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PlayStation Move Twin Pack (CECH-ZCM2 model) £68.99 @ Smyths toys
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
In-stock for Home Delivery be quick been waiting patiently. Features CECH-ZCM2 model Micro-B USB port for connecting and charging SHARE/OPTIONS labels engraved above the START/ S… Read more

It’s not in stock!


Didn't last long☹



They are back in at coolshop for 75 use top cashback and they come to around 72 quid if anyone wants them


They lost out!

Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Charging Station £14.99 @ monsterbid-monstershop Ebay
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
1 only TheOfficially Sony DualShock 4 Charging Station can Charge two Dualshock controllers at the same time with AUTO Standby function once the pads hit the full charge so … Read more

I had one of these. They look nice but they're really fiddly to dock. The wife managed to bend the charging pin in one of my pads. I've since bought a Venom dock that comes with magnetic dongles that plug into the back of the pads. No more faffing around trying to position them, you just drop them in the large recess of the dock and they charge. Far easier than messing around with the official dock.


Says item no longer available


Brilliant price. By far the best charging dock I've owned so far, personally think the pads hold their charge for longer as well charging with these rather than the usb cable.


Very good product. Takes some use to getting the controller lined up perfectly. Looks nice and sleek on any setup next to anything and charges via the bottom port so the USB port doesn't wear/tear and damage. Well worth the £15

PlayStation VR + Camera + Gran Turismo Sport + VR Worlds £142.78 Like New from Amazon Warehouse Italy inc. shipping
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
LIMITED STOCK! £142.78 using fee free card eg. Clarity, Monzo, Revolut or Starling (choose to pay in Euros, if you allow Amazon to do the currency exchange you will pay marginally… Read more
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You'd need vision in both eyes to be able to experience the VR unfortunately.


I wear glasses too but the effect is still incredible to me. It does make me feel hot and queasy after a while though sadly


lol well I've so far resisted as I wear glasses when using PC/playing console, not quite sure how well that would work with a VR headset


No probs. Probably should resist anyway as genuinely blind in one eye and still don’t know if it’ll work for me or not but at that price I’m willing to give it a go lol



PlayStation VR £141.26 Like New from Amazon Warehouse Germany inc. shipping
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
£141.21 using fee free card eg. Clarity, Monzo, Revolut or Starling (choose to pay in Euros, if you allow Amazon to do the currency exchange you will pay marginally more). Like ne… Read more
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I don't really understand your stance. You loved it with RE7 but can't stand it otherwise? I think you should try more games dude, I think you're missing out on some great experiences. Everyone I've heard of who has tried Astro Bot for example has raved about it (it's great for people who'd normally be susceptible to VR sickness too).


It would be best to get the V2 with the camera as that enables HDR passthough.


I have to say,this is the item that really made me take stock of my brain,bought this at a decent price and have used it twice,loved it on resident evil,but I can't stand it,never again will buy something like this,,I get it,some people love it,but for me,waste of 💰,,,I've been gaming since I was 12 and now nearly 50 ,,biggest let down to date for the money,,I will get round to flogging it,, totally mint,,I wouldn't have anything else....still in the box,,camera still in box,,lovely to look at....I watched Tron on it in 3D,,that was ok


A lot of folk will have owned a PS4 a long time, the cameras were given away with consoles over a prolonged period of time ie there will be people that have cameras kicking around in cupboards


Unless I am missing something, this doesn't include the camera which is required for this to work. Seems a lot to pay for a used PSVR with no camera and no games.

DualShock 4 Controller Black V2 (Blue & Red also available at Same price) - £37.85 @ ShopTo
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Been looking for a DS4 controller of late and came across this, a lot cheaper then anywhere else (except for the auction site sellers which I am assuming are fakes).I am hoping thi… Read more

I paid 29.90 from someone who said it was genuine and its a fake from. China... A really good fake and I'm good and spotting these. Absolute dog trash don't buy from anyone on ebay unless they are a trusted source or check negative feedback


Mine arrived yesterday, was at work so had to go out and collect from local DO this morning. Seems legit, now need to find some two player games for the youngsters.


Pretty sure I just got a fake on ebay. Was too eager to get one cheap. Wish I picked one up on black friday ;(


Damn and I just paid 49.99 from game ;( ;( ;(


I bought one for my son the other week magma red, super fast delivery

Firewall Zero Hour (VR) - Aim Controller Bundle £84.95 Coolshop
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
I am aware this is above retail, but one of the best prices I’ve found anywhere, plus this is out of stock in most places and this is a good retailer. Check ebay- amazon etc but … Read more

Has anyone heard that the unit has been made obsolete by PlayStation?


Yep it's the same one, the 'aim' controller. Here's a list of games that support it (I think it's complete but don't quote me on it):


OH bugger! can I use the gun from Farpoint though? Thanks.


Bargain! I got mine from Tesco but it was the farpoint game instead. I'm just waiting for a vr deal from amazon uk now as I have over £100 in vouchers. lol


Ah that'll be the bit I missed (lol) (lol) stuff that I'll keep playing with the pad and save £50. This is the only game.i get motion sickness with too, shame I wanted to like it.

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rickality PS VR Game PS4 £18.49 @ Argos (free C&C)
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Seems to be plenty of stock this time (y) Rick and Morty have teleported into your living room for a cutting-edge VR adventure. Solve puzzles, step through portals into strange … Read more
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I found it unplayable because of the tracking. I don't have issues with my other VR games


Really didn't get on with this. Bad tracking and not massively funny. Some cool uses of vr but nowhere near what it's capable of.


Agree. Big fan of the show but struggling to get through it due to the tracking.


Is this VR shovelware? The horror!


Fun game, but a tad short, so you're right.

Firewall PSVR Game and AIM Controller Bundle £59.99 @ Argos
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Hi I know this isn’t a deal as such but my question is out of all the aim controller bundles which is best? Btw massive RE Bioshock fan! Loved watching my hubby tortured with fri… Read more

Yeah your kids would definitely enjoy beat's also a decent work out so would tire them out for sure. But I reckon you'd enjoy it's had a lot of praise. Skyrim is great in vr. I played through it originally on the 360 and picked it up again on vr...vr adds loads. Works well with the move controllers too. Condemned's one or the first games I had on the 360...was pretty brutal at the time. The only thing that comes kinda close may be Here they lie. You don't really do much action in Here they lie's more like just exploring/surviving this depraved perverted world...they whole thing made me feel like I was part of a David lynch film.


Think that sounds like something our kids would try and take over. He’s not into games like that. Space, quest, mission he likes. Not good at explaining. He loves Skyrim, used to love Halo (Xbox man originally) loves red dead redemption, can’t really remember what else as when the kids came along they took over the consoles but we’ve finally kicked them out with their own gadgets and he’s just got into the PlayStation due to vr. I used to be PlayStation mad but I’m not interested in games anymore. What I would love to try is condemned but vr if such a game exists.


It's basically a rhythm game. bit like guitar hero...only you're not playing the notes, you're slicing them with your light sabers. I'm not really selling it, but the music's great...and it feels and looks great. Best thing to do is quickly YouTube it. It's the type of game you could have friends/family who don't play games try and they'd still enjoy it.


Haha no I’d definitely accuse him of not paying attention to the instructions and he’d say I never made any sense. What sort of game is Beat Saber? This is great, invaluable info ty


Lucky him! I've just started Don't knock twice...if it's decent I'll let you know. Horror games really benefit from vr. If you really want to put your relationship to the test and want to play something alongside him then there's a very good co op game thats currently on sale for £5.79...Keep talking and nobody explodes. Basically one of you wears the vr helmet and is faced with a bomb...whilst the other reads out instructions shown on the tv on how to defuse the bomb. I've played it with my's really good...just the odd argument when the timer runs down and apparently I'm not listening to instructions clearly. Also, when you get the move controllers Beat saber should be on your list - anybody can pick up and play it. And it's definitely one of the best things on vr.

PlayStation VR £126.86 Like New from Amazon Warehouse Italy inc. Shipping
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
£126.86 inc shipping using fee free card eg Revolut, Starling, Monzo or Clarity (paying in Euros in check out, don’t let Amazon calculate currency exchange otherwise you will pay m… Read more
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You’ll need to order a uk lead separately


Thanks, knew you'd appreciate it.


Supposing I grow another head in ten years, as long as I know I have experienced Astrobots Rescue Mission I don't care lol.


Well done


My Rift has over 300 hours use in a year and I'm currently playing a VR game (subnautica).

PlayStation VR + Camera + VR Worlds Bundle £151.18 Like New from Amazon Warehouse Germany inc Shipping
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
£151.18 inc shipping using fee free card eg Revolut, Starling, Monzo or Clarity (paying in Euros in check out). Like new, item will come in original packaging. Packaging will be d… Read more
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I ordered condition very good and received version 1. Did you buy one too?


Oh no


Looks like it may be an error with the cable...


Glad it worked out for you!


When I set it up, the VR headset shows USBx, any idea why?

Firewall zero hour with aim controller for PS4 £59.99 @ Go2games
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
I know it’s not the cheapest deal but I have been hunting for this since I got psvr at Christmas and there seems to be no stock anywhere. Free delivery and currently stock at go2ga… Read more
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Great price.. I've been playing with a controller for the past week. I finally sourced a Aim Controller that arrived today and it's superb! Heat


People see the "deal" price is above that of the RRP and instantly downvote, as is the case with every Move controller post too. That logic doesn't really make any sense since the stock levels for these things are abysmal, so even if this post is little more than a "Hey, I found this thing in stock", it's still worthwhile and definitely not worthy of being made cold.


I think because its been as low as £40 in the last couple of months. It's the best price available right now so it's a good spot. Personally I'm going to wait as I've spent a lot on my VR but anyone who wants one right now won't find a better deal.


Thanks Snapped turning really puts me off and I didn't touch it since didn't know about smooth turn


Why so cold I can’t find it in stock cheaper anywhere else or am I missing something?

PlayStation move controllers in stock £75 from CoolShop (ps move) (ps vr) you can also use topcashback to get 4.2% back
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Hard to find stock at the minute, not a too badly inflated price either.

No problem I've seen others posting on stock informer today too saying they've received theirs and they are all v2


Ahhh thanks for letting me know. Will order



Well mine are sat here now plugged into my ps4 charging lead, with the raised dot on the x and the options raised so mine are most definately the new model


what put me off is it says on site its mini usb cable, which would be the old version...

Ps4 vr vr world's + playstation camera - £150 instore @ Jack's (Wavertree)
Refreshed 12 h, 23 m agoRefreshed 12 h, 23 m agoLocalLocal
So on jacks they are selling ps4 vr £150 in the Wavertree branch. I do not know if it's countrywide. But if in Liverpool it's a bargain but it is a while stock's last deal
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Brum Jacks didn't have one. Checked today


Never heard of jacks


which store in birmingham mate?


So what if it was a v1? Lol tesco in Swan, Birmingham had it for that price too.


Mate, it had a yellow reduced sticker on which means it was store specific. Add in it was v1...

PS4 Nacon Wired Controller £14.99 @ Argos
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Ps4 controller blue
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Can these be used on a pc? Only ever see Xbox shaped controllers. My son was looking for ps4 style.


Sorry, just checked and it actually detects it as a DS3, but no difference in functionality. Rumble works too.


Does this have to be plugged into the console? Or can i plug it into a usb mains plug?


Same price in smyths toys, bought for my boys couple of months back. Seem to take a good hammering for the money.


Bought this last time around - took some getting used to, but I honestly NOW prefer it to the DS4.

Sony Playstation VR Mega Pack Bundle £188.99 with code @ Argos ebay
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Discover truly breathtaking virtual reality worlds with over 200 amazing games and experiences with PlayStationVR. Powered by cutting-edge technology, PlayStationVR transports play… Read more

What's the betting it's back in stock after 8pm?!


There is no stock anywhere for the vr headset! We tried everywhere possible in the northwest region yesterday, ended up getting the starter pack bundle with the Astro bot game for £183 delivered to the door today! (£179 + £4 next day delivery)Very happy household :)


this or the currys deal?????


One in Retford, Nottinghamshire I believe.


I voted hot without reading comments. I guess everyone purchased without informing hotuk members

SONY PlayStation VR Starter Pack for £161.99 Delivered w/c @ Currys Ebay
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Key Features Play VR games on your PS4 Top features: - Play VR games on your PS4 - Immerse yourself in VR as though it's real life - VR Worlds has five worlds for you to ex… Read more

They cancelled my cousins order due to no stock... yet it seems to still be listed at a higher price. Anyone elses get cancelled?


I've got a 10 yr old and 6 yr old, they've both played on it fine. i would only let them play for short periods.


Oh thanks for that. Probably a good idea to actually try it out in a store or something for the 10 year old. Are there any shops which will let you try it out?


Waiting for mine to be delivered. Is there much difference using this with a Pro, I have a slim myself and wondered if the extra for a Pro was a big leap in graphics


I got the full kit including move controllers for £180 before xmas, guess i did well 😳

PS4 Dualshock USB Wireless Adaptor PlayStation 4. Just £1.99 included postage at Game. Amazon price £74.99!
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
This adaptor enables your DUALSHOCK 4 controller to wirelessly connect to your compatible PC or Mac. Enjoy the revolutionary features and comfort, combined with precision control… Read more
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They work wired on Windows 10 also without software, this is just for people that want a wireless experience with decent compatibility


I thought it didn't let you add to basket when it was out of stock like this? Or have they changed?


This is a way for GAME to get traffic to their site and a few extra quid from those who ordered to show a buying spike before the end of the quarter. Then refunds ahoy!


No. It's a Game thing. Out of stock items are put on at £1.99 or £2.99. Happens loads. This deal been posted at least 3 times in the last year :)


Yes definitely works via microusb cable as that's what I use now and again, this would be ideal for the price but may just look for a Bluetooth adapter instead

Sony PlayStation VR Starter Pack + Move Controllers Twin pack + Astro Bot Rescue Mission £229.99 Free delivery / In-store @ Currys
Refreshed 30th Dec 2018Refreshed 30th Dec 2018
Error while adding to basket but can order through customer service or In store At most places Move Controllers are out of stock at Currys in stock for delivery & available i… Read more

Back up to £299.99. SHould be expired


Why on earth have Currys & Argos put the prices up so much today?


I can’t find stock of PlayStation Move controllers anywhere! Is this due to the demand for before Christmas?


Dug the old move controllers we had for the PS3 out and they work great. Would say that move controllers are an absolute must for the vr. It's a great bit of kit.


Just ordered mine for delivery !!!!!! ( 08:20 am )

Playstation VR worlds starter pack + move controller twin pack + Astrobot - £229.99 @ Smyths (Glasgow)
LocalLocalFound 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Good price Spotted instore.
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Game. Not sure it is still in stock tho sorry


Including the move controllers?


Got this same price but with re7 also witch you could sell if u arnt into tgat stuff. Cold sorry


Yeah they both work for PS VR. The new ones have a slightly bigger battery too.


Just been playing psvr, it’s amazing, can highly recommend it at this price if you can get hold. My son is loving Astrobot too.

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