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Microsoft 365 Family 15 Months subscription up to 6 users + Norton 360 Deluxe - 5 Devices by email £50.99 (updated) < Amazon Media EU
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Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Microsoft 365 Family | 15 Months subscription | Office apps | up to 6 users | Multiple PCs/Macs, Tablets and Phones + Norton 360 Deluxe | 5 Devices | 15 months subscription | multilingual | …

Family offer on Groupon is £54.99


That’s the single user version


Anyone looked at the offer on groupon. 12 months family for £35.99?


Sorry? I really don't understand.. you're asking why something isn't posted as a deal on a site where you can literally post stuff yourself as a deal.. if anyone is trolling anyone.. you're trolling yourself pal.


Troll someone else.

Microsoft 365 Family 15 Months subscription + Norton 15 months subscription - £52.49 @ Amazon Media EU
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Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Down in price again, not the lowest ever, but pretty good! Info added by SebK : Microsoft: 12 months subscription for up to 6 users . Each user can install on 1 PC or Mac, 1 tablet or…
Avatar browncoats
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Has anyone else noticed this? Weird that it's advertised on HUKD, but the company and its deals aren't.


Me too - must have been some weirdness going on yesterday


I was able to redeem the code today.


Thanks, bought one with 15M Norton sub. The same link does have an option to switch to 15M 365 Family with 12M McAfee as well. Redeemed via Private browser as regular one was throwing random errors.


I think I have to turn off recurring payments and then wait for the current plan to run out and then apply the new one …

Microsoft 365 Family | 15 Months subscription + Norton - £54.99 @ Amazon Media EU / Amazon
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Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Microsoft 365 Family | 15 Months subscription + Norton - £54.99 @ Amazon Media EU / Amazon£54.99Amazon Deals
Back down to a reasonable price again. Though I originally thought Norton was worthless you can redeem the code and use it for mobile and use the included VPN which is at least vaguely handy…
Avatar mikegray
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Got this yesterday for the above price, today is £74.51


Just before I hit the buy button on this deal, thought I'd see what happens by cancelling recurring billing... been given 2 extra months for free. So instead of 4Apr, I've now got till 4Jun to keep eye out for next Argos deal.


I agree with your latter point. Ransomware by and large isnt being targeted at consumers, there is no money in it for them.


I'm looking out for the Argos deal again, but with current sub expiring in 2 weeks, worried might not get it in time. Looking at this deal, seriously considering it. I don't use the McAfee software, but looking up info for Norton it seems like it's pretty good. Looking here, (edit: and some other reviews since making this post) apparently there isn't much show down compared to before/others. My current antivirus also expires in few weeks. With full featured VPN too, I think I might bite.


Yes but still don't want to get hit by ransonware so worth running the malware scanners in my view. Phishing and payments redirection is more where the money is right now.

Norton 360 Deluxe 2022 Antivirus Software for 3 Devices and 1-Year Subscription £12.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
Norton 360 Deluxe 2022 Antivirus Software for 3 Devices and 1-Year Subscription £12.99 @ Amazon£12.99Amazon Deals
Available now. Dispatched from and sold by Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. . Note: You can download this item for re-installation from Your Software Library . The number of computers eligible f…
Avatar Justyn_Haycock
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I had this package for a couple of years and used the VPN quite frequently. To answer your question my pc is Windows 7, with a celeron processor! In other words my pc is probably ten times worse than yours and this programme didn't affect my pc at all. you'll be fine. The only slowing down that you might notice would be if you use the VPN whilst online as by default a VPN restricts internet speed. but unless your using your internet for either high level online gaming or 4K viewing on a big screen then again it'll be fine. Truth be told I personally recommend this Norton package but I only bought it for it's VPN as I bagged a crazy cheap deal. Once it ran out I went straight back to using a free antivirus and purchased a separate VPN


The first half of your response sounds just like him lol… the vpn sounds familiar. With that in mind i gave a vpn included with my norton stuff - i only use it occasionally. I would ask though that if i leave it in can it cause isdues for anything like slowing the pc etc?


If your kid is answering a direct antivirus question, then I fully understand his reply. He'll likely also have a paid for VPN, his own router probably pre loaded with its own unique VPN. The slave pc that this is all connected to, will be series linked to another pc under his desk. browsers I'd love to name: but I'm so old and it's so long since I read about it that if I say onion, he'll quite rightly laugh cos onion is so yesterday! Thats why he doesn't pay for antivirus.


Well as I understand it (and I'm no expert, I'm just a bit tech-savvy) no single antivirus provides 100% protection from all threats, and different apps protect against different threats. That said, I have the opinion that it is best to have different antivirus apps installed on different systems on a network. So I use a combination of paid and free antivirus on the several computers on my network. So if a virus enters my network and tries to spread to other computers on the network, I hope that at least one of the anitvirus apps will notice it and inform me of the problem, and then I would check all computers for the same threat. I realize that this might be a flawed approach, but it makes some sense to me, and if I'm wrong I'd be very grateful if someone who knows more than I do corrects me.


In that note - I’ve used norton for years - now have the on rav4cas showed above and when i ran the dark web monitor i found 7 instances of my details being places they shouldn’t have been - I’d recommend wholly BUT my kid, an IT person wouldn’t pay for any antivirus as he says he uses AVG free?!!!

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You can hold onto the new Product Key until a current subscription runs out. And then you just add the new Product Key to your existing Norton Account. No need to uninstall or reinstall. Your existing protected computers and devices continue to be protected under the new subscription. The new subscription only starts when you add the new Product Key to your Account.


You can opt out of that very easily. Just go to your Norton account and switch off the huge 'Auto Renew' switch. Norton is buying Avast. They also own Avira and BullGuard! NortonLifeLock to Buy Avast for as Much as $8.6 Billion - Bloomberg


I find it a useful clear out - you only re-setup the devices you use - that old laptop you may use is not taking up a licence! :)


Two years ago, I bought two months ahead and added the key code without a problem but it didn’t work this time, after buying three weeks ahead, so I just created a new account when the old code ran out and transferred all devices over, which was about 20 minutes of effort.


where does the VPN stand in terms of five (or 14?) eyes ? Does it allow torrents? if so Is this limited? Can it be used on ipad? Thanks in advance!?

Norton 360 Deluxe 2022, Antivirus software for 5 Devices and 1-year subscription with automatic renewal - £12.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
Norton 360 Deluxe 2022, Antivirus software for 5 Devices and 1-year subscription with automatic renewal - £12.99 @ Amazon£12.99£14.9513% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Was looking for a new antivirus and thought this isn’t too bad for 5 devices too!
Avatar Subburbren4
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Nowadays antivirus software just makes your computer more vulnerable by giving malware a bigger target.




Think they mean it uses more memory and/or processor than the default AV (Windows). I wouldn't suggest paying for AV for home use but if you can make use of some of the addons some people may find it useful. e.g. I helped somebody recover from a disk failure who had been running Norton Backup successfully.


or, not sure what the difference is between 'premium' or 'deluxe' though :)


I wouldn't use it but if you are a BT customer you can get norton for free...