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Titan electric (corded) nail gun £19.99 + free click & collect @ Screwfix
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Posted 23rd Dec 2020Posted 23rd Dec 2020
It’s an electric (corded) nail gun for under £20 with a 2 year guarantee. Also with 100 x 15mm nails and 400 x 14mm staples.

If this is for toughish work then it's no good. I had one. Quite often the staples stick in the magazine and many of the ones that actually came out were deformed where they entered my motorcycle's seat pan. This is due to lack of power. I had the same problem with one I bought from eBay that had 'good' reviews. Then my dad bought an air compressor and I decided to buy myself an air stapler. Fantastic ! Every staple enters cleanly with no fuss. You may want to buy one with a thin nose that can get into narrow gaps. Only £50 but you need to buy a compressor too although once you do a whole new world of powerful air tools is opened up to you.


I agree I have this same model and used it throughout the house with the skirting. Nearly every nail needed to be punched in and then filled but I was planning to fill anyway so going around punching them in was not that time consuming anyway. So for the Diyer I’d highly recommend and put all your force and body behind it to give it the best chance of going all the way in!


It was turned up to max, used to this feature as I'm a carpenter and I've got a dewalt finishing nailer which is used a lot, only got this as the dewalt isn't compatible with the length nail I needed for the job


There’s a little dial thing at the bottom think that adjusts the force it uses on the staple/nail turn that sucker up.


I had to make some shaker style wardrobe doors recently and purchased this to pin the panels into the rebates while the glue dried. Even though the timber was softwood there was a few times that the nails didn't go all the way in, not a major issue as I just punched the nails home. I can't complain to much as it done the job I bought it for but I would agree with others that it's more a stapler than a nail gun

Ozito Staple Nail Gun £6.96 at Homebase in Sussex
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Posted 1st Nov 2020Posted 1st Nov 2020LocalLocal
Ozito Staple Nail Gun £6.96 at Homebase in Sussex£6.96Homebase Deals
Six in stock in Lewes this morning. “The SNG-2050 Staple Nail Gun is the perfect tool for easy upholstering, fixing loose items and tacking fabric to frames. With 1500 staples an… Read more

the biscuit joiner is gone down from £30 to £18. No stock but if I bring it back as is not opened yet, will they sell it back to me after refunding the £30??


No, to shut it once and forever.


Why, is she on a staple diet?


Any good for my mother in law mouth?


Needs expiring. Product discontinued.

Ozito Einhell Sale eg 710W Hammer Drill £15, 400W Jigsaw £17.50, Electric Nail Gun £11.60,12L WetDry Vac £21, Bench Grinder £17.50 Homebase
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Posted 1st Oct 2020Posted 1st Oct 2020
Ozito Einhell Sale eg 710W Hammer Drill £15, 400W Jigsaw £17.50, Electric Nail Gun £11.60,12L WetDry Vac £21, Bench Grinder £17.50 HomebaseHomebase Deals
Some decent clearance offers on Ozito power tool products many at half price. Rather than posting individually I thought I would list them in a single post. In-store only, and … Read more
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Yes they are a joke. The quicker they go bust the better.


Used to have 4 homebases near me, now only one left


Those "710w" hammer drills have been doing the rounds for years. "Challenger drills" at Argos, B&Q own brand, etc.


You've got 2 weeks (in some shops more) to return it. Buy this and return it sealed to shop where it was £135. Voilà. £67.40 saved. ;)


Tools any good?

Ozito by Einhell Electric Staple Nail Gun - £20 @ Homebase (in-store)
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Posted 11th Sep 2020Posted 11th Sep 2020LocalLocal
Ozito by Einhell Electric Staple Nail Gun - £20 @ Homebase (in-store)£20£2931% offHomebase Deals
Handy for diy projects and seems alright for the price :) Comes with 3 years warranty. Available in-store The SNG-2050 Staple Nail Gun is the perfect tool for easy upholsterin… Read more
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Did you hear about the guy who was shot 200 times by a upholstery staple gun? He's now full re-covered. I'm here all week. Heat added

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Ferrex 18V Li-Ion Nail Gun at Aldi for £84.99 delivered
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Posted 23rd Aug 2020Posted 23rd Aug 2020
Ferrex 18V Li-Ion Nail Gun at Aldi for £84.99 delivered£84.99Aldi Deals
Very good nailer and much cheaper than draper recently been in here for £100 or more

Picked one of these up today. The Ryobi airstrike which is exactly the same spec is over 200 quid. I do wonder if its essentially the same gun with different casing. 85 quid for finishing nailer is ridiculously cheap because a Hikoki or Dewalt one will set you back 400 quid. For the record, I have the Hikoki framing nailer and I'll happily use this tool for paid work. Tool snobbery is pathetic.


Depends on the thickness of the fibre cement. I imagine it's not thicker than 25mm so I'd say so.


Just picked one up today in store, so they're still knocking about even though sold out online.


Spotted one of these in-store today and wondered if it would be any good to put cladding up on house? It's fibre cement board cladding if that makes any difference


I've been waiting for that to appear for the lady two years.

Heavy Duty Stapler And Nail Gun, includes 1000 assorted nails and staples - £9.99 instore / £12.94 delivered @ ALDI
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Posted 10th Aug 2020Posted 10th Aug 2020
Heavy Duty Stapler And Nail Gun, includes 1000 assorted nails and staples - £9.99 instore / £12.94 delivered @ ALDI£9.99Aldi Deals
Good price for a Heavy Duty Stapler and Nail gun, postage included and also instore from 16th August, whilst stocks last. Can pre-order now also for despatch on 16th August. You … Read more

Bought to attempt to reupholster my IKEA Markus... What could go wrong :D


Do you think that someone who's asking if you can fit skirting with a 10 quid Staple gun is going to buy 200 quids worth of compressor and a brad nailer, and also know what they are doing. Must dash. I need to go and Staple my floor joists in.


Get an air Brad nailer like tackwise and a cheap air compressor like the Stanley one that comes with accessories about 150 total plus 10 for nail. Worth the investment


You will need the electric one - and they're not cheap. Have to be very careful using the electric ones!


Absolutely no chance