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My son (aged 9) has them, they seem good quality in build and sound. However they are really small fitting, my 2.0 are way more comfortable. I dont have a big head either lol


Any good? Better than the official Sony 2.0?

Turtle Beach PX24 £32 instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Tesco in store - Xbox - PS4 - PC compatible 30 hours super amp Mic monitoring Virtual surround sound Superhuman hearing Variable bass boost Teeside store - could be dotte… Read more
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Unfortunately Turtle Beach headset build quality is not what it used to be and they have a none existent customer service when the headset fails!


Seen today at the Springhill branch, Birmingham.


Have a set i got 2nd hand, very good audio but the cables are shorter than i would like. would say they are a good buy at this price (used on pc)


Bit off topic but picked up the stealth 400 other day from tesco does anybody no for sure if it works with playstation vr been goggling it but cant find a solid answer.


poor reviews, lots of customer returns suspected

Official Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) Mono Chat Earbud with Mic £8.99 delivered
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
Good price for a cheap replacement thats original.

These are absolutely useless for gaming (or anything) with on the PS4. On someone's advice a few years ago I bought the PS Vita earphones and have not looked back since! They're far superior to these in every way. Paid a fiver for them in 2015, a shame they're £20 now. But well worth the investment imho.


sure? im sure the mic worked with my iPhone headphones


Nothing wrong with them but I would not pay this price. Used the free one until I got deal for the Sony Wireless 2.0 headset.


No mic though !


Thanks for sharing, ill get mine up for sale, didnt think these were worth even a £1

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Good value headset ;) maxmix


Why the chilly reception? This is the cheapest it's ever been on Amazon: It seems to have good overall reviews, though some of them could be fake.



Turtle beach 50P £21.99 ps4 headset maplin outlet ebay
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
It's cheaper than normal from the maplin ebay outlet, same price in the maplin site
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Image is misleading. That's a more expensive headset!


Good price compare to the standard price but be aware that this headset is very small and very flimsy.


For a second I thought it was down to 50p from 21.99


To be fair to the OP Maplin have used the wrong photo. 50P typical selling price are £21.99. I thought they were reconditioned at first but Recon 50P is the product model.


Edit the image op, just in case people buy it thinking they are getting the better headset.

Tritton Kama PS4 etc... headset. £13.29 (Prime) / £17.28 (non Prime)  Sold by TKOnlineStore and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 25th Dec 2017Found 25th Dec 2017
Lowest I have seen it. Bargain. Usual prime non prime delivery charges

Got these they hurt my ears after a short while sounds good though


Great for the money.


Yep, exactly my feelings. Had them before getting cloud 2's. They hurt my ears after about an hour of wearing them, I do have quite a big head though lol. Sound good for the price though


I have these as a backup headset, the mic is really great and the sound quality is decent but I found them quite uncomfortable, they really do clamp down.

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PS4 Pro with GT sport and a play link game with 10.5% cash back using TCB - £299.99 @ Argos
Found 11th Dec 2017Found 11th Dec 2017
TCB are running a green Monday promotion where you can get 10.5% cashback on the above console from Argos, making it £268.50

Yeah it definitely hasn't.


Price has gone up to £399.99 ain't worth that.


Nice! I'm still waiting to see if anything else comes up in the next few days...


Just fyi mate, ebay tracked at full amount £35 (with the £5 bonus). Just in case the 10% comes back.


Just a note, the 10.5% Argos/console deals via TCB aren't limited to today - they're going for another 4 days. The £5 extra is today only, as is the eBay 10% rate.

PlayStation VR
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Amazon Warehouse Deals
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(excited) (excited) (excited)


Wear them.






No but sometimes it ends there

giotech fl 300 headset for ps4 refurbished £10 @ Tesco Ebay
Found 17th Oct 2017Found 17th Oct 2017
Good price for headset with 12 month warranty
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I have two sets of these.. they are garbage. They still work but not quite like the instructions tell you.. very heavy and the speakers are awkward and bulky.. Can never tell if they are on or off and battery is poor. Do yourself a favour and buy the titan fall chat headset on base for £8

Titanfall 2 headset PS4/Xbox one - just £7.85 delivered @ base
Found 27th Aug 2017Found 27th Aug 2017
Great price for a licensed headset.
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Xbox keeps popping up to 8.99 for a few moments then goes back down


If I ordered this it would be headset number 5 🤣 (lol) . **** it... Ordered


Mine arrived today, nice size and lightweight. The Xbox One version is now £8.99 for info.


Ordered, thanks. Have some Heat :)


I have one and it's great. Nicely padded too so comfy on the ear for extended periods of gaming online. Better than the official one on XB1 imo.

Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 - Black (PS4/PS3/PS Vita). Used Very Good, Amazon Warehouse. £40.70 after discount.
Found 3rd May 2017Found 3rd May 2017
Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 - Black (PS4/PS3/PS Vita). Excellent headset, I have 2 of these. Amazing price for this headset. Price is £40.70 after discount.

One would assume cutlery is washed properly. Not like you can put a headset through a steam wash. Always get a new headset, yes. I don't wear a keyboard and mouse on my head/face.


do you bring your own cutlery to a restaurant? do you request new phone and keyboard at work?


That's good if you are cool with that. Personally I wouldn't want some random dudes headset all to save a couple of quid. Games: yes. Anything you wear: nah. Just my personal opinion. You can clean as much as you want but I'd still know they were used by someone I don't know.


Precisely. For the money you can't grumble.


​Just clean them with an antibacterial wipe, what's the problem? People are so germ-phobic these days. They are vinyl and plastic so easily cleaned.

Playstation 4 VR Headset £303.98 after £30 cashback (possible TCB too) and 12 months interest free credit @ Very
Found 27th Apr 2017Found 27th Apr 2017
Very have got the PS4 Headset at £20 off at £329.99 currently + £3.99 delivery. Plus using code from their banner on their home page you can get £30 caschback on a spend over £300… Read more

Well I have also ordered one and will let you know when I receive it and if I have any problems getting the discount - I dont think I will but we shall see!


Thanks just ordered one 12 months to pay 4 it. £30 off. :)


No you made a ridiculous sweeping statement as to why there's a lot of dislike towards Very, I provided a detailed reason why I personally and a number of people on here are so dissatisfied with them, shockingly bad customer service. There's also examples of Very withdrawing voucher codes with no valid reason, again in your world this is probably 'poor money management'. If a company offers poor and in the case of Very, atrocious customer service, I'm well within my rights to voice my disgust, I'd hope it helps someone else so they don't have a similar experience. On the flip side I'd quite happily sing the praises and stick up for a company who has treated well. I really have no care or desire to be 'hip' I have nothing to prove in life, certainly not on a website. I'd say you're probably more the one desperate to come across as 'hip'. Oh look yet another smart **** going against the grain to look edgy and someone not to be messed with, yeah right. Get in line with the other pretenders to the throne. You're probably quite a young lad still living at home doesn't have a clue about life , thinks he knows it all and constantly tell your mum and friends you spend your time being an 'Internet sensation' Oh this sweeping statement/assumption thing is fun isn't it :)


You've experienced a mix up which resulted in an apology and a refund. Maybe their stock system isn't live to the website or delayed as such? Who knows, but however you're still moaning? You think issues only arise at Very? Admit it you're just beating on them because it's 'Hip' to follow the crowd and be a sheep, you're probably vegan too. My initial post was an assumption, your lack of detail suggests you cannot manage a disagreement - Let alone anything else. :)


Do you work for Very? Your lack of attention to detail suggests so. I already said that their website won't allow you to go through to the checkout if an item is out of stock, try it yourself, also very told me they had it and would be dispatching the following day, why would they say that if the item is out of stock? You've also still not explained how this is poor money management? As I said at the begining, lack of attention to detail..

4Gamers PRO4-60 PS4 Headset £10 off - £24.99 at Argos
Found 5th Apr 2017Found 5th Apr 2017
Just picked up one of these headsets for my PS4 while its been reduced, was £34.99 now £10 off for £24.99 at Argos Sounds fantastic and feels really high quality, and also works a… Read more
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I bought my son one of these when I saw the £10 off deal. He is SO impressed with the quality of sound when using it with his PS4 - also tells me it is "cool" to use it with his phone!


8) Great gift purchase for the avid gamer. I never know what to buy but at this price and official playstation what's not to like.

REFURBISHED Sony PlayStation VR 5.7" 3D Virtual Reality Headset PS4 - Tesco outlet w 12 month warranty £289 via Tesco on eBay
Found 17th Mar 2017Found 17th Mar 2017
Typical bought the new version from yesterday post, this is a better price for me even if refurbished as has 12 months warranty Sony PlayStation VR 5.7" 3D Virtual Reality Headset… Read more

there have been roadshows and demonstrations. but none near me. getting emails about demos in london... great! only 3hrs away! why isnt it IN game stores?!


Hi mate, yes I also experience motion sickness with the Samsung gear too, it took me a while to get use to R and depends on the media or game I was viewing/playing. With 2 weeks experience using the PS VR I do not regret buying it as some games are very impressive a whole new experience for me. Some games do give motion sickness over longer gameplay and some don't, depends on the game. Do not expect to play long hours of gameplay, the health warning does suggest you rest every so often. [/quote][/quote] ​i got the samsung headset for my phone. i found videos that included walking gave me motion sickness!!! i expect it will be much worse if i get a psvr! still really want one though...[/quote]




Bargain and well worth a go! Bought mine at launch and still play it on a regular basis.. in fact its so much fun just demoing it to friends :) Batman, Rez, Thumper, Dirt, Battlezone, Res 7, Playroom VR, Playstation Worlds, Rush Of Blood are all great fun. VR is almost like a new platform, games just really come alive in VR and for me this is a great companion to 'normal' games.. ill play Horizon for a while then jump into VR and have a blast on Battlezone. Looking forward to Farpoint and Ace Combat.


I got one a couple of weeks after launch. I was lucky enough to have had a stack of vouchers for Currys so didn't have to lay out any actual cash. And I already had the camera and move controllers - so yes, I have experience of being suckered by Sony and poorly supported peripherals. So taking a risk with PSVR wasn't hard for me. If I had spent my own brass on it I'd be on the fence, though definitely tending more towards the good. It is impressive and definitely a strong first step towards truly immersive, mainstream gaming/entertainment. Sony have not really followed through with their promise of huge support and the raft of top line games they promised. That is probably the thing I've been most disappointed about, that the supposed torrent of games that would come out post-launch seems to have dried up. If you want a bit more info (and want a long read!) below are my impressions of various titles and experiences with my PSVR. The games are a bit hit and miss for me but most have been good if perhaps a little over-priced in some cases. Regular plays for me are Rigs, Battlezone, Eve Valkyrie and Rush of Blood. All are, I think, very well done games that might not offer hours and hours of storyline gameplay but are good, casual, drop-in games. All are fun to play and look pretty good. Rigs and Eve particularly make you 'feel' the game and I get the sensations of falling and spinning when playing. These could, I guess, make some people feel a bit sick if you are sensitive to that. A definite honourable mention has to go to two free DLC downloads for existing games. For sheer, reliving my childhood and whooping with joy like an idiot, the Star Ware: Battlefront VR X-Wing mission is outstanding. It is a free download and definitely a must have if you get PSVR. Fingers crossed a full game is in the pipeline! The other free DLC that does have a decent amount of content is the Trackmania VR pack. Some really great tracks and one of the games that really gave me the feeling of inertia and stomach-turning movement. Not in a bad, throwing up on the sofa way but in a really good, involving way! On the less interactive, more of an experience, side there are a couple I've loved. On Playstation VR Worlds, Ocean Descent is a great intro to VR. You simply look around as you descend into the deep in your diving cade but it does give you a great experience in what being in a 360 viewable 'game' is all about and is a good short story. Another excellent download for me was Alumette, an animated short story that you can move around in and feel 'part of'. Definitely worth a watch. There is some real crap too. The Luge game on Worlds is pretty bad, really poor graphics and not enjoyable at all for me when it could have been such a good experience if done right. And I'd avoid The Martian as it isn't as funny or well delivered as it thinks it is. Loading Human I also thought didn't quite work for me, and again that was annoying because there was real potential there. On my want list is Resident Evil 7. Supposedly a great experience and a proper length game and I'm keen to see how VR feels in a longer storyline type game. And waiting for Gran Turismo is a common theme with PS gaming, so no surprise it feels like ages waiting for the latest VR incarnation. I don't use it that often but then I'm a casual PS4 user anyway. I actually wanted to try VR gaming and see how I found it before I considered investment in Rift or Vive. If I'd spent full price on it my PSVR would definitely be seen as a fun but rather expensive novelty right now. As it is I am glad I got one and it has convinced me that it might be worth waiting for the next generation of VR tech before going full on. And I can see there are a few more decent games on the horizon so maybe things will pick up on that front. At least having used PSVR I know I enjoy the 'immersion' and I can handle it without feeling sick! ps - heat to OP. I think this is a good price if you wanted to try this tech out as you could probably trade in for not much less.

BenGoo(?!) Gaming Headset PS4 £17.58 (Prime Exclusive) Sold by BenGoo Inc. and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 6th Feb 2017Found 6th Feb 2017
Amazon Lightning Deal OK so your gonna look like a total dork wearing one of these headsets, but the price seems great! BenGoo 3.5mm Gaming Headset with Microphone LED Light for … Read more

Had 2 more headsets arrive today - and The bottom branded headset was utter rubbish and of course much more expensive, the top item was a much better build, superior sound with tonnes of software features that add even more to the experience - sub £20 delivered.... Probably cheaper elsewhere, but just another comparison of how "brands" are not always worth paying the extra for.


Bought a brand new set of Gigabyte Force H3 Ear Cup Gaming Headset from Amazon - "big brand name" - they were utter rubbish, poor sound, left ear piece had dismal bass - more like an old washing machine on a spin cycle.... Then I can go back to Turtle Beach - another big brand name??? Or just a rip off.... End of the day, read the reviews - do some research, if it costs a few quid and you are happy - then good, if you are buying a big brand name that costs silly money and the quality is shocking then don't be a sheeple and buy "brand" - base a purchase on reviews and your budget - simples.


£13 on ebay


I bought my sons these for about £15 a set pre Christmas (not this brand name but they're identical) and they're amazing! For £15, the sound is crystal clear and immersive, the bass is heavy and for gamers its got the mic too.


Save yourself time, money and hassle.. Buy a good name headset instead.

Sony Platinum Wireless Headset PS4 £122.54 @ Tesco
Found 19th Jan 2017Found 19th Jan 2017
Enhanced 7.1 virtual surround sound Custom PS4 audio modes Advanced in-game chat Being released tomorrow (20/1/17). Currently cheapest price I could find. Other sights, Amazon/A… Read more

​Lol really, I've read a lot of reviews all positive, link me to the sites that are bad reviewing these!


According to reviews they have done a very good job at improving the build quality. They did away with the crappy plastic hinges. Most reviews seem pretty positive with a few others saying sound quality is a step up from the 2.0 but not many games support 3D audio at the moment. Which I understand as they only just released.


Early impressions of these are really bad apparently.


3d sound with compatible games, of which there are not many. otherwise same as the gold (2.0) which can be picked up for 50 quid. horribly overpriced, and doesn't look like they've improved on the build quality either so expect a lot of broken hinges with these.


Lets hope the wireless stereo headsets fall in price then. Love to get another for £30

Playstation 4 (PS4) Official Wireless Headset 2.0 - £54.99 at Amazon
Found 30th Dec 2016Found 30th Dec 2016
Not as hot as last month's offer but still a tenner cheaper than I can find anywhere else. May help somebody save enough money for a couple of beers :)
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This ​could be something that you have already tried but the sound/chat balancing button on the front of the headphones affects the overall volume even when you are not in a party. I've just found this out the hard way when I dropped out of a party and could hardly hear any game sounds afterwards even on max volume. Turned the sound/chat balancing volume up to the max and my overall sound came back.


​​​I wouldn't go based on that. They have improved the 50mm drivers and it looks great. 7.1 VSS exist on the plastic cans too. They claim it's more improved sound, more improved mic and battery. I'll wait on reviews.


3D audio.


got these and love them, certainly loud enough, I would probably return them if you think too quiet.


The problem with these is the brittle plastic used in the headband it tends to start to snap and crackle after about 9 months use ! mine is currently being held together with lots of tape ! on a positive note the sound quality is great and the mic is loud and clear to . Noticed that the new platinum model has gone for a metalic headband so im guessing that sony were aware of the problems with this design .

Stealth XP400 Multi Format Mono Headset (PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Wii U) £8.99 @ Amazon  (£1.99 non prime postage)
Found 10th Dec 2016Found 10th Dec 2016
A multi format mono headset that was previously sold at over £20. I don't have this one myself so I can't attest to quality but at least worth it as a spare? Hopefully helps someb… Read more
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X) X) X)


I don't know dude, I didn't design them. I just thought somebody might want a cheap headset that won't disturb the other half with the pew pew pews :D


they call it mono in the USA. we call it glandular fever. not on my headphones though


why 2 sides then?


Sorry but it's more of a waste of money if you pay £9 for mono when for a few quid more you can get stereo... cold

Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 - White (PS4/PS3/PS Vita) - £46.54 via Amazon
Found 9th Dec 2016Found 9th Dec 2016
Best price I can find for Sony's own headset for the PS4 (and Vita). Wireless, chargeable with 7.1 virtual surround sound. There are cheaper alternatives but I've read good thing… Read more
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Amazing headset the sound is so so good and you can turn the chat up and down too so you get a balance between the game sound and chat. They also work plug and play on Windows 10


Good point,it is 3 years,just be a little rough after 35 months and get a new set,job sorted :)


The point I obviously didn't make very well is that the Argos cover includes accidental breakage - the John Lewis 2-year warranty just extends the manufacturer's warranty and does not include accidental breakage cover. Now, OK, perhaps it can be argued that cracks in the plastic or broken hinges are a manufacturing defect but I could easily see a future argument in 23 months at the JL customer service desk about wear and tear and rough handling, but with the Argos cover it's "oops, I broke them, new ones please".


They do indeed look brand new and Amazon warehouse give 1 year guarantee for piece of mind.

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