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No mans sky - PC £16.99 @ CD Keys
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Cheapest the pc version has been since the big update. Don’t forget 3% Facebook discount
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'Horrible' is probably overstating it, but it was substantially worse than I'd personally want to play. This was just after then NEXT update, so maybe it's been updated again, but it hasn't to my knowledge.


I think I tried lower resolutions, lowering the settings right down, and still was left with a pretty horrible experience. It's one thing on a controller, but another altogether when you want to use a mouse. Ymmv, of course. I think I've read analysis saying this is a game that can really benefit from an i7, more so than usual.


I enjoyed this when I first played it at launch, but then drifted off to other titles. Coming back after the NEXT update it is amazing how much new content has been added and how it changes the way you play the game. If you are looking at reviews trying to make up your mind make sure to look for those made after / with the NEXT update, to give you an idea of where the game is at now. There were a lot of negative reviews at launch due to the state of the game at the time vs expectations / hype before the release.


I'd be interested to see how it runs on your system at a slightly lower resolution. On one of my older PCs it runs at a steady 60fps at 2560x1440 (my monitor for that rig's maximum resolution). That's only got an i7-4770 @3.5ghz (turbo boost up to 3.9ghz) and a Nvidia 780 4GB GPU.


With an i5 6600k & vega 64 it should be a surprise that only a few games can do 4k / 60fps.

No Man's Sky for PC for £16! @ GMG
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Greenman Gaming currently have it on offer now
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I bought this for £15 when it was on offer at the time the Atlas patch was released. The amount of regular patches and content still being pumped out is amazing. I never thought they I would enjoy a game like this but I certainly have had value for money. Not sure why this is so cold, this is a good deal as it seems the cheapest around around for the PC version. People should vote on the deal and not their emotions of the game and its history, in this case.


Considering the support thr developer has given the game and what it has become now, is amazing. I love it, and you can build your own Base now on a Planet. The usual lot voting cold, but I will be voting HOT because this is a great deal.


No Man's Buy! (lol)


You can play in either 1st or 3rd person, it's just an option.


My main gripe with the new version would mainly be the new third person perspective. But it does look good now, that's for sure.

[PS4] No Man's Sky - PlayStation Store - 62% off - £12.99
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
No Man's Sky - 62% off at the PlayStation Store until the 19/9/2018
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The PlayStation Blog has a post listing 8 reasons why its worth the spend.


picked it up at last year's UK PSN sale for 9.99 (before the overdue patch upgrades were announced/released). Best price at the moment? Yes, but not best price ever. and for that reason, i'm out.


A bit tempted by that.


Oh, yeah- I missed that part :S It is online only, but by god it’s a totally all-out space sim :)


This game is screaming out for a psvr version.

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No Mans Sky Xbox (Argentina) - £12 @ Microsoft Store
Shipping from ARShipping from ArgentinaFound 1st SepFound 1st Sep
With the peso hitting an all time low you need to be getting the best price for your game ;) you'll need to use a VPN to get this on xbox but at £12 its a steal!!!! If someone cou… Read more
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I think there is a genuine issue at the moment but wouldn't be surprised if MS stopped the whole VPN thing at some point, I'd buy a load of Turkish gift cards if I could but nobody has any at the moment, I've got RDR 2 pre-ordered from Argentina and JC4 from Turkey so they will likely fail too if this hasn't been sorted by then :(


I'm just gonna throw this out there but has anyone else had the thought that they maybe stopping sales in turkey and argentine because the currencies are in crisis and they could become worthless??


Not what I said is it?


It's all semantics really, if this is the end of the vpn buying then it's been a good run. If it comes back then it's as you were. It's been a while now though and I can still buy stuff on the uk store with a card and account credit, I'll remain optimistic for now though.


So you're arguing if an item goes out of stock its not expired, because it may well come back in stock? Weird.

No Man's Sky PS4 Pre-owned £22.99 @ Game
Found 2nd AugFound 2nd Aug
No Man's Sky..
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That deserves 1000 likes (:I (y)


It's only £15 on PSN. Prices have gone up everywhere because of new content, even Cex are buying it for a tenner again


Well it does if it’s cheaper than other retailers prices? (I haven’t bothered checking as already own it)


Lmao, why would you think this is a deal?


Crazy price for a pre-owned PS4 copy but excellent adventure!

No Man's Sky - Steam - Greenman Gaming £18 with Code
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
GMG are doing a EXTRA 10% OFF VOUCHER Enter code: NEXT10 Priced at £20 so comes down to £18

Looking to get one for steam but can't find it less than £30?!?!? What is going on here?


good deal. hot. thanks!


Was going to pick this up when it was £5 on the consoles but from all the masses of hate since day 1 (if not before) has always steered me well away from NMS.


Runs terribly on my gtx1060 6gb. I think it's hit and miss. You might get lucky but I had to refund it as I was getting less than 10fps on some planets and that was on medium/low settings.


yeah, that's true. I'm just too stubborn. Got so many unplayed games that i can live without but from what i have heard of the changes and soon to be added, the game does seem alright now

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No Man’s Sky - PS4 - Sainsbury’s - £9.99 In Store
LocalLocalFound 25th JulFound 25th Jul
I’ve seen a few No Man’s Sky deals recently, and I’ve heard there’s an update coming to enhance gameplay and whatever. On PS store it’s currently on for £15 I’ve noticed, so I tho… Read more
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Ridiculous to think this price is too much still, absolute bargain. Heat!


Well it could have been worse. You could have been stranded on a planet with Whispering Eggs and Horrors.


I’m glad I never sold my copy, I enjoyed the original game and sounds much more involving now.


Creative Mode, added in the previous update, prevents grind while letting you just play around in the universe, build bases, deform land and fight space pirates.


Also if anyone is struggling to get a copy at Sainsbury's, Smyth's Toys are also selling for £10 (y) 🏾

No Man's Sky (PS4) £14.99 PSN
Found 25th JulFound 25th Jul
Love it or hate it.

Nope ps4, sadly they dropped the price today. Wish I had held out


I bought this and the game is a bit erm crap!!


I’m guessing that was on Xbox ? Pretty much full price as it’s a new release there


I'm sure I remember reading that Sony were the ones that forced it out the door as they were part funding it. Not sure Hello Games can be blamed (fully) for the mess it was.


£35 ?? 😳

No Man's Sky for PC Half Price On Steam - £19.99
Found 24th JulFound 24th Jul
I know it's not the cheapest it's ever been, but the update is out today and this is the cheapest I can find it for pc at the moment. That said if you do find/know of a better deal… Read more
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It's out of stock.


Bought (GMG) and restarted. My last save was mid August 2016, I played 10 minutes apparently before I got a refund. The first 30 minutes playing just now shows me this is a hell of a lot better.




Great! Now to wait for the VR Update :P


[NEXT: INTRODUCING UPDATE 1.5] Update 1.5, NEXT, introduces a full multiplayer experience, near-unlimited base building, command of freighter armadas, a graphical overhaul and more. More details in the link mate.

No Man’s Sky Xbox One Pre-Order £30 @ Smyths
Found 21st JulFound 21st Jul
No mans sky for Xbox one. Gained a poor reputation when first released however there has been over 4 large updates over the 2 years since release and the game is looking very good… Read more

Great price, most people commenting here clearly haven't played the updated Next version.


This is actually a pretty decent game now. I have been playing it since launch and the amount of effort the devs have put into it is staggering tbh. All free updates too if it was EA these would have been paid for as DLC. For £30 it’s a lot of game especially with the new update. Just a shame it had such a rotten start as it’s a far superior game now.


I think this looks a good game now, I don't much care what it was like in 2016, I didn't buy it then. Heat added, well done op


Elite dangerous is better in my opinion but you really need horizons to get the best out of it


Depends on what you want to do, you can be an explorer, visit many planets and systems to see what the game throws up. Scan everything on these worlds to earn money. You can be a trader, mine resource and then sell to earn money. Build a base and start farming, combine what you farm to make items to sell, these items can be worth a lot of money, as you progress through the game you will acquire random blu prints, these will be used to improve your suit, ship or weapon. There is also blu prints for random formula which can be crafted with the proper ingredients, this could be something that will be worth a lot of money, in turn the money can be used to buy a better ship or gun or even a freighter. You can also be a pirate, fly about space and take down bounty' s that way to earn more money. There is a story to follow, side missions to Do, aliens to communicate with which is easier the more you learn of there language. IMO loads to keep you entertained. The actual point of the game is get to the centre of the universe, tbh I might never be there lol Hope this helps

No Man's Sky PS4 (used) £4.69 @  musicmagpie
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
At below at fiver delivered. May be worth a shout for people who want to see how it's improved.

Have they added actual MP now?


Decent price! Unfortunately OOS now :(


Just got too many games, heat for price OP 3 left just now (highfive)


Got one cheers OP


free on ps+ soon I wonder?

No Man's Sky (PS4) £10 @ Smyths toys
Found 26th JunFound 26th Jun
Features With over 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (18 quintillion) possible planets, No Man’s Sky's procedurally generated galaxy gives players an unparalleled opportunity to explore … Read more
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well worth £10 even if you only play it for 100 hours


So what is it?


11.99 at Argos Ebay if no stock near Smyths


It was a bit of marmite game on release. I personally loved it, put well over 150hrs in and platinumed it. Got myself a living glass farm and saving toward a Star destroyer freighter!! I suspect NEXT will be great, free updates/DLC is never to be sniffed at!


Purchased on release day, enjoyed it.

Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
The best *NEW* price I've seen with *FREE* DELIVERY. Inspired by classic science-fiction and its overwhelming sense of adventure and imagination, Hello Games presents a game of u… Read more

I agree. They got a lot of stick when it was released so kind of owe it to the people who didn't trade it in/get refunds :D Price will be hiked when the update is released too!


I'll try that - thank you very much 8)


Yes.. personally each new planet you land on, give it a few minutes on foot and see if you can survive easy enough or if its worth exploring further. If so build a signal booster and immediately re-use it for all four POI's it gives.. (It took me a while to realise I could just re-open it and click on another POI) The drop pods are always useful for exosuit upgrades.


It'a an awesome experience! Enjoy it. :)


I really like it so far. just don't expect an action packed game. it's a lot of resource collecting and exploring.

No Man's Sky (PC - Steam)  - £12 with code BOTR25 at GMG
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
This morning Hello Games confirmed that the next free update 'NEXT' will include full, synchronous multiplayer! Yes, okay, I guess they did kind of promise that as launch, but t… Read more

Voucher code has expired.


Thanks to all the hype and the big launch, I suspect there's a lot of second hand physical copies of the PS4 game hanging around that drive down the price.


as soon as vr is added i am in... until then however... no thanks. (still not a bad price tho) i blame sony :) (they were working on oculus rift support way back when DK2 1st launched) as an aside is this the only game which is almost always cheaper on ps4 than on pc when in a sale? usually it is the opposite.


I got sucked into this game recently and in its current form it's incredible. £12 for the game plus the Next update is insane value. Great catch, OP. This is the lowest price going.


Bought on steam, already have on PS4 pro. It’s a superb game, I enjoyed the original incarnation - the loneliness and sheer scale of space was brilliant, and with each patch it’s got so much better. The Next update is going to be close to the vision the developers had - and I’m as excited for it as I am for Shenmue 3 :) Good on Hello Games for working like dogs on it since release!

No Man's Sky - PC (Steam) - £12.80 with code
Found 13th MayFound 13th May
For the next 3 hours, you can grab No Man's Sky for £12.80 with the GMGBDAY code at Green Man Gaming + a free additional random game. 2% Quidco (5% for new customers) also availabl… Read more

I'm not too upset about getting this yesterday for £15.99 if the GMG sale was only for 3 hours!


Sorry mate...appologies.


Jeez ... It was just a joke. Looks like you have lost your sense of humour along with your ability to finish sentences ....


£12.80 too expensive


They didn't just grab the money though. They are still working on the game & have released a good amount of new content. There's alot of play in the game.

No man's sky used only £4.79 at music magpie
Found 9th MayFound 9th May
Cheaper than a foot long subway... Supposed to be a huge update for it coming soon I read as well. To be honest for this price it's probably worth it just for a few hours of being… Read more
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Anybody still pre-ordering games at this stage just will never learn so why should somebody not take their cash as quick as possible because they are literally throwing their money at everything unseen with no strings attached. lol


And yet you acknowledge it's a phenomenon. If it's an unwanted phenomenon, the way to deal with it is to call it out and take those responsible to task. Not to either ignore it or divert blame to innocent parties. You can't just rely on people voting with their wallets; marketing is very powerful but should be *responsible*. People get excited and want to play games day 1, you can't expect everyone to withhold purchase for a game sold as the best thing since sliced bread. You must also acknowledge that a lot of people don't care for critics or their reviews. Critical outlets are often lambasted for being biased, overly aligned to social agendas or even just payed for by the industry. Some people just don't bother to read them. Also if it's a franchise or new IP particularly close to someone/their tastes, even negative reviews may not dissuade a purchase. That does not excuse poor quality and/or false advertising. I agree that, generally speaking, preordering is a bad idea and yet I do it sometimes. That doesn't make it my fault if the game turns out bad. That argument is absurd.


Didn't say the game shouldn't have launched, I said it shouldn't have launched the way it did. To be clear that's referring to the exaggerations, false advertising, and lies about what was in it as well as a high price tag which, by damn near all accounts, wasn't deserved. I'd also disagree that the publisher didn't suffer, Sony were clearly banking on this doing well with all the promotion they gave it. Now it's making its way to Xbox One and, with all the work that's gone into it since, I wouldn't be surprised to see Microsoft make more out of NMS than Sony. There's no doubt Hello Games' reputation took a hit but it's not like they're blameless as far as the PR disaster goes. Also even with how the game was received they'll have made more money than most "small indie developers" see in a lifetime so it's not like they gained nothing from this.


So your point is that it's the customers fault for buying it? Customers shouldn't hate the game, they should hate themselves? I agree people shouldn't pre-order video games but that doesn't take away from a publisher/ developer's responsibility to deliver what they say they will. If you bought a new car and it turned up with no steering wheel I very much doubt your reaction would be "well it's my own fault for buying it". In this case a game failed to deliver and subsequently got a bad reputation. I'm not sure if you genuinely don't think this reputation is fair because "no one forced people to buy the game" or if you just wanted to make an entirely separate point reprimanding people for pre-ordering (as if that's going to do anything other than annoy those people).


It's not the publishers who suffer here but the small indie team making it. Agree that they should have been clearer in what they couldn't get done that they'd hoped to (the interviews were mostly over a year or 6 months or so before the release and it was clear they were pushed to the wire) but it seems Hello Games were in over their heads and Sony was pressuring them for release. I don't agree that it shouldn't have launched, it was a finished game at launch and a fairly good one, but just let down by poor communication over expectations and promises from before That said, the lack of multiplayer was addressed in a video and interview 5 days before launch, or is a video about what isn't in the game nearer launch not as good as a video a long time before release with what they expected in in the game?

former ps4 exclusive comes to xbox one with enhancements for xbox one x No Man's Sky (Xbox One) £39.99 @ Amazon
Found 9th MayFound 9th May
The much maligned ps4 exclusive comes to microsofts xbox one platform with enhancements for the xbox one x includes the major updates Foundation, Pathfinder and Atlas Rises

Microsoft should really try better to iron out the terms on an exclusive, they helped pay to make rise of the tomb raider, even people high up like Phil Spencer thought it was exclusive and not timed. Not sure what the developer and publisher put in the contract but Microsoft definitely didn't see it at the time. Same goes for inside, the developer found a floor in the terms and released it on the PS4.


It was available on PC the same day as PS4 release so nope not exclusive at any point. I can't stand the way company's throw around the term exclusive. If it's only available for 1 platform then it's exclusive. If it's on more than 1 then it's simply not exclusive. The term console exclusive is a joke. You might as well put "Also available PC but not on PS4 or Switch exclusive". Microsoft being the worst for it so far this gen. When they announced Rise of the Tomb Raider they made out it was exclusive. When really it was just a timed exclusive for a few months (released on PC early 2016). Same thing with PUBG. No doubt this will end up on PS4 some time later this year or early next. Just in case people think i'm picking on Microsoft here. Sony also do stuff like this just not as bad.


Sony can keep it, very surprised Microsoft didn't pay money to keep it off the platform.


Great game in my opinion. Me and quite a few friends bought it at launch with no regrets. Spent a good 30 hours on it. One day I plan to go back for all the new (and free) content.


are they on crack?

20% off pre-owned gaming at Music Magpie (Example - GT Sport (PS4) - £11.99 / No Man's Sky (PS4) - £6.47 / IW Legacy Edition (X1) - £6.15 / Watch Dogs 2 (X1) - £6.39 / Halo 5 (X1) - £4.79 / GoW 4 (X1) - £4.79 / Doom (PS4) - £4.79 / HZD (PS4) - £11.99
Refreshed 9th MayRefreshed 9th May
Music Magpie have upped their promotion to 20%. Some good finds to be had :) [ PlayStation 4 ] [ Xbox One ] [ Nintendo Wii ] [ PS Vita ] PS4 LEGO Star Wars: The Force… Read more
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I ordered AOM last Tuesday, never received anything and just spoke to them - they've refunded me. Strangely the price of AOM is now £10 second hand, £7.99 new - but neither are close to £3.57. They told me they don't have any stock for a replacement....?! Oh and one of the CD's i bought in the order also failed final checks. I'm suspicious this was a miss price and they used this as an excuse :( Normally MM are fine for me...!


One of my orders is still stuck at "Processing your order..." since the 8th. Starting to doubt I'll be getting that one to be honest. Irritatingly, on a slightly related note I ordered another game from their eBay store and they sent me a Region 1 copy without mentioning this anywhere in the description. I know that technically it would work on a UK PS3 but the US version didn't get some pieces of DLC and unfortunately NA games can't use EU DLC.


I ordered No Man's Sky last Wednesday and it came today. Hopefully tomorrow, or the next couple of days :)


Lots of places use Second Class delivery by default, it's far from unusual. They quote 3-7 days for delivery, so hopefully you'll receive your order soon.


Got all my 15 games today and most in good condition, thankfully only 2 looked like it was fed to the dog.

No Mans Sky (PS4) £6.99 Delivered (Pre Owned) @ Grainger Games
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
Inspired by classic science-fiction and its overwhelming sense of adventure and imagination, Hello Games presents a game of unprecedented scale and ambition. In No Man’s Sky you ex… Read more
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Do you enjoy watching the window in your washing machine too? :p I played it for a few hours and honestly felt that it peaked after about 6 minutes, by that time I experienced all the game had to offer. Space Engine (free) on PC is a far more entertaining experience and it's not even a game, I might pick this up for PC when it gets to 50p delivered.


I like single player slow burn games but I found this boring. Picked it up cheap after it had been out for about 6 months for cheap but that didn’t ease the disappointment Probably worth a punt at this price in case you are in the 10% that would actually enjoy it


Has it got multiplayer?


i loved this. i will get back to it one day too. yes it was hyped but people really need to move on. its a great game but its certainly not for everyone.


Thank. Ordered for my teen son and heated. Hoping its easier to control than Elite Dangerous!

[PS4] Driveclub - £6.99 / No Man's Sky - £7.99 (Preowned) - Grainger Games
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Good price, was a tad cheaper before Christmas at Game, but still :) [ No Man's Sky ] Get ready for a racing game like never before. Developed exclusively for the Play… Read more
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Drive club is $7 dollars on the us store


Cheers pal, bought 1!


Why do people always forget the first rule of Driveclub!


Thanks Buzz 😊


Decent game Driveclub is, as is the Bike add-on game

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