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Updated 29th Oct 2020Last updated 29th Oct 2020 by williemaykit
Listed features include: - Fuller worlds - Save Game Transfer - 32 player multiplayer - 4K at 60FPS - Ultra visuals - Vast base buildin - Warp speed load times - Crossplay - PS5 Ha… Read more

It’s multiplayer base building and missions. I have been playing since June. In that short period a lot has been added e.g. derelict freighters, Origins update. Hello Games have said they are not done yet with NMS and have committed half their team to the game


so its worth playing now? is there pvp or is it still multiplayer base building type gameplay?


Was thinking of starting this a few weeks back, think I'll wait for the ps5 patch now


They've certainly delivered after the shaky start. I really need to reinstall this at some point.

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Updated 21st Jul 2017Last updated 21st Jul 2017 by tempt
No Man's Sky - 24 June release date confirmed, simultaneous to PS4/PC, physical/limited/digital editions available
So, No Man's Sky finally has a release date, and it's coming in a little under four months' time, on 24 June for the UK (22 June elsewhere in Europe), simultaneously to PC and PS4.… Read more

The new update is mind blowing. Download speed is slow, but its worth the wait.


Looking forward to this game, hope it lives up to the massive hype.



I should have guessed it'd be Game.


Yeah it's GAME exclusive apparently. Seen two reviewers mentioning that earlier on Twitter and one of them works for Shopto

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Updated 14th Jul 2017Last updated 14th Jul 2017 by deleted265520
HUKDgaming News Round-up 13/06/17 – Ubisoft’s emotional showing, Sony focuses on VR & 2018, and Nintendo take to the stage
[image missing] Welcome to the HUKDgaming News Round-up Thread – a place to get caught up on the on-goings of the industry. Every weekday at 5pm we’ll update the OP with the lat… Read more
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Is he on the payroll?


This won't have helped: [ ] "Malkaurai Offline... Last active: 1 month, 7 hours ago"


Yeah, no one asked for this. It hasn't been a roaring success has it?


Ni No Kuni 2 delayed 2 months... till Jan 2018.


Just been reading that Techland are going to be releasing 10 pieces of free DLC over the next year. A very good game if anyone is inclined to pick it up, apparently there are still loads of people playing it.

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Updated 30th Jul 2016Last updated 30th Jul 2016 by Snakeyes646
No man's sky is delayed
was confirmed last night that no man's sky is delayed till august.

Leaked footage here from a guy that paid $1300 today for a copy of the game! spoilers! unboxing video


So slowly I'm getting hyped for this game again despite being very cautious, I'll wait for reviews and if it is a 7 or more average then I'll happily buy it. Anyway the reason I'm posting is to share a cool little video I found on YouTube, if your looking forward to the game give it a gander. no mans sky video


I am ready for bitter disappointment! :(




It does now.