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50% off Nothern rail advances from and to Lake District/Cumbria stations, railcard discounts apply too
Posted 15 h, 34 m agoPosted 15 h, 34 m ago
For example, MAnchester to Windermere, a 2 hour and 8 minute journey, for £2.50. "Northern are offering an extra 50% discount on Advance Purchase train travel to and from selecte… Read more

Northern Rail don't run trains from Euston.


Which station in cumbria ?


Cheapest from Euston is £89 return incl the promo code!




I'd pay £2.50 not to have to sit on a Northern train for two hours

Receive a free 4 Year 16-25 Railcard when opening Santander 123 Student Current Bank Account @ Santander
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
With the A-level exam season drawing to a close, for those who have applied, it is time to start thinking about going to university :) It is well worth setting up a bank account e… Read more
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But totally understand as well, sometimes it's right to just leave it and move on and don't give that bank your custom again.


I would strongly recommend using Resolver if you want to give it a shot. It makes it a click of a button to escalate the complaint to the Ombudsman when the time comes.


Thank you, I dont have them recorded. It was a tough time for me so I didnt chase it when I should have. But maybe I should do something. I must admit, the fight went out of me for a long while when things got tough, but thats probably what they prey on.


good, dont read mine, but I am glad you do your job of opening accounts well, good luck with your life level.


Be honest with yeah. I open those accounts. I've heard every story in the book matey

Money off 16/25 railcard with Tesco clubcard points
Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
Every £1 in points gets you £3 off a railcard.

If you mean this one: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/16-25-two-together-disabled-senior-citizens-family-friends-railcard-now-only-10-with-tesco-clubcard-boost-3128170 That one was posted over 4 weeks ago so this deal is okay by HUKD rules.


Already posted


This is for all railcards: Disabled Persons Railcard, Family & Friends Railcard, Senior Railcard and Two Together Railcard https://secure.tesco.com/clubcard/boost/search-results/railcard?search=railcard

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4hrs First Class: Train Bristol Parkway to Pembroke Dock and vice versa (Including free refreshments) £7.60 with railcard £12 without @ GWR
Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
I did this last year and this is excellent value, even if it is a little niche! Summer Saturdays only. The offer starts on the 25th May and is likely to run each Saturday until the… Read more
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Great find.


Can you board at cardiff and return


If anyone is looking for an excuse, there are lots of lovely beaches near Pembroke Dock and some nice towns - e.g. Tenby, Saundersfoot


Of course you would! It's only just over the Cleddau Bridge which also drops it's 75p each way toll from April...


how did you find out about this and does it come under a bigger promotion - or even if not is there (or will there be) any promotional material on the website or in email newsletters? I am really tempted just to have a day out on the train XD but wondering if there are any other routes or similar promotions....

Save 10% on a Railcard
Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
1/3 off most rail fares. Valid on 16-25, Family & Friends, Two Together and Senior Railcards when buying online. Valid untill 31st March 2019.
Read More

Works fine 23/03/2019 - still valid and working


15% here for 2 together or £10 worth of Tesco vouchers


16-25 believe on Student Beans you get 12% off, small difference but this is still a great deal heat!


Cheers. My current one runs out 1st April

Two Together Railcard for £25.50 (Get 1/3 Off Fares) @ Railcard
Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
Two Together Railcard for £25.50 (Get 1/3 Off Fares) @ Railcard
£25.50£3015%Railcard Store Deals
With a Two Together Railcard you can get 1/3 off rail fares to travel across Britain. Use our journey calculation and check how much you can save. Code still active - bought toda… Read more

Think this has expired now :-(


nice offer! :)


Not active (annoyed)


two together on Tesco is £30. You need to use £10 worth of vouchers. You can't get it for £25.50. £25.50 is only for cash purchase using this code.


Hi everyone, how do I get this deal on Two Together Railcard for £25.50? I clicked on the link but was directly to the Railcard website which is still showing £30

Two Together Railcard for £25.50
Posted 13th FebPosted 13th Feb
A one-year railcard normally costs £30, but enter the code VDAY15 online at Two Together Railcard* before 11.59pm on Tue 19 Feb and you’ll pay just £25.50. That means if you spend… Read more

still working


Code still working!!!!!! (y)


And by the way, it's not full fare, it's twice the single fare or £20, whichever is higher, and you may be asked to leave the train at the following station. If you bought an advance fare you could be in for a shock.


Nope. You forget your railcard it means you don't have a valid ticket and will be issued with a penalty fare. It's not retrospective. It may have changed a little since I was dealt with like this but that's the nature of the beast, it's a legal document, you have to pay. In my case I was threatened with being kicked off the train if I didn't agree to pay. Having no cards or cash, I had to sign a form and if I didn't pay this fare within a day or so, I got further penalties. Once you've paid, you can appeal but it'll fall on deaf ears because without being in possession of the railcard with the ticket, it's not valid for travel. Plenty of people get caught out in this way.


Absolute nonsense. If you have forgotten your railcard you will be asked to pay full fare and then when you contact customer services and prove your railcard is valid they will credit you for the full fare. People who end up in court have ignored many opportunities to pay. You don't seem to know anything about the system.

Friends and Family Railcard 20% off £24 instead of £30
Posted 13th FebPosted 13th Feb
Friends and Family Railcard 20% off £24 instead of £30
Get 20% off your Family & Friends Railcard. That means 1/3 off adult fares (and 60% off kids’ fares*) when you renew now for just £24, instead of the usual £30. Simply use the… Read more

Ideal for half term days out/ visits. 🔥


will this work for 2 together as well?


All these different railcards are annoying. Just offer cheaper fares for everyone.


I'm sure it saves money for people who travel long distance via different companies. I only tend to go to London which is an hour away with Chiltern Trains. The offer they gave me never came up on any searches or websites. So if you only do one trip regularly you're better of checking the price on the phone before you buy this card.


Free 4 Year 16-25 Railcard with a Santander 123 Student Current Bank Account
Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
This has been posted before 6 months ago, credit to @saniman, However I thought i'd post it again as it is such a good deal. A yearly railcard normally costs £30, and with this dea… Read more
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You going to pay for it then on tip on our benefits bill?


Yes... so does mine! I am going back to Uni though - how time flies!


Great- get the youngsters into even more debt....


I'm 17 and stated uni in September. I know that it's for 18+ but is there anyway to get it before then?


My partner is going back to uni to do her masters, shes 23. Would she be eligible for this?

15% off all railcards @ Railcard
Posted 30th JanPosted 30th Jan
15% off all railcards @ Railcard
N15Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Code for 15% discount on all railcards.
Read More

Works for a Senior Railcard, but only for the 12 month card, not the 3-year card


Great thanks! Was waiting for a discount code before purchasing a friends and family railcard.


Thanks for posting (y)


Doesn't work for disabled card renewal ;(


Why is do they never include Network Railcard in these discounts? Anyone know the reason for that??

Apply for travel card discount - 50% off (Jobseekers Allowance or Universal Credit) via Job center plus
Refreshed 8th MarRefreshed 8th Mar
UNEMPLOYED workers are being urged to take advantage of a railcard that gives them half-price train travel. The Job Centre Plus Travel Discount Card knocks 50 per cent off the pri… Read more

Of course its free.........they know eventually you'll be getting a job and paying them 5k a year from the suburbs to the city ;) This is just business for them, they aren't doing it out of the kindess of their hearts!


Years ago the job centre did a 'better off' calculation with me and it came out as £30 better off with this warehouse job (skeptical) I almost burst out laughing but they were being serious that this was a good thing. I was also pushed towards an NHS admin' 'apprenticeship' even though I was 24, and I worked out after travel I'd be effectively working for JSA. Luckily I found a job that paid properly otherwise I probably would have had to do it. Generally this is where the government have miscalculated, people don't work to "pay taxes" and aren't going to be shamed off benefits, they'll work if they're financially better off.


I'm unemployed but Is this a genuine category? I feel like being better off is the minimum bar to set for taking employment. Otherwise why not just remain on benefits? Sense of pride / self worth keeps people from doing that maybe? Even so you can get that from remaining on benefits and doing voluntary work.


There are some negative comments here in regards to this offer, which really is a helpful one so I thought I'd add a bit of perspective. Not a lot of people realise that Universal Credit for someone over the age of 25 is roughly £80 per week and is £60 per week for those under 25 for, erm, ... reasons? So, imagine if you had to chose between going to an interview and potentially not having anything to eat for the next week or so, and not going to the interview and being called lazy, job shy, a job snob, and a scrounger for it. And then having to try and defend yourself to a society who, for some reason, thinks that you live a life of luxury... on £80 a week. Somehow! I added heat because it is genuinely useful. If you (not you personalty @iknowwhere2look - just those responding negatively) think that you are being hard done by because you do not qualify for this, then go get yourself sacked. Sign up for Universal Credit, and I'll see you are the Jobcentre in 2 weeks. ;). Easy as pie.


Who are these people? Are you talking about very specific people in very specific circumstances? I only ask because I claim Universal Credit because I am unemployed. I get £317 per month, which works out at just £2.26 per hour (my claimant commitment states I must look for work for 35 hours per week). If people in full time paid employment are worse off than me then I would encourage them to speak to HM Revenue & Customs immediately.

Beat the price hikes on train fares with 18 tips and tricks from @ Railcard
Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
Beat the price hikes on train fares with 18 tips and tricks from @ Railcard
Copied directly from their website, but has some great links and ideas to keep train fares low. Worth a read Cheap Train Tickets On 2nd January 2018 the price of rail fares incre… Read more

You can't use a railcard on on-peak trains though right? I'm a commuter under 30 years old and I usually buy weekly or monthly season tickets


Copy places like Japan. There you need a confirmation from the rail company before you can use the trains as an excuse for being late to work.


Some sound tips for those not in the know. Rail prices reflect, to some degree, policy choices as to how rail travel is paid for, and how the rail system operates. The current government thinks rail passengers should pay a greater share of the cost of running the railways, and doesn't seem to feel the need (yet) to tear up the franchise system or fundamentally change the fares system that (to the layman, i.e. me!) seems overly complex (example - look at points 8, 11, 12 and 13 for starters and it is obvious the ticketing system is fundamentally broken). The annual price hike numbers are about the only pricing that the media can pin the rail industry and government down on - had to laugh when hearing Teflon-man and uber-smug politician Chris Grayling come up with a new excuse to deflect from the real issues that he should be doing something about (paraphrasing, his response to fare rises is they will be reduced if rail staff accept lower pay increases - some truth of course but that could be applied to any industry and I'm sure those rail staff have the same bills everyone else does).


Another railcard has only recently been launched. The 25-30yrs railcard


Its good but all useless to the single commuter aged over 30. The biggest thing they could quickest roll out is the oyster card" use" method across the country. We have 1000s of government staff being encouraged to work from home and the archaic ticketing kills that. If i got a weekly and wfh once im out of pocket. If i get a monthly and wfh twice im out of pocket etc. The season tiks are not worth it unless u go in every day of the year.

26-30 Railcard - Launches Nationwide TODAY, Wednesday January 2nd - £30
Posted 1st JanPosted 1st Jan
I'm sure this was posted a while back, but just a reminder / heads up that the new 26-30 Railcard finally launches across the country today! Save 1/3 off your rail fares for a yea… Read more
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Don't even get a discount unless it's off peak times.


Sigh, the rail card that came one year too late for me. They had been talking about this thing for ages.



I will never be too old to get a senior railcard.... And you can use it to buy first class tickets and avoid bumping in to young adults, communists and children.


That code is only for use by the Polish, I'm afraid ;)

Save £3 on Two-Together railcard (£27 instead of £30)
Posted 27th Dec 2018Posted 27th Dec 2018
Save £3 on Two-Together railcard (£27 instead of £30)
R10Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Two-together railcard gives 1/3 off the price of train travel for two named people travelling together.
Read More

That code is now expired, but FTTR10 works.


Link takes you to new code: JTTR10


Expired. code not live


Guessing this has now expired?


Thanks (y)

20% Off Friends & Family Railcard with code - £24 for one day only
Posted 7th Dec 2018Posted 7th Dec 2018
If you don't have, or don't want to use, your Tesco Clubcard points, you can get 20% off a friends & family railcard for today only (ie £24 rather than £30). Still think the C… Read more

Thanks much needed


Yes it is - does state in the original post


Only tried the code on here for two together and not valid, is it ONLY for the friends/family railcard?


It won't allow you to enter 2 codes so its either your clubcard voucher code or FLASHBLACK20 :(


Both codes are entered in the same box, I am trying to buy the TWO TOGETHER card and FLASHBLACK20 code not valid?

16-25, Two Together, Disabled, Senior Citizens, Family & Friends Railcard now only £10 with Tesco Clubcard Boost
Posted 4th Dec 2018Posted 4th Dec 2018
Tesco have changed the value to 3x now so the railcards are only £10 in points. The code Tesco email expires in 6 months so you can get this now even if your current card isn't due… Read more

Still working! £10 in points for £30 plus u can use quidco


Did it with Redspottedhanky train voucher on 4th November and it worked.


National Rail seem very coy about the prices for this card, I have a friend with a 3 year disabled pass which cost £54 and lasts 3 years. This is not available on the Tesco deal which is a shame, but the one year card is not the £30 Tesco claim on their webpage, but is £20. Still a reduction, but not as good as they are claiming it to be.


I used to always use family members Clubcard points together with mine but when I tried last month on eating out vouchers they did not come through, rang Clubcard and was advised they are no longer allowing you to use someone else’s vouchers ;(


It''ll save me £35 on one super off-peak return trip to London, so I'm winning straight away.

16-25 Railcard £26.40 with code (No student verification needed)
Posted 3rd Dec 2018Posted 3rd Dec 2018
16-25 Railcard £26.40 with code (No student verification needed)
£26.40£3012%16-25 Railcard Deals
So it's coming up to Christmas and I suppose it's time to give the ol' family a visit. My railcard expired last week and I've been searching across sites to find some money off, to… Read more

this code still works, thank you so much OP (y)


The other week I saw a guy in his late fifties use this on a train. He explained he gets it because he's in full-time education.


Just paid £30 for my kid this morning. ;(


You can buy a 3-year one the day before your 24th birthday. Which means you are a member of the scheme until the day before your 27th birthday. This is the hard limit. There's not way to be a part of this specific scheme if you are exactly 27 or older. Example: If it's your 24th birthday today, the last chance you had to buy a 3 year one was yesterday. The last day to purchase this at all (1yr membership) is the day before your 26th birthday, which then takes your membership of the scheme to the day before your 27th birthday. So you don't really get any additional benefit by buying for 3 years (unless you can get a discount better than these recurring coupons each year.) The exception of course is if you're a mature student, at which point age becomes irrelevant. EDIT: Source: https://www.16-25railcard.co.uk/help/faqs/32/


Only way to make trains just about affordable. Hot.

Family and friends Railcard £15 using Tesco clubcard
Posted 1st Dec 2018Posted 1st Dec 2018
When using Tesco clubcard points you can use £15 worth to get a card worth £30.

Just bought a family and friends card for £10 worth of vouchers :)


I've noticed the card you are looking for is also up now but oos just keep an eye out I'm sure it will pop up soon.


It's gone out of stock now. Maybe they are updating it with the X3 points.


It has gone from clubcard is what I meant :(


For the whole of November it has said they are changing the value to 3 x the face value by 30 November. I had £8 of vouchers expiring on 30 November so waited to see if the value changed but had to order yesterday when the change didn't happen.

26-30 Railcard launching 2nd Jan 2019
Posted 30th Nov 2018Posted 30th Nov 2018
26-30 Railcard launching 2nd Jan 2019
Hi, just had an email to say that the 26-30 railcard will be available to buy at midday on the 2nd Jan. 1/3 off fares for those using the trains this is a no brainer and will sav… Read more

Thanks for the heads up O.P. This will save me a few quid :D


Haha, I've been called worse. So you can't feel younger or older than you actually are? What a sensitive world we live in.


How is this card any different to the Network Railcard which all the southern folk of all ages are entitled to?


Why should any age group be charged more than any other ageism!


Can I just peer review that comment and recommend that it is appropriate and suitable for publication ;)

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