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Instead of dealing with towers of game boxes or waiting hours for downloads, why not explore the benefits of Cloud gaming? With PlayStation Now, PC and PS4 owners can stream some of the greatest games of all-time into their homes, leaving more time for gameplay, and less hassle when organising gaming collections. They can also buy subscriptions for less by shopping with the hotukdeals PlayStation Now listings. Read more
PlayStation Now (October 2021) - The Last of Us II, Fallout 76, Desperados III, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Amnesia Collection & More
Posted 2nd OctPosted 2nd Oct
Credit @merb0786 for heads up. The Last of Us Part II Five years after their dangerous journey across the post-pandemic United States, Ellie and Joel have settled down in Jac… Read more

I got the platinum trophy for FFVII which was a September Now game, really enjoyed playing it through so comprehensively and the nostalgia was nice. It was strange that I remembered certain bits of dialogue almost word for word from playing it the first time 24 years ago yet some whole sections I just could not remember. I played about 3 hours of TLoU2 over the weekend, of which about an hour was cutscenes. So it's early days but my impressions are that it is a seriously high quality production. The graphics are the best I have seen. I struggle to see how much better PS5 graphics can be but I remember thinking the same about PS4 graphics when I still had a PS3. I had a strange experience with TLoU1 so wasn't sure I'd like TLoU2. In TLoU1 it was a brilliant story but throughout the whole game I just wanted it to end and was even looking at walkthroughs just to see how many sections I had left. With TLoU2 I'm really keen to finish work so I can play it some more! It's hard to put my finger on what is different. I think in TLoU1 a lot of sections were parts where Joel could not get to a certain point so Ellie had to climb through a vent or something to lower a bridge then rinse and repeat. Also I remember finding TLoU1 really hard so whenever zombies appeared I knew I was going to die 10 times so I hated it. I can't remember what difficulty I played on but I think I hoarded ammo way too much so won't make the same mistake this time. I started TLoU2 on "Very Light" which might be a bit easy. But I'm bad at games in general. Might move up to "Light" if I'm feeling lucky punks. Overall very pleased with this addition. PS Now has kept me very busy this year. I recall only buying one game during 2021.

Only til Jan I believe


Baaah, I bought a year of playstation plus when I saw this deal....


So ps now is not a deal for ps5 owners


Yeah, I saw that after it was officially posted. Decided to keep my disc copy.

PlayStation Now (September 2021) - Tekken 7, Killing Floor 2, Final Fantasy VII, Ghost of a Tale, Moonlighter, Windbound & Pathfinder
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Posted 5th SepPosted 5th Sep
Also available on Tuesday September 7 are Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Definitive Edition, Ghost of a Tale and Moonlighter Tekken 7* Discover the epic conclusion of the Mishima clan … Read more

yes it can... you just need to wait for your account to expire then do exactly the same again... microsoft just want subscribers at this point they are playing the long game .. sometimes reality is better than assumptions...


I started FFVII on Saturday and already got 8 hours of gameplay in. I was excited to play it but still surprised how much I am enjoying it. Last couple of days I have finished work and dinner and just logged on and played until bed time. Antisocial but I love it! I am taking time to steal all the best weapons and armor from enemies when they are available. It makes the boss fights quite easy but still feels satisfying to beat them as I have done the prep to kit out my team. I'm aiming for the platinum trophy which means I have a trophy guide to hand. I can still progress through the game the way I want but just need to make certain choices in the dialogue to make sure all the trophies are available to me. At the moment just waiting until work finishes so I can log off an play FFVII some more. Reminds me of school when I just wanted to go home and play Resident Evil.


Rocket science is hard. Reading not so much… i mentioned that £1 switcheroo deal in my comment but that’s a one and done. Can’t be replicated on the same account


Buy 3 years live gold then covert to gpu for a £1 not rocket science just great value for money


Been really pleased with PS Now recently. Particularly stoked about FFVII as I was going to buy that anyway. I am still finishing off Ghostrunner from last month, trying to get the platinum and think I only need a few more sessions to do it. I am not going to start FFVII properly until I've finished with Ghostrunner but I thought I'd download it last night and I had a quick 10 minute go on it. Having played the original in 1997 the nostalgia that hit me even from just seeing the menu was tangible and I know this sounds dramatic but I wasn't far away from tears! I am going to have a lot of fun with this game when I get into it properly. I will try the other games, not sure I will get into them as much as the games from previous months but one might grab me.

PlayStation Now 12 Month Subscription (UK) £32.50 @ Instant-Gaming
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Posted 1st SepPosted 1st Sep
Update 2
Update - unexpired 15/09
Nice low price if you were looking for a sub, NBP based on CDKeys. Pay using a debit or credit card for the price mentioned, else there is a 98p convenience fee for PayPal. Descr… Read more

I think you read CD Keys as CDKeys, obviously completely different 😝 lol


pay via visa - no need to mess around with verification then. dont use paypal or any of the other random choices.




"Quote their website" - exactly what it says on the tin



PlayStation Now 12 Month Subscription (UK) £32.57 @ Instant-Gaming
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Posted 20th AugPosted 20th Aug
Good price if you were looking for a sub, NBP based on CDKeys. Description Access more than 800 games to enjoy on PS4 and PC. Stream PS4, PS3 and PS2 games on demand or download… Read more

Sorry about what happened to you with them, but appreciate you posting because I would have used this company but can't imagine how angry I'd be if they gave me a used code then called me fraudulent.


Yes but ps+ and ps now are 2 seperate things


Isn't there a sale on ps plus directly via Sony at the moment, £25. It popped up when a mate tried getting a ps+ exclusive combat pack on warzone


I plastered it on Every single deal on HDUK, Trustpilot and every review site. I changed my avatar on EVERY website to use to tell people not to use them, I put threads up on Every forum I use for people not to use them. After a hell of a lot of asking for evidence from them on how they come to that concussion and a lot of silence from them. They realised the damaged being made. Them out of the blue they created an account on HDUK and put up responses and contacted me about it then deleted all their messages from HDUK. They said they would investigate it their end and were disappointed with the customer services I was provided and eventually they supplied me with a working 12 months PS Plus subscription code. Not heard anything from them, and the code was confirmed genuine "purchased" one as they typed the code in and sent it to me in a message, it wasn't one of the "scans" they provide. But even after this people STILL have the same issues with them. check out the other posts of the threads I posted.


Never had a problem with these before but after reading this I won't be using them ever again.

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PlayStation Now - 1 Month for £1 (New or Relapsed Subscriptions) @ PlayStation Store
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Posted 20th AugPosted 20th Aug
PlayStation Now is an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee which is charged automatically (at the then-current PlayStation Store price) at the frequency you choos… Read more

I might be wrong but I think you can only use those sites for credit to put in your wallet.


I thought you could use CD Keys and similar sites?


You can only download digital games from the PS store.


Can anybody tell me? Which is the best website to use to download digital games?


Really wish they had Fight Night on it. Not really interested in anything else.

PlayStation Plus / PlayStation Now 12 Months Subscriptions [UK] £39.85 each @ ShopTo
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Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
PlayStation Plus / PlayStation Now 12 Months Subscriptions [UK] £39.85 each @ ShopTo£39.85£39.99ShopTo Deals
PlayStation Plus 1 Year UK Membership This 12 month PlayStation Plus membership will allow you to play multi player and single player games online.If one of your friends does not … Read more

Nevermind I figured it out. Thanks for the link, I normally pay allot less but £8 less than direct is still a saving so thanks :)


Need PSN plus and this seems to be the only "deal" around :( But how the heck do you create a account on that site?


Good thank you :)


If you find it cheaper right now please share.


£40 is not a deal, is a standard price