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[Steam] Rocket League - £4.75/£4.99 - CDKeys
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
Price is using their Facebook code or Apple Pay. Soccer meets driving once again in the long-awaited, physics-based sequel to the beloved arena classic, Supersonic Acrobatic Rock… Read more
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No benefits to me. Both are good.


Yeah truly addictive game this! Heated Question for regular RL pc Players: I've been using xbox 360 wireless controller to play this and it's been good the past couple of years, is there any advantage of buying xb1 wireless controller and adaptor? I use my current controller on both the pc and Steam Link




superb game. highly addictive. i'm another than can testify, having spent a few hundred hours on it....still have the hunger and thirst i play whenever I can.


Ratings (rather good): Rocket League® Metacritic: 86% (20 critics, 8.2 from 758 users), Steam: Very Positive 92% (149133 reviews)

[PS4/XBox/Switch/PC] Two Free Items to Claim @ Rocket League
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Not really a smash deal but you can claim two free items in Rocket League game when you go to Extras —> Redeem code and enter code Wrestlemania Then you get 2 random out of 11… Read more

I got the wheelz, they are bumpin' (y)


i got wwe wheels Add on Xbox PepsiDoughnut To trade for them


Did anyone else get WWE Wheels? Looks like most got the flag and banner.


Thank you for posting, I got 2 free banners.


in game

5 x Switch Games (digital) - Lego City, Lego Worlds, Rocket League, Violett & The Sparkle 2 £32.82 @ Nintendo
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
There have been a few deals where you can buy the lego games from the US or Canadian Nintendo Stores, here is how I did it to maximise using the credit. I bought my credit from he… Read more
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Point wise (Gold points) how does this work? Does each countries shop have the same but separate scheme? So if I were to setup a Canadian profile besides my UK one, will I still get points on the purchases but within the Canadian mynintendo only?


Unfortunately, you are correct in your assumption!!


I’m guessing this means it doesn’t even show as purchased in the UK store as well. That’s a real shame


Keep declining my order to purchase the Canadian card ;/ any solutions?


Nope, Xenoblade has installed, all working well where as Splatoon 2 DLC is a separate file, no new gear in game

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[Nintendo Switch] Rocket League - £11.28 - Nintendo eShop
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
It looks like the Nintendo Easter Sale is well underway (or partly). They've reduced Rocket League by 25% to £11.28. Price last seen in December. Full sale list: Switch … Read more
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Fancy booting it up again? @BuzzDuraband


Just got an email from Nintendo that says sale ends April 5th.


Thanks for the confirmation. I figured it was just aesthetic, that should make my purchase decision a lot easier.


I'd be all over this if it were a physical cart, even still it's a great deal


I was very critical of it, having spent countless hours on the PS4 version, but it plays great now. Definitely recommend a pro controller though as the analogue stick feels a bit more sensitive than the joy cons, although I'm sure you could tweak the sensitivity settings in game to suit your needs. I believe the next patch will improve performance more as well, adding full HD support to docked mode. All DLC is purely aesthetic in Rocket League, which is great as it means everyone is on a level playing field when playing ranked matches. I went years without spending a penny but then bought the Delorean when it was on sale to use up some spare credit. Buy something if you think it looks nice and you can spare the cost, don't if you can't.

Now Live - Nintendo Spring Sale Up to 50% off on Super Bomberman R, Doom, Rocket League, L.A Noire, Arms, The elder scrolls vs skyrim
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Update - Sale is now live... Just read this here. Similar prices should be at UK store as well when Sale starts. Nintendo Switch fans have been given some excellent news today… Read more

I loved cats quest, it was actually my first switch buy. Liking blossom tales as well be it super easy.


Got Doom for £5 on PC...


Snake Pass has been added for £7.99! 🐍


Had to bite bomberman at £25, and also RE Revalations 1 at £11. Was thinking of getting RER2 aswell but then by the time I complete the first I’m sure the second will be on sale again 😁 Im quite happy that Nintendo has finally allowed us to use coins to get money off games now, it’s only a little but I easily saved a few quid purchasing a few games that were on sale anyway!


They are a cross between old resident evils and number 4. I enjoyed them, I thought the first was better than second.

[Xbox One] Rocket League (Inc. GOTY content) - £7.59 - CDKeys
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Update 1
Back on the deal price.
Slight increase on their last daily deal, but still a cracking price. Price is with 5% Facebook code or Apple Pay. Soccer meets driving once again in the award-winning, physics-… Read more
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I have this on ps4 and have played since release. (Also played SSARPBC for years before that) I got 100% trophies (less than that now with the dlc trophies) but have never mastered flight. I find flight play almost impossible, I seem to run out of boost before I get anywhere and that is only the start of it.


back on :)


Pants - missed out £9.99 now!


Bought. Cheers


So simple and addictive but bloody frustrating... cos I suck at it.

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Rocket league Nintendo switch £15.04 - Nintendo store
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
I saw this a while ago and it got closed as the deal was gone. Well it’s back! I’m not sure if it’s only the uk store but I just logged in and purchased it through my switch an… Read more
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It's rrp for a digital product so I have to vote cold. Its been cheaper and has no value once bought.


was not sure if it was available for Xbox One or not. but with a quick search best price I could find was £10.70. I voted hot on this deal by the way, as it is a good price for this game on the switch, just gaming on the switch is so expensive compared to other platforms.


19.99 on Xbox? This seems a steal no?


The Nintendo exclusive DLC is included in the digital version (Mario, Luigi & Samus cars). There are subtle differences between the cars (hit boxes, turning radius etc.) so arguably they're not entirely cosmetic. Most of the top players use Octane which is included in the base game.


I own it on PS4, Xbox and Switch. I wouldn't advise getting the Switch version, in handheld mode the thumbsticks are practically useless and giving you the controls you need to play a game competitively. You're going to need to play on the tv and pro controller which defeats the purpose. Also I'm in the same room as my router and it's still laggy.

[Xbox One] Rocket League (Includes GOTY content) - £7.12/£7.49 - CDKeys
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
£7.12 with the Facebook code or Apple Pay (y) Soccer meets driving once again in the award-winning, physics-based multiplayer-focused sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Po… Read more
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gone back up to £9.99 now


Shows as £9.99 now


Played it for the first time strange weird and enjoyable all at the same time


I know. You'd think you'd have learned your lesson by now. How many versions of a rubbish game do you need?


Thanks just brought it. For some reason Apple Pay would not work? But £7.49 still very good.

[Nintendo Switch] Rocket League Collector's Edition - £19.95 - TheGameCollection (3DS Pokemon Gold / Silver / Crystal - £7.95)
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
Back on sale for the weekend :) Also Pokemon Gold Pokemon Silver Pokemon Crystal All £7.95 each Winner or nominee of more than 150 game of the … Read more
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Nuts gone when i last looked, back in and gone again since then *face palm* its just not meant to be.....:( shame as my beloved switch is gathering dust :(


It’s back


Got it, thanks!


All gone :(


Now out of stock, unfortunately.

Xbox one Rocket league inc all game of the year edition content £9.49 @ CDKeys. Use 5% Facebook code get it for 9.02
LocalLocalFound 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Good price especially if you gameshare (y) Soccer meets driving once again in the award-winning, physics-based multiplayer-focused sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered B… Read more
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I see what you were saying now. It's the same from microsoft store


I'm referring to it saying it comes with all the game of the year content. Is that standard or something exclusive to this download? Cause it's currently on offer on Xbox anyway for like 10p more so I'd just download it from there...


Available on us Xbox live store for 11.99. with credit typically costing 10-15% less than means around 7.20 GBP for those interested


I do believe that its just a code that you'll get sent via email, if that's any help :D


Does this come with any more than just downloading it straight from the Xbox store?

Rocket League PC £4.65/£4.89 @ CdKeys
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
Update 1
Back on daily deal
Rocket League PC £4.65 with Apple Pay or 5% off FB Code @ CdKeys.

Addicted to this game!


One of the best games ever, it probably beats WoW in terms of £/hour. Just wish the loot crates were cheaper.


I was 5 days clean until last night. Oh well.


Brilliant game, great fun, worth this price. Heat


That's the problem! I don't trust myself with them. I'm such a procrastinator sometimes I don't get round to procrastinating.

Rocket League Collector's Edition  (Switch) £19.95 @ Game Collection.
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Cheapest I have seen this one. Brings it in line with the PS4/Xbox One editions. (y)

2 more back in stock


Sold out now. Does anyone know a quick way to find out if games like this support using just one joy con per player? I've only got the joy cons that came with the console so when buying a multiplayer game I need to be sure I'll be able to play two player without buying any more controllers.


Knew I should have just waited... Great deal.


Played against my daughter on one switch console with 2x pairs of joycons, but not yet played over the internet.


Cheers OP. I posted this for £25 a week ago and it got as much heat. This deserves way more, I have now bought it :) Got excited when I logged into the website and saw I had 400 points, though was gonna save a fortune, but got it for £18.95 haha. 400 points = £1 it seems. Does anyone know if you have to Switch console tablets, and want to play local multiplayer, do you need 2 x copies of the game?

Rocket league switch £11.28 @ Nintendo eshop
LocalLocalFound 8th FebFound 8th Feb
For those who prefer digital copy it is on sale at the moment.
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Available for about £10 on the Russian eShop. Also, all DLC is super cheap on there too - between 99p and £2. Bear in mind too that the game is getting a 1080p/30fps and 900p/60fps patch in March or April time to bring it up to standard with PS4/Xbox One. It'll also include better special effects and better detailed textures.


I was disappointed with this as it runs like a slideshow. Same as sonic forces.


Is this download ??? Or the actually game to be put in the machine


I managed to get this free on PS+ and it was bundled with my Xbox. So I wasn't sure I needed it on switch. But it was so worth it - playing in handheld mode I just played again and again!


This is one of those games that is going to be constantly tweaked and patched by the developers (like on the other platforms), so I'm sure any differences will get ironed out in due course :) - probably in time for cross platform play for level playing field

Xbox One S 500GB + Rocket League + Forza Horizon 3 + Extra Wired Controller + 3 months Xbox Live £203.65 @ Gamestop Ireland
LocalLocalFound 7th FebFound 7th Feb
With there being no real decent deals on the Xbox recently, I thought this was a decent price.
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Cracking deal. Smashes anything available right now


Really regret not snapping one up around Black Friday time when you couldn't move for £170 bundle deals. So gutted.


Really good price. I paid £229 in Tesco with Minecraft


'In the box Xbox One S 500GBXbox Wireless ControllerFull-game download code of Rocket LeagueThree months of Xbox Live GoldOne month of Xbox Game Pass'


No live 3 months for 229 euro.. its console, game, forza 3 and one extra controller. No live subs.

Rocket League Collectors Edition (SWITCH) £25.85 @ Base
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Nice price saving at Base if you want to own a physical cart rather than digital, and have the collectors edition version. Base - £25.85 Tesco Direct - £28 Simply Games - £29.85… Read more

Driving-football (soccer) I believe. Off road racing merged with Fifa sort of thing perhaps. PS look up the £20 deal @ The Game Collection posted on here today, better deal now :) I just bought it at the price :)


What type of game is this is it like Mario kart battle mode?


Doesn't look as good as the other console versions, but it's passable. Paid £11.99 on eshop sale, DLC was £3 a pack, but they're just cosmetics for me. Got a few cars on the Xbox version and don't use any. I don't see a deal tbh. Not voting though, I'm sure some see value.


I got this launch day digitally for £15 from the Nintendo eshop. Not the collectors edition but I was really pleased with the price as switch stuff is usually inflated in price. I paid £45 for doom for example when it’s a tenner on xb1 etc but playing it portably is epic !


I totally agree. I just disputed that physical Switch games cost twice as much. The let's face it here is if cost is your issue then you should be playing on a PC ahead of ANY console.

Gear Club Unlimited SWITCH £27.99 @ 365games
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
Seeing MK8 v.3 (aka Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) is fairly disappointing, seems worth posting this alternative racing game, now out to buy on physical cart.

I’ve got it from Boomerang so I’ll see what the fuss is about later. If it’s terrible I don’t really care. Edit:- I've played it for an hour or two and can confirm its utter guff on the Switch


I play this on ipad and is a very good mobile game. Don't really think it warrants a console version tbh as options are fairly limited (as is the case generally with mobile orientated games). However, I'd guess it's more accessible than the like of Gran Turismo etc for a quick pick up & blast session as it is so simple to play (though to be good it does take practise!). I'd also guess Switch players are generally younger than XB1/PS4 so can probably understand the designers aiming toward Switch After umpteen patches etc it is still quite buggy on IOS ie. some achievements don't seem to want to register eg Catagory A fan - I have several different Cat A cars and still only says I have 1 for this achievement No matter how many times I try to invite friend (am logged in through FB), it won't play ball Similarly, I am unable to borrow a friends engineer for that achievement. Anyone else with issues such as these? nb. with the latest update (last couple of days) the AI cars are much more aggressive and will usually send you into the barrier with any collision with them (not necessarily a negative thing as it makes you much more careful around them)


People here appear to be trying to compare this with Forza or Gran Turismo. I understand the price being too high but the User Score on MetaCritic is a 7.3 and it looks decent for a racing game on the Switch.


Freezing. Rubbish price. Would bite at maybe £3.99 on eShop.


It *is* a mobile game. And they have the gall to charge full retail for it at release :(

Microsoft Xbox One S with Rocket League & Xbox Live Gold Membership £199.97 @ Currys / ebay
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
Microsoft Xbox One S with Rocket League & Xbox Live Gold Membership for under £200! 🤩

there were some crazy 1tb deals before, where have they all gone!! I held off hoping they would get better, due to the lack of a time machine I am not voting either way on this one as it doesn't appear hot...


Not a bad price for a 4K Blu-Ray player that can also do so much more...


Great thanks (y)


The same thing was on here a month ago but with Fall out 3 & 4 and Doom for a touch less.


Not only do you get 3 months of XBL Gold, you also get 1 month of Xbox Game Pass.

Rocket League (Xbox One) £8.99/£8.54 @ CDKeys (Includes Game of the Year Content)
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
5% Discount with Facebook Like or using Apple Pay Soccer meets driving once again in the award-winning, physics-based multiplayer-focused sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket… Read more
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Did anyone get that message? : Check the instructions that came with your code. You might need to redeem it on a different web page.


The only game I have been playing for last 6 months. So addictive and fun..


This is so me :D


Checked online what is in these packs and it would appear they are just cars, wheels, decals etc, they appear as you play the game, you don't install them.


This is great fun quick and easy to setup and play and hours seem to fly by after few games.....

Rocket League PC £4.74 with cdkeys 5% fb like code or apple pay
Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
rocket league pc under a fiver £4.74 with cdkeys facebook like code or apple pay Soccer meets driving once again in the long-awaited, physics-based sequel to the beloved arena … Read more
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Great game but with me being a noob I tend to stick to 1v1 as i can't do the air jumps or save easy shots but loads of fun if you get matched with someone of similar skill.


Some use of the quick taunt tips... "Nice shot!" (a team member has just scored an own goal) "Great pass!" (a team member has just gifted a scoring shot to opposition) "What a save!" (a team member has just missed a simple goal scoring shot) Fun game, well worth getting! The devs now do act on reports of players behaving unsportingly and typing obscene sentences.


I have 1000+ hours in the game. It just doesn't get old.


Or just turn off the chat, ignorance is bliss! Love the game but sure plenty of people are hurling abuse my way when I mis-judge yet another bounce (but I haven't heard it). I find chaos 4v4 the best mode for me as it's a bit more of a free-for-all and one mistake from me doesn't always mean a goal. I'm about 20 hours in and slowly getting better and it's rewarding anyway and genuinely makes me laugh out loud at least once a session for one reason or another.


The worst community I've encountered, but I still love the game. If you don't play like a robot and execute every shot or save perfectly you're guaranteed abuse. I still recommend it.

Rocket League Collectors Edition [PS4/XO] £15.00 (Prime) / £16.99 (non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Great price for collectors edition which includes all the dlc and bonus flash content. Around £20 everywhere else. Includes every item from the previously-released DLC alongsi… Read more

Back @ £15 for PS4. (y)


No you have to buy some of them separately they are £1 each. You can get chaos run dlc which enables you to play 4 vs 4.


Shows £19.99?


Ahh but when you say "all" you don't mean ALL the vehicles from PS Store do you? That would be amazing because each vehicle add-on are worth 2-3pounds


In collectors edition you’ll be given a code to claim all your dlc and bonus content

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