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From slow beginnings, virtual reality has gone viral. Especially now that the Sony PlayStation VR, powered by the PS4 console, has put the fun and challenge of virtual reality gaming within the reach of all gamers. HotUKDeals takes the effort out of searching for the best PlayStation VR, giving players more time to enjoy their new worlds. Read more
Sony Playstation VR V2 Starter Pack, Resident Evil, Gran Turismo + 2 Months Now TV Entertainment Pass £199.99 @ Game
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
PlayStation VR Starter Pack Gran Turismo Sport Resident Evil 7 Biohazard NOW TV 2 Months Entertainment Pass

e Nope. I’ve had a few items from Game sent out described as New and has arrived with scratches clearly preowned. Game refused to take it back instore as they are apparently separate to the online store so yes they do do that. not as bad as Grainger Games were but still wouldn’t 100% trust them. couldn’t be bothered to read half of your nonsense, you sir are a buffoon


e Nope. I’ve had a few items from Game sent out described as New and has arrived with scratches clearly preowned. Game refused to take it back instore as they are apparently separate to the online store so yes they do do that. not as bad as Grainger Games were but still wouldn’t 100% trust them. couldn’t be bothered to read half of your nonsense, you sir are a buffoon


that's all utter nonsense. they're not seperate to online. unless it's paypal they'd 100% refund you if that's what you wanted. the reason they don't do paypal is there's no way to verify to paypal that you've received a refund in store at the immediate moment of refunding. the idea that people think game sell preowned as new is genuinely hilarious. If you just stop and think about it, the whole, "they're selling preowned as new" makes ZERO sense. new release profit margins are awful on new games, same with consoles. preowned is 100% profit. let's use spider-man as an example. new copies they'd likely make a few £ a preowned one they'd make £20+. if they sold that preowned copy as new they'd be throwing away at least £15 of profit a game. that's potentially £100,000s a year why would they do that ? if you think "well they make £5 more", it doesn't work like that,if the system thinks an item sold is new, most of the money is directed into different accounts that pay for all the new stock. the left over is recorded as profit. recieving a scratched game doesn't mean it's preowned. it means it's damaged. it happens. Surely in your life time you recieved a new and sealed game and can feel the disc is someone whose dealt with 100,000s of new games it happens all the time. that can damage discs, defective items happen (witcher 3's first patch there were half a million on xbox with the exact same thick scratch), then there's the simple fact humans can make mistakes. most people who gut games in game or other shops, wouldn't even check the disk, because they think it's new so it'll be fine. damaged games can and do slip through. obviously the fact that there are what 300 game stores opening thousands of games a year. means the odds you get a damaged game are higher than most but to think they're intentionally giving you preowned instead is stupid.


e Nope. I’ve had a few items from Game sent out described as New and has arrived with scratches clearly preowned. Game refused to take it back instore as they are apparently separate to the online store so yes they do do that. not as bad as Grainger Games were but still wouldn’t 100% trust them


I want this but I’m sure we will see some brilliant bundles coming out as we move towards Christmas....

VR Worlds for PS4 - £4.99 (C&C) @ Smyths Toys
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
Great price for this VR experience. a few short games all on one disc, highly recommended for less than a fiver

Well worth having at double tha price. Yes, some of them are look at and never open again, but having the shark attack on hand as an easy entry level “experience” with minimal chance of motion sickness for non-gamers (particularly older ones). London Heist story is good fun, but the shooting galleries are worthy of regular revisits. its certainly more than a demo disc, but agree it should have been bundled with all sets.


Yeah I got it within my psvr too but I love it and if I didn’t have it I’d pay £5 for it and be chuffed with my purchase


Yes and no. Whilst the demos on here show off the potential of vr...only one is great. One is good, but has very little gameplay, basically like watching a trailer. Ones ok. And the other two are poor. It also blows my mind that 'for the players' Sony actually charged full price for a demo disc!...blatantly attempting to take advantage out of those willing to pay for their premium products. I got it packaged in with my psvr, and this should have been free to all frankly. End of the day the only one on here you'll really come back to is London hiest...and it's only about 20 mins.


Well worth this money

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - PSVR Game - £14 @ ASDA
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
Played the demo on the PS store and found it enjoyable, this is the cheapest i’ve found. Was on Amazon for £14.99 but is now £19.99 from third party seller. Works well with move … Read more

One of the very best PSVR games


Under a tenner on the store at the moment btw...


Not very long, probably around an hour and a half on normal. It is the sort of game that you can play over and over again choosing your favourite levels


Anyone any idea how long this is?


It’s a great game with lots of jump scares. With buying.

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MOSS for PSVR £19.99 in-store & on-line @ Smyths Toys
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
I know I have posted this cheaper before but this seems like the current best price and actually the one I bought just because it was right there when I visited Smyths earlier. Onl… Read more

4 to 6 hours by the looks of it.


Not sure how long it is, but heard many comments when this is posted that it’s quite a short game


I've played a couple of hours and am loving it. I didn't realise the demo was random parts rather than the 1st stages of the main game. How long is the game?


The only thing putting me off, is that it’s a short game. Might hang on a little longer, though obviously a good price for now.


Yes I agree. I knew I would have to buy it after playing the Demo.

PlayStation VR Headset £137.74 at @ eglobalcentral
Found 13th JulFound 13th Jul
Gear up and experience a different gaming sensation with the PlayStation VR Headset from Sony. Aside from the required PlayStation 4 console, sold separately, you will also need a … Read more

The oculus go is just 3dof as standard though. Psvr is 6dof. Worst accuracy out of the Vive and rift but it's still 6dof


200 for oculus go (wireless too) which apparently is working with some third party 6dof sensors


Don’t bother. Get yourselves on eBay for a v2 starter kit. Or £200 new.


I've been the most "lost" in VR with PSVR. When you're jumping about with two controllers it's pretty difficult not to realise what you are doing. Try Farpoint with the aim controller, or Rush of Blood, Static etc.. you can really lose yourself. PSVR is a bit of a faff though, the VR store is now as turgid as Steam...shame really.


Just bought a 4k TV, but no plans to upgrade to ps4 Pro. Not worth the upgrade for me personally. Only play ps4 twice a month or so. Just wanted to give this whole psvr a try.

Archangel PSVR game at PlayStation Store £9.49
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
Lowest ever price according to psprices. 69% on metacritic so may give this a go. Blurb from PS store: Step into the cockpit of a six-story mech and feel its might at your comma… Read more





I have this on PC. imo the single player game is really decent and worth 10 quid of anyones money.


Seems to be really liked by the Reddit community! Meant to be a decent campaign


Is the metacritic score not reflective of the game?

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PlayStation VR Starter Pack	with Battlezone	Resident Evil 7 Biohazard	NOW TV 2 Months Entertainment Pass £199.99 @ Game
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
Back in stock.... Be quick PLayStation VR Starter PACK (VER 2) Battlezone Resident Evil 7 Biohazard NOW TV 2 Months Entertainment Pass Price includes deliver/collect in store… Read more

Got this about 3weeks ago. Played resi evil 7 and literally (poo) my pants


I got the GT sport with the bundle and not battle zone


Just ordered this, (1pm) it keeps coming back in stock so it's worth checking!


Got the gran turismo and re7 with nowtv back on june Worth 199 all day long


No need for apologies mate, it's a decent deal when available. As mentioned earlier, I'm glad they had one for you (y)

Sony Playstation VR REFURBS 12 month warranty from £111.99 delivered @ Music Magpie
Found 10th JulFound 10th Jul
Seems a great deal for someone who needs the entry level VR. 12 month warranty and free delivery. There are 3 choices: Pristine units £119.99 Very good units £111.99 OO… Read more

Always more fun when you have someone else to enjoy it with.


Good grief. No need to be a jerk about it!


heat - think I just bought the last one - thanks for posting!


Only a matter of time till these are down to double figures, I will wait till then.


Does anyone know where to put discount codes on their website?

20% off selected Amazon Warehouse items for Prime Members - Amazon
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
It's just gone live on the Amazon UK website. As mentioned in the title a PSVR Starter Bundle is £149.64 here . I'll have a look around, see what else I can see :) If you don… Read more
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Just leaving a comment for anybody who purchased a PS VR headset because I'm wondering about the condition of theirs. The one I received had a bit of a tatty box but the product itself looked newish. The left lense has a small scratch on it which I thought was a smudge at first, It isn't noticeable when you have the headset on and pushed up close but it's still annoying. The right bud(?) on the white earphones was not working. I think if I told them about it I could have gotten a 20% reduction. I've sent it back now but I'm regretting it a bit because I thought watching Avatar in 3D on it was brilliant and it's like having a cinema all to yourself.


A good few of the things I was keeping an eye on until they vanished at midday have popped up now, for the price they were before, so I guess they did cut them out and slow-release them to give more people a chance to raid the warehouse.

Quicklite 525 GB SSD - around £72 after the discount - m.2 SATA not NVME.


Just to check - seem to find some at normal price? Edit: got to add it into the basket - to the last step to see the price. My bad


Or don’t be a cheapskate and pay for a UK account

Playstation VR Worlds Bundle + The Invisible Hours + Bravo Team VR + Skyrim VR €249.99 @ Gamestop Ireland
Shipping from IEShipping from IrelandFound 6th JulFound 6th Jul
*Gamestop no longer ship to the UK!* (fierce) Not sure how this compares to other recent PS VR deals but seems possibly good

Got to love that autocorrect


Lol I had to look up what that meant then I realised you meant 'border' (y)


Started their own hard boarder already (lol)


Ahh okay. I haven't used them before so thought it may have always been like that.


I've had a few good deals from them previously. It must be a new change. RIP

PLAYSTATION VR STARTER Pack @ the game collection for £199.95
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
This will do doubt be voted down, but is currently the cheapest place to buy. Price includes delivery Psvr starter pack with play station worlds Starter Kit Includes VR Headset … Read more

But all that I’ve played look the same on standard and pro.


I wouldn’t say blurry just low resolution, but I think that’s down to the screens in the headset. The most emersive experience I have had is the dlc level on Star Wars battlefront.


So it’s still fairly blurry..? Interesting.


I have yet to see any real difference on my pro.


Thanks. Ive played around with Gear VR and although its very lacking i found it enjoyable enough. I can deal with the PSVR being a little blury as Im fully aware its a first gen product akin to a PSOne. Im sure PSVR2 and PS5 will be a great combo but they seem a few years away at this point Half of my game collection already has some kind of VR mode and Ive always been interested. I might just give this a go :)

PlayStation VR Headset £141.99 at eGlobal Central
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
Might take a few days to arrive, but I've never had any problems buying iPads etc from eGlobal

I got the v2 with camera and PlayStation vr worlds for £141 new from Tesco


The point, as someone else has already mentioned, is that it was never £499.99 at any point since it's been on sale.


Who would have thought that the price of technology would fall as time continues to elapse :/


Anyone has severe headaches after using VR? Have read quite though a lot of tips, but I am getting a bit desperate.


Been a member since 2006 pal, long before the site looked like this. Forgot my password to my account and the old email account it was linked to. Maybe it's people's first post after they have been lurking on here then happened to find a bargain at eGlobal?

PlayStation VR Starter Pack,Battlezone, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard,NOW TV 2 Months Entertainment Pass £199.99 @ Game
Found 1st JulFound 1st Jul
Use link to get psvr starter bundle with res evil 7, Battlezone and now TV pass for £199.99. If you go through the game website the psvr starter pack is still £259.99. I found this… Read more



The ps worlds box is the v2 headset


I didn't quite enjoy the experience, but that's subjective to me.


Yes exactly the same box, with the camera and VR worlds included. I do remember though that the VR world was a download code but it was definitely a V1 as the code on the back of box said CUH-ZVR1.


Yes, you're right, the link that you posted which is the first item to come up when you search psvr on Amazon seems to be the V2, I missed that last line on the description. However, the fact that Amazon's website points to a "newer version" together with the pictures shown which are clearly a V1 (except for the fact that the helmet is black) made me assume this is a version 1 hence my initials comments. Compare the photos on both links and you'll understand what I'm saying). Nevertheless, both starter packs come with camera and game. When I bought the V1 it came with physical game (disc), the V2 comes with a download code. Only word of advice would be, should anyone go for a warehouse deal on the first link, I'm pretty sure they'll be getting a V1, considering the prices they were asking in the beggining of the week, starting at £160 pounds. They have all gone up now, potentially because they've now realised people would be expecting V2 and getting V1 when going for warehouse deals. I would know because I did exactly that, luckily the parcel never arrived (probably because they ran out of V2s), and following a massive complain (threatening to cancel prime included) scored £25 pounds in credit on my account. In the end used credit to buy a new V2 (from the "newer version" link) which by the way has gone up in price in the last few hours on the website. Hope it all makes sense.

Sony Playstation VR + Camera (refurbished Very Good) £147.99 @ MusicMagpie
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Decent price with the camera this time it seems!

Back in stock


gen 1 or 2?


That's the music magpie experience!


Ordered one at this price at the weekend. Hdmi extension cable missing and stinks of smoke. Hope folk who ordered today are more lucky. I'm ordering the v2 from shopto instead.


Anybody know the cheapest new one?

10% off orders w/code  - Crash Bandicoot Switch / Xbox £26.99 - Destiny 2 PS4 £8.09 - Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 £8.99 - Planet Earth II 4K UHD Blu-ray £17.09  (see OP)  @ 365games
Refreshed 2nd JulRefreshed 2nd Jul
* Updated 2nd July - deal back on use new code PAYP10 * Code PAYP10 works on selected items (exclusions apply inlcuding pre-orders) but some good prices including gaming and blu… Read more

Got The Crew 2 XB1 for £38.24 which I am happy with! 8)


doesn't work on the Far cry 5 gold edition for £43 (lol)


The code box is for special offers or player points so you can't stack it would seem.


Can you stack codes..just used a £15 voucher, would this stack?


Would have been all over this If it worked on preorders.

Sony PlayStation VR V2 (PS VR) + Camera + VR Worlds @ shopto outlet / ebay
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
Great price. Wall of text below: PlayStation VR V2 Discover truly breathtaking virtual reality worlds with over 100 amazing games and experiences with PlayStation®VR. Powered… Read more

V2? What's the best one for ps4 pro please


Anybody know how you charge the motion controller please? I purchased 2 from cex but my USB charger cable won't fit the motion controllers socket


Purchased one and xame within a day of ordereing. Fantastic deal and £70 cheaper than their ShopTo site


Definitely cheapest around. Shame it’s getting cold. I’ve added heat


Cracking deal, have bought it. Thanks (y)

PSN Discounts 18/6/18
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
These sneaked through today... seen a few individual posts but I thought I'd put the full 314 up in a post... bold = lower than ever PSN price bold italic = equal to lowest… Read more

Thanjs Thanks bud. Will start will the first one, Then maybe 4


I'd say the 1st one - you should know how it all started and it's a pretty good remaster tbf. It was free on Plus a while back (Oct 2016) so you might already have it. 7 is probably the next best one but 4 is very good too... Revelations are OK (2 better than 1), as are the rest but a lot of people were unhappy with 6.


Never played any Resident Evil games, which is the best to start with. I only play single player


Not much... and that that is, isn't great tbh:


How much of Rise Of The Tomb Raider is in VR?

PlayStation VR starter kit with resident evil and battlezone £199.99 @ Game
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Back in stock - thought I’d missed this deal but it appears to be back up again! Not bad for 2 games and the V2 headset

just got the gt sport/re7 one - they keep popping back in stock in very small amounts so i'd advise anyone reading to keep the deals open in a tab and refresh daily edit : other ones with re7/wipeout and the move controllers are completely delisted and give an error when link is clicked


This was still available earlier, ordered and now dispatched


gone again



Back on if you click the expired link just purchased one

Sony PlayStation VR Headset Starter Bundle with Camera and VR Worlds Download £179 @ Tesco Direct
Refreshed 21st JunRefreshed 21st Jun
Looks a great price, 10% cheaper than elsewhere for this VR Starter bundle (v2) Free c+c - possibly cheaper if you have Clubcard points Discover virtual reality worlds with o… Read more
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Sat on the money for long enough. Couple of Bob in interest. Says the cynic in me.


Sorry pal. As I said they cancelled on me within 14 hours. Cannot understand how it took them that long to do they same for all the rest!


Got a cancellation from Tesco this morning :(


cancelled order here too.


Cancelled, ffs!

Sony PlayStation VR Worlds Starter Pack With Wipeout Omega Collection + Move motion controller £215.99 @ very
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Get this with 10% off first orders. (Choose option PSVR + game + controller after clicking the get deal link) Thought this was a good package for a good game plus move contr… Read more

thx op, picked up the Psvr Starter Pack With The Inpatient + Move motion controllers for £220 delivered.


OOS now.


I'll be surprised if it's only the 1 controller. It probably means 1 twin pack. It's probably getting cold votes because it's a New customers, First order only deal.


Says 'move controller', ie singular - so it's probably not the twin pack, unless someone can confirm otherwise.


I know the £200 is a cold deal, but I can't link directly to the op, so have provided information in the op. I hope people would have the knowhow to scroll down and choose the option.

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