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Poker set £2.99 @ Argos
Refreshed 9th SepRefreshed 9th Sep
Something for all poker lovers. Originally £12.99 now a bargain price of £2.99
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Cheap tat, avoid.


Didn't see this first time round, but just saw it now and it's available at my local Argos! Thanks for posting. Heat added.


Picked mine up today, fab for the price :D


So it must be ‘cheap as chips’. (I know I know it’s not the chips we eat. ... sorry! Couldn’t help it)

Cockroach poker royal - Kaker laken poker £5.95 @ Amazon Prime / £10.90 non-Prime
Found 25th JulFound 25th Jul
Had a quick look to see already posted, didn't see it on here. Currently back-ordered on Amazon - you need to click on other sellers to see it the prime order. For those intereste… Read more
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Gutted, looks expired to me. Now showing as £11.49 for me


good deal


Thanks, not heard of this before, ordered


Thanks, ordered.


Heat for the price, the game and the SUSD link. Spread the SUSD love.

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ProPoker 120 Chip Poker Starter Set now only £3.49 - Now £2.99 at Argos
Refreshed 6th AugRefreshed 6th Aug
*1st August - dropped further now £3.49* 8 August - and dropped again to £2.99 £3.99 is the cheapest I've ever seen this and there's plenty of stock around at the moment. Hos… Read more
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Ideal OP, good for kids to teach numeracy and basic card games, not just for adults.


Thanks a lot! Good price for a simple set


Does anyone play poker anymore? I thought the new in thing was sweet potato fries


I fancy learning poker, might get this and give it a try.


I will check my local store

Poker Night at the Inventory - 99p @ Instant Gaming
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Poker Night at the Inventory - 99p @ Instant Gaming 78% Off the retail price, worth every penny imo. I've spent many hours playing.
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as richy said, you will spend 20 - 30 mins on this game before you are bored of it (if you play it at all). I don't think I gave it more than that at release


Looks to be a fun little poker game. Worth a try for this price. Hot.


I wouldn't pay much more for this game. But it's a bit of fun. I think I got some team fortress 2 (tf2) items for completing a few of the achievements on it too.

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Learn To Be A Winner !!!  - Poker books: 4 Books in 1- Beginner's Guide+ Tips and Tricks+ Simple and Effective Strategies+ Best Practices Kindle Edition - Free Download @ Amazon
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
In 2017, the World Series of Poker Champion walked away with more than 8 million dollars in cash. The total for the entire event was twice that. Where do you want to be in 20… Read more

Thanx OP 8)


You doubted me, then changed your post, that's what annoyed me. I've never played the Million, never have a bankroll for it. I'm a bankroll nit, hover around the micros and withdraw when I get something decent. It's not good bankroll management, several times I've had decent rolls but instead of playing higher, I've withdrawn and stayed the same. 10 years ago I was a $10 reg, today I'm a $1.50 reg. $10 were honestly easier back then. I've also discovered that the value isn't on Stars but on sites that are attached to gambling. Punters love a game in between football matches and races, they are the players I target. There are a thousand just like me at higher stakes on Stars and SnGs are pretty much solved. At the stakes I play I'm actually one of the better ones but a table full of regs like me is a quick way to go broke. I'm no good at big field MTTs on Stars so maybe the Sunday Million isn't for me (I'm actually a loser at them which is a surprise considering my STT results but when I put my numbers into Pokerdope I can understand.) For every winner, there are 2 losers (Sharkscope Stats) so breaking even in the game is an accomplishment in itself. Being one of the top 0.1% is just a dream for most. Well done on your results btw, checked them out. Here's a wee hand I played earlier: Thoughts? I'm unsure of the call. I counted 14 outs and it's a snap call in cash but my tourney is almost on the line and I guessed I was flipping. Those 14 outs may not have been clean, he may have had a set or a higher flush draw knowing the way that villains play at these stakes. I know with chips already committed it probably is a call but going broke early in these games is a big no no so I'm swaying towards a fold even though it ended up OK for me.


Thats mine. Nothing amazing. Had a 99th finish In the Sunday Million a while ago. It's not filtered to the last 120 days, below you can see lifetime results and biggest win etc. I also checked a SNG result checker like I said. I only checked stars because that's the only site you gave an ID for. No need to be so defensive


As noted below, you've filtered the last 120 days, not all my stats. I've never had a losing year, take that as you will, I've no need to lie. I made 1x $20 deposit way back in 2004 played $5 SnGs (not great bankroll management) and lost it all. The 2nd time I swapped $20 in funds and played first $1 50/50's and then discovered limit SnGs where the player pool was atrocious. Never deposited again (well not exactly true as I've deposited to take advantage of a bonus but I've always net withdrawn more than I've put in). Built my bankroll from there, coming 2nd in the Battle of the Planets Leaderboard as my best result but I regularly made the top 20 which was a great added bonus every week. I also won the Pokercast, came runner up and also placed well in a few Pokerschoolonline games which all aren't tracked but added to my takings from the site. When they removed the BOTP, I moved away from Stars. I still play there but hardly play any poker any more. Stars was not my only site, in fact much of the value lies elsewhere. I'm a bonus wh0re, I'll make no bones about that. Free money always interests me and I was always on the look out for overlays and added money. Betfair has especially been kind for me, won a trip to Prague (which they cancelled so gave me £1k instead (just as well as I needed the funds) (username Fishintrips, Ongaming the win is still viewable) and 3 trips to London. Full hospitality. On Boyle I played their IPO twice, I'm especially happy with that as I've never deposited nor have I ever completed my KYC details (I think I had to show my passport to play the game which done the process for me). I've never claimed to be the best player, there are many better players out there than me. I don't want to play them. The game is harder than ever. I've always hovered around micro stakes because quite frankly, that's where the bad players are. Only mugs gamble imo. I like odds in my favour. Oh and just notice you've filtered for the past 120 days. Try filtering for the past 15 years, not just a small recent portion. As I say, I hardly play any more and it's just to pass an hour or so. Might play today though. One other point, my MTTs on Stars sucks but when I add my stats in on a variance calculator I'm running well under value. My SnG stats more than make up for that. Post your own stats up for everyone.


Maybe im missing something but this tells a very different story. I checked another. $1k over 10,000 games just over 12% ROI with SNG. Decent.

Vegas Party SWITCH £14.85 @ Base (pre-order)
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Pre-order , Due for release on 02/03/2018. Is £19.99 on Amazon, under 15 quid though at Base. The game takes the player into the gambling-friendly universe of this over-the-top v… Read more

I agree the game looks crap. Never played it before on any other format.


Manhunt made it on the Wii, so you never know. And yes reviewers probably don't pay for titles that's true, but it is the same across all platforms and that balances out any metacritic skew in that regard. Plus with all the loot boxes in games now, I'm pretty sure reviewers don't get those free!


Wii U probably didnt sell well because more of the same? I dont know as same argument can be used for PS4 Pro & Xbox One X I guess - incremental hardware upgrades for better graphics as all games must run on their lower counterparts. Releasing Wii U titles on the switch doesnt do anything for Wii u owners unless you want to relive the title again on the loo!


Aye have to wholeheartedly agree with you - this machine isnt intended for me. Lol@Metacritic - hard to find fault with that argument. Apologies for not being a paid reviewer - the profession (playing games) is attractive - the salary not so much hence why I didnt become a professional writer reviewing games but did start in the days of Atari, Game & Watch - so been around. Been lucky to own every single console to date inc. Neo Geo when launched! Damn those cartridges were criminally priced. 1 thing that does annoy me about all reviewers is the majority dont pay for the games/goods they review so that does impact the overall review if you ask me as someone that pays full whack for release titles so I want a genuine value for the money/ROI - hence the longetivity. That being said, I do agree with 80% of metacritic reviews but they tend to be movie orientated. Guess I'm a Rockstar gamer since GTA came onto the scene and cute and cuddly wears thin quickly after my APB! Imagine Manhunt on the Switch!


Personally I'm glad to see Wii U games coming across. Considering the user base for the Switch has grown to be higher than that of the Wii U in just 10 months it makes perfect sense to do this, but there's also a good amount of exclusives considering that it's still a new system. Mario Odyssey, Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Golf Story have been more than enough to keep me busy in between enjoying the novelty playing some old favourites such as Puyo Puyo Tetris, Steamworld Dig and Doom on a portable system. This has been as good a console launch as any in recent memory in my opinion, with the only drawback being a couple of shoddy third party ports, Nintendo's poor online infrastructure and the delay in launching apps that should really be standard by now such as Netflix and YouTube.

Poker starter set was £12.99 now £4.49 Argos
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
Great little gift for under £
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Why do I keep stopping and buying things you post? quit posting!! quit posting!!


Do they Hold’em in stock? Looks like a bit of a Gamble. I’d go Straight to the shop and Turn up to pick them up. Flop.


This one is available was £14.99 now £7.49

ProPoker 120 Chip Poker Starter Set - £5.99 @ Argos
Found 12th Jun 2017Found 12th Jun 2017
Just ordered this. I know it's been as low as £4.99 before but still a good price reduced from £12.99

Please don't, I own a set. These have a plastic feel, are lightweight and not numbered. I've since bought decent chips and cards, they make your home game so much better. If you must buy then consider getting avery round labels from Ebay or Amazon and printing some numbers on them.


​Yeah, I didn't expect too much for £6 but it'll do for me.


I have this, it's a bog standard set. A fiver is about fair


​Worth a try (_;)


Would be interesting to take the chips to a casino to cash them in.

George Home 40cm Log Burner with poker £20 @ George at Asda
Found 2nd May 2017Found 2nd May 2017
Thought this was worth the money, would look pretty nice on warmer evenings and it includes the poker Free click and collect Blurb Add some warmth and style to your garden… Read more
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Get yourself a washing machine drum!


It says "Please note that the following item(s) are only available for delivery. They cannot be collected from a store." How did you manage to get free click and collect?


​Liquor in front, poker in the rear.



Poker in the box?.....good job I don't do double entendres

ProPoker 120 Chip Poker Starter Set - Less than half price at Argos- £4.99
Found 10th Nov 2016Found 10th Nov 2016
Host your own poker night with the ProPoker starter set. Includes 120 poker chips for up to a 4 player game, 1 deck of poker cards, dealer button, and playing mat. For ages 18 year… Read more

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man how to play poker (and give him an Argos poker set) and he'll eat for a lifetime X)


You might want to invest in more poker chips as you can still play with 120 but playing with more chips gives you that real casino feel.


My son is just about to move into his own place and will not be able to afford to go out. At least he can get his mates in for a poker night. Heated

Cel Damage Overdrive/ Gungrave Overdose/ MOTORSIEGE : Warriors of Primetime/ World Championship Poker (PS2 Classics for PS3) £1.85 each @ Shopto Digital
Found 30th Sep 2016Found 30th Sep 2016
Just noticed there are a few bargains at shopto's digital store. These works out cheaper than buying directly on PSN. Hope it makes someone's Friday! :D

not yet, fair to say im **** off now. useless **** they are. been 3 days and havent had a reply, emailed them earlier lets see what happens. hate to say it but this crap has put me off shopping with them again, which is a shame cause ive had some good stuff from there


Any update mate?


will do, tbh ive ordered a few things from them and everythings been fine so strange that this is happened. that said stuff goes wrong every now and then. will get a hold of them and let you know what happens


Please contact them and share the result here. I know they're not bad. Once I bought a game which was advertised with extra dlc and they didn't have the dlc anymore but they partially refunded me for the difference of dlc price on psn which I found it to be fair.


nope still havent got it, checked orders page/beta codes/dlc page, 2 different email addresses and nothing

Prominence Poker (PS4) FREE @ PSN
Found 24th Aug 2016Found 24th Aug 2016
Welcome to Prominence Poker, a game that pits players from around the world against each other--and devious AI--to build the rep, prestige, and bankroll needed to be, and beat, the… Read more

Thank you, had trouble logging in on chrome but ok with Safari.


Another great find. Heat from me thanks so much :)


Damn, just after I bought Uno! This would no doubt have scratched my card game itch, and for free! Thanks :)


Also free on Xbox one


finally a free poker game, I loved WSOP on Xbox live and been waiting for a free game. will be in my download queue in a minute

Prominence Poker - Enforcer Pack (65,000 chips) 79p @ Xbox Store
Found 16th Aug 2016Found 16th Aug 2016
Must be a temporary glitch.... But also possibly not... Could be an introductory offer. Listed as 0.79 on UK store but between £4 and £6 if you try all the other foreign regions. … Read more
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Missed out on this. Shame as I have leftover credit too.


Received mine straight away cheers op, used my leftover credit :)


been playing an hr still not received my chips?


OK great, been about an hour so far so hopefully will update soon...


that is standard, mine updated to 75,000 very soon after

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