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No Mans Sky (PS4) £6.99 Delivered (Pre Owned) @ Grainger Games
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
Inspired by classic science-fiction and its overwhelming sense of adventure and imagination, Hello Games presents a game of unprecedented scale and ambition. In No Man’s Sky you ex… Read more
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Do you enjoy watching the window in your washing machine too? :p I played it for a few hours and honestly felt that it peaked after about 6 minutes, by that time I experienced all the game had to offer. Space Engine (free) on PC is a far more entertaining experience and it's not even a game, I might pick this up for PC when it gets to 50p delivered.


I like single player slow burn games but I found this boring. Picked it up cheap after it had been out for about 6 months for cheap but that didn’t ease the disappointment Probably worth a punt at this price in case you are in the 10% that would actually enjoy it


Has it got multiplayer?


i loved this. i will get back to it one day too. yes it was hyped but people really need to move on. its a great game but its certainly not for everyone.


Thank. Ordered for my teen son and heated. Hoping its easier to control than Elite Dangerous!

Tesco Middleton - PS4 (Mirror's Edge, No Man's Sky) and XBOX (Mirror's Edge, Morrowind) Games £5 / £6
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
Tesco Middleton had lots of copies of the following 3 games PS4 (Mirror's Edge, No Man's Sky) and XBOX (Mirror's Edge, Morrowind) for £5 and £6 on a clearance shelf arse-end of the… Read more

Oldham Tesco Extra has 2 copies of Morrowind and 2 of Mirrors Edge PS4 £8 small saving.


Still had loads of copies of NMS and MEC when I was in earlier.


Got morrowind and mirrors edge, cheers


Incredible price. Picked up a few games but only at the standard reduced price. They never seem to yellow sticker in any of my local stores. If anyone would pick up a mirrors edge for me and post it would be very much appreciated (cheeky)


Can confirm. Just popped down after seeing your comment and picked up elder scrolls online and mirrors edge catalyst for 1 whole pound each (highfive) they were the only 2 games left but a few copies of each

[PS4] No Man's Sky - £8.00 (Pre-owned) - GamesCentre
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
Worth a punt for £8 delivered? Heavily inspired by classic science-fiction, No Man’s Sky is a game with near limitless possibilities and a whole universe to explore. Explore un… Read more
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I'd probably stay clear of Seedee Jons. It's not one I've heard of before and I fear for the Google search results :D


Even more retailers I've never heard of! Yaaaaaay :) Hopefully more bargains :D Cheers @BuzzDuraband


These were this years nominations in that catergory. INDEPENDENT RETAILERBase.comG2G LimitedGames Centre LtdGameSeek LtdLime XB360Merchoid LimitedRice DigitalSeedee JonsSimply GamesThe Game Collection


I've only really used them a handful of times with no issue. They must be doing some right, though. They've won the MVC award for Independent Retailer 6 years on the trot. Beating even The Game Collection on those occasions.


Hmmm, Not sure, but as it's pre-owned, I guess it's passable.

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Found 25th Dec 2017Found 25th Dec 2017
Avatardeleted458338Get dealGet deal

£20 over priced


A mystery lies at the centre of the galaxy... Nope.


Not worth it full price. I was also one of the unfortunate ones. But at a tenner... worth a few hours of play.


VR no mans sky please


Well worth it IMO. I got the platinum for this *before* any content patches. It’s a very laid back chill game. Now they have added a bunch of stuff like bases/vehicles and the like. HDR and PS4 Pro support too. Whatever complaints people have about this game at launch, and what it wasn’t, you can’t deny the commitment they have shown since in trying to putting it right. Tons of content for free and they are still updating. They could have easily just walked away, I mean people are hating regardless of their efforts so I doubt it would have made any real difference to their rep. Anyway. My 2c.

No Man's Sky - Steam (PC) (without 5% FB code) - £10.99 @ CD Keys
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
I know this game gets alot of bad press BUT it's one of the cheapest I've seen it. I've heard they've made improvements to the game since release also. Inspired by the adventure… Read more
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This game still desperately needs a vr patch/mod/full conversion!


Gets a good write up in the latest PC Gamer - may not have launched well but progressed since.


This is not a really bad game. I was an early backer and I more than got my money's worth out of the original build, I put maybe 150 hours in and enjoyed it. It's a chilled out, sit back and play game. My wife would sit and watch because it's nice to look at. Whatever you are basing your opinion on is biased. The only reason it gets negative reviews is because it didn't launch with everything it promised which was a huge ask of any game developer, nevermind the small one that created this.

this game cost maximum 1 p


I like it, found a beautiful planet and I enjoy cruizing over the hills & mountains (and driving over the occasional animal) while searching for certain minerals

No man's sky Steam key - cheaper than steam at CDKeys for £13.99
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Was 14.99 yesterday - 15.99 on Steam currently. Wasn't great on release - but by all accounts the updates have improved it a lot!
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Considering this was the best price by a pound it's a bit disappointing that it's been voted so cold. I wonder what deals I've missed on this site for similar reasons?


Free to Play is this games future.


still gonna be a couple of years yet before the game is finished/more than a sandbox, if they do finish it that is


You can also use the code CDKEYSBLACK10 for an extra 10% off - making it £12.59.


It's not so terrible since the update.

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No Mans Sky PS4 as a Weekend Deal £9.49 on Playstation Store
Found 30th Sep 2017Found 30th Sep 2017
Been trying to decide about this since day one but for this price this weekend it's a done deal I get that the whole weekend sale is a good deal but this is one of the highest per… Read more
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Its an excellent game and one I have owned and played more than any other. I keep going back to this to play and it can really keep you engrosed for hours and days and weeks and months


Great deal. It had a ropey start, but the game is now worth every penny, especially at this price.


Worst game ever pure dogsh*t


PURCHASED! Thank you, needed a new game to get engrossed in.... The Mrs. doesn't agree but what does she know. (She's not a member)


My favourite game

No Mans Sky (PS4) Used £7.99 @
Found 6th Aug 2017Found 6th Aug 2017
Also new for £9.99 Not a great game though.
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Grabbed it on PSN £9;99 currently in the summer sale.


Big upcoming incoming which will hopefully make things more interesting. I like it as a chill out game.


If you really want to play a good space game, EVE Online is for you. It has a very steep learning curve though, but its massive, fun and very pretty. (Yes, it's a PC Game)


I've had hernias that were more fun than this.


Fair enough but guess you missed my point.

[PS4] Battlefront: Ultimate Edition - £7.99 / The Last Guardian - £15.99 / Dragon Age: Inquisition - £5.79 [GOTY - £7.99] / Gravity Rush Remastered - £7.99 / No Mans Sky - £9.99 / UD: Rush of Blood - £6.49 / Ratchet & Clank - £11.99 - PSN Summer Sale
Found 19th Jul 2017Found 19th Jul 2017
Looks like it's going to be a good week for the PSN sale. I've just had a quick look through and these are some of the standout titles I can see :) Battlefront: Ultimate Edit… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Are there prices not supposed to be on untill the 16th just checked star wars and its gone from £7.99 to £24.99 ?


I'm sure Limbo is in the sale every month


Yes. Actually enjoyed it.


Syndicate is decent if not a slightly safer game than Unity was. Unity pushed a lot of technical bars that this console generation just wasn't ready for, especially only 1 year in. Syndicate is just the old AC formula but plus vehicles (well horses and carts). The Jack the Ripper DLC was utter gash though.


Jeez Buzz I look forward to picking up a game.or two each week from these deals but this ones killed me. £125 and 2 days worth of spare time to go through everything, then cross reference all 78 wishlist items to metacritic and watch videos of each game to come to the conclusion whether its a keeper or not. Got it down to just under 30 and bought half so I'm happy I've got a decent library for my new vr thing I'm still getting used to, and more regular games to throw on the backlog. I think I've dropped close to £500 on games and hardware in the last 30 days. If anyone wants a kidney PM me.

[Switch] Puyo Puyo Tetris - £24.95 / [PS4] NieR Automata - £27.95 / Horizon Zero Dawn - £25.95 / No Man's Sky - £9.99 / Deadpool - £9.99 / Elite Dangerous Legendary - £27.85 / [PS4/XboxOne] DiRT 4 - £34.95 - GameCollection (Suns Out, Guns Out Sale)
Found 6th Jul 2017Found 6th Jul 2017
Sale at The Game Collection for the next week. I will get the links in :) [Switch] Puyo Puyo Tetris - £24.95 [PS4] NieR: Automata - £27.95 [PS4] Horizon Zero Dawn -… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

It's 2 puzzle games in one with lots of modes, it's great fun as a party game. Whether it's worth £25 or not is another matter but I was willing to buy it at this price.


Great, I was waiting until I could get Puyo Puyo Tetris for £25.


It's Tetris AND Puyo Puyo.


is Puyo Puyo worth £25? Still want something new for my Switch but is it just Tetris?


Yeah, an inside joke bud.

PS4 Custom Faceplates - Blue / Orange / White / Silver / Red / LE: No Mans Sky £6.99 each Delivered @ Go2Games
Found 8th Jun 2017Found 8th Jun 2017
This is the cheapest I've ever seen these! £6.99 each with free standard delivery. Customize your PlayStation 4 with this custom faceplate! The standard faceplate on the PS… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

I think the Xbox One X killed it's replacement the Pro last night, never mind this model :D and yes I know the Slim and Pro will still remain relevant especially with their exclusives before anyone starts.


Keep the tone light, like your favourite piece of plastic! ;p


Congrats, you got 4 'nerd likes' :)


Nice, tempted but wish it was the whole top covering, not just half.


Yeah. It was just an appearance change to mark the C chassis.

No Man's Sky for PS4 £12 @ Asda
LocalLocalFound 21st May 2017Found 21st May 2017
In store at Asda Canford Heath, Poole.

Wait until it's a bit cheaper


Where what?


cold until they give you money back for the lies


Why has this gone so cold? I'm tempted to try to find unless it's available elsewhere cheaper?


Heat. A lot more to offer after all the recent updates.

No Man's Sky (PS4) - £11.99 @ Go2Games
Found 17th May 2017Found 17th May 2017
Seems to be a good deal. I'm still waiting for sub £10

Terrible waste of time


Game is already sub £10 at some sites, failing that just go on eBay, I got a near new copy for £7.50


Not even worth that price tbh.


Great price, paid £39.99 on release day, thoroughly enjoyed the 165+ Hours I've spent in-game.


£12 in asda too if you are going in, don't make a special trip as part of their current sale but lots in Leamington

No Man's Sky PS4 - like New - £8.10 prime / £9.92 non prime @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 4th May 2017Found 4th May 2017
After the updates/improvements, its finally dropped below a tenner on Amazon. So I have gone for it. I chose one "like new" factory sealed for £8.10. Also available "used - very go… Read more

Mine arrived without instructions, haven't had time to use it yet, are they needed ?


10 copies used - very good back in stock. £7.93 after discount. Loving this game. Highly recommended to buy.


I didn't get a sealed copy either. I was asked what I would like in terms of a partial refund, so I was quite coy. I asked what they were willing to offer. Was offered £3. :D


I got offered the same. Seems reasonable. :)


Wow, Amazon are amazing. I didn't ask for any compensation but did complain. They refunded me the whole £8.10 and told me to keep the game. So I got it free oO

20% off Pre-Owned Gaming @ Music Magpie. (e.g Far Cry 4 (X1) - £5.99 / The Elder Scrolls Online (PS4) - £4.63 / No Man's Sky (PS4) - £7.83)
Found 13th Apr 2017Found 13th Apr 2017
Hey guys. I've just seen that Music Magpie have 20% off their pre-owned gaming. Obviously I won't be able to link to all the bargains, but there are a few in there. Far Cry 4 -… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

I ordered a load of ps4 and Xbox one games and all arrived in very good condition except one ps4 game that needed a good clean. Apart from that, i have used music magpie for ages and never had any problem with any DVD's, CDs or games i have bought.


I purchased tons of stuff from them thinking this was a good offer - mainly audio CDs but some games. Almost 100% of what I have received so far is totally smashed / broken / scratched to hell and back and in the worst condition I've ever seen in my life - I am beyond shocked at what I've been sent. (...) It also had the worst packaging I've ever seen in my life - whoever packaged this seriously has no clue what on earth they are doing - they just put a million items in a large envelope, some of the CDs were taped together - nothing had a chance of survival. The entire package had literally been destroyed several times over prior to arriving - it had even been repackaged by Hermes out of sympathy as the original packaging was so **** poor there was nothing left of it. The discs were also almost all heavily scratched and covered in different sorts of grime - the discs had clearly been like that prior to dispatch. I had assumed they at least cleaned and refurbished scratched faulty discs and broken cases before selling them?? What I've received seriously looks like it came from a skip. Good luck to everyone...


MusicMagie seem to have some cracking deals anyway. I have been looking for a particular CD for ages! The best price I had found was £7.95 on Amazon. I just bought it from MusicMagpie for 95p and free postage! Bargain!


Nowt there of interest to me but Heat added nonetheless.


I think the prices changed so it is worth checking ... I picked up the rocky 6 movie DVD for 1.67 aft discount .. it was a bit more and then as the weekend started it dropped in price. It jumped back up to over £4 now

[PS4] Torment Tides of Numenera - Day One Edition - £14.99 / No Man's Sky - £12.99 - Go2Games
Found 13th Apr 2017Found 13th Apr 2017
[ No Man's Sky ] Torment: Tides of Numenera is a game set in the world of Monte Cook's new tabletop RPG setting, Numenera. Torment continues the thematic legacy of Planescape: T… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Torment: Tides of Numenera is going down faster in price than Battleborn and Homefront combined! It is worth picking up a physical copy for the soundtrack included. I think this is the cheapest a new copy of NMS has been. Hard to predict what price I should pick it up for as if it gets a number of updates this year and makes a comeback in popularity I guess the price will go up. Then again it might end up going the way of Battleborn to the point they are almost giving it away!


Why is the "free" shipping option £7?


I took a risk adding NMS into the title. It let me down :D


Brilliant price for Torment. Surprised this doesn't have more heat as it was over 300 degrees with it at 16.85. Suspect it will drop even further but this was my biting point.


Go2Games seems to be the smaller version of Base but now even more competitive. Heat added earlier Buzz. :)

No Man's Sky - PS4 Preowned - 10% Off £10.16 @ Music magpie
Found 10th Mar 2017Found 10th Mar 2017
Grab yourself a preowned copy of No Man's Sky on PS4 for 10.16. Heard it's a lot better than it was with the recent updates.

Look up games like Space Engineers and Astroneers. They already beat NMS on exploration and planet exploring. Elite dangerous is THE go to space game in this era and to this date, nothing is coming close to it until Star Citizen comes out.


I can do it with 1. Poop.


Thank you.. Maybe for a tenner its worth a shot then. I can always trade it in for a few pounds after I am bored with it.


Yeah, I enjoyed it at launch too (on PC)... Got it in the recent PSN sale seeing as it now has Pro support so will jump back into it soon. It might not be everything they hyped it up to be and they really **** up the launch price, but it's still a decent game to zone out with for a few hours and play with a few beers/your drug of choice. For a tenner it's well worth a look


Idiots formed emotional connection to trailer and hype, bought in unfinished state, unable to process negative experience like an adult. There, exactly 20 words. In all seriousness I enjoyed at release and it's got so much better since - it's one of the most relaxing experiences you can have in gaming

No Mans Sky (PS4) - Just before the new patch drops £14 prime / £15.99 non prime @ Amazon
Found 8th Mar 2017Found 8th Mar 2017
Good price for No Mans Sky, specially since the last update and the updating coming sometime soon.

Your quite correct the game does not need saving. The reputation of the studio is another matter. Lets see how well their next game sells on pre release hype.


People talk about the new patch as if it's gonna be a different game after Boring core mechanics are still the same, just because you can drive a vehicle and even if it's cool doesn't mean that you won't be doing the same boring mining crap so you can go to another planet so you can mine some more crap so you go to the next planet... repeat endlessly


save your money


They did on Mythbusters.


​True but I pay it anyway so for me it's an bonus.

No Mans Sky - £14, Amazon or Tesco  Free Delivery over £20 or Free for Prime
Found 21st Feb 2017Found 21st Feb 2017
No Mans Sky for £14 New, Decent game for the price Also same price at Tesco
Get dealGet deal

Played it for the first time a couple of weeks age, although it doesn't quite live up to the hype, I am really impressed by it. But as you say, a few hours goes nowhere on it. In all honesty I don't believe the game deserved the bashing it got. But then if Sean had described it totally honestly and they'd sold it at £20, they'd still have made a fortune.


Surely a PS+ game before the year is out, likely to coincide with paid for DLC


Yep £12.99 at Smyths but when you consider Battleborn is down to 3 or 4 quid, it is tempting to hold on and see just how cheap No Man's Sky will go.


Don't buy this game. It eats up too many hours. I picked it up at smyths for 12.99. But in all seriousness good price.


Thanks, got it for a tenner with some clubcard vouchers ;)

No Mans Sky Limited Edition Custom PS4 Faceplate £7.49 @ eBay/g2gltd (or £7.31 @ Amazon)
Found 19th Feb 2017Found 19th Feb 2017
Brand new No Mans Sky 'limited Edition Faceplate' with free postage on eBay. However if you have Prime and want next day delivery (or £1 no rush credit) Amazon are also selling i… Read more
Get dealGet deal

not only was the game the biggest flop recorded, you now can be reminded it still exists on a daily basis.


Pointless tat.


Can't see these selling very well.. limited edition but they've got LOADS of them :/ I actually didn't hate the game.. I thought for the 5er I paid I more than got my monies worth!


No mans sky facepalm not faceplate!


A great secret santa joke gift.

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