Found 8th Jul 2014
Primatech Q500 floor nailer £172.95 @ davro online
Continuing on from my last post, another item I needed for my DIY project. This is a floor nailer designed for fixing solid wood and engineered wood flooring to wooden subfloors. … Read more

Bobby Davro?


lot of money for one nail


Ahah, I looked into that. You see what these go for second-hand on eBay. About the amount you're paying for it new, on this site I have found. I.e. save the cost of hiring by buying it cheaply and then selling it as "used only once and complete with all the original instructions".


Perhaps I should have given it a harder sell. Increase the value of your home by laying high quality wood flooring yourself and fixing it down properly so that it feels rock-solid underfoot thus giving the impression it was laid by a carpenter (as opposed to the spongy feel underfoot which makes the floor feel to your house-viewers like a very amateurish DIY project that they will probably be thinking they will have to remove right after moving in).


You can hire these which might have been a better option unless you intend to get a lot of use out of it.

Bosch 0603968170 Lithium Ion Cordless Tacker - 3.6V by Argos @ eBay Outlet. - £29.99
Found 10th Jun 2014Found 10th Jun 2014
Bosch 0603968170 Lithium Ion Cordless Tacker - 3.6V by Argos @ eBay Outlet. - £29.99
£29.99eBay Deals
Brand New with 12 months warranty. Product Description Powered by an innovative lithium ion battery this tacker lasts longer, charges quicker and is lighter than traditional batte… Read more

Man needs strong hands to use one.... try using one at an angle, like stapling into a roof joist...jeez, breaks your wrist and sends the staple towards a delicate body part. After 20 staples you have a swollen hand and have lost the desire to carry on. Electric screwdrivers are so much quicker and pain free than a manual one - so why not an electric tacker?


Did did she she?


Sometimes a change is as good as a holiday lol.


Well she she managed OK last night!


30 strokes a minute... That's a better work-rate than my Wife!

Tacwise Z1 140 Staple Gun/Tacker £7.19 (£12.97 on Amazon), also 181ELS 240V Nailer £35.99 (£65.96 on Amazon) @ JTF
Found 4th Jun 2014Found 4th Jun 2014
Tacwise Z1 140 Staple Gun/Tacker £7.19 (£12.97 on Amazon), also 181ELS 240V Nailer £35.99 (£65.96 on Amazon) @ JTF
So I was after a staple gun for various DIY tasks including putting some fairy lighting into a display cabinet, this gets 4.5 Stars from 212 reviews on Amazon and is £12.97 on ther… Read more
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They do have an eBay store, but I couldn't find these on there. Also there's a website jtfonline but I think it's just getting going.


is this online or instore??


Good price

Bostitch air powered nailer 15 - 55 mm D&M Tools £99.95
Found 6th Jan 2014Found 6th Jan 2014
Bostitch air powered nailer 15 - 55 mm D&M Tools £99.95
Definitely not for everyone but this does seem to be the best price for this air nailer and it includes 15000 fixings. 7 year warranty Reputable manufacturer and free P&P

Not the same one This is the same one @ Screwfix @ £119.99


same in screwfix for £50


That's why is says air powered in the heading


Very good price for this bit of kit, sells for quite a bit more elsewhere. OP says it is not for everyone, so yes, you need a good compressor!!


Not cheap really , its not a stand alone nailer you would need a good compressor to run it as well.

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