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Titan TTB517STP 25MM Second Fix Electric Nail Gun / Stapler 240V - £24.99 @ Screwfix
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Posted 9th MarPosted 9th Mar
Heavy duty tool for fastening timber or lesser density materials. Easy jam clearance and contact safety switch. Supplied with 100 nails and 300 staples. Fires 18ga 25 / 22mm Nails / Staples…

I have one. Bought it thinking it would be great for fixing skirting boards, but it simply wasn't up to that particular job and frankly made a bit of a mess of it. I agree with some of the other reviewers here who say it often doesn't punch the nail or brad far enough into a piece of wood, so you end up tapping home. I had expectations of using it easily one handed, but generally needed two hands and a lot of practice to position the gun perfectly flush and square on the workpiece. All in all, it is a bit of a white elephant for me and I have reverted to other tools or methods to do what I thought this would do more simply and easily. Plus points are that it is very cheap and as someone has said, it does take 32mm brads. You can get cheap multi packs at Screwfix too. I guess that in the right hands for smaller tasks it may be useful and I may give it another crack to see if I can get some decent use out of it. I have to say that I am a largely a big fan of the Titan range of tools and this shouldn't put you off them. I have a quite a few different bits of kit, their vacuum cleaner, big SDS drill and garden shredder for instance are brilliant and excellent value for money... just not this one.


Is this anjy good for setting up booby traps around the home?


I'm not sure the model. 240v anyway, not the battery one. It was only about 15 quid ish


Great deal. Thanks @B_Map8


Is this any good for interogating suspects?

Ferrex 18V Cordless Nail Gun £99.99 @ Aldi
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Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Ferrex 18v Nail Gun 18 gauge Info added by @Sashecuador Battery Compatible: Not Activ Energy Compatible Battery Type: 1.5Ah Battery (Included) Brand: Ferrex Corded/Cordless: …
Avatar ayjaybee
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quick heads up, my battery died, not this one the ferrex one from aldi, would not hold a charge, rang aldi and they offered me a refund for the nailer, said i wanted to keep the nailer so they gave me a 19.99 refund for the battery because they didnt know when they will have batteries in stock, so i have this battery and my worx batteries too, so bit of a result if you want to try and get a bit of money back


if you dont have a worx battery i got the bigger version of this,diy,86&sr=1-4 works fine and a bit cheaper too


Yes, pretty sure I paid £84.99 last year. Awesome tool tho


Just purchased one of these, will try out at the weekend. Have these been cheaper than 99.99?


Did you or anyone else have issues with the staples not being fired flush to the surface? I had about 10-20mm protruding despite changing the depth gauge.

Stanley 0-TRE550 Heavy Duty Electric Staple/Nail Gun £27.95 Prime + £4.49 Non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 1st Dec 2021Posted 1st Dec 2021
Stanley 0-TRE550 Heavy Duty Electric Staple/Nail Gun £27.95 Prime + £4.49 Non Prime @ Amazon£27.95Amazon Deals
SAVE 33% Heavy duty design delivers outstanding driving powerHi/Lo power for hard and soft materialsFlush-nose design assists with stapling in tight spotsContoured grip for extra comfort …
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How? I'm at checkout, amazon locker as delivery but still same price


£5 off if you choose to get it delivered to your local Amazon locker.

STANLEY FatMax V20 18V Cordless Nailer (nail gun) with two 2Ah batteries and Kit Box (SFMCN616D2K-GB) for £216 click & collect @ Homebase
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Posted 24th Sep 2021Posted 24th Sep 2021
Nail guns always remind me of one of the best films of the 80s — Lethal Weapon 2. Anyway, this is a good discount price considering it is £270 normally, and £269 elsewhere. Get yours for £…

I was looking at this also instead of the Porter Cable. I did buy the Porter Cable from amazon US, it came out at £151 at the time with two batteries. The PC, Craftsman, Dewalt and Stanley Nailers are all the same they just change the battery on them so you can't use them together. The PC is cheapest but they are discontinuing the brand, the Craftsman is the replacement and they are only available in North America. The Stanley is the European equivalent brand. As someone else mentioned the Dewalt is the same. Even Black and Decker is the same - as they are Stanley Black and Decker Corp.


Extra 10% off sale price with bluelight or defence card voucher


For real


I have a table I need to make to house a CNC machine i have just bought. I imagine this would make the job so much quicker than messing about with screws.


I bit the bullet and purchased the twin DeWalt nail gun kit for £749 on Amazon.

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Ferrex 18V Cordless Nail Gun - £84.99 delivered @ Aldi
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Posted 1st Aug 2021Posted 1st Aug 2021LocalLocal
Get through your next project easily with the Ferrex 18V Cordless Nail Gun. An easy-release magazine for loading is a key feature with this nail gun aswel as a single contact firing knob. Al…
Avatar Idris_ax
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Anybody have any idea on the smallest crown staples this would fit


Just put up 100 boards of featheredge with it, unbelievable bit of kit. Solid, just make sure you top up on nails for big jobs. Screwfix has DeWalt galvanised Brad nails for £12.99 for 5000, can’t beat abit of ‘overkill’ (embarrassed)


Absolutely not. Far too weak for that. Just received this today and it feels and smells of cheapness lol. I'm going to be returning it tomorrow and I'll look for something of higher quality.


Any good for mailing Wood into concrete?


Mine did. I've had it a while though and although it looks to be the same shape and spec the colour is different. You probably wouldn't want to keep a nail gun just knocking around in the shed without a case 🔫 (lol)

Stanley Heavy Duty Staple/Nail Gun - £15.49 at Toolstation - free click & collect / +£5 delivery
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Posted 6th Apr 2021Posted 6th Apr 2021
Stanley Heavy Duty Staple/Nail Gun - £15.49 at Toolstation - free click & collect / +£5 delivery£15.49Toolstation Deals
Was shopping for a brad nail gun and came across this. Although not electric, should be fine for a basic DIY job I think. Beleive the model number is TR250 Product Details Anti-jam function…

can this be used to hammer in nails?


anyone still looking there is one here for £1.59 currently 2 in stock


Bought this, and two packs of 1,000 staples. For some reason they sent 10,000 staples. Double bargain!


I've got this gun, I've bought a multipack of non-Stanley staples for it in the past and they work fine. I think I bought this pack: , though I'm not 100%, so I advise anyone to do their homework before purchasing. The only thing it doesn't do is u-shaped cable staples, which is something I miss from the staple gun I had before.


I think the staples these take are 1mm narrower than standard, as that’s what put me off buying one of these for the same price whilst it was on a deal on Amazon last week. I didn’t want to be stuck buying Stanley consumables for it.