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Ribena Winter Spice £1.99 BM Stores
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
For all those who like the Winter Spice flavour, I spotted that B&M Peterborough - Orton Gate, has the Winter Spice (alongside other flavours) flavour available. I have had a … Read more

Yeah must have just literally gone up! I didn't think I'd enjoy it but thought it was nice warmed up, not to hot but warm. Be ideal for these cold night


Hi, it was £1.50 but has now gone up to £2 . Got one this afternoon in Asda. Lovely when warmed-up as others have commented :) (Heat already added, OP)


Contains sweeteners, so taste not amazing.


used to be 50p, and probably will be again after xmas


Mmmm I love this!

Ribena 600ml plus 40% Extra £1.99 in B&M
LocalLocalFound 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Ribena 600ml plus 40% Extra in B&M only Jan dated but still good price
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£1.50 at Asda for 850ml in various flavours. This is 840ml at B&M.


HOT :D <3

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Ribena Blackcurrant 850Ml £1.24 @ Tesco
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
Tesco have both varieties of 850ml Ribena half price at £1.24.
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Yeah, the problem with most dietary studies is they lack funding and usually have a sample size which is too small. It all comes down to politics at the end of the day. Where are the goalposts this week and how do we get there? The goal was low CO2 so we allowed stinking, polluting diesels into our cities, conveniently ignoring the other emissions. We knew cigarettes were bad for health decades ago but we didn't ban them - they did reduce appetite and therefore lowered obesity stats. Now people are switching to vapes with flavours like candy floss, they make people hungry and encourage snacking. So now we're targeting sugar.Do we care if the artificial sweeteners are making people ill, giving them cancer or whatever? No, as long as we reduce obesity and related costs. We'll worry about the other stuff later. Drives me mad. Short term knee jerk reactions that don't look at the bigger picture.


There is some links to dementia, brain tumours and so on, but nothing conclusive. Those kind of studies are rather hidden. Are they reputable? I have no idea, but I imagine if you had a product generating billions in profit, you might be able to keep positive studies at the top and hide negative ones. (Much like Monsanto) Take what I say with a pinch of salt because it could be a load of rubbish.


Yeah, no choice there really


I'm allergic to artificial sweetener, little option...it makes me ill.


Is aspertame good for the brain? Am dure i once read it gives memeory loss

Ribena 1.5ltr 60p Amazon pantry - A delivery fee of £2.99 for the first Amazon Pantry box and 99p for each additional box in the same order.
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
Ribena 1.5ltr 60p Amazon pantry - A delivery fee of £2.99 for the first Amazon Pantry box and 99p for each additional box in the same order.
£0.60£1.5060%Amazon Deals
Ribena 1.5ltr bottle for only 60p

they have fixed the pantry glitch :( only managed to get few good deals this time as was too late to the party


I'll expire




Totally agree. Used to love this stuff but now it's lost it flavour. Still a great price though.


Yeah..pantry offers are prime member exclusive. Also if oos then thats also why you cnt add to basket x

Free Bottle of Ribena - various locations
LocalLocalFound 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Free Bottle of Ribena - various locations
They are giving away free 500ml bottles of Ribena outside the Tesco in Centre Court, Wimbledon Centre.
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Also outside asda Birkenhead Wirral giving out the blackcurrant 500ml bottles plus a 50p off voucher on your next purchase.


Didn't know Ribena was owned by Japanese now


And 0.000001% Vitamin C enough to say with Vitamin C


Well let's hope their greed results in huge profit losses. I used to buy this stuff by the boat load, but now would only use it to unblock my sink. If they eventually go back to making it taste like blackcurrant, my love affair would be reignited


To be clear, the tax isn't the problem here - all that should change is the price. The problem is the greedy manufacturers, making the product cheaper to try and boost their profits.

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Ribena 1.5 litre £2 @ Asda
Refreshed 11th AugRefreshed 11th Aug
Ribena 1.5 litre £2 @ Asda
Online and in store
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They introduced the new recipe so sneakily I bought a bottle of the new disgusting rubbish without realising. I only went and checked the bottle after taking a mouthful to discover to my horror that they added sweetener. I didn't drink the rest and I've never bought it since, I've been drinking it since I was a kid. I'm quite capable of drinking it in moderation but rather than stick with consumer choice they've gone and ruined the product. I will never buy it again unless they revert back. I've started buying more expensive black currant full sugar cordial, it's not the same but it will have to do. I'd have been quite happy to pay more for post sugar tax Ribena.


I don't vote entirely based on price. Voting something hot that was once great but now vile goes against my voting etiquette.


Unfortunately artificial sweetener flares up my UC something rotten, so a shame they have changed the recipe. Using the original with a pinch of salt really helped my fatigued days...


I voted hot for the price, that’s what this site is about after all, but I also won’t be buying as it tastes nasty compared to the original recipe. We used to buy a couple of bottles every month and drink it both chilled with ice and made with hot water. I too hope that they revert to the old formula, but I won’t hold my breath.


Same price in Morrisons heat added I agree about the taste it’s such a shame. They did the same with lucozade (I used to drink the orange one) now I don’t buy it and haven’t done so in months a lot of people I know won’t buy it now because of the sweeteners they don’t even taste anything the same...... anyway heat added :D

Free Ribena @ Crewe Market center - today
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
Free Ribena @ Crewe Market center - today
Free Ribena @ Crewe Market center( near to Greggs) from 11am today ( stocks in minivan )
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Even two of the pawn brokers have closed down.


Yeah.. No words to explain the feeling on seeing lots of empty shops & closing down signs..


I think everybody in Crewe has. Many times. It's comfort food to alleviate the pain of both Wetherspoons AND McDonald's closing down.


Try free pasta too @ https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/schar-gluten-free-pasta-try-me-free-375-350-morrisons-2981219


Sugar tax wasn't at fault here - the manufacturer is.

Free Bottle of Ribena | 7993 Available Everyday until End of August
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
Free Bottle of Ribena | 7993 Available Everyday until End of August
One entry per day (unless you use incognito/private + temp email address) Go to the site and use one of the three codes: 2319, 2333 or 2340 then fill out the form with any details… Read more

still active, thanks OP


Never win


just won £100 Ticketmaster voucher :O didn't actually realise there were other prizes other than Ribena! xD


Didn't win



Free salad when you buy a Ribena £1.25 at greggs
Found 26th JunFound 26th Jun
Free salad when you buy a Ribena £1.25 at greggs
Free salad We’ve teamed up with Ribena to treat you to one of our new Balanced Choice salads. All you need to do is buy a Ribena and scan your Greggs Rewards app. Then we’ll send … Read more

Can it only be used once?


How often can you use the Ribeana deal


I got the deal on Saturday, bought the ribena first and took around 5 mins for the free salad to make an appearance under my rewards on the Greggs app. Great deal, thanks OP. BTW has anyone done it more than once? Just wondering, thanks


“The free ‘Salad with a Purchase of Ribena’ (the ‘Reward’) will be made available to Greggs Rewards members between the 26th June until 24th July 2018 or until the 20,000 available salads have been given away.” It should be aslong as 20,000 haven’t already been claimed


Is this still available?

Ribena 1.5 litre now £2 asda online & instore
Found 5th MayFound 5th May
Ribena 1.5 litre now £2 asda online & instore
All varieties available at this price. Next best price is £1.24 for 850ml in tesco bargain, enjoy
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Mmm,now chocolate full of chemicals. No thanks, you can keep it.


I live on this stuff


Not very nice anymore stopped buying it


Can only drink coke and Pepsi now. All other drinks have been ruined with artificial sweeteners.


That's a naughty price is that. My dad James Milner told me to drink a glass of Ribena every day.

Ribena Blackcurrant 850ml + No added sugar version £1.24 at Tesco
Found 5th MayFound 5th May
Ribena Blackcurrant 850ml + No added sugar version £1.24 at Tesco
£1.24£238%Tesco Deals
Full version and No added Sugar version half price. Probably half the price as you need to put double the amount in since they changed the flavour! Kid's still love it, probably… Read more

If you use the GreenJinn app this week until Sunday, you can get a further 60p off the bottle!


Yeah they're not known for quality or anything.


no longer a britsh brand, the Japs own it now :(


James Milner will be happy about this deal.


They have added polydextrose! And lots of horrible sweeteners (poo) I've found a brand called ROCKS seems to be my best replacement so far! No nasties in that (y)

Ribena blackcurrant 288ml now 20p @ Poundstretchers
LocalLocalFound 30th AprFound 30th Apr
Ribena blackcurrant 288ml now 20p @ Poundstretchers
These are ideal for lunch boxes and days out now 20p
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i totally agree...i brought some the other day & didn't even recognise it was ribena. in terms of kids having too much sugar, i think its upto the parents to control that & not give them excessive amounts of sugary drinks & snacks.


20p is cheap for 288ml...heat. ok in moderation


If the taste has suffered due to the sugar tax, doesn't that tell you that there might well have been too much sugar, which has been helping to rot children's teeth for too many years ? Our children hated fizzy drinks and artificial concoctions until they started school, and the offspring of the ''too lazy to be bothered'' brigade encouraged them to follow suit. We simply didn't give them anything but water when younger, so they grew up happily asking for water whenever we were out anywhere, and actually enjoyed drinking water from a tap or bottled. It's not rocket science of course, just common sense to realise that if young children have never sampled flavoured or fizzy drinks then they won't think they are missing out on anything.


Another brand which has suffered badly in the taste department due to the sugar tax.


Wow! What a bargain! Thanks for sharing!

LocalLocalFound 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Ribena are giving away 500ml bottles of ribena in derby city centre near Intu. You can take as many as u want. I got 3 my m8 got 10 :) got a pic to prove it if any1 neeads
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I hope you gave one to a homeless person.


You can get so many. They just need to get rid of them and don't care. Give you 50p coupons with it. They were around brick Lane, London yesterday


Not sure how you got 10 the girls were there giving them one to each person x


Got mine today :)


Hopefully you got the old formula, I would be giving away the new one too

Ribena Blackcurrant 1.5L, £2 @ Morrisons
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Ribena Blackcurrant 1.5L, £2 @ Morrisons
Both Variants Tesco £2.50 Sainsburys £3.50 Asda £3.75 Ocado £3.75 Waitrose £3.89
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I have to agree about the taste now, wish I hadn't bought my current one after finishing my stash of the sugar version. No more hot Ribena for me ;(


If you’re looking for alternative squash-type drinks, look in the cordial section of the supermarket, as these tend to be aimed at adults and are less likely to be low-sugar or sugar free. Elderflower cordial is really nice and the Bottlegreen and Belvoir versions are both free from artificial sweeteners.


I had a 4 day migraine and couldn't figure it out. Looked at the Ribena and saw that it now has artificial sweeteners in, known migraine triggers. Pretty much all squash now has artificial sweeteners in so it's water or full on fizzy drinks for me from now on. There's a small but sizeable minority that this affects from a migraine perspective. Also there is the controversy over the health risks of artificial sweeteners, even compared to sugar.


I won't be buying Ribena anymore, I'm not interested in artificial sweeteners, they already offered a light version for people that don't mind their drinks tasting of shit so they should have just put the price up a few pence instead.


;( I’m actually drinking Vimto now instead though I believe the recipe changed on this too though it’s not a noticeable taste difference unlike ribena! I think it’s the ingredient they used to make it appear thicker in consistency that has really affected the taste now the parent company did the same with lucozade ( reduced the sugar content)and that tastes crap now too! ;(

Free Ribena and two 50p off vouchers in Glasgow - outside Buchanan galleries
LocalLocalFound 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Free Ribena and two 50p off vouchers in Glasgow - outside Buchanan galleries
Just outside Buchanan galleries

Well no, without their USP of no sweeteners it's just generic blackcurrant squash. May as well buy the stuff from the pound shop. Very annoying that they've changed it.


They are getting desperate :-) Sweetener versions are not selling very well....


They actually have to give it away now that it tastes terrible....not knocking a freebie just a shame it's lost that great taste!


Also in Cheltenham


Can’t imagine Glasgow’s stash will last long either!

Ribena 250ml cartons - pack of six instore at Asda for £1.50
LocalLocalFound 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Ribena 250ml cartons - pack of six instore at Asda for £1.50
Asda is selling 6x250ml Ribena cartons for £1.50/25p a carton down from £2.50. Seems a good deal especially as Tesco and Sainsbury's have stopped selling Ribena cartons altogether … Read more

Good deal I would recommend shop around for something with more blackcurrent content though. Some of the supermarket own brand mixers are like 50% fruit, Ribena is nice and all (had one today) but it's only like 5% IIRC. There are other more upmarket options if you're thinking of avoiding sweeteners etc for example one in Sainsbury's that isn't quite 50% juice (and contains apple) but is really nice and made with spring water (I filter all my water).


Nice find @Aimlessly - thanks for sharing your first deal :)

Ribena mango and lime 3 for £1 in heron foods
LocalLocalFound 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Ribena mango and lime 3 for £1 in heron foods
Ribena mango and lime 3 for £1 in heron foods date is June 18

That sounds disgusting


Also strawberry and light Ribeana is in mine also (y)


Lucozade original Zero bottle is also 3 for £1 but in poundland.

Ribena Winter Spice 850ml bottle 69p at Heron
LocalLocalFound 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Ribena Winter Spice 850ml bottle 69p at Heron
Heron are doing 850ml bottles of Ribena winter spice for 69p at the moment. This is really nice hot and no added sugar. Normally sells for around £2.50 in supermarkets so a great d… Read more

That reads like a "Spot the mistakes" exercise for five year olds. I can spot at least six: 1) You're 2) you? 3) manners 4) Heron Foods 5) Foods? 6) expensive? In addition, starting any sentence with "Or" or "But" may be considered incorrect, but is often used. You may have been better putting a comma after "Foods", since it is part of that question. ©2018 Grammar Police


Bridlington has stock too! I was going to post this but was beaten to it by a day!


Sacriston store had plenty in stock - best before end of June 2018 I bought 8 bottles, just need to find somewhere to store them now :/


@Zarru1234 The grammar police are attacking you. Basically if you haven't clocked on.. you should of used bought and not brought (2 different meanings)


no idea what this tastes like, but heat for the pedantry in the comments

Ribena  (pineapple & passion fruit flavour ) 5 for £1 @ Heron foods
LocalLocalFound 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Ribena (pineapple & passion fruit flavour ) 5 for £1 @ Heron foods
Seen in longton but national deal

Are Heron part of Morrisons or did the ticketing team get lazy and copy Morrison’s POS?


can confirm on offer in coventry store. some offers are dependent to store... thanks




Great find op keep up the good work....


Ribena Pineapple and passionfruit. For when you want a Ribena but you dont think you deserve it.

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